Monday 16 January 2017

The Fr John Gallagher Case: Chief Deputy Sheriff accuses Diocese of Palm Beach of 44 years of obstructing investigations into homosexual abuse

Fr. John Gallagher of the Diocese of Palm Beach, upon witnessing a homosexual pedophile priest grooming a young 14 year old boy with at least 40 pornographic photographs, immediately facilitated his arrest by Palm Beach police. Fr. Gallagher's quick thinking and decision making was crucial - as attested to by the police - to the successful prosecution and conviction of the homosexual molester. 
One would think that Bishop Gerald Barbarito and  the Diocese of Palm Beach would be more than thankful towards Fr. Gallagher in saving a young innocent boy from suffering homosexual rape at the hands of this pervert. In fact, the police stated that the showing of the photos was   but a grooming phase, which would have led to physical abuse.  Fr. Gallagher, saved this young boy!

Alas, no. Fr. Gallagher's activities were considered anathema by Barbarito, whose unwritten policy would have been to spirit the abuser out of the diocese, in this case, back to his native India. Unfortunately, for Barbarito, he had met his match in the righteous Irish priest, who would not cover up homosexual criminal activities. 

Furious that Fr. Gallagher had gone to the police, the Bishop launched a hateful attack upon him. He unleashed his minions in the Diocese to slander, defame and lie about the priest.

But it gets even worse. Far worse.

Deputy Sheriff of Palm Beach, Michael E. Gauger wrote a letter July 20th, 2015, to Sean Cardinal O'Malley asking him to ensure that Fr. Gallagher received accolades for his work in having the sodomite priest arrested charged and convicted. It seems obvious too, that the Deputy Sheriff was hoping that O'Malley would intervene with Barbarito, as the situation had turned ugly with Barbarito viciously persecuting the whistle-blowing priest. 

Very disturbingly, Sheriff Gauger notes that Catholic officials have been covering up criminal homosexual abuse for 44 years. In other words, since the Sheriff joined the police department, homosexuals have been loose in the diocese, abusing boys and young men.

Impeding and dismissive of abusing children!! This is how evil and vile these homosexual infiltrators are! 

One can only wonder to the degree of homosexual activity amongst the clergy, beyond that of abusing boys. Obviously there exists a massive, highly organized and decades long homosexual ring in the Diocese of Palm Beach well before Sheriff Gauger. 

I ask readers to note that the Deputy Sheriff wrote to O'Malley, as he was Ordinary in Palm Beach just over a decade ago. But O'Malley continues to give the cold shoulder to Fr Gallagher and Deputy Sheriff Gauger. Why? What is he covering up? Is he being back-mailed? Just what does Sean O'Malley know? 

Why the silence? Just how high into the American Hierarchy does the homosexual juggernaut and blackmail go? Only to bishops? Or even higher? Catholics have a right to know. 

Saturday 14 January 2017

BOMBSHELL: Catholic priest sues Diocese of Palm Beach for covering up homosexual abuse

Fr. John Gallagher

Fr. John Gallagher is a priest of the Diocese of Palm Beach, Florida. 

In January, 2015, Fr. Gallagher caught a visiting priest from India showing homosexual pornography to a 14 year old boy. Fr. Gallagher rightly went straight to the police.  

However, in doing so, this good priest felt the wrath of the local Bishop, Gerald Barbarito. It seems the bishop was not at all happy that Fr. Gallagher had had this vile sodomite arrested. Apparently, the Diocese had preferred to spirit the sodomite out of the country, back to India. Barbarito responded to Fr Gallagher's righteous actions to go straight to the police by releasing his underlings - clerical and lay -in the Diocese to smear the Irish born priest. 

With his Ordinary against him, Fr. Gallagher contacted Sean Cardinal O'Malley, former Ordinary of the Diocese, to intervene to protect him from the wrath of Barbarito. It seems that the newly appointed CDF member gave Fr. Gallagher the cold shoulder, and would not defend the courageous actions of this good man. 

