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Thursday, 4 June 2020

The inconsistency of Archbishop Wilton Gregory

On Tuesday, American president Donald J. Trump visited the Saint John Paul II Shrine in Washington, D.C. with his wife Melania, both to pay their respects to the man and issue an executive order on religious freedom in the United States.

This visit had been planned for months, long before the riots currently underway in America began.

Despite this, D.C. Archbishop Wilton Gregory strongly condemned the President's action in a statement, even going so far as to call it "baffling and reprehensible that any Catholic facility would allow itself to be so egregiously misused and manipulated in a fashion that violates our religious principles."

Leaving aside the mere absurdity of the statement - Gregory has time to compose an attack against his President while he could be working to implement measures to reopen the churches under his jurisdiction? - I want to note that Wilton Gregory is not being consistent.

In late September last year, pro-abortion journalist Cokie Roberts died and was given a grand Catholic funeral Mass at the Cathedral of St. Matthew the Apostle, the Catholic cathedral in Washington, D.C. Gregory presided at that Mass, despite the clear statements from the Church that anyone who promotes abortion in a public fashion is automatically excommunicated, and does not have the dignity of a Catholic funeral. At that Mass, he waxed glowingly about Roberts, calling her an "extraordinary, professional servant of the truth, [who] believed in God's word ... accepted it and fashioned her life around that word."

At that same Mass, well-known Catholic pro-abortionist Nancy Pelosi gave a similarly glowing eulogy about Roberts, where she called the deceased "a national treasure."

Archbishop Gregory, where was the bafflement and reprehensibility when Nancy Pelosi "so egregiously misused and manipulated" the Catholic lectern "in a fashion that violates our religious principles?"

Where was it then? Why is the outrage and disgust only coming out now? (I need not mention that you failed then to extend those same sentiments to yourself.)

You're not being consistent, Archbishop Gregory. One could even call you a hypocrite.

As for President Trump, I note that he has been expressing a growing appreciation towards S. John Paul II for some months. I suspect Melania is working on him, similar to how S. Monica worked on S. Augustine. In all likelihood, he could become Catholic at some point in his life.

When Trump dies, it could very well be that he is greeted with a hearty "well-done" while Gregory and Pelosi are denied that same grace.

May God bless Donald J. Trump, and offer the chance of repentance to Wilton Gregory and Nancy Pelosi.

Wednesday, 3 June 2020

Rest in peace, Fr. Robinson

Much to the sorrow of the faithful in Toronto and the international Oratory community, the Toronto Oratory has announced the passing of Rev. Fr. Jonathan Robinson, Provost of the Toronto Oratory and their founder, into eternity.

He had taken a nasty fall on St. Philip's Day (26 May) and was placed in Toronto's St. Joseph's Hospital. He passed on in his room at between 9:30 and 10am this morning, as related by Fr. Marco at the Usus Antiquor Mass held at the Oratory today.

I was not fortunate enough to know him, though those who did spoke well of him and his kindness.

May God rest his soul, and welcome him into His Kingdom, wiping away his tears and turning his sorrows into joy.

Rest in peace, Father Robinson.

Rev. Fr. Jonathan Robinson
Founder and Provost of the Toronto Oratory
21 May 1929 - 3 June 2020

Tuesday, 2 June 2020

Communist Infiltration in the White House? Kushner, Esper.... just how many traitors are there?

The traitor rots the soul of a nation...

It is naive to think that this geopolitical crisis is the good, old USA versus evil, wicked communist China. My country right or wrong, is absolutely not Christian. America, ceasing to be Christian, is deeply spiritually corrupt, and her most dangerous enemy is within, not in Beijing. The truth is that in both countries, very rich and powerful globalists are operating at the highest collaborative levels to bring about a godless, worldwide empire. There is a hidden hand that wishes to see a major military confrontation between the US and China that would bring about the collapse of both countries, and usher in the global empire. 

This hidden hand also realizes that time is running out in China, as within 10 years China will have more Christians (and far better ones, as they have had to suffer) than the US, and Red China will collapse with the Christians defeating it from within. This, the godless globalists in both countries are striving to stop. Be prepared for increased propaganda for war with China. Ask yourself "qui bono"? As this post was drafted about a good month ago, I need to interject a mention of the recent and ongoing organized uprising of militant communists, anarchists - manipulated by powerful, hidden globalist forces. This is but a further sign of America's moral decline and inner rot. 

The real problem is Washington, New York, Wall Street. President Trump's biggest weakness during his four years has been appointing or allowing globalist rats and snakes to hold positions of power and influence. To mention just one example, let us consider the very strange case of Jared Kushner. The following video is very creepy. 

Isn't it nice to know that President Trump's closest "advisor" raises his daughter to praise the mass-murderer, persecutor of Christians, and concentration camp commandant, Xi Jinping as "Grandpa Xi"? Aren't you edified? Especially as there is an organized communist uprising taking place on American streets? It tells you a LOT about Jared and Yael Kushner (aka "Ivanka Trump" and her long time business associations with the killers in Beijing) and where they are coming from. 

Does Jared Kushner know something about the future of America that Trump doesn't? Does Kushner have inside information from his globalist friends and co-conspirators about a worldwide communist revolution? 

The Kushners' involvement with globalists, communists, and their  apologists simply follows in the long tradition of other capitalists who funded revolution motivated by hatred of Christ and the destruction of Christian civilization. Lenin himself was funded by the banker Parvus, being sent with millions from Switzerland in a train bound for Russia. In New York, Trotsky received millions from his long time supporter, the banker Jacob Schiff of Kuhn, Loeb and Co. Trotsky was transported by Schiff back to Russia with a gang of Lower East Side desperados to facilitate the largest bloodbath of Christians in history. Schiff was also a major contributor to Wilson's presidential campaign that would see the creation of the bankers' dream project: the Federal Reserve. Schiff was no fool, he hated the United States as much as he hated Russia. 

