Sunday, 27 February 2022

The United States "deep state" is RESPONSIBLE for the Crisis in Ukraine

Most westerners - until last week - could not even find the Ukraine on a map. Even the idiotic British Foreign Secretary mistook a Russian city for an Ukrainian one. That is why she has the job; you don't want a politician who actually is intelligent, educated, up on their geography, and able to think independently.

Yet these are the idiots that the neoliberal globalists select as our "misleaders". Complete ignorance of the Slavic world plays into the hands of NATO expansionists who dominate in Washington and London. 

For some rational discussion - and education - on Russia, watch the following interview with the late Professor Stephen F Cohen, perhaps the United States' most erudite scholar on Russia. Needless to say, he was smeared throughout his career as a "Pawn of Putin", and other such phrases by journalists and politicians; either dolts, or malicious characters doing the bidding of the Deep State and corrupt security services. Friends, stop emoting, and START thinking. 

Pray for peace and a ceasefire (this will require humility and compromise on all sides). 

In the meantime, educate yourself. Set aside 20 minutes and listen to Dr. Cohen's interview. (There is a Second part that is equally well worth careful viewing). 

"The American media and the political mainstream is trying got stop [diplomatic relations and peace] that. Remember. That anything approaching diplomatic negotiations with Russia, still less detante is now being criminalized in the United States. Criminalized. What was once an honourable tradition, the pursuit of detante, is now a capital crime".

Saturday, 26 February 2022

The HORRIBLE reality of Ukrainian Nazism: Monsters of Iniquity!


Murdered infants in Wolhynia

Most people are unaware of the horrors committed by the Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists (OUN) under the leadership of convicted terrorist, Nazi collaborator, and mass murdered, Stepan Bandera. From early 1943 through to 1944 the OUN undertook the most bestial, horrifying murder spree probably in the entire war (as the two heart breaking photos show). The OUN went on a satanic blood lust rampage: slaughtering Jews, Poles, Russians, and "unpatriotic" Ukrainians.

This is not ancient history. It is present day reality. In 2007 Victor Yushchenko declared Bandera a "hero of the Ukraine" but eventually was forced to withdraw this scandalous proclamation under intense pressure from Nazi-hating Ukrainians. 

A young woman from Lvov, butchered by Banderites

Let us leave these devils to the wrath and justice of Almighty God. Let us turn to the victims. Does your heart not bleed to see the cruelty of man, when you see these photos? What could possess someone to hang infants from trees? Or, to saw a living woman into pieces?

Dear friends, there will be NO peace in the Ukraine until such time as Ukrainians come to terms with their past. Yes, the Ukraine AND the diaspora communities MUST be de-Nazified. But that is only the first step: 

Ukrainians must confess, repent and make amends for their horrible crimes. 

Let us, as we leave this page offer up one Our Father, Hail Mary, and Glory Be for the repose of the souls of the victims. 

Please pray for the conversion of Banderites, Nazis, and fascists; that they may open their hearts to God's grace, repent, and give up their evil ways.

Canadian bishops issue Statement: NOT on Canada, but on the Ukraine (yet refusing to condemn NAZIs and Banderite fascists)

Cat got your tongue, bishops? Won't condemn Nazis?

Well, well the bishops of Canada do have a voice. Not one you would expect though. Not a voice of a shepherd for the flock actually entrusted to them. No, they only have a voice as lapdog apparatchiks for the Canadian neoliberal State, pumping out propaganda. Just as they did during the COVID Crisis.

You see dear friends, these bishops who have been appointed as the shepherds of Canadian Catholics, claim to be deeply concerned about human rights. But are they? Or is it just cheap politics? After all they were:

SILENT on the abuses over the past two years during the lock downs

SILENT on de fact  forced vaccinations

SILENT on vaccination adverse effects (including death)

SILENT on the Freedom Convoy

SILENT on Trudeau smearing millions of Canadians

SILENT on the State's invocation of the Emergencies Act

SILENT on police brutality

SILENT on civil liberties violations, including freezing of bank accounts


Yet what do we have here? The bishops swinging into action on an issue that does NOT involve shepherding their flocks, but rather involving themselves in political matters in a foreign war, firmly propping up the agitprop narrative for globalist neoliberalism. 


I have news for you, bishops of Canada: you are to be spiritual shepherds, NOT politicians. Stop dividing us! Stop the hypocrisy, Stop the lies! Start acting like bishops! 

I will add: if you ARE going to comment on the tragedy unfolding in the Ukraine, could you not - as Canadian bishops - CONDEMN the Canadian involvement in training the NAZI "Azov" Battalion which is an OFFICIAL arm of the Ukrainian Armed Forces (and not just one the many fascist Banderite and neo-Nazi militia).

