Sunday, 31 December 2017

2017: "Year of the Homosexual" in the Catholic Church?

This year has been a year of increased pro-homosexual militancy amongst homosexual churchmen and their "homosexualist" allies in the clergy (that is, those churchmen who do not engage in the perversions of (e.g.) mutual masturbation, oral, anal "sex", etc., themselves, but for various reasons support homosexual activity and gender ideology).

Now let us review some of the horrors of this past year: 

Monsignor Carlo "CarnEvil" Capella

Hiding in the Vatican, Pedophile-priest, Carlo Capella 

The low point of the year was the exposure of a pedophile Vatican diplomat, Carlo "Carnevil" Capella who is currently being hidden in Vatican City, hiding from Canadian and American police. Canadian police have an out-standing Canada-wide arrest warrant for this deviant who delights in looking at photos of naked children being sexually abused (probably many being literally tortured). One wonders if one of the reasons the Romans are so opposed to Donald Trump is because he has declared himself an implacable enemy of pedophiles. 

Did these corrupt churchmen rush Capella out of the USA for fear of Donald Trump? Are the Romans afraid that Trump may yet expose a massive international pedophile gang linking churchmen, politicians, the jet-set elite and powerful business interests? Notice too, dear friends that had an American diplomat allied to Trump been exposed as a pedophile and rushed back to the USA to be protected and hidden, there would have been an international uproar. Yet we are met with a huge, deafening silence. This only means that the international media are co-conspirators with the Vatican in covering up for pedophiles. 

Let us now review the evil antics of Monsignor Luigi "Cocaine" Capozzi.

Vatican Homosexual orgy and drugs-party organizer, Luigi Capozzi 

Capozzi's homosexual orgy has drawn back the curtain (perhaps a French damask curtain?) on the Vatican itself as a haven of rampant homosexuality. Based on the information that was leaked out - a full scale orgy and party with cocaine - this hardly seems like the first time that Capozzi has organized an orgy. Unlike the rest of us, who would have been charged with trafficking, and held in jail for trial, Capozzi was quickly released from custody and taken to Monte Casino to relax, and go into hiding. 

The Romans have not even informed us why this evil, despicable man has not been charged under the Vatican's so-called "Criminal Code". Apparently, it is all for show. Deviously, the Romans removed Capozzi from active duty in the Pontifical Council of Legislative Texts. Obviously homosexual activity and drug use is not a concern for the "men"(?) who run the Vatican.

Here we are, months after the homosexual orgy, and what? NOTHING. Capozzi is not charged, nor suspended, nor de-frocked. No independent investigation has been launched into the other participants at the homosexual orgy and the use of and trafficking of large amounts of hard drugs. An ominous silence comes from the Vatican. One can only begin to wonder how all these homosexuals are interwoven with the all the decades of financial corruption and money laundering from the Vatican. Mafia, money, Masonry - a nasty mix - with a huge dose of sexual perversion and drugs/alcohol abuse. 

2017 has also seen a continued aggressive presence of the Homo-Jesuits. 

Gilles Mongeau S.J., celebrating Mass with a gay Rainbow stole 

Fr. James Martin S.J., and Fr. Gilles Mongeau S.J. both continued their subtle and not so subtle activity of spreading confusion, error, deception. Mongeau is a high-ranking Professor at the Jesuit-run Regis College at the University of Toronto and the spiritual advisor to the dissident group All Inclusive Ministries. Martin is a jet-setting celebrity priest who rubs shoulders with the "stars" and high-powered Prelates. This year has seen Martin building not a "bridge" for homosexuals, but rather a highway to Hell.  

We owe a special debt of thanks and gratitude to Joseph Sciambra for exposing the evils of Martin and Mongeau. 

Now let us review the abominations and evils of the Homo-Franciscans. 

Franciscan dissenter and homosexualist Seno at the "Womens' March".
Notice the use of the raised fist of the communist. 

Holy Name Province in the United States is rapidly gaining notoriety as a base of homosexual propaganda.

