Saturday, 30 November 2019

For want of a blessing...

A few hours ago, I was sent this image. 

It was created after it was observed by many Catholics - including Fr. Z in the States - that Bergoglio had failed to bless his audiences two days in a row. Yesterday and today. I have included the video evidence for the respective days.

Nor is this the only time Bergoglio has failed to bless the Faithful. On March 14th, 2013, the day after his election to the papacy, he also failed to give a blessing to the assembled media.

Whenever Catholics visit the Pope, they have a right to ask for his blessing. He is the pastor of the Faithful flock under his care. He has an obligation to care for their spiritual well-being. This includes an Apostolic Blessing whenever it is asked or expected of him - such as when people are gathered before him.

Now, when non-Catholics visit the Pope, they cannot ask him for a blessing. But charity still obliges the Pope to extend a blessing. For God may use the Apostolic Blessing to enact the necessary grace for a non-Catholic to enter the Church and actively work towards their particular salvation. On behalf of our non-Catholic brothers and sisters, I am insulted they were denied that chance for grace.

After all, charity is the highest law - a law set by God Himself. 

It is entirely appropriate to ask why the Pope did not do the blessing. In more ignorant days, I would have queried as to whether he was ill, if his general health is now failing, or if there was some other circumstance responsible for this. 

Alas, those days are gone. Since then, I have come to certain conclusions about the man in the papal chair - one of them being Bergoglio is an evil man. Yesterday, I would have chalked it up to a mistake. But it is the twice-in-two-days that is raising red flags for me and others. Tomorrow, Sunday, had best not give us any more red flags.

There is much I could opine on the subject - especially about Bergoglio. But I have said too much.

For now, I ask one question and leave to you to answer.

Did Bergoglio not extend the Apostolic Blessing because he is not the Pope?

It is time we start asking hard questions like this.

As for me, I could have gone another day without posting on Bergoglio.

Sunday, 24 November 2019

The failure of the CCCB on Catholic education was years in the making

How could the bishops agree to policy documents to guide religious instruction in Catholic schools when they contain ideas contrary to Catholic teaching? This lack of oversight or even agreement with the documents may help to explain why the Toronto trustees voted recently to include gender identity in the board's revised Code of Conduct. The argument they made was that the bishops had supported the course guidelines developed by ICE because "Equity and Inclusive Education" could be found in the resources. Trustee Maria Rizzo actually put this out in an email. The dissenting trustees are sadly correct about this. Did the bishops actually read these documents? And if so do they agree with them? Why are these religious resource documents using the language of secularism and those of anti-Catholic government? Parents deserve a clear answer.
These policy documents were released in 2016 with the rubber stamp of the CCCB.

Cardinal Collins is not alone in his complicity. This has been brewing for close to 10 years - if not more - by the entire Conference of Catholic Bishops in Canada.

Read more at:

Tuesday, 19 November 2019

Rome's role in the Catholic education crisis currently befalling the Archdiocese of Toronto

We here at Toronto Catholic Witness have been covering the great betrayal enacted by the Archdiocese of Toronto just under a week and a half ago, whereby it inserted itself into the affairs of the TCDSB, and approved of the delusion of gender ideology being written into the Code of Conduct. The delusion of transgenderism is no longer viewed or treated as such. It is now seen as a good instead of as the evil it is

Although I have been reluctant to pin the betrayal on the Cardinal, due to what I perceived to be his good character and manipulation by others, I have recently been given to believe he is not as blameless as I thought. He is responsible for this. In the spirit of charity, all I can permit myself to say at this juncture is that I hope the grace of God leads him to repentance one day. 

However, charity also obliges me to assert that we would not be in this mess had Rome not been acting particularly un-Roman for the last 50 to 60 years. 

It is no secret in the Catholic world that the Second Vatican Council unleashed a torrent of chaos and confusion. The poison that had been leaking into the Church prior to the Council, rather than purified, was given an impetus to spread throughout the Church. 