We have all seen this before. Rather than rooting out the sodomite abusers and other homosexuals in the Diocese, the Bishop continues to play cover for them. More sinister is the inaction of O'Malley. If homosexuals and their supporters have penetrated into the very heights of the American Hierarchy, it means that the Church in America, in its visible structures; its buildings, its seminaries, its official news agencies, its universities etc., have been handed over to Lucifer. One can conjecture that when the Hierarchy became ashamed of Christ and His beautiful teaching on Holy Matrimony, the Holy Spirit handed over these churchmen to the devil to torture them with homosexuality.  

As I reported earlier, there is conclusive evidence that the Church in America is heavily infiltrated by homosexuals. These evil malefactors have not gone away. Fr. John O'Connor,  OP back in the late 1980s, prophetically speculated that they had probably penetrated to the very heights of the American Hierarchy. For his efforts, Fr.O'Connor was expelled from the homosexual riddled Dominican Order. As with the Jesuits, the Dominicans remain infested with this evil to this very day. 

But God will never abandon His Church. He will always be there for loyal Catholics; the literal handful of bishops, the few good priests and nuns, the humble laity who truly pray the Rosary. God will never abandon those who do not wish to abandon Him.    

So it is with Fr. Gallagher. He is not a Catholic to be trifled with, and he is rightly suing the Diocese of Palm Beach.  

Pray that Fr. Gallagher wins his lawsuit.  Pray that he remain constant and brave. The homosexuals will no doubt try to settle out of court, for many, many secrets will no doubt emerge. Pray for Fr. Gallagher's safety. For "they" will stop at nothing. 

Dear readers, also keep the 14 year old boy abused by the homosexual predator in your prayers. 

BREAKING: Upcoming Vatican 2018 Synod on Youth to combat "rigidity" in the Church

The ongoing war against doctrine coming from the churchmen in the Vatican (masquerading as fighting "rigidity"), will be ramped up in the upcoming 2018 Synod on Youth. This, according to Vatican Radio. 

Readers will notice that the "professional" lives of "youth" is mentioned first. A totally natural approach for a false horizontal Christianity that no longer believes in Hell. The way to Heaven is on the Cross, not money, a so-called career and "professional" life. 

Readers should note that Cardinal Lorenzo "Fingers" Baldisseri (the "book thief", and notorious piano player) is organizing this Synod, just as he organized the scandalous Synod of the Family. 

In all of this we should remember that Christ is still in absolute control of His Church. We have the Pope and churchmen we need. WHat is it we need? We need to be punished severely for the grave sins of Catholics. 

God writes straight with crooked lines. We should never forget that God is far, far greater than mere men, including Popes. No man, including a Pope can ever destroy the Church. 

From Vatican Radio: 

A Church which is less rigid, more welcoming, and open to discussions, debates and encounters. They want Church leaders who are willing to spend time listening to the experiences of young people, making them “privileged interlocutors” of a Church which is open and engaged in dialogue with the young generations.

That’s the ambitious goal at the heart of the next Synod of Bishops, focused on the choices that young people make in all walks of their professional, spiritual and personal lives.

The full report may be read here. 

Friday 13 January 2017

"THANK-YOU" BARACK OBAMA for your Eight Years in Office

Barack Obama's Legacy: Genocide of Christians abroad; the promotion of abortion and homosexuality at home....

Recently we were being told by the self-admitted "liberal democrats" (e.g. Freemasons and secularists) who run the CIA, NSA and FBI that those same organizations are not politicized. If someone believes that, I have some ice to sell them from the middle of the Sahara. 

The fact is, that these organizations are highly political and becoming increasingly so. From the "weapons of mass destruction", to the hand over of Libya to terrorists, to the on-going support of Moslem terrorists in Syria. It all has a distinct pattern. 

Barack Obama, just gave his "farewell" address the other day in Chicago before fawning sycophants. (An interesting issue would be how much it cost. Probably several millions of dollars). What he did not do is remind his audience of the Christians in the Middle East about their forced "farewells"; either from this world as martyrs, or fleeing to escape massacre by the various and sundry terrorist groups that have sprung up like mushrooms during his administration. 

Obama, rather than concerning himself with this unfolding horror, was more interested in promoting abortion and homosexuality - the two key pillars of his administration. 

