Thursday, 30 April 2020

"Essential Services" in a Pagan Society - Abortion Mills are open but Churches and Catholic Cemeteries Closed

Reality in Canada under Medical Martial Law

By the way are you aware that visiting Cemeteries are also deemed "unessential". Yes, praying in an aerobic environment is very dangerous and you definitely should NOT be visiting cemeteries! A lady I know was turned away by police, who had set up a road block at the entrance of Assumption Cemetery. She had intended to pray by the graveside of her daughter who died last year. The closing of cemeteries (as with churches) for private prayer is diabolical. 

The "Church of the Accompaniment" is revealed as the "Church of the "Abandonment"

After this is over, there will be a lot of Catholics who will be deeply ashamed of themselves for being so easily fooled into hysteria, fear, and falling such easy prey to disinformation and propaganda.

Everyday for Life, Canada carries a number of outstanding posts (here, here and here) on the moral and economic implications of this ongoing, lockdown that has been seized by the usual suspects to politicize the pandemic now a "plan-demic". Our vulnerable and elderly have not been protected (no surprise given the disastrous state of LTC facilities. Ontario's statistics indicate that over 70% of deaths are in LTC). 

Wednesday, 29 April 2020

A Tale of Schism of those who want to "save" the Catholic Church: Do not answer Schism with Schism (Part Two)

In my previous post, I outlined the dangers that Catholics have encountered as the crisis in the Church ever deepens. The solution is not to abandon the Church for some synagogue of Satan, but to remain by Her side, faithful. To not lose faith in the Church. 

We must put our Faith in God who is allowing this crisis for His reasons. In our pride can we not see that we are very much deserving of a punishment from God? Why should He spare us when we are guilty? How many abortions will take place in the world in the time it takes for you to read this post? How many blasphemies, ingratitudes etc? How many Catholics engaging in sodomy, contraception, and other acts the profane the Marriage Act? All the while proudly boasting that these same acts are virtuous and blasphemously claiming that Christ approves of them and the Church is wrong!

Following the Council, the Abbe de Nantes combatted the errors of the schismatic Integrists, who, following private judgment, declared Paul VI  deposed for heresy. These errors put forward by Catholics today, many emotionally unstable, many ill-educated, most poisoned with liberalism,  must be combated even more rigorously in our day, as the temptation to schism and defection from the Catholic Faith will increase due to the confusion in Rome.

In reaction, many Catholics claiming to be "traditional", reject Christ the King, turn religion into a "show" with lace, smoke (and mirrors?), but infected with liberalism and secular messianism. They trot out their pet "icky" alleged heresies of Francis, but remain silent, or obliviously ignorant of their own. A cursory glance over the social media activities of many a noisy and strident "traditionalist" will quickly unmask a flaming liberal totally addicted to secularism. These Catholics would most definitely come under censure of such great 19th century popes as Pius VI, Gregory XVI, and Pius IX. These Catholics have also forgotten the condemnation of Pus XI that social modernism is just as sinful and evil as doctrinal. The attempts by the churchmen to compromise with liberalism (especially in dethroning Jesus Christ) has allowed the once Christian nations to totter, drunk on poisonous liberalism, to their moral ruin. Be very aware friends of whom you might call a "heretic".You may be surprised. 

The temptation to fall into a schismatic mentality, to doubt the Church, is to endanger one's faith, and perhaps even lose it. Sedevacantism becomes a mental trap and is elevated to a type of "super-dogma". The Catholic Church will outlive the evils that are placed upon Her by the devil and his minions: demons and evil men. The Church's indefectibility and papal infallibility is from God, and not men. When we doubt God's power over His Church, over history, we, like the Modernists and the Integrists begin to think too humanly, rather than submitting to the Divine Will. 

The various protestant solutions (as they are based on private judgment) such as that Bishop Ratzinger is still Pope because he only schizophrenically resigned "part" of the Papal Office is just diving down another rabbit hole: it would expose Ratzinger himself as a schismatic, guilty of misleading the Church and millions of souls into following an anti-pope. What kind of a man would Ratzinger be if indeed this was all a fudged "resignation"? He would be a moral and spiritual monster. His sin would far, far worse than any "sin" Francis has committed. As I have written before, these various excuses are merely pretexts for disobedience. 

Another huge problem also arises: the "una cum". You CANNOT attend a schismatic Mass. Why? Because it is not Catholic. If in your conscience you believe that Pope Francis is NOT Pope you CANNOT attend without being branded with grave sin. I suspect that the vast majority of Catholics who noisily trumpet Francis is a heretic and not Pope, do in fact attend Masses in union with him. On their OWN admission, by their attendance, they are giving witness to what they believe is a LIE. This exposes such people to being accused of both cowardice and hypocrisy. If you hold such positions, ask yourself: what are you doing attending Masses with the "una cum" prayer for Francis as Pope, when Ratzinger is the actual Pope? If you are in this position, seek out a priest for a good confession to reconcile yourself to Christ and His Church. 