A huge part of the problem is the silence of the "conservatives". Let us be honest: switch Trump for Obama in the above video and the howls of outrage from fake news "conservative" media (in reality just another arm of globalism, set up as window dressing to give false hope, and delude the impressionable) would be deafening about the President's pro-communist "advisor". The silence from the controlled "conservative" fake news media is most telling. They, like the communists and globalists are just another grave digger of America. 

Not a dime's worth of difference....except for the fool 

The "conservative" fake news media, like their Bolshevik counterparts, are seeped in materialism, and therefore are godless. They have no solutions, because the problem is spiritual. Think of Weimar Germany in the 20s, or Tsarist Russia prior to the Bolshevik Revolution, and you see that America stands at the precipice. The weaponization of the coronavirus, the street wars of the anarchists and communists is a "dress rehearsal", a "testing of the waters" for a future revolution. The absolute failure of the Catholic churchmen during the coronavirus crisis and the relentless attack on civil liberties, has no doubt warmed the hearts of the globalists. Spiritually leaderless, and given the general moral degeneracy and absolute refusal to repent of sin and return to Jesus Christ by the American population, there will be no turning back,  and the fall of America is inevitable.

American patriots need to start asking some very serious questions as to just what is going on in the White House, in Washington D.C., and on Wall Street. 

The enemy is deep within. The enemy has been rotting America's soul for decades. 

Bishop Fulton Sheen was correct: when America falls it will be from within. 2020 will be remembered as the year in which communism (under the mantel of global atheistic materialism) made the Leninist two steps forward. There will be the Leninist one step back of course (how magnanimous of them!), and the Fed's "repo" manipulated stock market will go up, and the fools will cheer. But that will merely be another confirmation that people have not repented and that Bishop Sheen's prediction will come true. 

UPDATE: 2020-06-03.  Today marks a shift towards open sedition and insurrection. There are further efforts to isolate and incapacitate the President's efforts to suppress the ongoing communist revolution. 

President Donald Trump is now besieged my enemies and traitors. 

Who removed the 82 Airborne Division out of Washington? 
Who ordered the Security Perimeter to be reduced around the White House? 

ANOTHER snake, rat is Defense Secretary Esper. He publicly attacked and opposed the President in an impromptu Press Conference. He has the right to privately offer advice, he does NOT have the right to publicly oppose the President. THIS IS SEDITION. Who advised Trump to appoint this Deep State neocon traitor? He must be fired along with ALL the wretched infiltrators in the White House. He must go along with the Kushners.  

Sunday, 31 May 2020

The Day of Pentecost

The great day, which consummates the work that God had undertaken for the human race, has at last shone upon the world. The days of Pentecost, as St. Luke says, are accomplished.[1] We have had seven weeks since the Pasch; and now comes the day that opens the mysterious number of fifty. This day is the Sunday, already made holy by the creation of the light, and by the Resurrection of Jesus: it is about to receive its final consecration, and bring us the fullness of God.[2]

In the old and figurative Law, God foreshadowed the glory that was to belong, at a future period, to the fiftieth day. Israel had passed the waters of the Red Sea, thanks to the protecting power of his Paschal Lamb! Seven weeks were spent in the desert, which was to lead to the promised land; and the very morrow of those seven weeks was the day whereon was made the alliance between God and His people. The Pentecost (the fiftieth day) was honoured by the promulgation of the ten commandments of the divine law; and every following year, the Israelites celebrated the great event by a solemn festival. But their Pentecost was figurative, like their Pasch: there was to be a second Pentecost for all people, as there was to be a second Pasch, for the Redemption of the whole world. The Pasch, with all its triumphant joys, belongs to the Son of God, the Conqueror of death: Pentecost belongs to the Holy Ghost, for it is the day whereon He began His mission into this world, which, henceforward, was to be under His Law.

But how different are the two Pentecosts! The one, on the rugged rocks of Arabia, amidst thunder and lightning, promulgates a Law that is written on tablets of stone; the second is in Jerusalem, on which God’s anger has not as yet been manifested, because it still contains within its walls the first fruits of that new people, over whom the Spirit of love is to reign. In this second Pentecost, the heavens are not overcast, nor is the roar of thunder heard; the hearts of men are not stricken with fear, as when God spake on Sinai; repentance and gratitude are the sentiments now uppermost. A divine fire burns within their souls, and will spread throughout the whole world. Our Lord Jesus had said:’I am come to cast fire on the earth; and what will I, but that it be kindled?’[3] The hour for the fulfilment of this word has come: the Spirit of love, the Holy Ghost, the eternal uncreated Flame, is about to descend from heaven, and realize the merciful design of our Redeemer.

Jerusalem is filled with pilgrims, who have flocked thither from every country of the Gentile world. They feel a strange mysterious expectation working in their souls. They are Jews, and have come from every foreign land where Israel has founded a synagogue; they have come to keep the feasts of Pasch and Pentecost. Asia, Africa, and even Rome, have here their representatives. Amidst these Jews properly so called, are to be seen many Gentiles, who, from a desire to serve God more faithfully, have embraced the Mosaic law and observances; they are called proselytes. This influx of strangers, who have come to Jerusalem out of a desire to observe the Law, gives the city a Babel-like appearance, for each nation has its own language. They are not, however, under the influence of pride and prejudice, as are the inhabitants of Judea; neither have they, like these latter, known and rejected the Messias, nor blasphemed His works whereby He gave testimony of His divine character. It may be that they took part with the other Jews in clamouring for Jesus’ death; but they were led to it by the chief priests and magistrates of the Jerusalem which they reverenced as the holy city of God, and to which nothing but religious motives have brought them.

