Tuesday 31 March 2020

Forget coronavirus ~ listen to music

Rheingold and Richard Wagner

"Music is the universal language... it brings people closer together" 
Ella Fitzgerald

"Music is everything... it smiles and cries at the same time" 
Daniel Barenboim 

WIthout music, life would be a blank to me" 
Jane Austen

I haven't understood a bar of music in my life, But I have felt it" 
Igor Stravinsky 

Here is an excerpt from Wagner's Parsifal, as set to Walt Disney's film, Fantasia. 

Sunday 29 March 2020

ARCHBISHOP SHEEN: He predicted the United States will collapse ~ are we seeing the first stage of her demise?

I wrote the following post below, back in December, 2016. As coronavirus ravages the United States and the rest of the world, know that "corona" has helped accelerate the inevitable global government that will be tyrannical, anti-Christian, and (I believe) eventually morph into the global empire of the Man of Perdition. The United States has just taken on $6 TRLLION in additional debt last week: $2.2 in the stimulus package and $4 in additional loans by the Fed. This scenario is being replicated around the world. We will return to "work", but upon our backs will be a crushing burden of debt. Debt breeds societal confrontation, breakdown, dissension, and war. 

Since 2016, it is obvious that our societies have not returned to God, not repented, not made reparation for the most abominable evils. To the contrary: sin is glorified, reveled in. Catholics, in open rebellion, even lead the attack on the family, on the Church, on Christ. One thing that is not infinite with God is His patience. It will run out. "It is a frightful thing to fall into the hands of the living God" (Hebrews 10:31). In permitting "corona" God is giving us but a small taste of His wrath.  

It will be upon such a scene, that in the future, when evil will be even more widespread due to man's rebellion against Christ and His Church (if that can be imagined), that the Man of Perdition will enter to bring universal "peace" for "evil will abound" and there "will be more sin" (c.f. Matthew 24:12). 

Is this inevitable? That the Man of Perdition will arrive is certain, but prior to his revealing, even greater evil must abound upon the earth. Let us repent, let us convert, let us mitigate this evil, let us implore God to grant us the grace to delay the appearance of the  son of Hell. 


Original Post: December 19, 2016
[original here

Dear American readers, your country - like Canada - is in total moral collapse. Far seeing prophets such as your Archbishop Fulton Sheen foresaw this decades ago. It was inevitable. America, founded on "religious liberty" and not Truth, was doomed to fail. Canada, especially once Catholic Quebec, fell from an even greater height, as She was once Catholic. Hence, the fall was greater, and of greater evil. 

Nonetheless, it was the duty of Catholics in America to turn the United States of America into the Catholic States of America. It was the particular duty of the Hierarchy. Hundreds of Catholics in the United States were martyred for the Faith during the 19th century. The American bishops distinguished themselves in remaining silent about these saints.

The slaughter of millions of babies, the glorification of the breakup of family life, the promotion of sexual depravity and perversion has not gone unnoticed by Almighty God. 

He will not be mocked and is now pouring out His wrath. Now, America, like any other Nation that has freely accepted to be the Spawn of Satan will be punished and enslaved by a just God. 

Dear American readers, consider the recent "Pastoral Letter " by Bishop (?) McGrath of San Jose. You will notice, dear American friends, not a single word by this "bishop" McGrath about partial birth abortion where a baby is literally slaughtered as it is being born. You will notice that the Holy Name of Jesus is passed over in silence. This letter could have been written by a Freemason. 

Then, compare it to the dire warning and prophecy by the long-suffering and viciously persecuted Archbishop Fulton Sheen. Consider these words were spoken decades ago. What would the holy Prelate say today about wide spread pornography, homosexuality, murder, family breakdown, contraception, fornication, general indecency, obscenity and decadence? What would he say about the SILENCE of the American Hierarchy when facing an election between one candidate that supports killing babies as they are being born and one who opposes it? 

Venerable Fulton Sheen, pray for us 

Saturday 28 March 2020

Coronavirus has exposed the decadence of the Church in the West

God writes straight with crooked lines. Every crisis exposes each man for who he really is. The curtain is drawn. The spotlight shines in the dark exposing every secret. 

