Thursday 30 July 2015

The Horror of Abortion ~ abortionist plays with dying baby mortally wounded from chemical abortion

Please visit Vox Cantoris to see what the real, full horror of abortion leads to. Be warned, this will greatly disturb you. But you should at least try to view the video. We should not avoid seeing with our own eyes what we have allowed our society to become. A sick, wicked and depraved place. 

Let there be no doubt: abortion is human sacrifice to Satan. 

Little baby, pray for us. 

"Health Canada" approves the abortion pill, RU-486

"Every unborn child, condemned unjustly to being aborted, has the face of the Lord, who before being born, and then when he was just born, experienced the rejection of the world..."
Pope Francis

A little person who is just six weeks old

Health Canada has approved the abortion chemical pill, RU486, that causes a miscarriage within one or two days after being taken. The chemical killer may be taken up to seven weeks into the pregnancy. 

According to a Sheila Dunn, who is a "researcher" at the Toronto's Women's College Hospital, other chemical killers are "second rate", and Canadian women deserve the best when they set about killing their children. Dunn further provides us with the shocking statistic that one in three women during her lifetime will kill at least one child. This is incredible, but it shows the depth of evil and depravity we have fallen into. 

"...And every elderly person, even if he is sick or at the end of his days, bears in himself the face of Christ. They cannot be discarded!"
Pope Francis

This is the insane world we live in. Killing must be made to look beautiful, gentle and loving. Likewise the "dying with dignity" movement" sugarcoats its wickedness in this false "love". Health Canada is currently seeking "consultation" on this matter. In all of this one see a satanic component that is driving it. Remember: whenever satan gets control he demands human sacrifice. Abortion is a "anti-sacrament" to the devil. 

Tuesday 28 July 2015

Mary Wagner is free but wishes the focus not on her, but on the unborn, the suffering and the deprived...

Last Saturday, July 25th, just before ten a.m., on a warm and sunny day, Linda, Mary Burnie and myself met Mary Wagner as she walked free after nearly eight months incarcerated in the Vanier Centre for Women in Milton, Ontario. Her sentence was:four months for mischief and four months for probation violations; a virtually unheard of sentence, when the standard for the latter is usually 30 days). Her exit from the prison was exactly as she wanted it: discrete, quiet, private, without media or any fuss. 

Later in the day, a Mass was celebrated in "Thanksgiving for Linda Gibbons and Mary Wagner" at the Church of the Precious Blood in Scarborough, Ontario. After the Mass, a potluck was served. 

Mary is well and happy to be free and with friends. But she wishes to remind us to keep the focus on the unborn, those endangered by the culture of death, such as the elderly and disabled. Mary would also like us to keep in mind the women who remain incarcerated in Vanier.

 Prayer for Life by Pope John Paul II 

O Mary, bright dawn of the new world, Mother of the living, to you do we entrust the cause of life. 

Look down, O Mother upon the vast numbers of babies not allowed to be born, of the poor whose lives are made difficult, of men and women who are victims of brutal violence, of the elderly and the sick killed by indifference or out of misguided mercy.

Grant that all who believe in Your Son may proclaim the Gospel of life with honesty and love to the people of our time. Obtain for them the grace to accept that Gospel as a gift ever new, the joy of celebrating it with gratitude throughout their lives and the courage to bear witness to it resolutely, in order to build, together with all people of good will, the civilization of truth and love, to the praise and glory of God, the Creator and lover of life.

Auschwitz survivor forgives former SS guard

I have had only a passing interest in the case of Oskar Groening, the 94 year old former SS guard at Auschwitz who was recently sentenced to four years in prison for being an accessory to murder. There is, however, a deeper story here that I only recently stumbled onto. Auschwitz survivor Eva Kor reacted to the sentence in a startling way. She said
"They are trying to teach a lesson that if you commit such a crime, you will be punished. But I do not think the court has acted properly in sentencing him to four years in jail. It is too late for that kind of sentence... My preference would have been to sentence him to community service by speaking out against neo-Nazis. I would like the court to prove to me, a survivor, how four years in jail will benefit anybody."
She has received criticism from other survivors and their families, being characterized as a traitor. She responded
"As long as we understand my forgiveness that the victim has a right to be free, you cannot be free from what was done to you unless you remove from your shoulder the daily burden of pain and anger and forgive the Nazis – not because they deserve it, but because I deserve it. When I talk to survivors, and I say why on earth does my forgiveness hurt you, they have no answers. I guess victims like to have more victims; the bigger the crowd, the better. I don’t understand it. The victims, 70 years after liberation, with 300 others, they were all talking about their experience, falling apart – “poor me… what have they done to me?” I don’t forget what they have done to me. But I am not a poor person – I am a victorious woman who has been able to rise above the pain and forgive the Nazis."
Eva Kor embracing Oskar Groening at his court hearing.