Throughout the 70s and 80s, the Old Mass was virtually pushed aside into a junk drawer in favour of the New, a Mass designed to "appeal to the most modernistic of Protestants" as famously asserted in The Ottaviani Intervention. Many religious orders did away with their habits, and adopted modern dress. This was especially true with female orders. Timeless prayers and hymns were discouraged, cast off, or retranslated so the needs of modern man could be met. Churches were "wreakovated," with the work of our ancestors disgracefully cast out onto the public streets. It was a terrible time.

It was especially terrible when it came to Catholic education. When the religious clothing habits came off, so too did many of the old habits of education. The teachings of old - teachings of hell, repentance and instruction in virtue that had been distilled to the faithful for centuries - were done away with, from Italy to Britain to America. Instead, new, heretical teachings - such as the cosmological Christ, the Church solely as a social justice institution, and the debasement of grace in favor of nature  - were instilled into innocent hearts and minds. What the Church had built up for close to two thousand years to that point was swept away as if it didn't count. In a way, that's exactly how it was viewed - the older it was, the more useless it was. After all, Catholicism had to become relevant. 

This debasement of Catholic education was felt the world over. It was felt in the Archdiocese of Toronto, unlike what some would have you believe. All you have to do is look around. Paulo De Buono is not an isolated incident. There are other teachers like him - teachers who have bought into the idea that Catholicism is a religion of social justice, where nature superseded grace, amongst other heretical ideas. These ideas were impressed upon them as authentic Catholicism by their school teachers in the 70s onwards, cemented by what they heard from the pulpit on Sunday from their priests. I daresay some of their parents had a role in the dissemination of these "teachings."

The educational crisis in the Archdiocese of Toronto has to be viewed in the global context. It is all connected.

Looking at the examples of Paulo De Buono, Maria Rizzo, and Thomas Cardinal Collins - all teachers in their own way - it is unfortunately a crisis set to continue, with most teachers and parents playing a role. In this macabre game, the souls of the innocent children are the stakes. 

The dissenting teachers still pass on these "Catholic teachings" from their own teachers to the next generation. I know because I have heard it from their mouths as a student myself. 

Parents - either born Catholic or received into the Church as an adult -  brought up in the 60s onwards by and large continue to present these "teachings" as Catholic to their children. I know this because I hear it from the mouth of my mom from time to time, who was born during the Council.

Children who do not learn better later on in life will further this crisis through their own children, presuming they have any. After all, error begets error. 

This is a crisis that could have been avoided had Rome elected to truly begin to act Roman in 1962, when the bishops of the world were called together. Alas, the corruption was too deep, and the Council became the detonator of dissent and heresy. The tragic result is two generations lost to the Faith, with the danger of even more generations to follow.

Unless heroic action is taken, Catholic education will cease to exist

Monday, 18 November 2019

POPE SACHS CHURCH: Vatican Embraces United Nations Goals

Watch all of this.

I would suggest reading Vox Cantoris' latest post in conjunction with the video.

It is all connected.

Sunday, 17 November 2019

How should a Christian respond to Evil?

In the excellent blog, Everyday for Life, Canada we read the following: 
We know that currently Christians face world wide persecution and even death for their belief in Christ. In Canada, the persecution is mostly spiritual. However, there are some Christians that have been arrested and gone to jail for their Christian beliefs. There are now terrible laws and policies that legislatively force Christians to support abortion, transgenderism and euthanasia. Our schools are teaching children gender ideology which is contradictory to the faith: boys can be girls and girls can be boys. Nurture has usurped nature. There is an attack on the Christian family. Any social structure of one or two people or more is equal to a family with a mother and a father and children. The Christian view of humanity and history is opposed and being replaced by one that embraces and celebrates political correctness and identity politics.

Now, how are we to respond to such evils that surround us? Should we respond with rage? Hate? Anger? Should we allow those who are in sin, to draw us into sin through the way we react? 

Or, is there a Christian solution to the spiritual madness (madness that has also invaded the Church)?

Everyday for Life, Canada outlines for us the solution, drawn from the Catholic spiritual life. Go and read it here. 

