Since faith is one, it must be professed in all its purity and integrity". Pope Francis/Pope Benedict

Saturday, 23 September 2017

Pope Francis and Cardinal Burke: one does not answer schism with schism

Pope Francis and the Church

In the wake of those who are denouncing Cardinal Burke for not falling into schism, given his recent interview with an Australian news agency, I post a reply to the temptation of schism taken from the writings of the late Abbe de Nantes. 

If someone can point out any defects in the Abbe's logic, then I shall join them in their schism, until then, I will remain at my Mother's bedside and will not abandon the Church - neither in spirit, nor in fact. 

 May Catholic charity always triumph in our hearts  ! One does not answer schism by schism. In the face of ill-feeling, partiality and hatred which raise barriers and trenches, our only answer must be that of love, that love which is founded on the infrangible community of the sacramental life. 

The Church is the charity of Christ spread and communicated amongst all the brothers. Whilst our brothers maintain albeit only the appearance of belonging to the Church, we must hold and retain them in Catholic charity without accepting their ostracism and their scission, and without adding our own thereto. 

If we quit the community, if we emancipate ourselves from hierarchical authority and reject its jurisdiction, we reinforce the schism, we provide it with the homogeneous consistency of a sect, and we give it a free hand in the Church  ! We must stay put, resigned to being punished, to suffering and to obeying whatever is not forbidden or intolerable, as martyrs for Catholic Unity and Charity… We must reject everything that is commanded for the purpose of subversion and not let ourselves be penalised without protesting. But never, never ever, will we contest the unique inviolable power of jurisdiction that belongs to the Pope and to the bishops united to him. Even though they behave unjustly, it is they who are the Catholic hierarchy, not ourselves.

 One cannot save the Church by building on other foundations. But some people wanted to persuade me to do just that. As someone unjustly (although legally) deprived of all power of jurisdiction over souls by a Pope and bishops suspected of schism and heresy, I was supposed to consider myself a victim of persecution and to attribute to myself some kind of extraordinary jurisdiction directly derived from God  ! The determining factor was meant to be the pressing necessity of souls who were in danger of perishing in a Church that had completely lost her direction. 

Well, my answer to this was  : never, not at any price. Such jurisdiction has never been recognised by the holy canons except in the case of bishops in countries where persecution has totally destroyed or paralysed the local hierarchy. Presuming on the assent of the Holy See, these bishops would exercise this kind of extraordinary jurisdiction to save these Churches from total ruin and to provide for the urgent necessities of souls (Dom Gréa, L’Église, p. 235-238). As none of this can be verified in my own case, the usurpation that is proposed to me would be invalid, criminal and strictly schismatic.

We are not the saviours of the Church. Rather it is she, both now and always, who is our salvation. I may not actually see this, but I believe it with an unwavering faith  : the salvation of the Church today, as yesterday and for all times, is to be found in her Pastors. Although temporarily sunk in the error and sectarianism of their Reform, this grace still subsists in them, indefectibly. It may not be apparent, but it is ready on the day appointed by God to spring forth again for the salvation of all. The disorder may be great, the damage to souls mortal, but God does not wish to govern us except through the hierarchy. In such a sacred matter He cannot tolerate any fraudulent usurpation. If we were foolish enough to imagine that we could save the Church by carrying her off with us into the escapade of yet another schism, we who are nothing, it is we and we alone who would be irremediably lost. The only life we have within us is that which we have received. It is from the Roman Rock alone that this life springs forth.

The Church does not lie within us. It subsists in those very men whom we see busying themselves in her ruin and whom we nevertheless believe, by virtue of their apostolic jurisdiction, to be the bearers of Christ’s grace. We ourselves have no share in their powers of order and ministry except in the exact extent to which they delegate it to us. Thus, I am recognised as having the power to celebrate the Holy Mass, and this would be the case even if I were to be punished by an unjust excommunication (which God forbid  !), provided that I then celebrate it in private and without the risk of scandal. 

I also retain the power to give absolution to those who are dying… I give thanks to the Church for these faculties which she allows me to keep. I make use of them and I will continue to do so. But to go beyond this would be to build a simulacrum of the Church outside the Church. Good heavens  ! What would be the point  ? To deceive myself into thinking that I could save everyone  ? Ah, no  ! When the schism of this Reform is over, I do not wish to be separated from the Church.

