Sunday, 26 June 2022

EMANUEL JAQUES: Toronto's little saint of purity

It was July 29, 1977 when 12 year old Emanuel Jaques was abducted and tortured for over 12 hours by four homosexual sadists. [warning graphic content]. 

Having raped and tortured Emanuel for half a day, the monsters murdered Emanuel by holding his head in a kitchen sink filled with urine. 

Yes, urine. 


Torture, sadism, perversion, abuse...

This is homosexual depravity at it demonic, satanic conclusion

St. John Chrysostom wrote about this great evil, its causes and effects. 

Emanuel, a Catholic, had recently immigrated to Canada with his family from Portugal. I have written about Emanuel before, and will continue to do so. It is indeed scandalous that Emanuel is forgotten by the local Church. 

Holy Cross Cemetery in north Toronto,
where Emanuel's mortal remains are buried

I call upon the Archdiocese of Toronto to declare Emanuel "venerable".  

Today, in downtown Toronto, a so-called "gay pride parade" will be staged. A degenerate hoard ("hell appearing before its time" St. John Chrysostom) will gather to blaspheme God and His creation ("male and female He created them" Gn 1:27) and to "celebrate" sexual perversion. We cannot forget that many - if not most - of the homosexuals come from broken families, have suffered abuse in their childhood. Far worse than these sad people are the hedonistic non-homosexuals who cheer them on, who encourage them in their sin. But perhaps even worse than these reprobates are the silent bishops and clergy; who, if not encouraging and/or excusing this evil, just sit quietly by and allow this attack on God, the family to proceed without a word. Just as they have sat for decades in virtual silence on the scourge of abortion, allowing over 2 million Canadian babies to be butchered.
While this demonically inspired orgy takes place let us not forget that one of Emanuel's murderers is out on partial parole in B.C. This is how much children are "valued" in our society. But how could they be valued when children are dragged off to be exposed and abused by the horror of drag queens?

Let us turn to Emanuel in prayer. Let us pray that through his death, graces will be accepted by homosexuals who will repent and turn away from sin. 

Let us now once again implore Emanuel to pray for us and for the conversion of homosexuals.

Emanuel Jaques, pray for us. 
"To all homosexuals we say: Peace, Hope, and Joy in your daily pursuit of chastity and holiness. God be with you! May you always keep in your hearts the words of St. Paul, 'You are not called to immorality but to holiness' ".  
Very Rev. Mgr. Vincent Foy 

Friday, 24 June 2022

With the striking down of Roe v. Wade a Window of Grace is opened for America


Today is a day that will go down in history and be remembered long after Dec 6th, 1941 is forgotten, for today is the first step in striking down a far greater infamy: the mass murder of the preborn on an industrial scale. 

June 24, 2022 will go down as one of the most important dates of history. It already is the most important date in the entire history of the United States. 

The monumental clash began as Donald Trump was hounded from the moment he declared his candidacy; the forces of evil knew what the election was about: abortion. 

We can never understand the mysterious power of prayer and sacrifice, from which graces may come centuries after the fact. Take Donald Trump's honouring St. Thomas Beckett. In the eyes of God, honouring His martyr resulted in graces distributed across the centuries. The public honouring of St. John Paul II, the indefatigable foe of abortion, also resulted in the pouring down of graces. So too was the heroic pastoral care of the late, saintly Bishop Robert Morlino, who death no doubt was a holy sacrifice to God for the salvation of souls and the spread of the Gospel.

So it was that the hand of God removed to judgment an evil Supreme Court Justice allowing President Trump to nominate his third pro-life candidate. 

Today we see the results of "small things"; seemingly little gestures of honouring God's saints resulted in a flood of grace, a window of opportunity that God still is giving America a chance to repent and reverse course before a chastisement. The forces of darkness will not rest: the explosion of evil is there to see. The reaction to this ruling should alert us to the fact that most world "leaders" - from the twisted Boris Johnson, to the narcissistic, Justin Trudeau. Let there be no mistake: to lament this ruling in favour of life reveals these men are diabolical, under the influence of Satan: through their smiles and platitudes we see men diabolically oppressed. And what can be said of Joe Biden? Who today gave, without question, the most evil speech a US President has ever given. This malignant reprobate is on the attack against life. Let us redouble of prayers and sacrifices! As St. Paul wrote "where evil abounds, grace did more abound". (Rm 5:20).  



