Thursday 31 December 2015

2015: Thank-you dear friends and readers ~ what a year we have had!

2015 has impressed upon me the power of the Catholic blog. A great friend of this blog has told me on several occasions; I paraphrase: it is not only how many who read you, but who reads you. Very true.

Toronto Catholic Witness is now reaching an international audience; not only in America, but also readers in Germany, Britain, and - very importantly - in Italy and inside the Holy See itself.  Though numbers are not everything, to attain nearly a quarter of a million readers in the last few months of the year shows that even a relatively small blog, such as this, dwarfs the reach of "official" diocesan Catholic media. The "official" Catholic media Establishment has become irrelevant from every perspective. It is a horse and buggy in the age of Formula One. From, for example,  the Catholic Register to Salt and Light, these cumbersome, expensive outfits have sunken into obscurity accompanied by the cheers of truly liberated Catholics. In Canada, the most prominent Catholic voice - Vox in Latin - is the outstanding blog, Vox Cantoris.

"Official" Catholic media no longer control information flow to
ordinary Catholics, starved for the Truth 
With the liberation that technology has provided, losing control over Catholics in the pew, the "official" Catholic media have become afraid of Catholic bloggers, even sliding into panic.  Fallen into an elephant trap of their own doing  - blinded by pride and arrogance - they soldier on uselessly promoting the latest fads and foolishness (not to mention neo-Modernism) desperate to try to seize the narrative back. But Catholics, awakening to the fact that something is terribly wrong in the Church, will no longer follow this false narrative that all is good, that Vatican II was the best thing since sliced bread, that we are undergoing a religious revival, that ecumenism is a wonderful thing, that Jews do not need to be evangelized, that the Pope is an automaton in the hands of God with every word uttered directly imbued into his mouth by the Holy Spirit etc., etc. With the advance of technology truly the pen is mightier than money.  

That lesson was learned by a prominent priest who threatened to sue a Catholic blogger earlier this year. Prominent priests - and for that matter prominent members of the hierarchy (many, sadly, heresiarchs) are having to learn to live with the new media, the new reality of the Catholic blog. Gone are the days of carefully managed and manipulated "official" Catholic newspapers, magazines and journals - funded by wealthy go-along-to-get-along Catholics - or the widows' mite; so skillfully extracted from well-meaning souls. Lightening quick, interconnected, efficient, not beholden to dark secrets or money - the blogger provides a service that people have prayed for for years. The pen is now the sword of truth! 

Delusions before the Masonic UN
This blog will continue to do what we are doing. No compromise. No fifties Catholicism or Sunday Catholicism here. This blog refuses to "go along to get along". We will continue to hold up great examples of holiness and heroism, and we will continue to expose and denounce treachery, heresy and compromise. We should be aware that the greatest danger does not come from heresy, but from weak, compromising, cowardly, tepid, "church of Sardis" Catholicism. Pius IX spoke of the terrible danger of liberal Catholicism. The greatest danger to Our Lord was not the High Priest or the Pharisees; it was the betrayal of Judas. So too, in our day, it is the Judas priest who is the greatest danger.

Seductive compromise has been re-packaged by Satan to tempt people to believe they are doing good "when they are only being passive", leading to a "silent acquiescence to evil" (so wrote Bishop Fulton Sheen). We see this, for example,  in the massive failure of the pro-life movement, which has in many ways failed because it has refused to be a Gospel of Life movement. 

Abortion is up, contraception is up, fornication is up, euthanasia is on the march, homosexuality, pornography and sexual perversions are accepted and promoted. Most "Catholics" not only support contraception, but the abomination of gay "marriage". Where is the resistance to these issues of our time? No resistance, silent acquiescence to evil; this has become the decision of so many. Silence and passivity in the face of evil. It is the height of naivete to believe that "they" will leave us alone if "we" go into the proverbial closet. No, evil will hunt us down, and exterminate us. Evil fills the vacuum. 

Courageous" pro-abortion, euthanasia, sodomy 
Justin Trudeau (R) with practicing 
homosexual Scott Brison, his lover and "children" 
The most recent example is opposition to euthanasia. Starting from the Bishops of Canada and rotting from the head down, there has been no real opposition. A limp-wristed letter shot off to the government is supposed to cleanse the Bishops' moral obligation to actively lead opposition to this monstrous evil. Catholics are given the soft-shoe shuffle by the bishops into believing that they have done their duty, filed a protest and that we can all go back to  a feel-good worship service of one hour per week at the "eucharistic picnic" with the ubiquitous "Howdy folks, I'm Fr. Joe, put your money in the collection plate...". But active opposition could lead to loosing tax exemptions, fines, jail: now that would not be nice! That would mean making a real stand! Intolerable! Thus, Catholics have meekly accepted their new place in the house, the closet. The next place is the dog house, after that...the outhouse.