Friday, 22 September 2017

An American Prophet responds to James Martin S.J.

I am constantly amazed how few people know about Joseph Sciambra. I am likewise amazed how so many use his investigative videos into LGBT propaganda within the Church, but do not reference him, do not single out Joseph who truly is a prophetic voice in the wilderness of neo-pagan America. 

How is it possible for this man to have such few Twitter followers? Yet, major websites will dig around in Joseph's video materials and put up trolling and sensational headlines to rack up the statistics. 

Friends, the Gospel of Christ is not spread in this manner. The following two videos are from Joseph and provide his responses as an ex-gay person to the misleading and sinful advice that Fr. James Martin S.J. is giving to people who are struggling with same-sex attraction. 

I would ask each and every one of you to watch these videos, to start to read Joseph Sciambra's website and materials regularly. Please tell your priest, your family and your friends about the man whom I refer to as "An American Prophet". Far more accurately, Joseph is an ex-gay, Catholic prophet for homosexualized America. He is, as he says rightly, "a child of God". Fundamentally, a prophet is one who tells the full and complete truth, even though it is very uncomfortable. That is why there will be increasing attacks upon Joseph by militant homosexuals. These attacks only prove one thing: they fear the truth. 

Finally, as Catholics we need to pray for James Martin and misleaders such as him. We need to pray that he abandon the evil advice he is giving to men and women who are confused with their sexual identity. Perhaps Fr. Martin himself is tortured by the demons of sexual confusion? Perhaps he himself suffers from same-sex attraction? Perhaps he was abused as a boy, perhaps even as an altar boy? Perhaps he was abused by a homosexual predator in the priesthood and this horror has slowly led Fr. Martin to the brink of insanity? Who knows?  God knows. Let us pray for him. 

Let us now listen to Joseph Sciambra address Fr. James Martin S.J., and his grave errors and misleading advice to those suffering the spiritual and mental torment of same-sex attraction. 

Wednesday, 20 September 2017

CATHOLIC EDUCATION? St. Michael's College is a scandal for the Church in Toronto

From the 2011 Frosh week at St. Michael's College, the University of Toronto. Readers can decide for themselves if these images reflect Catholic education. Catholics understand why His Eminence, Thomas Cardinal Collins wishes to place the school directly under his control, removing it from the neo-modernist cabal that is controlling the Faculty. 

His Eminence is well aware of the evils that pervade St. Michael's. Please pray that the Cardinal succeeds to wrest control from the Basilians, who (unfortunately) are being backed up by the Roman authorities. The Vatican meddling in a Toronto local issue is indeed disgraceful, and un-Catholic. It is  an ironic perversity that at the very time the Pope is seeking to diffuse the Liturgy into a state of complete chaos, by placing it in the hands of national churches (a very protestant concept); he is at the same time backing the neo-modernists who are blocking Cardinal Collins' right as Bishop of Toronto (a very Catholic concept) to control education. 

Pope Benedict XVI, addressing Catholics in England in 2010 spoke of Catholic education in this manner:
As you know, the task of a teacher is not simply to impart information or to provide training in skills intended to deliver some economic benefit to society; education is not and must never be considered as purely utilitarian. It is about forming the human person, equipping him or her to live life to the full – in short it is about imparting wisdom. And true wisdom is inseparable from knowledge of the Creator, for “both we and our words are in his hand, as are all understanding and skill in crafts” (Wis 7:16).

A good school provides a rounded education for the whole person. And a good Catholic school, over and above this, should help all its students to become saints.

Do these images reflect "forming the human person" helping "all its students to become saints"?  

Monday, 18 September 2017

BREAKING: Bishop Robert McElroy comes out defending homosexualist propaganda in the Church

Robert McElroy, homosexualist bishop of San Diego 

Bishop Robert McElroy, the Bishop of San Diego has ventured to speak out in favour of Fr. James Martin S.J., pro-"LGBT" book, "Crossing a Bridge". McElroy officially endorsed Martin's book when first published. For a history of the on-going dissent in San Diego, please visit Joseph Sciambra's website for details. 

I shall only highlight a few remarks by McElroy for readers to see that this bishop is a hard-core homosexualist. Readers shoud immediately note that McElroy uses homosexual propaganda by using "LGBT". 

