Monday, 19 October 2015

The Homosexualist Holy See Press Office? ~ "further exploration of the theological understanding" of homosexuality proposed by bishop on Vatican Radio

"Bishop Peter" of Northhampton
This morning I could not believe what I was reading. It was bad enough that it came from the mouth of a Catholic bishop, (Bishop Peter Doyle of the English Diocese of Northhampton); but to reproduce this homosexualist garbage on Vatican Radio? 

Consider this from Vatican Radio: 

Bishop Peter says that in preparation for the Synod he was in contact with supporters of sides of the debate. Regarding the concerns of Catholics from the LGBT community in the UK, he says he’s concerned that the Synod “doesn’t seem to have faced up to those issues”, but rather to have pushed them “into a siding” because the bishops do not know how to respond. He says we cannot “leave people in limbo” yet the biblical understanding of male and female does “not leave room at the moment for same-sex relationships”.

While hoping there may be some further discussion of this topic, Bishop Doyle suggests that issues around homosexuality might merit a Synod of their own, accompanied by further exploration of the theological understanding of anthropology.

Bishop Peter? No, he sounds more like "Bishop Judas". Let us not forget that the Bishops of England and Wales also produced a very heterodox document on the family, just prior to the Synod. Vox Cantoris carries a detailed analysis of this latest heretical outburst, as well as very serious question on Archbishop Cupich, Cardinal John Dew et al., and how they are poisoning consciences through their false teachings. 

Hard core homosexualist front, "New Ways Ministries" (which, by the way, obtained a journalist's Pass for its notorious leader; while Michael Voris was refused) has this interesting bit on a number of dissenting bishops, including "Bishop Peter". 

We must ask ourselves: 

Just who are these men who seek to water down Church teaching on the intrinsic evil of homosexuality? 

Are they being blackmailed by homosexuals - either in the Vatican or in their dioceses? 

One must also ask serious questions about the degree of homosexualist infiltration at Vatican Radio. There have been two know incidents of pro-homosexualist propaganda; a glowing interview with a feminist "theologian" (why Vatican Radio would wish to interview a pro-abortion, pro-homosexualist is beyond me).... and now this. 

UPDATED: [3:10p.m. EST]: The Radical Catholic carries a transcription of part of "Bishop Peter's" homosexualist musings.  


JonJenn said...

We don't need a separate Sin-nod on homosexuality; this one will do. In fact, Fr. Rosica's press briefings left me with the distinct impression that homosexuality is front and center at this Sin-nod.

Anonymous said...

It obvious there are too many homosexual prelates and clerics in the Church. The real issue is the question of what have they not been corrected and removed?

TLM said...

Any of you remember when Benedict abdicated, and he left an entire report in the Papal Apartment for his successor (for his eyes only) in regard to the 'homosexual mafia' in the Vatican? Funny, the entire subject of that report has just somehow vanished in thin air.

KevinM said...

Thanks for being willing to post the truth in light of the current darkness that is evident within the Church. The heterodox factions within the Church must be suppressed, and logically that would be the Pope's duty. Yet what happens if the Pope himself seems to have modernist leanings... May God help us all.