Tuesday, 31 July 2018

Are you Dancing on a Volcano?

Music is a great gift from God. Pius XI wrote: Music is among the many and great gifts of nature with which God, in Whom is the harmony of the most perfect concord and the most perfect order, has enriched men, whom He has created in His image and likeness.

Monday, 30 July 2018

The Crisis in the Church and the Spiritual Life

Since the Fall of Adam and Eve, humanity has been in crisis. Cain murdered Abel, we had Sodom and Gomorrah, Babel... God intervened, set aside the Jewish Nation to give the Messiah to the World. Unwittingly they managed to "launch" the Catholic Church into celestial "orbit" so to speak. From that first Good Friday, the devil has been ever seeking to "shoot" down the Catholic Church. 

Today, the Church is under a diabolical attack of a most insidious nature. When open, external enemies of the Church attack - we can "handle" it, so to speak. We expect - very sadly - the traditional enemies who deny Jesus Christ came in the Flesh to continue their assault on Our Lord and His Church. We expect the attack from freethinkers and non-Catholics. Horrible as acts of terrorism are, an even greater danger is the subtle promotion of naturalism that has spread like a cancer for well over two hundred years. Its effects are devastating. Catholics are indistinguishable from their pagan next door neighbour. Even those who attend the liturgy in Latin. If you don't believe me, just check out the cesspool of social media. Archbishop Fulton Sheen gave a talk in the mid 1960s. He had been out of the United States, and upon his  return he commented that he could barely recognize his own country, so vulgarized and debased had it become. Imagine what he would say today! 

The Abbe Chautard in his "The Soul of the Apostolate" warned that the actions of a Catholic, must - ABSOLUTELY MUST - be grounded in Christ Jesus. The first step is humility. Do I need to do this? Does God want me to do this? Am I doing it first and foremost for Our Lord? Or, perhaps I do not need to do this, God may not want me to do it, it is being done for praise, glory, attention. Or, it is motivated not by a desire of the conversion of the sinner, but by hatred, revenge, anger... I need to, you need to - always access our motivations.

Given the recent revelations concerning Theodore McCarrick - the Homosexual Network (as the late and much persecuted Fr. John O' Connor called them) in the Hierarchy - the devil will, and is working might and main to destabilize Catholics. 

My first duty is prayer and penance. If I spend one minute on the internet looking up these stories, perhaps I should spend ten minutes in prayer? If I spend half an hour - perhaps I need at least a Holy Hour before the Blessed Sacrament? If I say I don't have the time for Our Lord, then how can I claim to  have time for McCarrick? I end up giving less time to God and more to Belial and his minions.

I need to ask myself how did the fall of McCarrick and his fellow homosexual conspirators, come about? Simply put, they never had, or they abandoned the spiritual life. Then the devil swept in, pride took over and....

I need to increase my prayer life. The crisis in the Church demands Daily Mass, Confession, the Rosary, meditation, frequent visits to the Blessed  Sacrament.  If not today, tomorrow, or next week, but sooner or later I will fall. If the devil could sift the Jesuits and Dominicans, he certainly can sift me. If I deny this, then I have already acted with incredible pride and have made the first huge step into his camp. For example, every word I write on this blog, must be weighed carefully. Is there someone who is searching for the Faith? Is there someone who is seeking the Church? Great caution must be had. Souls are at stake. 

My actions, your actions must be to encourage others to develop the spiritual life. Everything we do, which is not grounded in the spiritual life, and imbuing others with the desire to seek the spiritual life will fail. Why? Because it is not founded on Our Lord Jesus Christ. "I am the Vine, you are the branches". 

Update: 7/30/2018 5:56 p.m., GMT. 

P.S. I very much doubt this will be re-tweeted; promoted etc. I hope I am wrong. Checking my stats, I am not wrong. This simply proves my point: most Catholics treat our holy religion as politics. Most Catholics- even those who attend the Latin Mass - are but mere politicians. 

We need to be crushed, we need to be driven into the underground. God is a jealous God: it is ALL or NOTHING. The Christians in ancient Rome knew this. Our so-called modern day Catholics do not. God will continue to punish us, as we continue to want to play Catholic and play pagan. This just will NOT do. It is ALL or NOTHING. Since we refuse to give Him ALL, He will give us nothing. NOTHING. 

