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Sunday, 21 October 2018



Tomorrow, October 22, VOTE for TERESA as
Trustee on the Toronto Catholic District School Board!

TERESA LUBINSKI is the ONLY candidate in Ward 4 who will:
  • defend your child's God given right to receive a Catholic education
  • defend parent's rights as the first educators of their children
  • defend Catholic education from attacks from special interest groups
  • defend the right of Catholics to teach the Faith and morality WITHOUT STATE interference

TERESA LUBINSKI is the ONLY candidate in Ward 4 who believes:

  • that the Wynne radical sex-education program has NO place in the classroom
  • that gender ideology has NO place in the classroom
  • that State-sponsored attacks on Catholic morality in our schools must STOP
  • that the State has NO right telling Catholics how to educate their children 

In Teresa's own words: 

"I am a practicing Catholic who lives the faith in my family and community life. I am an active parishioner, along with my husband Mark and our children"

"I have a knowledge of and vested interest in the TCDSB. My husband Mark and I are parents of two children in Catholic school system and two at university"

"I have the necessary professional skills and experience gained as an owner of a successful business providing educational activities for children. In addition, I have more than 11 years of administrative experience"

For further information, please visit Teresa's website and Facebook Page

Friends, we have a solemn obligation to defend our children and young people's right to receive a Catholic education that is free from State interference!

Teresa is the  ONLY PRO-LIFE and PRO-FAMILY candidate !!!

Pope Benedict XVI: 
First and foremost every Catholic educational institution is a place to encounter the living God who in Jesus Christ reveals his transforming love and truth (cf. Spe Salvi, 4). This relationship elicits a desire to grow in the knowledge and understanding of Christ and his teaching. In this way those who meet him are drawn by the very power of the Gospel to lead a new life characterized by all that is beautiful, good, and true; a life of Christian witness nurtured and strengthened within the community of our Lord’s disciples, the Church....


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