God draws good out of evil, and some good is coming from Corona: exposing our western world, but even more (for the fish rots from the head down), the churchmen in their corruption, effeminacy, and materialism. It has exposed the false "christ" so many of us worship. Behind even pious sounding words is a fake "christ", romanticized, plastic, without the Cross, without suffering, without sacrifice. 

This "christ" is reflected in what is called "religion". Sentimental, theatrical, weak, full of "cheap moralizations", as Bishop Sheen said. 

Marx was, in a sense, correct that "religion is the opium of the people", if it be understood that "religion" is (as it is for so many of us) a psychological crutch: a type of feel good narcotic. For Corona has drawn back the curtain to expose that for many, religion is precisely that: an intoxication focused on self, the world, false ideologies  and saviours. As a result, there is the perversion of the Faith so that it is no longer that of Jesus Christ, but an act of self-worship. Each man becomes a "god". 

The West threw away the Cross decades ago: we now see the results when the coronavirus turned up. 

Corona has exposed so many of us as a materialist. Really a  type of communist without Party affiliation or a working knowledge of Das Capital, but holding bonds, equity, and dividends, with faith in an earthly messianism. Bt it is all there: materialism, messianism, and historicism.  

Let us break with our ideologies! Return to Christ, in Him is our ONLY salvation!

It is NOT in communism, socialism, materialism, globalism, zionism, naturalism (liberalism), capitalism, protestantism, democratism, or any other evil messianic ideology that is against Our Lord Jesus Christ. 

We must repent. We must return to Jesus Christ, whom ALONE is the Source of Life. 

Let us watch this carefully. Meditate on it. Reflect on our lives. Consider how far our world has fallen since this holy man spoke these words. 

Friday 27 March 2020


John Hopkins University

Science is conducted with both inductive and deductive reasoning. It is skeptical, and changes, as new evidence is discovered. Following the evidence, enables rational decision making and planning. 

I stress: a short, but energetic period involving social distancing, community surveillance, and proactive testing is necessary to lessen the spread of infection, and mitigate the initial (which will be the largest) cohort of coronavirus related illnesses. Suppression (efforts to keep the Ro at, or below 1) and mitigation (the use of antivirals etc., to reduce the impact of the epidemic) are the two main weapons to fight the virus. 

The Financial Times reports: 
Modelling a scenario similar to the new measures — including social distancing of the whole population, home isolation of cases and household quarantine of their families — might bring total deaths down to about 20,000 if they were observed strictly, said Azra Ghani, a member of the Imperial team.

Extrapolating those number means: 100,000+ (USA), 11,500+ (Canada).  

As data comes in from reliable sources we will be able to make reasoned decisions. Nothing remains static. It is a question of facts, not feelings

From: Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report.  

University of Oxford and John Hopkins provide detailed information. They are excellent resources, updated regularly, as data comes in.  

Stabat Mater Dolorosa

BREAKING: The Toronto Oratory has begun live streaming Mass

Parishioners of St. Vincent de Paul and Holy Family Church can now view daily Mass live streamed online by the Toronto Oratory. Masses will be streamed in both the Traditional Roman Rite and the Novus Ordo Rite. 

The vast majority of us are now beginning to realize what it feels like to be locked out of our churches. Please understand that there are Catholics who live "locked out" for years on end. Shut ins, those with physical disabilities, those in LTC., etc. The vast majority never get to see a live streamed Mass from their parish. And one's own parish is EXTREMELY IMPORTANT

Perhaps one blessing from this, is that every parish will henceforth continue live streaming Mass for the sick and shut in. 

Let us begin to think about the vulnerable and disabled who are all around us if we just took the time to look. These suffering people have been blocked out by most of us from our lives as if they did not exist. They do, and they suffer greatly. As we now suffer, perhaps we can appreciate - just a little bit - how much more they suffer, who have to live in isolation and abandonment, year after year.

