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Thursday, 28 May 2020

A word about Michael Voris and Christine Niles

The other day, I read a rather piercing article by Church Militant (CM) on the strange silence from the self-proclaimed Catholic media on the evidence-backed allegations of sex abuse within the Society of St. Pius X made by CM, appropriately titled Why the silence, trads?. I thought it made some good points. I think it is something we should be asking more of what has been called Trad, Inc, as well as whether we ourselves put too much trust in princes. (I have linked to a transcript by another source.)

However, what is perhaps more piercing is the relative noise about Michael Voris and Christine Niles. Ever since the year-long-in-the-making Spotlight about the Society's covering up of sex abuse within their ranks aired over a month ago, the amount of attention given to both Michael Voris' and Christine Niles' character has skyrocketed. To be more precise, the amount of gossip and calumny about their character, professional lives, and personal lives has risen to a point where I must comment on it. It is simply untolerable.

When the Spotlight first aired, this "commentary" on both Voris and Niles was one of the first reactions I noticed. It was, and still is, unbelievable. On the one hand, there were people bringing up Michael Voris' past as a homosexual (which he has since repented of - publicly), and using it to make extremely negative inferences with regard to his character and professional life. I will admit there is substantial bias against the SSPX in the original piece that could have been edited out, but does that warrant the gossip and calumny towards him? I think not.

With regards to Christine Niles, I find it reprehensible that men are speaking to a woman in such a way that it denies their supposed piety and manliness. Many of these men are firm adherents of the Society. What on Earth does Mrs. Niles' marital past have to do with the investigation at hand? Why do you - a man - have the need to call her names and ugly words that I won't repeat here? Seriously, men - do better.

I have also found it extremely interesting that the lay supporters of the SSPX have taken it upon themselves to conduct in-depth investigations into not only Michael Voris and Christine Niles, but CM as an organization. (Why not investigate the SSPX?) According to these new-found journalists, apparently CM is funded by organizations that are hostile to the SSPX and Tradition and want nothing more than to see it gone. Forgive me, but I find that spurious. CM went on record saying that these allegations are not true, and I am inclined to take them at their word. New journalists who attend the SSPX, I am sure CM would love to hire you as part of their staff. Your skills could be put to good use.

At the end of the day, stop shooting the messengers. You may not like them, but Voris, Niles, CM, and their associates have not done anything wrong to you. They are reporting what they have found, and charity obliged them to. The truth is what matters. Not CM vs. SSPX. Or settling your score with Michael Voris or Christine Niles. The truth, and only the truth, matters. I thought we were in search of that together?

Leave them alone. Let them report what they have found. You are free to disagree with what they have reported, if you so choose. You can even point out what you find lacking in the evidence presented - we function in a very open forum, after all. (Personally, I find the evidence hard to deny or pick apart. There is also the reality that CM has been proven right time and time again.) However, the law of charity obliges you to hold your tongue from gossiping and calumniating about others.

In the meantime, please remember the victims. I have listened to some of the evidence presented from the side of the victims. There is a lot of pain and sorrow there, and I admire their courage. To open up about abuse and take name-calling as a result is not an easy endeavour.

Please pray for them. The victims are so often forgotten in cases like this and shunted off to the side. 

Tuesday, 26 May 2020

CDC: Coronavirus death rate no worse than an above average flu Season

Open cafes in Stockholm, Sweden 

CDC 0.26% Infection Fatality Rate (IFR) See here. 

CDC 0.1% annual Infection Fatality Rate (IFR) for 
Seasonal Flu

You can read the full CDC report here. You may also wish to reflect on why the media has been silent. 

When I supported temporary two week lockdown to ensure hospital capacity was preserved, it was based on the fact that we were facing a novel conronavirsus and that the official World Health Organization (WHO) Infection Fatality Rate (IFR) was at 3.4%.  The Centre for Evidence Based Medicine (CEMB, Oxford University), gives a global estimate of 0.1 - 0.41%, including all potential regional caveats. Again, a huge difference from the "lockdown" justification numbers. If we take the highest estimate of the CEMB, the WHO's estimate is STILL 8.3 times HIGHER. 

