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Wednesday, 20 November 2013

"I call on the editors of this blog to take this post down."


I don't like being yelled at Vox, so here is a repeat of the post you found so offensive. I was not the one in charge of getting the room, merely the one who traveled by TTC an hour and a half to find the room unavailable. Everything reasonable was done. Should you find a need to vent your anger, go somewhere else. 

One of the things we insisted on when beginning this blog two years ago was that we should meet face to face once a month. The meetings are fairly simple. We say the Little Office of the BVM, read a selection from St. Francis de Sales and have some discussion. Afterwards we go for breakfast. Since we mostly live some distance away from each other we have chosen to meet at St. Vincent de Paul parish. This is a mission parish run by the priests of the Oratory at Holy Family. Typically each time we meet someone has to chase after the priest in hopes of catching him before he gets into his car to return home to get the key to the meeting room. This month we failed and had to adjourn to a nearby restaurant for breakfast immediately after mass.

This brings up two questions. First of all, why do a group of men have to travel such distances, well over an hour for some of us, to find some sort of fellowship and community?  Why is this so rare? The other question is like the first in reverse. What has happened to the community at St. Vincent de Paul Church? Are we looking at the future of the Catholic Church in Toronto?


Vox Cantoris said...

I was at Mass. The caretaker served at the Altar, you could have gone an asked him to open the door, or you could have knocked on the door of the house where the parish secretary and her family lives, they would have provided access. To make a public declaration against these good priests is pathetic.

Shame on you and your colleagues for allowing this to stand.

Go get some help.

Santa said...

I also was at Mass and I did go to the vestry to ask to be let in, and I was told they "knew nothing about it" i.e. the meeting, which has been held every third Saturday for over a year now. I also make sure to send two emails, one to the Pastor and one to the parish email address, one week prior to the meeting and the Friday before the meeting informing everyone of the time and location of the meetings. Somehow it's always a hassle getting into the basement room for our meeting. Frankly, this lack of simple courtesy is getting annoying.

Barona said...

Sad, very sad....

Anonymous said...

The fact is there is nothing much happening at that parish, and very little happening at Holy Family also, apart from daily Masses. There is the occasional parish dinner or fundraiser. There might be a day or two of recollection each year at Holy Family. There is the catechism class in the summer which is totally impractical for working people. No more evenings at the oratory. No formation apart from whatever might be done for first communion kids and confirmation kids. The decline in parish activity is obvious, say from ten, or even five years ago. It's unfortunate.

NL_RC said...

I think it's wrong that Vox expects to verbally abuse (i.e. yell at) the writers at this blog and get away with it...why are we tolerating this behaviour? Is blocking his comments possible?

Santa said...


At Holy Family, the end of evenings at the Oratory is unfortunate, but the greater loss was "Little Oratory". However, they still have Tuesday evening bible study and RCIA classes which are open to anyone, not just catechumens. But I do agree the decline in parish activity is unfortunate.

I wouldn't say there is nothing much happening at St. Vincent's. After all, there is the doggie obedience class in the parish basement on Tuesday evenings.

Suzanne F. said...

I feel like I just walked into a spat. It's your blog but what does this have to do with anything?

Vox Cantoris said...

Have a nice time guys, you've gone over the deep-end and you're off my link.


Barona said...

No one is exempt from criticism; even our Pope accepts criticism in love from loyal sons of the Church.

We have a general pastoral crisis in the Church; from observations of the evidence - and I am only going by the evidence - we have a very, very grave moral and spiritual crisis amongst our young people.

One gets to Heaven on the Cross... not via pious sermons or a cassock.