Thursday 26 March 2020

ARCHBISHOP LENGA ~ Defender of the Faith on the Coronavirus

His Grace, Archbishop Jan Pawel Lenga speaks to us about the boarding up of our churches across most of the world (especially in the degenerate west) by the men who should be our pastors. 

The Archbishop, using Catholic common sense, steers a clear course between the rocks of virus-extremism and virus-denial.

Wednesday 25 March 2020

There is no need to Panic over Coronavirus ~ but there is need to shift public health to protect the vulnerable

Ora et Labora. Life goes on. 

I like to follow statistics. For new readers I have taken doctoral levels courses in statistics, so I know a little bit about them, and how to read them. Data informs statistics and the more data we have, the more reliable statistics become. 

We need to be concerned, vigilant, and proactive. But this is NOT the Black Death.  

The key to understanding the trajectory of the coronavirus is to study reliable data coming from countries such as Italy and Germany. 

It is important to consider the influence of pre-existing conditions and comorbidities. (I should note that this morning I heard that obesity has just been very recently added as a known comorbidity). As with any coronavirus, the state of each person's immune system is also factor; those who are asymptomatic or develop only very minor symptoms. 

The following is data released March 20, 2020 from Italy based on 481/3200 dying patients:

Mean number of diseases 2.7 (media 2, SD (Standard Deviation) 1.6)

0 comorbidities: 1.2%
1 comorbidity 23.5%
2 comorbidites 26.6%
3 + comorbidities 48.6%

So how many may die? That is the question. The Infection Fatality Rate (IFR) is the way to calculate it.

The IFR is extremely important and differs from the Case Fatality Rate (CFR). The former reflects a calculation on ALL those who have been detected and undetected (including a substantial number who are asymptomatic). Based on calculations from Germany we have the following results for fatality amongst those infected: 
Therefore, to estimate the IFR, we used the estimate from Germany’s current data 22nd March (93 deaths 23129) cases); CFR 0.40% (95% CI, 0.33% to 0.49%) and halved this for the IFR of 0.20% (95% CI, 0.17% to 0.25%) based on the assumption that half the cases go undetected by testing and none of this group dies.
We can now use the German number to calculate a approximate IFR for Canada and the USA, IF rigorous social distancing is undertaken, and IF we have increased proactive testing, surveillance, and strict regional zone lockdowns (e.g. NO one is allowed to leave NYC). Otherwise hotspots will keep breaking out. 

I have read estimates that in the United States 150 million will be at one time infected. I am going to increase that to 200 million (60%). For Canada it equals 22.8 million. For Britain it is 39 million. 

The IFR for the USA is: 400,000
The IFR for Canada is: 45,600
The IFR for the United Kingdom : 78,000

The BAD news is that given the lack of data, the above EXCLUDES those who have a comorbidity. The "good" news is that with experimentation with antivirals, prophylactic interventions, and potential vaccines coming next year, the numbers will come down. 

The first wave we are presently seeing is the worst since there were no measures in place to mitigate transmission. We now know that coronavirus was being widely spread in January all over Europe and North America. Based on this it is has been estimated that at least 50% of the population may be asymptomatic. After the initial lockdown which should flatten the curve, medical services and supplies can then be freed up to care for a steady stream but more predictable stream of sick patients.  

Late April, early May (at the very latest) will be the time for us to get back to work, to life. Measures should be in place by then to protect the vulnerable. Those persons who are in the above categories will have to make serious changes in their lives. 

Tuesday 24 March 2020

BREAKING: Archdiocese of Toronto CLOSES all churches ~ but booze and drug sales go on as "essential services"!



Ontario's Liquor and Wine Stores remain OPEN (LCBO) 

The Beer Store remains OPEN

Marijuana Stores remain OPEN

The sale of alcohol and drugs has been deemed an essential service by the Ontario government. This action is NOT based on science and reason, but on money. It's all about the tax dollars that are rolling in from the alcohol and drugs

The solution for alcoholics who can have serious withdrawal symptoms is simple: alcohol could be dispensed by an addictions specialist at designated locations under medical supervision. It's better for them, and it is safer for us.

