Monday, 29 June 2020

Welcome back my friends to the show that never ends ~ Ladies and gentlemen: The Covid Mass !

In a dystopian world, rather than succumb to the insanity, humour can go a long way. Truth to tell, that if these sad churchmen could devote one tenth of the energy they exert for physical cleanliness to spiritual cleanliness, the Catholic Church could rise from Her present state of groveling in the dirt before Her persecutors.

As the Prophet Ezekiel (36:25) wrote:" I will sprinkle clean water on you, and you shall be clean from all your uncleannesses, and from all your idols I will cleanse you".

Sunday, 28 June 2020

Emanuel Jaques ~ Remember the little boy murdered by homosexual sadists

In 1977, Emanuel Jaques, was murdered after suffering many hours of homosexual rape in Toronto at the hands of four maddened deviants. The Toronto Star reported the police stating that "the boy was sexually abused in a homosexual orgy and then killed". Two sodomites held the little saint's head in a sink of water until he drowned. The autopsy also indicated that Emanuel whilst his head was held under water, he was being strangled. 

Emanuel Jaques was one of seven children to very poor Catholic immigrants from Portugal. Young Emanuel, as good Catholic boy, to help his parents, made a few dollars by shining shoes on Toronto's Yonge Street. Sadly, the downtown area had become infested with an active homosexual network, where boy prostitution was common. City authorities turned a blind eye as bathhouses and gay bars proliferated. In was in this environment that the innocent little immigrant Emanuel, came to the attention of  four demonic perverts, who burning with lust, abducted, sodomized and murdered the innocent young boy after twelve hours of horrifying homosexual rape. 

May Emanuel's soul rest in peace. Please, during this time  - on this dark and wicked weekend when this great evil will be celebrated as a virtue - reflect on the death of this innocent child, done to death by evil, perverted men. Reflect too on the failings of the Canadian authorities, who, if they had done their duty, would have cleaned up Toronto's streets from this plague. Today, Toronto's elite, politicians, media, business, academia - they all will glory in this great evil. They all will "take the knee" to this hellish movement. Today, these wicked men and women will delight in this sin that is calling down God's wrath on Canada. 

God calls us to pray for the conversion of sinners. Just as a coach is "hard" on his team to win the race, so too the Church is "hard" on homosexuals as She desires they repent, live chaste lives, and win the race to Eternal life. 

Difficult as it may be, we must also pray for the conversion of the homosexuals who raped and murdered Emanuel. Pray also for the conversion of all those "Catholics" and "Christians" who have been seduced by homosexual propaganda. Pray for the politicians who have handed themselves over to Satan. 

Most importantly we must pray for Catholic school children who have been abandoned by their shepherds, including Cardinal Collins and the Ontario bishops, into the hands of ravenous wolves who occupy positions of authority as teachers, trustees and bureaucrats in the official State funded "Catholic" school system across Ontario. 

Since late last year of 2019, homosexuality and other assorted sexual perversions (under the umbrella term of "LGBT") are now officially protected, excused, promoted, and declared a "human right" in our once Catholic schools. I must say it again: please pray for the conversion of Cardinal Collins and the Ontario bishops who have "taken the knee" and surrendered to the homosexual juggernaut. 

Emanuel Jaques, pray for us

Saturday, 27 June 2020

Archdiocese of Toronto ~ they locked us out of our churches, NOW THEY LOCK US OUT OF THE ORDINATIONS

This morning I hoped to watch the Ordinations from the Cathedral. Numerous searches on the Cathedral's website, the Archdiocesan Youtube channel, Facebook, and Twitter revealed nothing at all. I DMed the Archdiocese. Naturally, I received NO response. Why would they reply? I am not a wealthy multi-millionaire donor.  

Keyword search reveals NOTHING about the Ordinations

Now, as I write, after the Ordinations have been completed though (presumably) the Mass is still in progress, I have been informed that one needs a "special link". Yes, a special link, for special people. How deliciously gnostic. Why a "special link"? What are they hiding? This is just another shameful display of clericalism. 

