Sunday 20 September 2020

The Archdiocese of Toronto is abusing cognitively impaired people in its Holy Communion "Ban"


Cardinal Collins: more confused and desperate 

The ABUSE of Catholics continues unabated with this Sunday being the 180th day since we have been DENIED access to Holy Communion. It is NOT a question of health, as Catholics not under the direct control of Cardinal Collins ARE receiving Holy Communion within the municipal boundaries of the Greater Toronto Area. Further, eastern Catholics, as well as separated eastern brethren, are also receiving in the traditional manner without being abused by the Provincial Authorities or police. 

Let there be no mistake: this outrage is being committed to placate Toronto Public Health, who are being backed by Mayor John Tory and his fellow anti-Christian Council.  When liquor stores, beer stores, and pot shops remained open, Cardinal Collins rather than inform the City that churches would likewise remain open for private prayer and small gatherings for Mass, boarded up our churches lest he face the wrath of the downtown elite and media. "See you in court", and defending Christians' God-given rights do not seem to be high on the Chancery's agenda. 

But the ongoing outrage of denying Catholics rights goes even further. The Cardinal and the Chancery are grotesquely violating predominantly older adults with a cognitive impairment who know no other way of receiving Holy Communion but on the tongue. There are Catholics for whom Holy Communion has been the only way (and rightfully so) they have ever received Our Lord. They cannot cognitively understand and therefore this so-called edict of receiving on the hand is not feasible, for so ingrained is their manner of receiving Holy Communion.  

The result is that cognitively impaired adults are being DENIED Holy Communion. I know this for a FACT, for during the previous H1N1 Holy Communion Scandal my mother was DENIED Holy Communion. She wished to receive Our Lord. I informed her she would have to receive on the hand. She said "yes, yes", when I told her the manner of permitted reception. I went with her to the Communion Rail, but, her impairment was such that she knelt with her tongue out, and after efforts my efforts  to make her understand the changes, he then passed her by like some public sinner. Truly God blessed her on that day for her fidelity to Christ.

This grave evil will have to answered by Cardinal Collins, his "advisors", and the cowardly priest. Pray they repent of their sins, for they will answer to Christ as to why they denied her and no doubt countless others. 

Dear Catholic friends: raise your prayers up today for our beloved elders. Many of whom are not even with family, but locked up in a LTC facility. Contrary to the lies that "we are all in this together", these poor souls suffer in isolation and loneliness. 

Catholic priests: your oath of obedience to the Cardinal does not extend to unlawful and evil commands. I encourage you to cease your cowardice and defend the rights of Catholics.

Friday 18 September 2020

The Cross stands while the world turns


"Then Jesus cried out with a loud voice, and yielded up his spirit. And all at once, the veil of the temple was torn this way and that from the top to the bottom, and the earth shook, and the rocks parted asunder; and the graves were opened, and many bodies arose out of them, bodies of holy men gone to their rest: who after his rising again, left their graves and went into the holy city, where they were seen by many." (Matthew 27: 50-53)

Saturday 12 September 2020

The Battle of Vienna was not what the Neocon liars would have you believe


Today we mark the anniversary of the victory of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth and their allies over the expansionist Turkish Empire. Contrary to popular myth (very aggressively promoted by neocons and their warmonger allies), the clash at Vienna was not a clash between Christianity and Islam. It was a clash to halt the Turkish conquest of central Europe. Illustrative that this was not a "religious war" is reflected in the alliances. It all gets a bit muddled when we find Lipka Tatars fighting for the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth  (the Tatars were held in high esteem by John, who admired their fighting spirit, bravery,  and patriotism), whilst "His Most Catholic Majesty" Louis XIV the "Sun King" was energetically backing the Grand Vizier; merely continuing the Franco-Turkish Alliance of Francis I with Suleiman the Magnificent. "His Most Catholic Majesty" returned to his evil deeds in the late 1680s when he launched the Nine Years War, freeing up his Turkish allies to attack Belgrade and expand into the Balkans. We saw some of the long term effects of this evil in the fratricidal Balkan Wars replete with the neo-pagan forces of NATO bombing Orthodox churches into rubble.

