Thursday 28 December 2017

Why are churchmen promoting the antichrist "holiday" of Kwanzaa?

A contrived, anti-Christian "holiday", so-called "Kwanzaa" began yesterday. It was created by a convicted criminal, a woman torturer and communist, Ronald McKinley Everett (aka: Maulana Karenga). A terrorist and violent criminal, Everett created a de facto rascist "holiday" which was to piggy back during the Christmas Season. 

That which rightly takes away from Jesus Christ is antichrist. As a communist, Everett openly boasted of his racialist "holiday" as an attack on Our Lord Jesus Christ. It is one thing to see a communist openly advocate an anti-Christian holiday, it is quite something else to see churchmen support it. 

Pray for the conversion of deluded churchmen who pander to false "mis-leaders" such as Everett. 

Wednesday 27 December 2017

Happy Feast of St. John the Apostle

A blessed Feast Day of St. John the Apostle, as we continue our celebration of Christmas. 

In principio erat Verbum,et Verbum erat apud Deum,et Deus erat Verbum. Hoc erat in principio apud Deum. Omnia per ipsum facta sunt:et sine ipso factum est nihil, quod factum est. In ipso vita erat,et vita erat lux hominum: et lux in tenebris lucet,et tenebræ eam non comprehenderunt.

Tuesday 26 December 2017

The Synagogue of Satan destroys Catholic property in Jerusalem

Patriarch Fouad Tawwal has denounced the Zionist State of Israel. The anti-Christ so-called "Jewish" State destroyed property that belongs to the Latin patriarchate of the Catholic Church.  

Today, we celebrate the Martyrdom of St. Stephen, murdered by hate-filled members of the Synagogue of Satan. This hatred has not changed. Indeed, it has intensified over the centuries, as Satan works with even greater skill to make God's once Chosen people, his chosen people. Just as the Jewish people rejected the Messiah when He came, so they will accept the Antichrist as their Messiah when he comes. God's once chosen people, will become Satan's chosen people. Lucifer awaits with delight the day he can gloat before God that the Jews have rejected Him, and accepted Lucifer's Antichrist instead. Indeed, we can see prefigurements of this in the Old Testament: the Golden Calf, the killing of the Prophets...

We should never forget that Our Lord himself is Jewish. This fact, identifies the Jews for a special hatred from Lucifer, as he can never forgive the fact that a few loyal Jews - especially Our Blessed Mother (the Lily of Israel), St. Joseph and the Apostles - against the hatred of the Pharisees and Scribes - managed to bring about Redemption. The Jews are therefore in the greatest of dangers. As Jewish control increases over "Israel" and Jerusalem, all of this is preparing the day when the Antichrist will march into the Holy City and demand that the Jews fall down and worship him. 

Though the Synagogue is filled with hatred, the Catholic response must be that of St. Stephen. In prayer for these deluded people, we pray that their conversion will soon be at hand. If they refuse to convert they face a horrible future at the hands of Antichrist. St. Paul - the great Jewish convert - warns us that we are fighting powers and principalities of darkness. 

The two great forces of darkness are presently at work to bring about the reign of Antichrist. The Jewish Nation - to the degree they are in accord with the teachings of the rabbis and the Talmud - is the primary agent of darkness. The secondary force is international Freemasonry. Over the centuries, these two forces have manipulated, encouraged, given birth to any and every organized force opposed to Christ and His Church.  We see this in Simeon the Magician, a Jewish gnostic in the Book of Acts. We see it in Islam, and the huge influence the Talmud and Jewish ritual has upon Islam. We see it in Freemasonry with Jewish and gnostic symbolism and rituals. We see it in socialism, communism, capitalism, fascism, etc. In sum, we see the forces of darkness at work wherever there is not Our Lord Jesus Christ. 

During this Christmas do not forget to pray for the conversion of Jews and Freemasons. 

Sunday 24 December 2017

Tuesday 19 December 2017

Anglican "Bishopess" Sarah Mullally welcomed by Archbishop Coleridge and Thomas Rosica CSB

Another rich, powerful, white woman.... ah the benefits of feminism!

Anglicans in London have a new "bishop". Well, not exactly: they have a new "bishopess". Sarah Mullally, the former Chief Nursing Officer for all of England, somehow  has managed to be selected by the extremely wealthy, elitist, establishment, white cabal that run the apostate Church of England. 

