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Monday, 19 April 2021

The Peace and Tranquility of COVID ~ May we be ONE in His Body


Are YOU of COVID's Body?

Dear friends of our Blessed COVID

May the Peace and Tranquility of COVID be with us

May we find Contentment in the interdict on public Mass

May we all rejoice at being One with COVID

May we rejoice in the State dictating Sacred Liturgical Rites

May COVID watch over us, protect us. 

May COVID bring us every Joy and Consolation.

Let us be One with COVID...

...always ONE....


Sunday, 18 April 2021

Good Shepherd Sunday: A day to reflect on hirlings, false prophets, and deserters of the Flock

St. John Fisher: Guardian against the "Three Wolves"

Today, as we continue in ever greater lock downs, interdicts being imposed on the public celebration of Holy Mass, the surrender of the Sacred Rites to the State, the shuttering of churches, the near banishment of the Sacraments, the dissolution of the economic and social order by wayward politicians and public health officials, we should ask ourselves: what is the Catholic Church doing in the midst of this ruin? What are Her Pastors doing? Are they following the example of St. John Fisher or that of Thomas Cramner? To whom do they profess their loyalty to: God or Man?  

From St. Thomas Aquinas' Commentary on the Gospel of St. John:

For the good shepherd, who loves his flock, lays down his life for it, i.e., he exposes himself to dangers that affect his bodily life. But the evil shepherd, because he has no love for the flock, flees when he sees the wolf. 

Thus he says, he sees the wolf coming and leaves the sheep and flees. Here, the wolf is understood in three ways. First, for the devil as tempting: "What fellowship has a wolf with a lamb? No more has a sinner with a godly man" (Si 13:17). 

Secondly, it stands for the heretic who destroys: "beware of false prophets, who come to you in sheep's clothing, but inwardly are ravenous wolves" (Matt 7:15); "I know that after my departure fierce wolves will come in among you, not sparing the flock" (Acts 20:29).

Thirdly, it stands for the raging tyrant: "Her princes in the midst of her are like wolves" (Ez 22:27). 

Therefore, the good shepherd must guard the flock against these three wolves, so that when he sees the wolf, i.e., the devil tempting, the deceiving heretic and the raging tyrant, he can oppose him. 

Against those who do not, we read, "You have not gone up into the breaches, or built up a wall for the house of Israel" (Ez 13:5). Accordingly, we read of the evil shepherd that he leaves the sheep and flees: "Woe to my worthless shepherd, who deserts the flock" (Zech 11:17). As if to say: You are not a shepherd, but only appear to be one: "Even her hired soldiers in her midst are like fatted calves; yea, they have turned and fled together, they do not stand" (Jer 46:21).

Saturday, 17 April 2021

Prince Philip, The Duke of Edinburgh. R.I.P.


Today was the funeral of HRH The Prince Philip, The Due of Edinburgh and Consort of Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II, Queen of Canada. 

As Catholics we are to remember the dead in our prayers. Likewise as Catholics we are to pray for our Head of State. 


Friday, 16 April 2021

An Open Letter to Cardinal Collins: KEEP THE CHURCHES OPEN FOR MASS !


Dear Cardinal Collins,

I wrote to you twice last year, and I am still awaiting your reply. I presume you are far too busy with your accountants, lawyers, and moneybags propping up the "Roman Catholic Episcopal Corporation for the Diocese of Toronto" (listed with Bloomberg as a "Consumer Services" sub-industry). 

Since I do not expect you to reply, I have decided (once again) to compose an "Open Letter" to you, in the hopes that it will eventually reach you and your auxiliary bishops. I must say at the outset that over the past year this crisis has blown the cover off the Church in Toronto as the Mystical Body of Christ to really being a human services provider and registered "charity" under the corporate structure of a "Consumer Services" industry, where money and tax law is the driving consideration. God indeed does write straight with crooked lines.



With the imminent closure of our churches - as I write on April 16th - you must decide what you want to be: the nominal head of a corporate business and obedient underling to Caesar, or the local bishop of the Catholic Church. You must decide if obeying God is more important than obeying man. You must decide if Mass is more important than liquor store, beer stores, pot shops, and dare I say it - abortion "clinics". By this afternoon we will know if Premier Doug Ford has again "ordered" places of worship closed, and you have acquiesced, proclaiming it is for the "common good", and for the protection of our "brothers and sisters". Just like you boarded up every church last March even in the tiniest hamlets far north of the city. We were not even allowed in for private prayer. 