NO Ordinations in the Cathedral's Video Archive 

Not being a "special" person, I have been cast into outer darkness. So be it. These evil, wicked men, these corrupters of the Faith will have to answer before Almighty God for not only their connivance in demolishing the Faith, but in their derisive abuse of the faithful.  

NO video of the Ordinations in the Archdiocese's video archive

This Church of the Accompaniment is the Church of the Abandonment. This truly shows how much they despise the faithful (except of course, their money). 




Friday, 26 June 2020

Bishop Ronald Fabbro caught LYING about Holy Communion BAN on the Hand

The new "COVID Mass" Communion Rite
as demonstrated on video, courtesy of the Diocese of London, Ontario 

Bishop Ronald Fabbro of London (Ontario), has distinguished himself by  BANNING Confession in his Diocese with the commencement of SARS-CoV2.* To add to this great EVIL, we can now reveal that the bishop has been exposed LYING to the faithful. In the screenshot below, Bishop Fabbro claims that the Middlesex-London Health Unit directed him to distribute Holy Communion in the hand only. Bishop Fabbro: "ON THE DIRECTION OF MEDICAL AUTHORITIES, COMMUNION MUST BE DISTRIBUTED ONLY IN THE HAND".

Bishop Fabbro's LIE about Holy Communion on the hand 

But is this true? 

Let us see just what Middlesex-London Health Unit published. The following is the entire "Guideline":

The fact is the "guidelines" only mention "avoid activities...drinking from chalice" [but only if shared], and "avoid preparing distributing food and beverages"The "guidelines" do NOT state how Holy Communion is to be distributed, they do NOT even mention Holy Communion at all. There was NO "direction", NO order. 

If Bishop Fabbro is interpreting Holy Communion as "food and beverages", (besides the blasphemous flippancy of the godless health authorities) the fact is it is "guidance" and not Law. 

Let us be clear, The Premier of Ontario, Doug Ford has issued a Law (O.52/20) and there is NO mention of liturgical rites, NO mention of the Sacraments, NO mention of the the Blessed Eucharist and how it is to be distributed to the faithful. The Premier has not interfered in the Church's Divine Liturgy and Sacraments in any way. 

In fact, illegal and unconstitutional meddling, threats and interference has come from rogue public health officials producing "guidelines" and "guidance". It must be added that Middlesex-London has NO authority to comment on and interfere in how priests of the Catholic Church drink the Precious Blood from the Chalice. Nor do they have ANY authority to change Catholic worship in any manner. That authority belongs solely to the Pope, and to those whom he delegates. 

Bishop Fabbro should be concerned about this open attack on religious liberty, and he should be publicly rebuking the attempt by these faceless rogue bureaucrats to dare tell the Catholic Church how to conduct Her Sacred Liturgies. One has to ask: what has happened to the Bishop Fabbro of 2005 who rebuked and sanctioned a pro-gay Member of Parliament? Or the Bishop Fabbro of 2018 who stood down Trudeau over abortion? What is going on? Why has Bishop Fabbro become a milquetoast? 

Friends, it is a very serious act to publicly reprimand and address a bishop of the Catholic Church as a "liar". But we do so with full appreciation of this act. He has GRAVELY abused the faithful, and he must be called to account. We call upon Bishop Fabbro to confess his public lie and deception of the Catholic faithful, to repent, and to immediately reinstate Confession (which he has diabolically deprived the faithful), and to immediately retract his false, illegal and immoral edict mandating Holy Communion only on the hand. 

Finally review the scandalous video put out by the Diocese of London. In it directives are given to priests and "Eucharistic Ministers" [sic] to disinfect their hands if they inadvertently touch a Communicant's hands! This is sacrilege! Gone is the careful and essential rubric of purification with water to ensure that EVERY particle is reverently cared for whilst the REAL PRESENCE dwells under the appearance of bread.

* Bishop Fabbro lifted after NEARLY THREE MONTHS, lifted his canonically illegal ban on Confession in late June.  

Cardinal Collins claims he was BULLIED by Toronto Public Health into BANNING Holy Communion on the Tongue!