It is the hour of Tierce, the third hour of the day,[4] fixed from all eternity for the accomplishment of a divine decree. It was at the hour of midnight that the Father sent into this world, that He might take flesh in Mary’s womb, the Son eternally begotten of Himself: so now, at this hour of Tierce, the Father and the Son send upon the earth the holy Spirit who proceeds from Them both. He is sent to form the Church, the bride and the kingdom of Christ: He is to assist and maintain her; He is to save and sanctify the souls of men; and this His mission is to continue to the end of time.

Suddenly is heard, coming from heaven, the sound of a violent wind; it startles the people in the city, it fills the cenacle with its mighty breath. A crowd is soon round the house that stands on Mount Sion; the hundred and twenty disciples that are within the building feel that mysterious emotion within them, of which their Master once said: ‘The Spirit breatheth where He will, and thou hearest His voice’.[5] Like that strange invisible creature, which probes the very depth of the sea and makes the waves heave mountains high, this Breath from heaven will traverse the world from end to end, breaking down every barrier that would stay its course.

The holy assembly have been days in fervent expectation; the divine Spirit gives them this warning of His coming, and they in the passiveness of ecstatic longing, await His will. As to those who are outside the cenacle, and who have responded to the appeal thus given, let us, for the moment, forget them. A silent shower falls in the house; it is a shower of fire, which, as holy Church says ‘burns not but enlightens, consumes not but shines.’[6] Flakes of fire, in the shape of tongues, rest on the heads of the hundred and twenty disciples; it is the Holy Ghost taking possession of all and each. The Church is now not only in Mary, but also in these hundred and twenty disciples. All belong now to the Spirit that has descended upon them; His kingdom is begun, it is manifested, its conquests will be speedy and glorious.

But let us consider the symbol chosen to designate this divine change. He who showed Himself under the endearing form of a dove, on the occasion of Jesus’ baptism in the Jordan, now appears under that of fire. He is the Spirit of love; and love is not only gentle and tender, it is also ardent as fire. Now, therefore, that the world is under the influence of the Holy Ghost, it must needs be on fire, and the fire shall not be checked. And why this form of tongues? To show that the heavenly fire is to be spread by the word, by speech. These hundred and twenty disciples need but to speak of the Son of God, made Man, and our Redeemer; of the Holy Ghost, who renews our souls; of the heavenly Father, who loves and adopts us as His children: their word will find thousands to believe and welcome it. Those that receive it shall all be united in one faith; they shall be called the Catholic Church, that is, universal, existing in all places and times. Josus had said:’Go, teach all nations!’[7] The Holy Ghost brings from heaven both the tongue that is to teach, and the fire (the love of God and of man kind), which is to give warmth and efficacy to the teaching. The tongue and the fire are now given to these first disciples, who, by the assistance of the holy Spirit, will transmit them to others. So will it be to the end of time.

An obstacle, however, opposes the mission at the very outset. Since the confusion at Babel, there have been as many languages as countries; communication by word has been interrupted. How, then, is the word to become the instrument of the world’s conquest, and to make one family out of all these nations that cannot understand each other? Fear not: the holy Spirit is all-powerful, and has provided for this difficulty. With the other gifts, wherewith He has enriched the hundred and twenty disciples, He has given them that of understanding all languages, and of making themselves understood in every language. In a transport of holy enthusiasm, they attempt to speak the languages of all nations; their tongue and their ear take in, not only without effort, but even with charm and joy, this plenitude of word and speech which is to reunite mankind together. The Spirit of love has annulled the separation of Babel; men are once more made brethren by the unity of language.

How beautiful art thou, dear Church of our God! Heretofore, the workings of the Holy Ghost have been limited; but now, He breatheth freely where He willeth; He brings thee forth to the eyes of men by this stupendous prodigy. Thou art the image of what this earth was, when all its inhabitants spoke the same language. The prodigy is not to cease with the day of Pentecost, nor with the disciples who are its first receivers. When the apostles have terminated their lives and preaching, the gift of tongues, at least in its miraculous form, will cease, because no longer needed: but thou O Church of Christ! wilt continue to speak all languages, even to the end of time, for thou art to dwell in every clime. The one same faith is to be expressed in the language of every country; and thus transformed, the miracle of Pentecost is to be kept up for ever within thee, as one of thy characteristic marks.

The great St. Augustine alluded to this, when he spoke the following admirable words: ‘The whole body of Christ, the Church, now speaks in all tongues. Nay, I myself speak all tongues, for I am in the body of Christ, I am in the Church of Christ. If the body of Christ now speaks all languages, then am I in all languages. Greek is mine, Syriac is mine, Hebrew is mine, and all are mine, for I am one with all the several nations that speak them.’[8] During the ages of faith, the Church (which is the only source of all true progress), succeeded in giving one common language to all the nations that were in union with her. For centuries, the Latin language was the bond of union between civilized countries. However distant these might be from one another, there was this link of connexion between them; it was the medium of communication for political negotiations, for the spread of science, or for friendly epistolary correspondence. No one was a stranger, in any part of the west, or even beyond it, who could speak this language. The great heresy of the sixteenth century robbed us of this as of so many other blessings; it dismembered that Europe which the Church had united, not only by her faith, but by her language. But let us return to the cenacle, and continue our contemplation of the wondrous workings of the holy Spirit within this still closed sanctuary.

