I believe that God speaks through His little ones. When I was a would-be porn actor, I got to meet the masculine movie-star hero of my childhood dreams, but he turned out to be far shorter than I imagined; the man I regarded as larger-than-life, was just a man. During my first encounter with Fr. John Harvey, I thought to myself, “That’s him?” 

He was extremely aged, small framed, and incredibly thin. I first saw him sitting at a kitchen table quietly eating his meager supper. A local priest, who was also in charge of the San Francisco chapter of Courage, invited some of the members to his rectory in order to meet Fr. Harvey. 

Later, I learned that Fr. Harvey had just flown to California from the Far East where he was attempting to open other Courage apostolates. His flight was laid-over in San Francisco for the night. He would fly back home to New York City the next morning. You never would have known this at the time. When he got up from the table, he met all of us in the parlor where we waited anxiously for him to finish his meal. We converged in a large circle and there was a single empty chair waiting for Father. 

When he sat down, about two spots away from me, there was a different person in front of us. The old man hunched over his food was now sitting alert and attentive, the wrinkles on his face filled out, and his skin took on a pure white translucent color.

Please read the rest here. Please do not forget to pray for those trapped in the slavery of same-sex attraction.