Chief Nursing Officer Mullally, a dyed "blonde" and silk-wearing parsoness, will now be London's first "bishopess", furthering the lies and deception that has befallen the apostate Church of England, since that sad day, when the mini Antichrist, Henry the 8th, along with his henchman, Archbishop Thomas Cramner (deposed for heresy, as is still noted on the wall in Westminster Cathedral), tore England and Wales away from the one, true Church of Christ. 

"And the bloody church of England, in chains of history,
Requests your earthly presence at the vicarage for tea" 

 Chief Nursing Officer Mullally, represents all that dissenting churchmen in the Catholic Church desire of a bishop. To quote Jim Hacker, they hanker for clergy-persons as bishops who are "a cross between a socialite and a socialist". 

Sarah Mullally is being equated to the new Archbishop of Paris Archbishop by Archbishop Mark Coleridge. His Tweet has been re-tweeted by Fr. Thomas Rosica, CSB. Do not these two men know that the Church declared Anglican Orders invalid? Do they not know that St. Pope John Paul II declared the Church teaching that a woman cannot be ordained is infallible and to be held by all the faithful? These men are cunning, subtle, dissenters.

Coleridge and Rosica promoting the silk-scarf wearing "bishopess"

Not one word from Coleridge or Rosica that Chief Nursing Officer Mullally lives in darkness, error and lies. Not one word pointing out that she is but a lay woman. Not one word from these men for her to recant, convert to Christ's one, true Church and live a quiet, humble life. But then, it would require that they do so as well. Giving up the jet-set life: now, that would be the beginning of conversion!

Sarah Mullally (right) at her "consecration" as a bishopess 

Friday 15 December 2017

Traditional Rorate Mass by Candlelight in Toronto

The Rorate Mass in Toronto. Tomorrow morning, at 5:45 a.m., there will be a sung Votive Mass of Our Lady in Advent by candlelight. Please attend and bring family, friends, and those interested in the Faith. 

The beautiful St. Mary's church. 

Thursday 14 December 2017

James Martin S.J. is working for the Synagogue of Satan

Can there be any doubt that the institutional "Church" is total collapse? That a priest would praise an agent of the devil, shows who James Martin S.J. is working for. He is not working for Our Lord Jesus Christ, He is working for the Father of Lies. 

What does this say about prominent churchmen who promote this evil man? These Jesuits, Basilians and others who flock around this vile creature, latching onto his every lie, as truth? It tells us too, that they - like James Martin S.J. - are working for the devil.

Wednesday 13 December 2017

The Red Dragon and Catholic Youth: how the young generation in the Church has been won over to Satan

Catholic youth promting Lesbian "art" 
The Catholic Church is in near total collapse in the decadent "west". Europe, Canada, the USA, Australia and New Zealand are rapidly descending into a new dark age, with the institutional Church either encouraging this decline, or sitting quietly on the side-lines. Poland is possibly the sole exception, but this Nation too has many traitors and desperately needs our prayers. 

I have written on a number of occasions that the fall-out rate for teenagers and early-twenties from even the most "conservative" parishes in Toronto is (and I am being indulgent here) easily in excess of 90%. Let there be no doubt: from what I observe, we are headed towards a huge, massive collapse of the Church.

Occultism, Lesbian "chic" and our once Catholic youth
"So-called "poster" Catholic families are going down like ninepins. The evidence is there for those who have eyes to see, and ears to hear. Social media is one of the clearest ways to see what has happened to a Catholic family. Years of Mass attendance, years at Catholic "schools" (including private ones) is showing that this is absolutely no defense against the modern world, the dazzle of technology, the lure of sensuality, the traditional seductions of the world, the flesh and the devil. 

In truth these "poster" Catholic families are really re-plays of "fifties Catholicism". A ritualistic piety (Sunday Mass, even daily Mass, and recitations (note recitations! - of the Rosary) mixed with go-along to get-along approach to secularism. The results are obvious. Beautiful liturgy, music, etc. is not enough: not nearly. The Mass, the Sacraments are the bricks, but doctrine is the mortar. Doctrine has not been taught and lived for decades. Modern Catholics loath doctrine. Many still enjoy a beautiful Mass with incense and lace: but doctrine? To live the Mass integrally? To strive to lead a holy life?  Attending Mass is easy, living like a Catholic is very difficult. 