A grim-faced Cardinal Collins talking about 
Toronto Public Health's threats against the Catholic Church 

Vox Cantoris has just posted an extremely troubling video in which Cardinal Collins claims he was bullied into surrendering to the illegal and aggressive demands of the public health authorities in Toronto. Vox reviews a number of serious implications going forward about rogue State bureaucrats taking over the doctrinal and liturgical practices of the Church, and their attacks upon the right of free worship in Canada. 

I have read five "guidelines" so far: Ontario Public Health, Toronto Public Health, York Region Public Health, Middlesex-London Health Unit, and KFLA & Public Health. Whereas Ontario Public Health, Toronto Public Health and FFLA & A, are on record to SUPPRESS Holy Communion outright, York Region makes NO mention, and Middlesex-London refers to "sharing a chalice" and "food and beverages". There is no doubt that most public health authorities do not consider Christian worship essential to human life. That is because their conception of life is purely materialistic and atheistic. If you read the documents it is plain to see. But the FACT remains: Holy Communion was NOT banned under Ontario legislation (O. Reg 52/20). It is NOT even mentioned. 

Ontario Public Health admits as much when their document states that "in the event of a conflict between this document and...emergency orders or directives prevail [O.Reg. 52/20]. In other words they admit these "guidelines" do NOT have the force of law.  Incredibly though, they are going about the Province trying to intimidate and bully churches. In Ontario we have public health officials illegally and unconstitutionally going about interfering in public acts of worship!

Ontario Public Health admits its guidelines may conflict with the Law 

Ontario Public Health tries to BAN Holy Communion  

In the video Cardinal Collins can be seen squirming uncomfortably as he states Toronto Public Health wanted to outright ban Holy Communion. He is correct, it is in their "guidelines". What he did not point out is that the same "guidelines" in the very same line after "banning" Holy Communion duplicitously refers this "ban" to Ontario Public Health. We have seen the duplicitous nature of that document too.  

Cardinal Collins in the video paraphrases the medical authorities reaction to Holy Communion on the tongue [39:30]:


Cardinal Collins then reflects on what he thinks Toronto Public Health will do if he didn't suppress this most Catholic practice: 


To try to placate them he then took the position we know, and claimed it was Toronto Public Health's "strong recommendation. This obviously is not true. 

The Archdiocese of Toronto's Surrender to illegal and unconstitutional attacks

Toronto Public Health called for a TOTAL BAN on Holy Communion 

The Cardinal even went on to lament that Holy Communion in the hand  was a terrible mistake, and that it should have never been permitted in the 1970s. Cardinal Collins comes across as a tragic man, conflicted in his thinking, perhaps surrounded and advised by worldly men who wish nothing more than to go along to get along with secular humanism. Paradoxically in retaining Holy Communion in the hand the Cardinal proves that Toronto Public Health overstepped its authority, and has no mandate from Premier Ford to illegally interfere with religious worship. However, his inability to stand up for Catholic rights gives the rogue officials the victory, for they have formally interfered in worship. The Cardinal has admitted it on the video. This is a trojan horse attack on religious liberty. 

There was, and is a way out for Cardinal Collins. He can pick up the phone and  call Archbishop Muhall (who did NOT cave to the bullies) for advice. The Public Health authority in Kingston (KFLA & A Public Health) declared the following: "Discontinuing communion is strongly recommended at this time". Notice how they are trying to circumvent Ontario Law by "recommending"? They know this because they are aware it would be illegal to SUPPRESS Holy Communion. However, they failed in their attempt at intimidation as His Grace, Archbishop Michael Muhall of Kingston not only allows Holy Communion, but follows Catholic doctrine and Law regarding Holy Communion on the tongue.

Cardinal Collins could telephone Premier Doug Ford (who is not an anti-Christian bigot). Sadly, someone dissuaded him from standing up; did his lawyers advise him that the Toronto media would make him look "bad", that they would try to shame him? Here we can only speculate. But the result was, intimidated and humiliated, he "took the knee" before these godless rogues and capitulated. Rather than DEFEND Catholics rights, he has allowed a HUGE step forward into surrendering our rights. Does anyone think that giving into bullies works? Cardinal Collins surrendered to the "LGBT" bullies last year at the school Board. It doesn't work with bullies, they always come back for more. 

