Since faith is one, it must be professed in all its purity and integrity". Pope Francis/Pope Benedict

Thursday, 11 February 2016

ACTION ITEM: Come and join us with a Rosary for Mary Wagner on her Birthday

Tomorrow is Mary Wagner's birthday. She will celebrate her birthday in prison. Arrested last December 12th, on the Feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe at a Toronto abortion killing factory, Mary will go on trial March 10th, and is expected to receive a nine month sentence. 

We are extremely grateful to Fr. Stephen Imbarrato of the Priests for Life, who is offering up his Masses this week for Mary. God bless you Father! 

Fr. Imbarrato leading a Eucharistic procession outside
a Planned Parenthood abortion mill 

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BREAKING: Patriarch of Moscow departs for Cuba to meet Pope Francis for historic meeting

Pray for reconciliation between the Catholic Church and Orthodox churches. 

Wednesday, 10 February 2016

BREAKING: Cardinal Burke speaks ~ video of his conference in Krakow, Poland

Raymond Cardinal Burke was in Poland very recently, meeting members of the hierarchy, including Archbishop Stanisław Gądecki. Photos of him celebrating a Pontifical High Mass are available at the website of Polonia Christiana. He also gave a conference February 8, 2016 at the Franciscan Monastery in Krakow. He was introduced by Stanisław Cardinal Dziwisz as a "great theologian lawyer". 

The Cardinal, in an answer to a question if the jurisdiction granted to the Society of St. Pius X during the Year of Mercy will continue indefinitely, was of the opinion that they are in an irregular canonical situation but that a positive situation has been created with this gesture from Rome, and that CDF and Cardinal Muller can become engaged in a further discussion to lead to a great union within the Church. 

On the change of the Manadatum, the Cardinal replied that the ritual of the washing of the feet on Holy Thursday should be given the emphasis that Christ gave it, on the washing of the feet of the Apostles. The rite has great meaning, though it is not part of the Mass. Cardinal Burke said no clergy is obligated to wash anyone's feet, certainly not of a person who does not represent one of the twelve apostles. 

On the hermeneutic of continuity and the "reform of the the reform" he felt it is a living reality; recalling Cardinal Sarah's article, from June 12th of 2015; Cardinal Burke: "have courage". Cardinal Burke said the young have a great need for a beautiful sacred liturgy in a desacralized world. 

The Cardinal suggested two points in emerging from the crisis in the Church: a greater deepening in catechetical learning and studies from youth, and a return to a sacred liturgy that is Christocentric, the action of Christ. 

On the last Synod of the Family, regarding those who wish to give Holy Communion to those in grave sin, the Cardinal said he cannot give a precise answer on what transpired because he did not take part in the Synod, but he wished to mentioned that he had read in the press that Archbishop Thomasz Peta of Kazakhstan had recalled the extraordinarily strong words of Paul VI that the "smoke of satan" was trying to  enter into the synodal aula. 

Monday, 8 February 2016

Mary Wagner: An International Rosary Bouquet for her birthday ~ join us in praying for her and her intentions

Dear friends, this coming Friday, February 12th, is Mary's birthday. This year, we are truly making it an "international" Bouquet, in that this is a joint Canada-USA-Poland-Australia effort. May it be a fragrant gift to God and His most holy Mother, through Mary's hands. 

I wish to thank: Susan Fox (USA) of Christ's Faithful Witness, Iza Kozłowska (Poland) of, and Kathy Clubb (Australia) of  Light up the Darkness. 

Both Kathy and Susan have done a great service to the Gospel of Life by publishing Mary's recent Open Letter on Euthanasia. I encourage all to read and reflect on it. Readers may also wish to read Mary's lovely Open Letter at Easter, 2015. or, her letter from prison on the occasion of a visit to Vanier Centre for Women of the Icon of the Black Madonna. 

Several options have been created to facilitate joining the Rosary Bouquet. 

How to pledge a Rosary for Mary by Facebook: 

Please visit our Facebook page, where we have created an "event". Please join. In doing so, your Rosary will be counted. 

How to pledge a Rosary for Mary by email: 

Please email me at: All you need to do is  state "Rosary Bouquet", your Rosary will be counted. 

How to pledge a Rosary for Mary on this blog: 

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To all who have joined and will join, 
may God bless you. 

Sunday, 7 February 2016

In prison for peaceful resistance to abortion, Mary Wagner asks us: where is the "outright resistance" to euthanasia in Canada?

