Monday, 31 May 2021

Queen of Heaven

O Queen of Heaven, deign to intercede on our behalf, now and at the hour of our death. Truly, as the Archangel Gabriel greeted you, you are "full of grace!" (Luke 1:28)

Sunday, 30 May 2021

The battle for our souls is being fought, but the war has already been won


In recent days, I have noticed many Catholic personalities and journalists getting worked up over things that have happened in the past or are happening now. It is beginning to get a little tiring - and it is starting to sound like rumors, gossip, and temporal concerns have more traction in Catholics' lives than the words of the Saints, the lives of the Saints, Scripture, and the teachings of the Church.

The concerns of this world are passing, and we only have a comparatively short time to collect our eternal treasures here on Earth before bringing them to Our Lord's Face at our particular judgement.

Don't spend it following rumors, gossip, and other such transient matters. Yes, there is a battle going on, but there always will be: the question of whether the world or Our Lord Jesus Christ (Blessed be His Name) will preside over our souls is the battle. There is a time and place for the concerns of today, to be sure. But the war has already been won - on Calvary. Please don't forget that.

June is fast approaching, the month of the Sacred Heart and by extension the Precious Blood of Our Lord Jesus Christ (Blessed be His Name forever). May we take Bl. Pius IX's words to heart: Place on thy heart one drop of the Precious Blood of Jesus and fear nothing

Fear nothing. Not Pope Francis. Not your bishop. Not your secular government. Not rumors. Not gossip. The battle for our souls is being fought, but the war has already been won. Hope is always present, even if you need to cling on to it by the skin of your fingernails. It is just a matter of looking for it. Job's initial response to his tragedies is helpful here: "Then rose up Job and rent his garments; and he shaved his head bare, and fell down to earth to do reverence. Naked I came, said he, when I left my mother's womb, and whence I came, naked I must go. The Lord gave, the Lord has taken away; nothing here is befallen but was the Lord's will; blessed be the name of the Lord. In all this, Job guarded his lips well, nor challenged with human folly God's wisdom." (Job 1:20-22, R. Knox Bible)

As with Job, we may not understand why God allows certain things to happen. We are human. We question. We wonder. It is a natural response, given the transience of life. But Job's response here indicates hope and trust in the Lord, hope and trust that would be sorely tested in the coming days by Eliphaz, Baldad, and Sophar. With the help of God, Job overcame such trials.

We are asked to do the same.

Credit goes to Dymphna's Road for the image.

LIVE: Sung Latin Mass for Trinity Sunday

 For Catholics suffering under the oppressive and unjust regime of Doug Ford in Ontario, and gravely exacerbated by the de facto interdict imposed on the Mass by Cardinal Collins, we offer for your edification Holy Mass from Mater Ecclesiae Chapel from Berlin, NJ. It should be noted that New Jersey suffers under a far more "liberal" (or does it?) regime than "conservative" Ontario, and has had far greater deaths from Covid. Nonetheless, New Jersey churches have been open for months, with no ill effects. It should also be noted that even the liberal Cardinal Dolan of New York City went to court, and won regarding the reopening of churches, when pressed by a viciously anti-Christian regime under Cuomo and Blasio. 

Alas, it is 14 months and counting and Cardinal Collins has yet to make a stand for the Church outside of a 12 month too late email campaign that momentarily allowed churches to be reopened, but at oppressive rates well below the allowances on big box stores (including liquor stores). Sadly, the Ontario regime reversed its position, and dutifully Collins once again imposed an interdict on the public celebration of Mass. This is what happens when you take Caesar's money and sell yourself to him as a "priestitute". You will get raped. And so, the State is  now gang raping the Church, with the churchmen as mute onlookers, if not enablers.

Please join us in prayer to St. John Fisher that the Cardinal will break with the State, and not allow the once Church in Canada to become the Church of Canada. 



St. John Fisher, pray for us.

All ye holy martyrs of England and Wales pray for us 

Tuesday, 25 May 2021

Cardinal Collins is SILENT as pro-abortion and "LGBT" activist Cheri di Novo is invited to address Catholic schools

                            Cheri di Novo (right) at abortion rally

Are you aware that a militant pro-abortion, pro-sexual revolution, pro-"LGBT" activist will be addressing Catholic school employees this evening? Read on dear friends. 

This tragic year of 2021 has gone down in history as the official collapse of Catholic education in our "official" Catholic schools. Readers of this blog will be aware that on Friday, May 7 the Toronto Catholic District School Board (TCDSB) voted with a heavy plurality to enshrine the "LGBT" agenda in Catholic schools. Ironically this vote was passed during "Catholic Education Week". The dissenting trustees claim, on the one hand, to uphold Catholic morality (such as "we teach abstinence", "it is about bullying", "every child must be loved and accepted"). All those can be and should be taught because they belong to Catholic morality, properly understood. The huge problem is that it is NOT about the aforementioned claims, but about enshrining lifestyles (including the denial of sexuality, the family, the indissolubility of the Marriage bond etc.). 



 We must begin to ask just who are these trustees who obsess on sexual morality? We know, from her own admission, that Ida Li Preti informed her friends that her primary objective running as a trustee was to enshrine "LGBT" ideology in our Catholic schools. It should also be noted that Li Preti is a member of the Toronto Board of Health that oversees the pro-abortion policies and mastubatory "glory holes" policy of the "very virtuous" Toronto Public Health officials.

Or the seeming obsession of Markus di Dominico in his recent podcast about the "archaic" teachings of the Church; and, so he claims, the judgementalism of the Church regarding the divorced and what he calls "remarried". To the contrary, the Catholic Church, basing Herself on Jesus Christ calls this "adultery". Chesterton, using his dry wit, referred to the fantasy of the State having power over marriage above Christ as the "superstition of divorce". di Dominico has yet to explain himself what he means by "archaic" and "old teachings". Since Catholic Faith and morals cannot change what is he talking about?



So we have to ask ourselves where are these trustees coming from? Or some of these staff members who are obsessed with pushing the gay agenda on children? Why are they hell bent in trying to change what cannot be changed? Such as remarriage, accepting homosexuality, lesbianism, trans-sexuality, and a whole host of moral aberrations that run counter to the Divine Revelation? Could it be that some are themselves trapped in acting out on same-sex attraction, or are "remarried", or living in some other sinful relationship? Perhaps they have a close relative (perhaps a son, daughter etc.) who suffers from same-sex attraction or gender dysphoria and they are desperately trying to get the Catholic Church to changer Her mind and say "gay is good" or "remarriage is not adultery" to alleviate their pangs of conscience? 

The way out from sin is not to become hardened in it, but to to seek a wise confessor who can lead the sinner (and we all have sins myself included) back into a living relationship with God. Here we should recall the pastoral words of the late, saintly Monsignor Vincent Foy:

All can pray for homosexuals; we should never deviate from charity towards them while never condoning homosexual activity. We can give homosexuals the example of lives lived in chastity and goodness.
To all homosexuals we say: Peace, Hope, and Joy in your daily pursuit of chastity and holiness. God be with you! May you always keep in your hearts the words of St. Paul, “You are not called to immorality but to holiness.”

Therefore we pass to the opposite of what Mgr. Foy taught to that of hatred of Christ and His purity by the extremist pro-abortion and pro-"LGBT" activist Cheri di Novo. I had already reported on trustee Norm de Pasquale tweeting out his "congratulations" to this woman as a spiritual leader! How is this possible from someone who claims he has the Faith?