But at least now we know the TRUTH: Cardinal Collins caved before the power and wrath of local unelected, power-hungry health officials, many of whom are openly anti-religious bigots.  He must now come out and tell us the full truth. If power-mad officials threatened to close Catholic churches we MUST know. We have a RIGHT to know. He has a duty before God and Man. He has a duty to inform the Premier, and instigate civil litigation against the various public health units for their illegal and unconstitutional encroachment on religious worship. 

The curtain on the question of who these rogue bureaucrats is drawn back when, as an example, we consider Toronto's political appointee, the "Catholic" (?) , Eileen de Villa. According to Toronto Life de Villa has spent time "...working with the UN Population Fund to create sexual health clinics in developing countries". Charming. That's the kind of brownie point on a CV that gets you a top job in leftist-elitist Mayor John Tory's Toronto. 

Being Archbishop of Toronto is tough. The bishop has to be tough, he has to be ready to take the gloves off. Toronto is run by a hard-left, downtown gang of business and media elitists with no sense of the supernatural. It takes guts to stand up and defend the Church. They  are the enemies of not only Christianity, but anything that hints of the Divine. The surrender by ineffectual, cowardly bishops (Cardinal Collins is but one of many) to such people bodes badly for the future. Pray our bishops repent and stand up for Christ. Whatever they do, or do not do, let us never be fearful, let us ALWAYS stand up for Christ. 

Addendum: Canadians think that Americans enjoy far greater religious liberty, without concern of government encroachment and persecution. Not true. This sobering article, Religious Liberty - The Second Class Right documents the insidious attacks and serious erosion on religion liberty in the United States over the past few decades. 

Thursday, 25 June 2020

Out of the Wilderness...

For some reason even I don't fully understand I decided to have a look at this blog. Imagine my surprise when I discovered I was still on here as a participant. You really should do something about that.

I have been missing the mass along with many other people and have struggled with daily prayers. I had even taken to walking over to the church at midday to say the Angelus. Just for the record I had been accustomed to receiving communion on the tongue according to the current rubrics. Sadly, kneeling is somewhat of a problem unless I have something solid to hold on to. I am fortunate to be able to genuflect at all, though I imagine that too will pass.

I am grateful that I have been able to return to mass, though I find the procedures somewhat irritating. Since I am in a prime risk group and I wish to go to mass, I put up with it.  I have had one or two encounters with parishioners who just wanted to get a bit too close. I find that from my shoulder to the tip of my cane measures five feet and at least one of these parishioners has ended up staring at the end of my cane. So far no one has attempted to confiscate my cane at the door.

I have received communion in the hand and fumbled with my mask in the process. It was awkward but after such a long fast I was extremely grateful. Confession was more of a problem but I was able to get to a neighboring parish with a friendly pastor. Monthly trips to St. Patrick's will have to wait.

A great tragedy in all of this is the number of people who have died without any access to the sacraments. I will remember them in my prayers.

Tuesday, 23 June 2020

BREAKING: Cardinal Collins' pretext for enforced Holy Communion in the hand has just been exposed as a fraud!

The pretext Thomas Cardinal Collins, has given us for his illegal and illicit ban on Holy Communion on the tongue is based on alleged advice from "medical authorities".

But there is a huge problem with the Cardinal’s reasoning. The problem is this: within the Province of Ontario, in the Archdiocese of Kingston, Holy Communion on the tongue is granted. Therefore the pretext that Holy Communion must be received in the hand for health reasons collapses

It has been exposed as a complete fraud. 

The following is a screenshot from the Archdiocese of Kingston showing a Catholic solution: 

It is time that Cardinal Collins tells us what the real motivation behind this illegal and immoral ban is. It is time he publicly apologizes to Our Lord for abusing Catholics' rights and repents. With each passing day, outrages are taking place, priests' consciences are being abused, the faithful are cast into outer darkness. The Cardinal is the Cardinal, but he has entered into rebellion (as Rome has ruled on this matter), he has committed graves injustices, and he is abusing his authority. 

UPDATE: Cardinal Collins has gone on the record that he has been threatened and bullied by Toronto Public Health with closure of churches if he did not comply with their illegal and unconstitutional takeover of Catholic Liturgy. 