Let us return to the Abbe de Nantes' answer to the question of a Pope and bishops suspect of heresy. To break with the visible, hierarchical Church is not the answer. In other words, to engage in one's own act of defiance, of schism, heresy and rebellion. To think otherwise is a delusion, and from the Evil One. 

The Abbe wrote: 

 May Catholic charity always triumph in our hearts ! One does not answer schism by schism. In the face of ill-feeling, partiality and hatred which raise barriers and trenches, our only answer must be that of love, that love which is founded on the infrangible community of the sacramental life. The Church is the charity of Christ spread and communicated amongst all the brothers. Whilst our brothers maintain albeit only the appearance of belonging to the Church, we must hold and retain them in Catholic charity without accepting their ostracism and their scission, and without adding our own thereto. If we quit the community, if we emancipate ourselves from hierarchical authority and reject its jurisdiction, we reinforce the schism, we provide it with the homogeneous consistency of a sect, and we give it a free hand in the Church ! We must stay put, resigned to being punished, to suffering and to obeying whatever is not forbidden or intolerable, as martyrs for Catholic Unity and Charity... We must reject everything that is commanded for the purpose of subversion and not let ourselves be penalised without protesting. But never, never ever, will we contest the unique inviolable power of jurisdiction that belongs to the Pope and to the bishops united to him. Even though they behave unjustly, it is they who are the Catholic hierarchy, not ourselves. 
“One cannot save the Church by building on other foundations. But some people wanted to persuade me to do just that. As someone unjustly (although legally) deprived of all power of jurisdiction over souls by a Pope and bishops suspected of schism and heresy, I was supposed to consider myself a victim of persecution and to attribute to myself some kind of extraordinary jurisdiction directly derived from God ! The determining factor was meant to be the pressing necessity of souls who were in danger of perishing in a Church that had completely lost her direction. Well, my answer to this was : never, not at any price. Such jurisdiction has never been recognised by the holy canons except in the case of bishops in countries where persecution has totally destroyed or paralysed the local hierarchy. Presuming on the assent of the Holy See, these bishops would exercise this kind of extraordinary jurisdiction to save these Churches from total ruin and to provide for the urgent necessities of souls (Dom Gréa, L'Église, p. 235-238). As none of this can be verified in my own case, the usurpation that is proposed to me would be invalid, criminal and strictly schismatic. 
We are not the saviours of the Church. Rather it is she, both now and always, who is our salvation. I may not actually see this, but I believe it with an unwavering faith : the salvation of the Church today, as yesterday and for all times, is to be found in her Pastors. Although temporarily sunk in the error and sectarianism of their Reform, this grace still subsists in them, indefectibly. It may not be apparent, but it is ready on the day appointed by God to spring forth again for the salvation of all. The disorder may be great, the damage to souls mortal, but God does not wish to govern us except through the hierarchy. In such a sacred matter He cannot tolerate any fraudulent usurpation. If we were foolish enough to imagine that we could save the Church by carrying her off with us into the escapade of yet another schism, we who are nothing, it is we and we alone who would be irremediably lost. The only life we have within us is that which we have received. It is from the Roman Rock alone that this life springs forth. 
 The Church does not lie within us. It subsists in those very men whom we see busying themselves in her ruin and whom we nevertheless believe, by virtue of their apostolic jurisdiction, to be the bearers of Christ's grace. We ourselves have no share in their powers of order and ministry except in the exact extent to which they delegate it to us. Thus, I am recognised as having the power to celebrate the Holy Mass, and this would be the case even if I were to be punished by an unjust excommunication (which God forbid !), provided that I then celebrate it in private and without the risk of scandal. I also retain the power to give absolution to those who are dying... I give thanks to the Church for these faculties which she allows me to keep. I make use of them and I will continue to do so. But to go beyond this would be to build a simulacrum of the Church outside the Church. Good heavens ! What would be the point ? To deceive myself into thinking that I could save everyone ? Ah, no ! When the schism of this Reform is over, I do not wish to be separated from the Church.

Whatever we do: we must keep Christian charity and pray for one another. 

Part One: A Tale of Heresy and Apostasy from those who want to "save" the Catholic Church

Part Three [upcoming]: Pope Francis, Papal Scandal and Heresy: What can faithful Catholics do? 

