Sunday, 24 October 2021

Support your good priest(s)

Much of what has been done in the Archdiocese of Toronto regarding the COVID-19 pandemic has been nothing short of head-hanging. I cannot bring myself to say much about the clergy as opposed to what I have said in the past because I have a keen sense of where that will lead me. Fortune may favor the bold, but not all are called to be bold in the same way.

Having said that, it is right and just to point to someone who exposes the Truth and makes it easier to separate light and darkness: Vox Cantoris. Have a read of what he's been saying for the last few weeks - it doesn't paint a pretty picture of pastels but it has fallen to him to expose the rot in a way I cannot. 

Something which has been implied in Vox's writings but (I think) hasn't been spelled out in as many words is the need to support the persecuted priests. Some priests have been - or are being - left out in the cold for health-related decisions they have made in recent months. Much of this decision-making has been on the Q.T. - as it should be, given the nature of the decisions - but it is important to recognize that these priests need help. As laity we ask so much of them, yet (comparatively) give so little in return for their service.

Priests need to live and eat just like the "poor laity." Help him out. We may not be in the era of priests having housekeepers anymore, but bring him proper meals to fuel his body and give him the energy to keep going. If you can't do that for some reason, offer to drive him places or otherwise make his life easier by bringing him his necessities - even if it's just toiletries or little things like that. If you can't do that either, give him money to help him with gas or  other expenses. A priest's salary isn't handsome, and at least in Canada, he has to pay taxes on his income like so many people do here.

My list isn't exhaustive, but I hope the point has been made. The priests who have made certain decisions regarding their medical profile in recent months appear to be on a verboten list, so to speak. From what it looks like to me, they are going to need some serious material help - both during this crisis and afterwards.

In my time as a blogger and a traditionally-minded Catholic, I have seen so many laity bemoan the lack of good priests, as well as those who have been persecuted, and subsequently write against the bad ones. Maybe it's what I read, but I haven't seen as many calls to support the good ones. Vox Cantoris, Barona, Everyday for Life, Canada, and Dymphna at Dymphna's Road are exceptions in Blogger-land. However, they prove that one's Catholicity is not to borne out in boxes, but is to inflame every fibre of one's being.

Ora et labora. Support your good priest(s). No one needs to know. God will, and that's all that matters.

Wednesday, 13 October 2021

No Greater Love

"This is the greatest love a man can shew, that he should lay down his life for his friends, and you, if you do all that I command you, are my friends." (John 15: 13-14)

Thursday, 7 October 2021

Cardinal Collins: Answer me THIS!

"I hear and obey", says Cardinal Collins


As the Archdiocese of Toronto, now a de facto State Church under the Province of Ontario, presses forward with its gravely sinful program of forced vaccination on clergy, employees, and volunteers we have the following information presented at the 78th Annual Meeting of the AAPS, held this past September 30- October 2nd: viral loads are statistically NO different between vaccinated and un-vaccinated.  Translation: viral transmission is statistically equal between groups.

This just shows how obscenely grotesque and perverse is the LIE that Cardinal Collins and his ignorant handlers and staff are trying to hoist on Catholics: namely that vaccination will stop the spread of COVID-19. It will do nothing of the kind, because facts DON'T lie. The vaccines - at best - and we do not know much because they are experimental - suppress symptoms for 6 - 8 months. I wrote about the need for boosters months ago. I have - when time permitted - began to actually study pre-COVID peer-reviewed literature on mRNA and DNA technology for use as vaccines. The most recent studies that I reviewed were mRNA vaccinations for rabies and influenza. One did not work, the other needed boosters within six months. All of this was known back in early 2020. The literature is available online. 

The face of despair and surrender

To conclude: Cardinal Collins why are you FORCING a vaccine on people that is: 1) experimental, 2) statistically unacceptably dangerous, even lethal, 3) with unproven efficacy, 4) with unknown long-term side effects. 

And now we can add point number 5: transmission of the virus for the vaccinated is statistically NO DIFFERENT than the un-vaccinated



Cardinal Collins, don't YOU follow the science?