So we can add: 

SILENT on Banderite fascists


SILENT on Canada's involvement in training  the Nazi "Azov" Battalion

March of the Ukrainian Nazis



Friday, 25 February 2022

The NAZI problem in Canada: Can anyone say "STEPAN BANDERA"?

Ukrainian stamps glorifying Nazis

Just what has a World War Two Nazi collaborator and mass murderer got to do with Justin Trudeau's monstrous hypocrisy? Read on, dear friends.

Before the Freedom Convoy arrived in Ottawa Trudeau smeared the truckers, their families, friends, and supporters (that means MILLIONS of Canadians) as racists, Nazis, white supremacists, mysogynists, antisemites, etc. He was joined by the sycophantic, corporate, globalist mass media (presstitutes) which was a bit rich considering these same people with one voice have consistently supported every violent top down "coloured revolution" throughout the world. Remember how the Canadian government and the media roared their approval when NATO attacked and bombed Yugoslavia, carpet bombing Belgrade, then ripping Kosovo out of Serbia and making it a NATO protectorate? Or what about the Maidan putsch in Kiev?

Having set the backdrop on hypocrisy, let us now examine a bit more closely Chrystia Freeland, the failed journalist and puppet Board member of the globalist, red fascist, WEF.

What many Canadians do not know is that the government of Canada  (CONservative at the time)- reeking of hypocrisy - supported the violent overthrow of the constitutionally elected President of the Ukraine in 2014, which included heavy input (including street violence and murder) by such racist and antisemitic neo-Nazi paramilitaries as  "Right Sector", "Azov"  and "Svoboda".  The perversity of it all even included such Jewish Kapos as Victoria Nuland and George Soros strongly supporting these same  fascists involvement in the overthrow of the legitimate government. To this very day neo-fascist and openly Nazi Ukrainian militias function in the corrupt and authoritarian Ukraine (now  a client state of the neocon United States and EU), where Nazism is still glorified, and the Galician SS are treated as heroes. Indeed Ukrainian Nazis have monuments to these killers here in our country, Canada. Thank God at least there are a few brave Jews who consistently go out and righteously deface these monuments to evil. But I ask: is the Ukrainian Nazi vote so strong that no government has the guts to order these horrors removed?  


The Ukrainian neo-SS "Azov Battalion". 

Let us now bring this Nazi glorifying connection to the present government of Canada. In fact, under the Liberals the glorification of ultranationalist and neo-Nazi extremism has taken a sure turn for the worse. How?  

The Canadian connection is explicit: Chrystia Freeland is an Ukrainian ultra-nationalist and Banderite. Canadians need to know that Freeland owes her rise and career to neo-fascist Banderite organizations that control virtually all "Ukrainian" organizations outside the Ukraine. One example would be the Banderite Ukrainian Canadian Congress. This organization does not even hide its fascist ideology, but allows openly racist, antisemitic neo-Nazi organizations, such as "Right Sector" to march in parades in our country of Canada, where we fought and died against the Nazi vermin.

A "Banderite", for those not versed in the politics of eastern Europe (and the Ukrainian neo-Nazis work with great skill to pull the wool over Canadians' eyes) is a follower of Stepan Bandera the prewar convicted terrorist, and then war-time leader of the fascist and Nazi-collaborating Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists (OUN)-B. 

The war crimes committed by this monster's thugs are shuddering. The crimes committed by the Ukrainian Nazis were so horrific and sadistically cruel that they even (if that be possible) repulsed the German SS. The preferred mass murder tools of these demonic ghouls were axes, picks, shovels, sickles, and knives. Women and children were not spared, but brutally tortured, raped, and butchered in the tens of thousands. Babies were nailed to trees, pregnant women have their wombs slit; Banderites were known to cut mutilate people, cut noses and ears off. In total the Banderites easily slaughtered over a quarter of a million Jews, Poles, Russians, Belorussians, and even patriotic anti-Nazi Ukrainians who opposed their satanic evil.  

To  this day, the  monster Bandera's portrait is carried in procession not only in Kiev, but even in Toronto (see below in 2016) by sympathizers and accompanied by useful idiots.


Freeland, second from left

"Anti-Nazi" di Novo, foreground

Liberals for Bandera, or just useful idiots?