Further, the Models presented in early-late March continued to estimate the 3% plus figures. The two week temporary lockdown - so we were told based on these "official" numbers - to preserve hospital capacity (for the predicted massive overflow of patients), quickly morphed into an enforced quarantine on a healthy population (under the politically correct phrase, "social distancing"). 

John Ioannidis of Stanford who was skeptical of these apocalyptic predictions in mid-March (since proven correct) extrapolated much preliminary evidence by analyzing the data from the cruise ship, the Diamond Princess. What emerged amongst this mostly elderly population is six deaths amongst just over 700. The CDC officially gave the Diamond Princess an IFR rate of 0.63%. The WHO IFR predictions were nearly six times HIGHER.

Flattening the curve is theoretically valid, as well as practically valid, if the pathogen actually is killing very high numbers of people, e.g. IFR 2.0% +. Otherwise with an extended lockdown we see an actual spike in deaths due to deaths unrelated to SARS-CoV-2. We are in fact seeing this already and into the future. There are already multiple reports coming in of deaths due to lockdown and cancellation of surgery, treatment. Lockdown can actually do more damage than good. As we see the real IFR, the lockdown beyond early April is irrational, not based on the evidence. If we follow the evidence emerging over April and into May we can see that faculty data led to faulty decisions. We now know the Canadian healthcare system was never overwhelmed and never would have been. We should have reopened in early April. In retrospect (as Sweden is showing) we should have never closed. A bit more on that later.

The most important thing during any epidemic or alleged epidemic is to identify the IFR. We now have emerging evidence: Santa Clara County (population 1.9 million) out of a sample of 3,330 adults tested for SARS-CoV2 antibodies, the extrapolated infection for the County was (in early April) between 48,000-81,000 (50-85 MORE than those as confirmed cases). The IFR for Santa Clara is 0.12-0.2%. The WHO's IFR is 17-29 times HIGHER than what has emerged in Santa Clara County.

In LA County (population 7,9 million) out of a sample of 863 adults tested for SARS-CoV-2 antibodies, the extrapolated infection rate for the County was (in early April) between 280,000- 547,000 adults (35-68 MORE than those as confirmed cases). The IFR for LA County is 0.13-0.3%. The WHO's IFR is 13-26 HIGHER than what has emerged in LA County. These figures coming out in early April, were again confirmed by mid-April: still the lockdown continued.

It should also be noted that in NYC the IFR rate is estimated to being between 0.5 and 0.8%. That can be explained in three ways: very high-density population, a percentage of the population with respiratory/immune conditions due to to inhalation of residual effects of 9/11, and grave mismanagement, (in fact criminal) by Governor Cuomo whereby (e.g.) over 5,000 elderly have been identified as unnecessary deaths. As such, this figure is skewed but still indicative that IFR rates are drastically below the initial predictions that were used to justify a lockdown. The CDC 0.26% is well within estimates of both these two samples. 

In comparison the H3N2 Virus (so-called Hong Kong Flu) of 1968-70 killed (according to CDC figures) approximately 100,000 Americans (US population 200 million), and between 1-4 million worldwide. If we extrapolate the SARS-CoV-2 deaths we are being told (and the debate as to if they are all really from SARS-CoV2 is another story with multiple sources indicating the figures in the western nations are being artificially inflated) the US deaths for SAR-CoV-2 should be in excess of 170,000. The US economy was not shut down. Readers may be interested to remember that during the "Hong Kong Flu" of 1986-1969 two HUGE music festivals were held: Woodstock in 1969 (attendance 400,000), and The Isle of Wight Festival of 1970 (attendance 600,000 plus). Just think about that! 

Sweden. They were blessed by not being in a major air hub and as such had the ability to give that 2-week assessment to see if the Models and predictions were actually holding up against the emerging evidence. They were not. They also have a brilliant and gusty Chief Medical Officer who was able to withstand incredible international pressure to cave. He did not. He followed the evidence.