P.P.S. Look for things to get much, much worse. 

Saturday, 28 July 2018

The Diabolical and Homosexuality

"And thus not only was their doctrine Satanical, but their life too was diabolical"
St. John Chrysostom 

How could men of God not discern the aura of evil that surrounded Theodore McCarrick? 

One angle to this entire McCarrick situation is the diabolical. Fr. Z noted that Theodore McCarrick was a horrible liar. In fact, so fiendish were McCarrick's lies that the priest from Madison points out that they were "nothing short of diabolical". 

In Sacred Scripture, the Prophet Moses, St. Paul and St. Jude condemn homosexuality as an abomination before Almighty God. Church Father, St. John Chrysostom warned us of the demonic aspect of homosexuality. Let there be no mistake: homosexuality is especially diabolical. It mocks God's creation, it directly profanes the Sacrament of Marriage, and mocks the sanctity of the Marital Act. It attacks martial unity, the family, and life. It attacks and blasphemes the Love and Unity of the Blessed Trinity. 

St. Paul and St. Jude link homosexuality with godlessness. St. John Chrysostom describes homosexuality as "hell appearing before its time". 

Yet, this grave satanic evil has entered into the Church, into the very priesthood. It has turned these debased men into modern day Judases, and they, in turn are trying to turn the Catholic Church into "a den of thieves", with themselves as servants of Baal. 

What could be so funny in the presence of a man of such evil?   

One other question remains. Perhaps some of you have experienced it. In the presence of someone who is evil you feel it, you just know there is something wrong. 

How is it that so many churchmen - so they keep claiming - never suspected, never had this feeling; this impression that they were in the presence of a man possessed by evil? We are now speaking of bishops. Men, who - presumably - are saying Mass every day, the Breviary, daily meditation, a Holy Hour, administering the Sacraments through visiting the sick, the disabled, spending time with the poor. Strangely, men who devote so much of their days to prayer and charitable works, were unable to feel the aura of overwhelming evil around McCarrick. In fact, McCarrick was billed on Fr. Thomas Rosica's Salt and Light as a "A tireless leader who has helped the poor and disenfranchised, the Cardinal has sought justice and promoted peace". How is it possible for such an eminent churchman to not detect pure evil? Even worse: how was it that Pope Francis did not detect the evil emanating from this horror? 

We are told, not one, NOT ONE suspected. Interesting. Not one - so they claim - felt he was in the presence of evil. Strange. Very, very strange

Let us conclude with total trust in Christ. He is in complete control of His Church. He is allowing this as a scourge and punishment for infidelity of most Catholics. God is a jealous God. He wants all or nothing. For decades, far too many Catholics, wanted to just turn up in church on a Sunday, and then go back home for the rest of the week and live "pagan-lite". Well, God will not be mocked. 

There is something we can all do. Our Lord commands us to pray for the salvation of souls, even for our enemies, even for those who are His enemies. Let us therefore firstly, pray for the victims, that they be given peace and healing. Let us pray that the criminal infiltrators repent, convert and expose the homosexual network as a beginning towards reparation. Evil as McCarrick is, the graces are there - just like they were there for Judas - to repent and convert. On his decision, hangs his eternity. 

After McCarrick: who's next? ~ will Catholics get fooled again?

Theodore McCarrick, is no longer a Cardinal and is suspended a divinis. Since the late 1960s, Theodore McCarrick's rise in the hierarchy was nothing short of meteoric, advanced by fellow homosexuals in the hierarchy. 

McCarrick, however, made a "mistake". His homosexual inclinations went beyond "legal" dalliances with willing seminarians and fellow churchmen, to aggressive advances (de facto rapes) towards unwilling seminarians, and of underage boys. McCarrick probably would have gone to his grave a "hero"; lauded and wept over by high ranking Prelates in a televised Funeral Mass attended by hundreds of fawning cardinals, bishops and priests. Amongst them, would have been fellow homosexual infiltrators. 

Unfortunately for McCarrick, all was dashed when an exceptionally brave man stepped forward and exposed the rapist and practicing homosexual as also a pedophile. Quickly it emerged that hush money (the widow's mite) had been used to keep under wraps McCarrick's rapacious sexual lusts. Churchmen cared not that McCarrick was a practicing homosexual. 