Seno with a mentally sick young man dressed up as a woman
This blog documented (see here, here, and here) the strident dissent of both Christian Seno, Ramoncito Razon and Loren Moreno. Seno has even written in support of homosexual activity. Seno stated that the Church:

"prohibits LGBT persons from expressing the fullness of their humanity by excluding them from participating in healthy, generative relationships and mutual expressions of love".

As I have written above, these "mutual expressions of love" are in reality, such unnatural, perverse and intrinsically evil actions such as mutual masturbation, oral and anal "sex", etc.  Let us not be fooled, these "mutual expressions of love" by homosexuals is not smiling and sipping tea, but unnatural mutual genital activity. Such activity is sodomy.  

For calling out these dissenting Franciscans, this blog was labeled "terrorist" by Seno. All of this is public, all of this cannot but be known by Seno's Superiors at Holy Name Province. This just shows us the degree of evil, of deception, of diabolical disorientation that permeates the Homo-Franciscans.

Seno (left) in a dress
He, along with Ramoncito Razon, distinguished themselves as dissenters by opining that the wonderful group Courage, that has the approval of the Magisterium, should be make illegal. The hateful Razon has recently began spewing hatred towards Bishop Robert Morlino of Madison. One must presume that Ramoncito has the approval of his superiors at Holy Name Province.

Ramoncito Razon endorsing the homosexual "New Ways Ministry", 
a group that openly promotes homosexual activity 

Jet-setting Fr. Daniel P. Horan, also a Franciscan, should not be forgotten for his on-going militant pro-homosexual dissent.

Homosexualist dissenter, Daniel P Horan 

It is also high time that Horan explain how he, as a Franciscan sworn to poverty, can afford plane tickets, hotels, etc., not to mention the considerable expenses of sporting equipment for serious semi-professional distance running. 

Daniel Horan - the poor Franciscan in expensive running gear &
his international schedule of Marathon events 

Finally, there are the Homo-Paulists of New York City.

A Homo-Paulist in New York City 

This past year saw a lot of pro-homosexual propaganda being spewed forth by these wicked priests. Highly prominent amongst them is Fr. Edward Beck, rightly exposed by Vox Cantoris as a liar and a deceiver

Fr. Edward Beck with the demonic, militantly pro-abortion Mario Cuomo
Friends, hang onto your money. Watch your priests very, very carefully, watch how they live and what they preach. If your priest lives better than you that is a serious sign that he does not need your money. If he has "office hours", he probably does not need your money. If he lives in a humble apartment, does not imbibe expensive wines, liquors and spirits, does not travel - he may be your man for a donation. If he preaches doctrine, speaks up against abortion, contraception and sexual perversions, he may be your man if, and only if, he lives humbly. But, be careful. Perhaps it is time to send your money to Africa where they REALLY need it.  

N.B: This post - as with others - is not to be reproduced in full (e.g. Angel Queen reproducing it in full WITHOUT permission). I will gladly grant it, but have the courtesy to ask. This blog has an email - look it up!!). 

Saturday, 30 December 2017

EXCLUSIVE: "The Homosexual Conspiracy Against the Catholic Church" ~ COMPLETE VIDEO

Fr. John  O'Connor

Dear friends, Toronto Catholic Witness is honoured to bring to you and your loved ones the complete 1991 lecture that Fr. John O'Connor gave on the infiltration of the Catholic Church by militant homosexuals. This extraordinarily prophetic talk is even more relevant today than when it was first made. All that Fr. O'Connor spoke of, fought, warned and predicted has come to pass: homosexuals have taken over most religious Orders, seminaries, convents, infiltrated dioceses, chanceries, universities and schools. Finally, the homosexuals have deeply infiltrated the Vatican and Roman Curia. 

These "gays" have spread lies, error and confusion amongst the laity in their relentless promotion of sodomy. Internationally known pro-sodomite priests such as Timothy Radcliffe and James Martin roam freely spreading poison, because they have very powerful protectors in their religious Orders, as well as  in the Vatican. 