"...the effort of the Church here, and the medical profession are not focused on outright resistance..." 

Mary Wagner, January 15, 2016 Letter to Polish Physicians and Nurses 

The killing of the elderly, the disabled, the mentally ill... is coming to Canada. One voice which will not be silenced over this great evil is that of our dear sister in Christ, Mary Wagner. She carries the greatest credibility in her call to resistance, to the taking up of the cross: for she herself, along with Linda Gibbons, calls for and lives "outright resistance" to the monstrous evil of abortion. In doing so she has taken up the cross, as Christ asks of each of us. In Poland, Professor Bogdan Chazan remained faithful to Christ, and was fired from a hospital.   

"...efforts...are not focused in outright resistance...
but more so on how not to be involved in this latest attack on life."

This blog, along with Vox Cantoris, Christ's Faithful Witness and Light up the Darkness have and will continue to stand with Mary in her fight for life. Late last year, just prior to her arrest at a Toronto abortion mill, Mary brought to my attention "The Proposal". In simplest terms, it is a written agreement between the Canadian Medical Association and a number of organizations: written by the Christian Dental and Medical Society, it is co-sponsored by the Canadian Federation of Catholic Physicians' Societies and the Canadian Physicians for Life. I believe that The Proposal is flawed and that these organizations should discard the document.

How did we come, as a society, to even the possibility that such a document, such as The Proposal, would be considered acceptable? Certainly a factor is a gradual societal numbing and desensitisation to the brutality of abortion at the hands of the medical establishment. Christians living in an aggressively secular culture, are in constant danger of its seductive lure. Now, it would seem, society - and most Christian physicians - are ready to accept the horror of euthanasia - not with a bang, but a whimper.

Perhaps a fictional story is needed to illustrate the monstrosity of the compromising sellout to the "death train" that is roaring into Canada. 

Let us proceed with our sad, tragic tale:

For the message of the cross is foolishness to those who are perishing, but to us who are being saved it is the power of God.
1 Corinthians 1:18

Once upon a time there existed the country of Dystopia. The citizens of this country - the vast majority of them - actively practiced the culture of death: they contracepted, had abortions - even partial birth - they passed laws that allowed men to "marry" men, and women to "marry" women. Behind a veneer of nicety, it was a brutal, vicious, hypocritical society without compassion. Speaking of love, citizens burnt with lust, brutalized by pornography. Speaking of freedom, Dystopia was fascistic. At times, Christ was spoken of, but never the Cross. Dystopia's Christ was; therefore, a false Christ, an Antichrist.

Children in school were taught that a man could be a woman and vice versa. From sea to shining sea, truly Dystopia lived up to her name. Her religious communities - what was left of them - on these various issues over the years offered polite reserve to moral outrages, but no outright resistance. So it went. Abortion had become a dirty word, not to be uttered in "sophisticated" society. Dystopia even became infamous for the jailing of two women who peacefully challenged the evil of abortion. Dystopian society could not be upset with such dangerous dissenters.

Over the years, Dystopians clamoured for more and more "freedom"; even the "freedom" to have slaves. The cry for this "liberty" - directed by a powerful elite skilled in manipulating the debased masses - was heard and Dystopia's Supreme Court ruled that slavery was a human right and ordered Parliament to pass a law drawing up guidelines for the buying and selling of slaves to which all businesses would have to adhere. The Dystopian Human Resources Business Association passed resolutions on "good practices" for business proprietors regarding the selling of slaves. 

However, it became known to the Association that there were a few businesses who opposed slavery and did not want to participate. In response to this, the Association told the recalcitrant proprietors: 

Consistent with the professional obligations and human rights policy, proprietors do not have to provide services that conflict with their conscience or religious beliefs. Where a proprietor declines to sell slaves for reasons of conscience or religion, he or she must make an effective referral in a timely manner to a non-objecting proprietor or business. 

The hesitant businesses consulted amongst each other and came to an agreement with the Association regarding the sale of slaves. 

Being a superficially genteel, polite society, Dystopians  came together in a consensus, and a  "proposal" was agreed to between the advocates of slavery, and those who still thought it was immoral. In part the "proposal" read: 

"... if the consumer still requests a slave, the proprietor provides complete information to the consumer about the purchasing options available to them. This would include information about all legal purchase options. 