So much for a "crusade" (be it in 1683 or the  90s. Or for that matter the invasion of Iraq, the stealing of Syrian oil in 2020 etc.), so much for Christian witness, so much for "blessed are the peacemakers". Christians would do well to remember this when they are tempted by the devil to hatred. 

We need to go and witness by our life: to every Moslem, Jew, Buddhist, Hindu and other non-believers who come our way. In the same way, let your light shine before others, so that they may see your good works and give glory to your Father who is in heaven. (Matthew 5:16).

While we are at it, we may find we are a good example to the wayward and nominal Christian. It was Bishop Fulton Sheen who once said that there are so little conversions, because non-believers have yet to meet an authentic Christian. Let us, beginning today, like King John, show that we are authentic Christians.

Tuesday 8 September 2020

CNN goes all WAR MONGERING CRAZY: Promoting the Evil Madmen Who Want To Rule the World

Ye Hypocrites, are these your pranks 
To murder men and give God thanks
Desist for shame, proceed no further 
God won't accept your thanks for murder. 

Robbie Burns 
Sometimes it pays to draft a post and await the right time to publish it. This post was last revised on May 15. With minor revisions, given the recent war mongering fanaticism by CNN in favour of the "military industrial-congressional complex" I felt it time to publish my thoughts. It should be noted that Eisenhower had actually included "congressional" in his draft, but dropped it from his speech after being informed that exposing Congress as part of the war mongering machine would precipitate a crisis. This buying of Congress as shills for the military-industrial complex is a decades long bipartisan reality that is leading the United States to sure ruin.
Let us now jump six decades forward and what do we find?   

The latest "controversy" is Trump mentioning the other day "...endless, crazy wars...". Not three months ago, Trump also noted that the United States should not be seeking " solve ancient conflicts in faraway lands". Easier said than done however. The devil never rests. 
To Trump's credit, he dogged the bullet of war last January. Had the globalist madmen surrounding and goading Donald Trump got their way, the United States would have been involved in a catastrophic major war, followed by the devastating blow of the coronavirus hysteria and following economic collapse. For those who retain a memory, this past January saw Trump being ambushed in his Florida home by a number of neocon fanatics: Mike Pompeo, Jared Kushner, Lindsey Graham et al. Quickly they convinced the President that an Iranian military officer on a diplomatic mission to Iraq needed to be assassinated. The Officer had, it needs to be underscored been invited to Iraq, a supposedly "sovereign" nation. The aspect of diplomacy is crucial. In the closing months of World War Two, when high ranking Nazi Officers entered Allied controlled areas on diplomatic missions, they came and left freely (e.g. von Friedeburg, Wolff etc). It is a rule amongst civilized men not to murder those on diplomatic missions.  But then, civilized men seem to be in very short supply these days.

As with the ill-advised strike on Syria, "evidence" was presented that the Diplomat was preparing "imminent attacks" on four US embassies. Needless to say, here we are four (note: it is now nine months) months later, and no "evidence" has been produced for what would have been the pretext to plunge the United States into yet another disastrous foreign war.

Over that fateful weekend, the various deranged followers of Darbyite sects in the United States (of which Pompeo is a card carrying member) called for war. Maddened "evangelicals" bayed for blood and rejoiced over the killing of the Iranian Officer. In doing so they violated biblical teaching (something they have shown great skill at over the years). If we take the Darbyites at their word that the Iranian diplomat was "indeed wicked", then we must juxtapose their bloodthirsty glee over his death alongside Sacred Scripture: "As surely as I live, declares the Sovereign Lord, I take no pleasure in the death of the wicked, but rather that they turn from their ways and live" (Ezekiel 11:33). Incredibly these crazed sects have seduced grossly ignorant "Catholics", many (probably most) of whom have never actually read the Bible, and therefore are easy prey to swallowing occultist John Nelson Darby's dispensationalist lies and heresy. These people are morally bankrupt and a scandal to Christian witness. 

Why do I mention this? Simply because we now know the backdrop in which this war was being planned. The backdrop was this:

As early as the first week of November 2019, U.S. military intelligence KNEW about a human-to-human pathogen being transmitted in the Wuhan region of China. ABC reported a memo that was prepared by US military intelligence as far back as the first week of November. The Times of Israel reports further details that US military intelligence tipped off NATO and Israeli IDF intelligence. 

