Wednesday 30 March 2022

The Ukraine MUST face up to its NAZI and FASCIST past if there is to be peace

Victims of Ukrainian fascism

Most people are unaware of the horrors committed by the Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists (OUN) under the leadership and inspiration of convicted terrorist, Nazi collaborator, and mass murdered, Stepan Bandera. From early 1943 through to 1944 the OUN undertook the most bestial, horrifying murder spree probably in the entire war (as the breaking photo above shows). In that fateful year these monsters slaughtered over 100,000 Poles.

The OUN throughout the War engaged in a satanic blood lust rampage: slaughtering Jews (Ukrainian Auxiliary Police ensured that Babi Yar was the most "successful" mass shooting in recorded history), Poles, Russians, Belarussians, and "unpatriotic" Ukrainians (there were also Ukrainians who courageously helped Poles flee from the maddened Banderites, or Ukrainians who dared marry into another nationality. It was not unknown that Banderites would even murder their own sisters who had married Poles). The victims of these monsters in unknown, but most estimates are well over a quarter of a million.

What other country celebrates Nazis on stamps?

This is not ancient history. It is present day reality. In 2007 Victor Yushchenko declared the monstrous Bandera, a "hero of the Ukraine" but eventually was forced to withdraw this scandalous proclamation under intense pressure from Nazi-hating Ukrainians. 

One of hundreds of monuments to Bandera

Banderites continue to commit acts of terror and murder (such as the murders in Odessa in 2014 by fascists) in the Ukraine, whilst abroad they successfully infiltrate and control diaspora Ukrainian communities, where their evil ideology flourishes. Perhaps the most high profile offspring of one of the thousands of Nazis who fled to Canada in the immediate postwar years, is Bandera apologist and ultranationalist, Chrystia Freeland. She lied about her evil grandfather's past as a high ranking Nazi collaborator, even going to the extremes of claiming it was "Russian propaganda".

These Banderites were barbarians from hell. What could possess someone to hang infants from trees? This is why in an earlier post I informed you, dear readers, that even the German SS were horrified at the brutality of the Ukrainian Nazis, as the fanatics used hammers, knives, sickles, and axes to literally butcher their victims. They even used horses to rip limbs from living people. Such was their demonic possession.

What is also gravely disturbing is that many so-called "Greek  Catholics" are Banderites. As Catholics we must face this fact, and not deny it. Bandera himself was baptised Catholic and educated by Jesuits. Banderism permeates many so-called "Greek Catholic" parishes; it is not unheard of to even hear of priests who are Banderites. Such is the ability of the human mind to deceive itself. 

Shameful Nazi collaborators

I wrote a number of years ago, and it warrants being reiterated today: there will be NO peace in the Ukraine until the horrible scourge of Nazism and fascism is eliminated. It is not unreasonable to see the Ukraine as really three countries, artificially hobbled together by the Bolsheviks. The east: Russians and Russian speaking Ukrainians, the Centre: Ukrainians who wish friendly relations with both Russia and Europe, and western Ukrainian, the  main central hub of Nazism and Banderism. Sadly, this is also where the "Greek Catholic" church is strongest. This penetration of the mind and psyche of so many "Greek Catholics" with Banderism is virtually unknown by outsiders, and the Banderites take great care to hide their crimes and sympathies from naive western Europeans, Americans, and Canadians. 

The silence on Banderism by so-called "traditional" Catholics who are ranting on about the "KGB" (apparently Archbishop Vigano is a "Soviet" agent), calling for the "destruction of Muscovy" (sounds like Azov/Nazi agitprop), and busy spending their days vomiting CIA-MI6 war propaganda speaks to astonishing ignorance, ingrained Russophobia due to decades of brainwashing, or actual malice (in other words, these people are sympathetic to fascism, to Banderism).

Friday 25 March 2022

Arcadelt (Dietsch) - Ave Maria (score)

"... Behold, thou shalt conceive in thy womb, and shalt bring forth a Son, and thou shalt call him Jesus." (Luca 1:31)

Annunciation, by Filippo Lippi

In honour of today's Feast, arguably containing the words around which history pivots, we present Bishop Challoner's (1691 - 1781) reflection on the Annunciation. Blessed be God forever and ever!