Stepan Bandera on the fascist "Right Sector" Banner

"Right Sector, Canada" marching in Toronto

Interestingly Banderite propaganda is so skilful that supposed self-identifying "anti-Nazis" (such as the notorious hard-left Cheri di Novo), seem to have no problem marching in parades in which neo-Nazis participate. (But then, as evidenced by the reaction this week to Russia taking emergency steps to defend herself, the Donbass, and neutralize NATO aggression, and resurgent Nazism: red fascism is very much alive!). Degenerate politicians just looking for votes from fascist sympathizers. But it is much more serious when you have a dedicated Ukrainian ultranationalist and Banderite as deputy prime minster and foreign minister. Let us conclude therefore by focusing the spotlight firmly on Freeland:





Canadians are now watching. If you CONTINUE IN YOUR SILENCE then your silence condemns you! Canadians will know you for what you really are: a disgusting filthy apologist for a Nazi butcher! 


Final Note: As of this writing Russian Armed Forces have cut off neo-Nazi and Banderite militias in the eastern Ukraine where they will be eliminated. The hunt is on for fascists across the Ukraine (many of whom were involved in war crimes and terrorism since the criminal US led 2014 putsch) - and they will be brought to justice! The attempt to encircle and dismember Russia, using with diabolical cynicism, the long suffering Ukrainians as pawns has failed. Russia has faced down far greater adversaries then the now debauched western powers and emerged as the last man standing. These effete, half-whit politicians, buffoons; mere puppets of globalist paymasters are NO match for the Russians. One thing President Putin has done this week that will echo through the decades: he has brought a SCREECHING  HALT to the neoliberal globalist WEF project and the delusion of world hegemony under economic bribery/blackmail of Wall Street/The City, and the military blackmail of NATO.

P.S. Further details will be provided on Canadian Armed Forces and other NATO forces actually TRAINING the neo-SS, Azov. More to come....stay tuned.

Tuesday, 22 February 2022

The Liberal Party has a NAZI problem: It is CHRYSTIA FREELAND

I wrote the following post in 2019. Given the recent "Nazi and fascist baiting" undertaken by the Liberal Party of Canada, we need to refocus our attention as to where there may be some REAL fascist sympathies. 

Let us now review the fascist ultra-nationalist ideology of Trudeau's Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister, Chrystia Freeland:

Just who is the REAL Chrystia Freeland?

Chrystia Freeland, the Foreign Minister of Canada, has a serious problem: her support for extremist nationalists in the Ukrainian diaspora community.

After watching a number of videos of Freeland with Ukrainian nationalists and extremists: it must be asked. Is it appropriate for Freeland, who self-identifies as an Ukrainian extremist nationalist to be the FM?

But a deeper question arises: Is it appropriate for Freeland to be an elected politician at all, given her deep connections with such xenophobic and even neo-NAZI sympathizing fanatics? [*]

But is gets even worse than this. FAR, FAR WORSE. For decades, Freeland had a dark secret that she did not want you or me to know. A secret that she hid from Canadians. The terrible secret was her grandfather (or as she likes to call him in public, "dido"). This "dido" of hers was the notorious NAZI collaborator Michael Chomiak.

When this dark secret finally saw the light of day, she denied it, then tried to blame the Russians. The Russians, according to Freeland and her fellow ultra-nationalist fanatics, were defaming the name of an innocent man. However, it came out that indeed, Chomiak was a NAZI collaborator. A loyal servant of the "Butcher of Poland", the monstrous Nazi, Hans Frank.

Michael Chomiak, to the right of the smoker. Emil Gassner is at lower right in Nazi uniform

Freeland KNEW her "didus" was a NAZI COLLABORATOR and LIED about it. Outrageously, She was backed up by extremists in the Ukrainian community, including extremist nationalists that populate the Ukrainian Canadian Congress. They too, joined with Freeland bellowing that the "Rooshians" had done it!

Chomiak's obscene political ideology came from the fanatics who ran the pro-NAZI Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists  (OUN), led by the notorious Nazi collaborator, and mass murderer, Stepan Bandera. His OUN went about exterminating Poles, Jews, Russians, and even Ukrainians (e.g., Ukrainian women were murdered for marrying Poles) for their NAZI masters. Death did not come quickly when the OUN and affiliated militia meted out NAZI "justice". Many suffered the most sadistic torture before death. The OUN preferred weapons were knives, hammers, sickles, and axes. Even children and babies were not spared, with infants being nailed to trees.  Such was the maddening hatred.

Unlike other NAZIS, Chomiak, the Editor-in-Chief of the NAZI newspaper, Krakivski Visiti NEVER apologized or repented of his crimes. I guess he didn't because he was not repentant. In fact, as a loyal NAZI, he was evacuated to Vienna at the end of the War with other fleeing Nazis. 

Chomiak was a psychopath who was twice a traitor: a traitor to Poland (of which he was a citizen), and of those brave Ukrainians who were not Nazis and resisted the invaders. His newspaper throughout the War years poured hateful attacks upon Jews, Poles and Russians. Examples include the gloating of the extermination of Jews in Babi Yar. 

