Sunday, 29 January 2017


Daniel P Horan, OFM., has been reacting like an immature schoolboy caught with his finger in the cookie jar. 

Unmasked for his support of the pro-abortion, pro-homosexual and pro-gender-ideology of the repugnant feminist "Women's March", he is now frantically tweeting about "trolls", "demons", and then laying out for us a chaotic self-described definition of what it means to be "pro-life". 

In his childish and confusing tweets we find Horan equating killing babies with homosexuality, "misogyny" and "Islamophobia". Obviously, Horan is a neophyte on Twitter and has been completely caught off guard. This seems like it is the first time that he, as a dissenter, has been discovered and called out by Catholics. 

But all of this is but a recent side show from an individual who does not understand social media and continues to dig himself into an elephant trap of his own making. Narcissism has definite drawbacks. 

A little bit of research informs us that Horan has been a dissenter for quite a while. His strange opinions did not just emerge with the election of Donald Trump and the subsequent reaction to the election by the worst of American society (feminists, fascists (e.g. communists, statists, globalists etc.,), secularists, gender ideologists... 

However, the National Catholic Reporter states this: 

"Daniel Horan is one of those hip young priests that the new evangelization dreams of".

In June, 2016, Vox Cantoris unmasked this malefactor for his strange promotion of homosexuality alongside "Amoris Laetitia". Apparently, Horan seems to think that two men holding hands has something to do with love. However, God does not think so. Sacred Scripture condemns homosexuality as always and everywhere a grave sin. 

Vox, rightly wrote: 

When Daniel Horan dies, he will see their faces for all eternity in Hell for not calling them out of their sin and instead leaving them in it.

Men such as Horan are homosexualists. They hate Our Lord Jesus Christ and His Truth. The proof is in their actions. 

They are undermining the Faith and committing evil by their actions and inactions. They must be called out.

Two "men" holding hands on Horan's Youtube presentation of "The Joy of Love" 

Not enough, Horan returned to promoting homosexuality again. This time, in July of 2015, when the Supreme Court of the United States saw fit to proclaim that marriage could now be confected between (for now) two men or two women, Horan wrote an approving article in the ultra-modernist, America (also quoted approvingly in the militant homosexual propaganda outfit, New Ways Ministries). Horan provides us with these three gems in his pro-same sex tirade: 

As a Christian, the “joys and hopes” of the LGBT women and men who have cried out for the recognition of their human dignity and value, these are the “joys and hopes” of me today.

It would appear that today’s decision could align well with this call for the church to “overcome and eradicate” such discrimination and affirm the “fundamental rights of the person.”

After all, it is interesting that 56 percent of Catholics express support for same-sex marriage, according to a 2015 Pew survey.

Typically of Horan (if one reads his Tweets), he contradicts himself. After devoting all his energies to informing us how wonderful the ruling of the Court was, Horan then tries to claim that he upholds Catholic teaching on marriage but "still" dreams of upholding what he calls "the dignity of the person". 


Horan also claimed that it was "appalling" that people would consider the Supreme Court's "tragic". In other words, Horan is telling us that State sanctioned unnatural sexual acts masquerading as "marriage", will not undermine Holy Matrimony and Society. 

"...the decisions on Wednesday were absolutely not tragic. That anyone would say that — and this quote has circulated widely in subsequent days — strikes me as quite appalling. 

Wednesday’s decisions, as best I can tell, affect no one for the worse. They do not threaten different-sex marriages. They do not ruin the foundations of our society".

Surely Horan is aware that Catholic teaching holds that marriage has always, everywhere been and will forever be between one man and one woman. Catholic teaching on marriage extends to all of humanity. Is Horan unaware that two pagans can confect a valid, though non-sacramental marriage? The Book of Genesis is explicit, "male and female He created them". Horan is being very deceptive when claiming that he holds one set of rules for Catholics but another for others. Two and two is four is universal; just as marriage is. Period. 

But, it goes further.   

Horan, does not once ever speak of sin. 

Not once, in his gushing endorsement of "civil" homosexual so-called marriage ever draw our attention to the abominable, sinful actions being committed between the homosexuals within their so-called marriages. 

St. Paul warns us: " And, in like manner, the men also, leaving the natural use of the women, have burned in their lusts one towards another, men with men working that which is filthy, and receiving in themselves the recompense which was due to their error." (Roman, 1:27). 

