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Thursday, 4 October 2018

Kavanaugh: It is ALL about ABORTION

Friends, as you watch the orchestrated protests, keep in mind that it is ALL about ABORTION. 

Behind the hysteria, the manipulation, the lies, is Satan. 

Abortion is human sacrifice. 

Abortion advocate, Chuck Schumer, Senator for New York, admits the truth: it is ALL ABOUT ABORTION.  


Anonymous said...

It is also the rejection of Jesus Christ, i.e. the anti Christs. Since He is the way, the truth and the life, those who are against Him embrace the lie and death/destruction.

TLM said...

Indeed the truth prevails. They actually do proclaim the truth of their 'hysterical madness' if we are wise enough to just listen carefully. Abortion is a Luciferian Sacrifice, and the thought of curtailing it even in the slightest sends the demonically influenced into a complete hysterically violent frenzy. Yes, this Kavanaugh character assassination was all about saving their Satanic Sacrifice. No doubt whatsoever about it!

AMalek said...

Abortion, and more immeditely the military tribunals...