Since faith is one, it must be professed in all its purity and integrity". Pope Francis/Pope Benedict

Friday, 17 November 2017

Prince Charles is correct about the "Jewish Lobby"

Prince Charles, the Prince of Wales, is being attacked by the Zionist controlled media. Suddenly, a 1986 letter is published in the press. Why? Are "they" trying to remove the Prince? Are "they" trying to bell the Prince, prior to him becoming King? Are "they" trying to divert public attention from other, more pressing issues? All that is up to conjecture. 

What is NOT up for conjecture is that Prince of Wales  is correct about the "Jewish Lobby" and the power of Zionism over the United States (and, for that matter over Canada and western Europe. Notice the most recent accusations coming from Zionist quarters about "60,000 Nazis marching in Poland", etc?).

Anyone who is unaware of the America-Israel Political Action Committee's (AIPAC) total control over the US Senate and Congress is either a fool, a shill, or, if American: a traitor. IN the old days a traitor ended up on the end of a rope, today he/she or it usually sits in the front benches of Parliament, Congress, etc. 

Americans should be thankful that the Prince actually has a serious interest in their country. His Highness obviously is far more concerned about America than the vast majority of Americans, who care nought that their poor country is bound hand and foot before the Zionist tyranny. When was the last time a US Senator or President stood up to the "Jewish Lobby"? Just how man more Americans have to die for Zionism?  

Knowing of, and understanding the power of the "Jewish Lobby" means a man is beginning to see reality as it actually is. Obviously there are other forces at work in the world besides highly organized, international Jewry operating through Zionism. However, to exclude Zionism as the major, dominant, world power cripples a man's ability to think about politics. Let us not forget, ultimately politics rests on religion. 

If Prince Charles holds true to his awareness of and opposition to the Jewish Lobby, I shall be proud - for all his other failings - to call him my King. May God bless him and bring him to the fulness of Catholic Truth. May Prince Charles return to the Faith of his forefathers. 

Thursday, 16 November 2017

Pedophilia: its link to the ruling elite

Jacques Derrida, Simone de Bouvoir, Michel Foucault....

The list is endless of those prominent, self-styled "intellectuals" who make excuses for the sexual abuse of children. It is no coincidence that these same advocates for pedophilia are or were (if now deceased and have learnt the Truth) militant abortionists. At least they are consistent in their evil. 

In the United Kingdom, the "Campaign for Homosexual Equality", even suggested lowering the age to 12! Presently, most countries permit homosexual men to sodomize boys as young as 16 without any criminal charges being pressed. We also know that MI5 has played cover for the rich and powerful for years. Are we now going to be that naive that MI5, Scotland Yard - for that matter - the CIA has stopped playing cover? Yet these are the same "intelligence" agencies who tell us to trust them that Russia "meddled" in the US Presidential elections?   

The hunt for officers who protected child abusers comes after a growing body of evidence emerged to suggest that some of the most powerful people in Britain were aware of the systematic abuse of children and did nothing to stop it...One of the incidents centers on a luxury apartment block near Westminster where boys were allegedly taken to regular sex abuse parties attended by Members of Parliament.... One survivor claimed boys aged to 16 were raped and even murdered by politicians inside the complex.

As to the CIA, they are busy protecting pedophiles. Just consider what an ex-CIA operative tells us: 

Justin Trudeau "praying" between attending "gay pride" parades

In Canada, the Liberal government has lowered the age of consent for sodomy to 16 years. Nonetheless, we are told by a prominent priest that Justin Trudeau was "praying" in the Sistine Chapel (when the same PM was not attending numerous "gay pride" parades). 

Justin Trudeau promoting homosexuality 
In this atmosphere - where churchmen give only lip service to opposition to sodomy at best - if they are not clamouring to change the words of the Catechism to water down its intrinsic evilness - should we be surprised about priests and leading churchmen (including an Canadian ex-bishop and a Vatican diplomat) being ravenous pedophiles?