Everyday for Life, Canada, the other week carried a very disturbing report that following the passing of the perverse pro "LGBT" vote, di Novo was invited to give an address to TCDSB employees this evening, May 25. Will her words echo Mgr Foy, or will they be a repetition of her past words of promoting sexual revolution, the destruction of Christian morality, and with it, the demolition of the family? Only a truly perverse and degenerate mind could invite di Novo to further the corruption of Catholic education. 

And we now come to the proverbial elephant in the room: the SILENCE of Cardinal Collins. As I have expressed to friends, how is it possible that the Cardinal remain silent in the face of such evil that is coursing through the schools, and being hoisted on our innocent children and youth? Silence is NOT an option. Silence is a betrayal of innocent souls into the hands of sinful men and women.  


One final word - directly addressed to Cardinal Collins. 

Your Eminence, 

You knew Monsignor Foy. Indeed, you attended his funeral. You are aware that he was "voice in the wilderness" that preached the truth even when it was not popular to do so. I ask you to go deep inside yourself and think about what the Monsignor would tell you to do. Do you think he would tell you to sit in silence? To renege on your solemn obligation to defend the Faith, or defend the souls of innocent children (children whom the Gospels show Our Lord had a special love for?). 

You know very well that the Monsignor would tell you speak loudly, boldly, with truth and authority. He would tell you to use the Law of the Church to defend the innocent from evil doers. You yourself constantly denounce those who preach "false christs". Is not di Novo one of them? Are not those who invite her, encourage her?  Will not her poison be then distilled and poured into the souls of innocents? How can you in silence sit by and allow this?

Cardinal Collins follow your hero bishops: St. John Fisher and St. Francis de Sales. Pray to them -not only the saintly Monsignor - but to these great apostles. They would not be silent, and neither should you. The souls of children - entrusted to you as a bishop - are at stake. Be assured of my constant prayers for you.

Monday, 24 May 2021

Crisis, what crisis? The Archdiocese of Toronto in ruins

Usually on Victoria Day I note the late Monarch and Canada's links to the Motherland. Sadly, this day, we have far greater concerns, as we must gaze into the future, and not look to the past.  

The future of the Archdiocese of Toronto does not look bright. The impending financial disaster (the concern of the Chancery officials, the lawyers, the moneybags, and the adventurists) is but the result of a lack of Faith, a timidity before aggressive secularism, and the result of a decades long adulterous affair, now transitioning into gang rape of the Church in Canada by the secular authorities, with the tacit approval of the churchmen. 

Here in the Archdiocese the past year has precipitated a paradigm shift on two major fronts: both spelling "disaster". The first and worst catastrophe is the "LGBT" conquest of Catholic education in our schools. The transforming of the classroom into an ideological incubator where innocent children will be instructed in sinful lifestyles and acts that are condemned in Sacred Scripture. Indeed children are being "queered" already in our schools through the use of picture books written by "LGBT" activists with the intended purpose of "transformative queer world-making". The result will be, if not stopped, the effective destruction of the future generation of Catholics. NO Catholics, no church. 

The second is the surrender to the Absolutist State of when and how public worship is to be held, and far worse, the actual surrender of the Sacred Rites of the Church into the hands of godless secular public health authorities. We now have bottom of the barrel graduates from medical school dictating to emasculated prelates the rites and rubrics of the Holy Mass. Incredible.

 Let us now review these two catastrophes, both of which will combine to decimate the Archdiocese of Toronto.

The "LGBT" Conquest of Catholic Education 

Contrary to the lies spread by the dissenting trustees at the school Board (e.g. that approving the "LGBT" agenda is about stopping bullying of youth who might be suffering from same-sex attraction) it really is about doing away the "archaic" notions of divorce and "remarriage, as one dissenting trustee recently stated and enshrining the sexual revolution, including unnatural vice. It is about enshrining and trying to normalize sexual behaviour that is intrinsically evil. Indeed, the same dissenting trustee even admitted they were rejecting doctrine by claiming that the Catechism (authoritatively promulgated by St. Pope John Paul II) is an "old teaching". The Board then reaffirmed that it was not about bullying, but opposing Catholic doctrine, by banning the Catechism from its meetings. This week, I understand that the pro-abortion and "LGBT" extremist, Cheri di Novo will be giving a Zoom conference to Board and staff. Now what could possibly go wrong with a person who advocates same-sex practices? Incredibly, we are faced with deafening silence: and this silence is betrayal. And when statements have been issued, they are weak, effete, miserable attempts to compromise with evil. 

This would be bad enough: the visible, public promotion of an ideology that is diametrically opposed to the Gospels, but it crosses over into a complete catastrophe as Cardinal Collins has opted to not use his apostolic authority to impose sanctions on trustees and school employees who have broken with the Faith. Vague references to a "false christ", to perversion of "reality", to warnings about the spread of evil are useless, unless the Cardinal employs a "laser focus" on the problem (these exact words he used not a couple of weeks ago when referring to St. Francis de Sales' dealing with heresy and error). If there is great evil out there, and evil people destroying society, the destroyers must be named. What is the point of bemoaning the existence of a deadly enemy, but never identifying this enemy so the faithful can avoid and be on guard ? Friends, 2021  is the year that we can say Catholic education ended with the triumphant raising in of the "LGBT" banner over our once Catholic schools. Banners raised without ONE WORD of protest from Cardinal Collins. What a tragic legacy. 


 The State's conquest of Catholic Sacred Rites and Public Worship 

Contrary to truth and justice, the official party line of the various "Roman Catholic Episcopal Corporations", including the Toronto variant, run by CEO Thomas Cardinal Collins (seemingly - and incredibly - under day to day operations of layman "Executive Director" Neil MacCarthy) over the past 14 months gave the discredited pretext that our churches are boarded up for the "common good" and out of "love" for our neighbour. How this squares with big box stores (including liquor stores) being open at a vastly greater capacity than churches is never explained. If a big box store can be open safely at 25% capacity, surely a church can? But no, our "very virtuous" pro-abortion and pro-sexual perversion public health authorities deem otherwise. Simply put, these de facto atheists are applying their ideology: religion is a mere figment of the mind and can is deemed "non essential". But surely you might protest, this cannot be so for they are, as Cardinal Collins has claimed: "very virtuous"?

In the face of this great injustice, Cardinal Collins has remained (as have virtually every single bishop in Canada) as silent as a dormouse. He did did peep a couple of months ago, with a letter that was full of fawning and cringing before politicians instead of powerfully proclaiming the rights of Christ's Church. Even so as we Catholics knew from day one when Cardinal Collins boarded up every church in the Archdiocese would happen, the Premier immediately backed down. But something happened: the authorities again ordered massive restrictions on public worship, and Cardinal Collins again surrendered. We have video evidence that the Cardinal lives in terror of churches being shut down. Tragically, this fear is fed by those with whom he surrounds himself. Rather than pick up the phone and inform Doug Ford that churches will be reopening matching big box store capacity, the Cardinal has - once again - imposed a de facto interdict on the Mass. Much of this grovelling and quick acquiescing to State orders is driven by the decades long adulterous "tax and money" relationship between Caesar and the Church. Caesar gives tens of millions to these "episcopal corporations" in return for obedience. One scandalous recent act of obedience is becoming a lackey in the hands of Health Canada. 

Friends, 2020  is the year that we can say Catholic independence from the State ended with the triumphant conquest of public worship and the subjugation (nay, cowardly surrender!) of our sacred rites to pro-abortion "public health authorities"without ONE WORD of protest from Cardinal Collins. What a tragic legacy. 