Tuesday, 12 November 2019

Don Cherry will NEVER be silenced by the neo-fascist elite that control Canada

Don Cherry has been removed from his weekly broadcast of  "Hockey Night in Canada". The Canadian patriot dared speak his mind and call a spade a spade last Saturday night. When Cherry exposed the lamentable lack of respect for Canadian War Veterans, he was excoriated on social media and the hard-left major news media (CBC, CTV and Global) in an extremely well coordinated campaign by Toronto's self-declared and self-serving downtown "elite". Indeed, Cherry had been under attack a couple of weeks earlier, as the rats were already waiting to pounce on the patriot. 

They will fail, and I predict that Cherry will be back with an even more powerful voice. The option was even placed before Grapes that he "apologize" and simp before the virtue-signaling neo-liberal "establishment". Cherry refused to do so. Truth is truth. He is a real man. 

The active campaign by these haters perhaps began nearly three decades ago with the following video clip. ENJOY!!!

Monday, 11 November 2019

Remembrance Day 2019

It’s difficult with the weight of the rifle.
Leave it–under the oak. 
Leave it for a salvage-bloke
let it lie bruised for a monument 
dispense the authenticated fragments to the faithful.

 David Jones, In Parenthesis

Sunday, 10 November 2019

Where is Cardinal Collins?

It may be Sunday, but the betrayal of the Catholic Church into the hands of Her enemies continues apace.

On Friday, the Archdiocese of Toronto unexpectedly intervened into the affairs of the TCDSB Board of Trustees to defend the inclusion of gender ideology into the Code of Conduct with the stipulation of making sure it is interpreted "in a Catholic lens." What that means is anyone's guess.

Barona has likened it to the kiss of Judas Iscariot in the Garden of Olives. I am inclined to agree with him. It is a betrayal, and a large one at that. Children's souls have been placed on the wagering table, and cast aside for the gold of human respect. To think that it was the Archdiocese of Toronto who did such a thing is sickening.

Why was there an intervention now, and such a traitorous intervention at that? It is not for me to speculate at this time.

However, I can speculate on one thing, which I put as the title of this post.

Where is Cardinal Collins?

I am tangentially aware of the fact there was a Cardinal's Dinner this past week. It happens around this time each year. Politicians, clergy, seminarians, and certain lay Catholics of note were there. I judge the dinner to be a waste of time and money, and pandering to the interests of the world. Presumably, however, the Cardinal was there. He's not absent from the Archdiocese. Why hasn't he come forward and addressed this scandal, which has disturbed the peace of many Catholics?

Please know that I have a good amount of respect for you, Your Eminence. I know you were one of the 13 who stood up to the Pope in the Synod of the Family over Amoris Laetitia. I know you are friendly to Tradition, and have not actively worked to quash it like Cardinal Ambrozic did back in the day. I know your name is mud in Rome on account of your stance on these things.

I know you are a good man, a devout, pious man. I know you are working on making sure things are OK for the future when you hand in your notice of resignation next year.

I know that, and I trust those who have told me so. Which is why this lack of action from you puzzles me. Please don't let this incident pass by without comment. We sheep need to hear words of reassurance and support from our shepherd.

We need to know you're in the fight with us. It is scary being in this fight without a leader or support unit.

Where are you, Thomas Cardinal Collins? Please, don't confirm my fears that you have acted like the majority of the Apostles in the Garden, and abandoned Our Lord in His time of need. We lay Catholics need you.

We need you to speak, denouncing this evil for what it is.

Please don't disappoint us.

Friday, 8 November 2019

Bishop Schneider correctly traces roots of Pachamama Affair to the Great Second Vatican Council!

In what Maike Hickson has determined to be a "historical statement" from His Grace, Bishop Athanasius Schneider has vocally identified what many - including myself - have judged to be the origin of the Pachamama Affair that characterized the Amazonian Synod:
“Unfortunately,” Schneider comments, “Pope Francis defends the veneration of these Pachamama idols, in saying there were no idolatrous intentions in using them.” Here, Bishop Schneider objects that “we can only see the exterior acts,” not the “hearts of the people.” And these acts “were clearly acts of religious cult – bowing, revering, and even prayers towards a wooden statue” which is, “even the Pope said it, it is Pachamama.” And this is, according to Schneider, a “concept of a kind of a goddess” in the “entire culture of the indigenous South American people.”
The evil, Bishop Schneider explains, “wants to reach always its culmination.” The evil is to deny that there is “one truth,” he explains; and  relativism is therefore “like a virus.” “When you don't resist it, it will by time conquer the entire body,” Schneider explains more and then refers back to the Second Vatican Council. This “doctrinal relativism, doctrinal ambiguity” he states, can already be found “partly in some expressions of the Second Vatican Council.”
You can read the full article here.