Carlo "The Pedophile" Capella
For the wrong motivations, actor and homosexual predator, Kevin Spacey admitted the truth: their is a link between homosexuality and pedophila. Secular homosexualist media were not amused by Spacey's admission. 

Kevin Spacey with two "young men" 

To conclude, from the Guardian: 
May 68 did not invent paedophilia, said Libération's editor Serge July. "The existing moral order was the enemy," he said. "The cultural revolution that followed May 68 was a social triumph in many, many ways. But its discourse on the sexuality of children has served to legitimise practices that are, at times, criminal."

Let us listen again to the words of Fr. John O'Connor warning us that pedophilia is built upon homosexuality.  

Wednesday, 15 November 2017

Here's mud in your eye, Thomas Rosica, CSB!

Cardinal Cupich of Chicago - much admired by Thomas Rosica, CSB - was soundly defeated and not elected "pro-life" chairman on Tuesday evening, November, 14. 

Why Cupich was even in the running, when he is on the record for permitting pro-abortion politicians to receive Our Lord in Holy Communion, and refused to allow his priests to participate in the 40 Days for Life vigil, boggles the mind. 

Nonetheless, the vote is a resounding defeat for Cupich, and the whole "Bernadin crowd", who engage in a "soft-shoe shuffle" on abortion. 

Well, well Thomas Rosica, CSB - your candidate did not win. 

"Here's mud in your eye!"

Monday, 13 November 2017

Jewish Producer, Harvey Weinstein hired "Black Cube" - a Zionist Mossad outfit to cover-up his crimes

Harvey Weinstein, it has been revealed, used former Mossad agents, running a so-called Black Cube" agency to cover up his decades long sexual molestation and rape of women. The Jewish film magnate has deep and proud connections within the Jewish and Zionist communities. 

On Tuesday Israel's Channel 2 reported that former Prime Minister Ehud Barak gave Weinstein information that facilitated his hiring of Black Cube. 

Black Cube was founded in 2010 by Yanus and Dan Zorella, who served in an Israeli intelligence unit. Black Cube describes its employees as “a select group of veterans of the elite Israeli intelligence community, whose diverse experience in information gathering, analysis, research, and field operations

This story goes beyond Weinstein, as it is a reminder that Mossad is known to have very, very deep tentacles in the United States. The danger posed by Zionism cannot be underestimated. Catholics should think long and hard as to the decades long career Weinstein had producing films that corrupted an entire generation. Americans also need to think long and hard about the power of Zionism, and its control of the US government via AIPAC and other extremely powerful forces. Americans need to wake up and stop being Israel's lackey. Just how much American blood has been spilt for Zionism? How many thousands more will die? Let it not be forgotten that the entire US Joint Chiefs of Staff were against the Zionist stooge, Truman in recognizing the Zionist enterprise. History has proven these men correct. 

A further post will examine Zionism's more recent anti-Catholic attacks on Poland, Zionism's support of "refugee" migration into Europe, whilst at the same time encouraging Moslem suicide attacks to garner Gentile support for the criminal, Zionist State of Israel. These seeming contradictions are resolved in seeing that all Zionist activity is centered on destroying Our Lord Jesus Christ. 

Saturday, 11 November 2017

"ORIGINAL SIN": New book reveals homosexual priests roam loose in Vatican City and frequent gay night clubs!

A just released book in Italy, "Peccato Originale" (Original Sin) is rocking Rome to its knees. Amongst the serious allegations are "visits" to a pre-seminary to indulge in "gay" activity. 

The Hindustan Times reports: 

An Italian journalist acquitted in last year’s so-called Vatileaks trial has published a book detailing the attempts of a young whistleblower to report alleged sexual abuse. 
Gianluigi Nuzzi reveals new confidential documents in his latest book Original Sin, which documents the inner workings of the Vatican and touches on some of the sandals or conspiracies that dog it. 
Amongst the revelations is the claim of a Polish homosexual minor seminarian, Kamil Tadeusz Jarzembowski, that homosexual priests in the Vatican frequent gay night clubs.

