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Sunday, 28 October 2018

Will the RICO Investigation rip the mask off the Archdiocese of Toronto and Southdown Institute?

"Time seems to stand quite still. In a child's world, it always will".  

Our Lord Jesus Christ loved children. He even admonished his disciples for trying to keep children from Him. Our Lord also warned, that those who took advantage of children - for these it would be better if they had never been born. 

Our holy Popes have always - following Our Blessed Saviour - loved children, protected children. How St. Pope John Paul II loved children! 

Do you remember when you were a child? How time seemed to stand still? How school never seemed to end? How you waited for the summer break? 

Yes, time does indeed stands still for a child. How, never ending it must be for a child, for a youth abused. The child is trapped forever, - FOREVER - in the experience of abuse. Again, and again reliving the horror of sexual molestation at the hands of - yes, a man who should be a living example of Jesus. 

How even more never ending it must be for those abused by one who claims to represent Jesus Christ, True God and True Man. Every day, the victim must live with the reality that someone who was to be and represent holiness, actually was evil, and represented the devil.

There is nothing more horrifying, more evil, than child abuse. Nothing. 

Little boys: "... cowboys fighting out a duel..." 

Little girls: " ... her palace is an orange box..."

Please pray for these victims.

Please pray for our children, who are being abused by Judas priests. 

Please pray for Youth, who have just been abused by Judas priests. 

Please pray for adults, who live in time that "stands quite still""; who were abused by Judas priests years, perhaps decades ago.... 

Pray also for priests who are holy, who are too are victims of these abusers. Every day, holy, faithful priests arise to live with in the shadow of these Judas priests. Pray for them, and support them.  

Please pray for the authorities in the United States who are in the process of beginning to activate the RICO Statues. 

We, in Canada, should be thankful to our American cousins. The RICO Statues also cover crimes committed across international borders. It is only a matter of time, as the criminal proceedings in the US begin, when it will be exposed how deeply the Archdiocese of Toronto is involved in the crimes in the United States. People will be shocked. 

Have you heard of the Southdown Institute? Where they send child molesters to be "rehabilitated" and then sent onto another parish? Either in Canada, or back to the USA? If you have not, you soon will. 

Have you heard how American molesters are sent to Canada, and Canadian molesters are sent to the USA? You soon will, when trials begin in the United States, with bishops, Cardinals and priests going to jail by the score. 

The Archdiocese of Toronto, in the next few years, is going to have a very different reputation. It will be known for habouring and hiding sexual predators. The question remains is: when the authorities come, will they have destroyed all the evidence? 

Is it not time that the RCMP launch an investigation into child abuse, the covering up of child abuse in dioceses all across Canada? 

St. Pope John Paul, you are standing in the window of the Father's House blessing the courageous men and women who will seek justice for the victims. 

Pray, dear Holy Father, that these men and women fulfill their duty before God and Man. 

Pray and bless them to remain constant, to remain resolute in pursuing those who have abused children and youth - all the while claiming to be disciples of Jesus Christ. 

Pray, Holy Father, that the Church be purified from this horror. 

Pray, Holy Father, that God give the Church holy priests, who wish to care for children, and set them upon the path to Heaven. 

+ Amen +


Anonymous said...

Oh Barona , how much did he love children when they were being abused by priests under his watch too?
Pio Laghi was Nuncio in the US and Richard Sipe saw all the abuse reported by Bishops flowing over his desk there too. Sipe tried to do something about it but alas, they chose to avoid public scandal at the price of children's minds ,bodies and souls.
And now? They point fingers at each other ..bishop against Bishop and Cardinal against Cardinal ,just as we were told was in the Third Secret when I was a child and repeated at Akita for a later generation.
.........not a one listened , not even John Paul Two.

Edward Palamar said...

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