... if the consumer continues to pursue the purchase of a slave, the proprietor would advise that they or their representative could access the purchase of a slave directly set up through the Department of Dystopian Human Resources and widely available to the public (e.g. phone number, website etc.). ... each proprietor will respect the consumer and their right not to be obstructed in their access to all legal options to slave buying". 

In making this arrangement, the business proprietors who found slavery distasteful, hoped to be left to conduct their business in peace, believing that in acceding to the demands of the Association they would neither lose their proprietors license or face other civil or criminal liabilities. So they thought. 

But the culture of death and brutality continued unopposed and grew. More and more slaves were bought and sold; it became common place. Those who claimed they were opposed to slavery became irrelevant. The few years of "peace" ended, the dream, the fantasy evaporated. 

A few dissenters appeared, they lost their business licenses, fines were imposed. Some were eventually jailed. The death penalty was then enacted for those who resisted abortion and euthanasia. History recorded them as mad; the Church as heroic martyrs. 

Indeed, we felt that we had received the sentence of death. But that was to make us rely not on ourselves but on God who raises the dead
2 Corinthians 1:19

January 23, 2016

My dear Christian Sisters and Brothers,

Since we are all so deeply concerned for our country and our world today, I would like to share some light that has helped me, as well as some further thoughts. (Thank you, dear Friends, who have helped me to get this letter out to you).

 I recently had the blessed of speaking with a wise Carmelite Mother. While sharing with her my concerns in the wake of the Feb. 6th, 2015 Supreme Court of Canada’s decision, she recalled that Archbishop Fulton Sheen used to exhort the faithful to rejoice in the gift of living in such difficult times, because they give us such an incredible opportunity to bear witness to Christ.

She also gave me a copy of the Oct. 2015 issue of “Traces”, pointing out amidst its pages the luminous testimony of Fr.Ibrahim Alsabagh, a native of Aleppo, Syria, who has chosen to remain with the poor in the chaos of the ISIS controlled region. I highly recommend reading Fr. Ibrahim’s testimony. In the midst of deprivation, destruction and terror, his peace remains unshaken as his gaze is fixed on Our risen Lord.

Fr. Ibrahim spoke of a woman close to them who was bothered because the neighbouring homes, which had belonged to the Christians who fled the terror, were being purchased or rented by Muslims: “She felt that something major had changed - the air of the streets, the eyes of the people - and it made her uneasy. I told her, ‘Couldn’t it be that God permitted the people and the environment around us to change so that the fragrance of Christ can reach them, too? Could it be a beautiful mission that the risen Lord is asking of us?’ If that’s the case, there’s no reason for uneasiness, but to think only of what our risen Master is asking of us, of how we can witness the faith to the people who come”.

Here in Canada, as we face the reality that by decriminalizing physician-abetted suicide, the Supreme Court has set in motion “major change” in our country, Fr. Ibrahim reminds us that nothing is outside of God’s permission. We are not called, therefore, to dwell in complaint and lament. This is a mission God is entrusting to us, to bring his “fragrance” - his Light and his Love - into this beautiful country that has forgotten the Source of its beauty and greatness.

How are we to understand this mission with which Our Lord has entrusted to us? Fr. Ibrahim, who considers his own suffering “important and invaluable”, whose greater suffering is the sight of his neighbour’s suffering, offers us the following wisdom: “Through a profound posture of listening to what the Lord says and to the cry of the innocent, we are able to understand how to respond. For those heavy crosses, we really have to learn from Jesus who, during his three-hour crucifixion, still knew how to think of others…”

Who are the “others” who most need our attention? The Supreme Court’s dictate to involve physicians in their patient’s request for suicide would strip vulnerable people of protection in their darkest hour. Those who come to the conclusion that their lives are no longer worth living now have the Court’s agreement, (just as does a mother who concludes that her child in the womb is not worth being given a chance to live). They have been deprived of justice from a judicial system founded on the supremacy of God and Judeo-Christian values. In the wake of this grave injustice, has not our duty to love and protect them become all the more necessary and urgent?

Of this point, doctor-abetted suicide has not become institutionalized, as has the brutal killing of countless of our most helpless and littlest brothers and sisters. Our society, generally, still views suicide as something terribly wrong, an act of despair. This could change completely.

Consider a scenario in which you or I come across someone about to jump off a bridge: Who would not want to do everything they could to help that person- (not to end their life!)- to overcome their despair and receive the love and support they need to find their life worth living?