Monday, 22 June 2020

CORONA COMMUNION KIOSK ~ Get your Plexiglass "Covid Mass" kiosk

The Corona Communion Kiosk  

The new Rite of the "Covid Mass" continues to evolve. Today, we present the sacrilegious  "Corona Communion Kiosk" that is being used in all parishes in the Diocese of Victoria, B. C.

Step right up to the eucharistic picnic

Bishop Gary Gordon (or, as he likes to be called: "Bish") has decided that the priest/presbyter will place the Host on the hand of the Communicant through an opening in a large Plexiglass panel. 

Welcome to the sacrilegious Covid Mass 

From Gordon's Liturgical Directives:

As there will be a small number of parishioners (below 50), only the priest/presider will distribute Communion, which will be distributed on the hand only. 
The priest/presider is to use hand sanitizer after receiving his own Communion and prior to the distribution to others.

Hand sanitizer is to be utilized at the end of the distribution of communion, and any time the fingers of the priest/presider touch the hand of a communicant. 
The priest/presider will stand behind a clear Plexiglas screen (provided to all the parishes by the Diocese) which will need to be installed on a table at the front of the aisle for the parishioners to present their hands for communion. 
All parishioners will be invited to come forward at Communion in single file, while maintaining social distancing guides provided on the floor. 
Those who do not receive communion and desire a blessing are welcome to come forward, as one does for communion. The priest/presider must not touch the individuals and maintain the safe distance rule of 2 meters.

Dear friends, we have entered upon a period of satanic profanation of the Real Presence of Christ, led by the very men who should be defending the Real Presence as the Greatest Gift of God.  

These men are trying to hoist on the Faithful outrages that are unthinkable, outrages that openly mock the Divine Majesty in the Holy Eucharist. 

Sunday, 21 June 2020

THE COVID MASS: Today marks the beginning of a New Rite of Mass

This Sunday marks the debut of yet ANOTHER "Rite" of Mass. I shall call it the "Covid Mass" as eager and content attendees are "Covidites"; followers of the new religion of control, manipulation, intimidation, and fear mongering. 

The main theological innovation at the "Covid Mass" is mandated reception of Holy Communion in the hand.  

For further liturgical innovations explore your local diocese's website. 

A radical break with Catholic doctrine, The "COVID MASS" involves local public health authorities, and anonymous "medical authorities"  as theological and liturgical consultants. The religion (or no religion) of the consultant is of no interest to the local Bishop, as we are "all in this together". Except of course the vulnerable elderly being killed off with the virus thanks to the success of the enforced three month lockdown. 

So, as our Prelates continue to drone on about the virus "rampaging through our community" (Cardinal Collins). 

I ask: are you ready for your "Covid Mass"? Are you ready to join in the fun? 

The following photos were taken early this morning at Fr. Aidan McNutty's "Franciscan Flyers of the Annulment" parish, "Holy Smoke", with the "Covid Mass" special guest Presider, Archbishop Rupert Weakling leading the celebration. 

"Welcome to our eucharistic picnic"

"The Entrance Procession" 

"Keep your social distancing!"

Archbishop Weakling (Centre) Fr. Aidan McNutty (left),
Sr. Teresa Insane (right) vest for the first "Covid Mass" 

Saturday, 20 June 2020

Archbishop Lenga: The coronavirus is being used to break Catholics' consciences regarding reception of Holy Communion

"Communion in the hand is part of a diabolical attack on the Eucharist" 
H. E. Robert Cardinal Sarah

His Grace, Archbishop Jan Pawel Lenga
Defender of the Faith 

His Grace, Archbishop Jan Pawel Lenga spoke at length on SARS-CoV2 in late March; especially on its spiritual implications. Here in this video (English subtitles), he excoriates bishops and priests in their abandonment of the faithful during the lockdown. 

Catholics returning to churches to find their Ordinaries (such as here in Toronto under Cardinal Collins) enforcing an illegal and immoral ban on Holy Communion on the tongue would do well to listen and meditate on the implications of this evil practice.

