Since faith is one, it must be professed in all its purity and integrity". Pope Francis/Pope Benedict

Saturday, 13 October 2018

"There will be no acceptance of perversion" ~ thousands protest "LGBT" parade in Poland

Thousands of Polish Catholic patriots turned out today to counter-protest a few hundred "LGBT" activists in the city of Lublin, who were parading in a so-called "equality" march. Pray that next year the city, and indeed all of Poland, will not permit that which has no right to propaganda. 

Pray that this spirit of resistance to those who wish to destroy the family, will spread to the decadent "West", where the "LGBT" so-called "gay liberation" movement is protected by the State and allowed to pour its propaganda and poison into the souls of innocent children. 

Readers will be especially pleased to know that real Catholic priests were actually involved in the counter-protests, inspiring and encouraging the lay faithful to defend Christian civilization. 

Please pray for Poland, and your country of origin.  

Friday, 12 October 2018

Toronto Elementary Catholic Teachers come out promoting the "LGBTQ" agenda !

 "The OECTA leadership have an inadequate and mistaken understanding of their faith"

Cardinal Collins, 2014

Catholic Teachers union a propaganda mouthpiece for homosexual activists

The "gay liberation" agenda is thriving amongst Ontario's Catholic teachers. 

The influence that the Toronto Elementary Catholic Teachers (TECT) wields in  corrupting the souls of innocent young children cannot be underestimated. TECT boasts on its website that it: 

 "represents more than 4,000 elementary teachers who work in the Toronto Catholic District School Board and is the largest unit of the Ontario English Catholic Teachers’ Association (OECTA). Our members are teachers of students in all grades and subjects from Kindergarten to Grade eight throughout the city of Toronto".

TECT is also, "committed to the advancement of the teaching profession and to a vibrant and inclusive publically [sic] funded Catholic school system based on Gospel values [sic]". 
Part of TECT's so-called "values", as we see, is the promotion of homosexual activity, including marching in the "gay pride" parade in Toronto. That sex clubs and the notorious Zanzibar Tavern are official sponsors of the "gay pride" parade is of no concern to these "Catholic" teachers (so much for their hypocritical support of women's rights!). 

"Proud to be a queer Catholic teacher" reads the banner

TECT even sent out a mass email to all teachers to attend the "gay pride" parade. How dare TECT use Catholic tax-payer bought computers to send out "gay" propaganda! 

TECT pushing the "gay pride" parade. 

For all this, not one trustee stood up and denounced TECT. Far too many of the school trustees are not only not opposing the "gay liberation" agenda and gender-ideology, but they are actually collaborators. 

Catholics! Parents! You MUST stand up for YOUR RIGHTS! 

Enough of these fascists imposing their unChristian ideology on your innocent children! And let there be no mistake - these people ARE fascists! 

There will be an election on October 22. Get out and vote!

Everyday for Life, Canada, carries an excellent review of all candidates across Toronto. Please visit and vote accordingly. Please tell your family, friends, Catholic neighbours. Get out there, and protect your children from these abusers. Yes, they ARE abusers. They wish to rape the souls of these innocent children, by pouring spiritual poison into them. 

I live in Ward Four, and Catholics have an excellent candidate. 

Get out and vote for Teresa Lubinski. 

Action Item: 

Please contact Cardinal Collins to let him know your rights as Catholics are being violated by dissenting teachers who reject the Church's teachings. 

tel:416-934-0606, ext. 609
fax :416-934-3452

Thursday, 11 October 2018

Ann Andrachuk and the promotion of Gender ideology in TCDSB "Catholic" schools

 Very soon it will not be possible to state that homosexuality, as the Catholic Church teaches, is an objective disorder in the structuring of human existence. 
Joseph Cardinal Ratzinger, April 1, 2005

On October 22, Catholics in Toronto, will have a chance to elect school trustees who actually support the teachings of the Church, without equivocation. 

The "Toronto District Catholic School Board" (TDCSB) openly promotes gender ideology, under the guidance and leadership of dissenting trustees and the militant, secular Union, the "Ontario English Catholic Teachers' Association," OECTA. 

In Ward 4, where I live, the incumbent is Ann Andrachuk. Sadly, Andrachuck supports the poison of gender ideology. 

As I wrote previously, young, innocent souls are at stake. 

In what was his final book, "Memory and Identity", Pope John Paul II in the chapter entitled "Ideologies of Evil" included the promotion of "homosexual unions" (p.13) as "another ideology of evil, more subtle and hidden, perhaps, intent upon exploiting human rights themselves against man and against the family". 

The holy Pope reflected as to how such evil came about:

"Why does this happen? What is the root of these post-Enlightenment ideologies? The answer is simple: it happens because of the rejection of God qua Creator, and consequently qua source determining what is good and what is evil" (p.13). 

In writing thus the saintly Pope, was only repeating the warnings of St. Paul.

Let there be no doubt: gender ideology is vicious and evil. It is a killer of the soul, and a gravedigger for humanity, as it attacks the family. Those who support it, must be opposed, for they excuse, defend evil. 

Rather than opposing the agenda of OECTA, Andrachuk, has decided the easiest way out is to throw in with the dissenters that control the Union. OECTA has openly promoted dissent and rebellion against the Catholic Church for well over two decades. OECTA even dared to host ex-priest, and arch-heretic, Gregory Baum, at an AGM, though Baum had been notorious for years as Canada's most infamous dissenter. In point of fact, OECTA since at least the late 90s was on record for supporting priestesses and homosexual activity.  