McElroy states: 
He [James Martin S.J.] entered it knowing that the theological issues pertaining to homosexuality constituted perhaps the most volatile element of ecclesial life in U.S. culture.
Do they Bishop McElroy? Are you really telling readers that homosexuality constitutes "the most volatile element of ecclesial life.." If you are correct then you must be also telling us that "most" priest and bishops are themselves homosexuals. Why else would homosexuality be such a big issue, since we know that actual homosexuals in the general population are between 1-3 %? 

Let us move on. McElroy then states: 
The attacks on Building a Bridge tap into long-standing bigotry within the church and U.S. culture against members of the L.G.B.T. community. The persons launching these attacks portray the reconciliation of the church and the L.G.B.T. community not as a worthy goal but as a grave cultural, religious and familial threat. Gay sexual activity is seen not as one sin among others but as uniquely debased to the point that L.G.B.T. persons are to be effectively excluded from the family of the church. Pejorative language and labels are deployed regularly and strategically. The complex issues of sexual orientation and its discernment in the life of the individual are dismissed and ridiculed.

The above needs a little unpacking, as McElroy is mixing falsehood and truth (a typical modernist tactic). Are there individuals who use hateful words towards those suffering from same sex attraction? Yes, there are. However, such individuals are not part of this debate. Further, McElroy is wrong in claiming that there are those who claims homosexuals are to be excluded from the Church. I have consistently argued on this blog that a main reason homosexuality is growing is because unnatural sexual vice is also practiced in epidemic proportions amongst men and women. Even amongst married couples. These couples are gross sinners, but they - just like homosexuals - are not, by their sin, automatically excommunicated from the Church. 

Consider why unnatural sex has spread far and wide, even amongst Catholics. Was it not too long ago that Christopher West, the self-proclaimed expert in the "theology of the body" tried to excuse oral and anal sex? When he was called out he tried to obfuscate, by claiming it was not his cup of tea. However, he never denounced such acts as evil. To my knowledge, he has yet to denounce such abominations. Yet, he is endorsed by "conservative" Archbishop Chaput! But then, this is also the same Archbishop who panders to the false religion of Judaism. 

To return to unnatural vice, such as oral "sex". My understanding is that the vast majority of protestants practice these unnatural vices, once the reserve of prostitutes for wayward husbands. Indeed, even EWTN in one of its Q and A sections on its website promoted oral "sex". What are we to expect from poor people with same-sex attraction when they see married couples profaning the nuptial bed? Such deformation of marriage also led to an explosion in child abuse. We know how child abuse leads straight to homosexuality. Sadly, though, bishops like Robert McElroy are silent on oral and anal "sex" between men and women, silent on contraception, silent on sexual immorality that profanes the marriage act.  

Let us now move onto McElroy's attempt to square the circle. The real question is can there be - as McElroy claims - a "reconciliation of the church [sic] and the LGBT community...." What does Bishop McElroy mean? Is there to be reconciliation between Christ and Belial? Bishop McElroy gives the game away when he speaks of "the complex issues of sexual orientation..." Can we imagine a bishop speaking of "the complex issues of adultery", or "the complex issues of theft" etc.? Here, we see McElroy showing complete disingenuousness and promoting homosexual propaganda. You will also notice that McElroy when he speaks of homosexual activity as a "sin" he addresses it from the perspective of  those who oppose Fr. Martin. Not once, in the entire article does McElroy come out and say it: homosexuality is always and everywhere objectively a grave mortal sin.  

McElroy then goes on to say: 
Chastity is a very important virtue of the Christian moral life. The disciple is obligated to confine genital sexual activity to marriage.
But chastity is not the central virtue in the Christian moral life. Our central call is to love the Lord our God with all our heart and to love our neighbor as ourselves. Many times, our discussions in the life of the church suggest that chastity has a singularly powerful role in determining our moral character or our relationship with God. It does not.
Bishop McElroy you are WRONG! We cannot love God without leading chaste lives. Practicing homosexuals (or for that matter husband and wife who practice oral "sex") are not living chaste lives. 

