Saturday 23 January 2021

An Open Letter to Bishop Crosby of Hamilton: OPEN the CHURCHES! GIVE US THE MASS!

St. John Fisher, Bishop and Martyr


Dear Bishop Crosby, 

It is tragic that we lay Faithful need to address yet another bishop who has bought into the lie of the SARS-CoV2 virus being a deadly killer virus warranting a historically unprecedented lock down of our society, including our places of worship. Cardinal Collins of Toronto has bought into the lie, or he has been terrorized by his curia and lawyers to take the knee to Caesar. But in doing so, he, you, and all silent bishops accept that the public worship of God is "unessential". If it were essential, your churches would be open, and we would have Mass.

In a way, we understand why the State authorities have deemed them "unessential". But we do not understand why the Bishops - the representatives of the local Church - have followed the State authorities. We now learn that the faithful are being denied the sacraments, (well they are "unessential" after all!) yet we hear silence from you and your brother bishops. Have you ever considered going to a hospital and boldly entering to administer the sacraments?

You, and your brother bishops, have refused to remonstrate the State and declare that indeed public worship of God is essential, and that, following Sacred Scripture, you will not grant to Caesar the things that are of God.

But Bishop Crosby you have conceded the things of God to Caesar. Let us not be deluded: the reason Caesar declared worship of God "unessential" is because Caesar is godless, Caesar is secular, Caesar is, behind his platitudes and nice smiles, anti-Christian. In a way, considering the name Caesar, it is understandable why Caesar takes this attitude towards God and His Church.

Bishop Crosby, you must be aware that liquor stores and beer shops are open. Caesar considers them essential. Caesar also considers it "essential" for a woman to kill the fruit of her womb in the horrible infanticide practice of abortion. You can get drunk, commit murder, but can't go to Mass. DO you not think something is terribly wrong? Yet you remain silent. 

Why are you silent? Why are your brother bishops silent? 

In your Letter justifying closing our churches you wrote:"... our pandemic sacrifice will last for a few more months, or for as long as it takes to curb the high numbers of citizens – our brothers and sisters – who contract the dreaded virus".

Bishop Crosby, you claim the virus is "dreaded" (that may well be due to incessant media propaganda hoisted on a scientifically illiterate public), but you are in error. The pandemic is over. It was over last summer. The WHO claim of 3.4% IFR did not materialize. The actual IRF is estimated to be no more than 0.2% (+/-); a bad flu season. As such our churches are closed unjustly and against the spiritual common good. 

To return to our questions regarding your silence when alcohol can be freely purchased, and where women can destroy their unborn child, unrestricted by the State during this time of "pandemic", we ask again: when will you confront Caesar with all his lies and deceptions? 

You know in keeping abortion clinics open the lie is put to Caesar's claim our churches are closed to save lives. And you, Bishop Crosby, are an accessory to these lies, by pushing them and endorsing them. You claim we are giving up our "freedoms...". NO, our freedoms are being stolen from us. You claim it is so that "others may live" lest we transmit a virus that is no more deadly than Influenza. Are we to no longer drive cars, since accidents happen? Cross the street? Will you be closing the churches on a yearly basis henceforth that "others may live" during flu season? 

We end by including a number of screenshots, using OFFICIAL data which will inform you that the public "health" officials you are listening to, are lying to you. For example, are you aware that the median age of death from SARS-CoV2, according to Oxford's EBM is 82.4? The entire effort (as with any major flu season) should be to protect the vulnerable, and the sick, not close our churches, suppress the Mass and sacraments, and destroy hundreds of thousands of small businesses. Do you think this is in the "common good"?

Bishop Crosby, the pandemic is long over. Now we face fresh questions on the dangers of experimental "vaccines" (connected to abortion); more dangerous than the virus itself. Sadly you seem to have endorsed this immoral experiment pushed by Caesar. We encourage you to review the evidence of the dangers and confirm this research yourself. 

In conclusion we call upon you to be courageous in imitation of St. John Fisher who stood alone against the murderous despot, Henry VIII. St. John was the only bishop found in England and Wales with the courage to defend Christ and His Church. 

Dear Bishop Crosby, we pray that in our times, you be that man! Be assured of our prayers for you to gain the courage of Bishop Fisher. 




Sincerely in English and Welsh Martyrs,  

Barona and Irenaeus


Thursday 21 January 2021

We will all be held to account someday

"Skillful is he who has skill to check his tongue, learned is he that knows how to spare his breath. Let him keep his own counsel, a fool may pass for a wise man; shut lips can claim discernment." - Proverbs 17:27-28

Just as our actions will be weighed against us at our particular judgements, so will our words, be they in writing or in the spoken word.