Monday, 27 April 2020

A Tale of a Schism of those who want to "save" the Catholic Church (Part 1)

The Abbe de Nantes
“ The official Church ”, they said, “ has now fallen into apostasy. We are the only ones left. We must continue the Church, we must ensure her survival and her future. ”
With those words, in 1969, the Abbe de Nantes describes the position held by Catholic priests who had taken it upon themselves (private judgment) to declare the See of Peter vacant. The position of these priests was to "...say Mass, hear confessions, baptize, and preside at marriages universally, without asking anyone's permission and without worrying about submission to the bishops or about jurisdiction". The Abbe relates that these schismatically priests were then joined by Fr. Guérard des Lauriers (who would eventually fall into schism). The priest's argument was as follows:
– “ I consider ”, replied Fr. Guérard des Lauriers, “ that the hierarchy, in the person of the Pope and of the bishops, has collapsed. ” 
– “ It is not sufficient, my Reverend Father, to say that the hierarchy has collapsed. Supposing you are right, it will still be necessary to get the rest of the Church to admit this. ” 
– “ It is self-evident ”, interrupted the other, “ self-evident ! ” 
The position of Fr. Guérard was instant, unambiguous, definite. The hierarchy had disappeared. No more Pope ! No more bishops ! Since they were heretics, they were spiritually dead and therefore cut off ipso facto from the Church.
It is important to relate this 1969 drama to 2020, as it is replaying itself - but in a more virulent form - in these past few years. Even laymen are making the same protestant declarations that only a few priests made 50 years ago. These confused laymen on innumerable occasions declare (without any authority) that Pope Francis has fallen into notorious heresy, and ipso facto (without a declarative judgement by the Church) is no longer Pope. Or, so another argument goes, he never was Pope to begin with, thus justifying their disobedience and bad break with the visible, hierarchical Church. 

Such beliefs also carry very serious consequences: attending illicit Masses and receiving invalid sacraments by priests without faculties (e.g. concubinage justified as "matrimony"). Similarly, hiding  the bad break by duplicitous attendance at Mass in union with an "Antipope" is a very serious mortal sin.  No matter how you cut it, if you believe that Francis is not Pope, you CANNOT attend any Mass by a priest in communion with him, nor confess to said priest (except in the danger of death), for you are giving according to your conscience, witness to a lie. And you will be judged by God accordingly. 

The logic of Francis not being the Pope is the collapse of the visible, hierarchical Church. The claim that Bishop Ratzinger is the Pope, is just a fudge to excuse a bad break. Arguably the world's greatest living canon lawyer believes Bishop Jorge Bergoglio is Pope. Is he infallible? No. But the odds are that he is right, and others are wrong. And don't tell me theology is easy. Actually it is one of the most difficult sciences to master. That is why Christ established a Hierarchy to teach. I'd rather follow Burke, than my own prideful self. 
Douthat: You believe Francis is a legitimate pope? 
Burke: Yes, yes. I’ve had people present to me all kinds of arguments calling into question the election of Pope Francis. But I name him every time I offer the Holy Mass, I call him Pope Francis, it’s not an empty speech on my part. I believe that he is the pope. And I try to say that consistently to people, because you’re correct — according to my perception also, people are getting more and more extreme in their response to what’s going on in the church.
Let us return back to 1969, to the drama that unfolded at Maison Staint-Joseph, when the Abbe de Nantes was being tempted by ill-informed and emotional priests to join them in rebellion against the divinely established order of the Catholic Church.

Our contemporary, self-declared theologians, also proclaim Francis' "heresies" as "self-evident". To the "self-evident" argument put forward by the wayward priest the Abbe de Nantes replied:
– “I can well understand ”, explained Fr. de Nantes, “ that it is evident to you, even self-evident. But you are not infallible. ”
The drama continued to unfold, where the Abbe de Nantes refuted the "self-evident" argument, beginning with the proposition that what is "self-evident" may in fact be error: 
 “ Suppose that you live at the top of a block of flats. Someone warns you that your car is burning in the street. Looking out of the window, you notice that your car really has caught fire. You are quite sure about it… and yet it is not your car ! You believed you recognised it, but you were wrong ! ” He then returned to the question of Paul VI's heresy : “ You may reason, prove, and argue as much as you like in formulating an accusation of heresy against Paul VI. But as long as the magisterium of the Church has not passed a dogmatic sentence, your thinking will be nothing more than the opinion of a theologian who could be wrong. Therefore, it is essential to obtain a judgement. Even if the Pope has fallen from office by virtue of having promulgated a heretical and invalid Mass, it is still necessary that the whole Church should recognise and acknowledge this. If you are alone in proclaiming this, it does not count. ” The conversation then turned to Bellarmine's thesis concerning the case of a heretical Pope. According to Fr. de Nantes, Cajetan's thesis was more penetrating, and he concluded thus : “ A judgement by the Church is needed if Pope Paul VI [or Pope Francis] is to be deposed. ”
One of the dissenting priests did not take kindly to the Abbe's logical reasoning, but reacted in a typically emotional and angry manner. A manner that is once again, sad to say, very prevalent in the Church today. Renouncing our reason, and allowing ourselves to be ruled by emotion because of outrageous and scandalous words or activities coming from Rome is a pitiful excuse for sinning ourselves. 

