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Wednesday, 25 July 2018

The Judas Syndrome: the conspiracy to suppress Humanae Vitae is a crisis of Truth and an act of Treachery

'Who can deny that our age is one marked by a great crisis, which appears above all as a profound "crisis of truth"'? 
Pope John Paul II 

Most Catholics - at least in Canada and in most of the "developed" world, are heavily involved in the active use of birth control. This means, that they are unable to receive the Holy Eucharist, and that the means of Grace is far weaker. It means a further collapse in the Church and society. For, as the Church goes, so goes the world. This, from the former CCCB President, Archbishop Brendan O'Brien, 2004: 

In Canada, where the vast majority of couples including Catholics use one form or another of artificial contraception, the dangers that Paul VI foresaw with the arrival of the Pill have become real: marital infidelity, sexual promiscuity and pre-marital sex.

One might ask the archbishop and his brother bishops: "Your excellencies, what have you done over the past ten years to rectify this situation"? 

His Holiness Pope Francis - once again - reiterated the unchangeable doctrine of Humanae Vitae. The Pope's statement has been referred to as a "ban" in the neo-modernist Crux. Rubbish. It is doctrine. It is Truth. It is the truth about the human person. "Bans" can be lifted, truth does not change. We discover truth, we do not create it. I conform my mind to the truth. I do not create truth. Truth is independent from my mind! Unfortunately, there seems to be a cabal in Rome that wish to water down or even nullify Catholic teaching. They will fail utterly. 

Catholic media has made much of the Pope rejecting "same-sex marriage", but have distinguished themselves in burying or fudging within their reports his support of Humane Vitae. The Catholic Register exemplified this, with not even a word about Humanae Vitae. Yet, most "Catholics" even those who incredibly see nothing wrong in intrinsically evil homosexual acts, are not planning a "same-sex marriage" (or more correctly, a "homo" non-union).  But they are supporting and acting upon the intrinsic evil of abortion and contraception. This should be the Catholic headlines! "Official" Catholic media should be informing the laity that the use of contraception is a grave sin, and that until they repent and confess they are prohibited in receiving the Blessed Sacrament. The Catholic News Agency carries a report on Pope Francis, but the report does not even use the word "sin" once. Is "sin" now the unmentionable word? 

The Popes have preached indefatigably on the truths of the human person. No one listened. In fact, not only did they not listen, they rebelled. In Canada we had the tragedy of ex-priest Gregory Baum (rightly referred to as an "arch heretic" by Monsignor Vincent Foy) poisoning many minds and leading to the monstrous sin called "The Winnipeg Statement".  We even had the scandal of the CEO of Salt and Light TV, (who is also the Holy See Press Office English language spokesman), publicly praising Baum. This priest has not repented, not lost his position, but seems to be protected by churchmen in Canada and in Rome, who, at the recent Synod were busy trying to undermine St. Pope John Paul II.  Truly the crisis is deep. It may well exceed, as Cardinal Ratzinger suggested in "Salt of the Earth" the Arian crisis; it is certainly worse than the Protestant crisis of the 16th century. 

It is quite evident to any Catholic that following this rebellion by the bishops (though individual bishops opposed that act of treachery) Grace was cut off. The bishops of Canada - collectively - were saying that they were ashamed of Christ and His teachings. Well, He, in turn, became ashamed of them before His Father. Grace was cut off. A branch, once cut, withers and dies. It still looks alive when freshly cut, but after a while decay sets in. So too, with the Church in Canada, having rebelled, it was "cut off". The rot, was not immediate, but slowly, inexorably, the rot spread and we are where we are today. 

Christ never abandons His faithful. He will always provide faithful priests for His flock. But it means that unless, and until, the bishops of Canada publicly repent of this gross act of rebellion, there will be no change, no rebirth of the Church in Canada. God will not be mocked. 

When our now sainted Pope John Paul II pleaded and demanded that the bishops teach sexual morality: what was done? When the venerable and much loved Pope Benedict XVI reiterated this teaching and called upon even greater efforts to return to true morality, what was the response? 

When was the last time you heard a priest denounce the evil of abortion, that contraception, fornication are all grave sins? When was the last time you heard a bishop denounce such evils, which are rampant amongst Catholics!? Silence means at minimum cowardice and some form of collusion. It means malfeasance in office, it means the betrayal of the command to preach the Gospel. It exhibits the mindset of a Judas. It is the Judas Syndrome. 

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Anonymous said...

The birth control pill has changed the western world more profoundly than anything else in the last 400 years.