Saturday 29 January 2022

Canadian bishops SILENT on the FREEDOM CONVOY because they sold the Church for 30 pieces of silver!


Hutterite women in support of our truckers

As tens upon tens of thousands of Canadians gather in Ottawa today we must ask: where are the bishops?

Why are they silent?

Why will they not speak out in defence of civil liberties that derive from the Natural Law?

Just HOW MUCH money are they getting from the State?

Let not the falsehood be raised that this would be "political". Defending the natural law and opposing unjust laws is under the jurisdiction of the Church. "We must obey God rather than men" (Acts 5:29). Pius XI wrote in Ubi Arcano: 

With God and Jesus Christ, excluded from political life, with authority derived not from God but from man, the very basis of that authority has been taken away, because the chief reason of the distinction between ruler and subject has been eliminated. The result is that human society is tottering to its fall, because it has no longer a secure and solid foundation.

Who can deny that in remaining silent in the face of Caesar's abuse of power, the bishops are undermining the political life of Canada? 

Having sold the local Church for "30 pieces of silver" decades ago, the result is profound corruption, filth, decadence. The stench of this reeking decadence growing with each passing day. Consider a real bishop: St. John Chrysostom who did not fear exile for opposing the corrupt politicians of his day. What a bishop!

Still not convinced? If Ottawa can be brought to a standstill in -20 degrees weather over vaccine mandates and lockdowns, how is it possible that the bishops of Canada cannot bring it to a standstill for far greater evils? They have had had decades to do so on SO MANY monstrous evils but have done NOTHING. Let us review their inactions: 

Abortion? NOTHING

Euthanasia? NOTHING

Pornography? NOTHING

Sexual perversion? NOTHING


Behold the crooked "cross" of their new "religion"! 

Tuesday 25 January 2022

The Conversion of St. Paul, Apostle to the Gentiles

Conversion of St. Paul, Fra Angelico

Today, January 25th, marks the Conversion of St. Paul, Apostle to the Gentiles. Many of us present readers would not be in the Church were it not for the activities of St. Paul. Toronto Catholic Witness offers the following meditation by Bishop Challoner for your reflection. May God bless you all.

Consider first, and admire the wonders of the grace of God in the conversion of St. Paul, suddenly changed from a fiery zealot for the Jewish religion, and bloody persecutor of the Church of Christ, to be a fervent Christian, a zealous preacher of the gospel, a vessel of election, to carry the name of Christ to nations and kings; a doctor of the Gentiles, an Apostle of Jesus Christ, and a most eminent Saint. Learn from hence the greatness of God's mercy, and the power of his grace; learn never to despair of the conversion of any one, how remote soever he may seem from the faith or grace of God. Who could be more remote than the convert of this day? Assure thyself that the hand of God is not shortened, and that his power, mercy, and goodness, is as great now as ever; and therefore never cease to pray to God for the conversion of infidels and sinners. 'Tis likely the conversion of St. Paul is in a great measure owing to the prayers of St. Stephen. Join with the church on this day, in glorifying God and returning him thanks, through Jesus Christ, for the wonders of his mercy and grace in St. Paul, and the many thousands that were brought, through his preaching, to the ways of truth and life.

Consider 2ndly, that the conversion of St. Paul is, by the Church, set before our eyes this day as a model of a perfect conversion, from which sinners may learn, 1. How readily they ought to correspond with the calls and grace of God, inviting them home; 2. How they ought to yield themselves up entirely to him; and 3. What their lives ought afterwards to be, in consequence of that distinguishing mercy which God has shown them in their conversion. Paul was no sooner called by the voice of Jesus Christ, but he presently obeyed the call and yielded himself up to be his for ever. The prayer he then made was short in words, but very expressive of the perfect disposition of the soul in this regard, and of the sacrifice he desired to make of himself without the least reserve, to the holy will of him who called him. 'Lord,' said he, 'what wilt thou have me to do?' As much as to say 'My heart is ready, O God, my heart is ready; here I am prostrate at thy feet, desirous only to know, and to do thy will; send me where thou pleasest, ordain concerning me what thou pleasest: I desire to be thine in life and death; I desire to have no exceptions at all to thy blessed will.' See also how, being sent into the city, where he was to learn of Ananias the will of God, and to receive from him the sacrament of regeneration, for the washing away his sins, he there continues for three whole days, neither eating nor drinking, but wholly employed in prayer. O this was showing himself to be a convert indeed; this was being quite in earnest in preparing himself for his baptism; this was laying a solid foundation for a new life. O that all penitents would set this great example before their eyes, when they pretend to make their peace with God; and would, like Paul, prepare themselves by fervent and long continued prayers joined with the exercises of mortification and penance! Thus we should see other sort of conversions than we commonly meet with now-a-days.