This blog will not be going into the closet! This blog will not compromise with evil. This blog refuses to genuflect before the false idol of compromise. 

A blessed New Year to all!

Please keep especially in your prayers, Mary Wagner and Linda Gibbons who are fighting without compromise the ever growing culture of death. Finally, please pray for me. God bless you all, Our Lady keep you. 

Tuesday 29 December 2015

BREAKING NEWS: Mary Wagner's trial is set for March 10th, 2016 at Old City Hall in Toronto

Photo: Lianne Laurence/Lifesitenews
Mary Wagner, our dear sister in Christ, appeared in Court today at Old City Hall. Shortly after 9:30 a.m., Mary made the first of several appearances on a day which constituted an administrative nightmare. Courtrooms were switched after it was discovered that bail had been dealt with on an earlier occasion. 

After a recess, the papers to sign for a trial were brought in, however Mary was not present. She was recalled to the courtroom where they were signed in her presence. Mary spoke with Duty Counsel and stressed she was representing herself. A trial was set for a day and a half; the first day, March 10th at 10 a.m., in Room M2. A second half day (if necessary) was assigned for March 16th in courtroom M1.

Photo: Lianne Laurence/Lifesitenews
Four witnesses will be called, two "patients" of the abortion facility, and two probation officers. A possible 5th witness may be called. The Crown will ask for a 6 month sentence if Mary pleads, 9 months if she does not. On the 10th, Mary will make a statement to the Court, and then she will remain silent, in solidarity with the Unborn who have no voice. 

Please keep Mary and Linda in your prayers. When you consider that drug dealers, violent individuals, child molesters etc. are receiving sentences under 30 days, you realize that these are vicious political show trials that are meant to suppress any opposition to the culture of death. 

Monday 28 December 2015

The Canadian Federation of Catholic Physicians: when will they truly stand up against euthanasia and stop compromising with evil?

"We must obey God, rather than men" (Acts 5:29)

I thank Mary Wagner for drawing my attention to the unacceptable and cowardly compromise of what is termed "The Proposal" at a website site called Moral Convictions. Just prior to her arrest Mary informed me about this website, its inadmissible position and fainthearted sellout on euthanasia.

This "Proposal" is a "project" of the Christian Medical and Dental Society, with the "support" of the Canadian Federation of Catholic Physicians (CFCP) and Canadian Physicians for Life. The "Proposal" that physicians are being encouraged to support, contains the following very disturbing argumentation which Mary and I contend is material cooperation with evil: 

 "If the patient still requests assisted death, the physician provides complete information to the patient about the medical options available to them. This would include information about all legal options. 

...if a patient chooses to pursue assisted death, the physician would advise that they or their representative could access the third party directly through mechanisms set up by the Department of Health and widely available to the public (e.g. phone number, website etc.).

Readers will easily see that though deluding themselves into believing there is no assistance in euthanasia, the fact is, the "Proposal" is material assistance for the facilitation of intrinsic evil; it is facilitation and cooperation, all the while denying it. At the basis of this faulty reasoning is an ethical relativism that allows for autonomy of the person for intrinsic evil with the physician accepting de facto the complete freedom of choice of the person for evil, as decreed by the State which has set a false maximum freedom and autonomy of the person over and above objective moral norms as discovered in Natural Law and revealed through Revelation. 

 "...the eternal law of God is the sole standard and rule of human liberty, not only in each individual man, but also in the community and civil society which men constitute when united". Leo XIII, Libertas

The Catholic Centre Party sold out to the Nazis
by supporting the Enabling Act 
What we have is the physician being split from the Christian and the Citizen leading to compromise with evil. Without realizing it, these physicians are following not so much Our Lord and His Church but the ever decaying philosophies of men like, Locke, Kant, Fitche and Hegel. History has not been kind with those who knew the truth but buried it in the ground. Mgr. Kaas and the Centre Party is the classic warning to us of what happens when you compromise with evil. 