As Obama informed militant homosexual activists at a gay "pride" reception held at the White House: 

"...I am grateful for all that you’ve done to work with us to accomplish some amazing transformations over these last seven and a half years".

Sadly, from American Airlines to General Electric, or the Jesuits to now most "Catholics", "amazing transformations" have been wrought by the spread of a neo-pagan pan-sexualism.  

To conclude: it is worth reminding readers just what this man's legacy is for Christians in the poor, suffering, Middle East. 

DAMASCUS, SYRIA (Worthy News)-- Christians are being targeted by Muslim rebels according to the Vatican and other sources amongst besieged Syrian Christian communities.
According to reports by the Vatican's Fides News Agency, the US-backed Syrian Army are sacking churches and issuing threats that all Christians will be cleansed from rebel-held territory.
"The picture for us is utter desolation," said Bishop Philip Tournyol Clos, a greek-Catholic Melkite Archimandrite. "The church of Mar Elian is half destroyed and that of Our Lady of Peace is still occupied by the rebels. Christian homes are severely damaged due to the fighting and completely emptied of their inhabitants, who fled without taking anything."
Asked whether it was the Free Syrian Army that was telling Christians to get out, Agnes Miriam, Mother Superior of the Monastery of St. James at Qara in the Diocese of Homs, said "yes ... it was commander on the ground, Abdel Salam Harba, who decided that there was to be no more negotiations with Christians."
She said Christians refused to back the rebels, so the rebels used them as human shields.
Original source. 

Wednesday 11 January 2017

Archbishop of Palermo gives Catholic Chapel to the Synagogue of Satan

Chapel of Santa Maria al Sabato
If the Jewish ceremonies are venerable and great, our are lies. 
But if ours are true, as they are true, theirs are filled with deceit. 
St. John Chrysostom

The Archbishop of Palermo has "transferred" the Chapel of Santa Maria al Sabato to a group of Jews. For thirty pieces of silver? 

Now, Jews reject Our Lord Jesus Christ, and the false worship they will offer in this Catholic Chapel each and every time will be a rejection of Our Lord. It will be idolatry. Though these Jews sin for they reject Christ, how greater is the sin of the Archbishop of Palermo, Corrado Lorefice. 

It does not concern this evil malefactor that where once the Real Presence of the Lord and God of the Universe was made truly and substantially Present on the Altar, services will be conducted rejecting the God-Man. If he really believes in Our Lord he could never, ever hand a church over to the Synagogue of Satan. 

Lorefice, a modern-day Judas-bishop, re-crucifies the Lord of Glory. Not condemned for this evil action, Lorefice is being commended for his demonic treachery.

Even the Jews themselves know that something has changed in the Catholic Church. Indeed, something has: mass apostasy. The Jew, Michael Freund, in a masterly understatement is quoted as saying: "this is something that would have been unthinkable 50 or 100 years ago". 

Let us now consider what the Apostles, all Jewish converts had to say about Judaism.

Firstly, let us examine a few words of the Prince of the Apostles, St. Peter in his discourse to the Jews in the Book of Acts: 

"This man you have put to death; by God’s fixed design and foreknowledge, he was betrayed to you, and you, through the hands of sinful men, have cruelly murdered him. But God raised him up again...And now, exalted at God’s right hand, he has claimed from his Father his promise to bestow the Holy Spirit; and he has poured out that Spirit, as you can see and hear for yourselves. David never went up to heaven, and yet David has told us, The Lord said to my Master, Sit on my right hand, while I make thy enemies a footstool under thy feet. Let it be known, then, beyond doubt, to all the house of Israel, that God has made him Master and Christ, this Jesus whom you crucified.

St. John, for his part, has these words to say in his first Book: 

"Who is a liar, but he who denieth that Jesus is the Christ? This is Antichrist, who denieth the Father, and the Son". 

Quite obviously, the holy Apostles would identify the Archbishop of Palermo as a deceiver a false prophet, an Antichrist. 

Let us now conclude with the words of St. John Chrysostom, on what a synagogue really is, and the type of worship that is actually conducted therein.

