Wednesday 31 October 2018

FASCIST CANADA: Are you of the body, "friend"?

The following document, Quod cives libera (That citizens be free) has come into the possession of the Witness team from sources which prefer to remain anonymous:

Quod cives libera, the State must be supreme in all matters. Yet, errors contrary to the State's supreme authority are being daily spread among the citizens. Lest they captivate the citizen's minds and corrupt the purity of their loyalty to the State, the Supreme State Authority has decided that the chief errors should be noted and condemned by the Office of the Universal Inquisition.


Therefore, after a very diligent investigation and consultation with the Supreme Court, the Parliament, Media and Financial Magnates, the Most Eminent General Inquisitors for the State in matters of faith and morals have judged the following propositions to be condemned and proscribed. In fact, by this general decree, they are condemned and proscribed: 

If anyone asserts that there is any authority above that of the State, or that the State should be responsible to some law or moral code external to itself, let him be anathema.

If anyone asserts that religion or any opinion derived from a religion has any place in the public sphere, or that religion is anything other than a strictly private matter, let him be anathema.

If anyone asserts that the Pope of the Church of Rome and any of his bishops can express moral opinions that influence the political, social, moral and/or economic life of the country contrary to that as determined by the State, let him be anathema. 

If anyone asserts that marriage is exclusively between one man and one woman, or that any other combination of human persons cannot validly and licitly enter into the state of marriage, let him be anathema.

If anyone asserts that homosexual activity is intrinsically disordered - as does the Church of Rome, let him be anathema. 

If anyone asserts that the education and socialization of children is the responsibility of their parents and not the sole purview of the State, or that they are anything other than the property of the State, let him be anathema.


If you are not: YOU ARE A TRAITOR! 

Sunday 28 October 2018

Will the RICO Investigation rip the mask off the Archdiocese of Toronto and Southdown Institute?

"Time seems to stand quite still. In a child's world, it always will".  

Our Lord Jesus Christ loved children. He even admonished his disciples for trying to keep children from Him. Our Lord also warned, that those who took advantage of children - for these it would be better if they had never been born. 

Our holy Popes have always - following Our Blessed Saviour - loved children, protected children. How St. Pope John Paul II loved children! 

Do you remember when you were a child? How time seemed to stand still? How school never seemed to end? How you waited for the summer break? 

Yes, time does indeed stands still for a child. How, never ending it must be for a child, for a youth abused. The child is trapped forever, - FOREVER - in the experience of abuse. Again, and again reliving the horror of sexual molestation at the hands of - yes, a man who should be a living example of Jesus. 

How even more never ending it must be for those abused by one who claims to represent Jesus Christ, True God and True Man. Every day, the victim must live with the reality that someone who was to be and represent holiness, actually was evil, and represented the devil.

There is nothing more horrifying, more evil, than child abuse. Nothing. 

Little boys: "... cowboys fighting out a duel..." 

Little girls: " ... her palace is an orange box..."

Please pray for these victims.

Please pray for our children, who are being abused by Judas priests. 

Please pray for Youth, who have just been abused by Judas priests. 

Please pray for adults, who live in time that "stands quite still""; who were abused by Judas priests years, perhaps decades ago.... 

Pray also for priests who are holy, who are too are victims of these abusers. Every day, holy, faithful priests arise to live with in the shadow of these Judas priests. Pray for them, and support them.  

Please pray for the authorities in the United States who are in the process of beginning to activate the RICO Statues. 

We, in Canada, should be thankful to our American cousins. The RICO Statues also cover crimes committed across international borders. It is only a matter of time, as the criminal proceedings in the US begin, when it will be exposed how deeply the Archdiocese of Toronto is involved in the crimes in the United States. People will be shocked. 

Have you heard of the Southdown Institute? Where they send child molesters to be "rehabilitated" and then sent onto another parish? Either in Canada, or back to the USA? If you have not, you soon will. 

