Thursday 29 September 2016

St. John the Evangelist - the Ordinariate in Calgary

The Ordinariate in Calgary, St. John the Evangelist parish, is a wonderful small church in Inglewood, the oldest neighbourhood in Calgary. It is where I now attend Mass. The Fraternity of St. Peter too, has a parish, but, as with an increasing number of Latin Mass "traditional" parishes, suffers from a growing Manicheanism, Jansenism and a delusional 1950s "Catholicism", that actually never existed.

The difference between the vibrant Ordinariate parish and the puritanical Fraternity parish is obvious, where women dressed in "Catholic" burkas, stalk the isles. Utter silence pervades the church; only when Mass is over, when the priest recites the Prayers after Mass is there any response, is there any awareness that anyone is actually in the church besides Christ in the Tabernacle.    

Please pray for the Ordinariate. Will they crash off to the "left", just as the Conciliar church, religious orders, the SSPX and the FSSP have? It is inevitable that until the Pope comes to his Catholic senses, the rest of the Church is, at best, treading water, if not slowly drowning. Place not your trust in a group, a person, a personality cult, a liturgical fetish, but in Jesus Christ alone.