"Many, I know, respect the Jews and think that their present way of life is a venerable one. This is why I hasten to uproot and tear out this deadly opinion... But at any rate the Jews say that they, too, adore God. God forbid that I say that. No Jew adores God! Who say so? The Son of God say so. For he said: "If you were to know my Father, you would also know me. But you neither know me nor do you know my Father". Could I produce a witness more trustworthy than the Son of God?

If, then, the Jews fail to know the Father, if they crucified the Son, if they thrust off the help of the Spirit, who should not make bold to declare plainly that the synagogue is a dwelling of demons? God is not worshipped there. Heaven forbid! From now on it remains a place of idolatry".

JERZY CICHOCKI: The Conductor and Artistic Director of St. Michael's Choir School fired "WITHOUT CAUSE"

Just after Christmas Day, Dr. Jerzy Cichocki, the Principal Conductor and Artistic Director of St. Michael's Choir School in Toronto, was fired without cause. The Catholic Register carries the story. 

Dr. Cichocki has devoted his life to ensuring that the musical and artistic legacy of the great Mgr. John Edward Ronan be carried forward. Dr. Cichocki has managed to preserve and build on the school's devotion to Gregorian chant and sacred polyphony.  

The unjust dismissal has not gone unnoticed in Canada and across the world. One immediate sad result of this was that there was no music in St. Michael's Cathedral for the Feast of the Epiphany. How tragic, how sad. How brutal to fire a person with no cause over Christmas!

There is an online Petition to get Dr. Cichocki reinstated. I encourage all readers to sign immediately. To sign, please visit here. 

The person who has the authority to rehire Dr. Cichocki is Thomas Cardinal Collins. According to the Catholic Register, the Cardinal supports the school Administration regarding Dr. Cichocki's dismissal. 

Please contact His Eminence and politely and respectfully ask the Cardinal to intervene to save this good and accomplished man's position at the Choir School.

His Eminence Thomas Cardinal Collins 

1155 Yonge St. Toronto M4T 1W2 

 tel: (416) 934-0606 ext. 609

Tuesday 10 January 2017

BREAKING NEWS: Top secret memo on destroying the family by Archbishop Rupert Weakling

Parishioners of "Holy Smoke" parish

Witness brings to you a secret memo written by Archbishop Rupert Weakling to Holy Smoke Parish pastor, Fr. Aidan McNutty. The document was made available by the anti-heresy fighter, Fr. Dominic Vobiscum.


My dear Aidan,

Firstly, I wish to thank-you for all the destructive work you have done at the parish, Holy Smoke. I especially wish to congratulate you for all the hard work you are doing to destroy the young people. Is it not edifying when young people come to church on Sundays, and yet, in their daily lives, live like the "Gentiles"?

Just a few key reminders: do not forget that the young people are influenced by word and deed. Repeated sins, however small, will desensitize them quickly. Keep them in a corruptive environment. It may be a simple thing such as giving someone a rap CD or a movie with profanity. 

We are not just targeting the young; but also, and take care here: the parents in the parish. If we can continue to lull the parents into a sense that they are "practicing Catholics" just because they turn up in a pew on Sundays, then you have as much as got them. The parents will be seduced into the "good" life, and the youth naturally follow. It is human nature to take the easiest path. When the young see the parents as - in essence - nominal Christians, why would they ever not follow? Bad generals make bad foot soldiers.

If we consider Liguori's advice to parents, we can invert it and set as a general template what practical results we should be looking for in the young: parents, schools etc. should - indeed, must! - be encouraged to instill in the young a lively sense of vulgarity, obscenity, licentiousness. Nothing drags a young person away from Christianity as quickly as "impurity". We have a lot to work with: even a so-called saint is only flesh and by proximate occasions, he or she may become a devil. Never give up the work! 

Some practical advice: encourage the young to turn to celebrities as their idols; encourage indulgence in social media, etc. Facebook, Snapchat, Tinder, Badoo etc., are a marvelous fantasy tools for this. How ecstatic I become, Aidan, when you send me reports of veritable children behaving  like cheap tramps or tarts on social media! When I hear that they come from Catholic schools "in the Catholic tradition", with the sacraments and even Mass, we know that we are proceeding from triumph to triumph for the Evil One. 

