Since faith is one, it must be professed in all its purity and integrity". Pope Francis/Pope Benedict

Saturday, 30 November 2013

Self-styled commentators on the Papal Apostolic Exhortation obsess with Capitalism, while ignoring societal moral collapse

 "...there resides in Us the right and duty to pronounce with supreme authority upon social and economic matters" 
Pope Pius XI 
Pope Francis brings the hammer down on Liberalist innovators, reiterating
the Magisterial teachings on economics by Popes Leo XIII and Pius XI

It is fascinating to watch various capitalist media outfits (such as the preposterous The Atlantic's attack on the Pope - with the accompanying "sinister" photo of the Pope to prove what a crypto-communist he is!), as well as being joined by a noisy crowd of dissenting neo-con clerics performing mental and verbal handstands in their attempts to interpret and twist the papal statements on so-called trickle-down economics. Consider the article from First Things, and substitute "contraception" for "economics" and you get the subjectivist picture. Think of the evasive Winnipeg Statement as you read it.  Some will think: how can you compare sexual ethics to economic ethics! Precisely my point. The Faith, the Magisterium, Authority is reduced to immanentist subjectivist relativism: this is social modernism in all its ugliness.

These neo-social modernists inform us the problem is the Pope's "statist" mentality; he is affected by "Peronism" etc. Capitalists forget that the Popes denounced social modernism as rigorously as dogmatic modernism. They forget that the voice of the Church has spoken authoritatively on the heresy of Liberalism: be it dogmatic, social, or economic. Capitalism is a by-product of Liberalist political economic theory, and the Church can do no other than to denounce this evil of false liberty. It is no coincidence that these same capitalist-Liberalists glory in the false theory of separation of Church and State. How could they not, since they reject economic policy being subservient to morality; and, by extension, the Church being the sole arbiter of morality (c.f. Immortale Dei)?

This mania for talking money certainly proves Pope Francis' point that we have a serious problem with the idolatry of same. These neo-con Catholic capitalist-Liberalists forget that the Church's criticism of communism was on moral grounds. 

We need to realize that capitalism and socialism are not so much merely economic systems but, ideologies - in essence forms of  "religions" - and that assorted neo-con and champagne-socialist clerics are both  engaging in apostasy (being social modernists) of the worst sort. Within this context, carefully reasoned arguments will not work because we are attacking the "dogma" of capitalism (or, socialism). Within the context of His Holiness' Apostolic Exhortation, neo-con Catholics (liberalists) should try a little harder to re-read the mind of the Church. Conversion is the only way, a change of heart - just consider the evasiveness and obfuscation from the above linked First Things article. Consider the mind-boggling distortions that a George Weigel is capable of; to masquerade as "orthodox", yet be a social modernist - of the "right kind" of course, so as to maintain his "conservative" credentials. Such a man would be rightly silenced during the reign of earlier Popes (c.f. Ubi Arcano, Pius XI). 

For the purposes of this post, lest there be any doubt, I shall quote exclusively from that great Pope, Pius XI (no doubt, dependent from which perspective you view him, either was a crypto-communist or a crypto-fascist) to demonstrate that the mind of the Church has not changed.  

" is, nevertheless, an error to say that the economic and moral orders are so distinct from and alien to each other that the former depends in no way on the latter".  Pius XI

The Catholic Church has always - read the Popes!  - strongly criticized economic forms that debase man and lead to moral decay. 

"Free competition, while justified and certainly useful provided it is kept within certain limits, clearly cannot direct economic life -- a truth which the outcome of the application in practice of the tenets of this evil individualistic spirit has more than sufficiently demonstrated". Pius XI

The Church has always, and will continue to oppose powerful, international money lenders, their lackeys, and the bitter and evil fruits they produce. The Church is opposed to Socialism, and She is also a critic of Capitalism - the product of such theorists as not only the protestant, Smith, but the Jew, Ricardo. In other words, Capitalism is not Catholic. 

"Accordingly, twin rocks of shipwreck must be carefully avoided. For, as one is wrecked upon, or comes close to, what is known as "individualism" by denying or minimizing the social and public character of the right of property, so by rejecting or minimizing the private and individual character of this same right, one inevitably runs into "collectivism" or at least closely approaches its tenets". Pius XI 

Unless this is kept in mind, one is swept from his course upon the shoals of that moral, juridical, and social modernism which We denounced in the Encyclical issued at the beginning of Our Pontificate". Pius XI

The Church values quality over quantity - capitalism values quantity, it reduces the human person to quantification. The Middle Ages were the high water mark of civilization: the powerful guilds though expressing free enterprise, certainly did not reflect capitalism. That cynical scoundrel, Henry VIII, perhaps an early proto-capitalist "baron", put to good use capitalist theory: he, along with his henchmen stole the Church's wealth, impoverished the average Englishman, debased the value of money ("coppernose" Henry), culturally debased the nation--- all activities we are accustomed to seeing committed by voracious contemporary capitalists. 