It is tragic, but completely  predictable, that the CFCP would be promoting a position that argues two and two is four, yet two and two is also five. Catholics have ceased to believe in truth. Or, they may believe in truth, but not strongly enough to act on it - which, in practice, means a useless, hypocritical nominal belief. Faith without good works is dead. Sometimes the truth means no longer drawing a very large physician's salary. Yes, it may mean persecution. Bishop Gregory Bittman of Edmonton is the Episcopal "advisor" of the CFCP. Is he aware of their support of the morally unacceptable "Proposal"? 

Euthanasia will not be defeated with advising a patient about medical options that are intrinsically evil, or advising them to access it via a third party that is widely available to the public (is this preposterous statement supposed to excuse the Christian physician's material cooperation with intrinsic evil?) and pretending one's hands are not stained in blood? 

What physicians are called to do is make a stand like Linda Gibbons and Mary Wagner. This compromise with evil will only enable the culture of death. Evil does not back down in the face of cowardly, half-hearted measures; it advances, consumes and destroys. 

Let us review the teaching of St.Pope John Paul II from Evangelium Vitae on cooperation in evil acts.

Christians, like all people of good will, are called upon under grave obligation of conscience not to cooperate formally in practices which, even if permitted by civil legislation, are contrary to God's law. Indeed, from the moral standpoint, it is never licit to cooperate formally in evil. Such cooperation occurs when an action, either by its very nature or by the form it takes in a concrete situation, can be defined as a direct participation in an act against innocent human life or a sharing in the immoral intention of the person committing it. This cooperation can never be justified either by invoking respect for the freedom of others or by appealing to the fact that civil law permits it or requires it. Each individual in fact has moral responsibility for the acts which he personally performs; no one can be exempted from this responsibility, and on the basis of it everyone will be judged by God himself (cf. Rom 2:6; 14:12).

Sunday 27 December 2015

Mary Wagner: "I was in prison and you visited me"

I am republishing this beautiful letter on the Feast of St. John the Evangelist from Mary Wagner. With the ladies in Vanier under extensive lock down over the past few weeks, due to work to rule with an imminent strike pending, this letter is even more relevant than ever. I was blessed to visit Mary and Linda last Sunday, December 20th, as well as two other sisters on Christmas Day. Dear friends, these gentle Catholic ladies need our love and prayers. As Catholics, as Christians we are obligated before Our Lord to remember those in prison and to be there for them and to serve them. These ladies are our sisters in Christ and we should pray for the joyous day that we will be with them in Heaven. 

Last winter, while in jail, I heard from a friend, a priest in Poland, that there was the possibility of a visit to Vanier by a priest who was on pilgrimage with a replica of an icon of Our Lady of Czestochowa, or, “the Black Madonna”. Father Peter West, of H.L.I., had begun the pilgrimage two years earlier and was making his way around the world for the intentions of Life and Family. Though Father West had received the request to visit Vanier on short notice, he was able to find the time to come and say Mass – on the eve of the Annunciation!

The authorities at Vanier accommodated the unusual request of the icon visit and facilitated arrangements for Mass in the chapel. Twelve inmates were permitted to be invited and staff were also invited. About 20 employees came, mostly medical staff.

I knew all the inmates who had been invited, and I also knew that at least eight of them were post-abortive. The Mass was not announced in advance and when the women were invited, they knew nothing except they had been invited to go to the chapel for Mass. Twelve women were invited and ten accepted.

Father West gave us a history of the icon and he also explained how the “Black Madonna” had become a symbol of hope for post-abortive women: throughout history, attempts had been made to destroy the icon – hence the scars or slashes on her face – yet the icon remains intact, though evidently scarred.

Father spoke of God’s boundless love for each person from the moment of conception and of the grave harm of abortion and of the need for God’s mercy and forgiveness if one has been involved in an abortion. He spoke the truth in love to women – mothers – whose children had been killed in the womb. I saw tears in the eyes of the women, but I knew they were tears of healing. Someone was speaking the truth in love to their hearts, to a place that so desperately needed to be reached with God’s message of mercy.

After the Mass, we were invited to pray the first joyful mystery and to remain for a time to venerate the icon. We were then escorted back to the cell blocks, tangibly touched, renewed, by the graces we had received.

That evening two of the women who had come to Mass put in requests to see a priest for confession. One of them told me it had been many years since she had received the sacrament of Reconciliation, and that the invitation to Mass had given her hope.