First of all, we look for Mary; for her who now, more than ever, is full of grace. After those measureless gifts lavished upon her in her Immaculate Conception; after the treasures of holiness infused into her by the Incarnate Word during the nine months she bore Him in her womb; after the special graces granted her for acting and suffering in union with her Son, in the work of the world’s Redemption; after the favours wherewith this same Jesus loaded her when in the glory of His Resurrection: we should have thought that heaven had given all it could to a mere creature, however sublime the destiny of that creature might be. But no. Here is a new mission opened for Mary. The Church is born; she is born of Mary. Mary has given birth to the bride of her Son; new duties fall upon the Mother of the Church. Jesus has ascended into heaven, leaving Mary upon the earth, that she may nurse the infant Church. Oh! how lovely and yet how dignified, is this infancy of our dear Church, cherished as she is, fed, and strengthened by Mary! But this second Eve, this true Mother of the living,[9] must receive a fresh infusion of grace to fit her for this her new office: therefore it is that she has the first claim to, and the richest portion of, the gifts of the Holy Ghost. Heretofore, He overshadowed her and made her Mother of the Son of God; now He makes her the Mother of the Christian people. It is the verification of those words of the royal prophet: ‘The stream (literally, the impetuosity) of the river maketh the city of God joyful: the Most High hath sanctified His own tabernaole.’[10] The Spirit of love here fulfils the intention expressed by our Redeemer when dying on the cross. ‘Woman!’ said Jesus to her, ‘behold thy son!’ St. John was this son, and he represented all mankind. The Holy Ghost now infuses into Mary the plenitude of the grace needful for her maternal mission. From this day forward, she acts as Mother of the infant Church; and when, at length, the Church no longer needs her visible presence, this Mother quits the earth for heaven, where she is crowned Queen; but there, too, she exercises her glorious title and office of Mother of men.

Let us contemplate this master-piece of Pentecost, and admire the new loveliness that beams in Mary from this new maternity. She is inflamed by the fire of divine love, and this in a way not felt before. She is all devoted to the office put upon her, and for which she has been left on earth. The grace of the apostolate is granted to her. She has received the tongue of fire; and although her voice is not to make itself heard in public preaching, yet will she speak to the apostles, directing and consoling them in their labours. She will speak, too, to the faithful, but with a force, a sweetness, and a persuasiveness, becoming one whom God has made the most exalted of His creatures. The primitive Christians, with such a training as this, will have vigour and energy enough to resist all the attacks of hell, and, like Stephen who had often listened to her inspiring words, to die martyrs for the faith.

Let us next look at the apostolic college. The frequent instructions they have been receiving from their Lord, during the forty days after His Resurrection, have changed them into quite other men; hut now that they have received the Holy Ghost, the change and conversion is complete. They are filled with the enthusiasm of faith; their souls are on fire with divine love; the conquest of the whole world, this is their ambition, and they know it is their mission. What their Master had told them is fulfilled: they are endued with power from on high,[11] and are ready for the battle. Who would suppose that these are the men who crouched with fear, when their Jesus was in the hands of His enemies? Who would take these to be the men that doubted of His Resurrection? All that this beloved Master has taught them is now so clear to them! They see it all, they understand it all. The Holy Ghost has infused into them, and in a sublime degree, the gift of faith; they are impatient to spread this faith throughout the whole earth. Far from fearing, they even long to suffer persecution in the discharge of the office entrusted to them by Jesus, that of preaching His name and His glory unto all nations.

Look at Peter. You easily recognize him by that majestio bearing, which, though sweetly tempered by deep humility, bespeaks his pre-eminent dignity. A few hours ago, it was the tranquil gravity of the head of the apostolic college; now, his whole face gleams with the flash of enthusiasm, for the Holy Ghost is now sovereign possessor of this vicar of Christ, this prince of the word, this master-teacher of truth. Near him are seated the other apostles: Andrew, his elder brother, who now conceives that ardent passion for the cross, which is to be his grand characteristic; John, whose meek and gentle eye now glistens with the fire of inspiration, betokening the prophet of Patmos; James, the brother of John, and called, like him, the son of thunder,[12] bears in his whole attitude the appearance of the future chivalrous conqueror of Iberia. The other James, known and loved under the name of the brother of Jesus, feels a fresh and deeper transport of joyousness as the power of the Spirit thrills through his being. Matthew is encircled with a glowing light, which points him out to us as the first writer of the new Testament. Thomas, whose faith was the fruit he took from Jesus’ wounds, feels that faith now made perfect; it is generous, free, unreserved, worthy of the brave apostle of the far east. In a word, all twelve are a living hymn to the glory of the almighty Spirit, whose power is thus magnificently evinced even at the outset of His reign.

The disciples, too, are sharers, though in a less degree than the apostles, of the divine gift; they receive the same Spirit, the same sacred fire, for they too, are to go forth, conquer the world, and found Churches. The holy women, also, who form part of the assembly of the cenacle, have received the graces of this wondrous descent of the Holy Ghost. It was love that emboldened them to stand near the cross of Jesus, and be the first to visit His sepulchre on Easter morning; this love is now redoubled. A tongue of fire has stood over each of them, and the time will come when they will speak, with fervid eloquence, of Jesus, to both Jews and Gentiles. The Synagogue will banish Magdalene and her companions: the Gentiles of our western Europe will receive them, and the word of these holy exiles will produce a hundredfold of fruit.