We now know that these same governments, having received military intelligence about the pathogen did NOTHING. Why these governments did nothing is another story that involves the secret hand that is manipulating the various nations into a one, world, globalist State. 

What we do know is that in January the President of the United States was being lured into a major mid-east war, all the while military intelligence KNEW that a potentially disrupting pathogen was on the loose, and coming to America and Europe. 

Can you IMAGINE what it would have been like had the US gone to war against Iran; a country five times bigger than Iraq, a population of over 80 million; with an indigenous military industrial base, and highly skilled at unconventional warfare? It would have been a military and economic disaster. All was so perfectly timed, just as the virus was appearing on the horizon. Surely this evil plot by globalists was designed to bring down the United States.
The results: the Middle East in flames, the petroleum industry destroyed, a pandemic (real or fake, the effect would be the same based on lockdowns), economies shattered (beyond what we have now), prices skyrocketing. The question always arises: QUI BONO?

I constantly remind myself of the wise words of the late Fr. John O'Connor. "The enemy is not over in Moscow, or Peking, it's right here in Washington D. C".   And the people in Washington are certainly not working for America. They are working for a one, world, government. A godless, anti-Christian State. They are also very much aware that war can hasten the ruin of nations and usher in a new polity.
CNN just once again proved Fr. O'Connor correct. The question is, how long can Donald Trump resist these evil globalist malefactors who infest the intelligence agencies, the military, the spy agencies, Wall Street, the media...?  We see another reflection of how diabolical they are in the near universal silence in the persecution of Julian Assange and his expose of war crimes.
In all of this the Russians have been carefully watching and preparing themselves. The degenerate West has been baiting the Russians for well over two decades. The attacks, the smears, the lies and hate has increased proportionate to the rise of the Orthodox Church. Let there be no mistake; this is the REAL reason for the hatred of Russia. Even during the darkest days of the Soviet Union one did not see on television, or read in the press about the evils of that Empire. To the contrary: it was excuses, detente, and peaceful coexistence. Suddenly, with the Russians throwing off the communist yoke, with the rise of Orthodoxy, and refusing to bend the knee to Western global hegemony: they are now public enemy Number One.  Ask yourself: who benefits by hating Russia, and Her turn towards a return to the tradition of Her fathers?
But the Russians are not fools. Unlike the military-industrial complex with its trillions being wasted on aircraft carriers (floating death traps), and offensively designed weapons such as stealth jets, the Russians have quietly taken a huge lead in hypersonic rocketry. If push comes to shove, the Russians will deliver a knockout punch on the United States and western Europe.  Let us pray it does not come to this. Let us pray that the demoniacs who lust for war in Washington, London, and Brussels are removed from the halls of power. "Blessed are the Peacemakers". Matthew 5:9.

Tuesday 1 September 2020

May Poland remain Catholic as we commemerate the begining of World War II


In the early hours of the morning of September 1, 1939, Nazi hoards began bombing a village of peaceful, sleeping civilians. This attack of barbarians was but the first in an never-ending stream of brutality and war crimes. On the 17th of September the Nazis were joined in the rape of Poland by the Soviet Red Army. Once again, as has been so often the case, Catholic Poland was crucified by godless Christ-haters. 


Today, Poland continues in her struggle against the forces of darkness. The enemy is the same, the bases of operation are different. Now, the threat comes from the so-called "democratic" West. Rather than bombs and bullets, the weapons of choice are propaganda, lies, deception, and moral subversion. Covert, and increasingly overt persecution of Christians is becoming the norm. Just the other month the Orthodox Archbishop of San Francisco wrote to the anti-Christian Governor protesting the persecution of Christians in California, and the Governor's adoption of Soviet-style tactics.

Poland is one of the few remaining Nations that has not yet been completely swamped by atheistic materialism. But the enemy never rests and Poland is under constant, vicious attack. 


Yes, there are still signs of Polish resistance and public manifestations of defense of Christian morality that are unthinkable in our apostate Nations.