Consider first, how the Angel Gabriel (Luke i. 26, &c.) ‘was sent from God into a city of Galilee, called Nazareth, to a Virgin, espoused to a man whose name was Joseph, of the house of David; and the Virgin’s name Mary. And the Angel being come in, said unto her, Hail, full of grace, the Lord is with thee, blessed art thou among women. Who having heard, was troubled at his saying, and thought with herself what manner of salutation this should be. And the Angel said to her, Fear not, Mary, for thou hast found grace with God: behold, thou shalt conceive in thy womb, and shalt bring forth a Son, and thou shalt call his name Jesus. He shall be great, and shall be called the Son of the Most High, and the Lord shall give unto him the throne of David his father, and he shall reign in the house of Jacob for ever, and of his kingdom there shall be no end.’ Christians, give attention to this most sacred and most solemn embassage, sent from the King of heaven, not to any of the great ones or potentates of this world, but to a poor and humble maid, to treat with her upon the highest matters, even upon the great business of the Incarnation of the Son of God, the establishment of his everlasting kingdom, and the redemption and salvation of man. Admire and adore the depth of the wisdom of the ways of God, (so much exalted above the maxims and ways of the worldly wise,) by which he is pleased to bring about such great things, without noise or pomp, in so humble a manner, and by such humble instruments. And give thanks for that infinite goodness and love for us, which he has shown in the mystery of this day.

Consider 2ndly, the great lessons the blessed Virgin teaches us, by her whole comportment on this occasion. She is favoured with an embassage from God; she is greeted by one of the highest of the Angels, as full of divine grace; she is told that the Lord is with her, and that she is blessed among all women; and instead of being puffed up with these high favours, or taking any vain complacency in these titles and encomiums, she is troubled at the words of the Angel, and through the humble sentiments she has of herself, wonders what should be the meaning of such a salutation. She is assured by the Angel that she has found grace with God, and is chosen by him to conceive and bear the Saviour of the world, even the Son of the Most High; and so great is her love for virginal purity, that she is ready to forego the dignity of Mother of God, rather than part with her virginity. How shall this be done, (saith she,) because I know not man? being consecrated by vow to God, and determined to keep my vow. The Angel informs her, that she shall conceive by the Holy Ghost, and be over-shadowed by the power of the Most High, so as still to remain a pure maid. And then with a most profound humility, and a most perfect oblation of herself to God, and an entire conformity to his blessed will, she cries, 'Behold the handmaid of the Lord! be it done to me according to thy word!’ Let us study well, and learn of her the practice of these great lessons of humility, love of purity, and perfect resignation of ourselves to the will of God.

Consider 3rdly, how as soon as the blessed Virgin had thus given her consent, she immediately conceived by the Holy Ghost, who by his almighty power, formed a body out of her purest blood, and created an immortal soul for that body; and this body and soul were in that instant assumed, and united to the eternal Word, the Son of God, the second person of the adorable Trinity. And thus we celebrate, in the Virgin’s womb, the sacred wedding of our human nature with the divine person of the Son of God, to the feast of which we are invited, Matt. xxii. - 'Thus the Word was made Flesh, and dwelt amongst us,’ St. John i. 14. This great mystery of the Incarnation of the Son of God is the original source of all our good; in making God man, it has made man God. The Son of God, by taking upon him our humanity, makes us partakers of his divinity. He comes to be our Saviour and our Redeemer, to deliver us from all our evils; he comes to be our advocate, and our physician; he comes to be our father and our friend; he comes to be our king and our priest, and to make us kings and priests to his Father. He stoops down to our dust, to raise us up from the dust, and to bring us to sit down with him on his throne, Apoc. iii. 21. See then, my soul, in what manner thou oughtest to celebrate this great festival of the conception of the Son of God! what homage and adoration, what praise and thanksgiving thou owest him for these wonders he has wrought in thy favour! what return of love for his love to thee! O welcome him at least to the best of thy power; and since he comes to dwell amongst us, beg he would accept of the lodging of thy heart.

Conclude to keep for ever in thy soul, a faithful, grateful, and loving remembrance of the mystery of the incarnation of the Son of God, and a sincere affection for his Virgin Mother; and with these dispositions, frequently in the day repeat the angelical salutation, more especially at the regular hours in the morning, noon, and night.

