Friday, 30 September 2022

The twelve TCDSB Trustees you need to support


Toronto Catholic Witness received the following via e-mail from a Campaign Life Coalition supporter. Please support your local school Trustee however you can in the upcoming Municipal Election. While we admit it won't solve everything right away, we are of the view it will be a small step in the right direction. A slow cure is better than a fast one. Thank you for your kindness and generosity. 

CLC is endorsing a full slate of trustee candidates running in all 12 Toronto Catholic District School Board (TCDSB) Wards in the October 24th Municipal Elections!

Some of these 12 candidates are incumbent trustees who are seeking re-election.

Others are new candidates vying to replace morally corrupted trustees who have run the TCDSB into the ground by embracing the anti-Christian LGBTQ+ agenda.

Below is a listing of all 12 of these courageous, faithful Catholic trustee candidates. Please find the one who is running in your Ward and get involved by supporting their campaign!

NOTE: If you currently direct your taxes to the separate school system, you can vote directly for the candidate running in your Ward.

If you designate your taxes to the public secular system, you can still take lawn signsvolunteer, and make donations to these candidates, and promote them to your Catholic friends in their respective Wards.

Public school ratepayers just won't be able to vote for these candidates at election time.

Support our TCDSB Trustee Candidates

Note: For Interac e-Transfer donations, include your full address for accounting purposes.


1. Take a Lawn SignClick here
2. VolunteerClick here 
3. Donate: Send an Interac e-Transfer to or mail cheque, payable to "Robert Pella Campaign", to: 906 - 61 Markbrook Lane, Toronto, ON  M9V 5E7

MAZARAKIS_Gabriella_from_her_Website_For_NaBu.jpgTCDSB WARD 02
1. Take a Lawn SignClick here
2. VolunteerClick here
3. DonateOn her websiteor Send an Interac e-Transfer to gabriella4ward2@gmail.comor on gofundmeor mail cheque, payable to "Gabriella Mazarakis", to: 25 Neiltree Court, Toronto, ON  M9C 5C3
RODRIGUEZ_Gregory_NaBu_caption.jpgTCDSB WARD 03
1. Take a Lawn SignClick here
2. VolunteerClick here
3. Donate: Visit Gregory's website here and click on the "Donate" button at top-right.
LUBINSKI_Teresa_NaBu_caption.jpgTCDSB WARD 04
1. Take a Lawn SignClick here
2. VolunteerClick here
3. Donate: By clicking here.
1. Take a Lawn SignClick here
2. VolunteerClick here
CHAMPAGNE_Michael_NaBu_caption_2.jpgTCDSB WARD 06
1. Take a Lawn SignClick here
2. VolunteerClick here
3. Donate: Send an Interac e-Transfer to
DEL_GRANDE_Mike_NaBu_caption.jpgTCDSB WARD 07

1. VolunteerClick here
TANUAN_Garry_NaBu_caption.jpgTCDSB WARD 08
1. Take a Lawn SignClick here
2. VolunteerClick here
3. Donate: Send an Interac e-Transfer to
1. VolunteerClick here


1. Take a Lawn Sign: email her at
2. VolunteerClick here
3. Donate: Send an Interac e-Transfer to

DINOVA_Celine_NaBu_caption.jpgTCDSB WARD 11
1.Take a Lawn Sign: email her at
2. VolunteerClick here
3. Donate: Send an Interac e-Transfer to
CRAWFORD_Nancy_NaBu_caption.jpgTCDSB WARD 12

1. VolunteerClick here


Let us thank the Lord for his Providence in inspiring these devoted Catholics to step forth in defending the Christian faith in the school board created to promote and protect it: the Toronto Catholic District School Board!

Thanks, and God bless.

Jeff Gunnarson
National President
Campaign Life Coalition

P.S. If you want to double-check which school system you're currently designated to vote for, or to change the school system, visit this government-run website here.

Monday, 12 September 2022

Please support the re-election of Ward 4, TCDSB Trustee, Teresa Lubinski!

Mrs. Teresa Lubinski, TCDSB Ward 4 School Trustee

Toronto Catholic Witness received the following via e-mail. Long-time readers will recognize Mrs. Lubinski's name from her chronicled track record of defending Catholic teaching in the Toronto Catholic District School Board (TCDSB). In 2019, she was one of the four (out of 12!) Trustees who opposed the inclusion of gender ideology into the TCDSB's Human Rights Code

Mrs. Lubinski is currently up for re-election as School Trustee. She represents Ward 4, which covers Etobicoke-Lakeshore and Parkdale-High Park. She is an outstanding lady and is deserving of your support. If you live within Ward 4, please read on to find several different ways to directly support her re-election. Thank you for your kindness and generosity.

