Since faith is one, it must be professed in all its purity and integrity". Pope Francis/Pope Benedict

Friday, 19 January 2018

Daniel P. Horan OFM unloads expletive-riddled tirade on Twitter: Calls pro-life marchers: "Pseudo-prophets..."

Daniel P. Horan OFM., of the dissenting Holy Name Province has opined on the vast throng who have turned up in Washington. D.C for the "March for Life". 

Horan tweeted out a tirade of hate-filled statements, one even including an expletive in a self-styled "prayer". Horan goes on to accuse those who defend the unborn as indulging in "selective ________". 

This explosion of emotional anger is the true Horan: hate-filled, narcissistic, spiteful, elitist, privileged - a typical liberal white man. These is not holy words and thoughts one would expect from a follower of St. Francis. 

In a short article, Horan wrote in 2014, entitled, "The Intimate Journey of Relationship with God", he wrote of St. Francis thus: 
He would embrace those people thought to be unembraceable and love those that no one else dared to love: the poor, the sick, the forgotten, the outcast.

I guess those were just nice words as Horan prepared for his PhD. Horan has no love for pro-life marchers: no embrace, no love: only hate. 

What about the children who were rescued from abortion, who walk in the "March for Life". What about the women who have had abortions and suffer because of their "choice", who walk in the "March for Life". What about parents who have lost daughters, who died from supposed, "safe, legal" abortions, who walk in the "March for Life". What abut the couples who cannot adopt, because there are no children to adopt...?

And what about Mary Wagner, who CANNOT walk in the "March for Life" because she is in prison for her pro-life beliefs in Canada?

Dan Horan: who are you to judge Mary Wagner, and all millions of people who oppose abortion?

Dan Horan: some "intimate journey", some "relationship with God". 

BREAKING NEWS: Catholic priest under attack for removing PRACTICING "gay" musicians from parish

Fr. John Drees, fired two practicing homosexuals from his parish choir, after it was confirmed that the two musicians in his parishes were in so-called  "same-sex marriages". Bob Bernard and Travis Loeffler were dismissed after Fr. Drees (pastor of St. Joseph and St. Francis Xavier in Taylors Falls, MN) became aware that they were involved in habitual, public sin. Fr. Drees acted according to Catholic teaching and Canon Law. He defended the sanctity of Marriage, defended the parishes from scandal and proclaimed the truth about human sexuality in the face of hatred, opposition and confusion. 

The usual homosexual and homosexualist allies have leapt forward to defend the dismissed practicing homosexuals. Fr. James Martin S.J., has distinguished himself in defending these public sinners. His defense for not dismissing them -  that other priests turn a blind eye to fornication and adultery - is no excuse for sodomy. It is only an indictment of priests who no longer believe in sin (like Fr. James Martin S.J.). One could ask James Martin S.J.: would he reverse his position if priests did their jobs and fired fornicators, adulterers, and other public, habitual and unrepentant sinners? 

The  National Schismatic Reporter (NCR) carries a militantly homosexual slant to the entire incident. The NCR article throughout refers to "marriage", and then refers to the Bob Bernard's homosexual associate as his "husband". Contrary to the NCR lies and disinformation, the homosexuals were not fired for suffering from same-sex attraction, but for leading lives that involved habitual, unrepentant, extremely grave sin. It is one thing to suffer from same-sex attraction, it is a whole different thing to act on it. Sodomy is a sin that cries to Heaven for vengeance. 

Friends, it is very important to know what homosexuals do, especially since they do not want you to know. You will notice that Fr. Martin and other dissenters NEVER mention what homosexuals actually do. Why? Because they know that you will be repulsed and horrified as to the evil and degrading acts they perform on each other in what they call "lovemaking". 

The following video is very graphic, and is not for children or the faint hearted. However, some of you may need to see this video, so that the evil of homosexuality impress itself upon you. 