Meanwhile, a large crowd of Jews has collected round the mysterious cenacle. Not only has the ‘mighty wind’ excited their curiosity, hut, moreover, that same divine Spirit, who is working such wonders upon the holy assembly within, is impelling them to visit the house, wherein is the new-born Church of Christ. They clamour for the apostles, and these are burning with zeal to begin their work; so, too, are all. At once, then, the crowd sees these men standing in its midst, and relating the prodigy that has been wrought by the God of Israel.

What is the surprise of this multitude, composed as it is of people of so many different nations, when these poor uneducated Galileans address them, each in the language of his own country? They have heard them speak before this, and they expected a repetition of the jargon now; when lo! there is the correct accent and diction of every country, and with such eloquence! The symbol of unity is here shown in all its magnificence. Here is the Christian Church; it is one, though consisting of such varied elements: the walls of division, which divine justice had set up between nation and nation, are now removed. Here, also, are the heralds of the faith of Christ; they are ready for their grand mission; they long to traverse the earth, and to save it by the word of their preaching.

But in the crowd there are some who are shocked at witnessing this heavenly enthusiasm of the apostles. ‘These men,’ say they, ‘are full of new wine!’ It is the language of rationalism, explaining away mystery by reason. These Galileans, these’ drunken men, are, however, to conquer the whole world to Christ, and to give the Holy Ghost, with His enebriating unction, to all mankind. The holy apostles feel that it is time to proclaim the new Pentecost; yes, this anniversary of the old is a fitting day for the new to be declared. But in this proclamation of the law of mercy and love, which is to supersede the law of justice and fear, who is to be the Moses? Our Emmanuel, before ascending into heaven, had selected one of the twelve for the glorious office: it is Peter, the rock on whom is built the Church. It is time for the shepherd to show himself and speak, for the flock is now to be formed. Let us hearken to the Holy Ghost, who is about to speak by His chief organ to this wondering and attentive multitude. The apostle, though he speaks in one tongue, is understood by each of his audience, no matter what his country and language may be. The discourse is, of itself, a guarantee of the truth and divine origin of the new law.

The fisherman of Genesareth thus pours forth his wondrous eloquence: ‘Ye men of Judea, and all you that dwell in Jerusalem, be this known to you, and, with your ears, receive my words! For these are not drunk, as you suppose, seeing it is but the third hour of the day. But this is that which was spoken of by the prophet Joel: “And it shall come to pass in the last days, saith the Lord, I will pour out of my Spirit upon all flesh: and your sons and your daughters shall prophesy, and your young men shall see visions, and your old men shall dream dreams. And upon my servants indeed, and upon my handmaids, will I pour out, in those days of my Spirit, and they shall prophesy.” Ye men of Israel, hear these words: Jesus of Nazareth, a Man approved of God among you, by miracles and wonders and signs, which God did by Him in the midst of you, as you also know. This same being delivered up, by the determinate counsel and foreknowledge of God, you, by the hands of wicked men, have crucified and slain. Whom God hath raised up, having loosed the sorrows of hell (the tomb), as it was impossible that He should be holden by it. For David saith concerning Him: “My flesh shall rest in hope, because Thou wilt not leave my soul in the tomb, nor suffer Thy holy One to see corruption.” Ye men, brethren, let me freely speak to you of the patriarch David: that he died and was buried, and his sepulchre is with us to this day. Whereas, therefore, he was a prophet, he spoke of the Resurrection of Christ; for neither was He left in the tomb, neither did His flesh see corruption. This Jesus hath God raised again, whereof all we are witnesses. Being exalted by the right hand of God, and having received of the Father the promise of the Holy Ghost, He hath poured forth this which you see and hear. Therefore, let all the house of Israel know most certainly, that God hath made both Lord and Christ this same Jesus, whom you have crucified.’[13]

Thus did the second Moses promulgate the new Law. How must his hearers have welcomed the stupendous gift of this new Pentecost, which put them in possession of the divine realities foreshadowed by that figurative one of old! Here again, it was God revealing Himself to His creatures, and, as usual, by miracles. Peter alludes to the wonders wrought by Jesus, who thus bore testimony to His being the Messias. He tells his audience that the Holy Ghost has been sent from heaven, according to the promise made to this Jesus by His Father: they have proof enough of the great fact, in the gift of tongues of which they themselves are witnesses.

The holy Spirit makes His presence and influence to be felt in the hearts of these favoured listeners. A few moments previously they were disciples of Sinai, who had come from distant lands to celebrate the by-gone Pasch and Pentecost; now they have faith, simple and full faith, in Christ. They repent of the awful crime of His death, of which they have been accomplices; they confess His Resurrection and Ascension; they beseech Peter and the rest of the apostles to put them in the way of salvation: ‘Men and brethren!’ say they, ‘what shall we do?’[14] Better dispositions could not be: they desire to know their duty, and are determined to do it. Peter resumes his discourse, saying: ‘Do penance, and be baptized, every one of you, in the name of Jesus Christ, for the remission of your sins; and you shall receive the gift of the Holy Ghost. For the promise is to you, and to your children, and to all that are afar off, whomsoever the Lord our God shall call.’[15]

The Jewish Pentecost pales at each word of the new Moses; the Christian Pentecost manifests itself with clearer light. The reign of the Holy Ghost is inaugurated in Jerusalem, and under the very shadow of that temple which is doomed to destruction. Peter continued his instructions; but the sacred Volume has left us only these few words, wherewith, probably, the apostle made his final appeal to his hearers: ‘Save yourselves from this perverse generation!’[16]