The following day, the chaplain of the jail told me that several of the staff remained before the icon for a long time, touched that Our Lady had manifested her love in such a way, or perhaps simply moved by something they could not understand or put into words.

One of the officers who had escorted us thanked me for what had taken place the day before. (Glory to God)!

Thanks be to God for the Mass for the icon visit, for Father West and for all God is doing and giving within those prison walls, for both inmates and staff.

“And from his fullness we have all received, and grace upon grace” (John 1:16).

Mary Wagner, December 2014

This letter is published with the  most kind and gracious permission of  Mary and Jane Wagner.

Copyright Mary Wagner, 2014. 

Bishop Douglas Crosby and the CCCB: Irrelevant and incompetent Modernists

It has been four days since the Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops (CCCB) has uploaded a video by Bishop Crosby of Hamilton with his "Christmas Message". No one is watching. The CCCB,  as a social media for evangelization is irrelevant. Promotion on the equally irrelevant and failed Salt and Light TV has not helped. As of this morning, Crosby has had 350 some odd views. Crosby drones on for about three and one-half minutes before he finally mentions Our Lord Jesus Christ. But who will wait for three plus minutes? Why is Our Lord buried at the back? Why are they so ashamed of Him? Christmas is about the Word made Flesh; the only Name under Heaven by which we are saved. 

But this is Crosby, the man whose Diocese runs a near non-existent prison ministry all the while droning on about how "goodness abounds". If it does, there are many who are not privy to this "goodness".  

But no "heart to heart" with the long-suffering Catholics of the diocese:
 the poor, the prisoner, the abandoned.... 

Wednesday 23 December 2015

The Holy See Mission at the UN preaches a false, anti-gospel born in the Synagogue of Satan

Heresiarch and crypto-pharisee, William Murphy
Believers in Our Lord Jesus Christ were horrified with the heretical document produced by the Roman Authorities the other week which claimed that the saving Grace of Our Lord Jesus Christ need not apply to His own nation. This horrible anti-semitism continues unabated at the Holy See's UN Mission. Crypto-Pharisee, Bishop William Murphy, a heresiarch who playing a role in drafting the heretical document also proclaimed the following:

 "I will not give you an extensive history of the discussions except to note that, from the outset, prominent Jewish thinkers such as Jules Isaac and Jewish groups such as B’nai B’rith were active in supporting the idea of a declaration De Judaeis".

What this heresiarch does not mention is that Jules Isaac was a Pharisee and that B'nai B'rith is a Masonic Lodge. Even worse, far, far worse: not ONCE did this crypto-pharisee and heresiarch utter the words: Jesus Christ. Such, dear readers is the depth of the apostasy that is upon us. 

Where are we headed in all of this? Who is responsible? Archbishop and Heresiarch, Bernadito Auza explains it to us: 

I’d like to finish my introduction by alluding to the type of interreligious dialogue inspired byNostra Aetate in which Pope Francis has been engaging now for many years. One of the beautiful fruits of the last half century has been the development of friendships like the one first Father, then Bishop, the Archbishop, then Cardinal Jorge Bergoglio developed in Buenos Aires with Rabbi Abraham Skorka, a bond that has now in some sense been universalized in Bergoglio’s election to the papacy.

Readers should note, that according to crypto-pharisee Auza, Skorka is an adherent to the Talmud; of which the revered and distinguished convert, ex-Rabbi Drach said: "the Mishnah is like wine, the Torah like water". Do not be fooled dear readers, the Synagogue is not the religion of Moses, but a perversion of the Holy Prophets. 

I, for one, will not be following these heresiarchs - even if they include a Pope - into a false crypto-Phariseeism, claiming that there is some polyvalent form of salvation. Our Lord fulfilled the prophecies; Judaism is now a counterfeit currency and not accepted by God. Let those who have eyes and ears read and study Sacred Scriptures and the Fathers. Let them read and study the New Testament that was written by Jews. 

Behold, I will bring of the synagogue of Satan, who say they are Jews, and are not, but do lie. Behold, I will make them to come and adore before thy feet. And they shall know that I have loved thee. (St. John. Revelation 3:9)

Tuesday 22 December 2015

Don't be fooled: abortion rates are actually up!

I've been recently perusing a number of pro-life Twitter feeds, and they are all a twitter with claims of "abortion rates are down" etc. But the fact is, abortion rates are the same as ever, if not up. Michael Voris talks about the "unseen" abortion.... Babies are killed not just with machines, but with chemicals. Yes, surgical abortions have declined, but the slack has been taken up by poisonous pills.  As Michael says: "we are doing something wrong". 