Likewise, St. Jude: "In like manner, Sodom and Gomorrah and the cities around them, who indulged in sexual immorality and pursued strange flesh, are on display as an example of those who sustain the punishment of eternal fire." (1 Jude 7). 

[warning: the following passage contains graphic language identifying certain sexual acts committed by homosexuals and lesbians]

Not once does Horan mention that these homosexuals will engage in unnatural sexual activity, which is, always and everywhere, gravely sinful. Not once, does Horan tell us that the Supreme Court implicitly told Americans that: anal "sex", that mutual masturbation be it by hand or mouth, that fisting, felching, golden showers, rimming etc. and the various activities that homosexuals and lesbians undertake in what they call "love making", are in fact horrible blasphemous caricatures and mockeries of the holy, sacred sacramental exchange between a husband and wife in holy matrimony. Not once does this Friar mention that marriage is a reflection of the union between Christ and His Church. 

Yet what does Horan inform us? 

Well, he gloats over the horrendous 56% of so-called Catholics who believe that rimming and fisting are to be compared to the sacred Union between husband and wife. 

Catholic teaching is that, when in the state of Grace, a husband and wife actually convey sacramental grace to each other be their holy Union. 

The promotion of homosexuality is an effort to equate Holy Matrimony with unnatural sexual acts. This is an abomination.   

What does all this say about his Superiors? 

What does this say about Theodore McCarrick, the man who ordained him? 

Vade retro Satana!

Tuesday, 24 January 2017

Daniel P Horan OFM denounces the Keystone Pipeline but is SILENT on defunding abortion

Daniel P. Horan has opined again. This time it was NOT that President Donald Trump reversed the evil abortion policy of his predecessor. On this Horan is SILENT. 

What our erstwhile "Franciscan" dissenter has seen fit to denounce is the announcement that the Keystone XL Pipeline will be built.  

Canadians, especially Albertans, are rejoicing that President Donald Trump has just approved the Keystone XL Pipeline. Americans right across the border in Montana are also rejoicing, as are those where the pipeline will be built. 

This means thousands of jobs, a sense of self-worth for the unemployed, food on the table for struggling families, extra money for clothes and shoes for growing children, the strengthening of families burdened by economic uncertainty.... etc. It means cheaper oil for struggling families where every penny counts. 

It also means powerful pressure on Islamist regimes who hold their women in veritable bondage and servitude. I thought we were for "women's rights", Danny?

But this is of no concern to Daniel P Horan OFM. His only response is "talk about anti prolife".

No concern here for the poor and those on the peripheries for the Franciscan jogger, who runs in some very expensive equipment (more on that to come). Serious jogging and marathoning is definitely not for the poor. 

To quote from his website: "Fr. Dan has continued to run for leisure and later returned to competition while in his 30s. Not an elite runner by any means, he nevertheless frequently qualifies for top-corral slots and even as a sub-elite runner in competitive road races"

Runners go through a lot of shoes, believe me. Not to mention the air fares to the various locations across the US and to Mexico City and Dublin.  It seems like Fr . "Dan" has some deep pockets, or he has some seriously misguided benefactors. 

Daniel P. Horan expects to be taken seriously as a "theologian" when he dares compare the vicious, sadistic butchering of the unborn to the establishment of a safe pipeline. Madness. Absolute madness. 

Daniel Horan is a disgrace to the priesthood. He is a Judas priest. 

Monday, 23 January 2017


"Why I do not support the (so-called) March for Life". 

Yes, those are the words of Daniel P. Horan OFM, supporter of the militant feminist, lesbian, pro-abortion and pro-gender ideology, "Women' March". 

In fact, it is the title of an essay written by Horan in 2012, and later included as a chapter in his book, Dating God. 

The website, The American Catholic has done Christ and His Church a great service, when they published an excoriating rebuttal of the 2012 essay :"Why I do not support the (so-called) March for LIfe".

Donald R. McClarey, who publishes the website, noted that he first became aware of Horan's essay when reading a laudatory review of it on the ultra-modernist National Catholic ReporterHe proceeded to shred Horan's pathetic essay, replete with heresy, blasphemy, lies, half-truths, deceptions and pro-abortion propaganda. An essay truly composed in the vestibule of Hell. 