After you watch this video, you will know why there are so many homosexual priests and bishops, why there is so much pedophilia and sexual abuse of boys and young men, why there are so many lesbian nuns, why the Catholic schools have corrupted your children into becoming pro-sodomite.


Many of you will know that Fr. O'Connor strove to expose the homosexual infiltration in his Order, the Dominicans, back in the 1970s and 80s. For that effort, Fr. O'Connor was suspended and eventually expelled by his homosexual Superior, Donald J Goergen.  The Vatican - already years ago heavily infiltrated with homosexuals - backed Goergen. However, the brave, holy Fr. O'Connor knew that it was he who was loyal to our Blessed Mother and St. Dominic, and not these usurping Homo-Dominicans.

Stay with us, as our next video will be a detailed history and recounting by Fr. O'Connor of the homosexual takeover of the Dominican Order in the United States that began at least as early as 1952.

Friday, 29 December 2017

Franciscan homosexualist dissenter attacks Bishop Robert Morlino!

Ramon "Ramoncito" Razon of the Homo-Franciscan Holy Name Province continues his attacks upon the Church and Her teachings on the sanctity of human sexuality. Razon is an aggressive homosexualist dissenter. 

After Norms were published by the Diocese of Madison regarding funerals for notorious homosexual "unions", Razon launched an evil, fanatical, hateful, pro-homosexual attack on His Excellency, Bishop Robert Morlino. 

Friends, these hateful dissenters must be exposed as the deceivers they are. They need to remove themselves from "religious" life, from living off the widow's mite. 

This blog called out the dissent and errors of Razon and Seno in the past. For that we were labelled as "terrorist". As members of a religious Order it is not possible that Razon and Seno maintain a social media presence without permission from the leading homo-Franciscans at Holy Name Province.  

As we continue our celebration of Christmas, on this Feast of St. Thomas a Becket let us remember those faithful bishops who are persecuted for the Faith. Please keep Bishop Morlino in your prayers.

Thursday, 28 December 2017

Why are churchmen promoting the antichrist "holiday" of Kwanzaa?

A contrived, anti-Christian "holiday", so-called "Kwanzaa" began yesterday. It was created by a convicted criminal, a woman torturer and communist, Ronald McKinley Everett (aka: Maulana Karenga). A terrorist and violent criminal, Everett created a de facto rascist "holiday" which was to piggy back during the Christmas Season. 

That which rightly takes away from Jesus Christ is antichrist. As a communist, Everett openly boasted of his racialist "holiday" as an attack on Our Lord Jesus Christ. It is one thing to see a communist openly advocate an anti-Christian holiday, it is quite something else to see churchmen support it. 

Pray for the conversion of deluded churchmen who pander to false "mis-leaders" such as Everett. 

Wednesday, 27 December 2017

Happy Feast of St. John the Apostle

A blessed Feast Day of St. John the Apostle, as we continue our celebration of Christmas. 

In principio erat Verbum,et Verbum erat apud Deum,et Deus erat Verbum. Hoc erat in principio apud Deum. Omnia per ipsum facta sunt:et sine ipso factum est nihil, quod factum est. In ipso vita erat,et vita erat lux hominum: et lux in tenebris lucet,et tenebræ eam non comprehenderunt.

Tuesday, 26 December 2017

The Synagogue of Satan destroys Catholic property in Jerusalem

Patriarch Fouad Tawwal has denounced the Zionist State of Israel. The anti-Christ so-called "Jewish" State destroyed property that belongs to the Latin patriarchate of the Catholic Church.  

Today, we celebrate the Martyrdom of St. Stephen, murdered by hate-filled members of the Synagogue of Satan. This hatred has not changed. Indeed, it has intensified over the centuries, as Satan works with even greater skill to make God's once Chosen people, his chosen people. Just as the Jewish people rejected the Messiah when He came, so they will accept the Antichrist as their Messiah when he comes. God's once chosen people, will become Satan's chosen people. Lucifer awaits with delight the day he can gloat before God that the Jews have rejected Him, and accepted Lucifer's Antichrist instead. Indeed, we can see prefigurements of this in the Old Testament: the Golden Calf, the killing of the Prophets...