Emotions can be "right" but our conclusions wrong. Emotions told those at the foot of the Cross how could this man be the Son of God? Following emotions, the conclusion would have been to reject Jesus. After all, how could God allow Himself to be nailed up naked on a Cross and suffer this horrible, torturous death, while the crowds mocked Him? Emotion over reason is not Catholic. Yet, we see emotion causing one disastrous conclusion after another. In such an un-Catholic and emotional manner, a dissenting priest, Fr Coache responded to the Abbe:
“ Are you still harping on about that ! To expect the official Church to pass a judgement deposing the Pope is quite ridiculous. It could never happen ! The whole Church has foundered. How could she possibly issue such a judgement ? ” It was evident that Fr. Coache no longer had any faith in the Church.
The Abbe de Nantes, shortly after these confrontations wrote the following warning:
“ To declare that the teaching Church had been deposed would be to fall into the snare of the adversary and, believing oneself to have gone one better than the hierarchy in their faltering faith, to fall oneself into unbelief. No ! These appearances only deceive the impatient whose minds are blinded by pride.”
In 1967 two years before these dissenters had declared their intent to break with the Church, the Abbe was already warning about the temptation to schism:
“ We do not have the right – nor is it something we have ever desired or even dreamed of – to declare that we alone constitute the true Church, rejecting this reformed postconciliar Church as schismatic and heretical as though in our eyes it had become the accursed great Babylon of the Apocalypse. This solution, the most stupid and most criminal possible, may have excited the imagination of certain unfortunates who were looking for an adventure. But it will never be our solution. One does not throw oneself into schism when one has never woken up on a single morning of one's life, over the last forty years, without smiling with joy at the radiant, virginal and maternal face of the Church, and without going to sleep at night filled with her immense wisdom and her salutary blessings. There is nothing in me, absolutely nothing, which I have not inherited from Her or which is not in accord with her holy thoughts and desires. Let us not overlook the sordid side of our nature and our sins, which are known to Her alone, since She has purified them. Can I then deny, strike and abandon my Mother ? God forbid !
Once again, we must take extreme care about private judgment. I do not have the right or authority to declare so and so a heretic. Nor do you. The Catholic Church decides who is, and who is not a heretic. It comes back to what the Abbe de Nantes had noticed in the dissenting schismatical priests: they had lost faith in the Church, and therefore in Christ. We see this loss in the supernatural in those who go along with the complete boarding up of our churches during the coronavirus pandemic. You will notice that Cardinal Burke advocates churches remaining open within reason and good science. Not hysteria. As such, for the vast majority of parishes (unless the area be a hotspot, such as New York City), social distancing is very, very easy. Much more so, than your supermarket, your hardware store, your liquor and beer store, and the local pot shop. 

But I digress; let us return to the drama of contemporary schism. 

There is also the fact that we have moved far beyond 1969, where liberalism, modernism, protestantism, and other errors have so infiltrated mens' minds, that they are no longer able to discern truth from error. There is such confusion, that the rot has not only infected Modernists, but also Integrists; who, reacting with emotion, and abandoning Catholic reason, join the Modernists in attacking the spotless Bride of Christ.

Neither schism nor heresy. I shall remain Catholic. Pope Francis is the Pope until the Church declares otherwise. 

Part Two: "We do not Answer Schism with Schism" 

Friday, 24 April 2020

PROTECT YOUR CHILD ! How Catholic parents can protect their children from the deadly virus of "Gender Ideology"

Ontario's militant "Catholic" teachers Union
promoting homosexuality

When Catholic children finally return to school will they face another far more deadly virus? The virus of gender ideology? 

A virus that has a 100% CFR (case fatality rate) for the soul? 

Unless radical action is taken, they will. Sadly, our Cardinal has capitulated to the "LGBT" juggernaut. Ireneaus rightly has asked "Cardinal Collins where are you?". Here we are approaching six months later and the Cardinal is still in hiding, refusing to explain how the Catholic Faith can be reconciled with intrinsic evil.  We are now in the situation where the State de facto decides Catholic moral teaching in what are "Catholic" schools.  

But perhaps we should not have been too surprised by the actions of the Archdiocese of Toronto, as its official newspaper, "The Catholic Register"  has provided cover for "Catholic" schools promoting abortion and homosexuality in the past. Once again, Cardinal Collins was "missing in action", and took no steps to discipline the writers in the Register. 

Et tu Brute? Cardinal Collins betraying the 
legacy of the saintly Monsignor Foy  

We have written about an assortment of "queer" children's picture books being read to primary school children by a misguided  teacher-activist at St. James Elementary School. The authors of the books that are being read were created with the stated purpose to infect children with the virus of gender ideology. These great evils are being thrust upon unsuspecting and innocent children in "Catholic" classrooms. 