Official "Woman's March" position on Abortion and Gender Ideology  

It is extremely important for Catholics, and  all men and women of good will to read this hateful and evil writing, especially in lieu of Horan's praise of the "Women's March". A march - that also included pornographic and horrible acts of self-degradation by women, as well as signs and posters expressing violence and hatred towards men - that was founded upon the pillars of abortion and gender-ideology. 

Catholics should consider how it was possible that Theodore McCarrick ordained then "Brother" Horan, given that his dissenting essay was public, and re-published in Horan's first book (nothing like re-hashing old trash to make a few quick dollars). 

Reading this, one truly realizes the depth of the crisis in the Church, with Judas priests like Daniel P. Horan. I also highly recommend readers to Vox Cantoris for further revelations about this "Franciscan". 

Daniel P. HORAN:  However, it [ABORTION] is not, at all, the most important issue, nor is it the single issue upon which Catholics – or anyone – should focus in an exclusive manner. 

Donald R. McClarey: Why not? Most great evils in this world have been removed due to a single-minded focus upon a particular evil for a time.  The crusade against slavery in this country comes immediately to mind.
Abortion belongs to a series of social sins of a systemic degree that include capital punishment, war and violence, limitation of social services for the least among us, economic inequality, abject poverty and other threats to the dignity of human persons in our culture and globalized world.

Ah, the “seamless garment” in all its threadbare glory.  The Pope disagrees with you brother.  Here is an excerpt from a letter he wrote as Cardinal Ratzinger.

Not all moral issues have the same moral weight as abortion and euthanasia.  For example, if a Catholic were to be at odds with the Holy Father on the  application of capital punishment or on the decision to wage war, he would not  for that reason be considered unworthy to present himself to receive Holy  Communion. While the Church exhorts civil authorities to seek peace, not war,  and to exercise discretion and mercy in imposing punishment on criminals, it may  still be permissible to take up arms to repel an aggressor or to have recourse  to capital punishment. There may be a legitimate diversity of opinion even among  Catholics about waging war and applying the death penalty, but not however with  regard to abortion and euthanasia.

Some will claim (likely in the comment section below) that abortion is more egregious than those other things because of the so-called innocence of the fetuses whose life is prematurely ended.

“So-called innocence” of the fetuses?  Brother, if the unborn are not innocent then there is no such thing as innocence.

Yet, innocence is a construct that has theological and ethical implications and characteristics that have been explored on this website as well as on the excellent WIT: Women in Theology website. I will not rehearse those discussions here.  

Just as well Brother Dan.

Instead, what is necessary is to recognize the shortcomings of what is too often uncritically lauded among certain sectors of the Catholic and more broad Christian communities as the “pro-life” event par excellence. In fact, it is a striking showing of support for anti-abortion protests, but offers little (with very few, and always marginal, exceptions) by way of a truly Catholic (and catholic, as in universal) pro-life demonstration.

“Seamless garment” this is your cue!

Such an event would include a much broader representation of the issues that also threaten life and human dignity.   And so I offer this rather non-exhaustive reflection on three points I think need to be considered with regard to assessing the (so-called) “March for Life” each January in Washington, DC.  

“So-called” again.  Really Brother, your reliance on that cliché is juvenile.

 A. The Disingenuousness of its Title   While those who trek to the nation’s capital to stand in the chilly January air are undoubtedly sincere in their conviction, I wonder about the provenance of the march and its title. The march is presented as a positive effort (hence the preposition “for”), yet it really is a protest against something.

Indeed Brother Dan, they are protesting the killing of some 50 million of our brothers and sisters in the womb over the past four decades.

Ostensibly, it is a protest against a United States Supreme Court ruling thirty-nine years ago that grants women the right to procure safe, regulated and legal medical abortions.  

Brother Dan has pro-abort-speak down pat.  There is very little regulation in regard to abortion Brother, and more than a few women have died while receiving a “safe” abortion.  Of course the abortion is never safe for the target of the abortion....

The complete analysis and rebuttal of Daniel P. Horan's essay on The American Catholic may be read here. 

Saturday, 21 January 2017

Daniel P. Horan OMF: this evil apostate Franciscan supports the abortion-loving "Women's March"

A "Franciscan" who likes the evil "Women's March"

That the central theme of the so-called "Women's March" is abortion is obvious for all to see. 

