Saturday 27 February 2021

Cardinal Collins Caves to Public Health officials AGAIN and orders Mass shut down!

Well that didn't last long did it? On Wednesday Cardinal Collins suggested the faithful prepare to "amplify" their concerns that the Absolutist State was discriminating against religion. Today we learn that the Absolutist State has decreed the 30% in places of worship it condescended to "allow" has been rescinded and reduced to 10 (even in huge cathedrals). And the Cardinal's response? total surrender and capitulation to the very people he publicly admits are actively discriminating against religion.

According to Simcoe-Muskoka Health official numbers, there are between 16-19 (depending who you ask) people in hospital with "Covid". Readers should note that 540,000+ (2016) people live in the region serviced by Simcoe-Muskoka Health. There is NO emergency, NO pandemic. They are lying. Worse, the Cardinal KNOWS they are lying, yet he continues to cave and permit press releases that perpetuate the lie. "Woe to those who call evil good, and good evil" (Isaiah 5:20).


Vox Cantoris carries a full report and analysis of the disastrous response by Cardinal Collins.

Cardinal Collins: do you not hear the words of the Prophet? 

Wash yourself clean! 

Put away your misdeeds from before my eyes;

cease doing evil; learn to do good.

Make justice your aim; redress the wronged, 

hear the orphan's plea, defend the widow,

Come now, let us set things right, says the Lord...Isaiah 1:16-17

Thursday 25 February 2021

Cardinal Collins: The Archbishop of Toronto ADMITS in a Letter that religion is discriminated against but REFUSES to do anything about it!


Yesterday afternoon Cardinal Collins released a letter calling on the faithful to "amplify" their voices regarding public worship. Vox Cantoris carries a full report and outlines in detail the disastrous decisions (spiritual and temporal) taken by the Cardinal since last March. 

Here I shall but review a number of key statements made in this Letter by the Cardinal to priests and the faithful. The Cardinal wrote:

 "...we continue to urge that places of worship be treated equitably by the province, for example, it is only fair that there be a consistent approach to restrictions as they relate to retail businesses and to places of worship". 

Comment: How has the Cardinal "urged"? For the public record, based on his statements from the pulpit, on video conferences, and releases on the Archdiocesan website and social media platforms, the Cardinal has consistently claimed the lock downs and church restrictions are necessary for the common good of all, and therefore righteous. I ask directly: HOW HAVE YOU URGED PLACES OF WORSHIP TO BE TREATED EQUITABLY? 


The Cardinal continued: 

"Recently a coalition of faith leaders has written to Premier Ford, highlighting the essential nature of in-person communal worship and spiritual support". 

Comment: RECENTLY? Where has the Cardinal been since last Summer? Why has not this "coalition" taken the government to Court? Why did not the Cardinal take the government to Court? I ask directly:  HOW DID YOU COMMUNICATE THE ESSENTIAL NATURE OF WORSHIP, AND WHAT ACTIONS DID YOU TAKE?



The Cardinal continues: 

"If the government does not address these issues sufficiently, we will be asking for your assistance in contacting our elected officials to amplify our voices" 

Comment: The is a fudge. The Cardinal knows full well that letter writing campaigns will achieve nothing, but it will create the illusion amongst the naive that something is being done. In other words, a non-protest "protest". From personal experience the Cardinal knows that letters achieve nothing. He himself receives letters and ignores them. Why should atheistic, pro-abortion, cowardly MPPS do any differently? They also know the penalty for rebelling against their leaders: expulsion from caucus, the Party, and a chance for re-election. We already had one MPP thrown out by the tyrannical Premier Ford. I ask directly: WHEN ARE YOU GOING TO OBEY GOD RATHER THAN MAN, AND RE-OPEN THE CHURCHES?

Conclusion: The Letter is a public admission that the government is discriminating against religion, and it is also a retraction (albeit without a public apology) of the lie that the boarding up of our churches was to save lives and for the "common good". Indeed, if the Cardinal believed the virus was a deadly killer he would continue to accept and promote the decrees of the anti-religion public health officials. 