I can tell you friends, that all along the east coast of the United States, in dioceses of considerable prominence, many Catholics know - and have known for decades - about McCarrick. They also know about a number of other very high ranking prelates who have same-sex attraction and have committed grave sins against chastity. 

I implore priests to stand up! To denounce these men! You must speak: these men are destroying, corrupting souls! You have a duty before Christ. Seek these men out: demand that they resign immediately, demand that they reveal the entire homosexual network. 

It was over 30 years ago that one American priest began speaking out about homosexual infiltrators. Fr. John O' Connor, a Dominican priest from Chicago, who, for his efforts, was eventually expelled from his Order, and then suspended from the priesthood. Time and history has proven Fr O' Connor correct. The same gang that persecuted O'Connor, is the same gang that promoted, protected and covered for McCarrick and others. They are still in control. 

Catholics: don't get fooled again!!! 

Wednesday, 25 July 2018

The Judas Syndrome: the conspiracy to suppress Humanae Vitae is a crisis of Truth and an act of Treachery

'Who can deny that our age is one marked by a great crisis, which appears above all as a profound "crisis of truth"'? 
Pope John Paul II 

Most Catholics - at least in Canada and in most of the "developed" world, are heavily involved in the active use of birth control. This means, that they are unable to receive the Holy Eucharist, and that the means of Grace is far weaker. It means a further collapse in the Church and society. For, as the Church goes, so goes the world. This, from the former CCCB President, Archbishop Brendan O'Brien, 2004: 

In Canada, where the vast majority of couples including Catholics use one form or another of artificial contraception, the dangers that Paul VI foresaw with the arrival of the Pill have become real: marital infidelity, sexual promiscuity and pre-marital sex.

One might ask the archbishop and his brother bishops: "Your excellencies, what have you done over the past ten years to rectify this situation"? 

His Holiness Pope Francis - once again - reiterated the unchangeable doctrine of Humanae Vitae. The Pope's statement has been referred to as a "ban" in the neo-modernist Crux. Rubbish. It is doctrine. It is Truth. It is the truth about the human person. "Bans" can be lifted, truth does not change. We discover truth, we do not create it. I conform my mind to the truth. I do not create truth. Truth is independent from my mind! Unfortunately, there seems to be a cabal in Rome that wish to water down or even nullify Catholic teaching. They will fail utterly. 

Catholic media has made much of the Pope rejecting "same-sex marriage", but have distinguished themselves in burying or fudging within their reports his support of Humane Vitae. The Catholic Register exemplified this, with not even a word about Humanae Vitae. Yet, most "Catholics" even those who incredibly see nothing wrong in intrinsically evil homosexual acts, are not planning a "same-sex marriage" (or more correctly, a "homo" non-union).  But they are supporting and acting upon the intrinsic evil of abortion and contraception. This should be the Catholic headlines! "Official" Catholic media should be informing the laity that the use of contraception is a grave sin, and that until they repent and confess they are prohibited in receiving the Blessed Sacrament. The Catholic News Agency carries a report on Pope Francis, but the report does not even use the word "sin" once. Is "sin" now the unmentionable word? 

The Popes have preached indefatigably on the truths of the human person. No one listened. In fact, not only did they not listen, they rebelled. In Canada we had the tragedy of ex-priest Gregory Baum (rightly referred to as an "arch heretic" by Monsignor Vincent Foy) poisoning many minds and leading to the monstrous sin called "The Winnipeg Statement".  We even had the scandal of the CEO of Salt and Light TV, (who is also the Holy See Press Office English language spokesman), publicly praising Baum. This priest has not repented, not lost his position, but seems to be protected by churchmen in Canada and in Rome, who, at the recent Synod were busy trying to undermine St. Pope John Paul II.  Truly the crisis is deep. It may well exceed, as Cardinal Ratzinger suggested in "Salt of the Earth" the Arian crisis; it is certainly worse than the Protestant crisis of the 16th century. 

It is quite evident to any Catholic that following this rebellion by the bishops (though individual bishops opposed that act of treachery) Grace was cut off. The bishops of Canada - collectively - were saying that they were ashamed of Christ and His teachings. Well, He, in turn, became ashamed of them before His Father. Grace was cut off. A branch, once cut, withers and dies. It still looks alive when freshly cut, but after a while decay sets in. So too, with the Church in Canada, having rebelled, it was "cut off". The rot, was not immediate, but slowly, inexorably, the rot spread and we are where we are today. 