What joy it brings me, to think of parents spending tens of thousands on their daughter's "traditional" Catholic education, when the same girl will end up as a cheap, whoring little tart. This is the delicious reality!

Now, if you can be fortunate to find a few double-faced parents, that is, active enablers of childrens' sin, all the better. It may come to chance that you may be blessed to strike upon a parent who perhaps has a psychological problem, or even a pathology. Here, there is a gold mine to work with. Human pride and psychological weaknesses must be exploited to the full. People should be encouraged to cause scandal and so on in the local church. The more the merrier. An old Spanish proverb, perhaps a bit colourful, is advisable here: encourage this monkey to climb his or her tree, but in doing so you keep well back. 

In closing, my dear Aidan, I am edified to hear your reports of the growing corruption of the youth in parochial Catholic schools. Truly I am edified. Indeed, much "work" merely entails allowing society and corrupt parents to do their work undisturbed. Encourage liberalism! You have so far excelled at that! 

Keep wearing your cassock; keep up the soft, sentimental, pious external practices. Even say the Latin Mass. Emphasize a sociological Christianity; if anything at all. Keep the Cross hidden from sight. No Cross, no salvation!

I remain, faithfully yours, 

Rupert Weakling

Saturday 7 January 2017

"Liberal Democratic Order": CIA, FBI and NSA admit they work for international Freemasonry

The CIA, FBI and NSA have now gone on record as being the advocates of international Freemasonry. In their Report, which they had the audacity to release on Christmas Day in the East, and Epiphany in the West, they attempted to implicate President Vladimir Putin (who, by the way was in church yesterday) in leaking the vile emails of the DNC to the world. They further reported on page 11 that "the Kremlin sought to advance its longstanding desire to undermine the US-led liberal democratic order...". "Russian media hailed President-elect Trump's victory as...the latest example of Western liberalism's collapse".  (p.14)

Now, liberalism is anti-Catholic and contrary to the Gospels. Pope Leo XIII wrote in Libertas: 

What naturalists or rationalists aim at in philosophy, that the supporters of liberalism, carrying out the principles laid down by naturalism, are attempting in the domain of morality and politics.The fundamental doctrine of rationalism is the supremacy of the human reason, which, refusing due submission to the divine and eternal reason, proclaims its own independence, and constitutes itself the supreme principle and source and judge of truth.

There has been and continues to be a huge uproar in the masonic media about Russian interference that swung the election to Donald Trump. The uproar is that Trump does not seem to be on board with the designs of international Freemasonry. As a populist and patriot, he stands as an opponent of globalism and the "liberal democratic order" (to quote the Report). 

However, the fact is, Hillary Clinton won the popular vote. The fact may well have been, that the leaked emails may have motivated innumerable abortionists, homosexuals, occultists and to vote for Clinton. The CIA is well aware that the leaked emails actually did NOT influence the election. This is the sad reality. Even after the release of these emails, Clinton still managed to win the popular vote. The real deciding factor was that three small States who are heavily populated with farmers and with common sense, held the fort and gave Trump the victory. 

The present US Government, under the mis-leadership of the thuggish Barack Obama, gave Orthodox Russia a Christmas "present" full of half-truths, propaganda, lies, smear and innuendo. 

If people like Barack Obama hate Vladimir Putin, it should tell us something. Likewise, when people like Nancy Pelosi comment thus: "Vladimir Putin's assault on American democracy was political thuggery in support of Donald Trump". Such a remark should give us pause to reflect on what really is going on.  

If the vast majority (there were a few standout bishops who did not go along with the pro-DNC mafia running the USCCB) of Churchmen had got their way the militantly pro-abortion, pro-homosexual, family-hating, criminal and occultist Hillary Clinton who be occupying the Oval Office. Thank God there were still enough common sense peasants and farmers who held their ground and voted for Trump. Even after Clinton came out strongly in the final debate in favour of killing babies as they are being born, the US bishops (with rare exceptions) remained silent.

