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"As Jesus, I will use the stick against pedophile priests...and even bishops and cardinals...and others, more numerous keep silent....I find this situation intolerable"

I am a loyal son of the Church... today, we forget everything, even the Magisterium of the Church" Pope Francis

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Pope Francis: "Our brothers are persecuted...."

Pope Francis on the persecution of Christians in the Middle East: ..... "Today they are persecuted. Our brothers are persecuted, they are chased out". 

Pope Francis calls on us to pray and help Christians persecuted in the Middle East

The Hebrew letter "Nun" spray painted by Islamists
identifying "Nazarenes", or Christians
Our Holy Father recently implored Catholics to pray and work for a cessation to the escalating violence and brutality being conducted in the Middle East by Islamists. The recent expunging on Christians from Mosul by Islamists brings to an end the Christian presence in that city. It was further accompanied by the grotesque sight of the Hebrew letter "Nun" being marked on Christian homes; akin to the Nazi demarcations of Jewish homes in the 1930s. 

|The few remaining Catholics in Iraq

The most beautiful Mass in the World is in Africa

In southern Sudan, African Catholics gather with a priest for Mass in the remains of a burned out church for Mass. No roof, no windows, no Stations, no statues.... yet the beauty of this seemingly pathetic scene is startling. 

This is Faith, this is the Church, Our Blessed Lord is present. May we come to have this same faith. 

The Church is doing very well....just not in North America and western Europe. 

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Monday, July 21, 2014

Pope Denounced

At the Council of Rheims in 991,  Archbishop Arnulf of Rheims denounced Pope John XV saying
If, holy fathers, we are bound to weigh in the balance the lives, the morals, and the attainments of the humblest candidate for the priestly office, how much more ought we to look to the fitness of him who aspires to be the Lord and Master of all priests! Yet how would it fare with us, if it should happen that the man the most deficient in all these virtues, unworthy of the lowest place in the priesthood, should be chosen to fill the highest place of all? What would you say of such a one, when you see him sitting upon the throne glittering in purple and gold? Must he not be the "Antichrist, sitting in the temple of God and showing himself as God"?
Having been convened by the king of France, the council was repudiated by Rome, but not before deposing Arnulf. However irritated he may have been with the accusation, Pope John XV was not about to sit still for having his bishop deposed by the French king. Eventually, in the flurry of response and efforts to call another council, the papal legate succeeded in having Arnulf's deposition declared illegal. Eventually he was restored to his office.

While Pope Alexander VI did not enjoy the distinction of being denounced by his own bishop in council, it is likely due to fear of retribution. Rodrigo Borgia has a notorious reputation which has been the fodder for at least two television miniseries. The curia had degenerated to such an extent that bribery and corruption were common. The immoral excesses of Rodrigo included mistresses and several illegitimate children including Cesare and Lucretia Borgia. One of the more curious accounts of his election is contained in the Catholic Encyclopedia.
That he obtained the papacy through simony was the general belief (Pastor, loc. cit.) and is not improbable (Raynaldus, Ann. eccl. ad an. 1492, n. 26), though it would be difficult to prove it juridically, at any rate, as the law then stood the election was valid.
Clearly the Catholic Encyclopedia is a somewhat conservative source when it comes to papal scandals. We therefore have little reason to doubt when it speaks of Pope John XII.
After the death of the reigning pontiff, Agapetus II, Octavius, then eighteen years of age, was actually chosen his successor on 16 December, 955, and took the name of John. The temporal and spiritual authority in Rome were thus again united in one person — a coarse, immoral man, whose life was such that the Lateran was spoken of as a brothel, and the moral corruption in Rome became the subject of general odium. War and the chase were more congenial to this pope than church government.
 John died on 14 May, 964, eight days after he had been, according to rumour, stricken by paralysis in the act of adultery. Luitprand relates that on that occasion the devil dealt him a blow on the temple in consequence of which he died.
Now we come to Pope Francis who has been characterized thus...
This "Bishop of Rome," as he insists on calling himself, is possibly the worst pope we have ever had.
I think he is a fool and is taking us for fools.

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

The new Vatileaks - Pope Francis himself

One has to ask the obvious question. "Why does this Bishop of Rome feel it necessary to engage secular media in this way?" The real story here is not the pope's interview but rather the reaction to it. The first thing that should be noted is that the pope has used an alternate and very unorthodox channel for disseminating this information. The fact that he has used Eugenio Scalfari repeatedly means that he is at least satisfied that he was not badly served the last time he gave him an interview. By using a secular journalist rather than going through official channels means that this communication does not have the stature that an announcement from the balcony of St. Peter's would. Moreover, a speech from the balcony could not be made without alerting much of the curia to what was going to be said. The Pope wants this to be attributable to him without it being an official pronouncement. 