Sweden has minimal social distancing (suggested, not enforced), and the economy is open. The IFR is comparable to data from similar countries in population, urban density, health care system and demographics who have enforced strict lockdowns. There is no difference in death rates and infections between those in lockdown and those not. That is why the media is silent about Sweden. Sweden in vivo disproves the lockdown. In fact, there is a lo of scientific data that carte blanche lockdowns are actually counterproductive and can exacerbate infection. But that is another story. Read about it here

As to why this lockdown is going on (some are now claiming they want lockdowns into 2022) is a good question. I think there are two possibilities: the first being that politicians' primary concern are votes and it is very hard for a politician to admit error. Nonetheless, a politician can still extricate him or herself by stating the truth: Models and predictions were given them that were wrong. But there still are consequences, so they are motivated to go along. The second point is that this virus was seized upon by militant atheistic globalists at  the outset to advance an agenda; every passing day proves this. 

We have gone from a 2, 3-week lockdown to now three months and counting all based on a hugely inaccurate IFR. We have people dying because they have been denied medical treatment over the past two months, we have decimated economies, crushing debt, massive unemployment, suicides, substance abuse etc. We have to start asking “QUI BONO”? 

The Toronto Oratory: SOLEMN HIGH MASS will be LIVE-STREAMED TODAY at 5 P.M.

The Toronto Oratory, on the Feast of St. Philip Neri, will be live-streaming a Solemn High Mass at 5 p.m. EST on their Youtube channel. 
"If a man finds it very hard to forgive injuries, let him look at a crucifix, and think that Christ has shed all His Blood for him, and not only forgave his enemies, but prayed the Eternal Father to forgive them also". St. Philip Neri 
You may also view the Mass here, as I have embedded the live-stream.

Monday, 25 May 2020

"This is tyranny, this is communism": How a Virus is being used to impose Globalism

In the above video, a Nurse exposes the enormous expansion of State power under the pretext of a virus. The Nurse is correct. Coronaviruses (in this case SARS-Cov2) do not flourish in highly aerobic environments. 

The man referred to in the video, "Charlie Baker", is the pro-abortion, pro-"LGBT" Republican Governor of Massachusetts. This is not about public safety, common sense: it is about State control. 

The commentary is provided by separated brethren, who, once again, are doing the "heavy lifting" in the United States against atheistic globalism. May God bless them and bring them into full Unity with the Catholic Church. 

Friday, 22 May 2020

"EBOLA-ITIS" ~ the mania of those who still defend the lockdown for Covid-19

Christ-haters infected with "ebola-itis" burnt down a church in Mississippi

We are NOT facing an Ebola-like pandemic

By early April the projected Models of SARS CoV2 (novel coronavirus/COVID 19) death were not being fulfilled, but seriously off their mark. A Model will project numbers based on the data fed into it. Faulty data equals a faulty Model. By early April, as the data was coming in, I had written that the time had come to reopen society. 

COVID-19 is a dangerous upper respiratory infection (for those with pre-existing comorbidities) on a par of lethality with Influenza. And yes, there were a number of hotspots, where local lockdowns were justified. We also did not know just what this disease was, and (so we were told it could have a two week asymptomatic incubation period. Common sense people agreed that a two week lockdown had a logical justification.  But that was nearly three months ago.

After three months the death rate is approximately 0.1%. That is on the level of seasonal Influenza. How many are aware, e.g. that this year alone in the United States 23,000 people have died of Influenza? Was the economy shut down, people ordered to "stay home" (the worst medical advice by the way for boosting your immune system, but I digress). 

Contrary to what (e.g., as I live in the Archdiocese of Toronto) Cardinal Collins claimed in his latest Letter (no doubt based on the information he has been given), it is NOT "an extreme medical emergency ...rampaging through the community...". Nor is the ongoing lockdown for the "common good...based upon well-founded medical principles regarding the best way to combat pestilence". Our Ontario hospital emergencies are at less than 50% capacity. There are emergency physicians who are actually seeing NOT ONE patient during the course of an entire shift. Hospital staff (including emergency staff) have been talking amongst themselves how the the reality is completely different from the "fake news". Which brings me to my final point. 