Friends, we cannot just sit idly by and allow Fr. John Drees to be attacked by homosexuals, their evil allies and other dissenters and haters of Christ and His Church. You have seen the video, you now know the evil and horror of homosexual acts. You now understand that sodomy has nothing to do with the sacredness of the Marital Act, but is a satanic mockery of marital Union. 

Please say a Rosary for Fr. Drees

Also include in your prayers the homosexuals who are caught up in this depraved life of sin; that they be released from their demonic oppression. There is nothing gay about being "gay". Drugs, alcohol addiction, mental illness, promiscuity, violence, murder, S & M, pedophilia, disease (esp. venereal diseases, oral/anal cancers, incontinence, etc.), jealousy, narcissism, hatred... the never ending search for "fresh meat". This is what happens when man turns his back on God.     

Thursday, 18 January 2018

Did Lilianne Ploumen receive Papal Award for LGBT advocacy?

Abortion campaigner and Homosexual advocate, 
Liliane Ploumen being introduced to the Pope   

Did the Vatican give Liliane Ploumen a Papal Award because she is an "LGBT" advocate? Certainly the Vatican is silent on this, and refuses to condemn her support of deviant "sexual" acts. 

The pro-abortion, pro-sodomy politician from Holland received  the Papal "Order of St. Gregory the Great" during her visit with a Dutch delegation. She even boasted of it in a video. 

The Catholic News Agency (CNA) reported that a spokeswoman for the Holy See stated that this award does not mean that the Vatican supports Ploumen's on-going pro-abortion campaign:

From CNA: 
Paloma Garcia-Ovejero, deputy director of the Holy See Press Office, said that “the honorific of the St. Gregory the Great Pontifical Order that Lilliane [sic] Ploumen, then Minister for Development received in June 2017, during the visit of the Dutch Royals to the Holy Father, is part of the diplomatic praxis of the exchange of decorations among delegations during official visits between heads of state and government to the Vatican.”

Garcia-Ovejero said that the decoration “cannot be by any way considered an endorsement to the pro-abortion and birth control politics advocated by Mrs. Ploumen.” Notice that being pro-abortion and pro-contraception is now "politics" and no longer sin? Notice too, that Garcia-Ovejero only spoke in terms of "endorsement", but not in terms of denunciation. This is still a form of (immoral) "neutrality" towards abortion and birth control. Very interesting. 

Now, let us also consider what Cardinal Ejik has to say. Readers should recall that the Cardinal is intensely disliked in Holland due to his outspoken opposition to abortion, sodomy and gender ideology. 

From CNA: 
The honorific was apparently given without significant previous consultation. In a statement released Jan. 15, Cardinal Wilhelm Ejik, Archbishop of Utrecht and Primate of the Netherlands, stressed that he “was not involved” in the process that decided “to give the decoration of Commander of the Pontifical Equestrian Order St. Gregory the Great, which the former minister Ploumen received last year.”

So, we have the Vatican stating that the Order was "part of diplomatic praxis..."

Yet, we have Cardinal Ejik stating that he "was not involved". 

Either Garcia-Overjevo is lying, or Cardinal Ejik is.

The fact is, that Cardinal Ejik is telling the truth. Papal honours are not handed out automatically to every visitor. Thouasands have met popes over the years, and the vast, vast majority have not received any Papal honour. Even the believing, devout Catholic President of Poland did not receive a Knighthood upon his meeting with Pope Benedict. The fact remains, Papal honours are given based on the recommendation of the Local Ordinary. 

So, the question remains: why did Ploumen receive this very high honour and who arranged it? 

Once again I stress: though the Vatican spokeswoman stated that the award did not reflect an endorsement of Ploumen's abortion advocacy, the Vatican was SILENT on Ploumen's "LGBT" advocacy. Why?  Has homosexuality now been removed as a "unspeakable crime", an "intrinsic evil"? Is it no longer a sin that cries to Heaven for vengeance? Was this award possibly a masonic plot to cause scandal and loss of Faith amongst the faithful (it could be)? How the masons love to shame and bring disrepute on the Church! 