Christ never abandons His faithful. He will always provide faithful priests for His flock. But it means that unless, and until, the bishops of Canada publicly repent of this gross act of rebellion, there will be no change, no rebirth of the Church in Canada. God will not be mocked. 

When our now sainted Pope John Paul II pleaded and demanded that the bishops teach sexual morality: what was done? When the venerable and much loved Pope Benedict XVI reiterated this teaching and called upon even greater efforts to return to true morality, what was the response? 

When was the last time you heard a priest denounce the evil of abortion, that contraception, fornication are all grave sins? When was the last time you heard a bishop denounce such evils, which are rampant amongst Catholics!? Silence means at minimum cowardice and some form of collusion. It means malfeasance in office, it means the betrayal of the command to preach the Gospel. It exhibits the mindset of a Judas. It is the Judas Syndrome. 

Tuesday, 24 July 2018

Open Letter to Fr. Thomas Rosica: Please correct the "LGBT" All Inclusive Ministries

Dear Fr. Rosica, 

The "LGBT" ministry organization, All Inclusive Ministries (AIM), has announced that you will be "presiding" and "sharing with our community" at the monthly Mass this coming July 28, 2018, at Our Lady of Lourdes church in downtown Toronto. 

Before I continue: please do not misunderstand me. I believe you should be going to AIM. What better moment to preach that Jesus loves those suffering from same-sex attraction and to call those who have engaged in homosexual acts to repent, confess and be reconciled with Our Redeemer? 

Homosexual acts are, as noted in the Catechism of the Catholic Church,  "acts of grave depravity", "intrinsically disordered" and "contrary to the natural law". As such they are "sins gravely contrary to chastity".  Unfortunately, there are those in AIM who do not share our Catholic belief, and openly reject Christ's Law.  

On August 23, 2016, AIM shared the following to their official Facebook page: 
There are those whose theological project will always be to prove that gay love is something other than love. That proof can never be had. Gay love is love, and if Jesus was correct that the law is summed up in love, then homosexuality is hardly unbiblical. And if the end of natural law is to love rightly and fiercely, homosexuality is hardly immoral or unethical.

 Fr. Rosica, You are an influential man. Your influence is growing here in Canada, and in your home country of the United States of America, where your close associations and friendships with American bishops is noticed on both sides of the 49th. I believe it is accurate to say that you count the ranking Prelate of the United States, Donald Cardinal Wuerl, as your friend. It is no exaggeration then, when AIM states that you are "one of the most influential personalities in the Catholic world..."  

Fr. Rosica, as a Catholic priest, confidante and advisor to Our Holy Father, Pope Francis, and friend of cardinals and bishops, the words you say carry great influence. Do not underestimate the good you can do for these poor people: you have an opportunity this coming Saturday, to correct the many grave errors of All Inclusive Ministries.

Please permit me to direct you to a man whom I think it best to address this issue of same-sex attraction; to a man who has been to hell and back, a man who once was a member of the "gay community", a man who - you will be very sad to know - was actually told by several Catholic priests to not give up the "gay lifestyle"! I speak of Joseph Sciambra. 

Perhaps you heard of him when you preached your mission at Holy Redeemer church when you were in San Francisco? You may also be aware that he conducts a faithful mission to persons suffering from same-sex attraction. However, you may not be aware of the dangers and dissent that AIM presents to such persons, dangers which Joseph has fully documented.

I urge you to study Joseph's website. 

I urge you to especially review his detailed article on the long history of dissent by AIM. 

Disturbingly, AIM also openly teaches a very dangerous, gnostic flavoured idea: that homosexuality is actually God's gift to the human race. This error presents same-sex attraction not as a result of Original Sin and sin in a fallen world, as a cross to bear and offer Jesus, but as a positive blessing, a "special sexual gift" as "God's handiwork". Fr. Rosica, such errors only create confusion and encourage those with same-sex attraction to act on their temptations.
On September 20, 2016, AIM posted the following to their Facebook page:
“Homosexuality is one of God’s most significant gifts to humanity. To be gay or lesbian is to have received a special blessing from God. All humans receive their own special graces from their creator, but God has chosen some to be gay and lesbian as a way of revealing something about God-self that heterosexuals do not.” 