Amongst the many scandals, perhaps the worst is the silence and even ongoing collaboration and encouragement by "conservative" Catholics and protestants with the lockdown. In fairness we can say that most were terrorized by the well-organized and oiled propaganda machine of the globalists. The very people who have nosily denounced "fake news" had themselves fallen into the trap. And it was very skillful: play on fear, play on emotions. God has a way of humbling the proud. 

However, we are three LONG months down the road of this enforced "house arrest". As Fr. Brad Sweet of the Canadian Armed Forces has noted:
"Stores opening. But no churches/parishes. No announcements from bishops, no plans. But also no protest from the people. The secular society has won here". 

So sad but true. This is the result of a fake "church", a country-club "church", a "church" of lace, incense. A "church" of worldliness and pet political ideologies. A "church" of man. A "church" of little faith, terrified at the possibility of being infected with a virus, but not terrified at the loss of liberty....

As to the actual number of COVID-19 deaths, watch the following. 

Fr. Sweet strongly suggests Catholics contact their Bishop requesting a plan, action on the reopening of our churches. If you wish to do so, please be respectful. Make a petition, but do NOT tell the Cardinal what to do. It does not work that way. Keep him in your prayers. 

Catholics of the Archdiocese of Toronto can contact 
His Eminence, Thomas Cardinal Collins at: 

​Office of the Cardinal

1155 Yonge Street
M4T 1W2

t:416-934-0606, ext. 609

Sunday, 17 May 2020

Fifth Sunday after Easter

Yet four days, and our risen Jesus, whose company has been so dear and precious to us, will have disappeared from the earth. This fifth Sunday after Easter seems to prepare us for the separation. In a week’s time, we shall begin the long series of Sundays which are to pass before He returns to judge the world. This is a grief to the Christian; for he knows that he will not see his Saviour until after this life, and he feels something of the sorrow the apostles had at the last Supper, when Jesus said to them: ‘Yet a little while, and ye shall not see Me.’[1]
But, after His Resurrection, what must these privileged men have felt, when they perceived, as we do, that this beloved Master was soon to leave them! They had, so to speak, been living with Jesus glorified; they had experienced the effects of His divine condescension and intimacy; they had received from His lips every instruction they needed for the fulfilment of His will, that is, for founding on earth the Church He had chosen as His spouse. These happy forty days are fast drawing to a close. The apostles will then be deprived of Jesus’ visible presence, even to the end of their lives.

We, too, shall feel something of their sadness, if we have kept ourselves united to our holy mother the Church. From the very first day, when she recommenced, for our sakes, the ecclesiastical year, during which all the mysteries of our redemption, from the birth of our Emmanuel even to His triumphant Ascension into heaven, were to be celebrated,—have not we also been living in company with her Jesus, our Redeemer? And now that He is about to close the sweet intercourse which these seasons and feasts have kept up between Himself and us, are not our feelings very much like those of the apostles?

But there is one creature on earth, whom Jesus is leaving, and whose feelings at the approaching separation we cannot attempt to describe. Never had there been a heart so submissive to the will of her Creator; but, at the same time, there never was any creature so severely tried as she had been. Jesus would have His Mother’s love still increase; He therefore subjects her to the separation from Himself. Moreover, He wishes her to co-operate in the formation of the Church, for He has decreed that the great work shall not be achieved without her. In all this, Jesus shows how tenderly He loves His blessed Mother: He wishes her merit to be so great, that He may justly give her the brightest possible crown, when the day of her own ascension into heaven comes.

The heart of this incomparable Queen is not, indeed, to be again transfixed with a sword of sorrow: it is to be consumed by a love so intense that no language could describe it. Under the sweet, yet wearing, fire of this love, Mary is at length to give way, just as fruit falls from the tree, when its ripeness is complete, and the tree has nothing more to give it. But, during these last hours of Jesus’ presence, what must such a Mother have felt, who has had but forty days to enjoy the sight and the caresses of her glorified and divine Son? It is Mary’s last trial; and when her Jesus tells her of His wish that she should remain in exile, she is ready with her favourite answer: 'Behold the handmaid of the Lord! Be it done to me according to Thy word!’ Her whole life has been spent in doing God’s will; it was this that made her so great in His eyes, and so dear to His Heart. A holy servant of God, who lived in the seventeenth century, and was favoured with the most sublime revelations, tells us that it was left to Mary’s choice, either to accompany her divine Son to heaven, or to remain some years longer upon the earth to assist the infant Church; and that she chose to defer her entrance into eternal bliss, in order to labour, as long as it was God’s good pleasure, in the great work which was so closely connected with the glory of her Son, and so essential to the salvation of us her adopted children.