Consider 3rdly, the sentiments of St. Paul, with regard to the life he looked upon himself as obliged to lead, in consequence of the mercy God had showed to him in his conversion. He had ever before his eyes the greatness of his mercy; he considered himself as having been, to his thinking, the greatest of all sinners, and how God had spared him all the while he went on in his sins, and without any merit on his part, had by an evident miracle, wrought, in an instant, the total change in him; and therefore he was convinced, as he both declared in his words, and showed forth in his practice, that he could do no less than devote his whole life to the love and service of his Saviour, to testify his gratitude for the love he had showed to him. This consideration carried him through all his labours and afflictions, and animated him to meet death in all its shapes; (for he was dying daily as he tells us,) because Christ had loved him, and died for him, and therefore the love of Christ pressed him that he might live no longer to himself, but to him who had showed him mercy. O that all converts would have the like sentiments.

Conclude to learn to practice the lessons which St. Paul teaches you in his conversion, and in particular to have a great esteem of the grace of reconciliation, and of that unspeakable mercy and love which God has shown you in receiving you again, after you had fallen from him by sin. Learn also from him to testify your gratitude, by dedicating yourself henceforward in good earnest, to the love and service of him who has done such great things for you.

Thursday 13 January 2022

Baptism of the Lord

Baptism of the Lord, Master of St. Bartholomew

I particularly like this depiction, as it not only shows God the Father watching (and subsequently speaking), but also the Saints. It demonstrates how dependent we were - and still are - on Our Lord to come down from Heaven and fulfill His Mission. His Baptism was a key moment in that Mission.

O Lord, You redeemed us through Your Precious Blood, the Mission which You formally began with Your Baptism! You didn't have to, but You did so anyway, out of such Great Love for us. How poorly do we repay that Love!

May we all have a blessed Feast of the Baptism of Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ (Blessed be His Name forever)!

Friday 7 January 2022

HAPPY CHRISTMAS ~ "Traditionis Custodes" in Russia



Dear Catholic friends, let us pray for a return of unity between the East and West; let us pray that the Roman churchmen, especially in the person of the Pope will return to guarding the Tradition of Jesus Christ, the Apostles, and the Fathers.

In the meantime, through mysteries known but to God, the separated brethren of the East are "guardians of tradition".  We thank God Almighty they hold fast to the ancient Byzantine rites of St. Basil the Great and St. John Chrysostom. Let us therefore hold fast to the ancient rite of St. Gregory the Great, the father of the various Latin Rites (or usages) that emerged over the centuries in Latin Christendom.

The following is an example of "traditionis custodes" in action, with the the Patriarch of all the Russias leading the Divine Liturgy for Christmas Day.

As you watch also consider the hate and rage of bolsheviks, who could not eradicate Christianity in Russia, even through 70 years of the most barbaric, bloody persecution. Place yourself in the position of a western atheist, and you tremble with hate and fear as you see the Russian Orthodox Church blocking your way to destroy, carve up, and then incorporate the remains of Russia into the wicked degenerate, perverted western, globalist hegemony.  


Now, dear Catholic friends, place yourself at the side of Christ and rejoice that Christianity is growing in Russia. May the Pope of Rome open his heart to true Tradition, may he come back to the Faith of the Fathers, handed down for all time to the saints.


In the far north of Russia, President Putin attended midnight Divine Liturgy.

Thursday 6 January 2022

Happy Feast of the Epiphany ~ as we CONTINUE celebrating in this Christmas Season


Happy Feast Day dear Catholic friends. May the Three Kings intercede for you before the Throne of the Christ Child. 

This great Feast Day, still celebrated with great importance in some countries, has fallen into disregard amongst the more paganized and decadent countries of the West. As such, you will not hear much about the Magi in your churches, given that the fish rots from the head down. It is indeed one of those perverse paradoxes that these same countries roaring about "diversity" are actually the most homogenous in enforced ideology, be it liturgical (c.f. "Traditionis Custodes") or political (c.f. "liberal democracy").   


To those Catholics and separated brethren who use the Julian Calendar - we wish you a most holy and blessed Christmas Eve.

Wednesday 5 January 2022

Orthodox Patriarch of Moscow serves Children's Divine Liturgy

May this be a source of edification for all who stop here.