Digging a little further into this story one finds something even more startling. Oskar Groening could have continued to lead the quiet life he enjoyed after the war. All he had to do was keep his mouth shut. Instead he responded to friends and acquaintances who denied the holocaust by saying "I know a little more about that. We should discuss it sometime." He responded to a pamphlet by a holocaust denier with "I saw everything, the gas chambers, the cremations, the selection process. One and a half million Jews were murdered in Auschwitz. I was there." He continued to receive phone calls and mail from neo-Nazis trying to prove him wrong, prompting him to go public with his testimony.

I am grateful that I do not have to pass judgement on this case but I am continually amazed at God's ability to draw good out of the most horrific circumstances.

Sunday 26 July 2015

Pope Francis: "... contrary winds arise everywhere in the world..." ~ the Holy Father denounces ideological and media agression

"Do whatever He tells you...." Our Lady

These words were spoken in late April. Have you read them before? Just who are these "wolves" in the Holy See Press Office, under "Stato", who so carefully censor and manipulate the words of our Holy Father? Sadly, these "wolves" in shheos clothing, warned of by Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger, just prior to his election to the Papacy, remain very active within the Church. 

In an ad limina address to the Bishops of Benin, the Holy Father had these words:

You are right, however, in stressing in your reports that this faith, spreading increasingly, is sometimes superficial and lacks solidity. Now it is important that the desire for a profound knowledge of the Christian mystery is not the privilege of an elite, but that it animates all the faithful, because they are all called to sanctity. This is of capital importance for the Church in Benin to resist and overcome the contrary winds that arise everywhere in the world and which will not fail to blow in your country. And I know that you are vigilant in face of the multiple ideological and media aggressions. The spirit of secularism is at work also in your country, even if it is not yet very visible. Only a profound faith rooted in the heart of the faithful, and lived concretely, will enable you to address it.

Friday 24 July 2015

Pope Francis: Laudato si is "not a green encyclical..."

True Catholic social action: a nun helping an African family

During the course of the Mayor's "Symposium", Pope Francis gave an impromptu speech, seeing the need to reject the media labeling of Laudato si as a "green" encyclical. The Pope tried to emphasize that it was a "social" encyclical. Further, that the main theme was the concept that "ecology is total, it is human"

The fact that the Pope needed to make these remarks - edited by the Vatican Press Office as they were (what else the Pope said, we are left to guess) - implies that the Holy Father has become aware of a concerted effort to manipulate his encyclical and force it into a certain "environmentalist" mindset. It is unfortunate that the Holy Father still seems to believe that large, bureaucratic entities can help achieve his desired hope, that we live in greater harmony with God's creation. Indeed, these huge internationalist entities are part of the "technocracy" that the Holy Father rightly denounces. Not Catholic, entities that are globalist by inclination can hardly offer solutions in accordance with Catholic moral teaching. This was seen in the gender ideology announcement that was issued by the mayor's "Symposium. And even if these internationalist organizations are well meaning, common human experience tells us that the larger an entity, the more incompetent and inept it will be. Bureaucracy by nature grows. The Catholic principle of subsidiarity needs to be applied in any true Catholic social action. 

Thursday 23 July 2015

Final Declaration held at Vatican calls for:" gender equality" and "gender-sensitive solutions"

The "Final Declaration" of a "symposium" has been held in Vatican City. If it were not true one would think it a bad joke. No commentary is necessary. Suffice it to say, these "mayors" and others do not intend to bend the knee to Our Lord Jesus Christ, and as such show any friendship towards the Catholic Church. 

Does this also include contraception and abortion? 

Wednesday 22 July 2015

Archdiocese of Toronto televises a sacrilegious and idolatrous Mass worshipping the pagan goddess "Gaia"

"I am the LORD your God, who brought you out of the land of Egypt, out of the house of bondage. You shall have no other gods before me"
(Deuteronomy 5: 6-7)

Gaia, circa 410-400 BC, 
Antikenmuseen, Berlin


So go the words to the song that worships, Gaia, a Greek goddess. This was sung not at some foolish, new-age gathering of sad and deluded feminists or want-to-be-pagans. No, it was sung as the concluding hymn of a televised Catholic Mass sponsored by the Archdiocese of Toronto. 

St. Pope John Paul II denounced new-age paganism in these words: "we cannot delude ourselves  that this will lead to a renewal of religion. It is only a new way of practicing gnosticism..." (p. 90, Crossing the Threshold of Hope). A review of songwriter Carolyn McDabe's website finds her writings heavily steeped in gnosticism and pantheism. For example, she writes: 

We the Gaia women, connected to one another by our international waters, have been awakened and energized through song, reflection and sharing to stand firm as guardians of our precious bio-regions..."

At this Mass, two grave sins were committed: sacrilege and idolatry. A false god was worshipped and the Holy Mass was profaned and treated unworthily. These are grave sins against the First Commandment.

The Catechism of the Catholic Church [2112] defines idolatry as: "The first commandment condemns polytheism. It requires man neither to believe in, nor to venerate, other divinities than the one true God...."

The Catechism [2120] defines idolatry in this manner : "sacrilege consists in profaning or treating unworthily the sacraments and other liturgical actions, as well as persons, things, or places consecrated to God... "

The full section on the violation of the First Commandment from the Catechism may be read here. 