Have you heard how American molesters are sent to Canada, and Canadian molesters are sent to the USA? You soon will, when trials begin in the United States, with bishops, Cardinals and priests going to jail by the score. 

The Archdiocese of Toronto, in the next few years, is going to have a very different reputation. It will be known for habouring and hiding sexual predators. The question remains is: when the authorities come, will they have destroyed all the evidence? 

Is it not time that the RCMP launch an investigation into child abuse, the covering up of child abuse in dioceses all across Canada? 

St. Pope John Paul, you are standing in the window of the Father's House blessing the courageous men and women who will seek justice for the victims. 

Pray, dear Holy Father, that these men and women fulfill their duty before God and Man. 

Pray and bless them to remain constant, to remain resolute in pursuing those who have abused children and youth - all the while claiming to be disciples of Jesus Christ. 

Pray, Holy Father, that the Church be purified from this horror. 

Pray, Holy Father, that God give the Church holy priests, who wish to care for children, and set them upon the path to Heaven. 

+ Amen +

Friday 26 October 2018

On Being Human ~ is a question of balance with the Divine - C. S. Lewis

As we are on the topic of C. S. Lewis, we move from music to poetry... Dear readers, let reflect rather than rage.

Not only was Lewis one of the 20th centuries greatest Christian apologists, and novelists, but also a profound poet.

Unerringly the Archtypes, all the verities
Which mortals lack or indirectly learn.
Transparent in primordial truth, unvarying,
Pure Earthness and right Stonehood from their clear,
High eminence are seen; unveiled, the seminal
Huge Principles appear.

The Tree-ness of the tree they know-the meaning of
Arboreal life, how from earth's salty lap
The solar beam uplifts it; all the holiness
Enacted by leaves' fall and rising sap;

But never an angel knows the knife-edged severance
Of sun from shadow where the trees begin,
The blessed cool at every pore caressing us
-An angel has no skin.

They see the Form of Air; but mortals breathing it
Drink the whole summer down into the breast.
The lavish pinks, the field new-mown, the ravishing
Sea-smells, the wood-fire smoke that whispers Rest.
The tremor on the rippled pool of memory
That from each smell in widening circles goes,
The pleasure and the pang --can angels measure it?
An angel has no nose.

The nourishing of life, and how it flourishes
On death, and why, they utterly know; but not
The hill-born, earthy spring, the dark cold bilberries.
The ripe peach from the southern wall still hot
Full-bellied tankards foamy-topped, the delicate
Half-lyric lamb, a new loaf's billowy curves,
Nor porridge, nor the tingling taste of oranges.
—An angel has no nerves.

Far richer they! I know the senses' witchery
Guards us like air, from heavens too big to see;
Imminent death to man that barb'd sublimity
And dazzling edge of beauty unsheathed would be.
Yet here, within this tiny, charmed interior,
This parlour of the brain, their Maker shares
With living men some secrets in a privacy
Forever ours, not theirs.

Wednesday 24 October 2018

A Question of Balance and C. S. Lewis

The hand of God is where we least expect it. So it is when God touches the heart of those who have wandered away from Christ. Yet God's "questions" keep flooding our minds and hearts until we answer either with a yes, or a no. 

The song "Question", truly is prophetic when we reflect that when written, the young man in question had fallen away from Christianity. 

Yet years later, picking up "Mere Christianity", by C. S. Lewis, led Justin Hayward back to Jesus Christ: "to safely lead me to, the land that I once knew, to learn as we grow old, the secrets of our soul". 

Looking back, the depth of Christianity in the words of this song are palpable. Without doubt, this is Hayward's greatest song. Why? Simply because he is craving Our Lord.   

The answer to every question is always Our Lord Jesus Christ. 

The original song, may be listened to here. Please go and buy the album. Try to obtain a vinyl copy, which is vastly superior to any CD version. 

Sunday 21 October 2018



Tomorrow, October 22, VOTE for TERESA as
Trustee on the Toronto Catholic District School Board!