These children of Israel had to make this sacrifice, or they never could have shared in the graces of the new Pentecost: they had to cut themselves off from their own people; they had to leave the Synagogue for the Church. There was a struggle in many a heart at that moment; but the holy Spirit triumphed; three thousand declared themselves disciples of Christ, and received the mark of adoption in holy Baptism. Church of the living God! how lovely art thou in thy first reception of the divine Spirit! how admirable is thy early progress! Thy first abode was in the Immaculate Mary, the Virgin full of grace, the Mother of God; thy second victory gave thee the hundred and twenty disciples of the cenacle; and now, three thousand elect proclaim thee as their mother, and, leaving the unhappy Jerusalem, will carry thy name and kingdom to their own countries. To-morrow, Peter is to preach in the temple, and five thousand men will enroll themselves as disciples of Jesus of Nazareth. Hail! then, dear creation of the Holy Ghost! Militant on earth; triumphant in heaven; beautiful, noble, immortal Church, all hail! And thou, bright Pentecost! day of our truest birth! how fair, how glorious, thou makest these first hours of Jesus’ bride on earth! The divine Spirit thou givest us, has written, not upon stone, but upon our hearts, the Law that is to govern us. In thee, O Pentecost! we find realized the hopes foreshadowed in the mystery of the Epiphany; for though thou thyself art promulgated in Jerusalem, yet thy graces are to be extended to all that are afar off, that is, to us Gentiles. The Magi came from the east; we watched them as they visited the crib of the divine Babe, for we knew that we, too, were to have our season of grace. It was thou, O holy Spirit! that didst attract them to Bethlehem: and now, in this Pentecost of Thy power, Thou callest all men; the star is changed into tongues of fire, and the face of the earth is to be renewed. Oh! grant that we may be ever faithful to the graces thou offerest us, and carefully treasure the gifts sent us, with Thee and through Thee, by the Father and the Son!

The mystery of Pentecost holds so important a place in the Christian dispensation, that we cannot be surprised at the Church’s ranking it, in her liturgy, on an equality with her paschal solemnity. The Pasch is the redemption of man by the victory of Christ; Pentecost is the Holy Ghost taking possession of man redeemed. The Ascension is the intermediate mystery; it consummates the Pasch, by placing the Man-God, the Conqueror of death, and our Head, at the right hand of the Father; it prepares the mission of the Holy Ghost to our earth. This mission could not take place until Jesus had been glorified, as St. John tells us;[17] and several reasons are assigned for this fact by the holy fathers. It was necessary that the Son of God, who, together with the Father, is the principle of the procession of the Holy Ghost in the divine essence, should also personally send this divine Spirit upon the earth. The exterior mission of one of the Three Persons is but the sequel and manifestation of the mysterious and eternal production which is ever going on within the Divinity. Thus the Father is not sent, either by the Son or by the Holy Ghost, because He does not proceed from them. The Son is sent to men by the Father, of whom He is eternally begotten. The Holy Ghost is sent by the Father and the Son, because He proceeds from both. But, in order that the mission of the Holy Ghost might give greater glory to the Son, there was a congruity in its not taking place until such time as the Incarnate Word should be enthroned at the right hand of the Father. How immense the glory of human nature, that it was hypostatically united to the Person of the Son of God when this mission of the Holy Ghost was achieved! and that we can say, in strict truth, the Holy Ghost was sent by the Man-God!

This divine mission was not to be given to the Third Person, until men were deprived of the visible presence of Jesus. As we have already said, the hearts of the faithful were henceforward to follow their absent Redeemer by a purer and wholly spiritual love. Now, who was to bring us this new love, if not He who is the link of the eternal love of the Father and the Son? This holy Spirit of love and union is called, in the sacred Scriptures, the ‘Gift of God’; and it is on the day of Pentecost that the Father and Son send us this ineffable Gift. Let us call to mind the words spoken by our Emmanuel to the Samaritan woman at the well of Sichar: ‘If thou didst know the Gift of God!’[18] He had not yet been given, He had not yet been manifested, otherwise than in a partial way. From this day forward, He inundates the whole earth with His fire, He gives spiritual life to all, He makes His influence felt in every place. We know the Gift of God; so that we have but to open our hearts to receive Him, as did the three thousand who listened to St. Peter’s sermon.

Observe, too, the season of the year, in which the Holy Ghost comes to take possession of His earthly kingdom. Our Jesus, the Sun of justice, arose in Bethlehem in the very depth of winter; humble and gradual was His ascent to the zenith of His glory. But the Spirit of the Father and the Son came in the season that harmonizes with His own divine characteristic. He is a consuming Fire;[19] He comes into the world when summer is in its pride, and sunshine decks our earth with loveliest flowers. Let us welcome the life-giving heat of the Holy Ghost, and earnestly beseech Him that it may ever abide within us. The liturgical year has brought us to the full possession of truth by the Incarnate Word; let us carefully cherish the love, which the Holy Ghost has now enkindled within our hearts.

The Christian Pentecost, prefigured by the ancient one of the Jews, is of the number of the feasts that were instituted by the apostles. As we have already remarked, it formerly shared with Easter the honour of the solemn administration of Baptism. Its octave, like that of Easter, and for the same reason, ended with the Saturday following the feast. The catechumens received Baptism on the night between Saturday and Sunday. So that the Pentecost solemnity began on the vigil, for the neophytes at once put on their white garments: on the eighth day, the Saturday, they laid them aside.

In the middle-ages, the feast of Pentecost was called by the beautiful name of ‘The Pasch of roses,’ just as the Sunday within the octave of the Ascension was termed the ‘Sunday of roses’. The colour and fragrance of this lovely flower were considered by our Catholic forefathers as emblems of the tongues of fire, which rested on the heads of the hundred and twenty disciples, and poured forth the sweet gifts of love and grace on the infant Church. The same idea suggested the red-coloured vestments for the liturgical services during the whole octave. In his Rational (a work which abounds in most interesting information regarding the mediƦval liturgical usages), Durandus tells us that, in the thirteenth century, a dove was allowed to fly about in the church, and flowers and lighted tow were thrown down from the roof, during the Mass on Whit Sunday; these were allusions to the two mysteries of Jesus’ baptism, and of the descent of the Holy Ghost on the day of Pentecost.