 We all know what happened when churchmen got involved in science a few centuries ago, don't we? Instead of following what the Church always taught, they became fearful when faced with the bellicose roaring of protestants and rejecting Sacred Scriptures, the common opinion of the Fathers, St. Augustine, St. Thomas Aquinas, Fr. Copernicus, etc. began to soft shoe shuffle to the flat earth agitators. They would have done better had they considered for a minute that Luther despised human reason, and hated science. Now we have the Pope and the vast majority of churchmen taking up the insanity of the new religion of COVID.

Yet Cardinal Collins and his handlers (Bay Street lawyers for the Roman Catholic Episcopal Corporation of Toronto) are literally HELL bent on forcing these genetic vaccines upon EVEN CHILDREN. Yet the asymptomatic do NOT transmit, and children (not to mention young people under 20) have more of a chance to die being hit by lightening than from COVID. How DIABOLICAL!

Will the Cardinal cease his madness now that Sweden, Denmark, and Finland have banned Moderna for males under 30? Will he take his head out of the sand now that Israelis are being forced to have a THIRD shot to be considered "vaccinated"? Or will we see Cardinal Collins preaching and FORCING a third shot in the early new year?


The look of defeat at the hands of Toronto Public Health 

Dear friends, as you study the above slide, please say a Hail Mary for all those suffering Catholics who have been unable to receive Holy Communion since last March after Cardinal Collins handed over the Mass to the the local public health authorities (also pushers of abortion and sexual vice). These secular officials proceeded to change the rubrics to one of the most sacred rites of the Mass - the reception of the Most Blessed Sacrament. Cardinal Collins is on record stating that if he had not surrendered the Mass to these abortion apologists (NOT "very virtuous" Your Eminence!) they would have banned ALL the Sacraments. Friends, if Cardinal Collins is telling the truth (why would he lie?) does that seem like the behaviour of - let us repeat his very words: "very virtuous" people?


More to come....



Wednesday, 29 September 2021

"Are they not all ministering spirits, sent to minister for them, who shall receive the inheritance of salvation?" (Heb. 1.14)

Today is Michaelmas Day, upon which Holy Mother Church remembers in Her Liturgy St. Michael the Archangel. St. Michael is considered to be the greatest of the Archangels, and led the Heavenly Battle against Lucifer so long ago. St. Michael is the patron and guardian of the Archdiocese of Toronto. We offer the following meditation from Bishop Challoner (1691 - 1781).

Consider first, that on this day the church of God celebrates the festival of St. Michael, and all the heavenly host of angels and Archangels, cherubim and seraphim, and the rest of the orders of blessed spirits. Wherefore the devotion of this day is, first to join with all these heavenly choirs in giving praise, glory, and thanksgiving to God, who created these angelic spirits, to glorify him and who has inspired them all with an unspeakable love for us, and has sent them to minister for us, in order to our receiving the inheritance of salvation, Heb. i. 14. 2ndly, we ought on this day to congratulate with these heavenly citizens and their great leader, St. Michael; these friends of God and of ours; and to rejoice in their eternal happiness. 3rdly, we ought to associate ourselves with them, in order jointly to promote the common cause of our common master; that is, the greater glory of God, and the advancement of his divine service and love; and with them to fight his battles against the devil and his rebel angels. O Christians, how happy, how glorious is this cause, in which both we and they are engaged! And how advantageous is it for us to have such auxiliaries in this great warfare.

Consider 2ndly, what lessons we have to learn, from the behaviour of these blessed spirits, from the first moment of their creation, and what we are to imitate in them. They no sooner received their being, but they turned to their creator, by adoration and love, and dedicated themselves eternally to him. We are made for the same end as they were; that is, to glorify God, and like them we are strictly obliged to turn to our creator as soon as we are capable of knowing him, and to dedicate our whole being to his love and service. But have we done so? Have we not rather, like Lucifer and his associates, turned away from God at our first coming to the use of reason, and preferred every empty toy before him? The good angels are perpetually attentive to God - wheresoever they are, or whatever they are about, their eye and their heart is always upon him; they are perpetually jealous of his honour, and ever labouring to procure, not their own glory, but the glory of their great king. Do we imitate them? Is the eye of our soul turned towards God in all our employments? Are we always seeking his greater glory? If so, like the angels, wheresoever we are and whatsoever we are doing, we shall in some measure have heaven with us, even here upon earth.