A full report on this spiritual crime that profaned the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass may be read at Vox Cantoris. 

Sunday 19 July 2015

Pius XII: abortion and the culture of death are the fruits of materialistic messianism, promoted by capitalism and socialism

And I will say to my soul. the rich man said, Soul, thou hast many good things laid up for many years; take thy ease, eat, drink, be merry. But God said to him, Thou fool, this night do they demand thy soul of thee." (Luke 12; 19-20) 

Over the past few days people have become shocked that pre-natal body parts are removed from living human beings in acts of gruesome, sadistic murder. From what we know, the  person to be murdered is moved into an appropriate position - prior to literally being butchered - so as to ensure the intact removal of the organ in question. Thus to get at desirable body parts, the head may be ripped off, limbs shredded, torn off, crushed etc. All of this is legal. All of this is happening in a country that still claims to be Christian. We should be shocked, but we should not be surprised. 

We must ask ourselves where did this diabolical spirit come from? What is feeding this warped mentality? This fantasy that an earthly paradise will be created, but when in reality a living hell is springing up around us? From whence this grotesque materialism? 

The extermination, the dehumanization of persons does not take place in a vacuum. Abortion, in this case, is an effect. An effect of what?A cause, and it is: Godlessness. And a godlessness manifested in a centuries-long build up of anthropocentric materialist messianism. Its origins are as old as Original Sin itself. But the recent markers are: the paganising Renaissance, the Protestant Revolt, liberalism which gave birth to socialism and capitalism. Karl Marx was correct about one thing: economics does have a profound influence on society. But he was not the only one to think so: so did John Locke. Both of these men have had profound and baneful effects on society with their erroneous doctrines. Vox Cantoris nailed the perversity of traders in human body parts, Stem Express and their "Nazi-esque" ilk: "abortion is a big business". Yes, the destruction of the human person, reduced to an object is the result when economics is divorced from the moral guidance of the Church. We start with (e.g.) the despicable coal mines of 19th century Wales and onwards without any repentance and conversion to 2015: and here we are, slaughtering babies wholesale (literally) for profit. 

The great Pius XII had these somber words, when he linked to the evils of Marxist socialism, its insidious and much more seductive twin, capitalism. The holy pope wrote: 

This materialism is not confined to that condemned philosophy which dictates the policies and economy of a large segment of mankind. It rages also in a love of money which creates ever greater havoc as modern enterprises expand, and which, unfortunately, determines many of the decisions which weigh heavy on the life of the people. It finds expression in the cult of the body, in excessive desire for comforts, and in flight from all the austerities of life. It encourages scorn for human life, even for life which is destroyed before seeing the light of day.

We see the prophetic pope predicting the expansion of sexual license and the cult of nudism (todays explosion of pornography and paedophila - naturally, right up to the highest levels of business and government), the constant pandering for the soft life, and the vile evil of abortion (the culture of death). All this in 1957! What would he say today? 

The saintly Pope continued: 

 This materialism is present in the unrestrained search for pleasure, which flaunts itself shamelessly and tries, through reading matter and entertainments, to seduce souls which are still pure. It shows itself in lack of interest in one's brother, in selfishness which crushes him, in justice which deprives him of his rights -- in a word, in that concept of life which regulates everything exclusively in terms of material prosperity and earthly satisfactions.

This often overlooked aspect of capitalism (a financial system based on money manipulation and fractional reserve banking) is that it too, along with Marxism (and a definition is needed here: atheism, dialectical materialism and class warfare), advocates this anthropocentric materialist messianism, with its "concept of life" on "material prosperity and earthly satisfactions".  

Catholics would do well to re-read the congregation of the doctrine of the faith's condemnation of the "theology of Liberation". In it, the man who would be Pope, Joseph Cardinal Ratzinger, condemns both Marxist socialism and capitalism. He concludes with the words of Pope Paul VI's Credo, warning us of the grave dangers of building a technical materialistic paradise (a horizontal "Christianity' devoid of Cross). And both Marxist and capitalist despise the cross. Both preach selfishness and self-fulfillment; Our Lord teaches self-denial and the taking up of the Cross. 

Pope Paul declared in his Credo:

27. We confess that the Kingdom of God begun here below in the Church of Christ is not of this world whose form is passing, and that its proper growth cannot be confounded with the progress of civilization, of science or of human technology, but that it consists in an ever more profound knowledge of the unfathomable riches of Christ, an ever stronger hope in eternal blessings, an ever more ardent response to the love of God, and an ever more generous bestowal of grace and holiness among men. But it is this same love which induces the Church to concern herself constantly about the true temporal welfare of men. Without ceasing to recall to her children that they have not here a lasting dwelling, she also urges them to contribute, each according to his vocation and his means, to the welfare of their earthly city, to promote justice, peace and brotherhood among men, to give their aid freely to their brothers, especially to the poorest and most unfortunate. The deep solicitude of the Church, the Spouse of Christ, for the needs of men, for their joys and hopes, their griefs and efforts, is therefore nothing other than her great desire to be present to them, in order to illuminate them with the light of Christ and to gather them all in Him, their only Savior. This solicitude can never mean that the Church conform herself to the things of this world, or that she lessen the ardor of her expectation of her Lord and of the eternal Kingdom.