Did homosexuals in the Vatican arrange
Ploumen's special Papal Award? 
To conclude: 

Friends, there is something very, very wrong in Rome. There is a diabolical disorientation that staggers the mind. 

Consider, Monsignor Luigi "Cocaine" Capozzi, the organizer of a Vatican cocaine-fueled homosexual orgy, or Monsignor Carlo "Carn Evil" Capella, the Vatican diplomat and child porn consumer. Both evil perverts have been spirited away into hiding. These men have not been jailed, defrocked. These men have not even been condemned! 

The Roman churchmen have even REFUSED to recognize that sins and crimes were even committed! These churchmen are protecting sexual perverts and pedophiles!! This is HOW EVIL THE DIABOLICAL DISORIENTATION IS!!

Keep the Faith! Do not forget - ever - Jesus Christ is in absolute, total control of His Church! Just as He was in absolute, total control of Good Friday! Stay by the bedside of your Mother the Church in Her agony. 

Wednesday, 17 January 2018

Did Prime Minister Justin Trudeau get a Papal Knighthood?

Did Justin Trudeau receive a Papal Knighthood when he went to the Vatican in 2017? 
According to Vatican deputy Spokeswoman, Paloma Garcia-Ovejero, it "is part of the diplomatic praxis..." to hand out Papal Awards to those visiting the Vatican.  

If true, then last year, Canada's "Gay Boy" PM, Justin Trudeau received a Papal Knighthood. After all, how could he not, given he is Prime Minister, a "devout" Catholic AND it is "PART OF THE DIPLOMATIC PRAXIS"? 

Justin Trudeau in "prayer" at the Vatican in 2017 

The official Catholic News Agency (CNA) reported that a spokeswoman for the Holy See had this to say regarding the giving of the award to pro-abortion, pro-LGBT propaganda, Dutch politican, Liliane Ploumen.  

From CNA: 
Paloma Garcia-Ovejero, deputy director of the Holy See Press Office, said that “the honorific of the St. Gregory the Great Pontifical Order that Lilliane [sic] Ploumen, then Minister for Development received in June 2017, during the visit of the Dutch Royals to the Holy Father, is part of the diplomatic praxis of the exchange of decorations among delegations during official visits between heads of state and government to the Vatican.”

Therefore, we must presume that the "devout, prayerful", yet pro-abortion, pro-dissenting, militantly pro-homosexual Prime Minister of Canada,  Justin "Gay Boy" Trudeau, also received a Papal Honour. If "Gay Boy" did not receive an award, then Garcia-Ovejero is LYING. The question then becomes: who is telling her to lie? 

Trudeau with a drag queen at the 
Vancouver "Gay Pride Parade"

Where is the truth? A Vatican spokeswoman caught LYING, or did the  narcissistic, "LGBT" obsessed Trudeau hide from the world his Papal Knighthood??? 

You, dear reader, decide! 

Monday, 15 January 2018

A History of the Homosexual Takeover of the Dominican Order

How many know that the Dominican Order was infiltrated by homosexuals in the 1950s, well before the Second Vatican Council? How many are aware that by the late 1960s, these homosexuals had taken over entire seminaries.

It is Toronto Catholic Witness' honour to present to our readers the following lecture on the history of the homosexual takeover of the Dominicans by the great, prophetic Fr. John O'Connor. 

Fr. O'Connor was that voice in the wilderness, who, decades ago warned us about homosexual infiltration in the Church [warning: graphic content. Not suitable for children].

As Fr. O' Connor points out in the video, Donald J Goergen O.P., expelled for homosexual activity from St. Bernard's Seminary in 1969, was quickly taken into a Dominican seminary and appointed professor, though he was not even ordained. Such was the power of the homosexuals who already controlled the Dominican seminary. 