That thought alone is enough to make one tremble.

Peace be with you all.

Tuesday 19 January 2021

Julian Assange and Edward Snowden: Two heroic men who should be free

Less than 24 hours remain in which Donald Trump can drop all charges against Julian Assange, and pardon Edward Snowden. 



Both men exposed the evil, corrupt US imperialist war machine (and her NATO criminal co-conspirators, especially the Anglo-American alliance) and the secret hand of the controlling international masonic Deep State that lies, spies, and murders its way towards a godless, globalist tyrannical endgame. Do not forget that Assange briefly pulled back the curtain to expose the dark, pedophile, and satanic world of those who wish to be masters of the world.

God is the Lord of history and he used these two men to expose great and monstrous evil. Pray for them. Pray the justice is done.

Saturday 16 January 2021

DEADLY Vaccine injection sites coming to your local church?



News from around the world - notwithstanding the desperate propaganda being pushed by globalist billionaire oligarchs through their various media outfits - keeps pouring in how DANGEROUS the mRNA COVID "vaccines" are. Even if these injections were not linked to abortion (and they are, let no one  deceive you), they are DANGEROUS. Far, far, more DANGEROUS than COVID


Are you aware that those under 20 years are 0.002% at risk to the virus without any medical treatment. Those under 50 years 0.003%. Those between 50- 70 0.05%? Based on the evidence coming in on these unproven and experimental mRNA "vaccines", (from the CDC itself - watch the videos!) the risk of death and serious medical complications are MUCH HIGHER. 

The danger of these experimental drugs is known in the health care community. I can inform readers from a source that hospital staff in a major Toronto hospital are NOT attending clinics for these injections. I can also report that in this same  hospital multiple individuals who received the injection all had to take a medical leave of absence due to side effects. This is happening at thousands of injection sites all over the world.


 For all this, Vox Cantoris has informed us that the Archdiocese of Toronto is contemplating opening up churches as injection sites! This is madness, founded on complete ignorance of the DANGEROUS side effects. Friends do you want people having seizures, suffering paralysis and other medical emergencies at your church?

The question now is:



Saturday 9 January 2021

CARDINAL COLLINS and MASS SUPPRESSION: Cowardly Catholics join to betray the Church into the hands of sinful men

Anthony Fauci and colleagues accurately predicted in February that SAR-CoV2 would be no more than a bad flu season. 

"...the overall clinical consequences of Covid-19 may ultimately be more akin to those of a severe seasonal influenza (which has a case fatality rate of approximately 0.1%) or a pandemic influenza (similar to those in 1957 and 1968)" (p.1268. New England Journal of Medicine editorial of March 26, 2020).

He should have known. After all, he and the American NIH worked hand-in-hand with the Wuhan Lab for many years. The last time I checked he is still happily in his Office. So much for the clearing out of the Deep State (but that is another sad story).

The blood of millions will be upon churchmen who have called for lockdowns

Let us return now to March where mass hysteria swept even amongst Catholics (including the vast majority of "traditional" Catholics, exposing the reality that the liturgy really was a question of an external fetish, rather than an internal devotion). Materialistic lifestyles and a fake veneer of external piety were exposed for all to see.  

Blessings, my son! All hail the new religion!

So it was on that fateful afternoon of the 24th of March when Cardinal Collins proactively boarded up our churches and suppressed the Mass. He was met with either gleeful cheers or solemn affirmation in the wake of a virus that was (to use his own words) "rampaging through the community". The vast majority of Catholics, already hedonistic materialists, and terrified of death, were more than willing to shut down the churches. Why expect a general to go into battle when 95% of his soldiers have already surrendered?

But history exposes this huge lie about lockdowns: never before, even during the worst pandemics, was society shut down, were churches boarded up indiscriminately for months on end. NEVER. But today, with a virus no worse than a bad flu season (IFR 0.1-0.3%) Mass, HOLY Mass has been suppressed! 

A sacrilegious "communion table" in a BC Catholic church

I denounced this capitulation back in March, and I denounce it again today. Immediately on that terrible afternoon, when true faith in God was replaced by false "faith" in man, I denounced the State and called upon the Cardinal to defend the Church. Alas. Sadly, I ended up being a voice in the wilderness with most Catholics cowering under their beds, trembling in terror from the virus. 

Cardinal Collins not only boarded up the downtown churches but also churches in hamlets two, three hours drive from the city. But again - Catholics were if not SILENT, clamouring for the lockdown! Again, why would a general go into battle knowing all his troops have betrayed him? 