At Rome, the station is in the basilica of St. Peter. It was but just that special honour should be paid to the prince of the apostles, for it was on this day that his preaching won three thousand converts to the Church. Though the station, and the indulgences attached to it, are at St. Peter’s, yet the sovereign Pontiff and the sacred college of Cardinals solemnize to-day’s service in the Lateran basilica, which is the mother-church of the city and of the world.

- From Dom Prosper Gueranger's commentary on the Feast Day of Pentecost in The Liturgical Year.

Thursday, 28 May 2020

A word about Michael Voris and Christine Niles

The other day, I read a rather piercing article by Church Militant (CM) on the strange silence from the self-proclaimed Catholic media on the evidence-backed allegations of sex abuse within the Society of St. Pius X made by CM, appropriately titled Why the silence, trads?. I thought it made some good points. I think it is something we should be asking more of what has been called Trad, Inc, as well as whether we ourselves put too much trust in princes. (I have linked to a transcript by another source.)

However, what is perhaps more piercing is the relative noise about Michael Voris and Christine Niles. Ever since the year-long-in-the-making Spotlight about the Society's covering up of sex abuse within their ranks aired over a month ago, the amount of attention given to both Michael Voris' and Christine Niles' character has skyrocketed. To be more precise, the amount of gossip and calumny about their character, professional lives, and personal lives has risen to a point where I must comment on it. It is simply untolerable.

When the Spotlight first aired, this "commentary" on both Voris and Niles was one of the first reactions I noticed. It was, and still is, unbelievable. On the one hand, there were people bringing up Michael Voris' past as a homosexual (which he has since repented of - publicly), and using it to make extremely negative inferences with regard to his character and professional life. I will admit there is substantial bias against the SSPX in the original piece that could have been edited out, but does that warrant the gossip and calumny towards him? I think not.

With regards to Christine Niles, I find it reprehensible that men are speaking to a woman in such a way that it denies their supposed piety and manliness. Many of these men are firm adherents of the Society. What on Earth does Mrs. Niles' marital past have to do with the investigation at hand? Why do you - a man - have the need to call her names and ugly words that I won't repeat here? Seriously, men - do better.

I have also found it extremely interesting that the lay supporters of the SSPX have taken it upon themselves to conduct in-depth investigations into not only Michael Voris and Christine Niles, but CM as an organization. (Why not investigate the SSPX?) According to these new-found journalists, apparently CM is funded by organizations that are hostile to the SSPX and Tradition and want nothing more than to see it gone. Forgive me, but I find that spurious. CM went on record saying that these allegations are not true, and I am inclined to take them at their word. New journalists who attend the SSPX, I am sure CM would love to hire you as part of their staff. Your skills could be put to good use.

At the end of the day, stop shooting the messengers. You may not like them, but Voris, Niles, CM, and their associates have not done anything wrong to you. They are reporting what they have found, and charity obliged them to. The truth is what matters. Not CM vs. SSPX. Or settling your score with Michael Voris or Christine Niles. The truth, and only the truth, matters. I thought we were in search of that together?

Leave them alone. Let them report what they have found. You are free to disagree with what they have reported, if you so choose. You can even point out what you find lacking in the evidence presented - we function in a very open forum, after all. (Personally, I find the evidence hard to deny or pick apart. There is also the reality that CM has been proven right time and time again.) However, the law of charity obliges you to hold your tongue from gossiping and calumniating about others.

In the meantime, please remember the victims. I have listened to some of the evidence presented from the side of the victims. There is a lot of pain and sorrow there, and I admire their courage. To open up about abuse and take name-calling as a result is not an easy endeavour.

Please pray for them. The victims are so often forgotten in cases like this and shunted off to the side. 

Tuesday, 26 May 2020

CDC: Coronavirus death rate no worse than an above average flu Season

Open cafes in Stockholm, Sweden 

CDC 0.26% Infection Fatality Rate (IFR) See here. 

CDC 0.1% annual Infection Fatality Rate (IFR) for 
Seasonal Flu

You can read the full CDC report here. You may also wish to reflect on why the media has been silent. 

When I supported temporary two week lockdown to ensure hospital capacity was preserved, it was based on the fact that we were facing a novel conronavirsus and that the official World Health Organization (WHO) Infection Fatality Rate (IFR) was at 3.4%.  The Centre for Evidence Based Medicine (CEMB, Oxford University), gives a global estimate of 0.1 - 0.41%, including all potential regional caveats. Again, a huge difference from the "lockdown" justification numbers. If we take the highest estimate of the CEMB, the WHO's estimate is STILL 8.3 times HIGHER. 

Further, the Models presented in early-late March continued to estimate the 3% plus figures. The two week temporary lockdown - so we were told based on these "official" numbers - to preserve hospital capacity (for the predicted massive overflow of patients), quickly morphed into an enforced quarantine on a healthy population (under the politically correct phrase, "social distancing"). 

John Ioannidis of Stanford who was skeptical of these apocalyptic predictions in mid-March (since proven correct) extrapolated much preliminary evidence by analyzing the data from the cruise ship, the Diamond Princess. What emerged amongst this mostly elderly population is six deaths amongst just over 700. The CDC officially gave the Diamond Princess an IFR rate of 0.63%. The WHO IFR predictions were nearly six times HIGHER.