Needless to say, the Vicars of Our Lord were scorned and dismissed. We are now living the punishment meted by an angry God on a sinful and disobedient people. We should be prepared: is a war in the offing? War is the punishment for sin. And we need to be severely punished.  Jesus Christ will not be mocked. His Mother cannot hold back His arm forever. But far, far worse than war is the visitation upon the Church of unfaithful pastors. This, according to St. John Eudes, is a particular punishment that Christ sends to scourge His Church. 

Saturday 18 July 2015

Pro-life is not enough; we must be Gospel of Life

H. H.  Pope Francis with Emeritus Bishop of Rome, Joseph Ratzinger
Our recently sainted Holy Father, Pope John Paul II, raised to the altar by Christ's Vicar, Pope Francis, accurately pointed out that all "pro-life" activity has its beginning and end in our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ. This has been forever held by the Sovereign Pontiffs, following Our Lord: "without me you can do nothing" (St. John vx:v). 

So it is with any activity in favour of life: be it opposing the abomination of abortion, opposing the slaughter of the infirm and the elderly, fighting the drug subculture that is decimating the young, or the cavalier disregard of our penal system that leads to the death of persons who should be loved and not treated as mere objects. The prayer for life by the sainted Pope focused on life from conception to natural death. Anything else reduces opposition to the culture of death to nothing but an opposing ideology. The Church does not have an ideology: She has Truth. The culture of death will be defeated when we proclaim the Truth of the Gospel, and not be seduced into ideological concerns. We are proclaiming a Person, who is Truth Himself. His Truth teaches us that He loves us, and we must love Him in return, and we must manifest this love with our love towards our fellow man (c.f. St. Teresa of Avila, The Interior Castle, V, iii, viii). 

I see a danger. The shift in language within the "pro-life" camp to that of the non-believer in "defending" life, is ominous. If not an implicit rejection of Our Lord Jesus Christ, it is certainly the beginnings of shame and an insecurity about truth and our Divine Saviour. 

Witness blogger, Freyr is absolutely correct, to remove God removes the reality that each person is created in the image and likeness of God; it opens the door to the inevitable extermination of the human person for various "humanitarian" reasons. It also, inadvertently, concedes that "faith" is immanent and subjectivist. Therefore faith is no longer a reality that I must conform my mind to, but something that my mind generates. It is the effect of the pernicious influence of liberalism.  

Mary Wagner is absolutely correct in her two recent statements that pro-life activity must be Gospel of Life activity; that is, focused on and in conformity Our Lord Jesus Christ. Our Lord is not just an opinion, a faith "option", a figure of history. Jesus Christ is either God, or He is not God. The world, reality, human history hinge on this. Mary wrote in her Open Letter: 

"...there is pro-life work and there is Gospel of Life work. If we are Christians, we want to be Gospel of Life workers! We see not only the problems (of abortion, euthanasia, etc...); we are called to see everything in the light of Christ (crucified, died and risen from the dead)! We are called to see that the greatest injustice today is not abortion but the root of it: the failure to adore God, to put Him first. We have lost respect, reverence, for the human being because we no longer adore God, to whom alone our worship and adoration is due".

These words can be apparently difficult for some, because our individualistic society values  the "active" virtues" over the "passive", erroneously giving way to the subtle but very dangerous heresy of Americanism, rightly identified by Pope Leo XII as exceedingly dangerous. This American variation of liberalism has greatly infected the Catholic Church. 

If Jesus Christ is God, why are we becoming ashamed to declare Him so? Why are we becoming ashamed to proclaim that each and every person is created in His image and likeness? 

Monday 13 July 2015

The Holy Father: "free competition has destroyed itself...economic dictatorship has supplanted the free market..."

In a powerful address, the Holy Father denounced capitalism as a dangerous materialistic ideology: 

Yet when the State brings private ownership into harmony with the needs of the common good, it does not commit a hostile act against private owners but rather does them a friendly service; for it thereby effectively prevents the private possession of goods, which the Author of nature in His most wise providence ordained for the support of human life, from causing intolerable evils and thus rushing to its own destruction; it does not destroy private possessions, but safeguards them; and it does not weaken private property rights, but strengthens them.

Furthermore, a person's superfluous income, that is, income which he does not need to sustain life fittingly and with dignity, is not left wholly to his own free determination. Rather the Sacred Scriptures and the Fathers of the Church constantly declare in the most explicit language that the rich are bound by a very grave precept to practice almsgiving.