"an immense power and despotic economic dictatorship is consolidated in the hands of a few..." Pius XI 

As to a critique of socialism - none is needed. Just read the history of Soviet Russia, Nazi Germany (yes, the Nazis were socialists) or Red China.... But the myth that capitalism is some sort of panacea needs to be exposed for the lie it is. 

All of this raises a very good question: where are the priestly rants against immorality, where are the numerous commentaries against familial collapse.....why are neo-con Catholic Liberalists uncomfortably squirming when the Pope denounces social injustice and capitalist oppression? Have they lost the Faith? 

Sadly, too many churchmen just want to talk politics, not religion. If we talked more religion - indeed, actually "lived" religion, the economy would correct itself. Interestingly, the Liberalists clerics not only do they get their economics wrong, but they are also acting as gravediggers of the Church, by ignoring the moral collapse about them. They join hands with the legions of dogmatic neo-modernists Liberalists in attacking our Pope, the Faith, the Magisterium and Apostolic Authority, and in doing so, they do the devil's work. 

"Free competition has destroyed itself; economic dictatorship has supplanted the free market; unbridled ambition for power has likewise succeeded greed for gain; all economic life has become tragically hard, inexorable, and cruel". Pius XI 

This spirit of evil individualism is not isolated to economics, it pervades all of life. It is any wonder that contraception and abortion are so popular in capitalist and socialist economies? Both debase the human person, reducing him or her to a unit, a pawn in the hands of the powerful. 

What is the solution? Let us listen to the words of Stefan Cardinal Wyszynski (The Deeds of Faith, Harper and Row, 1966 p. 68):

Let no one tell you that the crisis of the modern world is a crisis of culture or economics or political organization.These are no more than autumn leaves falling from trees, to be swept away by the winds...We do not need a new civilization, new morals, new economics, new political and social systems. We need new love, new reverence for others, new freedom. 

When I look at the history of social and economic theories, I can no longer agree with the traditional division between capitalism and collectivism. It seems to me there is little to choose between them. The proletariat is still not free. It was set free only once - on the Cross. All that has happened since shows that man does not enjoy the respect of his fellow men. He is still a slave, whether of the State or of wealth. And the shackles are as heavy in either case. The problem needs to be stated clearly: it is the problem of the free man versus the slave. The future belongs to those who can give freedom, inner freedom. We know who did this most effectively - the Father of the world to come, Jesus Christ. And we, his servants, what do we do? 

Sometimes we become deeply involved in inner problems and undertakings. But one chapter of scripture, read with understanding, can give more to the world than the most sophisticated political discourse. Let it therefore be our mission, to preach the word like the Apostles, and to do good among our brothers who are thirsting for love. Let us serve! Let us dare, like John XXIII, to kneel before our brothers and humbly kiss their feet. 

Recommended Reading: Ubi Arcano 
                                           Quadragesimo Anno  


Freyr said...

It is long past time for people to realize that capitalism is not an economic system but a religion and these neocon clerics are engaging in the worst sort of apostasy imaginable.

Freyr said...

I wonder how many will read the pope's letter and allow themselves to be challenged by it? I can already hear echos of "it isn't really infallible".

Barona said...

The road to apostasy is broad, one can travel it chomping on birth control pills, or oppressing the workers. Unrepentant: the end of the road leads to one place: Hell.

Now, take that Fr. Barron !!!

Barona said...

No.67 of the Pope's Exhortation denotes the dangers of individualism destroying family life and marriage.
As I noted, this vile individualism exists not in isolation but organically - the wrecking of family life is to be expected by materialistic capitalism that regards the human person as a mere commodity.

Individualism is pervading all aspects of life: even parish life. Is it any wonder that our parishes are collapsing? Community is the new four letter word.

Lawrence and Susan Fox said...