If this scenario illustrates our clear awareness that every life is worth fighting for, what would make us think differently when a suicidal person asks for “help” from a physician? Does our conviction that life is sacred change due to these circumstances? Does our responsibility for our neighbour diminish under the dictates of an abuse of power? Surely, they do not. The S.C.C.’s attempt to bully Canadians into accepting suicide under certain conditions in no way justifies suicide, or any form of co-operation with its process. Again, as our government tramples on justice, are we not called, in our dialogue and encounters with others to reaffirm that every human life is sacred, not counting the cost to ourselves but trusting in God and listening to him?

Having read “The Proposal” to the C.M.A. (offered by the Christian Medical and Dental Society and with the support of the Canadian Federation of Catholic Physicians Societies and Canadian Physicians for Life), I fear that these associations, despite their earnest desire to resist doctor-abetted suicide, have succumbed to defeatism. “The Proposal” expresses a willingness to engage in what I understand to be formal co-operation with a patient’s request for abetted suicide:

“The Proposal” states that physicians have a duty to provide complete information on all options and advise on how to access a separate, central information, counselling, and referral service. Further, the assertion is made that one’s autonomy includes the right to take one’s life: (“The Proposal”) respects the autonomy of the patient to access all legal services while at the same time protecting physicians’ conscience rights. (Let us recall the normal human response to someone on the verge of jumping off a bridge and compare the difference).

In addition, the language employed feeds into the push to accept doctor-abetted suicide. Language matters. Not only in “The Proposal”, but also in Christian/Catholic media, doctor-abetted suicide has been replaced with such terms as “physician-assisted death”, “assisted death”, and “medical aid in dying”. Such language obscures the truth and will contribute to the acceptance of this evil. As Mother Teresa said, “words that do not bear the Light of Christ only increase the darkness”. 

We are Christians. We know that God will not abandon us, even in death. No matter the circumstance, we are called to witness to the risen Lord with our lives. Our Brothers and Sisters are suffering terrible persecution elsewhere in the world, and Fr. Ibrahim says, “We don’t know when it will end… but it doesn’t matter when it ends; the important thing is not knowing how to save ourselves but to witness to Jesus Christ. We also need to think of a political solution - an action plan - but our first duty is to be witnesses of the Christian life, carrying the cross with love, forgiving, and thinking of the salvation of others as well…”

Our Lord gives us the grace to carry out the mission entrusted to us. He does not call us to defeatism, moral compromise, to the dismal task of harm reduction or to save ourselves. He is calling us to live the truth with love, which includes resisting the push of abetted suicide; such resistance is an affirmation that every human life is sacred. Every person of goodwill can join us in this necessary struggle for justice, for the dignity of the human person.

As Christians, however, we have received more than the hope of justice. We have the treasure of a Love unsatisfied with the fulfillment of duty alone. Christ, who laid down his life for us, calls each of us to share in his limitless gratuity: “Love one another as I love you” (Jn. 15:12).

Our suffering brothers and sisters in Syria, led by their shepherd, Fr. Ibrahim, are an incredible witness to a waiting world that love is stronger than death. Here in Canada, as we fight the darkness of death under other forms, let us ask the Holy Spirit to help us entrust ourselves, wholly and humbly, to the Light of Life, who alone can scatter the darkness. Let us pray for each other.

God bless…

Mary Wagner

Friday, 5 February 2016

BREAKING: Bishop David Motiuk, the Eparch of Edmonton, continues to send very confusing signals on gender ideology

The Ukrainian Catholic Eparch of Edmonton, David Motiuk, has written a letter regarding schooling and gender ideology which leaves the reader very confused. It becomes even more confusing, when the Eparchy has excellent resources denouncing the evil of gender ideology.  

However, this has not stopped Bishop Motiuk from writing a very contradictory letter. The full Letter may be read on his blog. 

Bishop Motiuk writes: 
Contrary to what many loud voices would have you believe, Catholic schools are, and have been, places of inclusivity regarding the broad spectrum of diversities that all students bring to our educational communities, including sexual diversity. 
The word catholic, itself, means universal and all-inclusive. We welcome all children and meet their needs as individuals, and have successfully done so for many years, so that they may reach the fullness of their God-given potential. We will continue to do so, for that is the mission of Catholic education.

