Thursday, 14 December 2017

James Martin S.J. is working for the Synagogue of Satan

Can there be any doubt that the institutional "Church" is total collapse? That a priest would praise an agent of the devil, shows who James Martin S.J. is working for. He is not working for Our Lord Jesus Christ, He is working for the Father of Lies. 

What does this say about prominent churchmen who promote this evil man? These Jesuits, Basilians and others who flock around this vile creature, latching onto his every lie, as truth? It tells us too, that they - like James Martin S.J. - are working for the devil.


Kathleen1031 said...

Positively correct and accurate.

Anonymous said...

Those who cast their nets of ignorance and error do so to confuse the faithful, discredit its religious, and undermine Holy Mother Church. Like many before them the inflammatory rhetoric and personal attacks against the ordained are doomed to failure.

Barona said...

For annonymous 11:01.