We should never forget that Our Lord himself is Jewish. This fact, identifies the Jews for a special hatred from Lucifer, as he can never forgive the fact that a few loyal Jews - especially Our Blessed Mother (the Lily of Israel), St. Joseph and the Apostles - against the hatred of the Pharisees and Scribes - managed to bring about Redemption. The Jews are therefore in the greatest of dangers. As Jewish control increases over "Israel" and Jerusalem, all of this is preparing the day when the Antichrist will march into the Holy City and demand that the Jews fall down and worship him. 

Though the Synagogue is filled with hatred, the Catholic response must be that of St. Stephen. In prayer for these deluded people, we pray that their conversion will soon be at hand. If they refuse to convert they face a horrible future at the hands of Antichrist. St. Paul - the great Jewish convert - warns us that we are fighting powers and principalities of darkness. 

The two great forces of darkness are presently at work to bring about the reign of Antichrist. The Jewish Nation - to the degree they are in accord with the teachings of the rabbis and the Talmud - is the primary agent of darkness. The secondary force is international Freemasonry. Over the centuries, these two forces have manipulated, encouraged, given birth to any and every organized force opposed to Christ and His Church.  We see this in Simeon the Magician, a Jewish gnostic in the Book of Acts. We see it in Islam, and the huge influence the Talmud and Jewish ritual has upon Islam. We see it in Freemasonry with Jewish and gnostic symbolism and rituals. We see it in socialism, communism, capitalism, fascism, etc. In sum, we see the forces of darkness at work wherever there is not Our Lord Jesus Christ. 

During this Christmas do not forget to pray for the conversion of Jews and Freemasons. 

Sunday, 24 December 2017

Wednesday, 20 December 2017

Abandoning celibacy will not stop the homosexual priest-pedophiles abusing children

Jesuit dissenter, Thomas Reese is right about one thing: abandoning celibacy will not stop sexual abuse. Thomas Rosica, CSB, evidently supports Reese's thesis as to why it will not stop abuse.  However, Reese's thesis is dead wrong.  The cirsis is not one of celibacy, but one of sexual perversion. 

Reese tries  - as a homosexualist - to offer every ridiculous reason and solution, except the OBVIOUS ONE. Indeed the word "homosexual" does not appear even once in Reese's article. It is, as if homosexual abuse did not exist. 

Reese does not want to admit that the vast, vast majority of abusers are homosexual predators. The abuse problem  is a homo problem. In the US alone, the homosexual abusers have cost the Church over $4,000,000,000. Yes, over FOUR BILLION!!! All this money gone to waste - where it could have been used to build hospitals, help shut-ins, the elderly, etc. All this money stolen by filthy, dirty Judas-Priest pervert-abusers!

Fr. John O'Connor rightly pointed out years ago, homosexuality and pedophila go hand in hand. 

Tuesday, 19 December 2017

Anglican "Bishopess" Sarah Mullally welcomed by Archbishop Coleridge and Thomas Rosica CSB

Another rich, powerful, white woman.... ah the benefits of feminism!

Anglicans in London have a new "bishop". Well, not exactly: they have a new "bishopess". Sarah Mullally, the former Chief Nursing Officer for all of England, somehow  has managed to be selected by the extremely wealthy, elitist, establishment, white cabal that run the apostate Church of England. 

Chief Nursing Officer Mullally, a dyed "blonde" and silk-wearing parsoness, will now be London's first "bishopess", furthering the lies and deception that has befallen the apostate Church of England, since that sad day, when the mini Antichrist, Henry the 8th, along with his henchman, Archbishop Thomas Cramner (deposed for heresy, as is still noted on the wall in Westminster Cathedral), tore England and Wales away from the one, true Church of Christ. 