The ultimate consequences of the individualist spirit in economic life are these: free competition has destroyed itself; economic dictatorship has supplanted the free market; unbridled ambition for power has likewise succeeded greed for gain; all economic life has become tragically hard, inexorable, and cruel. The State, which although it ought to sit on high supreme, free from all partiality and intent upon the one common good and justice, is become a slave, surrendered and delivered to the passions and greed of men. And as to international relations, two different streams have issued from the one fountain-head: On the one hand, economic nationalism or even economic imperialism; on the other, a no less deadly and accursed internationalism of finance or international imperialism whose country is where profit is.

A market unrestricted by any law opens to everybody attracts large numbers to buying and selling goods, and they, their one aim being to make quick profits with the least expenditure of work, raise or lower prices by their uncontrolled business dealings so rapidly according to their own caprice and greed that they nullify the wisest forecasts of producers. The laws passed to promote corporate business, while dividing and limiting the risk of business, have given occasion to the most sordid license. Observe that consciences are little affected by this reduced obligation of accountability; that furthermore, by hiding under the shelter of a joint name, the worst of injustices and frauds are penetrated; and that, too, directors of business companies, forgetful of their trust, betray the rights of those whose savings they have undertaken to administer. 

Restraint enforced vigorously by governmental authority could have banished these enormous evils and even forestalled them; this restraint, however, has too often been sadly lacking. There quickly developed a body of economic teaching far removed from the true moral law, and, as a result, completely free rein was given to human passions.

UPDATE: An apology to readers. Originally, Pope Francis' image was uploaded. This has now been corrected. The pope in question is Pius XI.

Sunday 12 July 2015

Ubi Arcano: Why Pius XI's "On the Peace of Christ in the Kingdom of Christ" is the greatest modern encyclical

Arguably the greatest papal encyclical of modern times is Ubi Arcano written in 1922 by Pius XI. Firstly, the extraordinary work gathers up into one the great motto of Pius X: "to restore all things in Christ". We should note: not some, not this or that, but ALL things in Christ.. For to leave this or that to one side, is to reject Christ. It is to create a false Christ, an idol that does not exist. 

Secondly, the pope makes his own the teaching legacy of the genius, Leo XIII, the pope of the encyclicals (85 in total), who actually wrote them himself, and not by committee, or asking a churchman or two to compose something and then sign off after a few changes. Leo was a teacher of doctrine, a great lover of truth. 

To understand the mind of Pius XI, Catholics need to study the great encyclicals of Leo. Especially important are: Libertas, Immortale Dei, Diuturnum, Tametsi, Humanum Genus etc., as documents on the relationship between the Church and State, civil society and evils threatening same. 

Thirdly, the Ubi Arcano is deeply prophetic: every danger and evil the holy pope predicted has come to pass (the collapse of society, the spread of sexual license and perversion, growing totalitarianism and societal disintegration, the attack on marriage, the family, the spread of violence, the growing weakness of Catholics devotion to religion and so on): 

Because men have forsaken God and Jesus Christ, they have sunk to the depths of evil. They waste their energies and consume their time and efforts in vain sterile attempts to find a remedy for these ills, but without even being successful in saving what little remains from the existing ruin. It was a quite general desire that both our laws and our governments should exist without recognizing God or Jesus Christ, on the theory that all authority comes from men, not from God. Because of such an assumption, these theorists fell very short of being able to bestow upon law not only those sanctions which it must possess but also that secure basis for the supreme criterion of justice which even a pagan philosopher like Cicero saw clearly could not be derived except from the divine law. Authority itself lost its hold upon mankind, for it had lost that sound and unquestionable justification for its right to command on the one hand and to be obeyed on the other. Society, quite logically and inevitably, was shaken to its very depths and even threatened with destruction, since there was left to it no longer a stable foundation, everything having been reduced to a series of conflicts, to the domination of the majority, or to the supremacy of special interests.

The rejection of Our Lord Jesus Christ has very, very serious consequences for the Church and the world. The rejection of Our Lord by society, by the State, is blasphemy and is leading us to absolute spiritual and moral ruin. I will say again: religious liberty is blasphemy. It is the core belief of liberalism and by extension, ecumenism: it has been - so to speak - wrecking the Catholic Church for decades. Even during the time of Pius XI (though couched in more temperate language) religious liberty was held up by Catholics as a great ideal. The Church rejects this utterly. Pius XI in a future encyclical, Quas Primas, would firmly reiterated Catholic doctrine on the evils and terrible dangers State promotion of religious indifferentism. 

The Second Vatican Council in Dignitatis Humanae attempted a compromise between the doctrine of all pre-conciliar popes and the confusing thesis of John Courtney Murray. But one cannot have compromise over Christ. Subsequently, the Church began to revert to the traditional doctrine in the Catechism of the Catholic Church, referencing both Quas Primas and Leo XIII. Unfortunately, these passages are not known or ignored. The vast majority of Catholics, unbeknownst are infected to some degree with liberalism.  The seductive lure is that truth and error don't really matter. 

To return to Ubi Arcano and the Pope's emphasis on true Peace: in the heart, the family, the city, the state: it can only come from the Peace of Christ. There is no other possibility. Religious liberty rejects this implicitly. By all being free to accept or reject Jesus Christ as God, what religious liberty is really saying is that it does not matter if He is or is not God, which is blasphemy. And blasphemy will not bring peace. To the contrary, it will bring dissension, rivalries, violence, and other evils. 