Friends, drop Cardinal Collins an email to demand that he begin to act like the great bishops who stood up for the Faith! 

You can reach him at his personal email:



St. John Fisher, pray for us

All ye holy Martyrs of England and Wales, pray for us 

Saturday, 22 May 2021

CARDINAL COLLINS: He has betrayed the Church into the hands of the State

A cowed Cardinal refuses to follow Sts John Fisher and Thomas More

A few days ago the Premier of Ontario, Doug Ford moved the goal posts (again). Last year, for those who can remember, Ford informed us we needed but a few weeks to hunker down to ensure hospital capacity would not be overwhelmed by a 3.4% Infection Fatality Rate (since proven a false claim by the discredited WHO) of an upper respiratory disease from a laboratory in Wuhan, China (also assisted by the United States NIH). 

A year later we are still in this "two week" lock down and now Ford has moved the goal posts yet again. First it was ICU capacity, then positive PCR tests (notoriously resulting in false positives), then back to ICU capacity. Now, with the hospitals emptying out, Ford has announced the a new set of rules based on blackmail: if you don't take an experimental drug, the Province won't be reopened. And even if you do: we still have NO plan for a complete reopening. If you don't believe me look it up. 

What of our - alleged - freedom loving media? Well, they are encouraging even more lock downs than the disgraced Ford. Indeed, just this weekend, the hybrid capitalist-socialist media monster, the Toronto Star is calling for even more lock downs. 

Into this fray strode Cardinal Collins to confront the Premier, to inform him that churches will reopen matching the capacity of big box stores (including liquor stores). The Cardinal has even told the Premier that if his proposal is not accepted, he will reopen the churches this Sunday and challenge Ford to do his worst: including even arresting the 74 year old Cardinal of Toronto. 

ALAS, dear friends, this is but a fantasy of mine. It has not, and will not happen. Several days have past and from the Archdiocese of Toronto we have a deafening SILENCE. From Cardinal Collins we have not ONE word. For a full analysis of Ford's fake reopening plan, and its implications for religious worship, including the disastrous capitulation to de facto government control of religion, please visit Vox Cantoris. 

As we have seen, since the crisis burst upon us last March 17, 2020, Cardinal Collins has consistently obeyed unjust and irrational decrees. He has even defended and excused public health officials, referring to them as "very virtuous", though evidence to the contrary exposed them as militant promoters of  the unspeakable crime of pre-natal infanticide, perversely known as "abortion".

As the new Covid "religion" spread last year, I denounced it: the lies, the contradictions, the perversion of science into superstition. I noted the real science pointed to the fact that (e.g.) children very, very rarely catch or transmit the disease. Those under 20 years  had a greater chance of dying from lighting strikes, than from Covid. This did not stop the Cardinal's official Catholic schools engaging in child abuse by masking children: something that will have lasting psychological effects that we will yet see play out in the coming decades.

So here we are: utterly betrayed by a Cardinal who has sat silently by whilst our churches were boarded up, and the Mass suppressed (much of the Mass suppressed by him). The brief genteel email campaign which brought a bit of success should have awakened the Cardinal to the fact what we laity knew from day one: Ford was, and continues to call the Cardinal's bluff. There is NO way Ford would arrest an elderly man for reopening his churches with the same capacity as the local box store. And if he did, we would at least clear the air: the State in Canada would reveal itself to the entire world as vicious, tyrannical, antichrist. Cardinal Collins has many weapons in his quiver which he could use to great effect against Caesar: he could close down Share Life, he could withdraw the local church (and be joined by all the bishops across Canada) from all social and charitable activity, in effect putting a gun to the head of Ford and Trudeau. T

I invite you to watch the following brief video clip from last November, 2020. It is pathetic. Here we have a Prince of the Church, a Cardinal Archbishop squirming and cringing as a mere layman pontificates on the need to grovel before unjust government dictates. I find the video nauseating. It would unthinkable coming from St. John Fisher: an episcopal  lion, a fighter for the Faith! 


Sadly for us, it seems that Cardinal Collins is paralyzed with fear of the atheistic public health authorities, with the bad advice of his handlers, lawyers; and finally, no doubt taking into consideration what his money men tell him: "Don't poke Caesar, if you want to keep your tax status and keep receiving funds". Friends, just as the corrupt press are now presstitutes, so too, many of these priests, are priestitutes. They have all been bought off by a sickening mixture of corrupt governments and international finance and corporations. None of these entities have time for God, let alone His Son, Our Lord Jesus Christ. To the contrary they hate Our Lord and His Church.

The suppression of Mass, the closing of our churches has deleteriously affected our spiritual lives. Is the Cardinal really aware of the effects of denying the Mass to the faithful? Why does he not stop saying Mass to see how damaging it is? We Catholics challenge these clericalists to apply to themselves what they have inflicted on us. 

I close with a final thought: is Canada now under a CURSE from God? Consider these words by St. John  in 2 John 1, 7-11:

Many false teachers have appeared in the world, who will not acknowledge that Jesus Christ has come in human flesh; here is the deceiver you were warned against, here is Antichrist. Be on your guard, or you will lose all you have earned, instead of receiving your wages in full. The man who goes back, who is not true to Christ’s teaching, loses hold of God; the man who is true to that teaching, keeps hold both of the Father and of the Son. If you are visited by one who does not bring this teaching with him, you must not receive him in your houses, or bid him welcome; to bid him welcome is to share the guilt of his doings.

In embracing the State, the globalist captitalist-socialist hybrid monster, in not opposing evil, indeed meeting it with near silence or compromise, these churchmen are calling down the wrath of God upon Canada. And should we not be scourged? Abortion is spreading, sexual perversion is glorified and promoted, we have expanding euthanasia, and an explosion in pornography. Every sign of a godless and evil society that has lost the hold of God and is sharing the guilt of evil doing. What applies to Canada equally applies to every formerly Christian nation without exception, as it also does to those Nations that were never Christian, for "he who denies Jesus Christ came in the flesh is of antichrist".

It is never too late to pray for our shepherds, even if they are cowards. Let us ask a few bishops who knew how to face persecution: Sts. Peter and Paul, and the nearly 300 years of martyr-popes who faced down the tyranny of Rome. Let us besiege the great St John Chrysostom who faced the wrath and hatred of the Byzantine authorities. Let us petition Sts. Thomas Beckett and St. Stanislaw who shed their blood defending the rights of the Church against despots. Let us turn to St. John Fisher, the most learned man in England, who refused to take the knee to the new "religion" of his day and was martyred. 

I end, quoting Vox Cantoris:"Your Eminence, prove me wrong".  


UPDATE: (courtesy of Vox Cantoris). 

The following is the email address to Cardinal Collins.

As Vox wrote, you may wish to wish him a holy Pentecost, and to remind him how much you are suffering from the persecution of not only the State, but the Cardinal himself for failing to stand up to the State, for the Cardinal even closing our cemeteries last year. For suppressing the Mass, for refusing to at least demand equal rights with big box stores (or liquor stores!). 

Sunday, 16 May 2021

LIVE: Sung Latin Mass after Ascension (BUT in Toronto there is NO MASS )

If you live in the Archdiocese of Toronto you cannot attend Mass. 

It has been de facto suppressed. This is because of the "common good", taking care of our neighbour. So Cardinal Collins continues to claim. YET, he admits that there is another side to this: the virus is not spreading during Holy Mass. So we have a problem: the suppression of Mass is NOT for the common good. And this argument itself is secular: does not the spiritual common good take precedence over the physical? According to this false horizontal "Christianity" (incidentally condemned by Paul VI as a very dangerous poison) no. The body is more important than the soul in the new "religion" of Covid.