The question  remains: 








Monday 22 February 2021

JUDAS KISS: Why are Canada's Bishops SILENT as a Christian rots in Jail for keeping his church open?

How many of you are aware that a separated brother rots in jail in "conservative" Alberta for daring to keep his church open? 

How many of you are aware that the Catholic Church in Canada is SILENT on this, that we have NOT HEARD a peep from even ONE bishop? 

To the contrary, the bishops have agreed to become a propaganda arm of the atheistic government, and help in "rolling out" experimental mRNA and DNA gene therapies [in contrast to a vaccine which by definition is an inoculation that contains weakened parts of the pathogenic organism that stimulates the immune system to create antibodies or activate T lymphocytes capable to control the invading pathogen) whilst this brother rots in jail for defending God's rights. 



Since these bishops remain silent, we turn once again to outraged separated brothers in Florida for their refection on the present state of "totalitarianism in Alberta", as Bishop Fred "The Lion of Calgary" Henry prophetically called that Province a few years ago. Since his forced "retirement", it should come as no surprise that his writings have been scrubbed from the Diocese of Calgary, the bishop is now a pariah, "canceled" and cast into outer darkness. 


 The churchmen have been virtually silent on abortion over the past 50 years. Men who are silent on abortion will hardly speak out against the "pandemic is the black plague" lie, or lock downs that are facilitating a massive increase in suicide, mental illness, domestic violence, and destroyed businesses. 

Men who are silent on abortion will hardly oppose atheistic government officials and caved to so-called "orders" to shut churches, and hand over control of Liturgical rites. 


Bishop Fred Henry's writings have been scrubbed from the diocesan Archives

As such, it is only logical that they will be silent about a Christian seized by the once revered RCMP, in the once conservative Province of Alberta, under the once conservative, and so-called "Catholic" Premier, Jason "Love is Love" Kenny.  


Premier of Alberta Jason Kenny betraying Christ for pottage

The churchmen - to try to cover their scandalous misbehaviour - claim their support of lock downs is to save lives. But is it? With abortion going full swing during this "time of pandemic" it is hard to believe the claim that lock downs are to save lives. Nor is it easy to believe that these same government officials really believe their own lie, when they encourage people to masturbate each other through a hole in the wall during the "pandemic". Or, that they keep liquor, beer and pot shops open. On all of these the bishops are dead silent for they know full well that if they re-opened their churches, put up a fight the tax exempt and handout "good times" party would be over.

And now we can see what happens when you are bought and paid for. The bishops (de facto government agents on the pay role) are prepping us for a huge agitprop push to promote gene therapies (falsely advertised as "vaccines") for a virus which has a survival rate of well over over 99%. These same bishops will even push children to receive this gene therapy (the long term effects of which WE DO NOT KNOW!). Such is their complete sellout to the atheistic, Absolutist State. 

Let us not forget there is a REAL pandemic going on in this country: it is the mass killing of unborn children.

Friends, it is easy to be discouraged and angry. DO not fall into that trap, set by the devil. Be of great joy, for God is using this crisis to expose the evil, reveal the frauds, unmask the imposters. A crisis reveals the real person. Friends, this crisis is revealing what each one of us is: from the Pope down to the layman. We are seeing who places his trust in Jesus Christ and who places his trust in man. We are seeing who believes in truth and will stand up for it. We are seeing those who have been seduced by lies. We are seeing those who may yet secretly believe the truth but are too fearful to confess and stand up for it. Let each one of us pray that he be with Jesus Christ and the Truth.








Sunday 21 February 2021

LIVE: Sung Latin Mass for the First Sunday of Lent

Christ scourged by Agents of the State


Mass is from Berlin, NJ, (pop. 8.8 million) where the seven day average of positive tests for SARS-CoV2 is 2936. The churches are open. 

Here in Ontario (pop. 14.5 million) the average is 1353. The churches are closed.

This ongoing suppression of public worship is driven by a virulent hatred of religion in general, and Christianity in particular: especially the Catholic Church, as Satan despises and fears the Mass.   