Did the pope say anything about the human individual living in the FREE MARKET (I haven't read the document yet) making faith-filled Christian choices? That is treating employees fairly, not shafting your customers, but still making a living running your business, seeing and serving the Person of Christ in your customers and bosses and employees? (I admit these virtues are in short supply currently) What I hate is the American Catholic bishops are going to look at this and think it's an excuse for socialized medicine -- impossible in this moral climate as it will lead to massive euthanasia. I don't think the solution lies with politicians or the government. The solution lies with individuals. They must follow the gospel. And if the American Catholic bishops want health care for illegal immigrants, which I agree is a good thing to do, why don't they organize it themselves? The Catholic Church has built hospitals, the Catholic Church has built orphanages, the Catholic Church has built homes for unwed mothers. For heavens sake, why can't we create a health insurance plan that doesn't have abortion or euthanasia in it and is absent of any utilitarian concept of man. I don't trust the government or politicians to do one thing for me. We need to do it ourselves. And as an individual I can't start a health insurance plan, but the local Church could. Sorry, I am just burned by Obama "Care." But I sincerely would like your thoughts on this matter. God bless you. Susan Fox

Barona said...

I am a very strong upholder in free enterprise. History has shown that international finance and communism are bedfellows. International finance was deeply involved in pay rolling the Bolshevik Revolution.

A more recent example of capitalist-socialist cronyism was the outrageous tax-payer funded bailout of such outfits as GM; not to mention the various banks...

The IMF and the World Bank too are horrid examples of secularist tyranny being rammed down the throats of other nations. Do we not recall the evil, vile threats issued against African nantions; that monies would be withheld unless they gave in on issues of matters of sexual morality, Barack Obama distinguished himself in persecuting black Africans who dared uphold morality.

We should also consider the evil Walmart empire built on collusion between a few capitalism and communism. My how these capitalists and communists love monopoly!

Freyr said...

Americans above a certain age grew up on a steady diet of cold war propaganda and westerns from Randolph Scott through to Gunsmoke and Bonanza. This is not exactly the Church's teaching. The Church's critique of both capitalism and communism has been consistent and longstanding. Carried to their extremes both systems result in the enslavement of people.

As for socialized medicine or anything else for that matter, the only reason anyone proposes it is because they don't want people to die while we are waiting for someone's conscience to bother them enough to care for the poor voluntarily. Even then it gets out of hand. Most SVDP councils have a hard time making ends meet.

Barona said...

Freyr is a Randolph Scott fan;whilst, I prefer John Wayne.

Lawrence and Susan Fox said...

Freyr In Arizona, I had two friends die last year. One was a poor Philippine lady who was not an American citizen, and she had no health insurance. She was given free care at the best hospital for weeks to the tune of hundreds of thousands of dollars, no questions asked, and her American husband was never asked to pay a dime. (He wouldn't anyway). This is routine care in the U.S. without socialized medicine. They tried to save her life, but she had cervical cancer, never a good prognosis. The other friend was an American citizen and she had insurance, but they couldn't afford the deductible for hospice so she died at home. Of course she was surrounded by a loving family. In the United States, socialized medicine will result in the murder of the poor. I don't know what they do in Canada (although I heard they are going to let men into the ladies room in Canada as long as they are wearing a wig and a dress) In Oregon, we had Obama "Care" a long time ago, and one poor woman needed a drug that would save her life. It cost $4,000 a month. The State of Oregon, which provided her health insurance, decided they couldn't afford her drug, and they offered her suicide drugs instead! There is nothing saving anyone's life anywhere if the atheist government is involved, and that's what our government has devolved into. In the State of Washington in the 1990s I took a group of Junior Legion of Mary members into the nursing home on Friday night. One of our regulars had her door closed and the room was dark. We were told not to disturb her because her family was starving and dehydrating her to death (a painful end), but don't worry the priest was already there to give her the last sacraments! Reminded me of the Methodists somewhere up near you, they did a baptism of an unborn baby using an ultrasound or sonogram, BEFORE THE ABORTION. Anyway, the poor are cared for voluntarily here. But that care will evaporate if we really are stuck with Obama "Care." He'll boot them out the door. One woman even asked Obama if her 100 year old mother in good health couldn't be allowed to live if she had a strong will to live, and Obama said, "NO." Since when must American citizens ask their president for the RIGHT to live? It's just fear and lack of trust in God that makes people want the government involved in these decisions.

Barona, I agree with you in everything except the comment about Walmart. If my family didn't have Walmart we'd be paying a lot more money for the day-to-day items we need. I recognize the fact that I hate getting Chinese goods, and that's what they have a lot of. But it actually helps the poor in the United States to have Walmart. And we have competition from Target, but I try to boycott Target because they support things like gay marriage and abortion. Without Walmart the poor are sunk in my area. So the evil corporation really helps the poor. Thanks for answering my question. The pope is not against the free market. That's a relief.