Sunday 17 November 2019

How should a Christian respond to Evil?

In the excellent blog, Everyday for Life, Canada we read the following: 
We know that currently Christians face world wide persecution and even death for their belief in Christ. In Canada, the persecution is mostly spiritual. However, there are some Christians that have been arrested and gone to jail for their Christian beliefs. There are now terrible laws and policies that legislatively force Christians to support abortion, transgenderism and euthanasia. Our schools are teaching children gender ideology which is contradictory to the faith: boys can be girls and girls can be boys. Nurture has usurped nature. There is an attack on the Christian family. Any social structure of one or two people or more is equal to a family with a mother and a father and children. The Christian view of humanity and history is opposed and being replaced by one that embraces and celebrates political correctness and identity politics.

Now, how are we to respond to such evils that surround us? Should we respond with rage? Hate? Anger? Should we allow those who are in sin, to draw us into sin through the way we react? 

Or, is there a Christian solution to the spiritual madness (madness that has also invaded the Church)?

Everyday for Life, Canada outlines for us the solution, drawn from the Catholic spiritual life. Go and read it here. 

Tuesday 12 November 2019

Don Cherry will NEVER be silenced by the neo-fascist elite that control Canada

Don Cherry has been removed from his weekly broadcast of  "Hockey Night in Canada". The Canadian patriot dared speak his mind and call a spade a spade last Saturday night. When Cherry exposed the lamentable lack of respect for Canadian War Veterans, he was excoriated on social media and the hard-left major news media (CBC, CTV and Global) in an extremely well coordinated campaign by Toronto's self-declared and self-serving downtown "elite". Indeed, Cherry had been under attack a couple of weeks earlier, as the rats were already waiting to pounce on the patriot. 

They will fail, and I predict that Cherry will be back with an even more powerful voice. The option was even placed before Grapes that he "apologize" and simp before the virtue-signaling neo-liberal "establishment". Cherry refused to do so. Truth is truth. He is a real man. 

The active campaign by these haters perhaps began nearly three decades ago with the following video clip. ENJOY!!!

Monday 11 November 2019

Remembrance Day 2019

It’s difficult with the weight of the rifle.
Leave it–under the oak. 
Leave it for a salvage-bloke
let it lie bruised for a monument 
dispense the authenticated fragments to the faithful.

 David Jones, In Parenthesis

Tuesday 5 November 2019

Bonfire Night, Pachamama and Hatred for the Catholic Church

The hellish flames of those who despise Christ and His Church 

"Remember, remember the fifth of November", is the old protestant cry, raging against Christ and His Church. But this hatred predated our poor, deluded protestants by 1500 plus years. The Catholic Church has been hated from Her foundation, She was hated by the Scribes and Pharisees when the Church was founded on Mount Calvary. She was hated as the Apostles spread the Gospel in Jerusalem, and then outwards into the ancient world. Whether it be the Roman Empire or in India, the Apostles (with the sole exception of St. John, who did not betray Our Lord but returned to the foot of the Cross) suffered martyrdom. This hatred is alive and well this very day, though it is not considered "polite" by Catholics to suggest that Jesus is hated and has enemies. 

The Sacred Scriptures are explicit: he who denies that Jesus Christ has come in the Flesh is of the Antichrist. This means that, objectively, every man and woman who does not recognize that Jesus Christ is the Son of God is in grave spiritual disorder. It tragically means, whether they mean to or not, they are serving Lucifer. Not to bow the head and bend the knee at the Name of "Jesus" is blasphemy. Lest we become proud, those of us who profess Jesus as the Messiah, let us prove it in not only our words, but in our deeds. Otherwise, we re-crucify Him in whom we profess as God. Our sin then, is even greater than that of the Mohommedan, the Jew, the Buddhist, and so on. 

Could this be symbolic of a parade of modern bishops?
Our response to those who do not believe is to show them why they should believe. The first step for us, is to live holy lives. Of course, in recent decades the Catholic Church has suffered horrendous mutilation by the very men who should be living outstanding holy lives, and preaching the Gospel. Firstly in act, and then in word. The Catholic Church has suffered, and is suffering a frightful humiliation and degradation by the Pope and many, many bishops and priests. It is indeed very difficult to evangelize amongst those who live in spiritual darkness, when so many of the leaders of the Church live lives infinitely more sinful than those dear people who have yet to believe in Jesus Christ. 

One of the gravest errors these churchmen committed, as I see it, is the profession of religious liberty, which leads directly to a false ecumenism. Once all religions are made "equal", truth does not matter, and religion can be dismissed as private, if not an "opinion". What we end up with, is the "equality" of a mass of contradictions. The "equality" of truth and error. Religion (including the one, true religion, which is de facto mocked when equated to falsehood) is dismissed from public life. In such an atmosphere of religious indifferentism, the Catholic Faith is stifled. It is in such an atmosphere that Pachamama can make her "appearance". Let me be blunt: the primitive in the dark jungle who has never heard the name of Jesus Christ, but tries to keep the natural law, is closer to God than the churchman who desiring to pander to the spirit of the world turns a blind eye, or even encourages totemistic, pagan religions. His sin is far, far greater than the man who lives in ignorance. 

Hatred of the Papacy is a sure sign of the demonic

The "Pachamama" scandal did not emerge from out of nowhere. For decades Popes have been flirting with, pandering to false religions. But not only Popes, but bishops, priests and laity. When was the last you heard a priest speak publicly about the one, true religion? Or the Pope!? The horrendous outrages in the Vatican Gardens, in the churches of Rome, had their origins in papal pandering to false religions. 

The Popes who hid their crucifixes and did NOT speak about Jesus Christ in synagogues - they had the "spirit of Pachamama". The Popes who pandered to protestant sects, WITHOUT recalling the separated brethren to the Church, they had the "spirit of Pachamama". The Popes who went down to the United Nations, either themselves or through their emissaries, and REFUSED to mention the Holy Name of Jesus before that counterfeit counter-church to secular humanism, they had the "spirit of Pachamama". 

Evil bishops damage the Church infinitely more than deluded protestants

Perhaps we Catholics can bear some responsibility for the outrages over the past two weeks in Rome. After all, where were we when the Popes pandered to other false religions, where were we when the terrible outrages happened in Assisi? Where were we when Popes and bishops hid (and continue to hide) their pectoral crosses (committing objective blasphemy)? The Pachamama Outrage should cause us to reflect on Catholic silence when other equally, if not even worse outrages were committed against Jesus Christ by the very men who are to preach the Gospel. 

Like the Jewish "popes" Annas and Caiphas, who proclaimed "NO" to Jesus Christ, the modern day Popes proclaim "no popery" through their refusal to preach Christ Crucified to the world. Once you open the door a crack to false religion, it is only a matter of time before it is kicked wide open.