Let us therefore redouble our prayers. May God, through the intercession of Sts. Thomas Beckett and John Paul II pour out His graces upon Donald John Trump.

Wednesday, 22 June 2022

"Pray the Mass" (1940) - The Traditional Latin Mass Explained

For the reader's gentle edification. 

The commentary is by Ven. Fulton Sheen, the late Archbishop of Newport, Wales - not of New York.

Praises of the Virgin

We reprint a section from the Aurora, a verse paraphrase and commentary on the Latin Bible which was used as a textbook during the medieval period. It was written by Petrus Riga. This section concerns praises of the Blessed Virgin. Credit to Canticum Salomonus for the text.

Praises of the Blessed Virgin Mary

Wrought in the Language of Scripture

She was the Ark,[1] Noe’s dove,[2] Moses’ bush,[3] Aaron’s staff,[4]

Jacob’s ladder,[5] Joseph’s seven sheaths of grain,[6]

The cloud raining Manna,[7] the rock gushing an abundant Stream,[8]

The Serpent’s healing pole,[9]

David’s sling bearing the Stone that struck the enemy,[10]

 Bethlehem’s spring, for whose water David thirsted,[11]

Solomon’s throne made of flashing white ivory,[12]

The scallop shell wet with Dew by Gedeon’s work,[13]

The amber vessel which the prophet saw in the fire,[14]

The ever-closed door in the Lord’s house,[15]

The lamp that gleams brighter than the seven other lights

Which Zacharias saw,[16] a blooming olive,[17]

One of the two staves, which is called Beauty,[18]

The earth spawning the worm which killed Jonas’s shade,[19]

The woman clothed with the sun’s brightness, her head adorned

By a gleaming crown of twelve stars.[20]

Let us go over each of the sentences I have just now gathered about the Virgin

In order; our errant speech seeks a plain path.

May the Golden Virgin gild this writer’s pen,

So that elegant order might grace our speech.

Mary was the Ark, wherein seed was saved;

She rules, saves, and covers her own.

She was a dove: like a dove’s eyes,

Simple, meek, with no gall of evil.[1] 

She is Moses’ burning bush: the fire does not harm the bush,

No lust touched the Virgin’s beauty.

The Virgin is the staff: without a bud that staff bore

Flowers, and without a man she bore God.

She is Jacob’s ladder, whose prayer, intercession,

And example lead you up to the stars of heaven.

She was at once Joseph’s seven sheaves and his store-house, who

Conceived by the Holy Ghost, as mother of the Sacred Bread.

This cloud gives manna, this rock water, when she bears Him

Who was heavenly Food and the Fount of everlasting water.

The Virgin was the pole that raised that Serpent

That saved us, harboring no venom.

The sling David bore, which bore the Stone that bore into the enemy’s brow:

The Virgin bore God, who killed the evil enemy.

She is Bethlehem’s spring, which the king thirsted for, because

In the House of Bread[21] she gave birth to the Bread of Heaven.

When the scallop shell brims with Dew removed from the sodden fleece,

Judea rejoices; the Virgin brims with God.

She is Solomon’s ivory throne, the seat of chastity,

Made God’s chair, white as ivory.

She is the vessel of amber, gleaming with silver, beaming with gold,

When she gives birth to him who is God and man.

The door stays closed because no man could cross

Its threshold: the Virgin conceived without a man.

She is the lamp which seven lights surrounded,

Shining and full of Christ’s seven-fold gift;

She is also the blooming olive because she is light, food, remedy—

Light to the blind, food to the poor, remedy to sinners;

She is also the beautiful staff because the Virgin exceeds the sun’s light

And all heaven’s candles in her beauty.

Earth creates the worm, withering the ivy, because the Virgin

Bore Christ, who cast down the teary Synagogue.

As for the woman bright like the sun and crowned with twelve stars:

I think the stars were the twelve disciples.

Such a beloved Virgin, so noble, was born into the world,

At her rising, light dawned upon our sinful race.

[1] Genesis 6:14–22.

[2] Genesis 7:8–12.

[3] Exodus 3:2.

[4] Numbers 17.

[5] Genesis 28:11–16.

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[7] Exodus 16.

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[16] Zacharias 4.

[17] Ecclesiasticus 24:19.

[18] Zacharias 11:7.

[19] Jonas 4:7.

[20] Apocalypse 12:1.

[21] The meaning of “Bethlehem.”

Monday, 20 June 2022



"PRIDE is not a thing that can be destroyed by a single stroke of the sword. One has to put it to death every day. 