Wednesday 23 March 2022

Is it Christian Russia versus the godless West? Maybe not completely, but Russia is moving towards God while we are moving towards...?

Don't be fooled by anyone, the diabolical neoliberal globalist West precipitated this fratricidal war in the Ukraine. From breaking the promise not to expand eastward, to doubling NATO expansion right into Russia's front garden, to the US puppeteers getting their pawns in 2021 announce they will be breaking the 1994 Memorandum against obtaining nuclear weapons, the Ukrainian change to its constitution to become a NATO member, the ignoring of Putin's 2007 speech on NATO expansion, the US and EU 2014 orchestrated Maidan coup, the 8 years of nonstop shelling of Donbas, US financial control of the Ukrainian Rada, the 40 plus "biolabs" all over the Ukraine, the massing of 120,000 Ukrainian troops on the Donbas border (including actual NAZI battalions which are OFFICIAL parts of the Ukrainian Armed Forces) for a preemptive strike on the Donbas.

Perhaps the Consecration will be done successfully this Friday of "my beloved Russia" (in the words of the late Fr. John O'Connor on the view of Our Lady of Russia) and Russia will not only return to full Union with Rome, but Our Lady will place Her Mantle on Russia, and that Nation will lead the return to an era of peace. Fr. O'Connor also once said: "the problem is not in Moscow, or Beijing, but eight here in Washington, DC". Let us not also forget the prophecy of St. Maximilian Kolbe: "the Immaculata will reign over the Kremlin".

In contrast to Our Lady's Peace Plan, the diabolical West follows Satan's War Plan: rip the Ukraine out of Russia's orbit, then proceed to break up Russia and then China via coloured revolutions, to incorporate all within a neoliberal, atheistic  "new world order" (to quote Joe Biden from the other day). In fact, regarding China, the neoliberals are provoking them as they would like to conduct (so they think) a regional war to overthrow the fascistic CPC and replace it with a neoliberal regime. For us Catholics, we should see the 100 Christians in China, and the potential implosion of the CPC being then replaced by a Christian influenced government working in tandem with Christian Russia. Imagine: A Christian Russia and China remoulding the world and re-evangelizing the neo-pagan NATO Empire.



Sunday 20 March 2022

Neo-Nazis in Ukraine is a "conspiracy theory" pushed by Archbishop Vigano. So says neocon Geoge Weigel



Monument to Victims of the Volhynia Genocide. Notice the impaled child.

George Weigel is a strange fellow, who, after picking up a Master's degree in 1975 in theology, disappeared to an obscure (now defunct) US seminary to teach for a couple of years. Then, lo and behold, in the late 80s this man suddenly turns up as an apparatchik in neocon circles, moving rapidly into the higher echelons within the Washington deep state. Is Weigel but one of a number of Catholics recruited to sell neocon foreign policy objectives to Catholic voters? Was he recruited by the CIA or other intelligence agencies  (as are so many "journalists") to pump and prime Catholics on how to think and vote? These questions need to be asked.

The fact is, Weigel went from the proverbial "nobody" to becoming the go-to man between the bishops, the  establishment Catholic media, and Washington politicians. It is of course distasteful to trot all this out, but it must be to properly understand the possible motivations behind Weigel's nasty, dishonest, nay, lying screed against Archbishop Vigano. This is slander and Weigel needs to retract and go to Confession. I shall not dignify this obscene attack on the Archbishop by linking to it. Readers can search themselves.

I shall only address one issue in Weigel's attack on the Archbishop: Weigel wrote, regarding of the Archbishop's Declaration: "amongst its MANIFESTLY FALSE [my emphases] claims: there are 'neo-Nazi military forces' in Ukraine".

"Manifestly" implies an obvious clarity.  According to Weigel, it  is obviously, evidently, clearly manifestly false to hold that neo-Nazis are in the Ukrainian Armed Forces. In other words, it is absurd. Hence, Weigel is stating that Vigano is with deliberate malice lying about neo-Nazi forces. 

Let us now review but a few fragments of literally thousands of pieces of evidence clearly, manifestly showing that not only the Ukrainian Armed Forces, but from their establishment politicians, and on down there is an infestation of not only neo-Nazis, but a fascistic spirit exemplified in the constant glorification of the vile monster and Nazi collaborator, Stepan Bandera. 