TERESA LUBINSKI is the ONLY candidate in Ward 4 who will:
  • defend your child's God given right to receive a Catholic education
  • defend parent's rights as the first educators of their children
  • defend Catholic education from attacks from special interest groups
  • defend the right of Catholics to teach the Faith and morality WITHOUT STATE interference

TERESA LUBINSKI is the ONLY candidate in Ward 4 who believes:

  • that the Wynne radical sex-education program has NO place in the classroom
  • that gender ideology has NO place in the classroom
  • that State-sponsored attacks on Catholic morality in our schools must STOP
  • that the State has NO right telling Catholics how to educate their children 

In Teresa's own words: 

"I am a practicing Catholic who lives the faith in my family and community life. I am an active parishioner, along with my husband Mark and our children"

"I have a knowledge of and vested interest in the TCDSB. My husband Mark and I are parents of two children in Catholic school system and two at university"

"I have the necessary professional skills and experience gained as an owner of a successful business providing educational activities for children. In addition, I have more than 11 years of administrative experience"

For further information, please visit Teresa's website and Facebook Page

Friends, we have a solemn obligation to defend our children and young people's right to receive a Catholic education that is free from State interference!

Teresa is the  ONLY PRO-LIFE and PRO-FAMILY candidate !!!

Pope Benedict XVI: 
First and foremost every Catholic educational institution is a place to encounter the living God who in Jesus Christ reveals his transforming love and truth (cf. Spe Salvi, 4). This relationship elicits a desire to grow in the knowledge and understanding of Christ and his teaching. In this way those who meet him are drawn by the very power of the Gospel to lead a new life characterized by all that is beautiful, good, and true; a life of Christian witness nurtured and strengthened within the community of our Lord’s disciples, the Church....


Tuesday 16 October 2018

Archbishop Vigano: Do we follow Christ or the Crowd?

Archbishop Carlo Maria Vigano, in a Sermon on Palm Sunday in 2013, warned Catholics about crying our Hosanna one minute, but betraying Christ the next. We become lost in our passions, our foolishness, our blindness, and give ourselves over to what seems acceptable just for the present...following the  Crowd. But real Love is truly meaningful and permanent. Our love of Christ must be constant and persistent, spoke the Archbishop. 

I must examine myself, where I have failed and where I can improve. Each and every day should be a constant struggle to follow Christ and not join the "Crowd".  Slowly this "Crowd" is getting larger and larger: not only from those who have openly abandoned Christianity, but also from those who claim to love Him.

Please continue to pray for Archbishop Vigano, pray for the Church, and pray for the Pope! "And Peter, going out, wept bitterly" (Luke 22:62).

Saturday 13 October 2018

"There will be no acceptance of perversion" ~ thousands protest "LGBT" parade in Poland

Thousands of Polish Catholic patriots turned out today to counter-protest a few hundred "LGBT" activists in the city of Lublin, who were parading in a so-called "equality" march. Pray that next year the city, and indeed all of Poland, will not permit that which has no right to propaganda. 

Pray that this spirit of resistance to those who wish to destroy the family, will spread to the decadent "West", where the "LGBT" so-called "gay liberation" movement is protected by the State and allowed to pour its propaganda and poison into the souls of innocent children. 

Readers will be especially pleased to know that real Catholic priests were actually involved in the counter-protests, inspiring and encouraging the lay faithful to defend Christian civilization. 

Please pray for Poland, and your country of origin.  

Sunday 7 October 2018

Catholic Education Crisis: TCDSB elections in Toronto is about the fight for the souls of our children !


In a few weeks time Catholics will have an opportunity to elect Trustees who will stand up for the Faith against an increasingly aggressive, anti-Christian, secular world. 

The stakes of this election are not monetary, logistical, or a debate about pedagogy per se. 

The stakes are the souls of children. 