PRIDE is self-love. To deny oneself all the time, there you have a good way of killing pride: to starve it out". 

St. Elizabeth of the Trinity

Tuesday, 7 June 2022

Martyrdom in Nigeria

On Pentecost Sunday, St. Francis Xavier Church in Owo, Owo State Nigeria was attacked and 50 people lost their lives, according to later reports.

Eternal rest grant unto them, and may perpetual light since upon them. May the souls of the faithfully departed, though the Mercy of God, rest in peace. Amen.

An official release on the attack by the diocese of Ondo is below, although without numbers.

This was brought to my attention by a friend of mine on Facebook.

I was deliberate in my use of the word Martyrdom in the title of this post. Martyrdom is something freely chosen. Here, in the West, we don't associate a choice to go to Mass with Martyrdom. However, in places such as Nigeria, going to Mass is taking the chance that one will be killed that day. No matter where one is in the world, going to Mass is a political statement. Every time you Adore Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ (Blessed be His Name forever!) in the Mass through the mere act of kneeling, you are saying this is what you believe in at the cost at everything else. It is inherently political, as you stake your very being on the Mass. You choose to go to Mass, and it is understood that when you kneel, you are saying something with that choice. In Nigeria - and elsewhere - that choice comes with it a risk of dying each time you go to Mass. Hence, my use of the word Martyrdom.

Hearing of this atrocity - and others - in Nigeria and other countries puts a lot of my concerns and worries in perspective. 

I wrote the other day about the enshrinement of Pride Month in Catholic institutions. To be fair, this is a concern relevant to my time and place. However, looking at this in light of the violence in Nigeria makes me realize how it pales in comparison to the bodily dangers ordinary Catholic folk in Nigeria face everyday. The Pride discussion comes across as too academic in this light - it is, since I can at least put it aside if I do not want to think about it. Not so in Nigeria and its threat of violence. Even though I do not know the people who were killed, my heart Loves them all the more and all of those who experience the threat of violence in their country for simply being Catholic.

Lord, make my heart like unto Thine.

Monday, 6 June 2022

D-Day: June 6, 1944. May we NEVER forget

Seventy eight ago, this very day, the Allies stormed ashore upon the Normandy Beaches... may we never forget their incredible sacrifice.

Eternal rest grant unto them, O Lord, and may perpetual light shine upon the them. May the souls of the faithfully departed, through the mercy of God rest in peace. Amen.

Last year, the Prince of Wales opened a memorial to fallen British veterans. 

Address of H.M. King George VI on D-Day, 6 June 1944

Four years ago our Nation and Empire stood alone against an overwhelming enemy with our backs to the wall. Tested as never before in our history, in God's Providence we survived that test.

The spirit of the people, resolute, dedicated, burnt like a bright flame lit surely from those unseen fires which nothing can quench.

Once more a supreme test has to be faced. This time the challenge is not to fight to survive, but to fight to win the final victory for the good cause. Once again what is demanded from us all is something more than courage, more than endurance. We need the revival of spirit, the new unconquerable resolve.

After nearly five years of toil and suffering we must renew that crusading impulse on which we entered the war and met its darkest hour.

We and our allies are sure that our fight is against evil and for a world in which goodness and honour may be the foundation of the life of men in every land.

That we may be worthily matched with these new summons of destiny I desire solemnly to call my people to prayer and dedication.

We are not unmindful of our own shortcomings, past and present. We shall ask not that God will do our will, but that we may be enabled to do the will of God.
And we dare to believe that God has used our Nation and Empire as an instrument for fulfilling His high purpose.

I hope that throughout the present crisis of the liberation of Europe there may be offered us earnest, continuous and widespread prayer.

We, who remain in this land, can most effectively enter into the suffering of subjugated Europe by prayer. Whereby we can fortify determination of our sailors, soldiers and airmen who go forth to set the captives free.

The Queen joins with me in sending you this message. She well understands the anxieties and cares of our womenfolk at this time. And she knows that many of them will find, as she does herself, fresh strength and comfort in such waiting upon God.

She feels that many women will be glad in this way to keep vigil with their men as they man the ships, storm the beaches and fill the skies.

At this historic moment surely not one of us is too busy, too young, or too old to play a part in a nationwide, a worldwide vigil of prayer as the great Crusade sets forth.

If from every place of worship, from home and factory, from men and women of all ages and many races and occupations, our intercessions rise, then, please God, both now and in the future not remote, the predictions of an ancient song may be fulfilled: "The Lord will give strength unto His people, the Lord will give His people the blessing of peace."


