Thursday, 28 July 2022

Some thoughts on a Thursday afternoon


  • The Pope is visiting Canada. I have no inclination to keep up on the news about it. As far as I am concerned, it is a political stunt and that is where I am leaving it.
  • I saw this posted earlier. I did not watch it, as the title turned me right off. I did go into the comments on the video, which has a lot of comments badmouthing others, even grandmothers. This is not right. Each and every time I come across the word "radical traditionalists," or "rad trads," it is always used pejoratively  and comes across as smug. As in, "I'm not like those people." I will concur that there are some issues to discuss - such is the nature of our fallen nature - but I think we can do that discussion without resorting to labels or badmouthing those who came before us.
  • Speaking of speaking badly of others, the same can be said about sedevacantists and like groups. It seems to be a cool thing now to push such folks off to the side or use the descriptor sedevacantist as a pejorative. Let's not do that. Yes, there are some who are off their rocker or spend too much time investigating this or that thing, but they have some smart things to say as a whole. I don't think we should write them off so quickly on account on a few bad apples. Many of the sedevacantists I have encountered are just as reasonable as you and I. They are intelligent and collected. Their response just happens to be an extreme response to an equally extreme situation. Bar their ultimate conclusion, which I don't agree with, I find many sedevacantists' observations  and logic hard to dismiss.
  • When you have a moment, check out Vox Cantoris. He has had some things to say over the past few days.
  • Anne Catherine Emmerich's revelations are a boon to meditation.