And keeping open POT SHOPS?! Are they mad? What possibly could go wrong with that? 

The Toronto Public Health is an absolute disgrace. Alcohol has sugar content, and lowers the immune system, besides affecting judgment. Beer Stores are notoriously unsanitary at the best of times.

Keeping open the Beer Store, when beer is available at the LCBO defies all logic, and exposes the insatiable lust for tax dollars. Readers from outside Ontario need to be aware that Ontario alcohol is marked up about 30% plus over market rates due to the State and corporate beer monopoly.  

I shall share with you my experiences of visiting my parish. 

Yesterday I was in my parish and there was one lady praying about 50-60 feet away from me, then another lady entered. She must have been about 30 feet away. She left, then I left, leaving only one parishioner. On Sunday when I went in the morning, there were two people just leaving, and upon entrance, two more praying. Other times I have been alone, or perhaps one other person. 

So there we have it: there, my friends, is this great danger in our churches causing them to be immediately boarded up.

I would be interested to hear from other readers experiences in their parishes. 

This is not science. 

This is not even foolishness. 

This is denying our Faith is essential.

Cardinal Collins please keep our Churches open! 

UPATE: [2020-03-28 9:35 AM] Upon further investigation, I have confirmed that Premier Doug Ford DID ordered churches closed via his Provincial Chief Medical Officer of Health, David Williams, who decreed: 

I am further advising Ontarians to avoid large gatherings of over 50 people. In addition, I am specifically requesting the closure of the following settings as soon as possible:

  • All recreational programs and libraries
  • All private schools
  • All daycares
  • All churches and other faith settings

The directive seems to on the one hand advise against groups of 50+, but "specifically request" the closure of (e.g.) churches. Logically, this would imply that Williams believes that the "following settings" far exceed gatherings over 50. Or otherwise, why would he issue it? Be that as it may, Williams and Ford still believe that "enhanced measures" to protect Ontarians DOES NOT extend to liquor, beer, and pot shops. Hence this is an ideological closure, not scientific. 

Unlike Premier Legault who was straightforward and honest: who ORDERED churches closed, Ford used a "request". But it was backed up by the police. They raided the SSPX here in Toronto. I confirmed this with a phone call to the parish. 

What can then be said of Cardinal Collins? Why did he not telephone the Premier and inform him that Catholic churches remaining open would not be places of large gatherings, but only places of individual prayer, watched over carefully by each parish priest? This problem could have easily been solved. A quick phone call would have clarified what Catholics do, and that an open church is a far less dangerous place than a liquor or beer store, or a pot shop. 

Why not (e.g.) keep a number of large churches open, with designated hours, and sign ups for Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament, that this pestilence pass? Each church would have a couple of ushers to maintain order etc. Even my local carpet shop is open: a sign clearly states "please do not enter if more than 2 customers are in the store".  

We can only say that God has permitted this great tragedy to befall Toronto Catholics. Perhaps we should look in the mirror too, before we are overly harsh on our weak, cowardly Cardinal. 

How many Catholics in Toronto have had abortions? How many use contraception? How many violate any of the Ten Commandments in a serious way? (And this definitely includes the sinful behaviour of Catholics on social media). We have the Cardinal we deserve. Let us pray to be scourged out of our complacency and laziness and have a Cupich "plus" replace the Archbishop within a few years. Then Catholics will begin to understand the price you pay for blindness and a lack of zeal for the Faith.  

For your information: 

The Cardinal of Toronto has sent the following Letter on Tuesday, 24, 2020, to every pastor in Toronto: 

Dear Father,
In order to assist in limiting the spread of the COVID-19 virus, we have already cancelled the public celebration of the sacraments, including the Eucharist. In view of the increased restrictions on public activity, I am now asking you to close your church and any chapel, even for individual prayer, effective immediately.
As of 11:59 p.m. Tuesday evening, parish offices should be closed to the public. Please make every effort to arrange for remote working arrangements for either the parish secretary or a parishioner who has the capacity to help organize and communicate with the faithful and to reach out to those isolated.

