Sunday 29 November 2020

Cardinal Collins fears Catholics will be accused of "...standing in the way of protecting the community..." by City of Toronto apparatchiks

 Back in June, Cardinal Collins lamented that if he did not obey the Toronto public health authorities they would forbid the Sacraments, and outright ban the Mass.

A week ago, these same authorities who demanded our churches be closed in March, illegally banned singing, and, far worse, banned Holy Communion on the tongue. These same authorities who now declared that - irrespective of the size of the house of worship - no more than 50 could attend; to then within 24 hours, reduce the number to a mere 10. They were backed up by Gauleiter Doug Ford, who with the stroke of a pen, can overrule them.

So it sadly is, that Cardinal Collins continues to take the knee to these authorities; "leaders" (in reality mis-leaders), as he calls them, and worries that he might have to take "proactive" action to show to these people that the Catholic Church cares for the common good! Imagine trying to discuss the common good with people who openly and aggressively promote abortion as "essential", yet claim to be imposing lock downs to protect the sanctity of life. They certainly don't lie very well, do they? 

Let us now examine two examples of how these people really care about human life, promote the "common good": 


Or this: 


Now that we have reviewed the type of warped minds the Cardinal is dealing with, let us watch the following video of a Webinar dated November 13.

Note how the Cardinal is torn and paralyzed with seeming fear of these people; how he agonizes, knowing the Catholic Church is being threatened and intimidated to such a degree that he has had to "argue" with these apparatchiks that the Church does indeed protect the community. The hypocritical audacity of such caluminators! How dare they threaten the Catholic Church! It is time this outrage ends! 

Once again we appeal to His Eminence: 

Dear Cardinal Collins, we WILL support you! We will stand with you! Do NOT fear these evil people. You know they hold to an atheistic conception of man, denying the Divine. 

You have in the past undertaken charitable work in the ecumenical field: pick up the phone, call the local Orthodox Prelates, telephone separated brethren, Jews, Moslems, and others of good will. Get together and go to Court to demand our rights. Be like your brother, Cardinal Dolan of New York, who together with a group of Jews went to Court and defeated the thuggish Gauleiter Andrew Cuomo.

First Sunday of Advent - LIVE (Mater Ecclesiae Parish)

Sunday 22 November 2020

The Province of Ontario's naked aggression towards Religion MUST be opposed!



If we can hold Cardinal Collins' feet to the fire, we must do likewise with Premier Doug Ford's.

He, as Premier enacted this outrage. The proverbial "buck" stops on his desk. He could have told his so-called public health advisors a strong "NO"! But he did not. He cannot escape his responsibility as Premier to allow this intolerable intrusion which is not based on science, but on scientism. No doubt, like Cardinal Collins he is besieged by the downtown elite and secular media. However, this is still no excuse. If we can hold the Cardinal to account, we must likewise hold the Premier.

To relegate religious services to "social gatherings" is outrageous. This IS the State intervening, violating Charter Rights (2a,c, & d), whereby the State sets itself up as the judge and jury as to what constitutes a "religious service". I find this absolutely disgusting.

I am horrified by the silence, the pandering, the excusing of the State by so-called Catholics. In France Catholics are standing up; but Catholics in Canada? Lemmings, sheep. Yesterday, I noticed a local liquor store had a sign of "30" for capacity; a large grocery store "190".  

Watch the following to learn that we are being seriously misled by either fools, cowards, or charlatans. 



This very video was removed immediately by the Youtube. Hence, I have uploaded directly to this post.   


In churches (the last time I checked) the congregants sit, stand, and kneel, and if they do move, it is in an orderly fashion. As such, we know what the shutting down of religion is a MASSIVE POWER GRAB and OUTRAGEOUS violation of our rights. It IS the delegation of religion to second class citizenship. It is the manifestation of the utter contempt for the Divine from people who are corrupt apparatchniks; busy pushing "glory holes", whilst boarding up your local church, synagogue, mosque or temple. Friends, we are in this together. We had better start getting serious. 


Doug Ford: do NOT place your trust in princes

What should have Cardinal Collins done? Simple: "See you in Court Monday morning, Doug Ford".

In fact, we all knew this was coming. We all knew a second lock down was in the cards (and we all knew it would arrive just before Christmas). If we knew it, they knew it. Cardinal Collins should have approached - MONTHS AGO - other religious bodies: Eastern Orthodox, protestants, Jews, and Moslems to form an alliance and prepare for litigation. In this manner he also would have circumvented the hate and rage from the elites and media denouncing the Catholic Church as "killing people; as being "nasty". They would have known this line of attack would have been impossible lest they be accused of what is popularly known as "antisemitism" and "Islamophobia".

These churchmen have got to begin thinking tactically and inventively. Alas, they are trapped in their LIBERAL DREAM that all men are nice, all men love the Catholic Church, and love Our Lord Jesus Christ.

Unfortunately Our Lord Jesus Christ has real enemies who hate Him and His Church. They are on the offensive, and we had better wake up to this bitter fact. 

To put this hysteria into perspective, if we believe the official numbers (remember that those who die WITH Covid and NOT from Covid, are in many jurisdictions deceptively still deemed a Covid death), 1.3 million have presently died from Covid. The death toll from the Spanish flu is estimated at 50 million. If we adjust for the change in the world's population, that would mean that Covid deaths need to exceed 200 million deaths to equal the Spanish flu.