Is this Catholic? Is this even "art"?
This is filth and barbarism
The young, itching to join the world, when given the first chance, throw off this tough religion and join with the Apostasy. Facebook and other social media is a place to watch the tragic surrender of young people to evil. It is on social media that the young open their minds to what they really think. Young women in their twenties, given over to lesbianism, sexual promiscuity with young men, the wearing of clothes that would once make prostitutes blush, the use of language that would make sailors blush.  The men: if we can call them that? Barbarians, uncouth, vulgar, profane, effeminate, weaklings. "Art" for these men are (for example) videos of men simulating urinating in urinals; for women, it is dance fund-raisers for Planned Parenthood and so on. All these examples are real, documented. Yes friends, once Catholic school girls raised funds for the most evil organization on earth. 

Archbishop Fulton Sheen in the mid 19060s once said that if one left America for a year or two and returned, she was unrecognizable. What would he say today? What would he say of "traditionalists" who have mouths like sewers? What would he say of priests who stand by and do NOTHING about this near total collapse of the Church? 

I had the great joy of hearing a holy priest identify Freemasonry as one of the evil forces at work today in the world. When was the last time YOU heard your priest denounce Freemasonry? If your priest is silent, you know he is a "fifties Catholic", his parish is dying, the youth under his charge will be devoured by the Red Dragon.

Tuesday 21 November 2017

Poland: Catholic and Free must be Destroyed

"Save Poland and the World with the Rosary" 

What is the real reason for the recent explosion of hatred towards Poland? 

The Guardian accuses "Armia Krajowa"
(the Polish resistance army that fought the Nazis) 
of being "xenophobic" and "far-right".

Why this interest in Poland? Suddenly, voices are heard spewing the most vile hatred towards that Nation. What can it be? What is stimulating the hatred? The lies? 

I am not naive. Poland has made her mistakes, and like every Nation, is not perfect. But she has - at least not yet - openly rejected Christ and the Mass. But Poland is on the cusp: abortion is legally not yet completely banned, divorce, contraception are legal. The Polish State does not yet have a grasp on Catholic Order. Until these three horrors are removed, Poland is still in very grave danger of falling into apostasy. 

However, the recent crowning of Our Lord as King of Poland, the huge Rosary Crusade are signs that Catholic Poles are fighting back against decades of secularism. This is intolerable to the organized traditional, international enemies of Our Lord.  

Just who are they? 

The first international and highly organized group stems from the Pharisees of Our Lord's day. These men, given the once true religion, rejected their Messiah, crucified Him and have been bitter enemies of Him ever since. They are now, in the words of St. John, "the Synagogue of Satan". They hate Christ, His Church and seek at every opportunity to weaken and if possible, destroy the Church. 

More Zionist propaganda accusing Poles of Nazi collaboration

The second international and highly organized group stems from pagan Rome and flows through the various dissenting, esoteric groups of the Middle Ages, finally manifesting itself in Freemasonry. The central, core belief of Freemasonry is Man; this anthropocentric ideology professes religious indifference via religious liberty. In this they are encouraged and supported by the neo-Pharisees.  

Both groups have worked tirelessly to de-Christianize the former Christian Nations. They have just about succeeded, with their de facto hijacking of the Catholic Church. They will not succeed of course, as Our Lord is also Lord of History. Nonetheless, these two, satanically inspired sects will stop at nothing in trying to prepare the world for the coming of the Man of Perdition, the Antichrist (who will be a Jew), and his right-hand-man, the False Prophet (who will be an apostate Catholic Bishop) in enslaving humanity under Lucifer. Now we begin to understand the hatred for any Nation that stands up to fight for Christ. She must be crushed. Traitors are never wanting. Once such group is the "Never Again" organization. A review of its ideology manifests its overt internationalism and masonic spirit. 