Readers of this blog will know that Mary and Linda are doing something right! 

Help a young man become a priest! Give the gift of a priest to the Church this Christmas!

Priests are the lifeblood of the Church. Good priests are especially needed these days. Can you consider helping a young man complete his studies and become a priest of Jesus Christ? Please consider a donation as a Christmas gift to Our Lord.

Further details may be read at Vox Cantoris

Friends, with two donations this morning of $3,200.00 we are nearing our goal of $10,000 but still short by $3675

Could you spare $10, $20 or $50 or $100 to help us fund this man's seminary education for the rest of this year?

The end of the year is coming and your tax receipt is waiting. Thank you and God bless you. Vox

A few months ago, the readers of this blog raised over $8000.00 to build a house for a Deacon's impoverished parents in India. He will be ordained to the priesthood on December 30 for the Syro-Malabar Catholic Church in India. 

I am writing this post with another appeal for  AbbĂ© Joseph Heppelle, a seminarian from the Archdiocese of Toronto studying at the Seminary of St. Philip Neri in Gricigliano, Tuscany, Italy. This is the main seminary of the Institute of Christ the King, Sovereign Priest.... 

Thursday 17 December 2015

Beethoven: on this day in 1770, the greatest composer the world has ever known entered the Church

Ludwig van Beethoven certainly is one of the greatest composers who has ever lived. I would argue he is the greatest of the greats. Music as we know it traces itself to this extraordinary man. Not only a great composer, Beethoven was a truly noble soul. He was simply: a great man. A man of character, vision, strength, rebelliousness. He was a giant. 

On this, the day that the infant Ludwig entered the Church through Baptism, please say a prayer for the repose of his soul. 


BREAKING NEWS: Mary Wagner to appear in Old City Hall Court December 23rd

This morning, at the College Park Courts, via video link, Mary Wagner appeared before the Justice of the Peace. The hearing commenced at 9:05, and lasted no more than five minutes. 

The Crown stated that given Mary was arrested by Division 11, the jurisdiction for her case is Old City Hall Courts. Hence, a hearing will be held there, in Room 111, on December 23rd, at 2 p.m. 

Questioned by the Justice of the Peace on whether she was seeking counsel, Mary replied: "I am not seeking counsel, I'm representing myself". Mary also refused to sign any court order regarding bail: "I'm not prepared to sign any order".

January 2nd, 2016, was also mentioned as a possible date for police disclosure, however that may change based on whether any disclosure will happen on the 23rd, and if even a trial date will be set on the 23rd. 

Mary, being arrested on December 12th, join Linda Gibbons, who was arrested September 2nd. Linda's trial is set for January 16th, at the College Park Courts. 

"Christian" America gets set to murder hospital patient, Chris Dunn

An American rightly wrote to this blog how she was scandalized about the evil in Canada; the jailing of Linda Gibbons and Mary Wagner for opposing the horror of abortion. Sadly, in our post-Christian world, there is more than enough evil to go around. Vox Cantoris brings to our attention the Nazi-style planned killing of Chris Dunn. America may yet still have Christians, but let us get one thing straight: America is NOT a Christian country, Perhaps never was, given She was founded on false principles, not on Our Lord Jesus Christ.  

Monday 14 December 2015

BREAKING NEWS: Mary Wagner charged with violation of probation and mischief.

This morning Mary Wagner appeared in Rm 507 at the College Park Courts before a Justice of the Peace. The charges were: two violations of probation and mischief under $5000. The Crown offered the option of a surety, but Mary refused. Likewise Mary refused Legal Aid. She only spoke privately when conveying her wishes regarding these issues. 

Mary will appear in court again this coming Thursday morning at the College Park Courts in Rm 505 at 9 a,m. via video link from the Vanier Centre for Women. Bail and possible setting of a trial date may be discussed. 

This is not some minor issue. This is the issue of our time. History will judge accordingly. History will show that less banquets, less foolish political attacks, but more real, true Gospel of Life action - from the clergy on downwards would have nipped the culture of death movement in the bud. Far, far, far too many Catholics and other Christians had already compromised with the world, the flesh and the devil. The result is there to see. 