Consider 3rdly, form the gospel of this day, St. Matt. xvii., what kind of exercises of virtue are to bring us effectually to the eternal society of the angels. We must be converted from the corruption of pride, which cast the devil out of heaven, and become as little children, by innocence and humility, or we shall have no share with the good angels in the kingdom of heaven. There is no room for pride in that blessed society - 'the devil is the king over all the children of pride,' Job xli. 25. There is no room there for any that wilfully associate themselves with the rebels, that have been cast out from thence, by corrupting others, or suffering themselves to be corrupted and drawn away from their allegiance, by giving or taking scandal against their own souls. The true way to arrive at the happy company of the angels is by humility, innocence, and purity. If we would come amongst them, we must 'cleanse ourselves from all defilement of the flesh, and of the spirit, perfecting holiness in the fear of God,' 2 Cor. vii. 1. 'For nothing that is defiled shall enter into that blessed city, where they dwell for ever,' Rev. xxi. 27.

Conclude so to honour St. Michael and all the good angels as to imitate their fidelity to their God, their constant attention to promote his glory, and their constant opposition to all the enterprises of his enemy. The name of Michael signifies, who is like God. Let this be your motto in all your spiritual warfare - at all times keep close to God, and he will keep close to you; prefer his honour before all other considerations, and he will speedily crush Satan under your feet; yea, he will enable you to 'walk upon the asp, and upon the basilisk, and to tread upon the lion and the dragon,' Ps. xc., and nothing shall have power to hurt you.

Saturday, 25 September 2021

Cardinal Collins: "We have NO King but Caesar" ~ ALL priests, employees, volunteers are now under STATE control

                             Raising his hands Cardinal Collins  declares:"I SURRENDER"                                                                                                                    

 "WE HAVE NO KING BUT CAESAR" is the operative phrase in the dimly lit chambers of the chancery of the Archdiocese of Toronto.

Yesterday, September 24th 2021, Cardinal Collins of Toronto in his Letter of September 24 and Covid Vaccination Policy de facto placed the Church in Toronto under the complete control of the State. 

This is what happens after years of allowing corruption to fester in the local Church.

This is what happens after years of allowing the local Church to be run by bureaucrats and moneybags. 

This is what happens when the local bishop is CEO of a corporation.  

 To read the Letter and Policy and for a complete analysis, please visit Vox Cantoris. Let us now review how Collins has surrendered the Church to State control. Collins sets the stage by admitting:

restrictions...remain in place especially those that impede our ability to welcome full and active participation in our sacramental celebrations. 

Rather than resist, he implicitly concedes complete State control over the Church by writing the following: 

We are heartened to see that the provincial government has not required proof of vaccination to enter a place of worship.

No mention that any such "requirement" would be against God's Law, the Natural Law, and civilly, unconstitutional  and a violation of the Charter. No mention that banning Catholics from churches would be opposed. And why would he? He didn't  say "NO, we will continue to distribute Holy Communion on the tongue" when threatened by the militantly pro-abortion public health of Toronto. And he remained silent in the face of keeping liquor and beer stores wide open, but churches firmly locked up. This is not leadership, this is cowardice.

A glum looking Cardinal Collins after announcing that if he does not "obey" Toronto Public Health they will suppress ALL the Sacraments


Last year Catholics became aware that he handed over actual control over the distribution of the Most Holy Eucharist to Toronto City Council's pro-abortion public health "authorities". The Cardinal claimed that he was bullied and his  excuse was if he did not obey, they'd suppress ALL the Sacraments. In surrendering he also CEASED being the local supreme legislator in the Archdiocese in matters liturgical. That now belongs to Toronto Public Health. A Public Health when not busy determining how the Catholic Mass is to be said, is busing itself with promoting perverted sex.

Friends, the Mass is now a State sanctioned and approved Mass. Get that through your head. 

Mass attendance is State controlled. Get that through your head. 

Priests, employees, and volunteers, are now under State control. Get that through your head!

We also learnt yesterday that Collins has decreed that every unvaccinated parish employee and volunteer MUST undergo weekly (at minimum) testing at THEIR expense. EACH test is pegged at $40! Noncompliance with this edict will result in be dismissal and/or relieved of their duties. They will be cast in outer darkness as a leper. Despicable! This from the same Cardinal who eagerly took taxpayers money (which I strongly opposed, suggesting the Archdiocese divest itself of some of the hundreds of millions in investments it has) last year to pay employees to sit home during the lock downs; eager to show he was compliant and ever so thankful to Caesar's largesse. Needless to say, there was NO money for destroyed or crippled Catholic small business, for families forced into poverty. I hope the employees have come to realize that they are but pawns in the very nasty business of playing the harlot for Caesar.  