Cardinal Collins: pray for this poor man boxed in by traitors and the godless 

As I write, ten months later (my how the two-week "hospital capacity" is dragged out!), we are still living in an insane world where there is NO MASS, but there is abortion "services", and not to mention liquor stores, pot shops open... You get the message. 

And let us not forget our illustrious politicians recommending some improvised home renovations, such as smashing a hole in the wall, so as to engage in perverted sex acts through the opening. Have they been denounced by our churchmen? Has Cardinal Collins publicly questioned the Premier from the pulpit as to why women can kill their babies, alcoholics can pick up liquor (and let us be honest, if you concede that there is a deadly pandemic afoot yet are frequenting a liquor store, you ARE an alcoholic) but Christians cannot attend Mass? 

The pastime of Christ-hating politicians? 

Friends, do you STILL believe there is a "pandemic"? Do you hear the sirens of the dead and dying being born away? Yes, there are those who (like with any virus) should take precautions: the elderly with comorbidities, those younger with multiple comorbidities. We need common sense. But to believe that we have a "Black Death", or even SARS or MERS loose in the community is buying into the lie. Why might it be so easy to fall for the Lie? Perhaps because you think it is less painful than to admit you live in a godless, authoritarian State? But the denial of reality only exacerbates the problem.  

The following video contains a hysterical recording courtesy of Toronto Public "Health" and St. Joseph's Health Centre (Toronto). It is designed to induce fear, if not terror into the general public. The results are too plain: masked individuals driving solo in a car, masked people leaping into the street to avoid you (after all, we are all presumptive lepers).


For those of you who sat silently by; even approved of boarding up churches at the outset of this "pandemic", shame on you for your emotional outbursts and cowardice, your fear of death more than the love of God. But set it right! Wake up and contact your bishop demanding he brings back the Mass. 

If you are STILL SILENT, let there be NO mistake: YOU are a material accessory to the spiritual crimes of the churchmen. YOU are an enabler. YOU are a hypocrite; for calling yourself Christian yet sit idly by allowing the Church to be demolished by godless sinners. Silence no longer is an option, silence means consent. 

I end by addressing you, dear Cardinal Collins directly:

Dear Cardinal Collins, recall the words of the psalmist, "You have done these things, and I kept silent. You thought that I was just like you. I will rebuke you, and accuse you in front of your eyes". 

Think about what the State has done, and keep silent no more. 

St. Paul admonished the faltering St. Peter, and "rebuked him to the face".  

Think about what you have done to faithful Catholics, who now are forced to sadly rebuke you.  

St. Peter, when inspired by the Holy Spirit, proclaimed: "we must obey God rather than men". 

Cardinal Collins: St. Peter gives you and us our marching orders!  

Dear Cardinal Collins, give but the word that you will stand against the State, and we will stand with you. We are not in rebellion against your authority. On the contrary, we are encouraging you to USE your authority! We are striving to encourage you to stand - like St. John Fisher - against the outrages of the godless State. It the silent Catholics, the cowardly Catholics, the two-faced Catholics, the treacherous go-along-to-get-along Catholics who are your enemies. 



St. John Fisher, pray for us.

Wednesday 6 January 2021

LIVE: Sung Latin Mass of the Feast of the Epiphany

Cardinal Collins give us the Mass! 



St John Fisher, intercede for Cardinal Collins

Today is the Feast of the Epiphany





 Today we celebrate the Three Kings who came to worship Christ the Lord. As a sign of their devotion and faith, they brought gifts of gold, frankincense, and myrrh. 

A blessed Feast Day of the Epiphany. May Kasper, Melchior, and Balthasar intercede for you, bless you. 

 There is no doubt that the Three Kings are hated with a special hatred by Satan and the evil "princes" of this world. The devil can never forgive the Three Kings for being the first Gentiles to worship Our Lord Jesus Christ, and foreshadowing the incorporation of all mankind into Christ's Body, no longer based on ethnicity, but on faith alone, as prophesied by Abraham, David and Isaiah. The Kingdom of God, the new Israel, once the Messiah came,  was thrown open to all men without exception.

Dear friends, since many of you have been deprived of public Mass (here in Toronto, it was the Cardinal who suppressed the Mass, not the secular authorities) strive to visit a church today and pray before the Christmas Creche. Unite yourself with the Three Kings in adoration of Almighty God come in the Flesh.

Though here in Canada the Three Kings have been buried, shunted off to one side as of little importance, in other countries, this Feast Day is still celebrated with great joy as a great Solemnity. 

Poland, though sliding and faltering in the Faith, still is far more faithful to Christ than Canada. The following photos from Poland reflect the faith of the people, and the joy in celebrating the Three Kings. 


