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Saturday, 4 April 2020

During Coronavirus/COVID19 pandemic Toronto hospital staff were told NOT TO WEAR masks because they "would frighten people"

When you have people not trained in healthcare running healthcare, you have serious problems. I can report to you from my anonymous sources inside the healthcare system, that staff at Toronto hospitals (up to two weeks ago!!!) were being told by Administration to "not wear masks as it will frighten people". 

Who could imagine such a thing? This is techno-bureaucracy gone mad!

I can also inform you that staff were very angry, felt intimidated and abused. Friends, this is despicable! 

Now, suddenly, all staff are mandated by these same inept Administrators to wear masks when in hospitals. Are you begin to understand how criminally incompetent these people are who are running our healthcare system?

These massive salaried techno-bureaucrats view healthcare NOT as a sacred vocation, but merely in numbers. For the Administrator - YOU are a NUMBER. 

For your devoted physician and nurse, YOU are a PERSON.

The techno-bureaucrats coverup too. When the CEO of a leading Toronto hospital (affiliated with the Catholic Church) was discovered to have a pornographic video collection in his Office, he was secretly asked to resign so as not to cause scandal, because the Board was fearful of losing donations from the community. But it got even worse. This person was returned as CEO at another leading Toronto hospital (secular affiliation)! Edifying isn't it? 

Friends, it is not about a sacred vocation of caring for people. It is about money and power: keeping the techno-bureaucratic system intact, with the public deluded into thinking that these Administrators know what they are doing. 

Along comes a pandemic. Suddenly we have people, many from the comfort of their plush homes complaining about lockdown. They have zero sympathy from me. Where were they when so many languish in LTC facilities as outcasts? How many elderly or cognitively impaired are abandoned, visited perhaps once or twice a year? I know this for a fact. It is happening right here in Toronto. 

In the US, many of these facilities also have a practice of taking in otherwise healthy people on Medicare awaiting elective surgery, and then defraud the US government by providing grotesquely substandard and dangerous care. Much of it also in conjunction with corrupt and incompetent State run health services. Medicare fraud, much of it highly organized, many times is run by sole proprietorships listed as "nonprofit", defraud the US taxpayer hundreds of billions of dollars EVERY YEAR. American readers, if you suspect Medicare fraud, call the FBI immediately. 

And lest Canadians sit back smugly, just re-read the above scandals, and also consider that the vast majority of LTC facilities in Canada (under provincial jurisdiction) are run the same way as in the USA. Private corporations are subsidized by the taxpayers. All of this is legal. The shareholder gets a return, the taxpayer picks up the difference and more for the profit, and the person in the home suffers for it. I know, I know a lot of people inside the system.

When they tell you we are going to make the healthcare system better, are you foolish enough to believe them? Are you aware (e.g.) that nearly 60% of Alberta's budget goes to Alberta Health? In Ontario it is well over 40%. You tell me how long that can go on for? This is unsustainable. 

The system is broken. Financially collapsing. The system is also defective; based on an outmoded 1960s model that no longer reflects 21st century reality. This also feeds the financial and techno-bureaucratic corruption.

But it is now even worse: it is morally corrupt. 

Health care needs massive reform: it must be taken out of the hands of  big business and profiteers as well as out of the hands of government. It must become community based. It has to be put back into YOUR hands, and those who actually take care of you. Your physicians and nurses. Your therapists, and other health care professionals. 

Watch this video. Learn. Perhaps coronavirus will be the final hammer in a corrupt, inefficient, obsolete health care system. 

If you sit back and do NOTHING, then nothing will happen. 

It will depend on YOU! 

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The Toronto Oratory is rapidly expanding their spiritual presence online. 

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St. Philip Neri, pray for us. 
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All ye holy Oratorians, pray for us. 

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Thursday, 2 April 2020

TORONTO ORATORY ~ 1000 Youtube subscribers needed immediately!