Chomiak's NAZI hatred was also for Canada; seen in the joyful recounting of the bombing of London, which at that time Canadians were serving and dying as airmen in the RAF. Editor-in-Chief, Chomiak approved the following NAZI rejoicing over the bombings of the cities of England:
“...bombing of industrial plants in Birmingham, Coventry, the port of Liverpool was good."

Ukrainian NAZI propaganda

After the War, many Ukrainian Nazis, Banderites and assorted ultranationalist fanatics fled to Canada and to this day remain addicted to the hate, the lust for revenge against their "enemies". The Ukrainian Canadian Congress to this day, is heavily infiltrated with such people who perpetuate this horrible mentality of perpetual hatred and blood lust. Chrystia Freeland needs to come clean with Canadians about her relationship with this Congress (indeed her entire professional and political life is due to her close links to Ukrainian nationalists) and its revisionist propaganda in support of the pro-NAZI OUN and mass murderers, such as Bandera. 

Therefore it is shocking and outrageous to hear, in this video Chrystia Freeland shrieking out the OUN fascist war cry at a Ukrainian Canadian Congress meeting in 2016. 

We need to ask Chrystia Freeland: are you REALLY telling us that your NAZI grandfather has something worthwhile to tell Canadians about politics (as she thinks he does in the disgusting video clip above), about how we conduct ourselves and live in our country? Let us recall, Chomiak waged war AGAINST Canada, as a loyal Nazi! 

I should add that there are not a few families that have scandalous secrets and humiliations. We can only imagine what it is like to have a murderer or rapist in the family. Am I saying that one ceases to love a deeply flawed family member? Not at all. What I am saying is that if one has a family member who has committed grave crimes (such as being a traitor and NAZI collaborator), one's personal familial affection cannot override responsibility for the crimes committed by that family member. Truth demands justice and honesty. To speak of this NAZI "dido" in public, in this manner, profanes the memory of the victim/s.  As my sister said to me, "if I had a Nazi grandfather, he would be 'dead' to me. I would never mention his name. It would be as if he did not exist". But for Freeland, her NAZI grandfather has a message for Canadians! Such is her blind nationalist fanaticism!

It is very important to understand that Bandera and his NAZIS are not ancient history. The past few years has seen a very big upsurge of neo-Nazis in the Ukraine. Nazis and assorted nationalist fanatics have engaged in brutal violence, intimidation, mayhem and scandalous public displays of overt support for Nazism.

March of the Ukrainian Nazis

Dear friends, the Ukraine has yet to come to terms with her Nazi collaborationist past (e.g. constant excusing the Waffen SS Galicia Division, claiming mass murderers like Bandera as a "hero", as Freeland does). Genocidal crimes were committed, and it is a sad reality that due to corrupt geopolitics, we have the bizarre and obscene situations of neo-liberal globalists (such as Freeland), and even Jewish groups (such as the B'nai Brith Canada)  pandering to, and excusing Ukrainian fascists and neo-Nazis. I suspect a pathological hatred of Russia is behind these perverted alliances. 



Chrystia Freeland: how dare you speak of your Nazi grandfather. How dare you tell us how you admire him for his views on Canadian politics!

Frankly, Nazis have nothing to teach to Canadians about politics!

Do I expect you to apologize and resign? I am not that naive. However, I do hope that Canadians, who love their country, will step up and force you to resign. 


You are a disgrace to Canada 

* This post was originally composed prior to the revelations of the "blackface/brownface" outrages of the Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau. Given Freeland's remark that Trudeau had desired to attend this extremist and xenophobic gathering, we begin to see a pattern emerging: whilst claiming to be anti-rascist, certain leading politicians in Canada engage in habitual virtue signalling to immigrant communities (for whom incidentally they privately have utter disdain and contempt) to buy votes. They engage in the "rascism of lower expectations", playing off the ancient hatreds that these communities bring to Canada. 

It is time that a very serious discussion takes place in Canada about various immigrant communities who have refused to come to terms with their NAZI past. Whereas other political parties have pandered for ethnic votes, to my knowledge they have never openly defended NAZIS and covered for collaborators. Until Chrystia Freeland came along.

Sunday, 20 February 2022


Come let us adore Corona

Three weeks and counting and the bishops of Canada continue to be missing in action. 

I must obey the State

When the truckers arrived in Ottawa, on that fateful Friday, one day after Justin Trudeau had raised the stakes dramatically when he called ALL truckers (and their supporters) without any equivocation as "racists", a "fringe minority", and other crisis-inducing words: WHERE WERE THESE BISHOPS?