Further information on the militant, activist union, "The Ontario English Catholic Teachers' Association" (OECTA) and its long-standing promotion of homosexuality, gender ideology, heresy, and (logically) abortion can be read here, here and here

Given the betrayal of innocent children by our hierarchs, complacent clergy, and dissenting and cowardly teachers, it will fall to parents to arm themselves with one spiritual antiviral, called "opting out". Simply because they will no longer be defended by the Judas churchmen who have betrayed the innocents into the hands of evil men and women. 

Innocent children betrayed with the "Judas kiss"
into the hands of evil ideologues

The Catholic Church teaches that the primary educators (spiritual and temporal) are parents. Teacher are merely "assistants" to parents education. Teachers do not, nor can never replace parental authority over the child. Parents have an obligation before Christ to ensure that their child's education is imbued with the Faith. Amongst other things, this means that the reading of books written homosexual and lesbian activists, for the purpose of socially and morally re-programing children to accept a view of human sexuality and the family that is diametrically opposed to the Gospels, is completely unacceptable, and constitutes a form of spiritual abuse. 

Everyday for Life, Canada, outlines the steps on how to REMOVE your child/children from classes. You as parents have the right to not allow your child to be exposed to "queer" social reprograming, sexual information about genitalia, information on how to engage in sexual acts (including unnatural sexual acts such as mutual masturbation of the anus or reproductive organs).

From, Everyday for Life, Canada

Catholic parents can exempt their children from the 2019 sex-curriculum by simply informing the school principal in writing. Just let the principal know that you choose to withdraw your children from any instruction of Strand D of the new Ontario Curriculum: Health and Physical Education. The reason to make this specific request is because the radical sex-curriculum is found in Strand D. In Catholics schools, the controversial curriculum will be added to Theme Three of the religious program called Fully Alive. This applies to all Grades from 1-8. So, parents need to send the notification of exemption to the principal each year and for every child. Parents do let the principal and the teachers known where you stand on the issue. Tell other parents and make sure the parent council takes action.  

You can read the full article here.

Monday, 20 April 2020

Some thoughts on that dustup about the SSPX...

Update: Upon further reflection, I have come to realize that perhaps I should have stayed mum on the subject. Many of the players involved are not terribly well-known in the wider scheme of things - only to the relevant audience, of which this writer is a member. The bias of availability does apply, and makes things seem bigger than they actually are. But I have written what I have written. As given in Proverbs, "The prudent man doth all things with counsel." (13.16) 

On Easter Sunday, Taylor Marshall expressed his appreciation for being able to receive the Most August Sacrament from the Society of St. Pius X on the Solemnity of Solemnities. What ensued was nothing short of embarrassing, for out came the claws on the holiest of holy days. It was - and appears to continue to be - unnecessary and unjustified.

In the interests of full disclosure, I do not attend the Society. It is too far from my place of residence, and I have other concerns that would keep me closer to home than spend all of Sunday out of the house on a regular basis. This is what I used to do when I attended the Toronto Oratory, but the expenses and time commitment do add up. Besides, I consider it an act of charity to support the local chaplain's efforts to build up the TLM. Not only is he a friend of mine, but I have come to understand that he spends long hours on Sunday driving around the Archdiocese with little reward. If I show up at his Masses, I reason, that would make the effort worth it just a little more.

That being said, I do appreciate the Society. I like them. I have attended their Masses on occasion, and I did travel to their bookstore this past summer to look for a veil for a friend. We would be in a sorry state of affairs were they not around. We would not have the TLM in such abundance as we do today. The Fraternity, the Institute, and other religious orders would not be able to offer the TLM were it not for the SSPX.

So, please, leave the SSPX alone. They are not in schism. Nor do they exhibit extraordinary pride. They are not perfect, but is anyone? I daresay that people would not make these same assumptions and insinuations about the Fraternity, Institute, or any other TLM-exclusive religious order. That alone tells us something.

So, let us lay down our pens and swords, and worry about other matters that are far more pressing. Such as the fact Canada is in bed with communist China. The fact St. Peter's Basilica was host to an idol for much of last October. Or any other host of issues that are within our grasp to tackle and deal with practically, as opposed to the matter surrounding the Society, which we laypeople are unable to practically deal with.

In the meantime, I would suggest reading - and ruminating on - these posts by Father Z down in the States. He has had some first hand exposure with the status of the SSPX and offers some practical advice about the whole matter at hand.

Hearts of the Holy Family, intercede for us.