We see the sellout over abortion when we survey the continual collaboration between religious orders, cardinals, bishops, priests with known evil doers. We saw this during 1930s Nazi Germany. Do Catholics ever think about the actions of Msgr. Kaas? The sellout on abortion (just as they sold out on contraception and divorce) over the past 50 years has seen a further sellout over homosexuality. Once the sellout to abortion took place, it was natural that the sellout to homosexuality would take place. We have seen how silent the Holy See is on the issue of abortion. History too will judge. 

But far and above history, the God of history will judge: it will not be pleasant. God will call out each and every malefactor in the clergy who has but given token opposition to abortion. The question is: not why Linda and Mary are behind bars: but why "professional" pro-lifers are not there? The question is: where are the priests? Why have Linda and Mary not been invited on Salt and Light TV - whose head office is here in Toronto - to promote the Gospel of Life? Catholic priests need to show that militant abortion supporters are not welcome. Does one think that Nero or Caligula would be welcome in the company of the Apostles Peter and Paul and the saints, without repentance? We have all seen scandalous photographs of leading churchmen with political death peddlers. Would the Martyrs of Ancient Rome be sitting down for a banquet and frivolities with the murders of the virgin martyrs? 

Planned Parenthood donor, Katie Couric, 
posing with the promienent Matt Malone SJ 

Katie Couric posing at Salt and Light. IT was "an honout & privilege..."

Please keep her and Linda Gibbons, who has been dwelling in Vanier since September 2nd - awaiting trail on January 13th. 

Sunday 13 December 2015

An American speaks: "I am appalled at what Canada is doing" to Mary Wagner and Linda Gibbons

I usually do not publish as a post a comment from the combox. But I believe this one needs to be heard. Certainly, the United States of America has her problems, deep and profound, but NOTHING like what is going on in this country. Part of this terrible malaise is due to the horrible betrayal of the pro-life movement by the hierarchy; a modern manifestation of the "church of Sardis" warned of by St. John. 

Kathleen wrote:

"I'm an American. I am appalled at what Canada is doing. These arrests are an egregious assault on Canada's people. Does Canada not believe in liberty and freedom of speech for it's citizens??

Here is one yankee that will not bring tourist dollars to Canada, as long as people are persecuted for their beliefs. This is SHAMEFUL".

Vanier Centre for Women, MIlton, Ontario

To the angel of the church in Sardis write: These are the words of him who holds the seven spirits of God and the seven stars. I know your deeds; you have a reputation of being alive, but you are dead.  Wake up! Strengthen what remains and is about to die, for I have found your deeds unfinished in the sight of my God.  Remember, therefore, what you have received and heard; hold it fast, and repent. But if you do not wake up, I will come like a thief, and you will not know at what time I will come to you. Yet you have a few people in Sardis who have not soiled their clothes. They will walk with me, dressed in white, for they are worthy.  The one who is victorious will, like them, be dressed in white. I will never blot out the name of that person from the book of life, but will acknowledge that name before my Father and his angels. Whoever has ears, let them hear what the Spirit says to the churches (Apocalypse, 3, 1-6).

BREAKING NEWS: Mary Wagner to appear at the College Park Courts tomorrow, Monday, December 14th

Our dear sister, Mary Wagner, arrested Saturday at a west-end abortion killing factory has been remanded in custody following a very brief court appearance this morning at the Old City Hall Courts in Toronto. Mary will be detained at the Vanier Centre for Women in Milton, Ontario. 

I received a message from Mary via the wonderful court services of the Society of St. Vincent de Paul, who have an apostolate assisting those who have been arrested.  Mary is  well, healthy and strong. She asks those who can, to please come to show support tomorrow at the College Park Courts (College and Yonge) for 9 a.m., in Room 507. 

Saturday 12 December 2015

BREAKING: MARY WAGNER to appear in the Old City Hall Courthouse tomorrow, Sunday December 13th at 10.a.m.

Dear friends. It is not enough to wring our hands about the horror of abortion. We have to do something. First, comes prayer. Second, action. Can you spare an hour or two tomorrow Sunday morning to witness to Christ by being there for Mary? Your inconvenience will be very small, perhaps a change in Mass schedule. 

Please come to Old City Hall - on the north side of Queen Street between Bay and Yonge. Room 111. 

Let it be said that there still are people in Toronto and Canada who believe in the right-to-life. 

Old City Hall is easily accessible by public transportation. For those wishing to drive, parking will be plentiful on a Sunday morning. 

