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Friday, 12 October 2018

Toronto Elementary Catholic Teachers come out promoting the "LGBTQ" agenda !

 "The OECTA leadership have an inadequate and mistaken understanding of their faith"

Cardinal Collins, 2014

Catholic Teachers union a propaganda mouthpiece for homosexual activists

The "gay liberation" agenda is thriving amongst Ontario's Catholic teachers. 

The influence that the Toronto Elementary Catholic Teachers (TECT) wields in  corrupting the souls of innocent young children cannot be underestimated. TECT boasts on its website that it: 

 "represents more than 4,000 elementary teachers who work in the Toronto Catholic District School Board and is the largest unit of the Ontario English Catholic Teachers’ Association (OECTA). Our members are teachers of students in all grades and subjects from Kindergarten to Grade eight throughout the city of Toronto".

TECT is also, "committed to the advancement of the teaching profession and to a vibrant and inclusive publically [sic] funded Catholic school system based on Gospel values [sic]". 
Part of TECT's so-called "values", as we see, is the promotion of homosexual activity, including marching in the "gay pride" parade in Toronto. That sex clubs and the notorious Zanzibar Tavern are official sponsors of the "gay pride" parade is of no concern to these "Catholic" teachers (so much for their hypocritical support of women's rights!). 

"Proud to be a queer Catholic teacher" reads the banner

TECT even sent out a mass email to all teachers to attend the "gay pride" parade. How dare TECT use Catholic tax-payer bought computers to send out "gay" propaganda! 

TECT pushing the "gay pride" parade. 

For all this, not one trustee stood up and denounced TECT. Far too many of the school trustees are not only not opposing the "gay liberation" agenda and gender-ideology, but they are actually collaborators. 

Catholics! Parents! You MUST stand up for YOUR RIGHTS! 

Enough of these fascists imposing their unChristian ideology on your innocent children! And let there be no mistake - these people ARE fascists! 

There will be an election on October 22. Get out and vote!

Everyday for Life, Canada, carries an excellent review of all candidates across Toronto. Please visit and vote accordingly. Please tell your family, friends, Catholic neighbours. Get out there, and protect your children from these abusers. Yes, they ARE abusers. They wish to rape the souls of these innocent children, by pouring spiritual poison into them. 

I live in Ward Four, and Catholics have an excellent candidate. 

Get out and vote for Teresa Lubinski. 

Action Item: 

Please contact Cardinal Collins to let him know your rights as Catholics are being violated by dissenting teachers who reject the Church's teachings. 

tel:416-934-0606, ext. 609
fax :416-934-3452

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