Rather than shamefully hide, they could have immediately announced that they will be sending a delegation to Ottawa to mediate between the truckers and the Prime Minister's Office [PMO]. They could have asked prominent individuals of other religions who hold moral sway over their coreligionists to join them. But they did NOTHING. Now it is far too late to do anything. 

Masking is theatre to induce fear

Perhaps it was the plan all along? I suspect so. Only a fool could not see tensions, hatred, animosity, confusion, fears, agitation rising in the country. Only a moral coward would sit idly by, whilst the country in which he is supposed to be a bishop is being torn apart. Only a degenerate would not be concerned with the possible authoritarian push a government could make towards dissenters. As we have seen the government do, with its labelling protesters as "terrorists" and seizing bank accounts. All of this is completely unimportant to these bishops.

Friends, in a terrible way, COVID has truly brought home to us; exposed just who these men are.

They may sit on the episcopal thrones, but they have lost all sense of the regal, humble dignity of a man of God who is to follow Jesus Christ. I ask: would Moses sit in silence, Isaiah, Elijah? Would the apostles sit by like mute dogs? Would St. John Fisher? 

It began two years ago with these effete men boarding up churches, falling over themselves to enforce (even "over" enforce") irrational and now completely unproven public health orders. The diabolically inspired bishops of Quebec are - as of this writing - BANNING Catholics from Mass and the sacraments! This in the face of the complete failure of the "vaccines" (as Bill Gates admitted the other day). Yet these monsters continue to viciously persecute the faithful!  Needless to say, these men and their fellow bishops across Canada, also remained DEAD SILENT and REFUSED to demand their churches reopen over the two long years (and counting).

Ontario's bishops REFUSED to join this coalition

As with politicians, there will be NO apology from these men for their moral crimes they imposed on us. None will tender their resignation. They will, no doubt, join with the politicians to try to gaslight us (all the while trying to convince us to hand what few pennies we have left after the economic destruction) that their brutal actions saved us; when, in reality, science (NOT scientism) proves them wrong.

The brutal cruelty of the Canadian bishops

These men have totally abnegated any possible moral authority they had left. They are empty shells, "clanging cymbals...tinkling brass..." They are vacuous moral amoebas floating in clouds of self-delusion. 

In all of this, these bishops are seen to have a new god, Coronavirus (behind it the "real" god: Caesarism). They have a new "sacrament": vaccines. A new "catechism": public health announcements. A new "canon law": de facto interdicts based on "vaccination" status. A new liturgy: the "COVID" Mass (replete with masks, hand washing, distribution stations, and ancient sacred rites replaced with new ones dictated by the pagan "Gentiles".  








Tuesday, 15 February 2022

Canada betrayed by CONservatives and Catholic bishops!

Justin Trudeau (via his puppet masters), and joined by the chorus of ultra-leftist NPD, the corporate capitalists, the presstitutes, and the CONservatives (who green-lighted Trudeau when they told the truckers to go home and would no longer support the blockades) have imposed a de facto state of martial law on Canadians. The wicked Doug Ford in demanding and getting his injunction last Friday (ironically using the very arguments DENIED Canadians for TWO YEARS!) from a morally bankrupt judge; using heavy handed intimidation cleared the way for the maggot Trudeau and this thuggish behaviour of yesterday. Naturally, Ford backed up Trudeau with his demands for imposing the Emergencies Act. 

American readers should note that, like their country, Canada is run by a "Unaparty" consisting of branches of the globalist neoliberal consensus. In the United States the "Unaparty" consists of the Democrat and Republican Parties (for those not yet convinced how corrupt the Republicans are, just consider their never ending blood lust for war, the shipping in of boys for sexual abuse at their conventions, or the crashing of servers at CPAC conventions (as noted by the convert Milo Yiannopoulos in 2021) due to excess demand for access to Tinder etc. by "CONservative" delegates etc.).  

No one betrays you like your friends. It literally took less than a week to smoke out for Canadians, once and for all, the CONservatives as nothing but elitists and reeking with corruption. Candice Bergen, the useless interim "leader" of the CONservative Party initially supported the truckers. Within a few days, she revealed where her true loyalties lay and joined Ford and other frauds in demanding the blockades be opened; that Canadians get back on their knees before their self-declared masters. One could respond to the corpulent Ford (channelling Mussolini), quoting the great leader on civil disobedience, Dr. Martin Luther King (channelling St. Thomas Aquinas): “One has a moral responsibility to disobey unjust laws.”

With the fake CONservatives of Ontario backing him, Trudeau smelt blood (or, likely his handlers). The despicable Ford should have met the truckers at Ambassador Bridge, done a mea culpa, given a written promise to drop mandates and reopen the economy. Ford would have found an off ramp (cowards as virtually all politicians are) and the truckers would have achieved their legitimate, constitutional demands (have we so QUICKLY forgotten that what they are asking is ONLY their Charter rights?!!). But no, this vile thug went full authoritarian in persecuting the truckers. With the dam breached by this evil toad, the effeminate Trudeau charged through on his shiny pony. 