If this generous devotedness raised the co-operatrix of our salvation to the highest degree of sanctity, by giving completeness to her mission on earth, we may be sure that Jesus’ love for His Mother was increased by the new proof she thus gave Him of her uniformity with every wish of His sacred Heart. He repaid her, as He well knew how to do, for this heroic self-sacrifice, this prompt submission to His designs which destined her to be, here on earth, as the Church calls her, 'Queen of the apostles,’ and a sharer in their labours.

During these His last few hours on earth, our Lord’s affection for His apostles and disciples seemed to be redoubled. For several of them, the separation was to be a long one. The beloved disciple, John, was not to enjoy the company of his divine Master till more than fifty years had elapsed. It was to be thirty before the cross would carry Peter to Him who had entrusted to his keeping the keys of the kingdom of heaven. Magdalene, the fervent Magdalene, would have to wait the same length of time. But no one murmured at the divine appointment: they all felt how just it was, that Jesus, now that He had so fully established the faith of His Resurrection, should enter into His glory.[2]

On the very day of His Resurrection, our Saviour bade the disciples go into Galilee, for that there He would meet them. As we have already seen, they obeyed the order, and seven among them were favoured by Jesus’ appearing to them on the banks of Lake Genesareth: it is the eighth of the manifestations mentioned in the Gospel. The ninth also took place in Galilee. Our Lord loved Galilee: it gave Him the greater number of His disciples, it was Mary and Joseph’s country, and it was there that He Himself passed so many years of His hidden life. Its people were simpler and better than those of Judea; and this was another attraction. St. Matthew tells us, that the most public of all Jesus’ manifestations, after His Resurrection,—the tenth in reality, and the ninth mentioned by the evangelists,—took place on a hill in this same district.[3]

According to St. Bonaventure, and the learned and pious Denis the Carthusian, this hill was Mount Thabor, the same that was honoured by the mystery of the transfiguration. Upwards of five hundred of Jesus’ disciples were assembled there, as we learn from St. Paul:[4] they were mostly inhabitants of Galilee, had believed in our Lord during His three years of public life, and merited to be witnesses of this new triumph of the Nazarene. Jesus showed Himself to them, and gave them such certitude with regard to His resurrection, that the apostle appeals to their testimony in support of this fundamental mystery of our faith.

Further than this, we know of no other manifestations made by our Saviour after His resurrection. We know that He gave order to His disciples to repair to Jerusalem, where they were to see Him once more before His Ascension. Let us, during these few days, follow the disciples to Jerusalem. Faithless city! how often has Jesus sought to gather together her children, as the hen gathereth her chickens under her wings, and she would not![5] He is about to re-enter her walls; but she is not to know it. He will not shew Himself to her, but only to those that love Him; and after this He will depart in silence, never to return until He comes to judge them that have not known the time of their visitation.

In the Greek Church, the fifth Sunday after Easter is called the Sunday of the man born blind, because her Gospel for the day contains the history of that miracle of our divine Lord. She also calls it Episozomene, which is one of the names given by the Greeks to the mystery of the Ascension, the feast of which is kept with them, as with us, during the course of this week.

- From Dom Prosper Gueranger's commentary on the Fifth Sunday after Easter in The Liturgical Year.

Friday, 15 May 2020

CHURCH OF THE HIGHER COMMITTEE OF HUMAN FRATERNITY: they do not want the "Corona" of Christ so they are poisoned with the Masonic Virus

Though there was a lot of raging when Pachamama made her appearance in the Vatican Gardens and Roman churches a few months ago, she did not appear by accident. No, Pachamama has been lurking around the Catholic Church for decades in various forms. Indeed, she was already tempting, so to speak, churchmen well before the Second Vatican Council. 

