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Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Pray for the Church in Scotland, that she be freed of the Homosexual "mafia" in the clergy

Fr. Matthew Despard
Dear friends, I shall not be providing any further details on the situation of the suspension of Fr. Matthew Despard until the immediate storm over the said suspension subsides. I can only inform you that, from my contacts on the ground, the Catholic community is in great distress. 

The local Church in Scotland has been shaken over the past year with the admissions of Cardinal O'Brien, with whom, I believe I wrote of firmly, but charitably. You may recall, that I rejected the attempt by the hierarchy to conveniently scape-goat the man, when he would be unable to defend himself.

I have written about the horrendous Carfin Homosexual Rape Scandal, that the Motherwell authorities have, and continue to cover up; I have written about the culture of lies and deceit, about Fr. Patrick Lawson and the persecution that he is suffering...let us not forget him!

I therefore ask all of you - those who support, and even those of you who are critical of Fr. Despard, to calm down and to pray for Scotland and the Church in Scotland. One thing we can agree on, is that there has been and is a terrible crisis of active homosexuals in the priesthood in Scotland. 

I ask all of you to pray for those victims of sexual abuse at the hands of the clergy.

I also also you all to pray for those involved: that Fr. Despard, and the other priests who may or may not have been mentioned in his book; that the Apostolic Administrator always keep the truth and the purity of the Faith in mind. 

May God bless my Motherland of Scotland. St. John Oglivie, pray for us.

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Anonymous said...

I studied for the priesthood in Scotland and went to both junior seminary and senior seminary.While I was aware of some inappropriate behavior at the junior seminary, it was little more than one would expect for a boarding school full of adolescent boys and during my time there, there were a number of students expelled for inappropriate behavior both homosexual and heterosexual. I was never aware of anything remotely resembling the homosexual mafia described by Fr. Despard, although I was somewhat before his time. Also, people need to be cautious. There is no guarantee at this point that Fr. Despard is actually telling the truth in the book he wrote, and when I read the book, it struck me that every place to which he was assigned, he ended up being removed for disciplinary reasons. People need to be careful that a person like this is not simply fabricating stories to attempt to justify his erratic behavior. However, I suppose caution is required since sometimes where there is smoke there's fire.