Again, legislation was passed which did not recognize that either God or Jesus Christ had any rights over marriage - an erroneous view which debased matrimony to the level of a mere civil contract, despite the fact that Jesus Himself had called it a "great sacrament" (Ephesians v, 32) and had made it the holy and sanctifying symbol of that indissoluble union which binds Him to His Church. The high ideals and pure sentiments with which the Church has always surrounded the idea of the family, the germ of all social life, these were lowered, were unappreciated, or became confused in the minds of many. As a consequence, the correct ideals of family government, and with them those of family peace, were destroyed; the stability and unity of the family itself were menaced and undermined, and, worst of all, the very sanctuary of the home was more and more frequently profaned by acts of sinful lust and soul-destroying egotism - all of which could not but result in poisoning and drying up the very sources of domestic and social life.

more to follow...

Saturday 11 July 2015

Mary Wagner: "a profound loss of the sense of God" has led many environmentalists to support the culture of death

The Oratory of St. Joseph in Montreal ~ nature in harmony with God 

Several years ago, a friend and I were contacted by a man whose girlfriend was pregnant and planning to abort their child. He was a dedicated environmentalist, as was his girlfriend, who had come to Canada from Europe to work with him. Strongly against abortion, he was distraught that his girlfriend could overlook the very life of their child for reasons that seemed unclear to him. This woman whom he loved, who, when cleaning once stopped the vacuum to usher a spider to safety, seemed willing to accept that her own child would be vacuumed out of her womb. 

Though he was the father of this child, there was nothing, legally, he could do to protect his baby if his girlfriend ultimately went ahead with her plans. He was awake he was speaking to two people who had been arrested trying to spare women and their children from death, and we spoke about how crucial it was that he be present to her and to stand by her and their child, even if he would have to stand in the gap for them at the place their child was scheduled to be killed. 

But the first need was to pray. He was a fallen-away Catholic and his girlfriend had no faith. It must have been the Holy Spirit that prompted me to ask him if he knew what kind of a relationship she had with her mother. They were, in fact,m estranged. I strongly encouraged him to take her to a counsellor who would help her work through what I sensed was her own fears of becoming a mother, fears which possibly stemmed from her own failed relationship with her mother. Desperation in his face, he agreed to this. 

We heard back from this father some weeks later. He shared with us that they had found a counsellor who indeed was able to help her. Some months later, their son was born! He would now be in in his teens. 

I studied at the U of Victoria a very "green" campus in a very green city. Our pro-life group was small and harassed quite frequently. We had to fight even for the right to exist as a "club", since the Students Society then (as now, I believe) had a "pro-choice policy" which was used to seek to ban our club status. 

It always seems very strange to me that the people who were most often opposed to recognizing the unborn child's right to live were the same ones fighting for animal rights or for respect for the environment. How could so many people be so passionately concerned  for respecting the resting places of birds or the well being of other species yet at the same time care nothing for the utterly helpless tiny humans torn from their only viable habitat and brutally killed in the process - or left to die? 

I realised that this disconnect stemmed from a profound loss of the sense of God which led to a failure to grasp the sanctity of human life, and more specifically, to the personal tendency to see oneself as insignificant or even, by one's very existence, as part of the problems of the world, such as environmental degradation. A Greenpeace volunteer who once came to the door asking for donations responded thus to my question, "why do you and Greenpeace not oppose abortion"? "Well, humans are not an endangered species"!

Though I've only had the chance to read excerpts from Pope Francis' "Laudato Si", I rejoice that he has taken on the subject of the environment. Let us pray it will be read by many and that all of us are of good will but do not yet know creation's Creator will be led to believe in Him, "For from the greatness and the beauty of created things their original author, by analogy, is seen"(Wisdom, 13:5). 

Thank-you, Pope Francis, for drawing our attention to the gift of creation, to our call to respect the earth and its inhabitants, (especially the vulnerable of human beings), to our interconnectedness, and ultimately to the one who, out of His superabundant love calls us into existence and has entrusted us with the beauty of creation so that we in turn, might make out lives "something beautiful for God" (Mother Teresa). Praised be the Lord Our Father, Jesus and the Holy Spirit!

Note: Copyright © 2015, Mary Wagner

Friday 10 July 2015

THE FASCIST STATES OF AMERICA: "the State is all embracing, outside of it no human or spiritual values can exist.."

America's new flag?

The killing of babies and sexual perversion go hand in hand. Where abortion is, there will be homosexuality as well. Both are expressions of a satanic death cult. 

