Saturday, 1 January 2022



Archbishop Jan Pawel Lenga, Fidei Defensor

Dear friends, a blessed New Year to you all. We are all aware of the actions of the sectaries in Rome in 2021; where they doubled-down as active agents of the godless masonic governments. But far, far worse: they launched an all out attack on the Tridentine Roman Rite of the Latin Church, seeking to abolish all the Sacraments as handed down to us over the centuries. 

However, all is never lost. Consider the various crises in the Church in Her early centuries and the counter-revolution of saints such as Athanasius or John Chrysostom. Both these patriarchs lives are permeated with not only a rigorous defence of doctrine, but also its application in the social and political life. Thus, we had the constant battles of the Golden Mouth against the imperial power, such that he had to flee into exile. Consider the protestant revolt, and the Catholic response: St. Charles Borromeo, St. Ignatius of Loyola. This is the Church Militant in action!

In our day, we have bishops such as Archbishop Lenga. Though forcibly retired from his diocese of Karaganda, Khazakstan, by the Romans, the saintly Prelate now residing in Poland, rather than remaining in obscurity as the sectaries hoped, has developed a considerable following - growing worldwide - as he openly combats the devotees of doctrinal and social modernism. The following video is a call to Catholics to engage in spiritual counter-revolution to remain true to the Catholic Faith.

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