Cardinal Collins give us the Mass! 



St John Fisher, intercede for Cardinal Collins

Sunday 3 January 2021

LIVE: Mass of the Most Holy Name of Jesus


 Dear friends, today is the Feast of the Most Holy Name of Jesus, of which St. Peter declared: 

"be it known to you all, and to all the people of Israel, that by the name of our Lord Jesus Christ of Nazareth, whom you crucified, whom God has raised from the dead, even by Him this man standeth before you whole. This is the stone which was rejected by you the builders, which is become the head of the corner: neither is there salvation in any other. For there is no other name under heaven given to men whereby we must be saved".

We are NOT saved by mere men: Moses, Mohammed, or Buddah. Nor by modern "messiahs" such as Klaus Schwab and his "great reset" and vaccines. Nor are we saved by following a false messianic ideology, each designed by Lucifer to lead men away from Jesus Christ: be it liberalism, Freemasonry, socialism, Zionism, communism, or democratism. And be not deceived: each of these ideologies (really false "religions" worshiping an idol) are of Satan. EVERY SINGLE one: without exception. 

Modern man may think he is saved by being "decent", but he is in for a terrible shock before Almighty God. God expects much more than not cheating on your wife, keeping your lawn mowed, or playing a good game of golf on a Sunday morning. He gives every man enough graces to learn and to love Him, to learn of His Son Jesus Christ who came in the Flesh. To learn of Christ's Church.

Jesus loves each man individually and died a terrible death on the Cross to offer each and every man the possibility of Salvation. A man may yet be saved by the Blood of Jesus if he be in invincible ignorance. A Mohammedan may be saved (in spite of, and not because of his following the errors and deceptions of the Quran), a Jew may be saved (in spite of, and not because of his following the lies and blasphemies of the Talmud and Kabbalah), and so on. But how many men are truly living in invincible ignorance? Perhaps some of these men may yet be saved, for never has there been such a deluge of lies and deception. But that remains a secret of God. Our duty is plain: we must live and proclaim Jesus Christ to all men.

Lest Catholics think too smugly, we must fearfully realize that to whom much is given, much is expected. Are we living holy lives? Or do we only give Our Lord Jesus Christ lip service at Mass? Are we good examples for Mohommedans, Jews, and even the completely godless? Are we an example for apostate Catholics to return to the Faith? What are we doing to draw separated brethren into Christ's One, Mystical Body?

Let us today call upon the Most Holy Name of Jesus. Let us repent of our sins and convert. Let us pray for poor sinners, especially those who have turned from the Light to darkness, and also for those who have yet to come to the Light and believe in Jesus Christ, the Way, the Truth and the Life. For NO ONE comes to the Father, but by Jesus, and His Most Holy Name. 

A Blessed Feast Day to you All!

Friday 1 January 2021

An Open Letter to Cardinal Collins: We want Holy Mass - NOT a "Communion Service"!

St John Fisher, Bishop and Martyr


Dear Cardinal Collins, 

Your Eminence, since the arrival on our shores of a virus from communist China, you have kept us out of our churches (yes, OURS, as we pay for them), you have - through many a wayward and cowardly priest - deprived the Faithful of Confession. You have also - violating the Law of the Church - suppressed the Traditional Catholic manner of reception of the Holy Eucharist, and (following the "orders" of the godless enemies of Christ who populate "public health" offices) "commanded" the Faithful receive the very God of the Universe, Our Divine Saviour Himself in the hands. This spiritually criminal order has not only deprived us of the right to receive Holy Communion in the proper manner, but also placed faithful priests in an intolerable situation of depriving them of their rights to give Holy Communion to Catholics in the state of Grace. These loyal sons of the Church are being abused, just as we are.

Your Eminence, you have claimed on a number of occasions, following the manipulative hysteria being pushed by the State authorities and the godless "public health" officials, that SARS-CoV2 is "rampaging through our community". But this is not true. This is a lie. We were told of a two-week lock down to (now turned 10 months and counting) "save lives". Yet the very authorities who have dragged two weeks into nearly a year, keep abortion clinics open and promote a variety of sexual perversions amongst the population for "safety" during a "pandemic". So much for protecting life, so much for a "pandemic". (We now hear that you have been joined by Bishop Crosbie who is also abusing the Faithful of his Diocese, depriving them of Holy Mass). 