Friday 19 February 2021

PROPAGANDA PULPITS: How the Bishops have been co-opted into being agents for the Government

 How many of you are aware that "faith leaders" have been recruited as PSYOP "influencers" by godless, pro-abortion, anti-family governments? 

Watch the following video. You can be sure that pro-abortion Theresa Tam has no time for religion, unless it is a propaganda tool of the Absolutist State. 


Following the "meeting " with Tam, the Archdiocese of Toronto proposed a "prayer to a so-called "god of love" (whatever that means). 


The blasphemous "prayer"

This "prayer" asks this "god" to "help us" get "vaccinated" with a "vaccine" [actually a gene therapy] that is made out of the cells of an aborted child. Did you get that?! We are to actually "pray" to this "god" for the reception of a drug that was made from the results of the murder of a child. The next petition is that this "god" "accelerate the healing..." I ask what healing is there from "vaccines" that have caused deaths, paralysis and other illness? Watch the following refutation by separated brothers of the big lie that these "vaccines" are a gift from God. As if good can come from evil! Did not St. Paul say that one cannot do evil that good may come from it?  


Reports have also come in from Rome that the Pope of the poor intends to fire those lowly lay faithful (those at the peripheries) who work in the Vatican who refuse to take "vaccines", including those made from a murdered child. The Pope of the peripheries is to dismiss those unimportant nuns who serve daily these corrupt Renaissance princes if they dare refuse these unethical and dangerous drugs. This from the same man who several times last year asked us to pray for the unemployed caused by COVID. Well, he has just come out as a tyrannical employer who intends to add to this unemployment. A full report is carried by Vox Cantoris. Do not be fooled friends, what happens in Rome will soon be trickling down to your dioceses. Will priests and nuns be ordered to take these "vaccines"? You can bet your life savings they will. Will evil bishops attempt to bar you from entry into a church? Some no doubt will. 

We have just reflected on how the institutional Church, from Her visible head in Rome, to the vast majority of bishops around the world have given up any pretext of being pro-life and are now aggressively promoting abortion-linked drugs. Again, let us listen to these separated brothers refute the decadent "evangelical" sects who have likewise thrown in with the government and abortion "vaccines". Every word they utter applies equally to the Pope and the bishops.


Now, I would like each of you to reflect on the following: these bishops are the same men who would tell us that they will stand up to the Man of Perdition, when he comes. That they will reject the Mark of the Beast. 

Do you still believe that? If they can accept abortion linked "vaccines" and excuse evil; shut their churches at the mere behest of public health officials,  there is no way - literally in Hell - that they will reject the Man of Sin, the Antichrist. Indeed, they will welcome him with open arms, just as they have welcomed the "anti-sacrament" of abortion-linked "vaccines".

Saturday 13 February 2021

The Canadian Bishops and Canadian Tax Law: Money the reason the Church refuses to defend Religious Freedom and supports lock downs?

Gagged by the adulterous money pact between Church and State

 Money does strange things to people. It does even stranger things - even evil things - when it involves sinful financial arrangements. It becomes diabolically evil, when churchmen pimp the Church to the godless State. The "Adulterous Money Pact" has kept the bishops obedient, silent, and even active agents for the government in pushing abortion-linked "vaccines", and very destructive and useless lock downs. They have also consistently refused to go to Court to defend the Church's and OUR rights to publicly practice the Faith. Why? Why this refusal, this subservience? I say, the Adulterous Money Pact is a major factor in refusing to oppose government violations of religious freedom  and civil liberties. 

As former employee of the CCCB, Lea Singh wrote: 

The Catholic Church in Canada lives in fear. Not of the culture of death, but of Canadian tax laws. 

So it is that decades ago the Church in Canada began to shamelessly engage in adultery with the State. It was into this macabre play that the weak and ineffectual Thomas Collins was called to become an actor. First as a bishop and then Cardinal. In truth not so much as a bishop, but a pawn. Watched carefully, this timid, bookish man was seen as a perfect Canadian bishop. Let us now fast forward to the Corona Crisis that hit last March which revealed the man that Thomas Collins is: a man who fell over himself to demonstrate his obedience and subservience to the State. He even boarded up churches in hamlets hundreds of miles north of Toronto.