In the interest of giving all the benefit of the citation, we are also including the interview betweem Michael Matt and His Grace, which is where these particular sentiments were shared.

May His Grace continue to be the shining beacon we Faithful Catholics so ardently pine for.

Wednesday, 6 November 2019

Roma has entered a state of apostasy. Why are Catholics continuing with the same old nonsense?

The last few weeks has been a watershed moment for many Catholics worldwide. 

From October 4th onward, Roma has entered a state of open apostasy. Idols were openly venerated, worshipped, and prostrated to in the Vatican Gardens as opposed to Christ. The same idols - minus a certain male figurine - were brought into St. Peter's Basilica (either in statue or pot form) and a couple other places, with the same actions done there. All of this was done while heretical statement after heretical statement was issued forth from the intellectuals gathered at the Amazon Synod. 

To add insult to injury, this was all enacted under the condoning gaze of Bergoglio, whose obstinate silence in the sight of open breaking of the First Commandment was a form of approval. It did not escape many that the "tree-planting ceremony" took place on the feast of St. Francis of Assisi, the name Bergoglio took after he was elected on March 13th, 2013. It was also quickly noted that the closing Mass of the Synod - which featured a certain pot of Mother Earth, the same idol present throughout the Synod - took place on the traditional feast of Christ the King. Once again, open defiance of Christ and His Kingship.

There is no other way to say it. For Bergoglio to openly gaslight the lay Faithful by committing idolatry under another guise is incontrovertible evidence he is an evil man. 

Let me say it again. Bergoglio is an evil man. We have an evil man sitting on the Papal Chair.

It is truly awful to consider that in our lifetimes we have an evil man who has led the Holy of Holies - the Vatican - into a state of apostasy. 

This is becoming plainly obvious to a growing number of Catholics. Even my best friend who does not go to the TLM has admitted to me that something is seriously wrong in the Vatican, and has noted that it is trickling down to the Church in Poland.

Roma is in a state of apostasy. We are under the auspices of pagans, unbelieving men, evil men. Men who will not stop until the Church of Christ has become the Church of Man.

Yet, Catholics are carrying on as though Roma isn't in a state of apostasy. They are continuing with the same old nonsense. While I understand that many people are possibly ignoring the apostasy in order to keep their spiritual lives intact, I have to wonder if that's really the case. 

In the past week alone, I have seen supposedly "traditional" Catholics talk about Christmas music, Christmas shopping, harp on about Jews being the Christ-killers, the "existence" of Neo-Trads, and a host of other meaningless topics diverting attention away from the really serious problems in Roma and Catholicism worldwide. Openly. With no sense of shame.

Look, I get it that we can't focus on this 24/7. We'd go insane if we did. 

But this is not the way to go about it. As I wrote some time ago, sometimes it is better for us to keep our mouths shut instead of opening it. We don't always feel better after we speak what we're thinking or planning to do with our time. It can also make us look really foolish.

So, Catholics, enough with the same old nonsense. We need to smarten up. Roll up your sleeves and get on with improving ourselves, our families, and making a home for Catholicism on Earth in the coming years in your own homes.

For these little homes may serve as the only remaining vestiges of the Church of Christ on Earth in the years to come, similar to priest holes in England.