These Canada grave-digging CONservatives on paper "oppose" the mandates, but refused to do anything (indeed they did NOTHING for 2 LONG YEARS. Well no, they did do something. THEY BACKED THE LOCK DOWNS, THE MASKING, THE LIES). So what was the real purpose of a useless vote (two years too late) in the House which they knew they would lose? A ruse to delude the simple-minded into shoring up support for the next election. Remember, these people are thinking about their pensions and lining their pockets, not about Canada or freedom. They as members of the "Unaparty" TWICE voted for a pay raise over the past two years. They TOO without ONE voice of dissent, joined Trudeau to smear the truckers as Nazis, racists, antisemites etc. 

These people, due to their wretched hypocrisy, perhaps are even worse that Trudeau and the NDP. Why? Because they deceive people with false hope. Whereas Trudeau lies openly, they lie surreptitiously. They too, and those who support and excuse them, are also Canada's grave diggers. I guarantee you friends, you will see millions returning to the vomit in the next election, be it provincial or federal. The excuse will be the usual:"the CONservatives will ONLY raise taxes 5%, while the Liberals 10%". And so on. Cowardly, effete excuses. Shameful. Canada is still being marched to her death.   

But EVEN worse than fake conservatives, are fake bishops. As more and more Veterans are stepping up and defending our truckers as they stand up for freedom. I ask again: 




Or - yes, dear friends, could it be something even darker? 

ARE THEY BLACKMAILED? This question must be asked: what about the ACTIVE homosexuals in parishes? Are bishops covering up (and the RCMP and CSIS know it) paedophilia? 

Let us not be fools. The bishops are not only corrupt cowards. Something else besides knocking knees and a bag of money keeps their gags firmly in place. Contrast these men to Pope John Paul II who negotiated an end to a potential war between Chile and Argentina over the "Beagle Conflict". He was able to do so because he had MORAL AUTHORITY. If they had moral authority they could have stepped forward two weeks ago to negotiate on behalf of the truckers an end to this outrage. But as we all know they have none or they would have stepped forward already.

But I'm also suggesting that there is something far darker going on. I'm suggesting they are also being blackmailed by the government to ensure their 100% compliance as agents of propaganda. Its the classic carrot and stick; money and blackmail. And it works. Big time. 

But I have news for you bishops: we are now fully awake to your deception and betrayal. You will NOT get ONE CENT from us. Besides, you don't need it: you prostitute yourselves to the State, let Big Brother support you. Further, you are SO clueless and living in la-la land that you have NO idea of the damage that the lock downs have caused. The unemployed don't have any money. So just look somewhere else. And by the way, you can take your sickening, heretical, wokist "Synod on Synodality" and shove it. Do you really think that we seriously normal Canadians are concerned about some deluded project conjured up by men living locked up in Renaissance palaces in the Vatican? Canadians have far greater concerns such as their freedoms and putting food on the table, and sending their children off to school without masks (masks that YOU support!). 


And you know what, you bishops? Italians have such concerns too. But they have the additional indignity to live in Rome where they must inhale the putrid stench of hypocrisy coming from the Vatican, where cruel, heartless men stroll the marble halls to wine and dine, to entertain billionaires, to cavort with the globalists... But for the unemployed, the downtrodden, the outcast, they have not a glance or care. These men in spirit are Herod's courtiers, not faithful ministers of the Gospel.

Sunday, 13 February 2022

CARDINAL COLLINS: When are you going to address civil rights violations in Canada?

Puppet of the State.  SILENT for TWO LONG YEARS

For TWO long years Canadians have suffered under interminable lock downs (which do NOT, and CANNOT work to stop the spread of an aerosol based virus), have suffered the gross indignity of wearing useless cloth and medical masks (which do NOT work, and CANNOT work to stop a virus even when bonded to mucus protein being approx 1 micron), have had their lives, businesses, and families ruined by a virus that CANNOT be stopped, but with which we must come to live with. As we have with the flu, common colds, and other derivative mRNA viruses. 