According to Mr. Marcel (aka "Marni") Panas, a gender ideology activist and advisor to the Alberta government on the school Guidelines pertaining to gender ideology we read the following from the Edmonton Journal: 
I am a transgender woman. Weeks before I came out last year to the rest of the world, I met the bishop — at his invitation — for another in a long line of very important conversations. I later talked to our priest. From my personal journal dated Jan. 29, 2014, this is how part of that conversation went. “Will we still be welcome to practise our faith as we always have in the church?” I asked. 
The bishop replied: “My answer is an overwhelming yes. As a church, we need to be welcoming to all. We are taught to show kindness and compassion for each other. The church is not a ‘what,’ but a ‘who.’ As humans, we don’t always get it right. You may experience some resistance and negativity, whether in church or anywhere in your life, for many reasons besides even being transgender — as I’m sure you already very well know. But you should feel welcome in your church. You are welcome.”
Asked if I would be denied Holy Communion, he responded with this quote from Pope Francis, of whom he’s obviously a huge fan: “The Eucharist, although it is the fullness of sacramental life, it is not a prize for the perfect, but a powerful medicine and nourishment for the weak.” It is not intended to be a reward for the perfect, and no person is, but it is a means to bring us closer to God.
In the Ukrainian church, the funeral is very gender-specific. When I asked how I will be referred to during my burial, I was told: “Well, after March 21, you will be Marni and we will call you a she.”
Is the above true? We need clarity from Bishop Motiuk, not confusion. We need all the bishops of Alberta, indeed all of Canada, to stand up in one voice against gender ideology. 

BREAKING: Pope Francis to meet the Patriarch of Moscow

From the Holy See and the Patriarchate of Moscow: 

The Holy See and the Patriarchate of Moscow are pleased to announce that, by the grace of God, His Holiness Pope Francis and His Holiness Patriarch Kirilll of Moscow and All Russia will meet on February 12th next. Their meeting will take place in Cuba, where the Pope will make a stop on his way to Mexico, and where the Patriarch will be on an official visit. It will include a personal conversation at Havana’s Jose Marti International Airport, and will conclude with the signing of a joint declaration. 

This meeting of the Primates of the Catholic Church and the Russian Orthodox Church, after a long preparation, will be the first in history and will mark an important stage in relations between the two Churches. The Holy See and the Moscow Patriarchate hope that it will also be a sign of hope for all people of good will. They invite all Christians to pray fervently for God to bless this meeting, that it may bear good fruits.

The Gospel reading of the Orthodox church of Friday 12th is from Matt 5:14-19:

You are the light of the world. A city that is set on a hill cannot be hidden.
Nor do they light a lamp and put it under a basket, but on a lampstand, and it gives light to all who are in the house.
Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works and glorify your Father in heaven.
Do not think that I came to destroy the Law or the Prophets. I did not come to destroy but to fulfill.
For assuredly, I say to you, till heaven and earth pass away, one jot or one tittle will by no means pass from the law till all is fulfilled.
Whoever therefore breaks one of the least of these commandments, and teaches men so, shall be called least in the kingdom of heaven; but whoever does and teaches them, he shall be called great in the kingdom of heaven.
From a sermon, delivered by the Patriarch on July 29, 2013: 
It is not easy to confess this gospel’s truth today. In some places and in some countries there is even a conviction that those who insist on their possession of the truth should be punished. They should accept the truths held by other people – false truths even if these truths belong to a minority but are included in the life of society and state through law. And if some people speak of the truth of Christ and reject these false truths, in some countries they can already be subjected to legal persecution.

We believe that Jesus born from the Virgin Mary is the Lord and Saviour. There is no other saviour; He is the one. And that is why He is the way and the truth and the life.

We proclaim our faith without hesitation or fear, just as St. John Chrysostom states this in his instruction to catechumens on the Easter day. It is quite clear that the Church as Divine organism living in history among people also has human nature, just as the Lord Jesus Christ had human nature. This human nature of the Church is vulnerable as was the human nature of the Saviour. Indeed, He was beat up, outraged, nailed to the Cross. And the Church bears these wounds of Christ, this weakness of human nature. We are witnesses to a great deal of consequences of this weakness, human weakness. Perhaps more relevant for us today is the sin of schism, division, when people motivated by political or ethnic interests destroy the one body of Church. But no one is ever given to destroy the foundation stone, just as no one is given to destroy the invisible body of the Church which is the Body of Christ the Saviour Himself.