Saturday, 4 June 2022

A sad time of year - but it doesn't have to be

Readers of this space - new and old - will understand that Toronto Catholic Witness has spoken out against Pride Month, sodomy, and all of the horrible addendums which come with the promotion of homosexuality, both inside and outside of the Church.

Which is why June is something of a sad time of year.

In Catholic understanding, June is the month devoted to the Sacred Heart of Our Lord Jesus Christ - Blessed be His Name forever! June is also the month where it is most likely we will be seeing Corpus Christi processions, pilgrimages to the great Catholic sites in the Northern Hemisphere, and this is the month where the calendar becomes filled with saints such as SS. Peter and Paul, S. Marcellinus and many others. All in all, June is a spectacular month.

In light of all this, it is sad to see all of that thrown away in favour of something that is not only recently made, but unnecessary and promotes sin to boot. (Sin that Our Lord came to cleanse man from via His Precious Blood on the Cross.) It is sad to see Catholic institutions across Ontario promote this. Longtime readers will remember that we have spoken against this troubling tendency in the Toronto Catholic school board. 

The sadness comes not just from the fact His Sacred Heart is ignored, and that Catholic people promote Pride Month. It also comes from the fact that the core tenet of Pride (Sodomy) Month is based on a lie. One is not born a homosexual. Readers of history will understand that homosexual tendencies have been present throughout civilization - it is just how it is seen now that is new. In the past, it was understood that such attraction did not fit with the grand scheme of things, and so it was not widely known abroad. Now, it is for everyone to know. Following Blessed Paul, we boast of our weakness, not our sin.

If there are any readers here who are struggling with same-sex attractions, please know that there is hope. You are not bereft. If you are caught in the grips of acting on your same-sex attractions, please go to Confession. Avail yourselves of God's just mercy - He is waiting for you to come to Him. He does not want to see you without hope. Throw yourself in to Christ's arms and He will take care of you. It will be a hard road, filled with heartache and sacrifice and suffering. I will not lie to you. But it is worth it, more than you may know.

June is a sad time of year - but it doesn't have to be. Confession and engaging with His Sacred Heart are only two helps in making it a happier month.

Friday, 3 June 2022

Cardinal Collins waves forward the Sunday obligation - and Irenaeus writes a personal apology

I missed an important tidbit of information on Wednesday: Cardinal Collins has brought back the Sunday obligation.

The announcement is below.

It’s news to me. I was unaware the Sunday obligation had been suspended for almost 27 months. As far as I was aware, the obligation had been in force since July 2020.

Credit where credit is due, I suppose. Cardinal Collins has exercised his authoritative powers.

In full disclosure, since I was rather public about it, I never should have advocated for the shuttering of the churches as loudly as I did at the start of the pandemic. (See my posts in March 2020.) Authority is very important in the Church. There is no question of that for me. Just ask my parish priest. But I do wonder if my attitude – akin to so many of my contemporaries and elders – helped along His Eminence’s learned helplessness, as it were. Did my attitude strengthen His Eminence’s conviction that closing the churches was the right thing to do? Should I have taken a different stance? I suspect I know the answer. I am sorry, dear reader, for misleading you. It was not my intention. I know I cannot take back what I said and wrote. Please forgive me.


Sunday Mass Obligation

Posted : Jun-01-2022

On March 13, 2020, Cardinal Collins issued a communication to the faithful of this archdiocese indicating that it was necessary to cancel public celebrations of the Eucharist on the coming Sunday, stating: “For this weekend and any other which may be required, I grant the faithful dispensation from their Sunday obligation.”

Given that most of the health and safety restrictions in our parishes are no longer in place and the faithful are able to attend the celebration of the Eucharist once again, the basis for the dispensation from the Sunday obligation has dissipated and is no longer in effect.

The Church does not obligate people to do the impossible. If individuals, based on their conscience, cannot attend Mass for a grave reason, including a great vulnerability to COVID-19 or because they are self-isolating to limit the spread of illness, then they are excused from their Sunday obligation, as the law of the Church allows.

After two years of COVID-19 restrictions, many have been deprived of the opportunity to attend Mass and to receive the most Holy Eucharist and all of us have missed the opportunity to experience community, including members of our parishes. As we come to the celebration of Pentecost this weekend, we invite and encourage the faithful to return to the practice of attending Mass in-person.