Your support is needed to get Teresa Lubinski re-elected as Toronto Catholic School Board trustee in Ward 4, Etobicoke Lakeshore and Parkdale-High Park! She is up against two other candidates who are former trustees, but Teresa Lubinski is the only one who has a consistent record of voting for Catholic values.  We need to get her re-elected! 

Will you help us get her name out to all the 30,000 Catholic voters in Ward 4? Our goal is to get Teresa Lubinski's flyers to most of the Catholic voters by the Advance poll dates on October 7th-14th and to all of the voters by the election date on October 24th. We have less than 5 weeks to go! This is why we need your urgent help.

Please let her know if you are able to make a commitment to distribute flyers to homes, churches or schools by sending Teresa an e-mail.  

If you are not ready to commit to distributing flyers, you can still help by talking to friends, family, neighbours, fellow parishioners, and priests to vote, volunteer, or donate to her campaign.  The future of our children relies on your help protecting Catholic values in our schools. 

To Volunteer: Send an email to with your name and which neighbourhoods you can distribute flyers in.

To Donate: Click here

For Questions: Click here

Contact for Teresa Lubinski Campaign





No candidate can do it alone, so please consider assisting her in her campaign, in any way you can!

Thursday, 8 September 2022


Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II died today at Balmoral at the age of 96. May Our Lord Jesus Christ be merciful upon her soul. 


Thursday, 1 September 2022

"Come on out, come on out, there's going to be a war". Reflections on the Anniversary of World War 2

This day, 83 years ago, the forces of Satan crossed the Polish border and unleashed on the world a torrent of bloodshed. In the early hours of that fateful day, Nazi aircraft began to bomb Warsaw leading to the eventual occupation of that nation with co-conspirator, Soviet Russia. The Bolsheviks attacked Poland on the 17th, following the secret protocols in the vile Ribbentrop-Molotov Pact. In fact, Nazis had even been training in the Soviet Union in the late 1930s. The right and left hand of Satan met at the river San - the dividing line between the two totalitarian States. Eventually, due to far greater organization and international connections and assorted fellow travellers,  the communist empire would devour more than half of Europe and lead to its monstrous extension over the globe leading to such a death count, that even the fiendish Hitler would end up looking like a choir boy. 

 "Come on out, come on out, there's going to be  a war", were the words my mother recalled to me of her mother hurrying down to the ocean side as she played with my uncle at Southend on Sea. That fateful day was September 3rd, and Britain and France had just declared war on Germany. A few hundred miles away, in my father's country the forces of Satanic evil were busily at work, already bombing hospitals and murdering civilians. 

Stalin directing Hitler into a losing war 
The result for Poland was the virtual extermination of Poland's Jews - protected by King Kazimir the Great centuries earlier, when Jews were being hounded out of other European states. Nazi hatred for the Catholic Church too was on display with arrests and executions of priests. Mass was proscribed, with the sole Mass at the Wawel Cathedral under the eye of the Gestapo. It was in this environment that the great Archbishop Sapiecha would take on a seminarian named Karol Wojtyla. 

My father was a witness to Nazi brutality. Early during the war, he and my grandmother on a number of occasions would sneak food to the Jews of Przemysl and pass food through the wired off area where the Jews were kept, prior to deportation to the death camps. My father always remembered this, and he remembered to his horror seeing behind the wire a young teenage boy from his class in school. Eventually my father would be arrested in a "Lapanka" (or street catch) and sent to Germany for slave labour. He then ended up in Norway on an island doing tree cutting; transferred to a camp near the Swedish border, he and another teenager escaped up into the mountains and to freedom in Sweden. He always remembered seeing the German Army motorbikes travelling along the road far below looking for them. In fact, this escape was even more daring for two young men had tried it earlier and had been shot. From Stockholm he eventually he would end up in Scotland in the armed forces... from then, onto London where he met my very English mother (who left London and spent her war years in Llandudno, Wales) - and the rest is history. 

So, please pray for Poland that she may remain true to her ancient Faith.