Surely it disturbs you, Your Eminence that whilst you pontificate about the "common good", you are silent about the ongoing "essential service" of the slaughter of the unborn in the wombs of their mothers? Are you also not in the least concerned that this coming Monday hundreds of thousands of Catholics will get up without a job, but the local abortion clinic will remain open? And if it does disturb you: why are you silent? And what of the explosion of mental health issues, the suicides, the substance abuse, the psychological abuse of our children in Catholic schools being told to wear masks when the medical evidence is clear that they do not need to do so. 

Why do you remain silent? Are you be told to keep quiet by your handlers? Are they advising obeisance to Caesar for filthy lucre?  Has the Catholic Church been prostituted for 30 pieces of silver?


Another thing: you have yet to apologize to us for your disgraceful silence (recommended to you by your accountants, lawyers, and moneybags?) when the churches were boarded up at Christmas. I ask you again: would you please apologize to Catholics for denying us the right to attend Mass? We await your apology.

Finally, please do not DARE to ask for any more money. Are you not aware of how much Catholics are suffering from lost employment, the ruination of their small businesses? You seemed to be only concerned with the well paid staff in your "Consumer Service" corporation. Instead of taking millions from Caesar for your "employees", and then topping it up with parish donations, will you take immediate steps to provide monies for faithful, practicing Catholics who will - once again - be loosing their jobs, being forced to close their small businesses? 

Perhaps you should be selling off some of your enormous real estate empire? Or cashing in on bonds and stocks? I noticed that in 2018 your corporation listed "charitable activities/programs" running just over 154 million. Can you supply us with a detailed account of how much money in 2020 went to Catholics who lost jobs? Can you provide us with details for emergency funding for unemployed Catholics in 2021? Let us not forget the "common good" you speak so much about. 



Within a few hours we will once again know if our churches are to be closed, our Catholic families and friends decimated with indiscriminate lock downs. We will also know once again where and with whom you stand. 

Will you stand up? Will you tell Premier Ford: "the churches remain open because the public worship of God at Mass is not only essential, it is more than essential. It is necessary and commanded of us". Will you tell the Premier that if he is serious about this virus, that he should immediately close the liquor and beer stores, the pot shops, and certainly the abortion mills? Will you do that Your Eminence? Will you have the courage? 


Cardinal Collins, you have in your Office two portraits for fighters for the Faith: St. John Fisher and St. Thomas More. What would they do? Do you believe that St. John would meekly board up his churches and impose a de facto interdict on the Mass? That he would allow dissident priests to shutter their churches for months on end so that the faithful cannot adore Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament? Do you believe that your lay handlers are following in the footsteps of St. Thomas? Or are they following the treacherous Richard Rich who betrayed the Church and his friend, driven by lust for money and power? 





Sts. John Fisher and Thomas More, pray for us.

All ye holy Martyrs of England and Wales, pray for us. 

Thursday, 15 April 2021

An observation on the the COVID-19 vaccination discussion in Ontario

In recent days, a good deal of ink has been spilled with respect to vaccinating the Ontario population from COVID-19, from both a Church and secular viewpoint. (For local commentary on the Church's response to the vaccines, see Vox Cantoris and Everyday for Life, Canada in the sidebar.)

I have been reluctant to offer any substantial commentary of my own in the public forum. After all, I do not hold a science degree and my opinion counts for little in the grand scheme of things. It is also easier to listen than to talk.

But it does not mean I have not been listening to what my friends are saying. Like many, I am friends with those on both sides of the vaccination discussion. I sympathize with the rationale on either side. On the one side, those who support vaccination seem to be thinking in terms of the future and their relationships. One man I know is wanting to be vaccinated so he can go ahead with his wedding, for the sake of his fiancé. A woman I know has already taken the first dose of the Astra-Zeneca vaccine not only on account of her job as an educator, but also because her father has taken it and there has been no adverse side effects. The list goes on.

On the other side, I have seen concerns about the efficiency of these vaccines and potential side effects, not to mention what ingredients are in the vaccines.  Most of this is through Facebook and blogs, although some people in real life have expressed these concerns to me and asked some questions of their own. One need only read Vox Cantoris and other-like minded blogs to get a sense of their concerns, though it must be said that these concerns are not limited to "conservative" viewpoints.

Observing these discussions for a number of months has led me to break my silence on the thorny question of whether or not we should take the vaccine.

To put it simply, either position carries with it some measure of risk. (No decision, really, is "risk-free," as they say.) Each one of us has to - or already has, in fact - weigh the benefits and risks of either position, and decide accordingly. It is all we can do at this point in time. Given that either side can be justified, it is also why I cannot offer a definitive answer to the question. It must be said, though, that neither side should coerce people into doing what they think is appropriate. That is crossing a line that should not be crossed, both in the Church and outside of Her.