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Wednesday, 1 April 2020

Archbishop Lenga: Conference on state of the Church and World

For Polish speakers: Archbishop Jan Pawel Lenga gave a conference in Poland this past Saturday on the spiritual crisis in the Church, and its effects of the world. He also spoke of the influence of freemasonry, the scourge of liberalism in destroying Christian civilization, the Jewish rejection of Jesus Christ and the  disastrous effects it has had upon their spiritual life, which in turn has a major impact upon the world.

He spoke of the constant advance of de-Christianization of the last remaining traditional Catholic nations. Using Ireland as an example, he spoke of highly organized campaigns that led to the legalization of abortion, and in more recent years to legalize so-called homosexual "marriage". He pondered how many years will it be before such changes are rammed through in Poland? 

He warned: the freemasons years ago said let us go after the young. They can be corrupted; some will be ordained priests, some bishops... 

The Archbishop however told Catholics to not fall into a spiritual "depression" from the surrounding chaos. Whatever happens: Catholics are to defend themselves, as the Faith is  their only salvation. 

Tuesday, 31 March 2020

Forget coronavirus ~ listen to music

Rheingold and Richard Wagner

"Music is the universal language... it brings people closer together" 
Ella Fitzgerald

"Music is everything... it smiles and cries at the same time" 
Daniel Barenboim 

WIthout music, life would be a blank to me" 
Jane Austen

I haven't understood a bar of music in my life, But I have felt it" 
Igor Stravinsky 

Here is an excerpt from Wagner's Parsifal, as set to Walt Disney's film, Fantasia. 

Sunday, 29 March 2020

ARCHBISHOP SHEEN: He predicted the United States will collapse ~ are we seeing the first stage of her demise?

I wrote the following post below, back in December, 2016. As coronavirus ravages the United States and the rest of the world, know that "corona" has helped accelerate the inevitable global government that will be tyrannical, anti-Christian, and (I believe) eventually morph into the global empire of the Man of Perdition. The United States has just taken on $6 TRLLION in additional debt last week: $2.2 in the stimulus package and $4 in additional loans by the Fed. This scenario is being replicated around the world. We will return to "work", but upon our backs will be a crushing burden of debt. Debt breeds societal confrontation, breakdown, dissension, and war. 

Since 2016, it is obvious that our societies have not returned to God, not repented, not made reparation for the most abominable evils. To the contrary: sin is glorified, reveled in. Catholics, in open rebellion, even lead the attack on the family, on the Church, on Christ. One thing that is not infinite with God is His patience. It will run out. "It is a frightful thing to fall into the hands of the living God" (Hebrews 10:31). In permitting "corona" God is giving us but a small taste of His wrath.  

It will be upon such a scene, that in the future, when evil will be even more widespread due to man's rebellion against Christ and His Church (if that can be imagined), that the Man of Perdition will enter to bring universal "peace" for "evil will abound" and there "will be more sin" (c.f. Matthew 24:12). 

Is this inevitable? That the Man of Perdition will arrive is certain, but prior to his revealing, even greater evil must abound upon the earth. Let us repent, let us convert, let us mitigate this evil, let us implore God to grant us the grace to delay the appearance of the  son of Hell. 


Original Post: December 19, 2016
[original here

Dear American readers, your country - like Canada - is in total moral collapse. Far seeing prophets such as your Archbishop Fulton Sheen foresaw this decades ago. It was inevitable. America, founded on "religious liberty" and not Truth, was doomed to fail. Canada, especially once Catholic Quebec, fell from an even greater height, as She was once Catholic. Hence, the fall was greater, and of greater evil. 

Nonetheless, it was the duty of Catholics in America to turn the United States of America into the Catholic States of America. It was the particular duty of the Hierarchy. Hundreds of Catholics in the United States were martyred for the Faith during the 19th century. The American bishops distinguished themselves in remaining silent about these saints.

The slaughter of millions of babies, the glorification of the breakup of family life, the promotion of sexual depravity and perversion has not gone unnoticed by Almighty God. 

