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Saturday, 23 November 2013

August Horch would not be pleased

August Horch
"Audi" - Latin to listen. The other day I witnessed a scene that reflects the incongruity of culture and society. An Audi pulled up on the street where I live with the noise of rap coming from inside. I noticed that the noise was also emanating from an Audi. Such is the world we live in, whereby a barbarian will think nothing of indulging in same inside a motorcar that represents - at least in the mind of its founder - civilization. It is also a most dangerous thing that a barbarian has the financial resources to (most likely lease) or purchase an Audi, or the like. 

And it seems to be a plague.... Bentley, once the car of choice for the gentleman (such as my great grandfather), now populates the driveways of footballing and rapping half and quarter-wits. 

But back to Audi - August Horch would not be pleased. Surely, in a motorcar with a name like Audi, one could be a little bit more selective in one's taste. Perhaps Mozart would be a far better choice. 

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