"And the bloody church of England, in chains of history,
Requests your earthly presence at the vicarage for tea" 

 Chief Nursing Officer Mullally, represents all that dissenting churchmen in the Catholic Church desire of a bishop. To quote Jim Hacker, they hanker for clergy-persons as bishops who are "a cross between a socialite and a socialist". 

Sarah Mullally is being equated to the new Archbishop of Paris Archbishop by Archbishop Mark Coleridge. His Tweet has been re-tweeted by Fr. Thomas Rosica, CSB. Do not these two men know that the Church declared Anglican Orders invalid? Do they not know that St. Pope John Paul II declared the Church teaching that a woman cannot be ordained is infallible and to be held by all the faithful? These men are cunning, subtle, dissenters.

Coleridge and Rosica promoting the silk-scarf wearing "bishopess"

Not one word from Coleridge or Rosica that Chief Nursing Officer Mullally lives in darkness, error and lies. Not one word pointing out that she is but a lay woman. Not one word from these men for her to recant, convert to Christ's one, true Church and live a quiet, humble life. But then, it would require that they do so as well. Giving up the jet-set life: now, that would be the beginning of conversion!

Sarah Mullally (right) at her "consecration" as a bishopess 

Saturday, 16 December 2017

Barry Sherman: Billionaire promoter of "culture of death"

Barry Sherman, salesman for death, ended his evil years murdering his wife
Multi-billionaire, Bernard "Barry" Sherman and his wife, Honey, were found dead in their north-Toronto home yesterday. Upon the announcement of the deaths, politicians and the liberal elite have been falling over each other with praise for Sherman. New reports claim that police are working on the belief that Sherman hanged his wife, before committing suicide.  

Justin Trudeau (Sherman gave a large donation to the Liberal party), Mayor John Tory (also a member of Toronto's business elite), Bob Rae (a socialist turned capitalist) are just a few examples of this sickening chorus of praise. 

No "Passing" Justin - but murder!

You will notice, dear readers, there have been no words of prayer for this man and his wife. After all, for them, Sherman is a veritable saint. In Canada, perhaps Barry Sherman needed more prayers than anyone. 

No John, Barry was obviously not a "kind, good person". 

You see, how many Canadians know that Barry Sherman was a rabid supporter of abortion? Sherman, as a big-pharma, multibillionaire, was an active enabler of the abortion industry. Perhaps this helps explain the lamentations heard from the wealthy, liberal elite? Perhaps the deaths of so many innocents eventually drove Sherman mad with guilt? 

Barry Sherman came out years ago as a militant abortion promoter

The fact is, that when RU-486 was first released, it was Barry Sherman who was the most strident and aggressive promoter of this drug that was designed to kill the conceived child in the womb. Your intrepid Barona discovered a 1996 MA thesis submitted by Patricia A. Campbell (1996) at McGill University documenting (see screenshot above) Sherman's militant abortion advocacy. Campbell  cites the Toronto Star, July 1992 as her source. How much blood did Barry Sherman have on his hands when he died? How many Canadian innocents died as a result of Sherman's "emergency" contraception? 

Barry Sherman's "backup plan onestep" abortion pill 

As Catholics, we have a duty before God to pray for sinners. Barry Sherman, objectively speaking, was probably the most evil man in Canada. He facilitated a whole empire of death, and exported it around the world, amassing - in the process - an enormous fortune of blood money estimated at near 5 billion dollars. Catholics should be praying for the conversion of sinners like Sherman. 

Yesterday death came for Sherman and his wife. The sad man was killed by unknown professional killers. It is ironic that Sherman was a threat to the Israeli economy. Was he liquidated by the Mossad? Anything is possible. There is no end to the list of possible states or governments that would wish to see him dead. Notice the subject has now dropped out of discussion. 

A promoter of death to his last breath, Sherman now has had to account for his actions before God. Did Sherman repent? Did he convert? Or, did he go to his death believing in abortion and rejecting Our Lord Jesus Christ? 