On March 17, 2020 Cardinal Collins shut the churches in the Archdiocese of Toronto. I denounced it then, and I have consistently denounced it, and will not cease to do so. As a wise separated brother noted and continues to note from his open church in Florida, "the virus is real, but the response is fake". A pity there is not ONE Canadian bishop who can has done the same. 

The State "response" to the "little virus" ( to quote Cardinal Collins) has, and continues to destroy lives, families, businesses, facilitate suicide, domestic violence. We have barely heard a peep from these bishops on the harm of these lock downs. Again, I ask why? I say (again) the "Adulterous Money Pact". 
Lock downs also quickly became a "new religion", pushed by Toronto's godless downtown elite. On a spiritual level, the "response" for a virus that has an Infection Fatality Rate (IFR) of +/- 0.2%, has resulted in the near complete suppression of religious worship. During this ENTIRE time we have the ongoing perversity of abortion "clinics", liquor stores, beer shops, and pot shops remaining open. Again, TOTAL silence from the prostituting bishops. TOTAL SILENCE.
It was during this time too, that the militantly pro-abortion "Toronto Public Health" officials (under the "mis"leadership of the pro-abortion, pro-gay, globalist elitist, Mayor John Tory), informed Cardinal Collins that they were de facto taking over Catholic liturgical practices, and that, ALL Sacraments were going to be suppressed if the Cardinal did not obey their orders. Rather than defend the Church, and the faithful's rights (and go to Court) to publicly practice the Faith, the Cardinal obeyed the unjust orders, and we now have State officials determining how the Holy Eucharist is to be received. This is State Absolutism. Let there be no misunderstanding, the Catholic Church in Toronto is functioning at the behest and command of State power.
Canadian bishops refuse to go to Court to defend the Church

Lest readers think I am being too hard on Cardinal Collins, barring one or two examples of bishops still admitting Catholics' right to receive Holy Communion on the tongue, the bishops as a body have been SILENT on State abuse of the Church, SILENT on lock downs, SILENT on abortion-linked and dangerous mRNA "vaccines". Indeed, they have agreed to become "influencers" and engage in psychological manipulation of the faithful to take dangerous and unethical mRNA drugs. This is the price for adultery with the State.
But not all Catholics have not been silent, nor have they surrendered to the Absolutist State.

Vox Cantoris has visited upon the Cardinal admonitions (that we understand are read by the Cardinal) not out of opposition to his legitimate authority, but, to the contrary, to recall the Cardinal to his legitimate authority and duties to defend Christ and the rights of His Church. To defend the rights of the Faithful to public worship and access to the Sacraments. Tragically, the Cardinal is not listening to the faithful but to the lawyers, the money-men; those who wish to keep the "Roman Catholic Episcopal Corporation for the Diocese of Toronto, Inc" rolling along and the government money rolling in. 

Lea Singh continues:

The Canadian Income Tax specifies that charities must cap their involvement in political activity at 10% of their total activity. The Catholic Church is a registered charity, and it makes a lot of money with that status. Many parishioners all across Canada donate to their local parishes each Sunday with the understanding that they will receive tax deductions for their donations. How many people would stop donating, or would donate substantially less, if the Church was no longer able to provide them with tax receipts?

This 10% limit on political activity has become a powerful deterrent to the Church's participation in fighting for the culture of life in the public square. Every action that could be interpreted as political activity is now a direct threat to the Church's financial survival.

Follow the money trail friends, follow the money.  It is ALL about money.

Corruption, wealth, and decadence is nothing new in the Church. Whilst the Church is sinless, She has been infected with sinful, even evil churchmen from her very beginning. Just think of Judas.