Flattening the curve is theoretically valid, as well as practically valid, if the pathogen actually is killing very high numbers of people, e.g. IFR 2.0% +. Otherwise with an extended lockdown we see an actual spike in deaths due to deaths unrelated to SARS-CoV-2. We are in fact seeing this already and into the future. There are already multiple reports coming in of deaths due to lockdown and cancellation of surgery, treatment. Lockdown can actually do more damage than good. As we see the real IFR, the lockdown beyond early April is irrational, not based on the evidence. If we follow the evidence emerging over April and into May we can see that faculty data led to faulty decisions. We now know the Canadian healthcare system was never overwhelmed and never would have been. We should have reopened in early April. In retrospect (as Sweden is showing) we should have never closed. A bit more on that later.

The most important thing during any epidemic or alleged epidemic is to identify the IFR. We now have emerging evidence: Santa Clara County (population 1.9 million) out of a sample of 3,330 adults tested for SARS-CoV2 antibodies, the extrapolated infection for the County was (in early April) between 48,000-81,000 (50-85 MORE than those as confirmed cases). The IFR for Santa Clara is 0.12-0.2%. The WHO's IFR is 17-29 times HIGHER than what has emerged in Santa Clara County.

In LA County (population 7,9 million) out of a sample of 863 adults tested for SARS-CoV-2 antibodies, the extrapolated infection rate for the County was (in early April) between 280,000- 547,000 adults (35-68 MORE than those as confirmed cases). The IFR for LA County is 0.13-0.3%. The WHO's IFR is 13-26 HIGHER than what has emerged in LA County. These figures coming out in early April, were again confirmed by mid-April: still the lockdown continued.

It should also be noted that in NYC the IFR rate is estimated to being between 0.5 and 0.8%. That can be explained in three ways: very high-density population, a percentage of the population with respiratory/immune conditions due to to inhalation of residual effects of 9/11, and grave mismanagement, (in fact criminal) by Governor Cuomo whereby (e.g.) over 5,000 elderly have been identified as unnecessary deaths. As such, this figure is skewed but still indicative that IFR rates are drastically below the initial predictions that were used to justify a lockdown. The CDC 0.26% is well within estimates of both these two samples. 

In comparison the H3N2 Virus (so-called Hong Kong Flu) of 1968-70 killed (according to CDC figures) approximately 100,000 Americans (US population 200 million), and between 1-4 million worldwide. If we extrapolate the SARS-CoV-2 deaths we are being told (and the debate as to if they are all really from SARS-CoV2 is another story with multiple sources indicating the figures in the western nations are being artificially inflated) the US deaths for SAR-CoV-2 should be in excess of 170,000. The US economy was not shut down. Readers may be interested to remember that during the "Hong Kong Flu" of 1986-1969 two HUGE music festivals were held: Woodstock in 1969 (attendance 400,000), and The Isle of Wight Festival of 1970 (attendance 600,000 plus). Just think about that! 

Sweden. They were blessed by not being in a major air hub and as such had the ability to give that 2-week assessment to see if the Models and predictions were actually holding up against the emerging evidence. They were not. They also have a brilliant and gusty Chief Medical Officer who was able to withstand incredible international pressure to cave. He did not. He followed the evidence.

Sweden has minimal social distancing (suggested, not enforced), and the economy is open. The IFR is comparable to data from similar countries in population, urban density, health care system and demographics who have enforced strict lockdowns. There is no difference in death rates and infections between those in lockdown and those not. That is why the media is silent about Sweden. Sweden in vivo disproves the lockdown. In fact, there is a lo of scientific data that carte blanche lockdowns are actually counterproductive and can exacerbate infection. But that is another story. Read about it here

As to why this lockdown is going on (some are now claiming they want lockdowns into 2022) is a good question. I think there are two possibilities: the first being that politicians' primary concern are votes and it is very hard for a politician to admit error. Nonetheless, a politician can still extricate him or herself by stating the truth: Models and predictions were given them that were wrong. But there still are consequences, so they are motivated to go along. The second point is that this virus was seized upon by militant atheistic globalists at  the outset to advance an agenda; every passing day proves this. 

We have gone from a 2, 3-week lockdown to now three months and counting all based on a hugely inaccurate IFR. We have people dying because they have been denied medical treatment over the past two months, we have decimated economies, crushing debt, massive unemployment, suicides, substance abuse etc. We have to start asking “QUI BONO”? 

The Toronto Oratory: SOLEMN HIGH MASS will be LIVE-STREAMED TODAY at 5 P.M.

The Toronto Oratory, on the Feast of St. Philip Neri, will be live-streaming a Solemn High Mass at 5 p.m. EST on their Youtube channel. 
"If a man finds it very hard to forgive injuries, let him look at a crucifix, and think that Christ has shed all His Blood for him, and not only forgave his enemies, but prayed the Eternal Father to forgive them also". St. Philip Neri 
You may also view the Mass here, as I have embedded the live-stream.

Monday, 25 May 2020

"This is tyranny, this is communism": How a Virus is being used to impose Globalism

In the above video, a Nurse exposes the enormous expansion of State power under the pretext of a virus. The Nurse is correct. Coronaviruses (in this case SARS-Cov2) do not flourish in highly aerobic environments. 

The man referred to in the video, "Charlie Baker", is the pro-abortion, pro-"LGBT" Republican Governor of Massachusetts. This is not about public safety, common sense: it is about State control. 

The commentary is provided by separated brethren, who, once again, are doing the "heavy lifting" in the United States against atheistic globalism. May God bless them and bring them into full Unity with the Catholic Church.