In Christ,

Thomas Cardinal Collins, Archbishop of Toronto

For information on making a Spiritual Communion: https://oratory-toronto.org/making-a-spiritual-communion/

For information on making a Perfect Act of Contrition - which is allowed by the Church in serious times: https://www.americaneedsfatima.org/Conversions/how-to-make-an-act-of-perfect-contrition.html

Corona Catholics are clashing with Gnostic Catholics ~ the bitter fruit of the Spirit of Rebellion

For a number of years, Catholics have been engaging in the spirit of rebellion, engaging in de facto a schismatic spirit, some even flirting in their hearts with the sprit of sedevacantism. I have spoken out against this danger several times over the past year or so. I have warned Catholics, indeed myself first, that we must stay united to the Church and the Pope. That means Pope  Francis. 

Some of you are already beginning to feel uneasy as you read this, some perhaps even a rage in your heart. Why? Please consider this: (though you may deny it) do YOU hate the Pope? If so, you DO HAVE the spirit of rebellion in you. Rebellion is of Satan. But there are other indicators of rebellion and sin. 

Perhaps you do not yet see your contradiction. For years many of you have encouraged this spirit of rebellion, even partook, perhaps are continuing to partake. But I want you to know that rebellion has consequences. Despising authority has consequences. Some of you have inflamed the passions of the gullible, the ignorant, the confused. If you have done so, you are guilty of sin. You have been endangering souls, perhaps setting the match that may help send someone to Hell. Do you believe? Do you REALLY believe? Think about the consequences of inducing someone into sin and sending them to Hell because they broke with the visible, hierarchical Church.
Rebellion is Contagious

We now see the consequences of this rebellious spirit against legitimate Authority in what I shall call the "Gnostic Catholics" rejecting the authority of the State, and, as a consequence clashing with former allies in rebellion, now known as "Corona Catholics".

Perhaps this crisis will awaken "Corona Catholics" to their errors, and they shall amend their lives. Perhaps illness will awaken "Gnostic Catholics" to their senses? Perhaps both sides can learn humility, submit to legitimate Authority, and become Catholics again, amending their social media presence (much of it riddled with sin). Time will tell. It is question of confronting and admitting pride. The prideful will not concede they are in error and continue on their sinful way, going from bad to worse.

The Cesspool that is Social Media feeds the Flames of Rebellion

I DO know what is going on on social media, I DO know what is happening on Twitter. I keep my counsel, but believe me, I know much, much more than you could ever realize. Friends, it is NOT good. I have seen "Catholics" bandy about blasphemy, profanity, rage and hate on Twitter. What kind of example do these rebellious, sinful Catholics set for the man of goodwill who is searching for the truth, which is Jesus Christ?

I want you to ask yourself this question: if a nonbeliever was searching for the one, true religion, would he or she find on your social media a place of edification and godliness? Or would our visitor find anger, hate, rage, bitterness. Perhaps even worse? Could you show your blog, Facebook page, or Twitter feed to the Blessed Virgin? If you answer "no" to any of these questions, get to Confession, erase those tweets and posts, and amend your life. 

The Rise of the Corona and Gnostic Catholic

Over the past week, what I have seen emerging is a "schism" between rebels. Once only against the Spiritual Authority, these rebels have split into two camps over the issue of how to deal with the coronavirus, vis-a-vis the State Authority. The "Corona Catholics" have finally come to their senses and understand that there is such a thing as a "legitimate authority": The State. 

The Sinful Enabler of Rebellion

Have you, "Corona Catholic" been enabling rebels? Have you been engaging in the spirit of schism? Have you (with NO authority) been going around telling people that the Pope is not the Pope, yet YOU expect people to believe and follow you in your submission to State Authority? If you can rebel against the legitimate Church authorities, despising Jesus Christ in the process (your protestations to the contrary notwithstanding), why cannot "Gnostic Catholics" do the same regarding coronavirus? Of course they can! Those of you who have been engaging in rebellion are material accessories to "Gnostic Catholics" rebellion against State Authority. They were given an audience, praised, flattered, encouraged. And now? You reap what you sow. 