Yet, Daniel P. Horan OMF has seen fit to endorse this evil outburst of demonic mass demonstration. I found his vile Twitter account by noticing that Jason Welle SJ., had also seen fit to re-tweet this Judas-Franciscan. He happily tweets a photo of Horan's fellow apostate "Franciscans" joining militant abortionists in Washington, DC.

Seeing this great evil in the Church, amongst the clergy should not despair us. Christ is in total control of His Church. These evil churchmen are permitted by Our Lord to scourge His Church to purify Her.  

The old adage every picture tells a story applies here, as we review the horrifying pictures of the abortionist rally, supported by evil Franciscans and Jesuits. 

UPDATE: 1/21/2017 (7:19 EST). Sisters of St. Joseph, Dominican nuns, and journalists at the  National "Catholic" Reporter are marching, and/or endorsing the March. Let us see: abortion, homosexuality and priestesses seem the be the ingredients for a satanic "religion".  

Jason Welle SJ is back at it again: this time comparing Donald Trump's movement to Nazis

Jason Welle S.J., obviously has too much time on his hands. 

Ordained to the Diaconate in the Fall of 2015 - even though he had written two articles approving of the US Supreme Court decision to legalize so-called homosexual "marriage in The Jesuit Post. 

Following up on this, Welle was exposed for tweeting a stream of blasphemy, filth, vulgarity on his Twitter Feed. Now, this erstwhile Jesuit has a new obsession: attacking President Donald Trump. 

Welle's latest reflection is to tweet a disgusting and hateful cartoon equating the Trump movement to Nazism. Is Welle actually insinuating that Donald Trump is a Nazi, or is Nazi-like?
At least he should man up - if he can - and and openly state what he means. 

Jason Welle SJ. cannot be allowed to be ordained to the Catholic priesthood. He is an immature, petulant man. Worse, far worse: he is a purveyor of false and grossly immoral homosexualism that is rife in his Order, the Jesuits. 

But what can one expect, when homosexuality has penetrated right into the Vatican itself?

Why are the Jesuits and celebrity priests obsessed with homosexuality??

The Jesuits Order is coming out more and more. The Jesuit Post last year carried a number of militantly pro-homosexual articles by Jason Welle S.J. The Jesuit publication, America constantly pro-homosexual propaganda. 

A brief perusal of a number of Jesuit Twitter accounts seems to indicate that the Jesuits are ramping up their pro-homosexual. 

They are of course joined by CNN religious "commentator" Fr. Edward Beck. 

May readers draw their own conclusions.  

Friday, 20 January 2017

President Donald Trump scrubs homosexual propaganda from White House website; Vatican Radio attacks him!

Catholic readers should be more than dismayed that Vatican Radio saw fit to conduct an interview with homosexualist Massimo Faggioli attacking President Donald Trump. 

While this loathsome man was spewing his rubbish on Vatican Radio, Trump's men were busy removing Barack Obama's evil pro-homosexual page from the White House website. 

Vatican Radio launches an attack on President Trump 

Readers can easily discern a militantly pro-Democrat position by so-called Catholic elites. The following is a fine example. Absolutely disgusting. One only wonders about the depth of depravity amongst the Jesuit Superiors who encourage this kind of behaviour. 

"Thank-you" for a man who virulently promoted abortion and homosexuality 

Just where are these churchmen coming from? 

What do they believe? 

Judas Priests!

Monday, 16 January 2017

The Fr John Gallagher Case: Chief Deputy Sheriff accuses Diocese of Palm Beach of 44 years of obstructing investigations into homosexual abuse

Fr. John Gallagher of the Diocese of Palm Beach, upon witnessing a homosexual pedophile priest grooming a young 14 year old boy with at least 40 pornographic photographs, immediately facilitated his arrest by Palm Beach police. Fr. Gallagher's quick thinking and decision making was crucial - as attested to by the police - to the successful prosecution and conviction of the homosexual molester. 
One would think that Bishop Gerald Barbarito and  the Diocese of Palm Beach would be more than thankful towards Fr. Gallagher in saving a young innocent boy from suffering homosexual rape at the hands of this pervert. In fact, the police stated that the showing of the photos was   but a grooming phase, which would have led to physical abuse.  Fr. Gallagher, saved this young boy!