One could say that Pachamama has been making illicit visits into the hearts of churchmen for a good two hundred years. In fact Pachamama, and earlier papal "encounters" with "world religions" would have been unthinkable without Assisi, 1986. But Assisi is still a mystery unless we go back to "Nostra Aetate" of Vatican II. What was originally to only be an outreach to the Schismatic Orthodox who had valid sacraments and episcopacy, was quickly seized upon by Christ's enemies in the Catholic hierarchy to open it up without distinction to heretics, and even those who rejected Christ's Divinity. Gone was any missionary spirit. Why? Because they had lost the Faith. To paraphrase Goethe: "from Nosta Aetate through Assisi to Pachamama". 

"Nosta Aetate" had been preceded with decades of "compromise Catholicism", culminating in "fiftiesism". Bishop Fulton Sheen exposed some of this when he already lamented in back in 1951 that morals and marriage were in a great crisis. We regard the 1950s as a "golden age"; but they were anything but. They were decadent. By the end of that sad decade, "Bing Crosby" Catholicism was overwhelmingly popular: "you have your religion, I have mine, if Jesus Christ is God or not God it is not important enough to have a disagreement. Lets all go down to the golf club". 

However there is huge problem. Jesus Christ is God. This is an objective TRUTH. It is also the ONLY TRUTH, from which all other truths flow. "Thou art the Christ the Son of the Living God" (Matthew 16:16). Nothing else matters. From this great act of faith, Our Lord conferred on Peter the Papal Primacy. 

Very few religions accept that Jesus Christ is God except Catholics, Eastern Schismatics, and some Protestants. The other so-called "world religions" have opinions on Our Lord Jesus Christ ranging from "prophet" through "teacher" and "brother", to that of "heretic" and "blasphemer". These false "religions", to the degree they reject Our Lord Jesus Christ's Divinity, are particularly active agents of revolution (and Satan is the father of revolution) and subversion against the Divine Plan for Order which is to bring all men into supernatural union in the Catholic Church (Galatians 3:28). There are very serious consequences for rejecting Our Lord: "He is who is not with me, is against me" (Matthew 12:13; Luke 11:23).

False "religions" are objectively evil because they are not supernatural infusions of the Holy Spirit. You would never know that if you read "Nostra Aetate", but you would if you read the Gospels. However modern man, poisoned by liberalism believes to the contrary: "you have your religion, I have mine. It doesn't really matter if Jesus Christ is or is not God, we are all on the same road to Heaven". This is modern "Catholic" thinking. Is it not?

The poor savage in the jungle and his totemistic beliefs, though in darkness, cannot be compared to the monstrous evil of false "world religions" that knowingly reject Jesus Christ. There is a vast moral and spiritual difference between ignorance and rejection. The churchmen's sick, macabre dance with the leaders of these false antichrist "religions", is perhaps the main cause of God's wrath, and His cutting off of these churchmen from Divine Grace, not because it is not there, but because they refuse it. 

My own Archdiocese of Toronto (not surprisingly) is actively promoting and encouraging participation in a "worship service" with false "religions" that reject Jesus Christ came in the Flesh, and to join the Pope in a "prayer service" under the new universalist, gnostic "Church of the Higher Committee for Human Fraternity". 

The Pope informs us that we are all "brothers and sisters", we are being "called", and "prayer belongs to everyone...of every religion...and probably to those who profess no religion". In contradiction to this the same Pope also writes: "Mother of the Lord, Virgin Mary, Queen of the Rosary, shows us the power of your protective mantle..."remain in me and I in you (Jn 15:4)..."I am the vine, you are the branches" (Jn 15:15). This is what happens when a Catholic churchman succumbs to the madness of liberalism: his mind turns to mush. They are for, and yet against everything. And at the same time. Two and two make four, but also five, and twenty-six. Not Catholic, then Catholic. Yes, No. No, yes. Philosophically, these men are insane. Their liberalism has driven them mad. They are out of their Catholic minds.