But there is another parallel I would like you to consider: the Church in Constantinople. St. John Chrysostom's predecessor was the luxury addicted Nectarius, who even built himself a palace. During this time, it was openly known that bishops were acquiring sees through simony and vying with each other to manifest wealth and power. Following St. Basil the Great, St. John Chrysostom took the Catholic Faith seriously, becoming known as "the father of the injured orphans, widows, and the poor". He did not hold bishop's banquets for the wealthy  and politicians, but associated with the poor. St. John's Homilies (22,24, and 70) stand out as examples of pure Catholic doctrine on dealing with issues of money and corruption. We should not be surprised to discover that the holy Patriarch was persecuted by the State for his defense of purity of doctrine and opposing corrupt State officials. We can well consider the robust response of St. John to a decadent State that would dare tell him to shut the churches, to suppress Mass, all the while running whorehouses (or, worse, baby butchery mills).

Friends, this is not ending well for the churchmen. But it is ending well for us. God writes straight with crooked lines. He has exposed the corruption and decadence of the local churches in the formerly Christian, now paganized West. We should be rejoicing that God is beginning the cleansing process of these decadent local churches that are ashamed of Him. Not only do they not preach the Gospel, they have prostituted themselves to Caesar, and betrayed the faithful. 

Cardinal Collins, we call upon you again: 

Open the churches. 

Demand God's Rights. 

Stop prostituting the Church to the State.

Speak up for the poor who have been crushed by the year long lock down.

Sunday 7 February 2021

Cardinal Collins' obsession with the English Martyrs ~ is his conscience gnawing at him?

Cardinal Collins' recent sermons are peppered with references to martyrdom and the falsities of modern man and society. Once again, this very morning at his Sunday Mass, the Cardinal spoke of martyrdom, the persecutions of "wicked" Henry VIII, of St. Thomas More and the "bishop-martyr" St. John Fisher. Again, the Cardinal spoke of the waywardness, the obsession with false reality by modern man, and the emptiness of modern society. Several times he referenced the nothingness of this life. He even presented a copy of the "Imitation of Christ" to us to follow. And yet, and is not what the bishops says, it is what he DOES. The sermon in the video below begins at 13:05.


When a man continues to return to certain ideas, to dwell upon them, indeed to such an extent as to continue to reiterate them publicly, it means that they are consuming him. How many times has the Cardinal brought up the English martyrs who stood up before the tyrannical "wicked" (the Cardinal's own word) Henry VIII and his violent persecution of Christ's Church? The parallels are obvious: the Cardinal in his conscience knows that there is something very wrong in Canada. He himself is on record as stating that the churches in Toronto were, and are not the cause of community spread of "a little virus" (to use the Cardinal's own words). Yet regarding the tyrannical closing down of public worship under the pretext of protecting human life (all the while allowing abortion "clinics" to operate unfettered) the question must be asked:


We have the answer to that question from the City of Toronto and Toronto Public Health who have told us on multiple occasions: they are "UNESSENTIAL". When decreeing so, TPH has de facto set itself up as the supreme spiritual authority. 

Cardinal Collins, what would Bishop-Martyr St. John Fisher do, when told Mass was unessential?

When told how to conduct Her religious rites? 

When told ALL the Sacraments would be banned if the Church did not obey the Absolutist State? 

When told he could not have more than 10 people present at Holy Mass?

LIVE: Sung Latin Mass on Sexagesima Sunday


Saturday 6 February 2021

Did Cardinal Collins just tell us he was being mocked, ridiculed and "cancelled"? You watch the video and you decide.

Friends, Cardinal Collins gave an interesting sermon on the Feast of St. Agatha. Amongst other things he admitted that blood martyrdom has not come to Canada "YET" - added the Cardinal. 

But he added that what is alive and well in Canada is ridicule, silencing, mockery, and cancelling. Not just for proclaiming the Gospel, but also (and take note that the Cardinal last November wrote a letter to the Board of Trustees at the Toronto Catholic District School Board [TCDSB] admonishing them for their support of trans-sexualism as being contrary to the Gospels and the objective reality of human nature) for proclaiming "common sense about reality". A very interesting choice of words. Very interesting, very judiciously chosen. 