Goergen eventually went on to be elected superior of the Mid-West Province in the mid 80s, despite opposition from Fr. O'Connor and another Dominican. The two priests warned the Dominicans they cannot elect a man who had been expelled for homosexual activity, and who had spent years promoting homosexuality and heresy. To no avail. Goergen was elected, reflecting massive support for homosexuality. 

Not taking Goergen's election lying down, Fr. John O'Connor continued the fight against him and other militant homosexuals in the Order. Goergen's response was to suspend Fr. O'Connor and eventually expel him. 

Fr. O' Connor's appeal to Rome failed, because too many homosexuals in the Vatican Curia were backing up Goergen. Fr. O' Connor once said that he was honoured to be expelled, as the Order he had joined no longer existed.

Fr. O' Connor also brought to light, in his many talks, Goergen's vicious, heretical book, "The Sexual Celibate" (that also denied the Blessed Mother's virginity), which promoted "healthy homosexuality". A book, wherein, Georgen stated that he was "a man with a feminine dimension". 

Goergen wrote in support of homosexual activity: 
“Environment can give strength to the homosexual dimension of the personality by bringing together members of the same sex … to the exclusion of the other sex. There is no reason to fool ourselves about this. Celibate people are sexual beings like everyone else. When affectionate and genital feelings enter homosexual friendship, one should recognize and accept their presence. This does not mean the relationship is unhealthy.”
Friends, understand what Homo-Dominican Goergen is saying here: not only is sodomy good, but that an all male environment can "give strength to the homosexual dimension..." We now see why these homosexuals congregate especially in religious Orders, such as the Dominicans and the Franciscans. Precisely because these larger all male environments encourage, embolden, and protect homosexuals and homosexual activity

Sunday, 14 January 2018

The Vatican infiltrated by Freemasonry?

Archbishop Stanisław Gądecki stated on his blog, just over two years ago, regarding the meetings at the Synod of the Family, that the spirit of freemasonry was afoot amongst many of the bishops with regards to dialogue, and their secular view of the world: 

 "the dialogue on human rights is from the point of view of the illuminati of the 19th century." 

Dear friends, I ask you to reconsider these words by the Archbishop taking into consideration the release of the materially heretical "Amoris Latitia", the various scandalous statements coming from Rome, the ongoing homosexual crisis in the clergy (are Freemasons using homosexual clergy to advance the destruction of the Church?), the strange statements by churchmen to politicians and at the UN, etc. 

I ask you to seriously consider the role and influence of Freemasonry, considering the recent announcements of the Secretary of State, Cardinal Parolin about the "church of the new paradigm".  Just what is this "church" the eminent Cardinal speaks of? A protestant "church"? masonic "church"?

Whether Cardinal Parolin wears the apron, we do not know. What we do know is he speaks and acts like a Freemason. We know, as the day to day manager of the Church, he sits back and does nothing as the destroyers run free. 

International Freemasonry has sought to infiltrate the Catholic Church for decades. Can we forget the Alta Vendita, or the marches of Freemasons in Rome during 1917, where a young Fr. Maximilian Kolbe reported that the Freemasons boasted of infiltrating the Vatican and turning the Pope into their "errand boy"? Can Catholics forget the power of the P2 Lodge, that contained the names of high ranking churchmen? 

"The enemy forces, inspired by the evil spirit, ever wage war on the Christian name...the Masonic sect, which, strong in manpower and resources, is the leader in a war against anything sacred". Pope Leo XIII (Inimica Vis)

Let us not be deluded: Our Lord Jesus Christ has real enemies. These Masons have infiltrated the Church. The devil uses every trick in the book to lie and deceive us: Judaism and its offspring, Islam, political Zionism, Liberalism, Socialism, Communism, Capitalism, Globalism, Protestantism, Ecumenism, Environmentalism, Religious Liberty, the Occult, the Sexual Revolution - and so on. The devil never runs out of lies to deceive. 

