Saturday, 28 July 2018

The Diabolical and Homosexuality

"And thus not only was their doctrine Satanical, but their life too was diabolical"
St. John Chrysostom 

How could men of God not discern the aura of evil that surrounded Theodore McCarrick? 

One angle to this entire McCarrick situation is the diabolical. Fr. Z noted that Theodore McCarrick was a horrible liar. In fact, so fiendish were McCarrick's lies that the priest from Madison points out that they were "nothing short of diabolical". 

In Sacred Scripture, the Prophet Moses, St. Paul and St. Jude condemn homosexuality as an abomination before Almighty God. Church Father, St. John Chrysostom warned us of the demonic aspect of homosexuality. Let there be no mistake: homosexuality is especially diabolical. It mocks God's creation, it directly profanes the Sacrament of Marriage, and mocks the sanctity of the Marital Act. It attacks martial unity, the family, and life. It attacks and blasphemes the Love and Unity of the Blessed Trinity. 

St. Paul and St. Jude link homosexuality with godlessness. St. John Chrysostom describes homosexuality as "hell appearing before its time". 

Yet, this grave satanic evil has entered into the Church, into the very priesthood. It has turned these debased men into modern day Judases, and they, in turn are trying to turn the Catholic Church into "a den of thieves", with themselves as servants of Baal. 

What could be so funny in the presence of a man of such evil?   

One other question remains. Perhaps some of you have experienced it. In the presence of someone who is evil you feel it, you just know there is something wrong. 

How is it that so many churchmen - so they keep claiming - never suspected, never had this feeling; this impression that they were in the presence of a man possessed by evil? We are now speaking of bishops. Men, who - presumably - are saying Mass every day, the Breviary, daily meditation, a Holy Hour, administering the Sacraments through visiting the sick, the disabled, spending time with the poor. Strangely, men who devote so much of their days to prayer and charitable works, were unable to feel the aura of overwhelming evil around McCarrick. In fact, McCarrick was billed on Fr. Thomas Rosica's Salt and Light as a "A tireless leader who has helped the poor and disenfranchised, the Cardinal has sought justice and promoted peace". How is it possible for such an eminent churchman to not detect pure evil? Even worse: how was it that Pope Francis did not detect the evil emanating from this horror? 

We are told, not one, NOT ONE suspected. Interesting. Not one - so they claim - felt he was in the presence of evil. Strange. Very, very strange

Let us conclude with total trust in Christ. He is in complete control of His Church. He is allowing this as a scourge and punishment for infidelity of most Catholics. God is a jealous God. He wants all or nothing. For decades, far too many Catholics, wanted to just turn up in church on a Sunday, and then go back home for the rest of the week and live "pagan-lite". Well, God will not be mocked. 

There is something we can all do. Our Lord commands us to pray for the salvation of souls, even for our enemies, even for those who are His enemies. Let us therefore firstly, pray for the victims, that they be given peace and healing. Let us pray that the criminal infiltrators repent, convert and expose the homosexual network as a beginning towards reparation. Evil as McCarrick is, the graces are there - just like they were there for Judas - to repent and convert. On his decision, hangs his eternity. 


TLM said...

"How is it that so many Churchmen didn't suspect?" Well, because they are all cut out of the same 'cloth' pardon the pun. The Church is now permeated with predator protecting feminized men who call themselves 'Bishops' and 'Cardinals'. The nickname for McCarrick is 'Blanche' according to seminarians, and they call Wuerl 'Donna'. These people are no more Bishops and Cardinals than you or I are.

Fr. VF said...

Here is a bishop who was proud to proclaim that he could not tell the difference between a pro-life candidate and an abortion fanatic. He even ridicules those who can tell the difference. Surely he is an example of the kind of spiritually blind bishop who could detect no evil in McCarrick.

Anonymous said...

The answer lies right there in the quote of St. Chrysostom. These men have no faith and as such are not members of the Church. If ever they were bishops, cardinals or priests, they once put themselves outside the Church by adopting the apostate doctrines of the devil. As such, all of their actions have been null and void. This is the frightful reality of the situation of that which most call "the Church" today. It is the teaching of the true Church, which has been eclipsed for many years now, replaced by a counterfeit church, an entirely new religion containing new everything. Frightful times indeed.

Anonymous said...

Here is a comment worth thinking about........

Dave how do you justify your accusation of Donatism when we must have Proper Intention to receive a sacrament validly?
As vox rightly pointed out annulments are conferred on those who
have a Sacramental marriage minus Proper Intention. Do you really think a seminarian who is an active sodomite recruited into the priesthood by a homosexual Rector or vocation Director has the Proper Intention to validly receive the Sacrament of Holy Orders?
I spoke to a retired priest Canon Lawyer on this very same subject years ago. His answer was that it appears the Vatican must redefine Proper Intention.
Donatism was the judgement the priest in mortal sin could not confect the Sacrament NOT that he was even a valid priest lacking Proper Intention for the Sacrament of Ordination.
Again how can a committed sodomite have Proper Intention to be a celibate priest? Why would one with the right Intention place himself in the near occasion of sin if he is a Believer?

Kathleen1031 said...

Anonymous got it right. These men do not hold the faith. There is only one reason why we would see so many homosexuals or men covering for homosexuals as priests and bishops. It is because many of them are, or they choose to have a career and look the other way, they are hirelings. Not only that, these men are often the worst dissidents, the ones constantly promoting Marxism or outright Communism. Look at the USCCB, Communist, they are all rabid members of the Democrat party, the party of LGBT and abortion. There is nothing Catholic or even Christian about it.
There has been nothing explanatory about why our "pope" and his henchmen are so determined to fill Europe and the entire West with Muslims. From a historical and practical standpoint it makes no sense whatsoever, yet they do it. They have used the faith to guilt gullible Catholics into welcoming an obviously violent and hostile aggressor into formerly Christian lands. Two reasons why, the faith, Christendom, the flock, mean absolutely nothing to them, and, they are being paid great sums to encourage the invasion.
These men are Satan in robes.

Liam Ronan said...

"If Satan is divided against himself, how can his kingdom stand?" Luke 11:18 They are not divided at all. They are members of the mystical body of evil