Cabinet Minister glorifying Stepan Bandera


Banderites in the Ukrainian government


The fact is that numerous fascist and neo-Nazis militias (e.g. The "Tornado" Battalion before its members were incorporated into the regular forces) proliferate all across the Ukraine. The Aidar and Azov Battalions have official standing within the Ukrainian military. Azov has received training by US, British and Canadian NATO operatives. It is now being liquidated in Mariupol (though causing great harm as multiple reports including videos by citizens documenting how the Nazis are using them as shields within schools, hospitals etc.).

Nazi insignia of Azov Battalion


Further, many regular units, including Officers are Banderites. Banderites are post-war revisionists who claim that the collaborationist OUN-B, the UPA, the Ukrainian Auxiliary Police were but anti-Soviet patriots. The historical record is somewhat different. Banderites, are de facto neo-Nazis and committed major war crimes and genocide during the War. For example, close collaboration between the SS and Ukrainian Auxiliary Police to implement the Babi Yar Genocide. 


Children butchered by OUN-B

Banderites, fascists also have infiltrated the Ukrainian Security Services. Finally, there are numerous Banderites in the Kiev regime (and this same regime, controls the army, and conducts the ethno-cleansing in the Donbas). Additionally there are statues, street names, banners displayed all over the Ukraine glorifying Bandera. Indeed, the Kiev City Council not a few years ago openly glorified this collaborator. The Ukrainian State has even issued stamps glorifying Nazi collaborators! Yet, Weigel denies the Nazi problem. WHY? I will tell you why: his hatred of Russia is so great, that like his neocon "Catholic" (?) fellow travellers would join forces with the satanic Nazi scourge to fight what they believe a "common enemy". Then, of course, in the fantasy world of neoliberal globalists, the Ukraine will be incorporated into the EU, NATO, the globalist order, and the neo-Nazis will disappear or brought to heel. So these fools believe. So presently, as long as Nazis and Banderites attack Russia, they give you a "wink-wink, nudge-nudge", when the issue of Nazism or Banderism is raised. The degenerate "West: now has its "good" Nazis. Bandera is but a patriot.

One could ask Weigel: "will YOU denounce Bandera without equivocation"? But he will not, as the neocon "Catholics" (?) who are baying for blood, shouting "destroy Muscovy", cheering on the evil pumping of NATO weapons into the Ukraine will not. They too,  like him, are DEAD SILENT on the very serious Bandera problem. Indeed, these lunatics sound just like the "Catholic" version of the "Christian-Zionist Evangelical" Darbyite cult which also rages for war, blood, and hatred.

More glorification of Nazi collaborators

The Banderite problem is also very serious in Canada and America. Anyone even remotely connected to the Canadian Ukrainian community is aware of the widespread popularity of the poison (including sadly, amongst many Greek Catholics, including clergy). So much so, that in the diaspora fascist organizations (some would suggest only a few degrees away from being outright "neo-Nazis") exist and raise funds; such as "Right Sector". These same fascists openly march on the streets of Toronto, carrying the portrait of convicted terrorist, mass murderer, and Nazi collaborator, Bandera. Politicians from all parties march with the Banderites, for whom the only thought is votes, rather than moral principles. Many, of course, have been lied to by these Banderites and ethno-fascists. It all seems just so "normal" as these fascists have been marching and proclaiming their evil ideology for decades. 

A Bandera statue in the Ukraine. Notice the fascist UPA flag

Friends, one has to be a deliberate propagandist to deny that the Ukraine has a Nazi and especially a Bandera (fascist) problem, and that these evil ideologies have infiltrated in  its armed forces and body politic. George Weigel is not a stupid man. He knows what he is doing, and he has a reason for doing it. He cannot be unaware of the Azov Battalion, nor of the cancer of Banderism. 


March of the Fascists: Toronto, 2016

Close up of Bandera on "Right Sector, Canada"

The only other option is he is deluded and truly believes that a Catholic renaissance and civilization will flower from neo-liberal, globalism under US Beltway hegemony. That Catholicism will be built upon the ruins and blood baths in Afghanistan, Libya, Iraq, the support of Saudi butchering in Yemen, the theft of the Golan Heights, the feeding of the Palestinian-Israeli tragedy, the NATO expansion into central and eastern Europe, and now the fratricidal war in eastern Europe. All this is blasphemous insanity. Our Lord Jesus Christ came to incorporate ALL men into His One Church. That means "starting in Jerusalem..." to preach the Gospel to the whole world, for "...there is neither Jew nor Greek...but ALL are one in Christ Jesus".