Alas, no. Fr. Gallagher's activities were considered anathema by Barbarito, whose unwritten policy would have been to spirit the abuser out of the diocese, in this case, back to his native India. Unfortunately, for Barbarito, he had met his match in the righteous Irish priest, who would not cover up homosexual criminal activities. 

Furious that Fr. Gallagher had gone to the police, the Bishop launched a hateful attack upon him. He unleashed his minions in the Diocese to slander, defame and lie about the priest.

But it gets even worse. Far worse.

Deputy Sheriff of Palm Beach, Michael E. Gauger wrote a letter July 20th, 2015, to Sean Cardinal O'Malley asking him to ensure that Fr. Gallagher received accolades for his work in having the sodomite priest arrested charged and convicted. It seems obvious too, that the Deputy Sheriff was hoping that O'Malley would intervene with Barbarito, as the situation had turned ugly with Barbarito viciously persecuting the whistle-blowing priest. 

Very disturbingly, Sheriff Gauger notes that Catholic officials have been covering up criminal homosexual abuse for 44 years. In other words, since the Sheriff joined the police department, homosexuals have been loose in the diocese, abusing boys and young men.

Impeding and dismissive of abusing children!! This is how evil and vile these homosexual infiltrators are! 

One can only wonder to the degree of homosexual activity amongst the clergy, beyond that of abusing boys. Obviously there exists a massive, highly organized and decades long homosexual ring in the Diocese of Palm Beach well before Sheriff Gauger. 

I ask readers to note that the Deputy Sheriff wrote to O'Malley, as he was Ordinary in Palm Beach just over a decade ago. But O'Malley continues to give the cold shoulder to Fr Gallagher and Deputy Sheriff Gauger. Why? What is he covering up? Is he being back-mailed? Just what does Sean O'Malley know? 

Why the silence? Just how high into the American Hierarchy does the homosexual juggernaut and blackmail go? Only to bishops? Or even higher? Catholics have a right to know. 

Saturday, 14 January 2017

BOMBSHELL: Catholic priest sues Diocese of Palm Beach for covering up homosexual abuse

Fr. John Gallagher

Fr. John Gallagher is a priest of the Diocese of Palm Beach, Florida. 

In January, 2015, Fr. Gallagher caught a visiting priest from India showing homosexual pornography to a 14 year old boy. Fr. Gallagher rightly went straight to the police.  

However, in doing so, this good priest felt the wrath of the local Bishop, Gerald Barbarito. It seems the bishop was not at all happy that Fr. Gallagher had had this vile sodomite arrested. Apparently, the Diocese had preferred to spirit the sodomite out of the country, back to India. Barbarito responded to Fr Gallagher's righteous actions to go straight to the police by releasing his underlings - clerical and lay -in the Diocese to smear the Irish born priest. 

With his Ordinary against him, Fr. Gallagher contacted Sean Cardinal O'Malley, former Ordinary of the Diocese, to intervene to protect him from the wrath of Barbarito. It seems that the newly appointed CDF member gave Fr. Gallagher the cold shoulder, and would not defend the courageous actions of this good man. 

We have all seen this before. Rather than rooting out the sodomite abusers and other homosexuals in the Diocese, the Bishop continues to play cover for them. More sinister is the inaction of O'Malley. If homosexuals and their supporters have penetrated into the very heights of the American Hierarchy, it means that the Church in America, in its visible structures; its buildings, its seminaries, its official news agencies, its universities etc., have been handed over to Lucifer. One can conjecture that when the Hierarchy became ashamed of Christ and His beautiful teaching on Holy Matrimony, the Holy Spirit handed over these churchmen to the devil to torture them with homosexuality.  

As I reported earlier, there is conclusive evidence that the Church in America is heavily infiltrated by homosexuals. These evil malefactors have not gone away. Fr. John O'Connor,  OP back in the late 1980s, prophetically speculated that they had probably penetrated to the very heights of the American Hierarchy. For his efforts, Fr.O'Connor was expelled from the homosexual riddled Dominican Order. As with the Jesuits, the Dominicans remain infested with this evil to this very day. 

But God will never abandon His Church. He will always be there for loyal Catholics; the literal handful of bishops, the few good priests and nuns, the humble laity who truly pray the Rosary. God will never abandon those who do not wish to abandon Him.    