Chastity is integral, it is absolutely necessary, just as avoidance of murder, rape, or any other grave sin. Chastity therefore has a very deciding role in determining our moral character in our relationship to God. Those guilty of sexual sin will not inherit the Kingdom of God. Do you Bishop McElroy forget the words of St. Paul? Sacred Scripture is very clear: those engaging in illicit sexual activity will not inherit the Kingdom of God. Further, homosexuality is identified in Sacred Scripture as one of the Four Sins that cry to Heaven for Vengeance. One does not get to Heaven on keeping nine out of ten Commandments. 

Let us now review what homosexuals actually do to each other and consider if such behaviour destroys a relationship with God. 

ABORTION? Forget abortion!: dissident priests obsess with LGBT agenda, DACA, "white supremacy" and Bernie Sanders

A wealthy and powerful Jesuit telling young Americans that illegals
have a "right" to STEAL their place in Medical School!

I am not an American, but I am a Catholic and this is ultimately a moral issue. In reviewing the following I could not help placing myself in the position of a young American who just by a few marks lost a place at Medical School - to someone who has no right to be there.  What is a right? It is something that is owed me, by what I am.

I find it utterly disgraceful that young Americans have had the opportunity to attend Medical School STOLEN from them.

Militant homosexualist and non-American, Br. Christian Seno interfering
in an internal American political decision on dealing with illegals  

The Homo-Jesuits, the Homo-Franciscans may think this is a joke. A number of them also obsess with "identity politics"; finding "white supremacy" under every bush etc. Many of them are also not even Americans (such as "Br" Ramoncito Razon and "Br" Christian Seno - both Franciscans), but they are quick off the mark telling Americans how to live their lives. 

Vulgar "white supremacy" obsessed  homosexualist Br Ramoncito Razon 
- who is not American - telling Americans how to run their country

Notice how Razon excuses Antifa violence? 

 However, what can we expect from "men" (???) who excuse and even promote unnatural sexual activity as somehow equivalent to the holy and chaste acts proper between a husband and wife? Acts that reflect the Union betwixt Christ and His Church.

 Dear friends, a cursory glance around social media will see prominent clergy - again and again - obsessing on illegal migration. Yet, these same men give only - at best - token opposition to abortion. Very, very interesting. 

Let us conclude with Fr. Thomas Rosica CSB (born in the US, but now a "Canadian"), who is also seemingly addicted to telling Americans how to run their country. Rosica constantly tweets about American politics, but very little about life issues (e.g. abortion etc.) 

I have a question for Fr. Rosica. 

He should tell us if he still has a US passport, and if he used it to trot down to the US Consulate in Toronto to vote for the militantly pro-abortion Hilary Clinton (given that his seeming favourite was knocked out of the running)?

The following is just a recent example of Rosica's "groupie" like fawning over Sanders. Really Fr. Rosica? Are you serious? Do you really agree with Sanders' despicable lie? What about Bill Clintons' 1993 Executive Order overturning previous pro-life efforts? Or, the evil and hateful Executive Orders issued by Barack Obama? 

Friends, Christ is in total control of His Church. Do not despair. Do not be seduced by the devil into sedevacantism. There is no doubt that Francis is the Pope; he is the Pope we deserve. God writes straight with crooked lines; surely we should rejoice in this Papacy, as the poison, the monstrous carbuncle has burst for all to see.

Saturday, 16 September 2017

HOMO-JESUITS: leading dissenters come out supporting James Martin S.J.

Leading Jesuit homosexualists are making official statements of support for dissenter, James Martin. S.J. The following was re-tweeted by Thomas Rosica CSB. 

Where does this sudden explosion of homosexuality and homosexualism come from? In a word: Godlessness. Homosexuality, as with the three other sins that cry to Heaven for Vengeance, is the effect of Godlessness. St. John Chrysostom saw this clearly because he had the Faith; the great saint saw this sin as so evil that he he referred to homosexuality as "hell appearing before its time". Truly no clearer or truer words about this abomination could be spoken. Yet we have evil priests and others who wish to play with the Catechism and remove "disorder", we have others who more openly wish to have the Church accept homosexual acts as "human" etc. 

Dear friends, James Martin S.J. as the following documents attest, has very high and powerful support in the hierarchy of the Church. These individuals know what the Church teachers, yet they reject what the Church teaches. They are modern-day Judases. 

During this time of crisis, it may be opportune for Catholics to re-watch Fr. John O'Connor's "The Homosexual Conspiracy against the Catholic Church". Made in 1991, this video is prophetic. We see how homosexuals were already deeply embedded in the priesthood, destroying, corrupting and perverting the Church; working as agents of the devil. 