I say: peace be unto Russia and the Ukraine. 

Monday 14 March 2022

Dehumanization of Russians: We've seen this before in the 1930s in Nazi Germany

Friends, many of you may have heard of the firing of the conductor Valery Gergiev, the soprano Anna Netrebko, the banning of Tchaikovsky from a concert in Wales (Americans don't expect the 1812 played for any July 4th concerts), the removal of books by Dostoevsky. 

Apparently Gergiev and Netrebko's "sin" were that they were on orders from their employers (the Munich Philharmonic and the Met, respectively) to publicly denounce President Putin. However, grotesque as this cancel culture is, far more sinister is the removal of Russian art from public exposure, especially music. Music, is, after all, the primordial mode of communication, predating language. Music's subjective ambiguity,  it's being primarily emotive, it's ability to entrain people indeed logically make it a target - THE target - if you want to dehumanize and demonize your "enemy". Here, we have the "evil" Gergiev conducting the conclusion of the Firebird by Stravinsky.


The leaders of the Third Reich understood the power of music very well, and acted upon it. As such all "Jewish" music was removed from public performance. The Nazis knew of the incongruity if they officially proclaimed to Germans that Jews were poison, yet allowed these same Germans to be exposed to, for example, the music of Mendelssohn. The Nazis would have been in a conundrum: how to explain such beauty created by a man of "poison"? But even more subversive, they could not allow Germans direct emotive contact with Mendelssohn's music and beauty, lest the German realize that the demonization and dehumanization was a monstrous fraud and lie. They could not allow a German heart to be touched by a Jewish heart. You see, ultimately, they were terrified of the power of music to bring people and hearts together.

What brings black and white people together so many times in joyous celebration? Of course its the mutual love of music. Here we have Keith Emerson in conversation with Oscar Peterson; to then jam together. Enjoy! 

The globalist red fascists - friends we have to be honest, we are now living, with cancel culture, and de facto social credit ratings in a quasi fascist society - are following in the footsteps of their fascist predecessors, realizing that the "enemy" must be stripped of his humanity. Hence, music, due to its innate powers to emotionally unite people, must be suppressed or perverted. 

In contrast to the red fascists, a modern example of how music can unite rather than divide is the effort put out by Daniel Barenboim, who created the Divan East-Western Orchestra to bring young Israelis and Arabs together to make music TOGETHER. Barenboim realized that the music can overcome, modulate, revise human emotion and thinking, and can become a place of cooperation and even friendship, where previously there had been animosity or even hatred. Barenboim even put on a concert in Rumallah. Needless to say he was vilified, but he came out triumphant. 

Hear the result of Barenboim's effort with the orchestra's playing of Beethoven's 9th:

Finally, dear friends, let us listen to Mendelssohn being played in Russia, in Moscow! Let us not act like barbarians; rather let us realize that, as Pope Benedict once said, that music of all the arts is God's greatest gift to mankind. Art, music, should NEVER be perverted as to become a plaything, a tool for propaganda by politicians, and evil manipulators.

Here we have the Moscow City Symphony playing Mendelssohn's Overture to a "Midsummer Night's Dream". Enjoy! 

Sunday 13 March 2022

The tragedy of the failed State of the Ukraine: A pawn in the globalist war against Russia

Listening to the siren cry of the United States, Great Britain, Klaus Schwab, and George Soros has only led the Ukraine from one disaster to another. The Maidan putsch, the loss of Crimea, the imminent loss of the Donbas, continued economic collapse, raging political corruption, the Banderite cult, the sinister growth of fascist and even neo-Nazi organizations and militias, and finally the money-laundering plaything for the Biden Crime Syndicate, US, and other corrupt politicians and international crooks (e.g. the former President of Poland Aleksander Kwasniewski who, according to Ukrainian prosecutors seeking to extradition of Joe Biden, also received millions in slush funds from Burisma).  

Poor Ukraine: with "friends" like America and Britain, who needs enemies?