Contrast their sinful nonsense to the reflections of Bishop Richard Williamson on the US elections. 

Trump’s Election

For Trump we must pray. Since last month’s election
He will be needing Heaven’s own protection.

The essential thing to say about the election last month of Donald Trump as the next President of the United States is that it is a God-given reprieve from years and years of liberal government, but unless the American people themselves turn back seriously to Almighty God, then the reprieve will be swept away by a return of the liberals in force to destroy the United States once and for all, as Hilary Clinton would have done, had she been elected.

Now it is true that not many people today think of politics in terms of Almighty God, but that is exactly the problem. To shut him out of life, especially out of politics, has been a crusade for Freemasons and liberals ever since the end of their 18th century. Liberty from God has been the crusade of their substitute religion, secular humanism. Similarly in the 20th century Communism with or without the name has triumphed against nature all over the world because it acts like a religion, being, as Pius XI calls it, the messianism of materialism. And liberalism and Communism are why the entire Western world has been tilting to the left for hundreds of years.

And that is no doubt why a large number of voters in that American election voted for the candidate who lost. She was known all over the nation for her lying, immorality and treason. Her criminal record was notorious, including the suspicion of her having been responsible with her husband for the murder of well over fifty men and women who had got in the way of their ambition and careers. How could anybody halfway decent have even thought of voting for her, let alone more than half of all Americans who voted (she did not win the Electoral College)? Paul Craig Roberts himself, excellent commentator on the American political scene, is baffled by that question. The missing answer is surely that that woman incarnated the war against God. For liberals, liberty is their religion. That she proudly broke all of God’s commandments was an argument not against her, but for her. She is a Saint of liberalism.

Now her conqueror, Donald Trump, is not, to all appearances, a specially godly man, and he is still liberal in various ways – who is not? – but he has within him a good dose of that old-fashioned decency and generosity which used to be typical of the best in America and Americans. Therefore he is instinctively against ungodly people, and after years and years of self-righteous liberals under a series of liberal Presidents trampling all over decent Americans, he had had enough, and he stepped into politics “to give back to this country some of what it has given to me.” And after the same years and years of what had in fact been a one-party System, because there had not been since Governor Wallace’s time “a dime’s worth of difference between the Republicans and the Democrats,” Trump bucked the System, gave voice to the people’s frustration, and a host of decent souls voted him into office. But the System is furious.

Therefore he must now think hard. He has become President-elect on the strength of decent instincts against liberal ideology. But that is a flash in the pan, because to fight against ideology with instincts is like fighting tanks with a pea-shooter. To fight a false ideology one needs a true ideology, and to fight against war on God one needs peace with God, which will be on God’s terms and not on man’s. Now God is all-powerful and infinitely good, and he can undo the worst that his enemies can attempt to do against him with the merest flick of his little finger, so to speak. But he is not going to grant victory over the Synagogue of Satan if he knows that the people that he is saving are going to go straight back to Satan. The people must come away from Satan and turn back sincerely to God, who is not deceived.

At the very least Donald Trump himself must pray – ACTS – with Adoration, Contrition, Thanksgiving and Supplication. God has been with him, to grant this reprieve. Let us all include him and President Putin in our own prayers, to prolong the reprieve. Otherwise it could soon be over.

Kyrie eleison.

Friday 6 January 2017

A Blessed Feast of the Epiphany to All

Today, the Church celebrates the Feast of the Epiphany. There has been a concerted effort by those of the Anti-Christ (beginning with the Sanhedrin and the High Priests) to bury the revelation to the Gentiles. The Jewish High Priest, inspired by Satan realized the import of Our Lord's actions. "It is better that one man die, than the entire Nation perish". The Jews realized very well that with the coming of the Messiah their work as the "Chosen People" would take another course. They however, rather than except the Will of God, chose to disobey.

Wednesday 4 January 2017

BREAKING NEWS: Bishop Fred Henry of Calgary resigns!

His Excellency, Bishop Fred Henry of Calgary has resigned. 

His Excellency has recently been a voice in the wilderness in opposing gender ideology, same-sex "marriage, "gay-straight alliances", State totalitarianism etc. 