Ansa reports form Italy: 

But the first person to reveal abuses was Polish Kamil Tadeusz Jarzembowski, who entered the San Pio X at the age of 13, and in June 2014 sent various complaints to Church authorities. 
He said he had witnessed at least 140 "sexual acts" on his underage roommate by an unidentified adult who later became a priest. The man had free access to the pre-seminary, was "well liked by various monsignori" and "able to exert a form of power and intimidation over the youngest seminarians". 
Kamil reported the alleged abuse to various high-ranking cardinals, Nuzzi says, but no action was taken. 
He then turned to the Secretariat of State and the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, which handles abuse cases, also without any results, except for being expelled from the seminary, Nuzzi says. 
Kamil is quoted as saying "there's only politics and power, with these people who say Mass in the morning and in the evening go to Mucca Assassina", a well-known gay disco.

At least this pathetic, young homosexual had the decency to not stay on to become ordained. Needless to say, the "official" and "establishment" so-called "Catholic" media are absolutely SILENT on further revelations of massive homosexual activity going on in Vatican City. 

Friends, do not lose Faith. Christ is scourging the Church, He is scouring the World, He is also scourging us for our lack of vigilance, fidelity, devotion. "Fifties Catholicism" will not do. Christ is not interested in a return to the Latin Mass and external pieties, yet compromise with the world. He is only interested in ALL or NOTHING. 

Friday, 10 November 2017

Vatican Cigarette Ban is NOT for health reasons!

Why are the Roman churchmen banning cigarettes? It is obviously not for health reasons. Cigars are not banned, yet we know they are a serious health risk for cancer. 

Perhaps cigars are not banned because - along with expensive wines and spirits -  churchmen indulge in this very expensive pastime? 

As Vox Cantoris rightly asks: when are they going to ban sodomy, pedophilia and other crimes? It needs to be stressed to readers that the Vatican Civil Law does not outlaw acts of sodomy. 

We will now have the incredible situation where cigarettes are illegal, but sodomy is not. 

Friends, the ban is simply a cheap, political stunt. 

Bertuccio, P., et al.   (2011). Cigar and pipe smoking, smokeless tobacco use and pancreatic cancer: an analysis from the International Pancreatic Cancer Case-Control Consortium (PanC4), Annals of Oncology, 22(6), 1420–1426. 

Wednesday, 8 November 2017

Thomas Rosica CSB: Just what is his position on dissent?

Thomas Rosica, CSB, CEO of the "establishment" (yet failing) Salt and Light Catholic Media network has recently been tweeting about "dissent". Very interesting, coming from a man who conducted a scandalous interview with the notorious arch-heretic, Gregory Baum. During that interview, Rosica did not once note Baum's heresies, nor question Baum on his heresies. Rosica ahs also been silent on Baum's heresies, following the heresiarch's death. 

Did you, dear reader, have any idea that Thomas Rosica had any concern about dissent? Indeed, if Rosica had an interest in confronting dissent, would he have not confronted arch-heretic, ex-priest, and self-admitted  practicing homosexual, Gregory Baum?  

Sunday, 5 November 2017

St. Michael's College at the University of Toronto praises Gregory Baum

St. Michael's College at the University of Toronto has heaped lavish praise upon the notorious arch-heretic, Gregory Baum. 

Baum, an ex-priest and practicing homosexual did more to damage the Catholic Church in Canada than any other priest since the Second Vatican Council. Baum even admitted to being a duplicitous deceiver during the Council. He wanted to continue to act as an expert adviser all the while engaging in homosexual activity. 

Think of it: a practicing homosexual was an expert consulter, playing a role in forming Council documents. We know his motivations were not love of, but hatred for Christ and His Church. Just how many homosexuals contributed to the confusing and even erroneous Council document (e.g. Dignitatis Humanae)? Just how homosexuals now occupy positions in the hierarchy and priesthood, seeking to destroy the Church? 

St. Michael's is under the control of the Basilian Fathers. Recently, Thomas Cardinal Collins tried to wrest control away from the dissident religious Order, but to no avail. The Basilians have very powerful backers in neo-modernist Rome.