In my previous post, I reviewed the fact that the "Great Patriotic March" or Independence Day March in Warsaw of over 100,000 people was a peaceful march by patriots. Concluding the March, two veterans from the AK spoke to the assembled crowd about the dangers of "cosmopolitanism" and "globalism", and the siren call of money to seduce Poland into western secularism. Poles were admonished to be loyal and patriotic and to above all remember that Poland is a Catholic Nation, imbued with the Latin culture. 

One can imagine the horror amongst those who despise Christ and His Church!

So here we are in 2017, with the same enemies of Our Lord Jesus Christ spewing the same hatred.  

Sunday 19 November 2017

Western Elite is spreading LIES about Poland

"60,000 Nazis march in Warsaw", so goes the HUGE and MONUMENTAL LIE being spread by an assortment of anti-Catholic and anti-Polish bigots. 

"Tens of thousands of neo-Nazis showed up in Poland..."

 "Today 60,000 neo-fascists marched openly in Poland".

"Poles, often participated in the killings".

 "Neo-Nazis, Holocaust deniers, and right-wing nationalists feel empowered to march on the streets..." 

LIES, LIES and more LIES. 

So claim the likes of Jewish Christ-haters: Jesse Lehrich, Maya Vinokour, Sally Kohn, Seth Abramson, Jan Gross, Anne Applebaum.... in the usual, Zionist owned media outfits. 

The Wall Street Journal, the Washington Post, etc., really distinguished themselves in spreading deliberate lies. But these lies have an aim: the enslavement - or if Poles refuse - the destruction of Poland, of CATHOLIC Poland. 

I ask: When will decent Jews stand up, reject these Jewish-Zionist, Christ-hating Pharisees and fascists?   


Fascinating that I watched the entire, nearly two and one half hour Polish State televised "Great Patriotic March", but did not see any "fascists", "Nazis", "nationalists", "rascists", a huge crowd of over 100,000. Yes, another HUGE LIE. Not 60,000, but 100,000 plus. 


That a few odd-balls, and western-controlled cranks walked alongside Polish patriots, to then pose for the western, Catholic and Pole-hating media, is a typical trick. Every country has crack pots. Even the Zionist State of Israel has more than its share. Remember the anti-Polish hatred of Yitzhak Shamir? The list is endless. 

To return to our Catholic and Pole-hating Zionists. Strange how they just happened to fly off from the US to far off Warsaw to - wait for it- find in a crowd of over 100,000 a few alleged "Nazis" and "fascists". As one of the War veterans who addressed the crowd said: "we have many traitors who are working with the Germans". So much for being Nazis. 


The banner calling for a "holocaust" against Muslims, was on a bridge and removed immediately by police. It had nothing to do with the Great Patriotic March. Another huge, LIE to smear the Polish patriots. 


Finally, the claim that the Great Patriotic March was not only Nazi, but fascist, xenophobic, anti-semitic (does this include hatred of Arabs too? After all they are semites as well), hateful, bigoted... and on and on is absolutely false. The March had everything to do about defending Poland, Catholic and of Latin culture against both west and east. 


The Great Patriotic March was then concluded with an address to the crowd of over 100,000 by two World War Two veterans from the AK. 

The first military veteran included the following amongst his remarks:

"I have a great suggestion that the noise of cosmopolitanism, globalism under banner of the golden calf; the claim that it can bring us freedom is the promotion of an error. We must oppose this. Only the Polish Republic will bring us independence and freedom. I also wish to add to this, that the Polish people; Poland, always was united with the influence of the Latin culture, and the base of this culture is the Roman Catholic Church....the result is that the idea of this March is very practical. Let us fight for a national Poland that is strong and will not bend to anyone; neither the west the east. May great Poland live!"
The second military veteran, included the following: 

"We have a lot of traitors, who are collaborating with the Germans against our government, this is a disgrace. Your patriotic obligation is to defend Poland at all costs. Let us proclaim three times: God, Honour and the Fatherland"
(Trans. Barona. You may use freely, but you must credit this blog) 

So there you have it, dear friends. The Great Patriotic March was about defending Catholic Poland. It was a call to defending the Nation against "cosmopolitanism, globalism", a call to independence and freedom. In listening to the veterans' remarks, we now know the real reasons why these pathological lying, anti-Christ, anti-Polish bigots and Zionists wish to destroy Poland. They hate Christ and His Church. 