His Excellency mentioned that his health condition is the "principal reason" for his resignation, thereby informing us that there is a secondary reason.  

No doubt, the vicious persecution by the gender ideologists, the media, the various hate groups that promote unnatural sexual acts have caused the bishop's health condition to worsen. Stress is a catalyst that exacerbates any auto-immune disease, such as Ankylosing Spondylitis.

Please pray for Bishop Henry 


February 6, 2016
His Holiness Pope Francis
Vatican City

Your Holiness

Greetings and prayerful best wishes! I started writing this letter on August 21, 2013. The time has now come to update it and send it to you.

I will celebrate my 73rd  birthday on April 11, 2016. I was ordained to the priesthood in 1968 and to the episcopacy in 1986, and have been the Bishop of Calgary since 1998.

After considerable prayer and reflection, I have come to the conclusion that I should step down as Bishop of Calgary and retire in accordance with Canon 401.2.

The principal reason is my medical condition. I suffer from a type of arthritis known ankylosing spondylitis for which there is no cure. AS is also an autoimmune disease meaning that the body's immune system becomes confused and begins to "attack" the body. In AS, the joints in the spine are the target of the immune attack resulting in pain and stiffness (inflammation) in the neck and back.

The first symptoms of AS typically start in late adolescence or early adulthood. Although I have suffered from a sore back from my early 20s, it wasn't until about 35 that I was diagnosed as having this disease. The inflammation of AS usually starts at the base of the spine, where the spine attaches to the pelvis. This inflammation can spread upwards to involve other parts of the spine. As the inflammation continues, new bones form as the body tries to repair itself. As a result, the bones of the spine begin to “grow together” or fuse causing the spine to become very stiff and inflexible. The discs in my lower back ( lumbar region ) and my neck have fused limiting my basic mobility. I can no longer turn my head sideways but must turn the whole upper body to look left or right. In addition, I can’t really look up but have a permanent stoop and my feet are much more familiar to me than the sky.

When the immune system is confused, it can attack other parts of the body than the joints and tendons. Over the years, I have had several bouts of inflammation in my eyes, a condition called uveitis or iritis. These attacks – requiring the taking of two different types of eye drops (atropine and pred forte and sometimes an eye injection ) to deal with the iritis, with good management this is usually short term.  I have not had an attack for the last six months – thanks be to God.

It also affects the lungs and the heart. My lung capacity is severely diminished and walking any distance, I am breathing hard after walking only one or two blocks, or climbing stairs is difficult, as is sitting in one position for any length of time.

Although my doctor was concerned about my heart, all the tests turned out negative and my heart condition is comparable to other persons my age. My hearing is also greatly diminished and getting worse.

I have been on the anti–inflammatory drug Naproxen for 37 years and Humera, a new biologic self–injected drug for about 5 and 1/2 years which has brought some pain relief. However, I live with severe chronic pain and stiffness of the spine affecting both posture and daily activity. My condition cannot be reversed. I have jokingly said that “pain is my best friend, we are always together” but it is wearing me out and limiting my ministry.

I believe that someone younger with more energy, stamina and pastoral vision should take over the role of Ordinary for the Diocese of Calgary. The needs of this ever-expanding diocese are enormous. I have given it my best and I am past my “best due date” – it is time to retire. I would like to propose that my retirement take place effective December 31, 2016.

Wishing you all the best, I remain,

Sincerely yours in Christ,

✠ F. B. Henry
Bishop of Calgary

Why do the Bishops of Canada not care about the working poor?

I have been doing a little reflecting on the outrageous cost of foods in Canada. Staple foods such as cheese, milk, eggs and meat etc. For example, according to Statistics Canada, in 2016 the average price for a dozen eggs was $3.11. For butter (454 gr) was $4.66. One liter of milk was $2.47. Meat, is also massively overpriced; one kilo of ground beef was $12.04. Outrageous. 

All of these outrageous prices have real, every day effects on Canadian families. Real, every day effects on children. Real every day effects on the psychological trauma of a father and mother deeply concerned about trying to feed a family. Catholic families know that the mother is not out working, but doing far more important work in looking after the family. 