In rejecting God's Grace, these same deluded men who sit on the "chair of Moses", perversely copulate with false "religions" achieving demonic "union" with Satan. St John warned us: "he who denies Jesus Christ has come in the flesh is of antichrist". Notice his word: "denies". St. John is telling us that those who deny Jesus Christ's Divinity, whether they are aware or not, still are of the spirit of antichrist. Objectively no man is good as God wants him to be if he rejects Jesus Christ's Divinity. Subjectively some of these men in the false "religions" may be invincibly ignorant and may perhaps achieve salvation, but only because of God's ability to read hearts and know that if they knew Christ was God they would have responded accordingly. But if He is saving those in spite of their adherence to a false "religion" (NOT because of) the Gospels are silent on this: to the contrary (John 3:5). Hence the absolute necessity to preach Christ Jesus to all of Creation. 

The crimes of churchmen over the past decades of cavorting, pandering, misleading, lying to, and engaging in false "worship" with these non-believers is a sin that cries to Heaven for vengeance. I believe it simplistic  to hold that God, after decades of their blasphemy, suddenly allowed the advance of the Globalists and Communists under the auspices of the politicized coronavirus because of Pachamama. It turns God into  a silly old sugar daddy that can be turned on and off for each pet peeve. No, blasphemy is blasphemy. If God were going to punish crimes of false worship He would surely have done so already for the far more guilty and dangerous "world religions" and accordingly, the far greater blasphemies. Guilty because they know of the claims of Christ, dangerous because they have influence to actively oppose the Gospels, and the Divine Plan for Order. More blasphemous as they knowingly reject Christ's Divinity. Otherwise we turn the Holy Spirit into a liar in contradicting Sacred Scriptures. Catholics must once again regain the courage to proclaim as diabolical deception the "world religions" (Luke 10:16; John 3:3-5; Acts 4:12; Romans 1:18). These false "religions" are leading souls to Hell, and they are being encouraged to do so by the very men who should be declaring from the rooftops that Jesus Christ is the ONLY Way to salvation (John 14:6). 

Opposition to these false "world religions" requires courage, as it will entail  personal and social consequences. It certainly required courage in ancient Jerusalem, Rome, in Elizabethan England and Wales, in Calvinist Scotland, in Imperial Japan, in New France, in South America, in 19th century America and so on. In our time the Orthodox and Catholics of Russia and China can teach us something about persecution. It is not by chance that the vast majority of bishops joining Archbishop Vigano in opposing the push for masonic global tyranny are from the former Soviet Union. Our bishops, you will notice are silent. These lukewarm bishops Jesus Christ vomits out of His mouth (Rev 3:15-16). 

I am of the opinion that it is massive sin, rebellion, amongst not just evil, wicked and perverse churchmen, but amongst the vast majority of us. Most of us could make a nice long list of grave sins: sins have consequences. We have allowed ourselves to be seduced into a compromise "Catholicism" poisoned through the virus of liberalism. What Catholics believed 200 years ago, even 100 years ago, is no longer believed by the vast majority of Catholics of today because it is demanding and uncompromising. But God is a jealous God: it is all or nothing (Exodus 34:14). Contrast our timidity and go along to get along Catholicism to that of the Japanese Catholics who were able to keep the Faith through 300 years of isolation and murderous persecution. They had the Faith, we just have the bricks and mortar. 

Once again: we need a reminder. St. John wrote: "he who denies Jesus Christ has come in the flesh is of antichrist". (1 John 4:3)

NO EXCEPTIONS. NONE. NOT ONE. Otherwise you turn the Holy Spirit into a liar and deceiver. 

Do we need St. Peter's witness?: "there is NO name under Heaven by which we are saved, but that of Christ Jesus". (Acts 4:12)


Now we have coronavirus, because we did not want "Corona"  - the Crown of Jesus. So Our Lord has allowed this "virus", and perhaps far more sinisterly,  its global sociological and political effects to be spread and manipulated by evil men who seek world domination and the destruction of the Catholic Church and true worship of God, especially through the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass. As Archbishop Lenga (one of the cosignatories against this globalist putsch) has said it is now a "Masonic Virus". 

Let us get on our knees and say Three Hail Marys for the Pope and Three Hail Marys for the rest of the poor souls in the world seeking both his, theirs and our reconversion (conversion).