Friday, 15 December 2017

Traditional Rorate Mass by Candlelight in Toronto

The Rorate Mass in Toronto. Tomorrow morning, at 5:45 a.m., there will be a sung Votive Mass of Our Lady in Advent by candlelight. Please attend and bring family, friends, and those interested in the Faith. 

The beautiful St. Mary's church. 

Thursday, 14 December 2017

James Martin S.J. is working for the Synagogue of Satan

Can there be any doubt that the institutional "Church" is total collapse? That a priest would praise an agent of the devil, shows who James Martin S.J. is working for. He is not working for Our Lord Jesus Christ, He is working for the Father of Lies. 

What does this say about prominent churchmen who promote this evil man? These Jesuits, Basilians and others who flock around this vile creature, latching onto his every lie, as truth? It tells us too, that they - like James Martin S.J. - are working for the devil.

Wednesday, 13 December 2017

The Red Dragon and Catholic Youth: how the young generation in the Church has been won over to Satan

Catholic youth promting Lesbian "art" 
The Catholic Church is in near total collapse in the decadent "west". Europe, Canada, the USA, Australia and New Zealand are rapidly descending into a new dark age, with the institutional Church either encouraging this decline, or sitting quietly on the side-lines. Poland is possibly the sole exception, but this Nation too has many traitors and desperately needs our prayers. 

I have written on a number of occasions that the fall-out rate for teenagers and early-twenties from even the most "conservative" parishes in Toronto is (and I am being indulgent here) easily in excess of 90%. Let there be no doubt: from what I observe, we are headed towards a huge, massive collapse of the Church.

Occultism, Lesbian "chic" and our once Catholic youth
"So-called "poster" Catholic families are going down like ninepins. The evidence is there for those who have eyes to see, and ears to hear. Social media is one of the clearest ways to see what has happened to a Catholic family. Years of Mass attendance, years at Catholic "schools" (including private ones) is showing that this is absolutely no defense against the modern world, the dazzle of technology, the lure of sensuality, the traditional seductions of the world, the flesh and the devil. 

In truth these "poster" Catholic families are really re-plays of "fifties Catholicism". A ritualistic piety (Sunday Mass, even daily Mass, and recitations (note recitations! - of the Rosary) mixed with go-along to get-along approach to secularism. The results are obvious. Beautiful liturgy, music, etc. is not enough: not nearly. The Mass, the Sacraments are the bricks, but doctrine is the mortar. Doctrine has not been taught and lived for decades. Modern Catholics loath doctrine. Many still enjoy a beautiful Mass with incense and lace: but doctrine? To live the Mass integrally? To strive to lead a holy life?  Attending Mass is easy, living like a Catholic is very difficult. 

Is this Catholic? Is this even "art"?
This is filth and barbarism
The young, itching to join the world, when given the first chance, throw off this tough religion and join with the Apostasy. Facebook and other social media is a place to watch the tragic surrender of young people to evil. It is on social media that the young open their minds to what they really think. Young women in their twenties, given over to lesbianism, sexual promiscuity with young men, the wearing of clothes that would once make prostitutes blush, the use of language that would make sailors blush.  The men: if we can call them that? Barbarians, uncouth, vulgar, profane, effeminate, weaklings. "Art" for these men are (for example) videos of men simulating urinating in urinals; for women, it is dance fund-raisers for Planned Parenthood and so on. All these examples are real, documented. Yes friends, once Catholic school girls raised funds for the most evil organization on earth. 

Archbishop Fulton Sheen in the mid 19060s once said that if one left America for a year or two and returned, she was unrecognizable. What would he say today? What would he say of "traditionalists" who have mouths like sewers? What would he say of priests who stand by and do NOTHING about this near total collapse of the Church? 