The proof that these draconian "public health measures" do NOT work is the explosion of omicron amongst the masked, vaccinated. The only truths flip-flop Fauci did say was in early 2020, when in an op-ed he predicted accurately Covid would be no worse than a bad flu season (he would know as the NIH funded the Wuhan lab); as well as going on record that masking doesn't work. Why did he do so? Because the literature said so. He only reversed his position when medicine became very quickly politicized. Medical masks are primarily to create psychological impressions for the public of of cleanliness and sterility, coupled with certain practical uses such as in blocking bodily fluids (such as during surgery). Yes, N95s are more effective, but neither applicable nor practicable on a mass scale, and not needed when faced with a virus that is acting like a live-attenuated vaccine. Besides, there was a deafening silence for over two years on N95s. Masking was, and remains all about visual effects to create terror, fear, mistrust, and "leprocizing" your family, friends. It was never about evidence-based health care. What happened was a perverted and highly organized knowledge "mistranslation" campaign undertaken with Machiavellian cunning and brutality; deliberately so for political ends. 

But EVEN WORSE was the forcing of useless masks on children (which will cause irreparable developmental and psychological harm) who are in no danger of Covid (nor, as has been proven in transmission  to granny), and the brutal lock down of long-term care facilities, depriving the most vulnerable of access to their families; many dying alone from starvation and euthanized. Many physically surviving, but suffering accelerated cognitive decline brought on by prolonged isolation. 



Pathetic coward

As such, Canadians had, and continue to suffer the most outrageous violations of their Charter rights. To add insult to injury, the bishops even one-upped the nauseatingly incompetent and corrupt public health officials (controlled as they are by Big Pharma) by locking us out of our churches; going so far as to become co-conspirators with the State in pushing experimental mRNA vaccines based on gene therapy delivery systems. Of which, no surprise if you actually read the peer-reviewed literature, was doomed to failure. Failure which the drug companies knew well in advance. mRNA viruses by definition mutate; no handle has ever been ever got on the common cold (mRNA) or on the seasonal flu (mRNA). So what made these idiots think they could solve another mRNA virus? Of course they knew it would not! Anyone who read the literature, based on past studies, knew these experimental vaccines would either be a complete failure, or give limited protection for a specific viral strain over a short (6-8 month period).

Against this background of lies and deception by government and corporations, the bishops of Canada have been seen to come firmly down on the side of the government and big business. We should, in a way, rejoice over Covid, as it has smoked out these men: their priorities and loyalties. No, Jesus Christ is but mirage, coffee table talk, an abstraction. He is NOT the living God for these men, supreme over the State! If He were they would not have locked us out, handed over the sacred rites to pagans, denied (and CONTINUE to deny, as they do in Quebec) the Sacraments to the faithful! How wicked is that?

Collins locked us out because he obeys the State before God

Let us now turn to retired OPP Officer Ed Grenier for his thoughts and concerns over the grave abuses placed on us by the State (and I might add encouraged and joined by the corrupt "Gallican" church in Canada). Pray for this man and his fellow officers. They are doing more for Canada then these cowardly, wayward churchmen, who have become appendages of the State.


After you watch Officer Grenier perhaps the horror of the silence and treachery of our bishops will sink in a little deeper. 

The ball is in your court Cardinal Collins (and your fellow bishops).




Friday, 11 February 2022

Quebec bishops double-down with Trudeau to impose "churchports": Catholics who have not taken "vaccines" are EXCLUDED from Church.

As children thank truckers, the bishops go full authoritarian backing Trudeau!

Let us begin with good news, before the bad news. Above you see children singing for Canada beneath the Cross and thanking the truckers. Now the bad news: you will NOT find the bishops of Canada with the children, nor will you find them calling down God's blessings on the truckers. Out of the mouths of babes comes wisdom: You notice that the children are NOT thanking the bishops. Why would they? These creatures of the Big Brother have stolen two years from their innocent childhood which they will never get back. Two long years where the bishops joining with the State have tried to create fear and panic, to make children be suspicious of everyone, to deprive granny of a kiss and hug, to sit in useless masks in class for hours on end. How wicked is that?   

So what have the bishops been up to whilst the truckers lead an organic, blue collar, peasant, independent small business uprising in favour of freedom? No surprise: they double-down and back Trudeau, their paymaster.  Madness, but habitual sin leads to madness. 

Let us now take a closer look at the most recent actions of the bishops in La Belle Province, Quebec. Whilst Premiers are feeling the enormous pressure from the Canadian truckers, resulting in the beginning of the removal of "passports" and other authoritarian measures that have no basis in law or logic, these bishops of Quebec have decided to LOCK OUT of churches all those who have not been "vaccinated", even though omicron (a non-lethal very mild upper respiratory infection manifesting similarly to the common cold) constitutes 99% of all the COVID-19 positive tests and though "vaccines" have now conclusively been proven to not work. These wicked men have come up with their own "churchports". It really does not get much more depraved than this.