"Il Duce" with the British fascist, Mosley
Americans would do well to study the writings of Mussolini. The tyrant wrote these words, which now describe America. Consider the following from Mussolini (extract from The Doctrine of Fascism, 1932):
The Fascist State, the highest and most powerful form of personality, is a force, but a spiritual force, which takes over all the forms of the moral and intellectual life of man. . . . It is the form, the inner standard and the discipline of the whole person; it saturates the will as well as the intelligence... the Fascist conception of the State is all embracing; outside of it no human or spiritual values can exist, much less have value. Thus understood, Fascism, is totalitarian, and the Fascist State - a synthesis and a unit inclusive of all values - interprets, develops, and potentates the whole life of a people...
Fascism, in short, is not only the giver of laws and the founder of institutions, but the educator and promoter of spiritual life. It wants to remake, not the forms of human life, but its content, man, character, faith. And to this end it requires discipline and authority that can enter into the spirits of men and there govern unopposed.... if liberalism spells individualism, Fascism spells government....the Fascist State is a will to power and to government.

Beloved Pope St. John Paul II with children 
In contrast to this wicked man, our sainted Pope John Paul II prophesied the advent of the totalitarian State; America - the "home of the free", is now being transformed into a fascist State. 

"...what is happening also at the level of politics and government... is the sinister result of a relativism which reigns this way democracy, contradicting its own principles, effectively moves towards a form of totalitarianism. The State is no longer the "common home" where all can live together on the basis of principles of fundamental equality, but is transformed into a tyrant State...when this happens, the process leading to the breakdown of a genuinely human co-existence and the disintegration of the State itself has already begun".

( Pope John Paul, Evangelium Vitae, 20)

Wednesday 8 July 2015

On Pilgrimage

I am sitting in the Megabus terminal waiting to return to Toronto after five days in Montreal. At least part of this trip has been a pilgrimage of sorts. As is my custom in this city, I attended Sunday mass at St. Patrick's Basilica. I had planned to meet my son after the 12:30pm mass but having gotten there early I attended an earlier mass. Afterwards I walked to Place Frere Andre to await my son. One of the things I noticed there in secular, worldly Montreal was the people who passed by the statue of St. Br. Andre, touched the foot and said a prayer.  This was something I was not used to seeing, a statue of a saint in a public square being reverenced by passers by. Nor was this the only one. The stature of Bl. Emilie Gamelin in Berri UQAM station has a well worn foot. Perhaps in this city there are still a few believers?

Monday I was on my own so I made my way to St. Joseph's Oratory. As I left the Metro I wondered how I was going to find the place until I looked up the hill and saw it dominating the view. I found my way to the entrance and walked up the steps to the base of the crypt church. By that time I was grateful for the escalators which took me up to the basilica. I wandered about looking for a quiet place to sit and pray the rosary, I found it in the blessed sacrament chapel to the rear of the main altar. I stayed there for a long time. I was deeply impressed by both a sense of the Lord's presence and that he was no less present in the humble tabernacle of my parish church. 

After finishing my rosary I walked about the basilica some more. The confessionals in the basilica are not quite what you might expect. They look far more like the entrance to a crypt than a confessional. Perhaps the priest sensed my confusion because just as I paused in front of his confessional he kicked the door. I took the hint and went in. Afterwards I attended an English language mass in the side chapel of the basilica.

One word of warning. If you visit St. Joseph's Oratory you might want to avoid the main gift boutique. While the two gift shops in the basilica are modest affairs which do not excessively distract from the atmosphere of the place, the main gift shop is trinket central. I found it a bit much.

On my last full day in the city I made my way to Mary Queen of the World Cathedral. I wanted to see it because it is likely the closest thing I will get to seeing St. Peter's of which it is a copy. Again I was impressed by the availability of confession. Each church I visited had priests available for confession. In what was an unexpected gift, this church had the Blessed Sacrament exposed in the side chapel off the nave. I spent some time in there with my Lord. I had intended to stay for mass but circumstances intervened necessitating a tour of the facilities at the Eaton Centre. 

Thanks be to God for a fruitful pilgrimage and a safe trip.

Monday 6 July 2015

St. Maria Goretti: "No, it is a sin, you will go to hell:" ~ a teacher and prophet for our times

"It is impossible for anyone who leads an impure life not to grow weak in the Faith"
St, John Chrysostom, Sermon 1. De Verbis Apost. 

Today, the Church celebrates the virgin-martyr, St. Maria Goretti. Surrounded as we are, by a world drowning in filth and licentious sin, we would do well to meditate upon her life. Today, while most in the world - including Catholics - are off indulging in impurity, we should resolve to commit even more strongly to Christian purity. While most of the world - including Catholics - are compromising (at minimum) with indecency - we should even more strongly oppose indecency. Today, while most of the world - including Catholics - approve of fornication and other sexual sins - we should even more strongly repeat the words of our saint: "no, it is a sin, you will go to hell". Yes, hell exists and unrepentant sinners go there. 

A teacher of purity for our times:

St. Maria truly is a teacher by her life. Consider her incredible maturity! Maria, even as a young girl was able to help raise the family after her father's death. She may not have had an "education", not superficially glanced through - under duress - a copy of a Shakespeare play, or studied elementary calculus, nor spent 12 years studying "sex education", or wear grossly immodest short skirts and tight tops to "Catholic" high school, exposing herself to all and sundry; nor indulge in foolishness, and filthy, suggestive language, as do so, so many "Catholic" school girls... 