Scott Ritter: US, Canada, and Britain have been training neo-Nazis in the Ukraine

Friends, do not be fooled by the massive agitprop campaign carried out by the neoliberal globalists via their CIA-MI6 operatives regarding Russia. For further details on what really is happening militarily, NATO expansion and aggression, the malignant influence of neo-Nazi and Banderite forces in the Ukraine and their training by NATO, the following video is a must.  


Please pray for an end to the war. Let there be immediate reconciliation between brothers.

Friday 11 March 2022

Don't fall into the CIA-MI6 propaganda matrix on Russia

Retired US Marine and Intelligence Office, Scott Ritter in the following video discusses: the secret US bioweapons labs, Russia's initial soft approach in the Ukraine to achieve a political resolution with minimal bloodshed, the CIA and MI6 manipulation of Ukrainian politicians (including the puppet, Zelensky), the scandalous propaganda manipulation of the western public, and the powerful neo-Nazi presence (including CANADA, the US and Britain OPENLY training Nazis) that seeks to undermine a peaceful resolution.


Wednesday 9 March 2022

Has President Putin checkmated the neoliberal globalists?

With neoliberal propaganda at a feverish pitch, it is important to discern the real causes of the Russian special operation in the Ukraine to demilitarize and de-Nazify that puppet State of the degenerate western powers. 

Simply put: it was over two decades of NATO aggression and encirclement; beginning with the carpet bombing of Belgrade (including NATO forces using uranium enriched weapons); the ripping of Kosovo out of Serbia (need I remind readers that the brave Serbs were our allies against the Nazi and fascist devils?), the two main rounds of NATO expansion, the 2008 Budapest Memorandum, the 2014 Maidan putsch (which led to Crimea's referendum and return to Russia, rather than fall under the terror of ultra-nationalist militias, such as the fascist "Svoboda", "Right Sector" (this terrorist organization has a Canadian chapter), and the neo-SS "Azov Brigade", the 2015 signing of the Minsk Agreement (subsequently violated by fascists in the Ukraine, as encouraged by US and EU neoliberals), the endangerment of the Russian naval base in Sevastopol and the Black Sea, NATO arming and training of the neo-SS Azov militia and fascist Banderite militias, the shelling and terrorism conducted against ethnic Russians and eastern Ukrainians by the same Nazi and fascist militias, the secret US deep state run biolabs and uranium enrichment projects, the massive NATO arms shipments, and finally, the rejection of Russian offers to sign a pan-European peace treaty ensuring Ukraine's neutrality and implementation of the Minsk Agreements. Think about it: had the US and EU agreed to the Ukraine's neutrality in December and forced the Kiev junta to implement the Minsk Agreement there would have been no war!

All of these NATO aggressive actions boxed Russia into a corner, and there were two options left on the fateful day of February 24th: allow the Ukraine to fall into the clutches of NATO and the neoliberals, or take military action. President Putin chose the later. He has now virtually completed the most important task of the war: the complete encirclement of the vast majority of the Ukrainian army and its neo-SS and fascist militias in a tried and true traditional Russian tactic of the "cauldron" (as was used e.g. at Stalingrad when the Russians crushed the Nazis and set the stage for the defeat of the Hitlerites). 

Contrary to the lies spread by the presstitutes of the western media the main battle is not for Kiev or Kharkov. It is, following Russian military tactics: destroy the opposing army. Interestingly, Russia has also obtained documentation that the Kiev junta had been enriching uranium, as well as working with the diabolical US "deep state" to develop bioweapons. Friends, this tragic war is beginning to look more and more as fitting St. Thomas Aquinas' Just War Theory. 

Let us now review the geopolitical consequences of President Putin's "judo throw" of the neoliberal globalists. The following, hosted by the American historian and journalist, Peter Lavelle, is essential watching for those interested in what is really happening.

Finally, please say a prayer for His Grace, Archbishop Vigano who, having just written a powerful denunciation of the western globalists' plot to facilitate this war and destroy both Russia and the Ukraine (after all, these degenerate westerners would not want a pan-Slavic movement to rise, imbued with Christianity), is being viciously attacked by even Catholics. I would add Catholics (including those who claim to be "traditional") who are steeped in Americanism, liberalism, and 50s Catholicism; useful idiots who have joined in the warmongering and propaganda.