The question is: what is motivating these men? With the Premiers caving (and Legault now under enormous pressure - NOT from Catholic bishops - but from  convoys of patriotic truckers and their supporters converging on Quebec City) these men are ramping up their aggression and cruelty against Catholics.  
Their behaviour rightly can be described as gravely EVIL. 
No entry into a church de facto imposes an interdict on faithful Catholics. These evil men have made a vaccine (which does not even work and compared to other vaccines is very dangerous) the defining identifier of who is a Catholic. You are "unvaccinated"? 

You have just been deprived of the Sacraments. 

How can Catholics get married? (another story, but canonically if no priest is reasonably foreseen to be available, they can validly and licitly get married before two lay witness. c.f. Ne tempere (Pius X). What of Confession?  Does it not concern these men that Catholics - perhaps some who have had the misfortune of falling into mortal sin, will not have access to the Sacrament? Apparently not. 

What about Extreme Unction and Confirmation? And what of Baptism, which is essential for salvation? Apparently, what is more essential is an experimental dubiously functioning, gene serum causing far too many serious adverse reactions, even death. A gene serum which is particularly dangerous for the young. 

"Vaccines" are the new "sacrament" of the new "religion". For them the "vaccines" are more important than the sanctifying grace of the sacraments.

These men are blasphemers!

Dear Catholic friends, let us pray that the truckers bring the vile despot who runs Quebec, Francois Legault, to his knees and senses. The blaspheming bishops, bought as they are with federal State money (Trudeau), will follow Legault when he crashes and burns (just as the grossly incompetent buffoon in Ontario, Doug Ford, is doing this very day in caving on mandates. THANK YOU TRUCKERS).

The writing is on the wall for these bishops: there is NO grey area left where they can hide. They have been completely exposed as pompous, useless, wretched agents of the State. They are gravediggers of the Church, and in digging Her grave, they are digging Canada's grave! 

Resign you traitors of Christ and His Church. You betrayers and abusers of innocent children on the pagan altars of filthy lucre!

Friends, pray for the long suffering Catholic of Quebec, the land of Saints such as Marguerite Bourgeoys, Marguerite d' Youville, Brother Andre (the miracle worker of Montreal), and Blessed Dina Belanger. Pray that these cruel, hateful men repent. These monsters who have destroyed tens of thousands of families, businesses all across Quebec. Wicked men who have psychologically and potentially physically damaged an entire generation of children.

Vox Cantoris carries additional gravely disturbing reports on the betrayal of Christ and Canada by these bishops here and here.

All the more reason to get out there and join, support the truckers. Can't attend a rally? Spend an hour in prayer. Cook for the truckers and get family/friends to deliver it. Write and call your local bishop to demand he break with Trudeau and support Canada!

Thursday, 10 February 2022

Canada has ALREADY reached herd immunity: So what really is Trudeau's game?


In December of 2021, the R naught estimate in Ontario for Omicron was 4.01, and, as a comparison in the United Kingdom it was 3.7. If one quickly does the math, based on 80.1% of the Canadian population having taken the mRNA vaccines the R naught is 0.802%; well below the 1.01+ needed to indicate that a given pathogen is spreading in the community. 

Further, we have known since early December that Omicron (estimated at being 99% of all Covid infections), when it manifests symptoms is a very mild upper chest infection (in layman's terms, the common cold), hence it is an off-ramp to end all the restrictions, functioning as nature's live attenuated vaccine.

But no. Trudeau is hell bent on causing a national unity crisis, in further damaging the economy, in further trampling on basic civil liberties in trying to force truckers to take an experimental mRNA shot that they DON'T NEED. 

We have reached herd immunity! 

Is it perhaps about trying to force Canadians to accept digital ID? Is is a personal power trip, driven by narcissism? What ever it is, it is NOT driven by science! 

Wednesday, 9 February 2022

Drs. Paul Alexander and Roger Hodkinson hold a news conference in Ottawa: The pandemic is OVER!

Dr. Paul Alexander who holds multiple degrees including a doctorate in epidemiology and evidence-based medicine, and Dr. Roger Hodkinson who is  one of Canada's leading pathologist have just held an important press conference in Ottawa. 

Monday, 7 February 2022

CANADIAN BISHOPS: Where are YOU? Canada's bishops back the authoritarian State against the Freedom Convoy!


Behold! The bishops of Canada's new god: CORONA

It is now TEN days since the truckers and the FREEDOM CONVOY arrived in Ottawa. And we have COMPLETE and TOTAL SILENCE from our bishops!

Where are they? 

Are they in hiding with the disgraced aspiring tyrant, Justin Trudeau? 
Are they cringing in terror before the man in the Vatican who meets secretly (TWICE) with the CEO of Pfizer?

WHAT THE HELL (and I use that word advisedly) ARE THEY WAITING FOR?