Therefore, Catholics are bound before God to elect only those, who uphold, without equivocation, the entirety of the Catholic Faith. For, as St. Augustine warned Catholics of his day, to abandon one doctrine, one actually abandons all doctrine. 

But all is not lost for Catholic parents in Ward Four, where I live.  

We DO have an excellent candidate: 

Teresa Lubinski is pro-life, pro-family and pro-Catholic education. 

Please visit her Facebook page. 

"I am a practicing Catholic who lives the faith in my family and community life. I am an active parishioner, along with my husband Mark and our children."

Dear friends and parents of true Catholic education, support Teresa!

Consider the possible alternative: 

Diana Alpeza is a Liberal Party activist, and donor ($1548.00 - see below - is just one of many examples). Her Party affiliation is not mentioned on any of her literature. When I spoke with her and asked her whether she was affiliated with any political party, she was very evasive, and refused to answer. (Why, if you have nothing to hide? In point of fact, Alpeza has a long history of donating and working for Liberals, including the failed Provincial Liberal Party candidate, Sylvia Watson, when the latter was a Toronto City Councillor). Strike One. 

Diana Alpeza's $1548.00 donation to the Liberal Party 

When I asked her what the issues concerning Catholic education were, especially given the youth do not know their Faith, her replies were completely secular. Strike Two.

She claimed we had to go along with the State's edicts about our schools. I informed her that going along with State ideology that is against the Catholic Faith is acquiescing to fascism. She was speechless and looked confused. Strike Three.

Asked what she proposed to do about the pushing of the "LGBT" agenda in our schools, her reply was one of supporting this ideology and not answering my question about upholding Catholic teaching that homosexuality was "intrinsically disordered". Strike Four.

When I again pressed her about belonging to a political party, she again refused to reply, and claimed political allegiance was irrelevant. I countered that it is absolutely relevant, because one's ideology will influence one's activity at the School Board. Strike Five. 

I then explained this by challenging her on active Liberal membership, support and why she was involved in the 2014 Election campaign, as a campaign writer, for a Party that included  euthanasia and marijuana in its Platform. Again, she was silent. Strike Six. 

When I revealed to her that I knew about her very substantial donation of $1548.00 to the militantly pro-abortion, pro-"LGBT", pro-euthanasia, pro-marijuana, Liberal Party, she ended the conversation and departed hurriedly.  

Alpeza also donated $250 to the 2014 Federal Election campaign of Liberal  candidate Ivan Luksic. 

Recent donations by Alpeza to both the Federal and Provincial Liberals

Luksic has been identified by Campaign Life Coalition as pro-abortion. It should be noted that all new candidates for the Liberal Party of Canada were required to be pro-abortion. 

The contrast in candidates could never be bolder. 

That is why is it VERY IMPORTANT that Catholics get out and VOTE for TERESA LUBINSKI. 

Thursday 4 October 2018

Kavanaugh: It is ALL about ABORTION

Friends, as you watch the orchestrated protests, keep in mind that it is ALL about ABORTION. 

Behind the hysteria, the manipulation, the lies, is Satan. 

Abortion is human sacrifice. 

Abortion advocate, Chuck Schumer, Senator for New York, admits the truth: it is ALL ABOUT ABORTION.  

Tuesday 2 October 2018

Will you fly too high into Modernism, or swoop too low towards Schism?

Music soothes the savage soul, be it the soul of a deluded Modernist, or a crazed schismatic "traditionalist". 

Be warned friends: as the crisis in the Church worsens, you will be tempted into schismatic dissidence. You will be tempted to leave the Church, and throw in with Satan. 

Pray and do penance. These are our weapons.... Do not be deluded that YOU can save the Church. No, Pope, no bishop, no priest can save the Church. The Church has been saved by Our Lord on the Cross.  

Christ is in absolute total control over His Church. Do you have faith that the gates of Hell will not prevail? 

Then "tune out" from the social media hysteria, the lies, the nonsense and foolishness. 

Get to daily Mass, That would be a start, would it not?