Saturday, 18 April 2020

CORONA WARS ~ Pride is a Killer (Part 2)

You reap what you sow

When a prideful person is promoted, given an audience, they will usually go from bad to worse. Why wouldn't they? Spiritual narcissism is highly addictive and extremely deadly. St. John Chrysostom in "Concerning Lowliness of the Mind", compares the faith of the Pharisee to the publican. The former perverted his faith through pride, whilst the latter purified his through humility. 
For humbleness of mind is the foundation of the love of wisdom which pertains to us. Even if you should have built a superstructure of things innumerable; even if almsgiving, even if prayers, even if fastings, even if all virtue; unless this have first been laid as a foundation, all will be built upon it to no purpose and in vain; and it will fall down easily, like that building which had been placed on the sand. 
There is a particular website (but it is in no way unique) that carries, and continues to carry objectively gravely sinful headlines, distortions, calumny, and detraction. A favourite activity on this website is daily mocking of the Pope. The Holy Father is "Francis of the Holy Virus", "Virus Pope", and other horrible, nasty names. Do you think God is pleased with this? Approves of this?

There seems to be a diabolical glee about the alleged "sins" of others. This is a monstrous evil. 

But as usually happens when there is a disagreement amongst judgmental and prideful people: they turn on each other. The question MUST be asked. Where were the enablers of this operator of this website when he was engaging (and continues) in objectively gravely sinful activity? Where are they now? Is it permissible to mock the Pope, and others (under the pretext that he/they are evil sinners), but not permissible to mock a sick man? 

St. Francis de Sales quoted St. Bernard, regarding the mocking of others: "...the Devil has possession both of the slanderer and of those who listen to him, of the tongue of the one, the ear of the other".

We are supposed to pray for sinners, not mock and degrade them. What does Our Lord say? 
You have heard that it was said, ‘Love your neighbor’ and ‘hate your enemy.’ But I tell you, love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you, that you may be sons of your Father in heaven. He causes His sun to rise on the evil and the good, and sends rain on the righteous and the unrighteous"  St. Matthew 5: 43-45
You see the irrationality, and cherry picking of sin? Once again: where does this evil come from? 

It comes from PRIDE

Pride is a KILLER

Mockery can be a very serious mortal sin. "A spirit of mockery is one of the worst imperfections of the mind, and displeases God greatly, so that He has often punished it most severely". St. Francis de Sales (Introduction to the Devout Life). 

All of this comes from the devil who loves confusion, hatred, rage and anger. The rage, the hate on social media has its source in the demonic (Latin Mass attendance, notwithstanding). None of this is from the Holy Spirit.

Look for "Corona Wars" to get much worse, as the spiritual virus of pride has spread rapidly amongst Catholics. After years of virally overloading with pride from years of mocking, degrading, detracting, and even hating those whom they (by their very own words) claim are sinners, the fratricidal Catholics are now going into the ICU, spiritually gravely ill from pride. I know: I was there. It was not good. It was evil and sinful. 

Whereas coronavirus may kill the body, pride will kill the soul. The Pharisees were infected with this disease, and they, in their spiritual blindness (but so fastidiously "religious") committed the greatest crime in history: Deicide, and crucified the Son of Man. Now Catholics set about crucifying each other. In doing so, they re-crucify Christ. How sad, how tragic. 

Here again God writes straight with crooked lines, He is exposing false "friendships", where people were not true brothers and sisters in Christ, but were only sought out as echo chambers to play back what we like to hear, mirrors to reflect back our own vain image. 

Please pray for those Catholics who have succumbed to this terrible, fatal virus of pride. Pray that they seek out the Divine Physician, who is the only one who can cure them, and bring them the peace of mind and soul they so lack. 

Thursday, 16 April 2020

George Pell may not be guilty, but he is no hero

George Pell has recently been declared by the Australian Courts to be not guilty of sexually assaulting two young men in a cathedral. But, as Joseph Sciambra noted a few days ago, should Pell be held up as a Catholic hero, given his mishandling of sexual abuse cases from the past? Sylvia's Site carries a lot of information on the coverups in Australia by monstrous pedophile priests. 

In asking these very questions, Sciambra apparently was attacked online (Here we go again with the evil toxic online sub-culture generated by "Catholics" that I have referenced a number of times). Sciambra accurately notes: "I am starting to believe that the Catholic Church (in either conservative or liberal spheres) is no place for the inquiring mind". 

Sadly, he is substantially correct. 