Will you remain silent? Will you continue to bend the knee to anti-Christ forces? If you have a shred of Catholicism, you will defend Christian Poland (Polonia Christiana) from her enemies. They hate Poland on account of Poland trying to be loyal to Christ. 

You need to wake-up and look around you. Look at what is happening in your country. How long will you sit idly by and let cosmopolitanism and globalism spread its Anti-Christ cancer? 

[ By the way: just don't give me any "anti-semitism" talk or propaganda. My grandmother, along with my father (who was a young teenager) risked their lives to save Jews during the war. They went and handed food to Jews  through a barbed wire fence in Przemysl. If they had been caught, it would have been the death penalty. Incidentally, my father received NO money from the German Nazis, after the War. He, a Catholic Pole, was seized  by German troops off the streets and taken as a slave labourer to Germany and to occupied Norway. Being a creative, daring and innovative youth, he escaped to Sweden (a Nation that took care of him, and which I hold a special place in my heart for Swedes). My aunt too, was taken to Germany as a slave. But, to this day, Germany hands out billions to the Zionist, rascist, State of Israel, but nothing to Catholic Poland ]

So if you think you are going to pull the "anti-semite" trick on me, don't you bloody dare!

Friday 17 November 2017

Prince Charles is correct about the "Jewish Lobby"

Prince Charles, the Prince of Wales, is being attacked by the Zionist controlled media. Suddenly, a 1986 letter is published in the press. Why? Are "they" trying to remove the Prince? Are "they" trying to bell the Prince, prior to him becoming King? Are "they" trying to divert public attention from other, more pressing issues? All that is up to conjecture. 

What is NOT up for conjecture is that Prince of Wales  is correct about the "Jewish Lobby" and the power of Zionism over the United States (and, for that matter over Canada and western Europe. Notice the most recent accusations coming from Zionist quarters about "60,000 Nazis marching in Poland", etc?).

Anyone who is unaware of the America-Israel Political Action Committee's (AIPAC) total control over the US Senate and Congress is either a fool, a shill, or, if American: a traitor. IN the old days a traitor ended up on the end of a rope, today he/she or it usually sits in the front benches of Parliament, Congress, etc. 

Americans should be thankful that the Prince actually has a serious interest in their country. His Highness obviously is far more concerned about America than the vast majority of Americans, who care nought that their poor country is bound hand and foot before the Zionist tyranny. When was the last time a US Senator or President stood up to the "Jewish Lobby"? Just how man more Americans have to die for Zionism?  

Knowing of, and understanding the power of the "Jewish Lobby" means a man is beginning to see reality as it actually is. Obviously there are other forces at work in the world besides highly organized, international Jewry operating through Zionism. However, to exclude Zionism as the major, dominant, world power cripples a man's ability to think about politics. Let us not forget, ultimately politics rests on religion. 

If Prince Charles holds true to his awareness of and opposition to the Jewish Lobby, I shall be proud - for all his other failings - to call him my King. May God bless him and bring him to the fulness of Catholic Truth. May Prince Charles return to the Faith of his forefathers. 

Wednesday 8 November 2017

Thomas Rosica CSB: Just what is his position on dissent?

Thomas Rosica, CSB, CEO of the "establishment" (yet failing) Salt and Light Catholic Media network has recently been tweeting about "dissent". Very interesting, coming from a man who conducted a scandalous interview with the notorious arch-heretic, Gregory Baum. During that interview, Rosica did not once note Baum's heresies, nor question Baum on his heresies. Rosica ahs also been silent on Baum's heresies, following the heresiarch's death. 

Did you, dear reader, have any idea that Thomas Rosica had any concern about dissent? Indeed, if Rosica had an interest in confronting dissent, would he have not confronted arch-heretic, ex-priest, and self-admitted  practicing homosexual, Gregory Baum?  

Sunday 5 November 2017

St. Michael's College at the University of Toronto praises Gregory Baum

St. Michael's College at the University of Toronto has heaped lavish praise upon the notorious arch-heretic, Gregory Baum. 

Baum, an ex-priest and practicing homosexual did more to damage the Catholic Church in Canada than any other priest since the Second Vatican Council. Baum even admitted to being a duplicitous deceiver during the Council. He wanted to continue to act as an expert adviser all the while engaging in homosexual activity. 