"My true love, I am all his; and who but I the longing of his heart? Come with me, my true love; for us the country ways, the cottage roof for shelter. Dawn shall find us in the vineyard, looking to see what flowers the vine has, and whether they are growing into fruit; whether the pomegranates are in blossom. And there thou shalt be master of my love." (Song 7:10-12)

Sunday 2 January 2022

The Holy Name of Jesus ~ as we continue celebrating Christmas!


A holy Feast Day to you all! How special is this day, how grave, in Latin Christendom, as we contemplate the Faith of the Apostles, "...there is no name under Heaven by which we are saved, but that of Christ Jesus" (Acts:4:12) and that this same Faith was "once for all handed down to the saints" (Jude 1:3). This teaching may seem to modern man, a hard teaching, but it is the Faith of the Apostles. To reject it is to break with the Apostles, the Church: to break with Our Lord Jesus Christ Himself. "I am the Way, the Truth, and the Life, no man comes to the Father but my Me" (John 14:6). 

This teaching means that every man is called to salvation, for "God wishes all men be saved" (1 Tim 2:4).  St. John Chrysostom explains this verse this way: "Fear not therefore to pray for the Gentiles, for God Himself wills it; but fear only to pray against any, for that He wills not. And if you pray for the Heathens, you ought of course to pray for Heretics also, for we are to pray for all men, and not to persecute. And this is good also for another reason, as we are partakers of the same nature, and God commands and accepts benevolence and affection towards one another".

Some might ask: does this mean all Jews, Moslems, pagans, even atheists are eternally damned? It does not. For God pours out His graces on all men, even those who resist Him. What it does mean is that if a man knowingly rejects Jesus Christ out of malice, he cannot be saved. But let us tremble, for where does that place the apostate Catholic who once DID proclaim the Holy Name of Jesus? Surely at the forefront of the damned.  St. John Chrysostom even challenges Catholics to the knowledge that they will be damned even if they profess the doctrine. The holy Patriarch wrote: 

For of what advantage is it to be godly as to doctrine, but ungodly in life? And that it is very possible to be ungodly in life, hear this same blessed Apostle saying elsewhere, They profess that they know God, but in works they deny Him. Titus 1:16 And again, He has denied the faith, and is worse than an infidel. 1 Timothy 5:8 And, If any man that is called a brother be a fornicator, or covetous, or an idolater 1 Corinthians 5:11, such a man honours not God.

Let us honour and love the Holy Name of Jesus in our hearts and actions, for as St. James warned us: "faith without good works is dead" (2:14). Let us therefore in word and deed manifest our Catholic Faith so that the blind Jews, the disbelieving Moslems, the deluded pagans, the scoffing atheists will come to the foot of the Cross and allow the outpouring of salvific grace overflow into their lives and souls.

Tragically those who follow the modern sectarian rites will not be celebrating with us the Holy Name of Jesus. In fact, I was even unaware that the modernists had declared today the "Epiphany" until I noticed that the Anglicans were "celebrating" Epiphany. My curiosity raised, I checked the modern sectarian rite, and lo and behold, there it was! Dear Catholic friends, pray, as St. John Chrysostom begs us, to pray for all men - especially heretics and apostates - and how much these cowardly bishops, wayward Romans need our prayers! - to abandon their errors and return to the unchangeable Faith delivered once and for all time to the saints.


Saturday 1 January 2022



Archbishop Jan Pawel Lenga, Fidei Defensor

Dear friends, a blessed New Year to you all. We are all aware of the actions of the sectaries in Rome in 2021; where they doubled-down as active agents of the godless masonic governments. But far, far worse: they launched an all out attack on the Tridentine Roman Rite of the Latin Church, seeking to abolish all the Sacraments as handed down to us over the centuries. 

However, all is never lost. Consider the various crises in the Church in Her early centuries and the counter-revolution of saints such as Athanasius or John Chrysostom. Both these patriarchs lives are permeated with not only a rigorous defence of doctrine, but also its application in the social and political life. Thus, we had the constant battles of the Golden Mouth against the imperial power, such that he had to flee into exile. Consider the protestant revolt, and the Catholic response: St. Charles Borromeo, St. Ignatius of Loyola. This is the Church Militant in action!

In our day, we have bishops such as Archbishop Lenga. Though forcibly retired from his diocese of Karaganda, Khazakstan, by the Romans, the saintly Prelate now residing in Poland, rather than remaining in obscurity as the sectaries hoped, has developed a considerable following - growing worldwide - as he openly combats the devotees of doctrinal and social modernism. The following video is a call to Catholics to engage in spiritual counter-revolution to remain true to the Catholic Faith.