As for me, where I ultimately stand is besides the point. I have pretty much made my decision, and will stick by it, irrespective of what comes my way as a result.

May God have mercy on me. Indeed, may He have mercy on us all during this time.

Tuesday, 13 April 2021

Blessed Margarita di Citta Costello, pray for us!

Today is the liturgical day of Blessed Margarita di Citta Costello, patron of the unvalued. She died at the age of 35. 

A brief summary of this Beata composed by this writer can be found here.

A blessed day to all of those who have a name derived from Margaret, and may she intercede for those who consider her their patron. 

Indeed, may we all find ourselves in her company and many other blessed souls at the end of our lives.

Thursday, 8 April 2021

Grace Life Church Raid: Gauleiter Jason Kenney sends in RCMP-Gestapo to shut church and ring it with 8-foot fencing

 The Angry Albertan reports from Grace Life church after a Gestapo-style raid by the now disgraced RCMP. Alberta used to be known as the freest Province in Canada. No more. The Angry Albertan not only reports the truth about the raid, in which the Canadian Gestapo not only double-fenced off the church, but also "masked" the building site. 

Needless to say you will NOT get a true report from Canada's equally disgraced corporate media, who are funded by a toxic mixture of government money, billionaire oligarchs, Big Pharma, and globalist corporate interests. In other words there is NO free press in Canada, unless one turns to small, independent journalists (such as the Albertan freedom fighter, The Angry Albertan). 




Friends, this outrage in Alberta could not have happened without Premier Jason Kenney. It is tragic to report that when I was in Calgary, Kenney would regularly attend my parish of St. John the Evangelist. A very traditional Ordinariate parish. I recall the day - Remembrance Sunday - when Kenney stood at the back of the church after Mass, looking at the names of the dead soldiers who had given their lives that Canadians might live as freemen.

Jason, what doth it profit a man to sell his soul?

But time moves onward and Kenney set his sights on becoming Premier. In doing so, and to ensure an electoral win, meant de facto renouncing his Faith to keep the corporate media at bay. As such Kenney decided to throw his lot in with the "LGBTory" lobby, which incidentally had seized control over the United Conservative Party (UCP). It meant abandoning Christ in exchange for becoming Premier. It meant selling his soul for pottage. And now this. Are we surprised into what Kenney has morphed?

Jason Kenney the persecutor of Christians. 

Jason Kenney the Gauleiter of Alberta. 

Jason Kenney the man who unleashed the RCMP (now a disgraced Gestapo-style  outfit) on Christians during the Holiest Week of the year.   

One cannot be silent about the fact that joining Kenney as material accessories to his crimes are the Canadian bishops. Their silence means consent. Let there be NO mistake: the bishops of Canada in their silence approve of the Gestapo-stype raid on this little church. May God pour out His wrath on these wolves who occupy the episcopate in Canada. May God punish these men, whom, as St. Augustine calls "mercenaries". They merely follow, as St.Augustine also noted,  in the steps of the traitor, Judas. 

 St. Augustine is fully aware that not all members of the clerical state and hierarchy are holy men, and if such is the case what is the relation of the wicked members to the body of Christ?  The relation is the same as that of all other members. Good bishops participate fully in the life of the mystical body; they, as principal members are bound to it by life-giving ties. Bad bishops, may have jurisdictional powers and authority and belong to the Church, like all sinners not separated from it, but they do not participate in the life of grace. They are not however severed either from the external Church or the mystical body... till the end of time two categories of pastors are bound to exist. There are shepherds “who occupy a pastoral chair in order to tend to the sheep; others, however, sit on them in order to enjoy temporal honors and secular advantages”. Unrighteous bishops are not honored with the name of sons, but are called mercenaries. St. Peter, who is portrayed by St. Augustine as a personification of the Church, is also presented as a symbol of all the pastors of the Church. However, it is only good pastors and not of mercenaries that Peter is representative...in opposition to the other apostles, Judas is reputed to be such a mercenary; and if this happened to one of the apostles, who were so close to Christ, there should not be reason for scandal if his example finds imitators among the apostles' successors. They can have a place in the temporal existence of the Church, but will not enjoy the eternal existence of the mystical body of Christ" (Grabowski, pp. 219-221).

Grabowski, S. J. (1957). The Church: An introduction to the theology of St. Augustine. B. Herder Book Co; St. Louis, MO and London, England.