At this very moment on Sunday morning, box stores and liquor stores are filled with lapsed Christians and pagans - all sinning against keeping the Lord's Day holy. Yes, alcohol dependent persons (after all who would risk their life during a pandemic for a drink?) are, even  as I write, populating liquor stores all over the Archdiocese. Confronted with this obscene absurdity the Cardinal, the bishops, the priests (and let us be honest the laity) are silent.

The Cardinal should have told the Premier: "I will match you man for man. If the big box stores, and liquor stores are open at 25% capacity, our churches will be open at 25%. If they are not causes of spread, neither are our churches. You know where I am. Bring your police to arrest an old man outside his Cathedral. I will be waiting for you. I shall be with my bishops, many priests, and 1000 laity".

But no. Our churches are silent, there is no Mass. There is no one to keep watch. They have all fled, capitulated; gorged on Caesar's money, they will not break with their master.

Let us take comfort from the great St. John Chrysostom (who in his day had to face down evil politicians) who, as if prophetically, wrote the following to the enemies of the Mass, to those who despise public worship, to those who believe that liquor is essential (and even worse, pre-natal infanticide), but worshiping the One, True God is not. 







St. John Fisher, give Cardinal Collins courage. Make him a bishop after your own heart

All ye holy martyrs of England and Wales, pray for us  


Saturday, 15 May 2021

What drugs are NOT linked to abortion? The Bishops have slept whilst the "culture of death" has advanced

Are you pro-life to the core? Do you abhor abortion as murder, pre-natal infanticide?

Have you taken a Tylenol, Advil, Aleve?

Or Levothyroxine, Avorvastatin, Amlodipine, Ventolin, or Azythromycin?

Or what about Hydroxychloroquine, Remdesivir, and Ivermectin? Medications that we have heard so much about over the past year?

Well, all these drugs have been either tested on the fetal line HEK-293 or a derived line. And the above is only but a very small list of an overwhelming list of abortion linked drugs. And that is but ONE fetal line of many.

You might be asking: how is this possible, how did it get to this stage? Where was the Church? And you are correct, dear friend. WHERE WAS THE CATHOLIC CHURCH OVER THE PAST 50 YEARS? WHERE WAS THIS SO-CALLED PRO-LIFE INITIATIVE? WHERE WAS THE PUSH TO DEMAND ETHICAL MEDICATION? 



Some might say, can we expect the churchmen to know what is going on in these laboratories? Yes we can. These activities are not State or industrial secrets. Let us be very honest, it is the duty of churchmen to find out and be aware of evils taking place in society. 

The churchmen have FAILED beyond FAILING. They have betrayed Christ, His Mother, the Apostles. They have betrayed YOU and ME. They sit and preen like popinjays in their palaces and episcopal mansions. Like a grotesque time warp from the Renaissance, they strut pompously through the marble halls of their residences like princes. In their silence and indifference they have engendered a whole army of "Catholic" scientists (such as the lapsed "Catholic" Tony Fauci) who work and advocate for the Big Pharma "culture of death" industry.  

They collect and preserve their vast art treasures, own massive multi-billion dollar real estate empires (with our money, and that of our ancestors). But what about souls? Our Lord founded a Church with His Blood, and the blood of the martyrs. Not a collective of museum curators! These men have, like Judas, betrayed Him. They are to be

May God clean out the Church! May Our Blessed Lord, through St. Peter and Paul either convert or remove these wicked men, these imposters! May the Church once again, as in the time of the Martyrs and Fathers become simple, humble and HOLY!

Let us begin this conversion, through a reform of our lives. May we, in our daily lives live as Our Lord commands, and not be found wanting in our personal judgement by having followed these hirelings, these false shepherds, into poisonous pastures. 

Friends, stay with the Church. She may be sick, reeking with the stench of Her infected Body, tormented and sick from the ministrations of these evil men. But She is OUR Mother, and we have NO other. We are duty bound as faithful Catholics to remain by Her bedside and minister to Her. The Holy Spirit will save the Church in His own time. We must but serve Him, and minister to Her.

Thursday, 13 May 2021

The Great Feast of Ascension Day

Today marks the culmination of Our Lord Jesus Christ's life on Earth: His Ascension, which He had deigned to occur forty days after His Resurrection. Drawing on more recent history, today happens to also be the feast of Our Lady of Fatima, as well as the feast of Our Lady of the Blessed Sacrament, the latter of which was promoted by St. Peter Julian Eymard.

Given the happy conjunction of significant Feasts of Our Lord and Lady today, we offer the account of the Ascension, as related by Ven. Mary of Agreda in The Mystical City of God. As we will see, Our Lady fulfilled a significant role on the great day of the Ascension.

Blessed be the names of Jesus and Mary, and may their Names be exalted forever. Amen.

A few days before the Ascension of the Lord while the blessed Mary was engaged in the one of the above–mentioned exercises, the eternal Father and the Holy Ghost appeared in the Cenacle upon a throne of ineffable splendor surrounded by the choirs of angels and saints there present and other heavenly spirits, which had now come with the divine Persons. Then the incarnate Word ascended the throne and seated Himself with the other Two. The ever humble Mother of the Most High, prostrate in a corner of a room, in deepest reverence adored the most blessed Trinity, and in it her own incarnate Son. The eternal Father commanded two of the highest angels to call Mary, which they did by approaching Her, and in sweetest voices intimating to Her the divine will. She arose from the dust with the most profound humility, modesty and reverence. Accompanied by the angels She approached the foot of the Throne, humbling herself anew. The eternal Father said to Her: “Beloved, ascend higher!” (Luke 14, 10). As these words at the same time effected what they signified, She was raised up and placed on the throne of royal Majesty with the three divine Persons. New admiration was caused in the saints to see a mere Creature exalted to such dignity. Being made to understand the sanctity and equity of the works of the Most High, they gave new glory and praise proclaiming Him immense, Just, Holy and Admirable in all his counsels.

The Father then spoke to the blessed Mary saying: “My Daughter, to Thee do I entrust the Church founded by my Onlybegotten, the new law of grace He established in the world, and the people, which He redeemed: to Thee do I consign them all.” Thereupon also the Holy Ghost spoke to Her: “My Spouse, chosen from all creatures, I communicate to Thee my wisdom and grace together with which shall be deposited in thy heart the mysteries, the works and teachings and all that the incarnate Word has accomplished in the world.” And the Son also said: “My most beloved Mother, I go to my Father and in my stead I shall leave Thee and I charge Thee with the care of my Church; to Thee do I commend its children and my brethren, as the Father has consigned them to Me.” Then the three Divine Persons, addressing the choir of holy angels and the other saints, said: “This is the Queen of all created things in heaven and earth; She is the Protectress of the Church, the Mistress of creatures, the Mother of piety, the Intercessor of the faithful, the Advocate of sinners, the Mother of beautiful love and holy hope (Eccli. 24, 24); She is mighty in drawing our will to mercy and clemency. In Her shall be deposited the treasures of our grace and her most faithful heart shall the tablet whereon shall be written and engraved our holy law. In her are contained the mysteries of our Omnipotence for the salvation of mankind. She is the perfect work of our hands, through whom the plenitude of our desires shall be communicated and satisfied without hindrance in the currents of our divine perfections. Whoever shall call upon Her from his heart shall not perish; whoever shall obtain her intercession shall secure for himself eternal life. What She asks of Us, shall be granted, and We shall always hear her requests and prayers and fulfill her will; for She has consecrated Herself perfectly to what pleases Us.” The most blessed Mary, hearing Herself thus exalted, humiliated Herself so much the deeper the more highly She was raised by the right hand of the Most High above all the human and angelic creatures. As if She were the least of all, She adored the Lord and offered Herself, in the most prudent terms and in the most ardent love, to work as a faithful servant in the Church and obey promptly all the biddings of the divine will. From that day on She took upon Herself anew the care of the evangelical Church, as a loving Mother of all children; She renewed all the petitions She had until then made, so that during the whole further course of her life they were most fervent and incessant, as we shall see in the third part, where will appear more clearly what the Church owes to this great Queen and Lady, and what blessings She gained and merited for it.

