Wednesday 8 May 2024

Hate crime at St. Vincent de Paul church in Toronto ~ Our Lady decapitated!


Sometime between late Monday, May 6 and the early hours of May 7th, the statue of Our Lady at St. Vincent de Paul church in the west-end of Toronto was attacked and decapitated by a vicious hater. The right hand of Our Lady was also damaged in the attack. Police are investigating and I have been informed are reviewing two CCTV cameras which may have recorded the crime. 



To my recollection, this is the 3rd such hate crime committed against west-end Catholic churches in recent years. I believe St Vincent's was attacked about 2 years ago, and earlier Our Lady was also decapitated at Our Lady of Lebanon church.


Is it a mere coincidence that this demonically oppressed monster attacked the Blessed Mother during the month of May? I think not. 

 Catholics: we know what we must do. We can no longer remain silent when our churches are under attack. We have always been despised and hated and this will continue until the end of time. We must pray for those who hate us, for we desire their repentance and conversion.  

However, we cannot stand by idly, when we are under physical attack. The very least we can do is to make it know far and wide that we are being persecuted, as the devil loves to do his work in the dark. 


Let us at least expose the lie that Canada is a tolerant society. Just tell that to the thousands of Catholics who have had their churches burnt down, while the man who masquerades as the Prime Minister of Canada did nothing but throw figurative fuel on the attacks by excusing them. In this he was encouraged by a constant stream of propaganda spewed from corporate media, which itself is anti-Christian. 

What happened this week in no small part can be laid at the legacy media's and politicians' door who have fed and encouraged anti-Catholic hatred in particular, and anti-Christian hate in general. This is what happens when the so-called "leaders" of society encourage an anti-Christian ethos. It is time for the politicians and media to take responsibility. Let us hope at least one politician will speak up, let us hope at least one media entity will no longer excuse and ignore the explosion of anti-Christian hate and violence that is here in Canada and across the world.


Everyday For Life Canada said...

Our church leaders capitulated to Caesar during the plandemic and have had nothing to say with over 100 churches vandalized, desecrated and burned to the ground. And why? Because of what might be the greatest hoax in Canadian history regarding the mass graves at residential schooling. The pope called this unverified narrative genocide. So, I very much doubt that anything will be said about the destruction of a statute of the Blessed Mother. How sad and scandalous it all is.

Irenaeus said...

Has there been any update on this?