Traditional Catholic bishop: "homophilia" is getting homosexuals out of sin !

In contrast to the Homo-Jesuits, the Homo-Dominicans and the Homo-Franciscans with their promotion of a false "homophilia", a true Catholic bishop explains to Catholics that it is in fact the Catholic Church that shows true love towards homosexuals who are caught in this horrifying unnatural vice. 

The Catholic Church does not owe homosexuals or any other person engaged in sin an apology. To the contrary, sinners are bound to beg God forgiveness for their sins. 

As to loving homosexuals: 

What could be more loving than to point out to someone their sin, and to help them get on the way to Heaven? Sadly, we have religious Orders advocating the opposite.

Please pray for the conversion of all those trapped in the "LGBT" so-called lifestyle. 

For further information please visit Joseph Sciambra for the full truth about homosexuality. 

Friday, 15 September 2017

Christian Seno OFM claims opposition to sodomy is "an act of profound violence and sacrilege"

Christian Seno OFM (left) at the "Orgullo Gay" celebration in Mexico.
Photo copyright: Christian Seno (Flickr)

Militant homosexualist and gender ideology activist, Christian Seno OFM, wrote an extensive essay in December of 2016 (on his blog, "Pax et Bonum"), attacking the Catholic Church's position on homosexual and gender ideology. 

The Franciscan, Seno writes the following in a very long and detailed article, entitled "Objectively Disordered - Religious language and LGBT persons": 

Furthermore a reflection on the language used by religion, specifically the Roman Catholic Church, to delegitimize and pathologize homosexual or diverse expressions of sexuality or gender identity will enable us to discern aspects of our faith traditions that render us complicit to acts of injustice and violence.
Seno then goes on to approve of sodomy: 

The Church’s limited view of human sexuality, which is placed at the service of procreation and confined within the boundaries of sacramental marriage, therefore effectively prohibits LGBT persons from expressing the fullness of their humanity by excluding them from participating in healthy, generative relationships and mutual expressions of love.

Seno then proceeds to claim: 

The dichotomization of the LGBT person – the separation of sexual orientation from one’s humanity, of sexual expression from one’s sexuality, and of one’s ability to love from the possibility of being loved by others, by the Church, by oneself, and by God – effectively strips our brothers and sisters of the wholeness that makes them human. This is an act of profound violence and sacrilege, which attacks the very essence of our humanity by undermining the core belief that we are people of intrinsic worth because we have been made in the image of the Divine.

Seno continues: 

In order to do justice for and towards our LGBT bothers and sisters, the Catholic Church must revise its teachings on human sexuality in general and its views on homosexual orientation and gender identity in particular.
Seno then proceeds to outline his solution: 

In order for the Catholic Church to truly rectify its complicity with the violence and injustices leveled against the LGBT community, a wholesale reevaluation of its stance on homosexuality, the dignity of individual persons, and “unjust discrimination” is required.
Seno then calls for a great "coming out" of homosexuals and lesbians in the priesthood and religious life: 

For those of us who are gay and lesbian clergy and religious, an acknowledgement of our own sexual orientation could do much to erode the deep-seated bigotry and internalized homophobia that run through the Church. Perhaps more productive than expectantly waiting for the conversion of the Magisterium, the coming-out of gay Catholic priests, brothers, and nuns can be a major catalyst in challenging the institution’s assumptions about the ontological makeup of the people of God.

Dear friends, this is the same Christian Seno who wishes to make "illegal, "outlaw" the Catholic group, Courage, that ministers to persons with same-sex attraction. Seno's hatred seems to stem from Courage helping men and women who have this disordered attraction to remain celibate. Seno, as we have read, believes that such celibacy is "profound violence" and "sacrilege". Such celibacy is, according to Seno, stripping these people of "the wholeness that makes them human". Dear friends, as a religious, as a Franciscan, it is impossible that Seno does this without the permission of his religious superiors. 

Let there be no mistake, like the Jesuits and the Dominicans, the Franciscan Order has been heavily infiltrated by militant homosexuals, who seek to destroy the Church. They hate Christ they hate purity, they hate marriage, they hate true Christian love. They hate, because they wish to send souls to Hell. 

Pray for the conversion of Christian Seno.