“Just as God has given a certain gift to priests, brothers or sisters in religious life to follow the gospel with a certain public character, so God has given to gay men or lesbian women a special sexual gift which shows forth the diversity and beauty of God in our world in a public way. All creatures of God show forth God’s handiwork, but the world also needs variation so that the richness of this handiwork is made unmistakably evident. God gives gays and lesbians the rather startling variation of their sexuality to help their brothers and sisters have greater insights into the reality of their God.”

The Catechism encourages those suffering from same-sex attraction in these words: These persons are called to fulfill God's will in their lives and, if they are Christians, to unite to the sacrifice of the Lord's Cross the difficulties they may encounter from their condition.

I end with words of hope for those suffering same-sex attraction, in the words of the late, gentle and holy Monsignor Vincent Foy. You will be very happy to know that the Monsignor - to his dying day - prayed for the conversion of your friend, Gregory Baum.

Monsignor Foy wrote: 
All can pray for homosexuals; we should never deviate from charity towards them while never condoning homosexual activity. We can give homosexuals the example of lives lived in chastity and goodness.
To all homosexuals we say: Peace, Hope, and Joy in your daily pursuit of chastity and holiness. God be with you! May you always keep in your hearts the words of St. Paul, “You are not called to immorality but to holiness".

Sincerely yours in Jesus, Mary and Joseph, 


Monday, 23 July 2018

REESE FALLON: Requiescat in Pace

REESE FALLON 2000-2018

Please pray for the repose of the soul of Reese Fallon, a young Toronto woman, murdered in cold blood by an Islamic terrorist. Please pray for Reese's family and friends who are suffering so horribly. Our Lord commands us too also pray for our enemies. Pray they repent and convert to the True Faith. 

Eternal rest grant unto her O Lord, O Lord, and let perpetual light shine upon her. May the souls of all the faithful departed, through the mercy of God, rest in peace.

Incline Thine ear, O Lord, unto our prayers, wherein we humbly pray Thee to show Thy mercy upon the soul of Thy servant Reese, whom Thou hast commanded to pass out of this world, that Thou wouldst place her in the region of peace and light, and bid her be a partaker with Thy Saints. Through Christ our Lord. 

+ Amen + 

Sunday, 22 July 2018

Canada's Bishops and radical sex-education: why the SILENCE?

For well over two decades, children and youth from across Canada have been slowly corrupted into sex. It was gradual, of course, subtle, devious. Always under the pretext of "protecting" children from predators etc. Very interesting, as we have never had so much child abuse, never so much pedophilia, never so much pornography.... 

One would have expected that the Bishops of Canada, as watchmen against evil, as guardians of the souls of the flock of Christ, would have been on guard, awake, alert and ready to act. Barring a few lone voices, such as that of the now retired Bishop Fred Henry of Calgary, they have been extraordinarily SILENT. Why? 

Why are these bishops SILENT? Do they not care that children are being corrupted? That their souls are in danger of eternal damnation? 

Why would a man of God be silent about teaching children how to masturbate?

Why would a man of God remain silent about children being taught about contraception (abortifacients)? 

Why would a man of God remain silent about teaching children how to fornication? 

Why would a man of God remain silent about teaching children the unnatural perversions of oral and anal "sex"? 

Why would a man of God remain silent about teaching children that homosexuality is good?

Why would a man of God remain silent about teaching children that you can change your sex?

The other day, when I posted on Cardinal McCarrick being the tip of the iceberg when it comes to practicing homosexual prelates, I received the following comment from the excellent blog, Everyday for Life, Canada:

It’s no surprise then why the Catholic Church in Canada has been silent on radical sex “education” programs entering the nation’s classrooms to corrupt children’s souls. We need to pray for the victims of these sexual predators disguised in priestly garb.

Notorious Canadian dissenter, Gregory Baum

Yes, it is a sobering and horrifying thought to contemplate homosexual bishops actively involved in corrupting the souls of innocent children.  Evil men who masturbate boys and each other, will hardly be concerned about evil people teaching children how to masturbate. Their standard practice is to keep silent and let the media, the movies, the internet, immoral teachers and parents do their dirty work for them. 

