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Wednesday, 4 January 2017

Why do the Bishops of Canada not care about the working poor?

I have been doing a little reflecting on the outrageous cost of foods in Canada. Staple foods such as cheese, milk, eggs and meat etc. For example, according to Statistics Canada, in 2016 the average price for a dozen eggs was $3.11. For butter (454 gr) was $4.66. One liter of milk was $2.47. Meat, is also massively overpriced; one kilo of ground beef was $12.04. Outrageous. 

All of these outrageous prices have real, every day effects on Canadian families. Real, every day effects on children. Real every day effects on the psychological trauma of a father and mother deeply concerned about trying to feed a family. Catholic families know that the mother is not out working, but doing far more important work in looking after the family. 

On the issue of price gouging, price fixing of food, the Bishops of Canada were silent during the 2015 Election. Obviously, these men are not in habit of doing daily grocery shopping, or paying the bills that keep a home running. 

Where one expects foods to be more expensive, such as at a local convenience store or gas station, in the United States one can pick up a dozen local eggs for (e.g.) $0.99, and likewise butter for the same $0.99. Even considering the exchange rate one immediately sees that Canadian food should be about $1.30 or so. If you don't believe me, spend a few minutes yourself looking it up on the internet. 

Woodman's, a Wisconsin and Illinois based grocery chain has sold local quality eggs for $0.59. 

The same applies too so many other foods. In Toronto, for example, avocados are $1.50 or more. Yet, in Buffalo one can pick one up for under $0.70. How is this possible? Who is allowing this? When was the last time an American crossed into Canada to pick up a few bargains at the local supermarket? 

Aldi Food Flyer from Buffalo, NY

How can the Canadian Bishops remain silent on such a grave matter of injustice? No, these men drone on about "pay equity" between men and women (forget mothers staying home to raise children); and raising income to offset immorally price-fixed basics necessities. There Excellencies, conveniently forget that driving up wages means inflation. Do they really believe that an increase in wages would lead to lower prices? Why would a price-fixing gouger lower his prices if his customers had more money to spend? It would only encourage price fixing by these syndicates.

In fairness, these men are probably utterly oblivious to real life, to the regular family. They live in a bubble of delusion and fantasy. By undermining families, they are also undermining the Church.


Anna said...

Canada's food prices are similar to those in Western Australia. We grow wonderfully tasting bananas, but also get less tasty from Queensland. Few years ago the prices for a kilo jumped to over AU$10.- due to floods in Queensland. Queensland is on the other side of the continent. Go figure...

Lawrence and Susan Fox said...

Barona, the food in Austria is unbelievably cheap compared to the U.S. I used to spend $300 on one trip to the grocery, now it's 70 Euros, and the dollar is almost as good as the Euro. I get 913 euros for $1000. I don't know how I will be able to return. You must have a very high income to afford food in the U.S. Susan Fox www.christsfaithfulwitness.com

Anonymous said...

Not to mention the two major telecommunications companies over charging us for internet and cellphone service, Rogers and Hell, I mean Bell.