On that same day, by divine dispensation, while the Lord was at table with the eleven Apostles, other disciples and pious women gathered at the Cenacle to the number of one hundred and twenty; for the divine Master wished them to be present at his Ascension. Moreover, just as He had instructed the Apostles, so He now wanted to instruct these faithful respectively in what each was to know before his leaving them and ascending into heaven. All of them being thus gathered and united in peace and charity within those walls in the hall of the last Supper, the Author of life manifested Himself to them as a kind and loving Father and said to them:

My sweetest children, I am about to ascend to my Father, from whose bosom I descended in order to rescue and save men. I leave with you in my stead my own Mother as your Protectress, Consoler and Advocate, and as your Mother, whom you are to hear and obey in all things. Just as I have told you, that he who sees Me sees my Father, and he who knows Me, knows also Him; so I now tell you, that He who knows my Mother, knows Me; he who hears Her, hears Me; and who honors Her, honors Me. All of you shall have Her as your Mother, as your Superior and Head, so shall also your successors. She shall answer doubts, solve your difficulties; in Her, those who seek Me shall always find Me; for I shall remain in Her until the end of the world, and I am in Her now, although you do not understand how.” This the Lord said, because He was sacramentally present in the bosom of his Mother; for the sacred species, which She had received at the last Supper, were preserved in Her until consecration of the first Mass, as I shall relate further on. The Lord thus fulfilled that which He promised in saint Matthew: “I am with you to the consummation of the world” (Matth. 28, 20). The Lord added and said: “You will have Peter as the supreme head of the Church, for I leave him as my Vicar; and you shall obey him as the chief high priest. Saint John you shall hold as the son of my Mother; for I have chosen and appointed him for this office on the Cross.” The Lord then looked upon his most beloved Mother, who was there present and intimated his desire of expressly commanding that whole congregation to worship and reverence Her in a manner suited to the dignity of Mother of God, and of leaving this command under form of a precept for the whole Church. But the most humble Lady besought her Onlybegotten to be pleased not to secure Her more honor than was absolutely necessary for executing all that He had charged Her with; and that the new children of the Church should not be induced to show Her greater honor than they had shown until then. On contrary, She desired to divert all the sacred worship of the Church immediately upon the Lord himself and to make the propagation of the Gospel redound entirely to the exaltation of his holy name. Christ our Savior yielded to this most prudent petition of his Mother, reserving to Himself the duty of spreading the knowledge of Her at a more convenient and opportune time yet in secret He conferred upon Her new extraordinary favors, as shall appear in the rest of this history.

In considering the loving exhortations of their Divine Master, the mysteries which He had revealed them, and the prospect of his leaving them, that whole congregation was moved to their inmost hearts; for He had enkindled in them the divine love by the vivid faith of his Divinity and humanity. Reviving within them the memory of his words and his teachings of eternal life, the delights of his most loving companionship, and sorrowfully realizing, that they were now all at once to be deprived of these blessings, they wept most tenderly and sighed from their inmost souls. They longed to detain Him, although they could not, because they saw it was not befitting; words of parting rose to their lips, but they could not bring themselves to utter them; each one felt sentiments of sorrow arising amid feelings both of joy and yet also of pious regret. How shall we live without such a Master? they thought. Who can ever speak to us such words of life and consolation as He? Who will receive us so lovingly and kindly? Who shall be our Father and protector? We shall be helpless children and orphans in this world. Some of them broke their silence and exclaimed: “O most loving Lord and Father! O joy and life of our souls! Now that we know Thee as our Redeemer, Thou departest and leavest us! Take us along with Thee, O Lord; banish us not from thy sight. Our blessed Hope, what shall we do without thy presence? Whither shall we turn, if thou goest away? Whither shall we direct our steps, if cannot follow Thee, our Father, our Chief, and our Teacher?” To these and other pleadings the Lord answered by bidding them not to leave Jerusalem and to persevere in prayer until He should send the Holy Spirit, the Consoler, as promised by the Father and as already foretold to the Apostles at the last Supper. Thereupon happened, what I shall relate in the next chapter.

The most auspicious hour, in which the Onlybegotten of the eternal Father, after descending from heaven in order to assume human flesh, was to ascend by his own power and in a most wonderful manner to the right hand of God, the Inheritor of his eternities, one and equal with Him in nature and infinite glory. He was to ascend, also, because He had previously descended to the lowest regions of the earth, as the Apostle says (Ephes. 4, 9), having fulfilled all that had been written and prophesied concerning his coming into the world, his Life, Death and the Redemption of man, and having penetrated, as the Lord of all, to the very centre of the earth. By this Ascension he sealed all the mysteries and hastened the fulfillment of his promise, according to which He was, with the Father, to send the Paraclete upon his Church after He himself should have ascended into heaven (John 16, 7). In order to celebrate this festive and mysterious day, Christ our Lord selected as witnesses the hundred and twenty persons, to whom, as related in the foregoing chapter, He had spoken in the Cenacle. They were the most holy Mary, the eleven Apostles, the seventy–two disciples, Mary Magdalen, Lazarus their brother, the other Marys and the faithful men and women making up the above–mentioned number of one hundred and twenty.

With this little flock our divine Shepherd Jesus left the Cenacle, and, with his most blessed Mother at his side, He conducted them all through the streets of Jerusalem. The Apostles and all the rest in order, proceeded in the direction of Bethany, which was less than half a league over the brow of mount Olivet. The company of angels and saints from limbo and purgatory followed the Victor with new songs of praise, although Mary alone was privileged to see them. The Resurrection of Jesus of Nazareth was already divulged throughout Jerusalem and Palestine. Although the perfidious and malicious princes and priests had spread about the false testimony of his being stolen by disciples, yet many would not accept their testimony nor give it any credit. It was divinely provided, that none of the inhabitants of the city, and none of the unbelievers or doubters, should pay any attention to this holy procession, or hinder it on its way from the Cenacle. All, except the one hundred and twenty just, who were chosen by the Lord to witness his Ascension into heaven, were justly punished by being prevented from noticing this wonderful mystery, and the Chieftain and Head of this procession remained invisible to them.

The Lord having thus secured them this privacy, they all ascended mount Olivet to its highest point. There they formed three choirs, one of the angels, another of the saints, and a third of the Apostles and faithful, which again divided into two bands, while Christ the Savior presided. Then the most prudent Mother prostrated Herself at the feet of her Son worshipping Him with admirable humility, She adored Him as the true God and as the Redeemer of the world, asking his last blessing. All the faithful there present imitated Her and did the same. Weeping and sighing, they asked the Lord, whether He was now to restore the kingdom of Israel (Acts 1, 6). The Lord answered, that this was a secret of the eternal Father and not to be made known to them; but, for the present, it was necessary and befitting, that they receive the Holy Ghost and preach, in Jerusalem, in Samaria and in all the world, the mysteries of the Redemption of the world.