Sciambra wrote: 
Everyone to whom much was given, of him much will be required, and from him to whom they entrusted much, they will demand the more.” – Luke 12:48 Cardinal George Pell told an Australian Royal Commission he did not help a teenage boy who complained to him in 1974 that a Christian Brother named Edward Dowlan of St Patrick’s College (in Ballarat) was “misbehaving with boys”. “I didn’t do anything about it,” he said. When asked why, Pell told the Commission it was because: “The boy wasn’t asking me to do anything about it…" 
Years later, Dowlan would plead guilty to 33 counts of indecently assaulting boys under the age of 16. 
Following his acquittal for charges of sexual abuse, Cardinal George Pell was described by some Catholic bloggers, commentators, and journalists as a “hero,” a “martyr,” and even a “saint.” 
I am starting to believe that the Catholic Church (in either the conservative or liberal spheres) is no place for an inquiring mind. A few days ago, I merely posted some questions about Cardinal Pell on my Facebook wall (I also shared my thoughts concerning his alleged mishandling of sexual abuse cases while he was a priest in Ballarat, when he was Bishop, and an Archbishop) – and then I got attacked.

The full article may be read here

Wednesday, 15 April 2020


The Catholic Church needs to seriously expand Her online presence. The Oxford Oratory is trying to do just that. 

You can subscribe to their Youtube channel by linking here

As with everything, there is a right way and a wrong way of doing things. The Oxford Oratory seems to be getting it right. Here is a seriously normal video of the priests relaxed, in their home, and wishing all a Holy Easter.

Children are the future of the Church. Here is another seriously normal video of a Father of the Oratory with an Easter Reflection for children.

Tuesday, 14 April 2020

CORONA WARS ~ the tragedy of Catholics tearing each other to pieces (Part 1)


Spiritual knowledge without practical life (purification of the heart) is the theology of demons
St. Maximos the Confessor

I understand that the other week a brother in Christ attacked another brother in Christ on social media, mocking his hospitalization from coronavirus. There now seems to be all out "civil war" between ultramontane Catholics, who until "corona" appeared, devoted most of their energies to mocking, degrading, and slandering Pope Francis. They nearly, at times, seem to take a pathological delight in seeking out every opportunity to drag him into the mire. We have heard everything from "he is the antichrist", to "he is not the pope", etc., etc. And worse. Far, far worse. 

I wrote the other week about this "civil war", with the rise of "Gnostic Catholics" engaged in pitched social media battles with "Corona Catholics". Sadly, you reap what you sow. When the prideful turn in a circle and open up on each other - there will be no man left standing. 

Do not get engaged with trolls. Social media is not a framework for debate with anonymous unsolicited individuals. The warnings contained in Canon de Saint-Laurent's, "The Art of Conversation" though written in 1951, is very applicable in today's toxic social media environment. He warned against the "know-alls", who expressed themselves not with opinions, but with their so-called doctrines. He warned of the "scandal monger", who seeks out third parties to expose others' "faults". The immediacy and anonymity of the internet amplifies the ease with which one can fall into lack of charity towards our brothers and sisters in Christ. These trolls seem to be the veritable descendants of those who swept across north Africa, scimitar in hand crying, "convert or die". 

We must ask ourselves: how is it possible for a Christian to mock another Christian? How is it possible to mock any man, (even a sinner, or perhaps especially a sinner?) for everyman is a called by Christ to become a Christian? 

During this Easter Week, let us reflect on what we are doing, where we are going. Are we living the Gospel? Does hatred consume us? Are we constantly seeking out "errors", "heresy" (yet many times ignoring our own heresies?), and "apostasy" (yet not realizing that we too might not have lost the Faith, but are already well on the way to losing it). 


Pride is a Killer 

Monday, 13 April 2020

LIVE 10:30 a.m. (EST) Easter Monday Mass ~ Mater Ecclesiae Chapel

Mass will be live this Easter Monday morning from Mater Ecclesiae Chapel from the Diocese of Camden. 

Thank-you Fr. Pasley for preaching during every Mass!!! 

EVERY day of Easter week is but one continuation of the great Feast of Easter Sunday. Every day, as befitting a great Feast Day, must have a sermon. To exclude a sermon (and ESPECIALLY during this time of Catholics being locked out of their churches) reeks of clericalism. 

Sunday, 12 April 2020

FR ROBERT PASLEY: Thank-you for bringing the Light of Christ into my home

This Easter Triduum, I followed the online Liturgy according to the pre-1955 ancient Rites of the Church. 

This was truly a moving experience; showing that there still are truly devoted pastors who care for the Sheep. A truly parish experience was created throughout the Triduum.

Especially meaningful during this time of being shut out of our churches was his reaching out to us through his Sermons. He was not detached, remote, but, like Our Lord, reaching out to us. 

So much work was put into preparing this Triduum for the faithful. Why? Because after Our Lord, the faithful come first. And Fr. Pasley knows this and lives this. The priest is there for one purpose: to serve the faithful to help him to get to Heaven. Anything less reeks of elitist clericalism. 

How strange it was that a Catholic living in Toronto had to seek out a priest in New Jersey for bread. 

Dear Catholic friends, I pray you found bread this Easter, and not stones. 