BREAKING NEWS: Mary Wagner was arrested this morning at a Toronto abortion facility

A killing factory in an innocuous looking medical building

This morning, on December 12th, the Feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe, our dear sister in Christ, Mary Wagner, was arrested by Toronto Police for entering the Bloor West Village Women's Clinic - an abortion facility -and gently suggesting to expectant mothers to opt for life, rather than go through with killing their baby. Mary entered the facility at about 9:10 a.m., shortly after it opened this Saturday morning, armed only with the love of Our Lord and roses. Two police cruisers from Division 11 arrived shortly after 10 a.m. Mary was escorted off the premises. The police left, but the cruisers lurked at a nearby corner. She returned again to the mill. The two cruisers sped once more to the entrance of the building. At about 10:30 a.m., as Mary was led out in handcuffs, we called out to her: "God bless you, Our Lady keep you". She was placed in the back of a cruiser and driven to Division 11. 

Earlier, Mary had attended Mass at a local church, preparing herself for the upcoming confrontation with evil. Mary was accompanied by a small group of supporters who quietly prayed and were ready to assist any mothers who would change her mind. 

Mary's roses - for expectant mothers
Mary will be held in the local police station tonight, before a court appearance tomorrow, Sunday, December 13th, at 10 a.m. in Room 111, at Old City Hall, Toronto for a bail hearing, which Mary will refuse. If Mary is charged, she will then be transfered to the Vanier Centre for Women in Milton, Ontario - a small town just west of Toronto. Mary will be joining Linda Gibbons for Christmas, both of them will reside in maximum security. Linda, arrested on September 2nd, 2015, is still in prison pending trial this coming January 16th, 2016, in Toronto. 

The police on the scene - inside, arresting Mary
Mary asks all who read this to keep their focus on the unborn children and their mothers; that the mothers will be moved to have a change of heart and repentance.

Please, dear friends and readers, pray for our angels of life, that their courageous witness for the Christ Child - especially before Christmas - will result in lives saved, hearts softened, souls converted. 

Friday 11 December 2015

Cardinal Turkson at the COP-21: another masonic, godless speech before the UN by a Vatican official

This past week has been one of continual outrages coming from the Holy See. On Tuesday we had the scandal of the Pope denouncing his predecessors as keeping the Church in the "shoals"; later that evening we had the masonic World Bank (co-founder was the communist, Harry Dexter White) projecting blasphemous images on the sacred Basilica of St. Peter's in Rome. For further information see here and here. Just yesterday, the Holy See issued a de facto anti-semitic document that refuses to proclaim Our Lord Jesus Christ to the Jewish people. 

But there was at least another outrage. It should not be passed over in silence, but denounced. Cardinal Turkson, the President of the Pontifical Council for Justice and Peace gave a speech before the various international delegates at the UN "global warming" gathering in Paris on December 8, the Feast of the Immaculate Conception. Not once - I repeat - not once did he mention God. Not once did he link creation with the Creator. 

Truly, this speech must have warmed many a masonic heart; many an agnostic heart. Turkson spoek many a word about "combating" poverty, and "climate change", but not one word about protecting the most valuable part of creation: the human person. Not one word about the daily slaughter of the unborn in the most dangerous place in the world: the womb of the mother. 