Jesus, having taken leave of this holy and fortunate gathering of the faithful, his countenance beaming forth peace and majesty, joined his hands and, by his own power, began to raise himself from the earth, leaving thereon the impression of his sacred feet. In gentlest motion He was wafted toward the aerial regions, drawing after Him the eyes and the hearts of those first–born children, who amid sighs and tears vented their affection. And as, at the moving of the first Cause of all motion, it is proper that also the nether spheres should be set in motion, so the Savior Jesus drew after Him also the celestial choirs of the angels, the holy Patriarchs and the rest of the glorified saints, some of them with body and soul, others only as to their soul. All of them in heavenly order were raised up together from the earth, accompanying and following their King, their Chief and Head. The new and mysterious sacrament, which the right hand of the Most High wrought on this occasion for his most holy Mother, was that He raised Her up with Him in order to put Her in possession of the glory, which He had assigned to Her as his true Mother and which She had by her merits prepared and earned for Herself. Of this favor the great Queen was capable even before it happened; for her divine Son had offered it to Her during the forty days which He spent in her company after his Resurrection. In order that this sacrament might be kept secret from all other living creatures at that time, and in order that the heavenly Mistress might be present in the gathering of the Apostles and the faithful in their prayerful waiting upon the coming of the Holy Ghost (Acts 1, 14), the divine power enabled the blessed Mother miraculously to be in two places at once; remaining with the children of the Church for their comfort during their stay in the Cenacle and at the time ascending with the Redeemer of the world to His heavenly throne, where She remained for three days. There She enjoyed the perfect use of all her powers and faculties, whereas She was more restricted in the use of them during that time in the Cenacle.

Amidst this jubilee and other rejoicings exceeding all our conceptions that new divinely arranged procession approached the empyrean heavens. Between the two choirs of angels and saints, Christ and his most blessed Mother made their entry. All in their order gave supreme honor to Each respectively and to Both together, breaking forth in hymns of praise in honor of the Authors of grace and of life. Then the eternal Father placed upon the throne of his Divinity at His right hand, the incarnate Word, and in such glory and majesty, that He filled with new admiration and reverential fear all the inhabitants of heaven. In clear and intuitive vision they recognized the infinite glory and perfection of the Divinity inseparably and substantially united in one personality to the most holy humanity, beautified and exalted by the pre–eminence and glory due to this union, such as eyes have not seen, nor ears heard, nor ever has entered into the thoughts of creatures (Is. 54, 4).

On this occasion the humility and wisdom of our most prudent Queen reached their highest point; for, overwhelmed by such divine and admirable favors, She hovered at the footstool of the royal throne, annihilated in the consciousness of being a mere earthly creature. Prostrate She adored the Father and broke out in new canticles of praise for the glory communicated to his Son and for elevating in Him the deified humanity to such greatness and splendor. Again the angels and saints were filled with admiration and joy to see the most prudent humility of their Queen, whose living example of virtue, as exhibited on that occasion, they emulated among themselves in copying. Then the voice of the eternal Father was heard saying: “My Daughter, ascend higher!” Her divine Son also called Her, saying: “My Mother rise up and take possession of the place, which I owe Thee for having followed and imitated Me. The Holy Ghost said: “My Spouse and Beloved, come to my eternal embraces!” Immediately was proclaimed to all the blessed the decree of the most holy Trinity, by which the most blessed Mother, for having furnished her own life–blood toward the Incarnation and for having nourished, served, imitated and followed Him with all the perfection possible to a creature, was exalted and placed at the right hand of her Son for all eternity. None other of the human creatures should ever hold that place or position, nor rival Her in the unfailing glory connected with it; but it was to be reserved to the Queen and to be her possession by right after her earthly life, as of one who pre–eminently excelled all the rest of the saints.

In fulfillment of this decree, the most blessed Mary was raised to the throne of the holy Trinity at the right hand of her Son. At the same time She, with all the saints, was informed, that She was given possession of this throne not only for all the ages of eternity, but that it was left to her choice to remain there even now and without returning to the earth. For it was the conditional will of the divine Persons, that as far as they were concerned, She should now remain in that state. In order that She might make her own choice, She was shown anew the state of the Church upon earth, the orphaned and necessitous condition of the faithful, whom She was left free to assist. This admirable proceeding of the divine Providence was to afford the Mother of mercy an occasion of going beyond, so to say, even her own Self in doing good and in obliging the human race with an act of love similar to that of her Son in assuming a passible state and in suspending the glory due to his body during and for our Redemption. The most blessed Mother imitated Him also in this respect, so that She might be in all things like the incarnate Word. The great Lady therefore, having clearly before her eyes all the sacrifices included in this proposition, left the throne and, prostrating Herself at the feet of the Three Persons, said: “Eternal and almighty God, my Lord, to accept at once this reward, which thy condescending kindness offers me, would be to secure my rest; but to return to the world and continue to labor in mortal life for the good of the children of Adam and the faithful of thy holy Church, would be to the glory and according to the pleasure of thy Majesty and would benefit my sojourning and banished children on earth. I accept this labor and renounce for the present the peace and joy of thy presence. Well do I know, what I possess and receive, but I will sacrifice it to further the love Thou hast for men. Accept, Lord and Master of all my being, this sacrifice and let thy divine strength govern in the undertaking confided to me. Let faith in Thee be spread, let thy holy name be exalted, let thy holy Church be enlarged, for Thou hast acquired it by the blood of thy Onlybegotten and mine; I offer myself anew to labor for thy glory and for the conquest of the souls, as far as I am able.”

Such was the sacrifice made by the most loving Mother and Queen, one greater than ever was conceived by creature, and it was so pleasing to the Lord, that He immediately rewarded it by operating in Her those purifications and enlightenments, which I have at other times mentioned as necessary to the intuitive vision of the Divinity; for so far She had on this occasion seen only by abstractive vision. Thus elevated She partook of the beatific vision and was filled with splendor and celestial gifts, altogether beyond the power of man describe or conceive in mortal life.

In order to finish this chapter, and with it this second part, I return to the congregation of the faithful, whom we left so sorrowful on mount Olivet. The most holy Mary did not forget them in the midst of her glory; as they stood weeping and lost in grief and, as it were, absorbed in looking into the aerial regions, into which their Redeemer and Master had disappeared, She turned her eyes upon them from the cloud on which She had ascended, in order to send them her assistance. Moved by their sorrow, She besought Jesus lovingly to console these little children, whom He had left as orphans upon the earth. Moved by the prayers of his Mother, the Redeemer of the human race sent down two angels in white and resplendent garments, who appeared to all the disciples and the faithful and spoke to them: “Ye men of Galilee, do not look up to heaven in so great astonishment, for this Lord Jesus, who departed from you and has ascended into heaven, shall again return with the same glory and majesty in which you have just seen him” (Acts 1, 11). By such words and others which they added they consoled the Apostles and disciples and all the rest, so that they might not grow faint, but in their retirement hope for the coming and the consolation of the Holy Ghost promised by their divine Master.