The virus turned out (thanks be to God) nowhere remotely as dangerous as initially thought (or shall we say pushed by godless "public health" authorities). Indeed, the Infection Fatality Rate (IFR) is estimated to be between 0.1 - 0.3% (equivalent to a bad flu season), and hard facts demolish mushy propaganda. Sadly, this truth has not stopped the rebellion against God growing, and the godless authorities (supported by Christ-hating billionaires and their controlled media) have seized upon this huge lie to suppress the Catholic Church (and the churches and ecclesial communities of our separated brethren), constantly pushing this virus as the new Black Death.

Catholics are bound by God to not only tell the truth but to expose lies. Sadly, you have succumbed to this horrendous falsehood and deception, claiming that our churches are limited to no more than 10 people (irrespective of capacity), our Masses completely suppressed, because of the "common good", for saving lives. Yet, on the other hand, you have openly admitted that the virus has not been spread through the Faithful attending Mass. We have a contradiction here, Your Eminence: two plus two is four, yet two plus two is not four. 

Your Eminence, you cannot have it both ways. Either we Catholics are spreading the virus at Mass or we are not. If we are not - as you admit - why have you suppressed Holy Mass? Are you afraid of the State authorities? Or, are you afraid even more of your disobedient, modernist clergy who would not support you in defending Holy Mother Church against the godless State? Or is it a combination of the vile State and evil, parasitic dissenters? 

Perhaps the unfaithfulness of so many priests shines some light on why the Prayer to St. Michael after Mass was only a "suggestion" (and your capitulation to the State)? After all, is it not true that 95% did not take up your "suggestion" of saying the Prayer to St. Michael? Was what should have been an "order" (after all you "ordered" Mass suppressed  and in March our churches boarded up) turned into a "suggestion" because you are not really in control of the Archdiocese, and those rebellious priests would have rejected the Prayer? Have you been given "parameters" of operation by Rome, and/or your rich manipulative clerical advisers and canonical and secular lawyers? 

We faithful Catholics are asking: are you, dear Cardinal Collins really in charge, or are you a "lame duck" bishop?

As Vox Cantoris has noted, you (or someone controlling you?) have removed faithful priests from service and allowed dissenters - even active homosexuals - to continue in (if it can be called that!) priestly ministry. Yet, we have a Cardinal of contradiction. You, Your Eminence, are on the public record rightly calling the so-called "Reformation" as a "horror". You have also lamented (on the record) the catastrophic error of Holy Communion in the hand. Yet you allow it - whilst having the authority at the moment you took up your episcopal See to suppress it. Yet you have not. Why? The most charitable answer is that you, a bishop who has the Faith, prays the Rosary, holds the "Reformation" as a "horror", is not truly in command of the Archdiocese. What other solution to this mystery is there?

Dear Cardinal Collins: what evil force is controlling you? What hellish power has "racked" you to deny us the Holy Mass, when even the bungling Premier has not tried to suppress the Holy Sacrifice? Why have you taken one step further than the godless State authorities? 

We do not judge you, but we do judge your actions (or inaction) and they are wrong!  Nonetheless, we know not what we would do if in your position. We would hope that we had the courage to stand up to the State, to reopen the churches. To stand up to the dissenting priests, the perverted infiltrators, the modernists. 

Your Eminence: God is giving you the graces to stand up! You can become a "meddlesome priest"! Today is the day! Throw open the doors of our churches! Call the faithful to Mass, to Adoration, to reparation! Let us, with love for these deluded, godless people show why they should repent, convert and come to Christ!

Your Eminence, four and a half centuries ago hundreds of Catholics across the British Isles were done to death in the most diabolical, sadistic manner possible since the ancient Roman martyrs. Some were locked in the Tower in a "room" so small, they could neither stand up nor lie down, others were tied to statues and set alight, others were drowned, yet others were flogged to death, others racked so that literally their bodies were "stretched" an extra foot, others were hanged, drawn and quartered. St. Margaret Clitherow was tortured for days before being pressed to death on Good Friday, where she entered Heaven to meet the beautiful, Holy Face of Jesus. It was all for the unity of Holy Church and the Holy Mass. It was the Mass that mattered! 

Reopen the churches! Lead kindly Light! Be inspired Your Eminence by the Holy Spirit. Please remember why you wear red. Lead the separated brethren through apostolic example; God knows they need to be drawn back to Holy Mother Church. 

Your Eminence, may the holy martyrs who defended Christ, His Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, and His Holy Church, grant you the courage to stand up to the evil filth in our local church, and to defend Holy Mother Church against the unjust attacks and persecution of the State. Please be assured of our prayers for you. 




Cardinal Collins give us the Mass! 



St John Fisher, intercede for Cardinal Collins.

Yours faithfully in the holy Martyrs of England and Wales, 

Barona and Irenaeus

LIVE: Octave Day of the Nativity of Our Lord