Everyday for Life, Canada is absolutely correct. The silence of the various hierarchies is due to homosexual infiltration. He has written an excellent article on the duties of bishops, and their frightful failings in addressing sexual corruption of the faithful, especially children. 

We also cannot forget: these churchmen have an entire homosexual "theology" (really a demonology). The Dominican, Fr. Donald J Goergen in his notorious "The Sexual Celibate", wrote back in the 1970s that masturbation was a good.  These "queer" theologians as neo-pagan gnostics, think such acts achieve the "divine".  It is what Alester Crowley called "sex magick". 

More recently, Holy Name Province Franciscan postulant, Christian Seno wrote that the Catholic Church's teachings on the unnaturalness and intrinsic evil of homosexual act"is an act of profound violence and sacrilege". The Franciscan  openly states that homosexuals should be allowed to express "mutual expressions of love". We begin to see the parallels between the homosexual ideology of these men, and the ideology contained in sex-education programs. They are exactly the same. The same language, a different accent. In fact, homosexual churchmen have been for years teaching and promoting a gnostic "queer" ideology. 

The public face in Canada driving the Church into decadence and betrayal was the highly influential homosexual priest, Gregory Baum who held sway over many bishops. He encouraged Catholics to ignore the Church's teaching on the sacredness of the marital act. Why would he not? He was a practicing homosexual. Tragically, we do not know if Baum repented before his death. 

Thus they attack in a two pronged manner: silence on the one hand, and the ever increasing overt promotion of gnostic "queer theology" on the other. Pray they repent. Pray they confess. Pray they make reparation by revealing the names of their co-conspirators. 

Thursday, 19 July 2018

Cardinal McCarrick was protected by HOMOSEXUALS in the AMERICAN HIERARCHY!

"Fr" McCarrick with one of his abuse victims

Theodore "Cardinal" McCarrick is an evil, diabolical man. 

He is a child molester. 

He is a vicious, sexual pervert. 

He was KNOWN as a vicious, sexual pervert and predator. 

He was PROTECTED by VERY powerful members of the PRESENT American  Hierarchy. 

At this time I will say no, but be assured friends, Catholics (seminarians, priests and the laity) in the Archdioceses of New York and Washington know what I mean. I have been told on very good, reliable authority. 

Watch and pray. There are very, very powerful active homosexuals in the US Hierarchy. They were and are covering for vicious, evil men who preyed on boys, teenagers and seminarians. These men are EVIL and servants of the devil.

Theodore McCarrick should be tried and if found guilty, hanged. 

The men who enabled him, covered for him, should be tried and if found guilty, hanged. 

Tuesday, 17 July 2018

LGBTory: When a Catholic stands up to Jason Kenney !

LGBTory - the homosexual juggernaut that has taken over
the "Conservative" parties in Canada

Mr. Tony La Rosa, a true Catholic, has rebuked "Catholic" politician Jason Kenney for his evil support of homosexual activity. 

Tony took the right action. Did you? 

Jason Kenny attending a homosexual event in Alberta

Have you spoken up for Christ the King? 

Jason Kenney is but one more politician, who has sold his soul to the militant homosexual lobby for a few miserable votes. LGBTory is a viciously powerful and militant organization that has a virtual stranglehold on the nominally "Conservative Party of Canada", and other provincial "Conservative" Parties. 

Thank God, Fr Lee Kenyon has returned to England, before he saw Kenney's betrayal. Calgarians will understand. 

Behold the tragedy of a man who is selling his soul - FOR NOTHING !!!!

Quo vadis, Jason? Kenney on Remembrance Sunday at
St. John the Evangelist, Calgary

God bless you Tony for standing up to Kenney! 

Catholics, will you stand with Tony? 

Canada is in free fall. We have free standing infanticide (abortion), up to actual birth, the glorification of suicide through "euthanasia", the killing of the "brain dead", wide spread promotion and glorification of homosexuality, gender ideology and pornography. We have the corruption of innocence by State funded promotion of sexual perversion on children, which is child abuse.  

We have a not so subtle attack on the Catholic Church in particular and Christianity in general. Our country is NOT "glorious and free".... our country is a slave of brutal lust and greed, slave of sin. 

If you have not discarded your "Conservative" Party membership card - what are you waiting for? Get real friends: wake up! years ago a wise Polish friend of mine told me Canada lived under "fascism in white gloves". Well, he was right! 