How tragic it is to have to remind readers that St. Paul in his epistle to the Romans warned the faithful about sinning (Rm 13; 1-7) if they did not obey the legitimate orders from the State? In other words, the Roman Empire (evil as it was) did receive authority from God. This applies under our masonic governments (evil as they are). Even under a Nazi or Communist government it applied or applies. Get that in your head. If the Communist State authority orders that all cars are to be right hand drive, and the speed limit such and such - they HAVE the authority from God to do so. If the communist (or Nazi) authorities after careful examination of the scientific facts of a disease order citizens to take certain precautionary actions, citizens must obey, under penalty of sin. I know many of you do not like reading this, but this is Catholic teaching. 

What the State does NOT have is the authority to command us to violate God's natural and moral Law. 

The Plague of Naturalism has infected Minds

Now people living in a society imbued with protestantism and naturalism have a great difficulty understanding obedience to legitimate Authority. Catholics in American need to be reminded that the United States was founded on masonic principles, and rebellion. It is NOT the hope of mankind: Jesus Christ is, stop blaspheming! Sometimes it can be difficult to be patriot and yet disentangle from the naturalistic principles that are the foundations of America, but it must be done by those who follow Jesus Christ. My country right or wrong, is absolutely NOT Catholic. 

Since those fateful years of 1776 and 1789, nation after nation have fallen into naturalism. The Americans, inheriting British common sense, attempted a "conservative" version of masonic rebellion, but after 200 years, with the cultural breakdown of the United States, British common sense is in short supply, not to mention Christianity is all but dead. Let's be realistic, and not fools in denial. 

The "Corona Catholic" then, when faced with the REALITY (and of course modern man loves science, engineering, ah yes! we can believe that!) of coronavirus, reverses his or her inclination to rebellion against legitimate Authority and obeys the State. Because the "Corona Catholic" is inconsistent and illogical, he or she can become confused when the "Gnostic Catholic" refuses to obey the State and carries the spirit of rebellion against the Spiritual Authority over against the State Authority. 

Corona and Gnostic Catholics are BOTH Modernists Rebels

The "Corona Catholic" is the modern man, he takes science seriously, but religion is more a matter of emotion. He claims to be orthodox, perhaps even traditional. For him 2 plus 2 is four, he no longer claims to be the expert in all things, and submits to science. But in spiritual matters, he decides. He is a doctor of theology and philosophy, but draws the line at epidemiology and virology. He is the man who "feels" the Pope is not the Pope; and so he emotes, rejecting the legitimate authority of the Church. Modern men are walking contradictions (they may believe and justify spiritual rebellion, but not civil rebellion, based on "science"). The "Corona Catholic" is the doctrinal modernist, a type of high church protestant, where religion is reduced to a materialistic form of party politics. 

The "Gnostic Catholic" on the other hand is the superstitious man, who dabbles in spiritualism and civil anarchy. For him 2 plus 2 is four, or five, or 27. He rejects science, or, goes to opposite extreme and proclaims himself an epidemiologist and virologist. He attacks the "Corona Catholic", who was his ally not a few weeks ago when both as experts in theology and philosophy, were deciding who was and who was not Catholic, including the Pope. Having branched off into other areas of expertise, naturally, he is perturbed that the "Corona Catholic" is inconsistent and no longer wishes to play the epidemiologist. The "Gnostic Catholic" is the social modernist, a type of low church puritan and fideist, where religion is for the elite, the initiated into secret knowledge.

Are YOU a "Corona Catholic" or "Gnostic Catholic"? 

You know deep inside of you if you are infected with either of these diseases. Some of you - thank God - are not infected, or, if you have been, you have sought treatment for your disease from Jesus Christ. 

Unlike coronavirus, these two spiritual diseases are fatal. 

Some of you are gravely ill with one of these two horrible spiritual infections. You need immediate help. Without Confession, repentance, and change of life they will possibly lead you to Hell, daily Mass and rattling off the Rosary etc. notwithstanding. 

Don't be fooled by your pride, nor anyone telling you lies to say that you are not sick. You are: get help. 