So it is with Fr. Gallagher. He is not a Catholic to be trifled with, and he is rightly suing the Diocese of Palm Beach.  

Pray that Fr. Gallagher wins his lawsuit.  Pray that he remain constant and brave. The homosexuals will no doubt try to settle out of court, for many, many secrets will no doubt emerge. Pray for Fr. Gallagher's safety. For "they" will stop at nothing. 

Dear readers, also keep the 14 year old boy abused by the homosexual predator in your prayers. 

BREAKING: Upcoming Vatican 2018 Synod on Youth to combat "rigidity" in the Church

The ongoing war against doctrine coming from the churchmen in the Vatican (masquerading as fighting "rigidity"), will be ramped up in the upcoming 2018 Synod on Youth. This, according to Vatican Radio. 

Readers will notice that the "professional" lives of "youth" is mentioned first. A totally natural approach for a false horizontal Christianity that no longer believes in Hell. The way to Heaven is on the Cross, not money, a so-called career and "professional" life. 

Readers should note that Cardinal Lorenzo "Fingers" Baldisseri (the "book thief", and notorious piano player) is organizing this Synod, just as he organized the scandalous Synod of the Family. 

In all of this we should remember that Christ is still in absolute control of His Church. We have the Pope and churchmen we need. WHat is it we need? We need to be punished severely for the grave sins of Catholics. 

God writes straight with crooked lines. We should never forget that God is far, far greater than mere men, including Popes. No man, including a Pope can ever destroy the Church. 

From Vatican Radio: 

A Church which is less rigid, more welcoming, and open to discussions, debates and encounters. They want Church leaders who are willing to spend time listening to the experiences of young people, making them “privileged interlocutors” of a Church which is open and engaged in dialogue with the young generations.

That’s the ambitious goal at the heart of the next Synod of Bishops, focused on the choices that young people make in all walks of their professional, spiritual and personal lives.

The full report may be read here. 

Friday, 13 January 2017

BREAKING: Bishops of Malta approve of intrinsically evil acts ~ pray for them

"But I say to you, that whosoever shall look on a woman to lust after her, hath already committed adultery with her in his heart".  Matthew 5:28

Heresiarch Scicluna of Malta
The Maltese bishops have announced that one can follow one's conscience regarding the committing of adultery. These men obviously no longer believe that this particular act, is always, everywhere, and without exception a very grave mortal sin. Vox Cantoris carries a full report. 

Ed Peters carries a canonical analysis that points out how the bishops of Malta have just demolished the Sacraments of Holy Matrimony and Confession (if it were possible). His observations are particularly grave. 

These malefactors can easily be refuted. 

Consider the following that dealt with the specific intrinsic evil of contraception. But it is just as applicable to any other intrinsic evil, e.g. adultery.

Astonishingly, these evil malefactors had their advocacy of adultery and invalid confessions published in L'Osservatore Romano. Contrast this to what Pope John Paul II had published in past years. 

From L'Osservatore Romano, February 27, 1987, page 9.

The Christian moral tradition has always distinguished between positive norms (which bid us to act) and negative norms (which forbid action). 

Further, this tradition has constantly and clearly maintained that, among negative norms, those which prohibit intrinsically disordered acts do not admit exceptions; such acts, indeed, are morally “disordered” on account of their own innermost structure, hence in and of themselves, that is, they are opposed to the person in his or her specific dignity as a person. 

For this very reason, no subjective intention and circumstance (which do not change the structure of these acts) can make such acts morally ordered.

I have a question for these Maltese malefactors: if one can follow one's conscience regarding the intrinsically evil act of adultery, what about murder (which includes abortion and euthanasia), rape, theft, unnatural sexual acts (specifically oral and anal sodomy between men and women) and homosexual acts?

Logically, if one can be excused for one intrinsically evil act, one must be excused for all. Evil is evil. These men no longer believe in the Truth. Please pray for these poor, pathetic men who have betrayed Christ and are in desperate need of prayers.

To close in the words of St Francis de Sales from an Introduction to the Devout Life: 

"Public, notorious sinners may be spoken of freely, provided always even then that a spirit of charity and compassion prevail, and that you do not speak of them with arrogance or presumption, or as though you took pleasure in the fall of others".

"But I say to you, that whosoever shall look on a woman to lust after her, hath already committed adultery with her in his heart".  Matthew 5:28