[original blog post published, late 2015] 

I can now report that during the Morning  Session discussions of Group A (Italicus) on October 8th, 2015, the influence of Freemasonry was raised. The  incident was recorded by Archbishop Stanisław Gądecki on his blog. The fact that Synod Fathers are raising the issue of Freemasonry helps explain the blasphemies, the heresies, the cloud of dark confusion and evil that surrounds the machinations of a group of churchmen intent on overturning the unchangeable teaching of Our Lord Jesus Christ on Holy Matrimony and human sexuality. 

Specifically, Archbishop Gądecki noted that there were Synod Fathers in Italicus A who were concerned that  the spirit of masonic influence had infected sections of  the Instrumentum Laboris. 

It is very reasonable to consider that the spirit of Antichrist dwells in the hearts and souls of some of the men who stroll the marble halls of Vatican City. False shepherds, wolves in sheep's clothing, seeking to lead the Flock astray. Vade retro me Satana!  

From the Archbishop's blog: 

Toronto Catholic Witness translation: 

"Dialogue on human rights is the point of view of the illuminati of the 19th century; where is the theology? Where are the Rights of God?  Instead of the work of creation, we have talk about ecology".

Members of Italicus A:

Moderator: Card. Montenegro Francesco
Relator: P. Arroba Conde, C.M.F. Manuel Jesús
(Members: Bassetti, CaffarraCelli, Coccopalmerio, Fisichella, Gadecki, Pinto, Rylko, Sandri, Shevchuk, Spadaro, Sturla Berhouet, Urosa Savino…)

Friday, 12 January 2018

James Franco: accusations of sexual assault reveals Hollywood connection to Aleister Crowley and Satanism

James Franco between Luciferians, Kenneth Anger and Brian Butler

James Franco may finally be facing justice. A number of women are accusing him of sexual abuse within the context of filming a sex orgy. Apparently simulated sexual activity was not enough for Franco. Supposedly appearing out of nowhere, Franco (highly popular with silly teenage girls) was propelled to stardom overnight. However, "stardom" just does not happen, but is pre-arranged. As a film student, Franco made his first film about occultist and Satanist, Kenneth Anger. Anger is primarily, but not exclusively, responsible for bringing to the United States the dark occult and satanic teachings of Aleister Crowley. Little do teenage girls realize that their matinee idol is an occultist and devote of Anger. 

How many people are aware of the profound influence Anger has over film-making? How many people are aware of Anger's extensive use of the teachings of Crowley? Through Anger, Crowley's sybaritic, gnostic, occult and satanic religion of Thelema, has permeated Hollywood. From Hollywood, it has been spread around the world. How many are aware, for example,  that famed director, Martin Scorsese (praised by Homo-Jesuits and others) is an admirer of Kenneth Anger? 

Brilliantly, in the 1960s, Anger began to associate himself with foolish, impressionable, but highly popular young men within rock music. Anger travelled and associated with the Rolling Stones, encouraged Jimmy Page in his devotion to Crowley. Anger was well aware that through popular stars - be it in music or cinema - he would be able to initiate millions, tens of millions into Thelema ideology, subliminally. Anger's film work would eventually permeate the video work of sexual deviant David Bowie, etc. Bowie, a devotee of the occult and Crowley, would be lionized in death by none other than Gianofranco Cardinal Ravasi. Witnessed published a rebuttal of the Cardinal here and here

Hollywood's two leading Thelemites: Anger and Butler

Crowley, who died in 1947, was ahead of his time. The world was not quite ready to receive the full force of his teachings. It took Kenneth Anger, to spread Thelema, far and wide. Anger's two films, "Lucifer Rising", and "Invocation of my Demon brother" reflect the film-maker's awareness of societal and cultural readiness to accept Crowleyism.