What does the Pope get out of this? The answer is in the flurry of reaction to the Scalfari interview. As he watches the curial functionaries running about reacting to this leak he gains some very critical intelligence. The Pope is usually surrounded by a coterie of careerists and sycophants whose job it is to mediate the Pope's relations with the world at large. Essentially they are to make sure there are no surprises. By carefully gauging the reaction to the Scalfari leaks he can determine which of those he can trust.

The Pope is in a very precarious position right now. The honeymoon is over and some real work needs to be done on those things that most plague the curia right now. I do not believe for one moment that the Pope is either stupid or foolish. By becoming the Vatican's chief source of leaked information he is preempting anyone else who might be tempted to fill that role and he is finding out who he can really trust on the inside. As for the rest of us, we can learn much by watching the reaction of media pundits in our own backyard.

Scalfari interview, October 2013

The Pope’s conversation with Scalfari, Andrea Tornielli July 13,2014, Vatican Insider

Il Papa: "Come Gesù userò il bastone contro i preti pedofili"

To read Part I. 

Pope Francis' interview with Scalfari and the Vatican "Junta" coverup reaction

By now we should begin to wonder why Pope Francis keeps going outside the normal avenues of communication. I believe he is well aware that the men who swirl through the corridors of Vatican City are not to be trusted. Remember, the vast majority remain from the Pontificate of Pope Benedict; and we know how they undermined that Pope. 

Also consider those vast documents on the table last Spring when the two men met for the first time since the election of Pope Francis. The "Pervert" Dossier weighed heavily on Benedict and it no doubt weighs heavily on Francis. Hence the sensational announcement from the Pope on the number of 8000 clergy (including bishops and cardinals) being child molesters. That, no doubt, is just the tip of the iceberg: if 2% are (and convicted cases have always been in the vast majority of cases molestations of boys) of children; what about the numbers for youth, teenage boys - what about the clergy who are violating their vow of chastity with other men (and women)? 

Shocking as these thoughts are, perhaps more shocking is the need for the Pope to go to the press with such news. But the reaction of the Vatican News Agency of Fr. Lombardi and Co. proves the Pope's point: he must go to the press, the people, because these men are involved in a massive culture of denial and cover-up. The Pope himself alluded to these cover-up artists in the interview. These men are not dealing with the gentle Pope Benedict. They are dealing with a man who has used a bull-horn outside the Cathedral in Buenos Aires berating evil-doers. Will Pope Francis eventually have to resort to such tactics to get his message out? 

Pray for Pope Francis. It is not too far fetched to consider that his life may well be in danger. A Pope who goes too "far" in whistle-blowing the strangle-hold by the "gay mafia" may well end up their victim; and therefore a martyr. 

The following image - tweeted by Fr. Thomas Rosica - is indicative of the effort undertaken by Vatican officialdom to twist, deny and distort the Pope's words and actions. In other words, we are to believe Fr. Lombardi and not Pope Francis. Lombardi and Co. would have us believe that Mr. Scalfari is a liar. Yet, Pope Francis has seen fit to approach this man for the third time, obviously a sign of trust in the man. 

To read Part II. 

The Church of England's acceptance of women "bishops" provides the Catholic Church with a great new missionary opportunity

Anglican clergywomen: white, wealthy and middle-aged.
The life of the privileged upper classes
The fateful decision of July 15, 2014 by the General Synod of the Church of England to accept bishopesses has provided a Providential impetus for those Catholics of Anglican heritage to expand the missionary work amongst disaffected Anglicans who realize more and more the untenable position of the Church of England, given its abandonment of not only the Sacramental economy, but of basic biblical principles (e.g. same-sex "marriage, women priestesses etc.).

Msgr. Keith Newton, Ordinary of the Personal Ordinariate of Walsingham: 

For many in the Church of England this will be a very happy day. Having agreed to permit women priests in 1992, the Church of England's decision today to allow women bishops is the next logical step. What is undeniable is that both developments make harder the position of those within the Church of England who still long for corporate unity with the Catholic and Orthodox Churches.
Pope Benedict XVl's decision to set up the ordinariates - allowing former Anglicans to enter the full communion of the Catholic Church, bringing with them much of the Anglican heritage and tradition - was made in response to repeated requests from Anglicans who longed for unity with the Catholic Church. It was a prophetic and generous ecumenical gesture because it demonstrated the possibility of unity of faith with diversity of expression.

Note: Fr. Frederico Lombardi and Fr. Thomas Rosica (Lombardi's erstwhile English language assistant)  have been conspicuously unavailable for comment. However, they have been busy in twisting, denying and distorting the most recent interview given by Pope Francis. Perhaps because they do not like the frightening words uttered by the Pope?