The Virgin Mary speaks to Sister Mary of Agreda, Spain

My daughter, thou wilt appropriately close this second part of my life by remembering the lesson concerning the most efficacious sweetness of the divine love and the immense liberality of God with those souls, that do not hinder its flowing. It is in conformity with the inclinations of his holy and perfect will to regale rather than afflict creatures, to console them rather than cause them sorrow, to reward them rather than to chastise them, to rejoice rather than grieve them. But mortals ignore this divine science, because they desire from the hands of the Most high such consolations, delights and rewards, as are earthly and dangerous, and they prefer them to the true and more secure blessings. The divine Love then corrects this fault by the lessons conveyed in tribulations and punishments. Human nature is slow, coarse and uneducated; and if it is not cultivated and softened, it gives no fruit in season, and on account of its evil inclinations, will never of itself become fit for the most loving and sweet interactions with the highest Good. Therefore it must be shaped and reduced by the hammer of adversities, refined in the crucible of tribulation, in order that it may become fit and capable of the divine gifts and favors and may learn to despise terrestrial and fallacious goods, wherein death is concealed.

I counted for little all that I endured, when I saw the reward which the divine Goodness had prepared for me; and therefore He ordained, in his admirable Providence that I should return to the militant Church of my own free will and choice. This I knew would redound to my greater glory and to the exaltation of his holy name, while it would provide assistance to his Church and to his children in an admirable and holy manner (I Tim. 1, 17). It seemed to me a sacred duty, that I deprive myself of the eternal felicity of which I was in possession and, returning from heaven to earth, gain new fruits of labor and love for the Almighty; this I owed to the divine Goodness, which had raised me up from the dust. Learn therefore, my beloved, from my example, and excite thyself to imitate me most eagerly during these times, in which the holy Church so disconsolate and overwhelmed by tribulations and in which there are none of her children to console her. In this cause I desire that thou labor strenuously, ready to suffer in prayer and supplication, and crying from the bottom of thy heart to the Omnipotent. And if it were necessary thou shouldst be willing to give thy life. I assure thee, my daughter, thy solicitude shall be very pleasing in the eyes of my divine Son and in mine.

Let it all be for the glory and honor of the Most high, the King of the ages, the Immortal and Invisible (I Tim. 1, 17), and for that of his Mother, the most blessed Mary, through all the eternities!

Sunday, 9 May 2021

BREAKING: Candian Bishops sit SILENT while Artur Pawlowski is dragged off the steeets and thrown in jail


Artur Pawlowski has just been arrested by the police in the Province of Alberta (once known as the "Texas of the North", because of both the cowboy spirit and oil) under the Premiership of the wretched Jason Kenny. 

It is understood that Pawlowski was forced to kneel in the middle of a highway in Calgary, like some violent gun-totting drug lord; then literally dragged off by the police, and refused access to a lawyer. 

This shocking behaviour is more reminiscent of the Gestapo or KGB, not what used to be the highly respected Canadian constabulary, who have all but lost respect by Canadians given their scandalous behaviour and brutality witnessed against law-biding Canadians. 

Since the imposition of lock downs across this country (originally stated to be two weeks, but now well in excess of one year), it cannot be denied that Canada is rapidly transitioning into an authoritarian State, where the Constitution, the rule of law and due process is ignored, if not openly violated.

And Pawlowski's alleged "crime" that warranted this heavily armed, aggressive arrest?  Keeping his little church open, charged with "inciting" people to go to church!

Where is Bishop McGratten of Calgary? 

Where is Archbishop Smith of Edmonton?

Where is the Primate of Canada, Archbishop Lacroix?

Where is Cardinal Collins? 

Where is Archbishop Lepine? 




Where is the spirit of St. Thomas Becket?

Where is the spirit of St. Stanislaw?

Where is the spirit of St. John Fisher? 

Friends, we should give thanks to Almighty God for this crisis, for it has smoked these men out for what they are: false shepherds and hirelings

Where is Canada headed while our bishops sleep?  We would do well to study the works of Mussolini for the frightful answer.

The Fascist State, the highest and most powerful form of personality, is a force, but a spiritual force, which takes over all the forms of the moral and intellectual life of man. . . . It is the form, the inner standard and the discipline of the whole person; it saturates the will as well as the intelligence... the Fascist conception of the State is all embracing; outside of it no human or spiritual values can exist, much less have value. Thus understood, Fascism, is totalitarian, and the Fascist State - a synthesis and a unit inclusive of all values - interprets, develops, and potentates the whole life of a people...

Fascism, in short, is not only the giver of laws and the founder of institutions, but the educator and promoter of spiritual life. It wants to remake, not the forms of human life, but its content, man, character, faith. And to this end it requires discipline and authority that can enter into the spirits of men and there govern unopposed.... if liberalism spells individualism, Fascism spells government....the Fascist State is a will to power and to government.

 All of this was predictable, as the "Lion of Calgary", Bishop Fred Henry wrote against "Totalitarianism in Alberta". Alas. He was retired and his works blacklisted.

For a FULL report Artur Pawlowski's arrest, please visit Everyday for Life, Canada.

LIVE: Sung Latin Mass for Fifth Sunday after Easter


Saturday, 8 May 2021

The Bishops of Ontario are primarily responsible for the "LGBT" corruption and perversion of Catholic Schools

 TCDSB joins arms with the exploiters of women in endorsing the gay Pride Parade
We at Toronto Catholic Witness have been ringing alarm bells about the disastrous state of Catholic education in Ontario for years. The betrayal in the early hours of Friday morning by eight trustees could not have happened without the greatest malfeasance in the Chancery, and amongst the priests of the Archdiocese. We grant that Cardinal Collins has issued two "letters" over the past few months, but nearly secretively, and with no canonical implications. Neither letter was published by the Catholic Register (which is also a major part of the problem, see below), read from pulpits, sent home to parents. The Cardinal, nor his auxiliaries did not appear at any Toronto Catholic District School Board meetings, or even once address these moral issue directly in public. I have it on good authority that in private the Cardinal is lamenting the bad break by the eight moral degenerates on the Board, but continues to remain silent in public. There is no wriggle wrong here Your Eminence, you CANNOT remain silent when the eternal salvation of souls are at stake. 

Today, we re-publish a post from 2017, to prove to you that every alarm was ringing, but that NOTHING was being done by the very men (and we need to be fair, it not just Cardinal Collins), who should have been taking action: Pocock, Carter (who sold out the Catholic schools to Orangeman, Bill Davis), and to a lesser degree Ambrozic, all are guilty in this disastrous collapse. But the mass of cowardly priests who have sat and continue to sit by like mute dogs cannot escape either. 
Some readers may not be aware that on Friday depositions in favour of promoting moral depravity were given by two lesbians. Apparently the dissenters on the Board found nothing morally objectionable and contrary to Christian morality, nor a conflict of interest from a purely secular perspective, about consulting with people whose lifestyle directly contradicts Sacred Scripture and the Catechism. Additionally, the Board would have known that Kristyn Wong-Tam is on public record for recommending people masturbate each other through "glory holes", and Kathleen Wynne is on public record for her husband living in the basement whilst she carried on a lesbian affair upstairs in the family home. None of this incommoded the wayward trustees who, to the contrary, went on to vote to formally break the TCDSB from the Church. It was not for them to conform to the teachings of the Popes on the sanctity of Catholic education. They had found a new and false "christ", an idol of their own creation, that is not the Jesus of the Gospels. 
As Catholics we believe in "male and female He created them", and "a man shall leave his father and his mother and cleave to his wife". Alas, the majority of the Board, seduced by "LGBT" ideology, granted these two individuals to speak in opposition to  the Gospel. If you think I am being too harsh, you have never read the New Testament.