Cardinal Peter K.A. Turkson

Holy See

High Level Segment of the COP-21

8 December 2015

As Pope Francis told world leaders assembled at the United Nations on 25 September last, man is not authorized to abuse the environment, much less to destroy it. When the environment is assaulted, the poor, least able to defend themselves, suffer most. We cannot remain blind to the grave damage done to the planet, nor can we remain indifferent to the plight of the millions of people who most bear the burden of such destruction. While no one has the right to condemn people to hopelessness and misery, this all too frequently occurs through destructive actions or culpable indifference. And while no one has the right to deprive future generations of the chance to live on our planet, this, unfortunately, is a horrible and ever more likely possibility.
Instead of being careful about this common home of ours, we have been careless. Damage flows from selfish, short-sighted economic and political choices. As a result, the cries of the poor and the desperate now join the groaning of the Earth. Those whose homes and livelihood are washed away by rising seas, or turned to dust by drought, where will they go?
Moreover, climate change is not limited to and cannot be managed by single States: “Everything is interconnected, and … genuine care for our own lives and our relationships with nature is inseparable from fraternity, justice and faithfulness to others” (Pope Francis, Encyclical Letter Laudato Si’ [LS] 70). The deteriorating climate flows from the lifestyles of the better-off and from an obsolete notion of development or progress. What we need is “another type of progress, one which is healthier, more human, more social, more integral” (LS 112, cf. 194).
We obviously face considerable difficulties in our efforts to adopt a new Agreement on climate change. We face the daunting and complex challenge of integrating multiple essential perspectives and sectors: finance, technology and capacity building, environmental science, data-management, monitoring and reporting, multilateral governance, and others. So our scientific and diplomatic task is immense. Please let us not lose ourselves in protecting current narrow interests.
In support of our efforts, people worldwide have been showing their environmental and social concern. Last Sunday, 785,000 people in 175 countries joined in climate-change marches. Leading up to COP21, over 30,000 pilgrims in 35 countries on all continents walked and cycled roughly 280,000 km – more than 7 times around the world. And in Paris, 22,000 pairs of shoes provided an eloquent demonstration of people’s concern. We thank them all for speaking out, praying and pushing for climate justice. For we all can and indeed must do much better, transforming ourselves by way of an ecological conversion.
A great deal is at stake for every country. Progress has too long been based on fossil energy, to the detriment of the environment. This is the moment to take action. As many scientists and economists are warning, the longer we wait, the more difficult it will be to rectify environmental conditions – and the more damage and suffering the delay will cause.
As leaders and experts, our challenges are both common and differentiated. Some countries are asked to innovate in the energy sector or modify economic priorities; others face environmental ruin and massive dislocation of their populations, if not their very survival. What must unite everyone is a shared ethical framing of the common good and solidarity. Such virtues are indispensable for any transformation, for any effective commitment to change. It may be that a lack of ethical guidelines and motivation makes the current negotiations more difficult.
For instance, “solidarity” is no longer in the text; this could be an indicator of how the understanding of the principle of “common but differentiated responsibility” is changing, despite the fact that everyone makes reference to it. Yes, differentiation: wealthy nations are not the same as others. And yes, fairness too: those who have contributed most to greenhouse gas emissions and have benefitted most from the industrial period should now take the lead and contribute more to the solution than those whose standard of living is just beginning to rise.
As Pope Francis has so strongly stressed: “It would be sad, and I dare say even catastrophic, were particular interests to prevail over the common good” (Address at UNON, Nairobi, 26 November 2015). May we be guided by a shared vision and fortified by determination and courage in order to secure a fair, legally-binding and truly transformational Agreement.
COP21 must be ambitious. Experts tell us that the world’s clean energy investment should be about $2 trillion a year between now and 2030. This enormous figure amounts to less than 2 percent of world GDP, and is roughly the same as annual military spending world-wide. Thus, clearly, the issue is not so much “Can the economy afford it?” as “What are our priorities?”
Finally, a spirit of genuine and constructive dialogue is essential (cf. LS 163–175); this must involve “listening, patience, respect for the other, sincerity and also readiness to revise one’s opinion” (Address on the 50th Anniversary of Pacem in Terris, 3 October 2013). Dialogue is the way to build trust and confidence within the negotiations. Dialogue is the way to be transformative: to rediscover our human dignity and start afresh as brothers and sisters. Through the strengthening of dialogue, we will also discover how to prevent conflict and build peace, and we all know how much climate change can affect peace.
This is the far-reaching plea that Pope Francis is making: “When we ask ourselves what kind of world we want to leave behind, we think in the first place of its general direction, its meaning and its values. Unless we struggle with these deeper issues, I do not believe that our concern for ecology will produce significant results… We need to see that what is at stake is our own dignity. Leaving a habitable planet to future generations is, first and foremost, up to us” (LS 160).
Humanity is one family. As brothers and sisters, we have only one home, one common home, and we all must care for it.
On his return from his recent trip to Africa, Pope Francis expressed confidence that the Paris leaders and negotiators have the necessary awareness and good will to accomplish what is needed (In-flight Press Conference, 30 November 2015). And last Sunday he stressed that: “for the sake of the common home, of all us and of future generations, in Paris every effort should be aimed at reducing the impact of climate change and, at the same time, at combating poverty and promoting human dignity. The two choices go together: stopping climate change and combating poverty for the flourishing of human dignity” (Post-Angelus, 6 December 2015). We are called to be courageous in taking such important decisions, maintaining as a basic criterion for our choices the greater good of the entire human family.
Thank you.