Tuesday, 5 November 2019

Bonfire Night, Pachamama and Hatred for the Catholic Church

The hellish flames of those who despise Christ and His Church 

"Remember, remember the fifth of November", is the old protestant cry, raging against Christ and His Church. But this hatred predated our poor, deluded protestants by 1500 plus years. The Catholic Church has been hated from Her foundation, She was hated by the Scribes and Pharisees when the Church was founded on Mount Calvary. She was hated as the Apostles spread the Gospel in Jerusalem, and then outwards into the ancient world. Whether it be the Roman Empire or in India, the Apostles (with the sole exception of St. John, who did not betray Our Lord but returned to the foot of the Cross) suffered martyrdom. This hatred is alive and well this very day, though it is not considered "polite" by Catholics to suggest that Jesus is hated and has enemies. 

The Sacred Scriptures are explicit: he who denies that Jesus Christ has come in the Flesh is of the Antichrist. This means that, objectively, every man and woman who does not recognize that Jesus Christ is the Son of God is in grave spiritual disorder. It tragically means, whether they mean to or not, they are serving Lucifer. Not to bow the head and bend the knee at the Name of "Jesus" is blasphemy. Lest we become proud, those of us who profess Jesus as the Messiah, let us prove it in not only our words, but in our deeds. Otherwise, we re-crucify Him in whom we profess as God. Our sin then, is even greater than that of the Mohommedan, the Jew, the Buddhist, and so on. 

Could this be symbolic of a parade of modern bishops?
Our response to those who do not believe is to show them why they should believe. The first step for us, is to live holy lives. Of course, in recent decades the Catholic Church has suffered horrendous mutilation by the very men who should be living outstanding holy lives, and preaching the Gospel. Firstly in act, and then in word. The Catholic Church has suffered, and is suffering a frightful humiliation and degradation by the Pope and many, many bishops and priests. It is indeed very difficult to evangelize amongst those who live in spiritual darkness, when so many of the leaders of the Church live lives infinitely more sinful than those dear people who have yet to believe in Jesus Christ. 

One of the gravest errors these churchmen committed, as I see it, is the profession of religious liberty, which leads directly to a false ecumenism. Once all religions are made "equal", truth does not matter, and religion can be dismissed as private, if not an "opinion". What we end up with, is the "equality" of a mass of contradictions. The "equality" of truth and error. Religion (including the one, true religion, which is de facto mocked when equated to falsehood) is dismissed from public life. In such an atmosphere of religious indifferentism, the Catholic Faith is stifled. It is in such an atmosphere that Pachamama can make her "appearance". Let me be blunt: the primitive in the dark jungle who has never heard the name of Jesus Christ, but tries to keep the natural law, is closer to God than the churchman who desiring to pander to the spirit of the world turns a blind eye, or even encourages totemistic, pagan religions. His sin is far, far greater than the man who lives in ignorance. 

Hatred of the Papacy is a sure sign of the demonic

The "Pachamama" scandal did not emerge from out of nowhere. For decades Popes have been flirting with, pandering to false religions. But not only Popes, but bishops, priests and laity. When was the last you heard a priest speak publicly about the one, true religion? Or the Pope!? The horrendous outrages in the Vatican Gardens, in the churches of Rome, had their origins in papal pandering to false religions. 

The Popes who hid their crucifixes and did NOT speak about Jesus Christ in synagogues - they had the "spirit of Pachamama". The Popes who pandered to protestant sects, WITHOUT recalling the separated brethren to the Church, they had the "spirit of Pachamama". The Popes who went down to the United Nations, either themselves or through their emissaries, and REFUSED to mention the Holy Name of Jesus before that counterfeit counter-church to secular humanism, they had the "spirit of Pachamama". 

Evil bishops damage the Church infinitely more than deluded protestants

Perhaps we Catholics can bear some responsibility for the outrages over the past two weeks in Rome. After all, where were we when the Popes pandered to other false religions, where were we when the terrible outrages happened in Assisi? Where were we when Popes and bishops hid (and continue to hide) their pectoral crosses (committing objective blasphemy)? The Pachamama Outrage should cause us to reflect on Catholic silence when other equally, if not even worse outrages were committed against Jesus Christ by the very men who are to preach the Gospel. 

Like the Jewish "popes" Annas and Caiphas, who proclaimed "NO" to Jesus Christ, the modern day Popes proclaim "no popery" through their refusal to preach Christ Crucified to the world. Once you open the door a crack to false religion, it is only a matter of time before it is kicked wide open.