He will not be mocked and is now pouring out His wrath. Now, America, like any other Nation that has freely accepted to be the Spawn of Satan will be punished and enslaved by a just God. 

Dear American readers, consider the recent "Pastoral Letter " by Bishop (?) McGrath of San Jose. You will notice, dear American friends, not a single word by this "bishop" McGrath about partial birth abortion where a baby is literally slaughtered as it is being born. You will notice that the Holy Name of Jesus is passed over in silence. This letter could have been written by a Freemason. 

Then, compare it to the dire warning and prophecy by the long-suffering and viciously persecuted Archbishop Fulton Sheen. Consider these words were spoken decades ago. What would the holy Prelate say today about wide spread pornography, homosexuality, murder, family breakdown, contraception, fornication, general indecency, obscenity and decadence? What would he say about the SILENCE of the American Hierarchy when facing an election between one candidate that supports killing babies as they are being born and one who opposes it? 

Venerable Fulton Sheen, pray for us 

Saturday, 28 March 2020

Coronavirus has exposed the decadence of the Church in the West

God writes straight with crooked lines. Every crisis exposes each man for who he really is. The curtain is drawn. The spotlight shines in the dark exposing every secret. 

God draws good out of evil, and some good is coming from Corona: exposing our western world, but even more (for the fish rots from the head down), the Church in her corruption, effeminacy, and materialism. It has exposed the false "christ" so many of us worship. Behind even pious sounding words is a fake "christ", romanticized, plastic, without the Cross, without suffering, without sacrifice. 

This "christ" is reflected in what is called "religion". Sentimental, theatrical, weak, full of "cheap moralizations", as Bishop Sheen said. 

Marx was, in a sense, correct that "religion is the opium of the people", if it be understood that "religion" is (as it is for so many of us) a psychological crutch: a type of feel good narcotic. For Corona has drawn back the curtain to expose that for many, religion is precisely that: an intoxication focused on self, the world, false ideologies  and saviours. As a result, there is the perversion of the Faith so that it is no longer that of Jesus Christ, but an act of self-worship. Each man becomes a "god". 

The West threw away the Cross decades ago: we now see the results when the coronavirus turned up. 

Corona has exposed so many of us as a materialist. Really a  type of communist without Party affiliation or a working knowledge of Das Capital, but holding bonds, equity, and dividends, with faith in an earthly messianism. Bt it is all there: materialism, messianism, and historicism.  

Let us break with our ideologies! Return to Christ, in Him is our ONLY salvation!

It is NOT in communism, socialism, materialism, globalism, zionism, naturalism (liberalism), capitalism, protestantism, democratism, or any other evil messianic ideology that is against Our Lord Jesus Christ. 

We must repent. We must return to Jesus Christ, whom ALONE is the Source of Life. 

Let us watch this carefully. Meditate on it. Reflect on our lives. Consider how far our world has fallen since this holy man spoke these words. 

Friday, 27 March 2020


John Hopkins University

Science is conducted with both inductive and deductive reasoning. It is skeptical, and changes, as new evidence is discovered. Following the evidence, enables rational decision making and planning. 

I stress: a short, but energetic period involving social distancing, community surveillance, and proactive testing is necessary to lessen the spread of infection, and mitigate the initial (which will be the largest) cohort of coronavirus related illnesses. Suppression (efforts to keep the Ro at, or below 1) and mitigation (the use of antivirals etc., to reduce the impact of the epidemic) are the two main weapons to fight the virus. 

The Financial Times reports: 
Modelling a scenario similar to the new measures — including social distancing of the whole population, home isolation of cases and household quarantine of their families — might bring total deaths down to about 20,000 if they were observed strictly, said Azra Ghani, a member of the Imperial team.

Extrapolating those number means: 100,000+ (USA), 11,500+ (Canada).  

As data comes in from reliable sources we will be able to make reasoned decisions. Nothing remains static. It is a question of facts, not feelings

From: Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report.  

University of Oxford and John Hopkins provide detailed information. They are excellent resources, updated regularly, as data comes in.