Please watch the following outstanding video  (English subtitles) on why Holy Communion in the hand is sacrilege: 

Friday, 19 June 2020

Cardinal Collins Just Reduced a Catholic Lady to Tears

This morning I witnessed the tragic reality of a Catholic lady being refused Holy Communion. Her "crime" was to request reception in the Catholic manner: on the tongue. 

Tears were in her eyes, as we spoke after Mass. The dear lady was heart broken, on the Feast of the Scared Heart. She spoke of the bishops in this manner: "they are acting worse than atheists. Do they not fear for their souls?..."

Good Catholic priests have their hands bound by a Cardinal, who is, let us be clear, abusing his authority. 

This tragedy stems from Cardinal Collins' canonically illegal edict "banning" Holy Communion on the tongue:  

Upon the strong recommendation of medical authorities, Holy Communion is received only in the hand at this time. (Since each communicant has the right to receive communion either on the tongue or in the hand, the traditional practice of the option of receiving on the tongue will be restored as soon as the public health situation allows for that). Communicants are instructed to remove their masks, using the straps and without touching the front of their masks, while the person ahead of them is receiving Holy Communion. 

It should be noted that Holy Communion in the hand was NOT authorized by Premier Doug Ford. In fact, Ontarians can comfort themselves that the Premier (unlike other jurisdictions) is not an anti-Christian bigot, where these bigots have attempted to take upon themselves authority over Christ's Church. 

Let us return to Cardinal Collins' claim that "medical authorities" have convinced him to violate OUR rights as Catholics, and criminally deny Catholics the Holy Eucharist. Contrary to what the Cardinal claims, medical opinion is that it is possible to distribute Holy Communion on the tongue without unreasonable risk. 

But this scandal goes deeper. The deception by the Archdiocese of Toronto is exposed in that the Archdiocese of Vancouver, following Church Law and Catholic common sense is continuing the Catholic norm of Holy Communion on the tongue. 

"The faithful have the right to receive Communion in the hand or on the tongue". 

The full Vancouver document can be read here

So we have a problem: the virus is more "deadly" in Toronto. Actually what this really is about is appeasing the elite downtown establishment in Toronto, rather than standing up for Catholic rights. Collins' handlers are telling him how to maintain his public image with the powerful, wealthy, downtown elite and media.

For those Catholics still interested in their rights, and not following along like blind sheep, go here to learn that Cardinal Collins has NO authority whatsoever to do what he is doing. 

As an aside, I wrote to Cardinal Collins three weeks ago. He has not even had the courtesy to reply. Interestingly, His Excellency Bishop Henry of Calgary did reply to an email from Vox Cantoris over the H1N1 Holy Communion Scandal. Bishop Henry is a gentlemen. He was a man who had humility, and eventually God rewarded him with the courage to be the ONLY Canadian Prelate who took an open stand against the aggressive upsurge of fascist paganism in this poor, sad country of Canada.  

So where does all this leave Catholics and their RIGHTS in 2020? Perhaps we need to re-read what Vox Cantoris wrote in 2014 when "they" violated OUR RIGHTS over the H1N1 Holy Communion Scandal:  
Reminiscent of the false flag of H1N1 when many bishops in Canada had the temerity to bow to public health officials and alter liturgical norms and practices....
In a January 6 letter to priests, due to the apparent "escalation in influenza" various "temporary" measures were enacted in addition to the banning of the Body of Christ on the tongue including the elimination of the distribution of the Precious Blood, emptying of Holy Water fonts and the practice of shaking hands at the Peace. 
The reception of Holy Communion at Mass by the people is not mandatory, only the priest celebrant is required to complete the Sacrifice. If the influenza was so serious, then all should have refrained on order of the Archbishop and made a Spiritual Communion which would have come under his authority. The banning of distribution of Holy Communion on the tongue is not within the Archbishop's purview. The Law of the Church provides that it is the norm and it is communion in the hand that is the indult, the exception.

Please pray for this Catholic lady and like so many others, denied the Holy Eucharist. Pray too, that Cardinal Collins will take heed of the cry of the poor, the outcast, and the marginalized. Pray that he hear the weeping of the "daughters of Jerusalem" who wish to be with their Lord. 