For a FULL analysis and expose of this coercive and deceitful policy please visit Vox Cantoris. It is more outrageous than you think! So much for caring for the poor and the downtrodden. So much for the "art of accompaniment". Think about these employees and volunteers who have been cast into outer darkness the next time these repulsive hypocrites start up their phony "Share Life" campaign to take your money.

Even priests in their daily ministry are NOT spared. In fact, Collins explicitly declares them as STATE EMPLOYEES. The Cardinal wrote:

Where PROVINCIAL LEGISLATION...prohibit unvaccinated clergy   (and others) from attending or    performing certain duties...clergy who have not provided proof of vaccination will need to make arrangement with other carry out their PASTORAL MINISTRIES. 

To priests, sisters, and religious he also admitted:

Due to REQUIREMENTS from the PROVINCIAL GOVERNMENT...your ability to serve the faithful will be SIGNIFICANTLY IMPEDED...


 Pray the Cardinal repent and stand up to the State that oppresses our Catholic brothers and sisters. The last time I checked, he had large images of Sts John Fisher and Thomas More in his Office. They would oppose ANY attempts by the State to take over the Church.  And what would Chesterton (whom Collins delights in quoting) think of a bishop who has surrendered the Church to be squeezed in the anvil of the State and Big Business?

"Like any man, he was coward enough to fear great force; 

but he was not quite coward enough to admire it". 


Will that be Cardinal Collins' epitaph?

Tuesday, 21 September 2021

Bishop of Moncton has BANNED Catholics from receiving the SACRAMENTS! Those who are unvaccinated or refuse to reveal their private medical history are now placed under an interdict

High risk for serious COVID, the terrified and very unhealthy Bishop of Moncton wants to inoculate young, healthy Catholics.

Until the infamous day of Saturday, September 18, 2021, most Catholics had not heard of Valery Vienneau, the Bishop of Moncton. No more. Last Saturday, he issued an edict that de facto BANS (hence an interdict by any other word) all Catholics who are either un-vaccinated or refuse to disclose their private medical history.

This man has taken upon himself to impose control over the bodily autonomy of Catholics. But he goes further in his wicked ways. He even seemingly includes those of youth and children. I suggest that this 73 year old (though he looks MUCH older), unhealthy bishop should be more concerned about those in his cohort: obese, and with multiple comorbidities. Let him concern himself with his own high risk group and leave the healthy alone. 


In this, he seems to mirror the same very unhealthy cohort in the Vatican, who have just taken to banning Catholics who refuse to disclose their private medical information from Vatican City.



I urge Catholics to visit Vox Cantoris to read carefully Vienneau's evil edict. It is far more than just locking Catholics out of their churches for Mass. They will come to the following conclusions: 


He has BANNED  Baptism, which is necessary for salvation.

He has BANNED children and converts from First Holy Communion, 

He has BANNED youth, and converts from receiving Confirmation.

He has BANNED men and women from Marriage.

He has BANNED families from Funerals of their loved ones.


For the time being, there is no mention in his edict about the reception of Extreme Unction. We must hopefully conclude that (for the present?), he has not ordered priests to stop administering that Sacrament to the ill or dying.  

As an interesting juxtaposition, there is NO ban from receiving Holy Communion and Mass from pro-abortion "Catholics", or those openly living in sinful "unions" who have been inoculated. One sees that this bishop's religion is what has been called "sociological Christianity".

As such, what are we to conclude about a man who has turned his back on not only Canon Law, but has joined the secular government in violating civil liberties that are enjoined as part of the Natural Law? But it goes further: the man has violated Divine Law. We must conclude that Vienneau has discarded his bishop's mitre and now only wears the business suit of the "Roman Catholic Episcopal Corporation Ltd". For indeed, as the sole proprietor of a business and owner of the property, he does have a legal right to decide who can and who cannot gain access to his property. In this, we are glad that the curtain is raised exposing him as a government lackey, who has cast aside any pretense of being an apostle, a bishop of the Mystical Body of Christ, a Shepherd who is to feed the sheep with Divine Food.

