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The Toronto Political Machine and the persecution of Toronto Mayor Rob Ford

"Rob Ford is essentially a poke in the eye of Toronto's elites on the part of middle class suburbanites who feel disenfranchised and taken advantage of. Indeed, it is hard to imagine a greater insult to the powers that be than to foist an overweight, football loving, beer swilling mayor on them". Freyr

This is not a political blog, but we do comment on political happenings that pertain to morality. Any move in the direction of fascism is definitely cause for concern; especially if it applies to one's own city. Freyr has commented previously on moves against the democratically elected Mayor Rob Ford by an assortment of media, business, union, special interest groups and city insiders  constituting a sinister clique that we, at Toronto Catholic Witness term the Toronto Political Machine (TPM).

One would gather from the TPM that Mayor Rob Ford is the next worst thing to Adolf Hitler (not Stalin, and certainly not Mao - after all, did not Justin Trudeau recently profess admiration for the latter? In truth, both those despots making Hitler look like a choir boy by comparison). 

But to return to the "evil" Rob Ford. Mayor Ford's "mortal sin" was defeating the eminently politically correct TPM candidate of choice, George Smitherman: Toronto's homosexual and downtown elite poster-boy; the dainty, coke-sniffing, multi-million dollar wasting, former cabinet "super" (as his fellow gays referred to him) minister of the racketeering McGuinty administration. Mr. Ford's unforgivable "sin" was that in defeating Mr. Smitherman, he enabled Torontonians to collectively jab a thumb in the eye to the TPM. The election really was symbolic of an outsider beating the crony insider. Mr. Ford had to be destroyed. 

In fact, from the moment - and even before - Rob Ford declared his candidacy, the TPM  took up an incessant hounding and persecution of the man: he was a "misogynist", a "homophobe", a slob, a football coach.... their media cronies would stalk him at his home, stalk him when he went shopping, stalk, stalk, stalk....and even swear to his face, to mock his weight. But this is OK - because the media belong to the TPM, (which includes the "hip" crowd of pot, cocaine and downtown parties). It's OK for that ever so "dreamy" TPM connected Justin Trudeau (err Justin Sinclair) to be a pot-head; for "super" minister Smitherman to turn his nose into a cocaine Hoover... but Rob with his ghetto crack...he is .... wait for it... he's, he's a SINNER!!!

It was also OK for the sainted Jack Layton (an ex-officio for life leader of the TPM) to be caught out naked by police in a Toronto whorehouse receiving "treatment" from an immigrant Chinese woman. That was dismissed because Jack was "hip". It was a "smear campaign", so the media clique claimed; the upper echelons in the police (TPM adherents) mysteriously suppressed any desire to press charges; yet the other day, Mayor Ford is "disappointing" to "Chief" of Police, Bill Blair (another TPM crony). No, it is you, "Chief" Blair who are truly disappointing: how can you claim moral authority when you permit and acquiesce to your police officers to march in the obscene "Gay Pride" parade, which has public nudity? How can you hold your head up when you were responsible for the very severe violations of civil liberties on King Street following the G20? Resign "Chief" Blair.... it is you who are a disgrace to the City. 

Mayor Ford just doesn't look and act "hip". He's from the suburbs, doesn't attend fancy parties, doesn't mix with the Forest Hill and Rosedale cliques, snubs the "arts" crowd that is forever at the taxpayer trough being good TPM lackeys; he's portly, and at times confrontational, uncouth and rough. He has consumed crack, instead of "hip" coke, drinks vodka, instead of martinis... yes, he is wealthy, but the wrong kind of wealth. He even used his own wealth to pay for office expenses, only to be investigated by City Hall cronies for not spending enough. He doesn't belong to, or acquiesce to, the decades long insider lobby groups and unremitting corruption that exists at City Hall. He doesn't put his hand in the taxpayer's pocket, and he DOES NOT belong to the TPM. 

Toronto City Council, has decided - with TPM acclaim - to initiate a "martini" putsch (as opposed to the beer-swilling mayor) against the elected Mayor's democratic right to be fully Mayor, and the citizens' right to keep or kick out the Mayor according to the democratic process of an election. The TPM thugs have even enlisted the aid of Ontario's corrupt, though marvelously "hip" lesbian Premier (another TPM crony), Kathleen Wynne (presently being actively investigated as a co-conspirator in possible racketeering under the grotesquely corrupt regime of former Premier, the exquisitely decadent Dalton McGunity). 

No better example of the monstrousness hypocrisy of this coupe d'etat against Mayor Ford, is to consider the TPM' s silence and media coverup for  the sickeningly corrupt mayor of London, Ontario, Joe Fontana, who has actually been charged by police with corruption. But, being  an "insider" excuses this man.

This ultimately is not about Rob Ford. He is a side issue: it is about the hijacking of the democratic process by a powerful clique of corrupt politicians belonging to the TPM. What is desperately needed are independent politicians who will oppose the cronyism and corruption of the TPM. We do not need another "consensus" conjuring trick for Mayor (such as the preposterous choice that we were once presented with between David Miller or Barbara Hall); the bandied about "options" from the TPM controlled media, such as Olivia Chow or John Tory is another non-choice. 

Right now, for better or worse, Rob Ford is the face of Democracy. The TPM clique is the face of cronyism and corruption.

Recommended viewing: the TPM at Gay Pride events in Toronto.

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