Now we have Franco exposed as just another Hollywood pervert. The devil loves to double-cross his stooges. Little did Franco think that his sexual escapades would be outed. With the Hollywood publicity machine presenting Franco as a clean cut matinee idol, the reality was always different. His video, featuring Anger, and overseen by Anger's protege, Brian Butler, revealed Franco as another Hollywood Thelemite reeking in occultism and deviancy. 

Most do not know the centrality of sex to the ideology of Crowley. Most do not know how influential his teachings are upon the promotion of unnatural sex: especially homosexuality. Crowley himself was a voracious bi-sexual predator who lived as he taught. For Crowley, sexual joining and acts are symbolic of a pantheistic re-creating of the universe. Sexmagick is the conduit to immortality. 

Logically, Crowley promoted such perversion as: sodomy, urolagnia, coprophagia, algolagnia, spermophagia as part of his sexual "magick". All these perversions are now promoted as normal alternative "lifestyles" by the "LGBT" liberation agenda. It was only normal that Anger glorify "homoeroticism" in his films. It is only normal that Thelemite occultist, James Franco be finally outed as another abuser of women. After all, was not Crowley himself not a notorious misogynist?

To return to the present, should we be surprised that Hollywood, is rife with occultism? Rife with sodomy? Rife with mockery of religion and family? 

When the vast majority of people think of Hollywood, most do not think of Aleister Crowley, Kenneth Anger, or Brian Butler. Most do not think of Hollywood as the propaganda arm for Thelema. It is time they did. It is time you did.  

Tuesday, 9 January 2018

Br. Robert Lentz: Homo-Franciscan Iconographer for "Holy Name Province" who glorifies a Pedophile

Harvey Milk, homosexual pederast, glorified by Homo-Franciscan, Robert Lentz

Holy Name Province of the Franciscans (in reality, Homo-Franciscans) is a hive of homosexual and pro-homosexual propaganda. On Facebook members of this evil Province openly promote and excuse homosexuality; openly mock and deride Church teaching about the intrinsic evil of homosexual activity. 

A blasphemous homo-"Mass" organized by Homo-Franciscans in NYC  

As with all homosexuals, they love luxury. Are you aware, dear readers, of the real estate value of the Homo-Franciscan properties: in the hundreds of millions of dollars? Just consider their one church in mid-town Manhattan.

The American Prophet, Joseph Sciambra, has just denounced the evils of James Martin SJ. Here, Joseph exposes Martin - once again - trying to seduce the ignorant, the confused, the psychologically disturbed into a life of debauched evil.

"Br" Robert Lentz, the iconographer for the Homo-Franciscans, even dared to paint an image (see above) of the evil, vicious, promiscuous  homosexual and pedophile, Harvey Milk! If you do not believe me about Milk, look it up.  

Lentz, an admitted homosexual, is an evil influence on the younger recruits into Holy Name Province who have same-sex attraction. Lentz, even portrayed Our Blessed Lord as a "horned god"; in essence Bahomet. This shows us how homosexuality and the satanic are intertwined. 

To conclude, what does this say about the Holy Name Province leadership? 

What does it say about Fr. Kevin Mullen OFM, who allows the promotion of homosexuality in churches controlled by his Province? A Province that accepts open dissenters, promoting the "LGTB" agenda? A Province that has priests waving "gay" rainbow flags? 

Homo-Franciscan, Fr. Michael Carnevale,
sinfully waving the "gay" Rainbow flag 

A Province that held a celebration at a notorious "gay" bar, where it is "cruisy" at the urinals? It tells me that Holy Name Province is under the control of militant homosexuals!

Fr. Kevin Mullen: are you homosexual?

Are you a practicing homosexual? 

Just how many in Holy Name Province are homosexuals? 

Just how many in Holy Name Province are practicing homosexuals? 

ACTION ITEMContact Provincial Superior, Fr. Kevin Mullen OFM and ask him why Holy Name Province promotes homosexuality. 

Phone: (646) 473-0265