Get help now from Jesus Christ the Divine Physician. 


The Spiritual Consequences of Rebellion

We must love the Church, love the Pope, pray for the Pope, especially for any Pope who may have gone out of his Catholic mind! The words of Our Lord to St. Peter: "Simon, Simon do you love me", also apply to us. Do we love Him? Do we really love Him? Do we love Him enough to trust Him and remain in His One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church? When churchmen like Cardinal Burke, Archbishop Lenga and others speak, they do so out of love for the Pope, that he affirm the Faithful in Christ's unchangeable Teachings. It is to follow St. Paul when he challenged St. Peter regarding the very first "ecumenical" error of the Judaizers. Interestingly this grave evil has returned in the form of the diabolical Darbyite heresy amongst the so-called American "evangelicals" (whom it has virtually corrupted into a non-Christian cult) and now incredibly afflicts more and more "Catholics". It is incredible, but understandable,  how easily heresy spreads - even faster than coronvavirus. 

The Activity of Satan in causing Confusion

Satan is also very active in the world. He loves dissension, confusion and hatred. There is a diabolical temptation to anger, rage, quarreling, private judgment etc. St. Paul warned us, all these come from the Evil One. None of this will reform the Church, but on the contrary, only add to the destruction, and loss of souls. If the Pope does or says something crazy, turn to prayer, to penance. Do not follow him into error, but also do not rage, do not lead others into confusion. Christ is in control of His Church! It is His Church, and not the Pope's. But it is also not my Church or yours. It is His. Let us NOT forget that. Too many of us have. A year or so ago I too, was beginning to forget that, but not anymore!

Christ is the Head of the Church

It is de fide, that Christ is the Head of the Church. One of the greatest temptations is to abandon the Church because of our revulsion that She has been betrayed into the hands of sinful men. But that would be a catastrophic error. We can choose: will we be like the daughters of Jerusalem, the women at the Cross, or will we run and hide like the Apostles? Or, far worse, will we betray Our Lord and join with Judas to sell out the Church to Caiaphas and other evil men who proclaim daily, "he will not reign over us"? 

To leave the Catholic Church (and if you reject the Pope, you have in your heart left the Church) because bad men control the Hierarchy is pathetic. Did the holy women walk away from the foot of the Cross? 

Our Weapon is Prayer

 Have you visited the Blessed Sacrament? Have you made a good examination of conscience? Have you prayed the Rosary? Have you forgiven your "enemies", those who may have mocked you for staying faithful to Christ's Church? Do you love the Pope? You may not like him but you are commanded by the Law of Christ to love him. 

If you have hate in your heart, you have Satan there. 

The first step in ending the madness in the Church and the world is that each one of us, in humility recognize our sins, make a good confession, a firm purpose of amendment, and strive to lead holy lives. It means seeking out a priest to whom we regularly make a good confession. 

The Absolute Need for a Spiritual Director

We need to have a spiritual director, who can act as a guide in these tumultuous times. A spiritual director can provide the necessary brake on our natural inclination to pride. The refusal to have a spiritual director, someone whom we obey, is a sure sign of spiritual pride which will only have sad consequences. Critically, the spiritual director can provide essential guidance on how to act and react to the crisis in the Church, so that if and when scandals and heresies arise, we will be guided through the minefield and not be scattered to the winds, with the very heretics we wish to avoid. The Catholic Church functions on Authority  (there is that word again!), thus we expose ourselves to the grave danger of private judgment without spiritual direction. 

We may also need to make practical reforms in our lives which are leading us, and others into sin. For example, we may have to  give up, change the direction, and/or greatly reduce our social media activity, if our confessor sees it as an impediment to growing in holiness. 

If we cannot reform ourselves, we can hardly reform the Church, even less can we call for reform without being convicted of hypocrisy. 

Let us do penance, let us pray, let us serve others in our lives, and let us leave the rest to the Holy Spirit. For it is the Holy Spirit who is the True Reformer. May the words of St. Paul be our guide:

"I have fought the good fight, I have finished the race, I have kept the faith" 
2 Timothy 4:7