Here, is Fr Pasley's Sermon from today's Easter Morning Mass. The Sermon also includes a lesson to us all: especially when he warns us (without mentioning them) of those who become obsessed with externals to the point of a fetish. Religion is no longer doctrine, but theatre. How beautiful it is to hear voices singing for the love of God! Far more preferable (don't you think) than hiring paid singers (some who lead grossly immoral lifestyles) to merely provide music (all the while despising Jesus Christ and His Church). God will not be mocked. 

Please keep Fr. Pasley in your prayers. Please visit his website. 

Please start following his Liturgies, if you have not yet begun! 

A Happy and Holy Easter to you all. 

Christ is Risen, truly He has Risen. Alleleuia. 

The full Easter Mass can be found at the links at Mater Ecclesiae. 

Saturday, 11 April 2020

EASTER VIGIL: Mater Ecclesiae Chapel

You can watch the Easter Vigil of Holy Saturday according to the pre-1955 rites celebrated by Fr. Robert Pasley of Mater Ecclesiae, Diocese of Camden (Berlin, NJ). The pre 1955 Holy Week is incredibly important, as it has none of the modernist tendencies and surrenders that followed one upon another, beginning with the 1955 disastrous changes.  

The pre-1955 rites firmly proclaims Jesus Christ as King over all Nations and peoples, without exception. There is no surrender to Protestantism, to Judaism, to Freemasonry. The pre-1955 rites firmly proclaims that Jesus Christ is truly God. That is why these rites had to go. With their destruction, the virus of religious indifferentism penetrated most men's minds. 

Link for Easter Vigil:

Thursday, 9 April 2020

Archbishop Lenga: There is a Masonic Virus in the Church

There is a deadly virus dwelling deeply in the Catholic Church: it is Freemasonry. 

The Polish Archbishop, Jan Pawel Lenga, identified this evil sect as one of the major threats to the Catholic Church in his wide ranging discussion on wRealu24. 

The Archbishop referencing Our Lord's words, I know mine and my own know me (John 10:14), stated that the vast majority of the bishops have abandoned the faithful:
"...the shepherds no longer care for the flock, when they should be doing it faithfully. Christ is the Good Shepherd, and cared for the Flock, 'I know mine'. But you bishops, you do not know your flock. 
They only recognize the collections they take up. The pastors no longer recognize their people. They conduct their ministry as if in secrecy. 
They are no longer carrying their cross behind Christ. In their churches and dioceses they are no longer showing the path to be walked ...they only seek to take and not give". 

Wednesday, 8 April 2020

Quarantine worse than Coronavirus? Crippled economies and Authoritarianism

The real world of evidence, shows that coronavirus overwhelmingly hits vulnerable populations (yes, there are always outliers, but these people are not being tested for co-pathgens, nor do we know anything about their immune systems etc.). 

The IFR is actually very lowIf Ontario did absolutely nothing (which I am not advocating) it would still be 0.75%. A search of the website of Health Canada, the Ontario Ministry of Health, as well as the websites of Toronto and Ottawa Public Health and have no published data on correlation between age, comorbidities and the novel coronavirus. 

However, New York Public Health has been transparent, and here are statistics: 

Here are current world statistics: 

The Centre for Evidence Based Research (CEMB) Oxford, includes the following: 

Comorbidities will have a significant impact to increase the IFR: those with ≥ 3 comorbidities are at much higher risk. Modelling the data on the prevalence of comorbidities is essential to understand the CFR and IFR by age (the prevalence of comorbidities is highly age-dependent and is higher in socially deprived populations). It is also not clear if the presence of other circulating influenza illnesses acts to increase the IFR (testing for co-pathogens is not occurring). And whether certain populations (e.g., those with heart conditions) are more at risk.
  • In those without pre-existing health conditions, and over 70, the data is reassuring that the IFR will likely not exceed 1%.
  • Mortality in children seems to be near zero (unlike flu) which is also reassuring and will act to drive down the IFR significantly.
It is now essential to understand whether individuals are dying with or from the disease.Understanding this issue is critical. If, for instance, 80% of those over 80 die with the disease then the CFR  would be near 3% in this age group as opposed to 15%. Cause of death information from death certificates is often inaccurate and incomplete, particularly for conditions such as pneumonia. These factors would act to lower the IFR.
Antibody testing will provide an accurate understanding of how many people have been infected so far, and permit a more accurate estimate of the IFR.

Read the latest (Updated April 3, 2020) full report 
John Hopkins University also carries updated information, go read it here
Notice what keeps coming up again and again? Pre-existing health conditions, and additional comorbidities. I have neighbours who have been induced into a near state of panic. Another person told me she knows of someone so terrified, she has not been out of her home for a couple of weeks. 

The data is becoming clearer every day. Even the "stark" numbers projected by Ontario needs to be unpacked to see the proper picture. We are not dealing with the Black Death. Not even close.