On the issue of price gouging, price fixing of food, the Bishops of Canada were silent during the 2015 Election. Obviously, these men are not in habit of doing daily grocery shopping, or paying the bills that keep a home running. 

Where one expects foods to be more expensive, such as at a local convenience store or gas station, in the United States one can pick up a dozen local eggs for (e.g.) $0.99, and likewise butter for the same $0.99. Even considering the exchange rate one immediately sees that Canadian food should be about $1.30 or so. If you don't believe me, spend a few minutes yourself looking it up on the internet. 

Woodman's, a Wisconsin and Illinois based grocery chain has sold local quality eggs for $0.59. 

The same applies too so many other foods. In Toronto, for example, avocados are $1.50 or more. Yet, in Buffalo one can pick one up for under $0.70. How is this possible? Who is allowing this? When was the last time an American crossed into Canada to pick up a few bargains at the local supermarket? 

Aldi Food Flyer from Buffalo, NY

How can the Canadian Bishops remain silent on such a grave matter of injustice? No, these men drone on about "pay equity" between men and women (forget mothers staying home to raise children); and raising income to offset immorally price-fixed basics necessities. There Excellencies, conveniently forget that driving up wages means inflation. Do they really believe that an increase in wages would lead to lower prices? Why would a price-fixing gouger lower his prices if his customers had more money to spend? It would only encourage price fixing by these syndicates.

In fairness, these men are probably utterly oblivious to real life, to the regular family. They live in a bubble of delusion and fantasy. By undermining families, they are also undermining the Church.

Sunday 1 January 2017

The REAL reason behind the "American" Establishment's attack on Vladimir Putin

But anyone who is the downfall of one of these little ones who have faith in me would be better drowned in the depths of the sea with a great millstone round his neck. 
St. Matthew 18:6

The hysterical attacks from the Catholic Church's traditional 2000 year old enemy which controls America's media, intelligentsia (so-called), finance etc. needs explanation. The REAL reason for the desperate attacks upon Russia are obvious for those who have eyes to see and ears to hear. 

President Vladimir Putin addressing the media in Finland on Russia's determination to defend children from homosexual propaganda. 

Mr. Barack Obama attending a "Lesbian Pride" event and encouraging (along with his erstwhile underling, Mr. Joe Biden) the corrupting of young children with homosexual propaganda 

BREAKING: Pope defends marriage telling bishops to "never do anything to detract from the dignity of this sacrament"

Pope Pius VIII

The Holy Father has spoken out forcefully defending the sacrament of marriage. He underscored that the close union of husband and wife is a sacrament, that is, a sacred sign of the immortal love of Christ for His Spouse. One notices how the Holy Father addresses the grave error and horrendous heresies of both the libertine and the Manichean puritan.  

The Holy Father wrote: 

We also want you to imbue your flock with reverence for the sanctity of marriage so that they may never do anything to detract from the dignity of this sacrament. They should do nothing that might be unbecoming to this spotless union nor anything that might cause doubt about the perpetuity of the bond of matrimony. This goal will be accomplished if the Christian people are accurately taught that the sacrament of matrimony ought to be governed not so much by human law as by divine law and that it ought to be counted among sacred, not earthly, concerns. Thus, it is wholly subject to the Church. Formerly marriage had no other purpose than that of bringing children into the world. But now it has been raised to the dignity of a sacrament by Christ the Lord and enriched with heavenly gifts. Now its purpose is not so much to generate offspring as to educate children for God and for religion. This increases the number of worshippers of the true divinity. It is agreed that the union of marriage signifies the perpetual and sublime union of Christ with His Church; as a result, the close union of husband and wife is a sacrament, that is, a sacred sign of the immortal love of Christ for His spouse. Therefore, teach the people what is sanctioned and what is condemned by the rules of the Church and the decrees of the Councils.[16] Also explain those things which pertain to the essence of the sacrament. Then they will be able to accomplish those things and will not dare to attempt what the Church detests. We ask this earnestly of you because of your love of religion.

The full Papal statement may be read here