Parents, Catholics have an obligation before Christ, to chose the candidate who accepts and will fight for Catholic teaching. As I wrote in an earlier post, the stakes are simply the souls of our innocent children. 

Those you who live in Ward 4, are blessed to be able to vote for the candidate who is 
pro-Catholic education. 

Your pro-family and pro-life candidate is: 
Teresa Lubinski 


Sunday, 7 October 2018

Catholic Education Crisis: TCDSB elections in Toronto is about the fight for the souls of our children !


In a few weeks time Catholics will have an opportunity to elect Trustees who will stand up for the Faith against an increasingly aggressive, anti-Christian, secular world. 

The stakes of this election are not monetary, logistical, or a debate about pedagogy per se. 

The stakes are the souls of children. 

Therefore, Catholics are bound before God to elect only those, who uphold, without equivocation, the entirety of the Catholic Faith. For, as St. Augustine warned Catholics of his day, to abandon one doctrine, one actually abandons all doctrine. 

But all is not lost for Catholic parents in Ward Four, where I live.  

We DO have an excellent candidate: 

Teresa Lubinski is pro-life, pro-family and pro-Catholic education. 

Please visit her Facebook page. 

"I am a practicing Catholic who lives the faith in my family and community life. I am an active parishioner, along with my husband Mark and our children."

Dear friends and parents of true Catholic education, support Teresa!

Consider the possible alternative: 

Diana Alpeza is a Liberal Party activist, and donor ($1548.00 - see below - is just one of many examples). Her Party affiliation is not mentioned on any of her literature. When I spoke with her and asked her whether she was affiliated with any political party, she was very evasive, and refused to answer. (Why, if you have nothing to hide? In point of fact, Alpeza has a long history of donating and working for Liberals, including the failed Provincial Liberal Party candidate, Sylvia Watson, when the latter was a Toronto City Councillor). Strike One. 

Diana Alpeza's $1548.00 donation to the Liberal Party 

When I asked her what the issues concerning Catholic education were, especially given the youth do not know their Faith, her replies were completely secular. Strike Two.

She claimed we had to go along with the State's edicts about our schools. I informed her that going along with State ideology that is against the Catholic Faith is acquiescing to fascism. She was speechless and looked confused. Strike Three.

Asked what she proposed to do about the pushing of the "LGBT" agenda in our schools, her reply was one of supporting this ideology and not answering my question about upholding Catholic teaching that homosexuality was "intrinsically disordered". Strike Four.

When I again pressed her about belonging to a political party, she again refused to reply, and claimed political allegiance was irrelevant. I countered that it is absolutely relevant, because one's ideology will influence one's activity at the School Board. Strike Five. 

I then explained this by challenging her on active Liberal membership, support and why she was involved in the 2014 Election campaign, as a campaign writer, for a Party that included  euthanasia and marijuana in its Platform. Again, she was silent. Strike Six. 

When I revealed to her that I knew about her very substantial donation of $1548.00 to the militantly pro-abortion, pro-"LGBT", pro-euthanasia, pro-marijuana, Liberal Party, she ended the conversation and departed hurriedly.  

Alpeza also donated $250 to the 2014 Federal Election campaign of Liberal  candidate Ivan Luksic. 

Recent donations by Alpeza to both the Federal and Provincial Liberals

Luksic has been identified by Campaign Life Coalition as pro-abortion. It should be noted that all new candidates for the Liberal Party of Canada were required to be pro-abortion. 

The contrast in candidates could never be bolder. 

That is why is it VERY IMPORTANT that Catholics get out and VOTE for TERESA LUBINSKI. 

Thursday, 4 October 2018

Kavanaugh: It is ALL about ABORTION

Friends, as you watch the orchestrated protests, keep in mind that it is ALL about ABORTION. 

Behind the hysteria, the manipulation, the lies, is Satan. 

Abortion is human sacrifice. 

Abortion advocate, Chuck Schumer, Senator for New York, admits the truth: it is ALL ABOUT ABORTION.  

Tuesday, 2 October 2018

Will you fly too high into Modernism, or swoop too low towards Schism?

Music soothes the savage soul, be it the soul of a deluded Modernist, or a crazed schismatic "traditionalist". 

Be warned friends: as the crisis in the Church worsens, you will be tempted into schismatic dissidence. You will be tempted to leave the Church, and throw in with Satan. 

Pray and do penance. These are our weapons.... Do not be deluded that YOU can save the Church. No, Pope, no bishop, no priest can save the Church. The Church has been saved by Our Lord on the Cross.  

Christ is in absolute total control over His Church. Do you have faith that the gates of Hell will not prevail? 

Then "tune out" from the social media hysteria, the lies, the nonsense and foolishness. 

Get to daily Mass, That would be a start, would it not? 

Friday, 28 September 2018

St. Vincent de Paul ~ let everything be done in charity

A most blessed Feast of St. Vincent de Paul to all readers

"We shall continue our work and exclude there from everything which savours of politics. For we are joined together to do good to the poor and to ourselves by improving our heart and spirit. 

Now politics, which can make many tears flow, but cannot dry one up. 

Let politics, then, be ever banished from our meetings. 

As long as God will in his mercy keep that incessant cause of discord from our midst, so long will the Society of St. Vincent de Paul prosper and the poor and unhappy bless us. 

On the other hand, on that day on which one word of politics will be heard amongst us, on that day will the morsel of bread which we give to the poor be turned into stone and the Society of St. Vincent de Paul destroyed". 

(Circular Letter of M. Gossin, President-General, 15 August, 1844)

The Manual of the Society of St. Vincent de Paul. 21st Edition, 1964. 
Cahill & Co., Ltd