Think of it: a practicing homosexual was an expert consulter, playing a role in forming Council documents. We know his motivations were not love of, but hatred for Christ and His Church. Just how many homosexuals contributed to the confusing and even erroneous Council document (e.g. Dignitatis Humanae)? Just how homosexuals now occupy positions in the hierarchy and priesthood, seeking to destroy the Church? 

St. Michael's is under the control of the Basilian Fathers. Recently, Thomas Cardinal Collins tried to wrest control away from the dissident religious Order, but to no avail. The Basilians have very powerful backers in neo-modernist Rome.  

Saturday 4 November 2017

Julie Payette: A Fascist in White Gloves

Julie Payette, Canada's virulently anti-Christian, so-called Governor General, and fascist in white gloves, has again opined about religion. This woman, who is not a scientist by any stretch of the imagination, attempts to speak of science, but, in reality, is a militant proponent of the ideology of scientism. Rex Murphy has an excellent article on Payette and her attempts at philosophizing. 

Truth to tell, Payette is a serious embarrassment to true men of science. A search of electronic databases reveals that Payette has only one peer-reviewed article (co-authored) published. The article derives from her 1990 thesis. Hardly the track record of a scientist-scholar. Payette had one other article published - a very poorly written and unscholarly undergraduate level paper of four pages, including  references - in 1994

Payette, J., & Hirst, G. (1992). An intelligent computer-assistant for stylistic Instruction, Computers and the Humanities, 26(2), 87-102.

Payette, J. (1994). Advanced human-computer interface and voice processing applications in space. Association for Computational Linguistics, 416-420. 

Outside of her engineering degree, Julie Payette, as GG, has rapidly let Canadians know how actually poorly educated she is. She is not, alas for her, "learned" in any manner. What she manifests is a warped ideology that is very unoriginal. 

Truth to tell, Julie Payette's warped ideology is nothing but a reflection of fascism. I very much doubt - given that she is so unread - that outside of the name, she has read any Mussolini. However, she should. She would see how her thinking reflects much of the tyrant's materialistic political philosophy. 

 Consider the following from Mussolini (extract from The Doctrine of Fascism, 1932):
 ...the Fascist conception of the State is all embracing; outside of it no human or spiritual values can exist, much less have value. Thus understood, Fascism, is totalitarian, and the Fascist State - a synthesis and a unit inclusive of all values - interprets, develops, and potentates the whole life of a people...
... It wants to remake, not the forms of human life, but its content, man, character, faith. And to this end it requires discipline and authority that can enter into the spirits of men and there govern unopposed.... if liberalism spells individualism, Fascism spells government....the Fascist State is a will to power and to government.

It is not that Julie Payette is technically unintelligent. Payette's problem is simple: she has lost her Catholic Faith. Without Our Lord, the mind turns to mush, to falsehood, to delusions, to fantasy. Julie Payette is a classic example of a Catholic gone wrong. Like Justin Trudeau, she supports abortion, homosexuality, etc.

The support of both those evils clearly reveal a mind that is not scientific. If the first case, science proves that the human zygote is precisely that - human. In the second case, science teaches that the the anus is not a receptacle for the reproductive organ.

For further information on the tragedy that is Julie Payette, read Vox Cantoris.

Thursday 2 November 2017

George Weigel: Just who is this man and what is his agenda?

George Weigel, wealthy Beltway resident, hard-core Zionist, Americanist- Catholic and self-declared "theologian". Just who is this man, and where did he come from? Just how did George Wiegel become a "theologian" on a graduate degree (on Karl Rahner), from the neo-modernist St. Michael's College at the University of Toronto? I'm sorry, but having a graduate degree from St. Mike's on Karl Rahner hardly qualifies one as a "theologian". I think someone like Fr. Stanley Jaki with an actual doctorate in theology is a theologian. 

This is all actual fluff. The ridiculous "theologian" persona of Weigel is mere pomposity. I want to know just who is this Weigel. How did George Weigel, who graduated in 1975  go from a obscure lecturer at a very low-end seminary in Seattle which closed in the Fall of 1977, to suddenly becoming a leading neo-con in the Beltway? Well, he started in the late 70s being recruited into the proto-neocon "World without War Council" which ironically advocated war to end war! 

