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Wednesday, 24 October 2018

A Question of Balance and C. S. Lewis

The hand of God is where we least expect it. So it is when God touches the heart of those who have wandered away from Christ. Yet God's "questions" keep flooding our minds and hearts until we answer either with a yes, or a no. 

The song "Question", truly is prophetic when we reflect that when written, the young man in question had fallen away from Christianity. 

Yet years later, picking up "Mere Christianity", by C. S. Lewis, led Justin Hayward back to Jesus Christ: "to safely lead me to, the land that I once knew, to learn as we grow old, the secrets of our soul". 

Looking back, the depth of Christianity in the words of this song are palpable. Without doubt, this is Hayward's greatest song. Why? Simply because he is craving Our Lord.   

The answer to every question is always Our Lord Jesus Christ. 

The original song, may be listened to here. Please go and buy the album. Try to obtain a vinyl copy, which is vastly superior to any CD version. 

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Dorie said...

Justin Hayward is among the finest poets of his generation; his words set to the music he also composes. A very good, thoughtful interview here: http://www.revue-critique-de-fixxion-francaise-contemporaine.org/rcffc/article/view/fx05.17/731