Pray that the Church in Toronto cease being the Church of the Abandonment. As the Catholic lady told me, "a thousand bad things happened, but two thousand good things...this crisis has cleared up a has exposed the bishops for what they really are..." 

Friday, 12 June 2020

BREAKING: Fr. Paul Pearson elected Provost of the Toronto Oratory

The Very Reverend Fr. Paul Pearson has been elected Provost of the Toronto Oratory today at their Triennium elections, following the death of the Very Reverend Fr. Jonathan Robinson, Founder of the Toronto Oratory. 

Please keep Fr. Pearson and the Toronto Oratory in your prayers. Please continue to pray for the repose of Fr. Robinson's soul, that he may be admitted quickly into Paradise.

Thursday, 11 June 2020

BREAKING: Cardinal Collins mandates Communion in the hand on the feast of Corpus Christi!

Much to this writer's shock, I have learned through Vox Cantoris that Cardinal Collins, head of the Archdiocese of Toronto. has mandated Communion in the hand throughout his jurisdiction for the time being. This is to respect the wishes of the public medical authorities, and he has promised to restore Communion on the tongue once the medical situation improves.

It is a universal mandate - that is, all Masses (yes, even the Traditional Latin ones) under his eye will be forced to give Communion in the hand at Mass. Priests have also been told to refuse those who want to recieve on the tongue. (The SSPX is exempt from this, and if you are so inclined, head on over there with your wallets wide open in thanksgiving.)

The axe of obedience strikes once again.

That this announcement comes out on the old feast of Corpus Christi (Body of Christ) is egregious.

No, not egregious. Wrong. Sacreligious. One could even say evil. Evil, as in the privation of good. What good can come out of this, when it has been established time and time again that Communion in the hand erodes belief in the Real Presence (as it has been), and that only the priest's consecrated hands are allowed to handle It, barring an emergency? (For the record, no, this is not an emergency. We are not dealing with a church burning down or in danger of being ransacked.) Seriously, what good can come out of this mess?

For the record, I will not be receiving Communion in the hand. I will not even present myself for Communion publicly. I will not be participating in this farce. As for my wallet? I will not be opening it and depositing anything in the collection basket. I am grateful for the resumption of Mass next weekend, of course, but if I must abstain so as to avoid sacrilege, so be it.

I do have some words to say about Cardinal Collins, though.

I will not deny that I am miffed at him, almost to the point of anger. But it is more so frustration and irritation that I am feeling. Despite our reporting on how he intervened in the local Catholic school board's affairs to ensure that the inclusion of rights for transgenders be "viewed through a Catholic lens," I held out hope for him. I expect him to know better. After all, he is well-versed in canon law and is surely aware that the Vatican has reiterated the view that the laity are allowed to receive in the hand - and that no bishop can take that right from us.

Alas, it is a mistake for me to think that way, or presume he is weak. I don't think it was weakness when, during the 2009 H1N1 epidemic, the priests at my local parish instructed us to receive in the hand on his orders. Yes, the same epidemic that led Il Vaticano to reiterate the Church's stance on Communion on the tongue. I don't think it is weakness that has led him to forbid the method of Communicating which has been scientifically demonstrated to be the safer option. I don't know what it is, but I don't think it is weakness.

Suffice to say, I am disappointed in Cardinal Collins' actions on this matter. I see it as a betrayal, what he has done. My patience has worn out.

Now, speaking of Holy Communion.

Today is Corpus Christi. Let us rejoice in this beautiful day and give honour to the Lord of Creation.

Tuesday, 9 June 2020

Toronto Oratory to live-stream Vespers of the Dead and Solemn Requiem Mass for Fr. Jonathan Robinson

The Very Reverend Jonathan Robinson, C.O., and Provost of the Toronto Oratory will be buried from Holy Family Church in Toronto. 

Live-streaming on the Toronto Oratory YouTube channel will begin at 4:15  p.m., (EST) when the mortal remains of Fr. Robinson will be received into the church. 

A Solemn Requiem Mass for Fr. Robinson will be live-streamed on Wednesday, June 10th at 10:00. a.m. (EST) on the Toronto Oratory YouTube channel

The Toronto Oratory has produced a booklet for Vespers, which you can download here and the Booklet for the Mass which you can download here