When watching this sermon, one could not help but recollect on the threats the Cardinal received from Toronto Public Health that they would ban the Sacraments altogether if he did not comply with their tyrannical orders on religious liturgical rites. Nor could one forget the outpouring of hatred from and public mocking, shaming, ridicule, and cancelling that he received from "LGBT" activist school Trustees, teachers, the corporate media, and politicians. By far the most grievous offense and grave sin was the hateful mockery, cancelling, and attempted "shaming" he received from self-proclaimed "Catholic" trustees and teachers on social media. Their behaviour was and remains absolutely vile and disgusting. To date, they have yet to repent and apologize to the Cardinal for calumniating his name.  

Whereas one expects atheistic health officials, non-Catholic journalists, anti-Christian bigots, and a lesbian politician to "cancel" the Cardinal, one should not expect it from those who have been entrusted to pass on the Faith and Christian morality to innocent school children. 

Watch the following video. One cannot but help but notice how disheveled and unnerved the Cardinal appears.

                                                               A "Cancelled" Cardinal?

Let us pray to St. John the Baptist, St. Thomas More and the wisp of a girl, St. Agatha (who had the strength and audacity to proclaim Christ before the full might of godless, pagan Rome) to grant Cardinal Collins the wisdom and strength he needs to stand up for Christ and His Gospel, to defend the rights of Holy Mother Church. 

Here is the full sermon.

Dear Cardinal Collins: we have said before, and we say it again. We will stand with you against the persecutors of the Church. But give the command, and we shall be at your side at the Cathedral, in the churches, in the courts, at the school Board, in the classrooms, on the streets. 

Tuesday 2 February 2021

LIVE: Latin Mass ~ Candlemas, The Feast of the Presentation



"Blessed are they who put their trust in the Lord" (Psalm 2)


Friends, today we conclude Christmas celebrating the fact that Our Lord Jesus Christ is the Light of the World. Lightness expels darkness. We take up candles to signify our desire to have bright souls as we go to meet Christ. We follow Our Blessed Mother, who on the day of Her purification she could present the King of the Universe to the world. We go forth to greet Simeon, and rejoice with him. We rejoice with Anna who remained faithful in Christ's Temple. 

We follow Simeon in proclaiming Christ to the world; Christ as the Head and glory of the New Israel, the Church. As St. Sophronius wrote: 

"Gentiles before, we now become the people of God. Our eyes have seen God incarnate, and because we have seen Him present among us and mentally received him into our arms, we are called the New Israel. Never shall we forget this presence; every year WE KEEP A FEAST in its honour".

Friends, alas, due to the Absolutist State restrictions on public worship, and the "Covid Interdict" imposed upon the faithful by the bishops, we shall not be able to gather in our churches to publicly render unto God what is His due, to keep A FEAST. This is a great spiritual crime committed by the Absolutist State with cowardly acquiescence from compromised churchmen who have taken Caesar's dinari.

We have committed no crime; we have not promoted scandal, nor pushed heresies; nor have we engaged in schism, nor apostasy. To the contrary we reject the crimes of prenatal infanticide, which has caused a river of innocent blood to be shed in our land; we reject the perversion of the family, the destruction of marriage, and the Absolutist State disfiguring the very meaning of human nature. 

Yet we have received a violent, merciless interdict reserved in past centuries for only the most reprobate. 

Over the decades there was no interdict on these vile butchers, on those who destroyed marriage and the family. No interdict on those who pervert human nature and glorify sexual sin as virtue. 

But WE have received the interdict, the bastard offspring of the adulterous union between the Absolutist State and the new Gallican "church"; or more precisely the Gallicanesque sinful churchmen who behave more as ravenous wolves in taking the knee to Caesar.

Much more could be said, but on this Feast Day let us with purity and peace of heart remain faithful to Our Lord and His Church. Let us, during this re-crucifixion of the Church by Her sinful pastors, recall us to remain by Her side, even as the the very men who should be defending Holy Mother Church have joined the Absolutist State in depriving Her of Her rights; in abusing her, even raping Her. 

Let us offer up this persecution for the conversion of sinners (firstly the wayward churchmen who have betrayed us "into the hands of sinful men"), and secondly the godless Absolutist State that rages against Christ and His Church; finally, for ourselves, that we remain steadfast during this persecution.