This then, is the vomitous reality of the local Church in Moncton as a "field hospital" and "accompanying" the faithful. 

May this man repent of the great evil he has committed. If he does not, and continues in his evil ways, we must denounce  and expose him following the great Prophets and Saints. Not because we make claim to holiness, but because the evil is manifest, diabolical, and we but follow Micah, Jeremiah, Isaiah, St. Paul, St. Jude, St. Augustine, St. John denouncing (with THEIR own words and actions) false wolves who would enter the vineyard of the Lord to pillage and plunder. 

Friends, in this great, dark hour, let us continue WITHOUT CEASING to hold fast to Holy Mother Church, even while she is being raped by the very men who should be ministering and serving Her. Whatever evil these men throw our way, may we NEVER abandon Her. May we, stay by her side, caring and bathing Her open, stinking wounds (inflicted by these false "physicians"). May we remain at the foot of the Cross. 

Holy Women of Jerusalem, pray for us.

Saturday, 18 September 2021

St. Augustine's warning to negligent pastors

Earlier today, it was revealed through Vox Cantoris that a certain bishop in Moncton, New Brunswick is acting in a most un-pastor-like manner. One can read the post here and offer their commentary should they desire to do so. In our stead, we offer a short excerpt from St. Augustine's sermon On Pastors, which he based on Ezekiel. Due credit is given to Universalis for the excerpt, which appears in Year B of the Office of Readings for the Friday in the 24th Week of Ordinary Time.

You have already been told about the wicked things shepherds desire. Let us now consider what they neglect. You have failed to strengthen what was weak, to heal what was sick, and to bind up what was injured (that is, what was broken). You did not call back the straying sheep, nor seek out the lost. What was strong you have destroyed. Yes, you have cut it down and killed it. The sheep is weak, that is to say, its heart is weak, and so, incautious and unprepared, it may give in to temptations.
  The negligent shepherd fails to say to the believer: My son, come to the service of God. Stand fast in fear and in righteousness, and prepare your soul for temptation. A shepherd who does say this strengthens the one who is weak and makes him strong. Such a believer will then not hope for the prosperity of this world. For if he has been taught to hope for worldly gain, he will be corrupted by prosperity. When adversity comes, he will be wounded or perhaps destroyed.
  The builder who builds in such manner is not building the believer on a rock but upon sand. But the rock was Christ. Christians must imitate Christ’s sufferings, not set their hearts on pleasures. He who is weak will be strengthened when told: “Yes, expect the temptations of this world, but the Lord will deliver you from them all if your heart has not abandoned him. For it was to strengthen your heart that he came to suffer and die, came to be spat upon and crowned with thorns, came to be accused of shameful things, yes, came to be fastened to the wood of the cross. All these things he did for you, and you did nothing. He did them not for himself, but for you.”
  But what sort of shepherds are they who for fear of giving offence not only fail to prepare the sheep for the temptations that threaten, but even promise them worldly happiness? God himself made no such promise to this world. On the contrary, God foretold hardship upon hardship in this world until the end of time. And you want the Christian to be exempt from these troubles? Precisely because he is a Christian, he is destined to suffer more in this world.
  For the Apostle says: All who desire to live a holy life in Christ will suffer persecution. But you, shepherd, seek what is yours and not what is Christ’s, you disregard what the Apostle says: All who want to live a holy life in Christ will suffer persecution. You say instead: “If you live a holy life in Christ, all good things will be yours in abundance. If you do not have children, you will embrace and nourish all men, and none of them shall die.” Is this the way you build up the believer? Take note of what you are doing and where you are placing him. You have built him on sand. The rains will come, the river will overflow and rush in, the winds will blow, and the elements will dash against that house of yours. It will fall, and its ruin will be great.
  Lift him up from the sand and put him on the rock. Let him be in Christ, if you wish him to be a Christian. Let him turn his thoughts to sufferings, however unworthy they may be in comparison to Christ’s. Let him centre his attention on Christ, who was without sin, and yet made restitution for what he had not done. Let him consider Scripture, which says to him: He chastises every son whom he acknowledges. Let him prepare to be chastised, or else not seek to be acknowledged as a son.