In the mid 80s Weigel was recruited into the Wilson Center. Why this interest in Weigel? Just who and for what reason was he recruited? How did Weigel, an obscure "theologian", suddenly became the toast of powerful, neo-con, Washington D.C? Just what connections did and does Weigel have to move in such exalted circles with neocon power brokers? Is Weigel "their man" to move amongst the exalted circles of the American hierarchy, advocating for Catholic support for the neocon political agenda? 

Who can forget the vile support Weigel gave to the criminal invasion of Iraq that has led to the destruction of that ancient civilization, and the deaths of over 200,000 civilians, and millions more living in poverty, and fear of constant violence and death? Nearly 5000 American boys have died for this foreign war, with tens of thousands suffering life-long PTSD (estimated at 30%); not too mention broken families, suicide (about 2 dozen per day) and poverty when they returned to the States. The leading war criminals who prosecuted this war are free to this day and live in luxury. Weigel even had the arrogance to try to "correct" Pope John Paul II, who would have none of this war-mongering and imperialist adventurism. 

Just what connections did Weigel have to become a: "distinguished fellow" of the neo-con "Ethics and Public Policy Center", the "Project for the New American Century", the "National Endowment for Democracy", the "Friends of Israel Initiative"?  Each of these organizations is intrinsically anti-Catholic. Their objectives are not in favour of Our Lord Jesus Christ and the Catholic Church. They are all opposed to Christ's Church. 

Weigel has been a loyal servant of his political mentors: churning out hundreds of articles and over 50 books. He has created a cottage industry of mixing politics and his strange brand of Catholicism, and it has proven to be for Weigel, a very profitable cash cow. So profitable it has been that Weigel lives in the wealthy Rockville-North Bethesda neighbourhood in Montgomery County, Maryland, and vacations regularly in his summer cottage in the Outaouais region of western Quebec.

The various signatories and leaders of these organizations have far from their thoughts, Jesus Christ and His Social Kingship over Society. Pius XI wrote in Quas Primas that Our Lord should be publicly recognized by the State, is absolutely anathema to men such as Paul Wolfowitz, Elliot Abrams, Robert Kagan, Aaron Friedberg, I. Lewis Libby, Carl Gershman (interestingly once an "officer" of the "Young People's Socialist League) and so on....

Just how many neo-cons hanker for socialism?
Neo-conservatives like socialists, 

advocate secular messianism and globalism

There is no incongruity between socialism and neo-conservatism. Both are secular and promote a materialistic messianism. As with Karl Marx and David Ricardo, so too with the socialists and neo-conservatives. The "disagreements" are an "in-house" dispute. What is not disputed is: secularism, messianism and globalism imbued with a virulent anti-Christian worldview. One would have to be a complete fool to think that (e.g.) William Kristol of the PNAC and the EPPC (both of which Wiegel belongs to) thinks in terms of Our Lord Jesus Christ, Sovereign King. 

Assorted neo-con war mongers who are - in varying degrees -responsible
for the death of hundreds of thousands in the Iraq War

George Weigel has one aim: to reconcile the politico-philosophic foundations of the United States with Catholicism. This means simply: reconciling freedom of religion with Jesus Christ. This is blasphemy. Religious liberty is not Catholic. Religious liberty, where all religions promiscuously have equal "rights" granted them by the State, is absolutely false. Religious liberty has been condemned by the Popes since Pius VI. That which is false and erroneous has no right of public propagation as Pius XII once stated. Nor what is false and erroneous has any "right" to be defended by the State. Religious liberty is the central dogma of Freemasonry. 

America's Blood and Treasure being sacrificed in vain for foreign wars and Zionism

George Weigel has consistently advocated for wars of aggression, sponsored by neo-cons and the Zionist State of Israel. Weigel even had the audacity to claim that Pope John Paul II and Pope Benedict XVI were wrong in their assessments of the Middle East situation. The never-ending blood bath has since proved the two Popes correct. Weigel even signed the neo-con war-mongering 1997 PNAC "Statement of Principles" which included the following text:

The PNAC "Statement of Principles" 

The 1997 Signatories of the PNAC 

Friends, keep far away from George Weigel who has devoted his life to a career as a neo-con shill.