"Catholic" school girls, and indeed young women, would do well to take Maria as their model, instead of females who, not a few years ago, would cause a harlot to blush with shame. Such has our "civilization" changed. They would do well to re-educate themselves in the way of holy virginity and purity. 

A prophet of purity for our times: 

Our saint came from a time and place when "peasant common sense" still was a reality, not the virtual reality cesspool that out youth dwell in today. Maria was therefore able to assist in raising the family with a maturity that would shame the vast majority of women of today, even three times her age! No, we have not "progressed" as a society, but regressed dramatically. Therefore, it was still in this Catholic Italian milieu (albeit already undermined by decades of masonic attacks against the Church) that Maria was taught and developed her precious Faith. The praying (note praying, not just "mindless babbling" as Pere Gabriel of St. Mary Magdalene warns us about!) of the Rosary fortified Maria's purity, and prepared her for martyrdom. 

She realized how special and holy was her virginity. Her preservation of her virginity, even unto death, is a profound rebuke to the first and second sexual revolutions (the "Roaring Twenties" and "Swinging Sixties", respectively). Maria's refusal to engage in fornication, incongruous to our sexually obsessed world, remains a direct challenge to the wave of impurity and immorality that surrounds us. 

Maria's decision to die for virginity and purity is a direct challenge to Catholics: do we really believe in the beauty of virginity and purity? If we do, we need to prove it. It is not enough to merely abstain from fornicating; but to deal with the small sins and imperfections. If a Catholic wages spiritual warfare against the small sins, the big ones will take care of themselves, so to speak. If a school girl refuses to dress immodestly, speak vulgarly, her behaviour will naturally change; she will be a truly beautiful virgin. If a school boy refuses to go along with other school boys in looking at pornography, in responding to the sexual provocations of the girls, he may well be mocked, but he will shine as an example of holy purity. Great will the reward in Heaven be for the youth who retain their virtue. 

St. Maria's life is a challenge to what today is considered "normal" and "decent", when in fact it is abnormal and indecent. It is time for Catholics to start to behave like Catholics.

St. Maria Goretti, pray for us. 

Sunday 5 July 2015

Pope Leo XIII predicted the collapse of the West ~ "liberty" without Jesus Christ is "delusive, perverse and misleading..."

"...the very notion of civilization is a fiction if it rest not on the abiding principles of truth and the unchanging laws of virtue and justice"
Pope Leo XIII

Pope Leo XIII, who unmasked the poison of Americanism that has led the nations of the "West" to the very brink of  moral ruin, also in many encyclicals identified and provided the remedy for the evils afflicting Society: Jesus Christ and His Church. This remedy, the only remedy, has been if not ignored, openly opposed. The Pope in Libertas, Tamesti, Immortale Dei and other encyclicals, exposed the false jurisprudence of the "Enlightenment" and the false political theories that gave birth the revolution (e.g. French, American etc.). 

From Inscrutabili: 

6. Furthermore, that kind of civilization which conflicts with the doctrines and laws of holy Church is nothing but a worthless imitation and meaningless name. Of this those peoples on whom the Gospel light has never shown afford ample proof, since in their mode of life a shadowy semblance only of civilization is discoverable, while its true and solid blessings have never been possessed. Undoubtedly, that cannot by any means be accounted the perfection of civilized life which sets all legitimate authority boldly at defiance; nor can that be regarded as liberty which, shamefully and by the vilest means, spreading false principles, and freely indulging the sensual gratification of lustful desires, claims impunity for all crime and misdemeanor, and thwarts the goodly influence of the worthiest citizens of whatsoever class. Delusive, perverse, and misleading as are these principles, they cannot possibly have any inherent power to perfect the human race and fill it with blessing, for "sin maketh nations miserable." Such principles, as a matter of course, must hurry nations, corrupted in mind and heart, into every kind of infamy, weaken all right order, and thus, sooner or later, bring the standing and peace of the State to the very brink of ruin.

7. Again, if We consider the achievements of the see of Rome, what can be more wicked than to deny how much and how well the Roman bishops have served civilized society at large? For Our predecessors, to provide for the peoples' good, encountered struggles of every kind, endured to the utmost burdensome toils, and never hesitated to expose themselves to most dangerous trials. With eyes fixed on heaven, they neither bowed down their head before the threats of the wicked, nor allowed themselves to be led by flattery or bribes into unworthy compliance. This apostolic chair it was that gathered and held together the crumbling remains of the old order of things; this was the kindly light by whose help the culture of Christian times shone far and wide; this was an anchor or safety in the fierce storms by which the human race has been convulsed; this was the sacred bond of union that linked together nations distant in region and differing in character; in short, this was a common center from which was sought instruction in faith and religion, no less than guidance and advice for the maintenance of peace and the functions of practical life. In very truth it is the glory of the supreme Pontiffs that they steadfastly set themselves up as a wall and a bulwark to save human society from falling back into its former superstition and barbarism.