I had the great joy of hearing a holy priest identify Freemasonry as one of the evil forces at work today in the world. When was the last time YOU heard your priest denounce Freemasonry? If your priest is silent, you know he is a "fifties Catholic", his parish is dying, the youth under his charge will be devoured by the Red Dragon.

Saturday, 2 December 2017

Homosexual terrorists running Canada? The scandal of Wilfrid Laurier University's persecution of Lindsay Shepherd

One would think that at least in a university, there would be a "preferential option" for open debate? For divergent views? Sadly, no. 

Canada's universities - with a few exceptions in various faculties and amongst a few careful and discrete professors - have also come under the control of secularists and ideological terrorists. In fact, in a more subtle manner, the universities were already under the control of these terrorists before they made their more public debut in the mass media.

The totalitarian response from Wildrid Laurier to TA Lindsay Shepherd 

Wilfrid Laurier University in Ontario distinguishes itself as a hard-core fascist university. This so-called "university" absolutely refuses to allow Staff, professors and so on, to express any opinions except those permitted by the university. 

Friends, we have seen these types of "universities" before in Nazi Germany and Soviet Russia, where all staff - at minimum - were to give implicit obedience to the Party. Membership meant promotion. A very famous example (and very popular at universities to this day) is the notorious Martin Heidegger. Wilfrid Laurier is determined to be a totalitarian as the most rabid Nazi university. 

Consider the following exchange between a homosexualist fascist (on behalf of the "university") and Teaching Assistant, Lindsay Shepherd. Instead of congratulating this TA for her determination to debate issues, the homosexual terrorists who run Wilfried Laurier proceeded to - yes dear readers - terrorize Lindsay Shepherd. However, Shepherd secretly recorded the terrorist incident, conducted by a sneering, lisping, hateful individual working for Wildrid Laurier.  

A report on the issues, and persecution of other academics by homosexual terrorists may be read here. 

So much for "universities". Now, let us turn to the fascist Government of Canada. 

A hundred million dollars of taxpayers money to militant homosexuals, sees homosexual terrorism expanding in Canada. 

Trudeau at home with drag queens 

Last week, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau (who is obsessed with homosexuality -WHY? I shall leave that up to the readers imagination) handed out $100,000,000 million dollars to militant homosexuals for so-called human rights abuse and violations. Firstly, no one has a right to commit sin, or violate the natural law. Secondly, the civil law (at that time in harmony with God's Law), explicitly forbad homosexual activity within certain spheres. Homosexuals knew the law and openly decided to violate it. 

The Government of Canada owes them nothing. In fact, the Government of Canada owes God an apology. The Government of Canada owes Canadians an apology for the legal theft of $100,000,000 dollars that morally is to be used for the common good. Is there money for children with autism? Money for the disabled? Money for the elderly? Money for primary caregivers...? No, just money for perverts.

Homosexuals too, owe Canadians an apology. An apology for perverting the country, corrupting and molesting children, spreading disease, and costing the health care system billions with their disgusting and filthy behaviours. 

Not surprisingly, our churchmen have been silent over Trudeau's thieving handout of taxpayer money to individuals who engage in unnatural sexual acts. 

Thomas Rosica, CSB, has had a lot to say about Trudeau: fawning all over him when he let in thousands of "refugees" (for which Canadians are paying a heavy price: assault, rape, property crime, hotels being forced to take "refugees" and throw Canadians out...), the constant "groupie" like promotion of this evil man on Twitter.

Is it not a scandal, dear friends, that the Bishops of Canada have been silent over the immoral hand-put of $100,000,000 dollars to homosexual terrorists?

So much for the "preferential option for the poor". No, it all is an elaborate fraud. Also, do not forget the disgraceful  and very expensive private reception at the Rosedale Golf Club in Toronto for the visiting Prelate, Kevin Cardinal Farrell. Another example of a churchman "reaching out to the peripheries". I wonder how many poor Farrell met at the Clubhouse? 

So much for the Government of Canada. So much for Canadian universities being terrorized by militant homosexuals. Wake-up friends: fascism is here, alive and in control.