Dear friends, please pray for Jason Kenny that he return to the Faith. 

Please pray for Tony that God bless him for defending Our Lord and the Christian family.  

More to come on LGBTory, Doug Ford and the Ontario Betrayal on Sex-Ed. 

Friday, 6 July 2018

St. Maria Goretti ~ a light in the darkness of sexual debauchery

"It is impossible for anyone who leads an impure life not to grow weak in the Faith"
St, John Chrysostom, Sermon 1. De Verbis Apost. 

Today, the Church celebrates the virgin-martyr, St. Maria Goretti. Surrounded as we are, by a world drowning in sin, we would do well to meditate upon her life. Me and you. Anyone of us can fall, at any time, at any place. For those who have fallen, let us pray they get up, go to confession and amend their lives. 

Today, while most in the world - sadly including Catholics - are off indulging in impurity, we should resolve to commit even more strongly to Christian purity. Purity now is regarded as silly and old-fashioned. Sexual indulgence is considered "progressive". Toronto is witnessing an interesting case before the courts. The police have recently arrested a homosexual predator who has been charged with killing at least eight other homosexuals. This is the result of sin. Sexual sin also leads to insanity. Fr. John O'Connor spoke many times about the sexual addiction of homosexuals, and that gradually these poor, tragic men go insane with lust. 

We must also not compromise with indecency - we should even more strongly oppose indecency, as it flows from impurity. Indecency de-sensitizes a person to fast track them into accepting impurity and unchaste living.  

Catholics must resist the world's encouragement to approve of divorce and "remarriage" (really adultery), masturbation, fornication, pornography and other sexual sins: we should even more strongly repeat the words of our saint: "no, it is a sin, you will go to hell". 

Wednesday, 4 July 2018

Catholic teachers Union is big on "sex", but no time for protecting children

OECTA: militant "Catholic" teachers union has long been a supporter of homosexual activity 

The possible replacement of the 2015 Ontario Sex Education program should not be a time of rejoicing, nor should it bring us any consolation that children will not be exposed to grave evils and moral corruption. One group who should be opposed to sex ed more than any others is the Ontario English Catholic Teachers Association (OECTA). Unfortunately, OECTA is a viciously secular and militant hard-left union for over two decades. Children will not be protected by OECTA from corruption. In fact, OECTA has published documents that puts it members before the safety of children being abused by sexual predators. It goes without surprise, that OECTA has a very strong pro-"LGBT" propaganda position. OECTA firmly supports graphic and unnatural sexual indoctrination of innocent children in their latency period. Truly evil. 

OECTA member Christian Albini:
convicted sexual predator and pedophile 

As I have written consistently, it is passing strange that those who so publicly oppose "Wynne's" sex ed, were silent for years on the the previous Sex ed programs. Was it really about sex ed, or was it perhaps also about Wynne, and the "icky" sin of homosexual activity? Do we need reminding that masturbation,  fornication, unnatural sexual acts between members of the opposite sex, the use of contraception are always and everywhere - without exception - intrinsically evil, and therefore objectively always a grave mortal sin? 

The fact is, that the spread of homosexuality is piggy-backing on the immoral sexual ideology and behaviour of those who claim opposite sex attraction. Once contraception was accepted, the door was kicked wide open to homosexuality. 

Please pray for our young children, who have for decades been torn apart by ravenous wolves who are doing the devil's work. 

From Everyday for Life, Canada: 

The Ontario sex curriculum is part of the Health and Physical Education program in Ontario. The curriculum was implemented by the Kathleen WynneLiberal government in 2015. Ontario had an election and the new Progressive Conservative government led by Doug Ford has promised to withdraw the controversial curriculum. This is a good thing. However, just withdrawing the sex-curriculum isn't enough. This post tries to address the problem. We should also not forget that one of the architects of the sex-curriculum is convicted child predator Benjamin Levin.

To begin with, parents should not forget that the same Liberal government that implemented the controversial sex-curriculum also passed Bill 13, Accepting Schools Act. The legislation that legally backs the sex-curriculum is currently Ontario law. This is why repealing the sex-ed curriculum alone is not enough to protect Ontario children from indoctrination and what can only be described as state mandated confusion and abuse. No law should be used to sexualize children.

Please read the full article here.