Thursday, 26 March 2020

ARCHBISHOP LENGA ~ Defender of the Faith on the Coronavirus

His Grace, Archbishop Jan Pawel Lenga speaks to us about the boarding up of our churches across most of the world (especially in the degenerate west) by the men who should be our pastors. 

The Archbishop, using Catholic common sense, steers a clear course between the rocks of virus-extremism and virus-denial.

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John Haggerty said...

As ever, I wish I could understand what Cardinal Lenga is saying.

Two online pieces I thought you would like to read, Barona.

*Were Masses cancelled because of Spanish flu?*
Catholic Answers Forum. March 2020.

*Pandemic Readiness: A Plan for Catholic Parishes.*
Catholic Health Association of the United States.
November-December 2009.

This pandemic preparation model dated 2009 was formulated by health care experts in the USA with churches in mind.

The plan is described as *a systematic, scalable methodology that empowers communities to respond effectively, expeditiously and pro-actively* to any imminent infectious disease threat.

The virologists saw this coming. Indeed I watched a BBC documentary about ten years ago on scientists around the world working to prevent another influenza outbreak like the one that followed the Armistice of 1918.

A pity successive British governments had no preparation plan for coronavirus in spite of the so-called Cobra bullshit they keep telling us about.

George Galloway on YouTube points out that doctors and nurses in London hospitals, treating patients with Covid-19, have no face-masks or not nearly enough of them. Our politicians couldn't even get that right.

In Scotland we have about 14 ventilation masks (breathing apparatus) for every 100 patients. We stopped manufacturing these due to public funding cuts. A young woman doctor interviewed by BBC News was in tears as she described her dying patients, choking for breath.

We feel very let down by our politicians. Theresa May as Home Secretary halved the number of police on our streets, making many good people redundant, the most stupid action of any Home Secretary in my 69 years.

So without troops it will be impossible to break up mass gatherings or stop rioting and looting. We never see a policeman at the best of times thanks to incompetent Theresa!

Now Boris Johnson and the Health Minister have tested positive for the virus. They can spend their recovery thinking how much they have put us all at risk due to years of cutbacks and the stealthy privatisation of our great National Health Service.

We also have many homeless people and beggars.

For over 10 years we have had food banks in supermarkets for the very poor who can't afford basic provisions for their children and themselves.

Many workers are on zero-contracts not knowing how much they will earn from week to week. Theresa May and Boris Johnson refused to end this injustice.

Now stuck at home we are watching Italy and Queens (New York) on our TV screens, thinking that we will be next.

Tony Blair squandered billions on an illegal war which left 100,000 civilians dead.

But Blair left us with no plan for dealing with the real weapons of mass destruction ... a killer virus which destroys the lungs and brings any healthcare system (even New York's) to breaking point.