Collins played the fool by lesbian, Kathleen Wynee
Likewise, for those who think we are too hard on Cardinal Collins, you will note we mention that in 2017 he is fighting a "one man battle". We encouraged him late last year when he sent his letter. We are not his enemy. But alas, -we have no choice - we do call him out for his increasing silence, denial of the crisis, (what good is it if in private he admits Catholic education is in crisis?), his refusal to take just canonical action against the dissenting Board. We call him out for not using the apostolic authority that he has, for abandoning flocking. We implore St. John Fisher to grant Cardinal Collins the graces he needs to stand up to these evil trustees, teachers, the vile OECTA union, the homo-corporate juggernaut. 

FRIENDS: THE BUCK STOPS ON THE DESKS OF THE MEN WHO SAT IN THE BISHOP'S CHAIR OVER THE PAST 40 YEARS ALL ACROSS ONTARIO The buck stopped in every parish rectory when the priest negligently signed off papers that he knew was a LIE that the teacher candidate was a faithful, practicing Catholic. The buck stopped on the desk of every bishop who FAILED to mandate that candidates for trustee were to be faithful, practicing Catholics. 
The following was published on June 6, 2017, ironically on D-Day. One wonders how many of those young men who died, realized that they were dying for nothing, that our Christian civilization was in its waning years, and that within decades a new form of fascism would reappear - ironically imbued with same sexual perversion that imbued the upper echelons of the Nazi monsters they were fighting. 

Rainbow flags, shout-outs for abortion, promotion of women as priests etc. Now who would be doing such a thing, you may ask? A radical dissident group that has been excommunicated? 

Sadly, you would be mistaken. No, the open promoters of homosexuality and these other evils, are the Ontario English Catholic Teachers Association (OECTA). This militant Union is aided and abetted by the various school Boards in the Province of Ontario. In Toronto, this would be the Toronto District Catholic School Board (TDCSB).  The Boards cheer on OECTA in its ongoing campaign to corrupt innocent children with - well, you guess it - SILENCE. 

Not the TDCSB to remove Rainbow Flags from schools, not the TDCSB to insist on the teaching of Catholic doctrine. No, the Boards are complicit and active co-conspirators with OECTA in corrupting children. The Boards know children are being fed spiritual poison, but do nothing. 

But it goes worse, far worse. What if I told you that the rot goes as far as the official Archdiocesan newspaper, the Catholic Register? What if I told you to spend a few minutes reviewing the recent issues of the Register to see their promotion of the Catholic publicly funded system as a truly Catholic education system? Gay-straight "alliances"(in truth homosexual affirming clubs - after all, why the Rainbow flags in schools?), dissent on doctrine, silence on the extremely hard left Twitter feeds of leading OECTA members, including President Ann Hawkins and so on. 

Not one word from the Catholic Register that homosexuality is being hoisted on children as just an "alternate" lifestyle. Not one word from the Catholic Register that OECTA featured two (yes, two! - apparently one is not enough) Rainbow flags at its 2017 AGM. Not one word from the Catholic Register that OECTA has been promoting dissent and heresy for years. The photos of Rainbow flags at OECTA meetings; being waved by Hawkins are not to be seen gracing the pages of the Register.

Pro-gender ideology Ann Hawkins of OECTA

The most recent outrage is the Register's article promoting "Friends of Catholic Education". Rest assured dear readers, the Register may promote Hawkins as a "friend" of Catholic education, but she is no friend. 

Does a friend promote homosexuality? Does a friend obfuscate on abortion? Does a friend re-tweet a call-out in favour of abortion? Hawkins and the gang that control OECTA are no friends of Catholic education. In promoting Hawkins, OECTA, the Catholic Register is proving it too, is no friend of Catholic education...

And the following published on May 3, 2017: 


Archdiocese of Toronto covering up abortion and homosexual propaganda in schools?


A ringing endorsement of pro-abortion & gender-ideologist dissenter, Ann Hawkins
I have written about the open dissent of the Ontario English Catholic Teacher's Association (OECTA). I have pointed out how they promote "Gay-Straight Alliance" clubs, promote homosexuality; dissent from Catholic moral teachings; dissent on the Sacraments and Doctrine (including the support of priestesses etc.), promote abortion etc., etc. These grave errors are not new, but have been going on for years. What has changed over the past few years is the open, "in your face" promotion of evil. The primary example would be the aggressive advocacy of homosexuality.

Now, The Catholic Register (the official Archdiocesan newspaper) carries an article by John B. Kostoff entitled, "Catholic schools are a vehicle for faith journey". Amongst other things, Kostoff, referencing sociologist Reginald Bibby, admits that most Catholics in the education system dissent on the Faith. Naturally, Kostoff does not phrase it this way, but rather sees each student on "...their faith journey". Kostoff also does not want to "challenge" Catholics, or "set the "bar too high on who is or who isn't Catholic". Kostoff also admits that "...many students skip Mass", but they "still care about their faith".... 
...It would be bad enough for The Catholic Register to publish such a false and perverted picture of the Faith and Catholic education in Ontario. However, it reaches the level of public scandal, given that Kostoff is the Executive Director of the Ontario Catholic Supervisory Officers Association (OCSOA). A brief review of the OCSOA Twitter account tells us everything we need to know. They give a ringing endorsement to pro-abortion and pro-homosexual/gender ideology promoter, former OECTA President Ann Hawkins. 

Does the Catholic Register not know about this?
As I noted a few weeks ago, Hawkins re-tweeted a video of a callout for abortion at "Women's March". More recently, Hawkins was photographed raising aloft the "gay" Rainbow Flag. Readers should also note that at their AGM of this year, OECTA saw fit to display two - yes, two! - "gay" Rainbow flags. For all this OCSOA praises Ann Hawkins. But we should not be surprised. After all, the OCSOA endorses and links to via their website, the dissenting "All God's Children", which includes a pro-homosexual stance.

Is the Catholic Register unaware about OECTA's militant support of homosexuality? 
Dear friends: OCSOA cannot not know that OECTA is a militant political Union, heavily infiltrated with dissenters from the Faith. The pro-homosexual stance; the open dissent on Doctrine etc. is all public knowledge. Likewise, it is not possible that The Catholic Register is unaware of this dissent and public scandal of OECTA promoting homosexuality and heresy. If, perchance, they are unaware - there is only one course of action: the immediate resignation of the Publisher and Editor. 

We see how the entire decadent structure of "Catholic" education is supported and encouraged by the Archdiocese of Toronto. Let there be no doubt about it: the Chancery, the various chanceries around Ontario, the Catholic officials ARE the problem. The Catholic Register is a material accessory to the lies, the deception, the cover-ups regarding the corruption and moral decadence of OECTA and OCSOA. 

We can no longer hide from the reality that the Catholic churchmen of Ontario are fully aware but are doing nothing about the corruption and decadence in Catholic schools. 

It would truly be astonishing if Cardinal Collins was unaware of OECTA's public dissent on issues of sexual morality. Likewise it would be astonishing if the Publisher and Editor of The Catholic Register were unaware. Are they really unaware that "gay" Rainbow flags are displayed at Catholic schools? Are we really to believe this? 

There is only one possibility that explains the silence of leading churchmen, barring they are themselves heretics and dissenters. Is it possible that the Chancery, the Catholic churchmen are doing nothing to stop OECTA, OCSOA and their various allies because deep, dark secrets are known by these organizations regarding sexual indiscretions by priests, and even higher ranking churchmen?

Catholics need to start asking very serious questions: why is OECTA getting away with the spiritual murder of children? 
Who is allowing this? Why are they allowing this? 
Why are they not denouncing OECTA and OCSOA? Do they support OECTA and OCSOA and the promotion of homosexuality and the active undermining of the Faith? 
Or, is there another reason for this ominous silence? You dear readers, decide for yourselves.