Since faith is one, it must be professed in all its purity and integrity". Pope Francis/Pope Benedict

Tuesday, 21 May 2019

Ad Multos Annos, Fr. Robinson of the Toronto Oratory

Today the Very Rev. Fr. Jonathan Robinson of the Toronto Oratory celebrates his 90th  birthday. 

The Toronto Oratory has three main apostolates: two parishes, St. Vincent  de Paul and Holy Family, and St. Philip's Seminary. 

Please pray for Father Robinson and the Toronto Oratory. 

Sunday, 19 May 2019

Justin Trudeau the Fascist: the "line is drawn" on those Canadians who are Pro-life!

What married man cavorts with drag queens? 
Justin Trudeau was baptized into the Mystical Body of Christ: the Catholic Church. Yet he has thrown his Faith away, and turned towards evil: embracing abortion and homosexuality as "anti-sacraments", so to speak. 

The Lord God holds willful murder of the innocent and unnatural sexual acts as particular abominations. These sins are so grave that they cry to Heaven for Vengeance. Justin Trudeau mocks God, but he who mocks will pay a terrible price. 

Justin Trudeau embracing a homosexual pervert wearing women's clothes 

Tomorrow, on Victoria Day, let us, as Canadians, reflect on what our Confederation has become: a bastion of evil, where sexual perversion is promoted as a right, where it is even taught to children (has not Toronto Mayor John Tory pushed homosexuality on children? How many Catholics voted for this evil, perverse man?); where the killing of children can be undertaken as the child is actually being born! This is Canada. Please pray for the conversion of Canada. 

Justin Trudeau promoting abortion and denouncing pro-life Canadians 

But as you reflect and pray, be wise! Know your enemy! Justin Trudeau is a wicked man, who hates God, and hates Canada. 

Wednesday, 15 May 2019

Are some seminaries nearly all homosexual?

Sandro Magister carries a report on the homosexual crisis in Brazilian seminaries, recently translated in full into Italian. The article is sobering, and very, very grave. The infiltration is, seemingly, in some countries, nearly completely homosexual. The number in North America range anywhere between 50-70 %, depending on the study. 

The homosexual domination of seminaries (due to, homosexual superiors), is reflected in the near universal silence from the Pope on downwards regarding this grave evil that has come upon Christ's Church. 

The silence of the Pope, on the proverbial homosexual elephant in the room, paradoxically, told us more, than had the Pope addressed the issue. Such is the homosexual stranglehold on the levers of power (humanly speaking), such is the situation of blackmail and counter-blackmail, that it was decided to say nothing. The fact remains, that the visible structures, run out of the Vatican City State by delinquent churchmen, is de facto an international pedophile gang. We have known child molesters being moved from country to country. This is an international pedophile gang. 

Let us place our trust in Jesus Christ, and Him only. 

Do not place your trust in princes, whether political or clerical. 

Trust in Jesus Christ alone. 

In all others we will be disappointed. He is allowing the Church to be scourged because of our infidelity. God is a jealous God. He wants all our love, devotion, obedience. He does not like lukewarmness. Far, far too many of us, our parents, grandparents, great grandparents were lukewarm at best. We wanted to flirt with the world. Well, Christ is now punishing us for our infidelity, by allowing evil men to scourge the Church. This is a purification. Just as the faithless Jews were scourged in Babylon for infidelity, so too, the Church,  Israel is being scourged for Her infidelity to Christ. 

Let us prepare ourselves for worse times, and greater spiritual calamities. But, let us have faith in Christ, who is Lord of all, and has won the victory. Let us remain at His side and never betray him. Let us never consider leaving the Church for some synagogue of Satan!

The authors of the survey, Elismar Alves dos Santos and Pedrinho Arcides Guareschi, both religious of the congregation of the Most Holy Redeemer and both specialists in social psychology and with prestigious academic qualifications, conducted in-depth interviews with 50 theology students of these seminaries, coming away from them with results that are decidedly alarming. 
First of all, the interviewees say, homosexuality in their seminaries “is a common thing, a reality ever more present.” So normal “that it even reaches the point of being trivialized.” It is the widespread conviction among them “that in reality 90 percent of seminarians today are homosexual.” 
Some homosexuals - they say - “seek the seminary as a means of escape so as not to take on before their families and society the responsibilities connected to their behavior.” Others “discover that they are homosexual when they are already in the seminary,” finding a favorable environment there. And almost all of them, some say 80 percent “go in search of sexual partners". 
Homosexuality, in fact - they state - “is a reality present in the seminaries not only in the order of being, but also in the order of practice.” Many practice it “as if it were something normal.” The authors of the survey write: “In the vision of the research participants, in the present context of the seminaries a good part of the seminarians are in favor of homosexuality. And, even more, they maintain that if there is love in a homosexual relationship, there is nothing wrong. They say: ‘’If there is love, what harm is there?’

So there we have it: "love is love". The demonic slogan of godlessness. 

The full article may be read here

Friday, 10 May 2019

Ontario bars Christian couple from fostering because they do not accept homosexuality

"once religion is taken away there cannot be a well ordered, well regulated society"
Pius XII, Anni Sacri, 1950

"Fascism in white gloves". A wise Polish friend and Partisan (a man who personally experienced and fought Nazism and communism) once told me quite a few years ago that this is the political and social state of Canada. My father used to discuss with his Polish friends over 50 years ago the degeneracy of the West. "Democracy? A dog's democracy, a pig's democracy", I was told years later they would comment to each other. 

These were men who had lived through horror. My father himself, was deported to Germany, and then to Norway for slave labour. He escaped with another teenager to Sweden, through the mountains. Two others had escaped the previous week, but they stayed on the road. The Germans caught them, and shot them. My father decided to go right up into the mountains. The two young men could see the Germans on their motor bikes searching for them in vain. 

These Poles had no illusions as to what this degenerate West was, and where we were headed. These men were Catholics to the core, and despised the decadent West, its myths, betrayals, lies and deceptions. Decades ago, they could see the virulent, demonically inspired forces that hated Christ and His Church. And today, it is far worse.  

In our day, I present another example of this ever-growing "fascism in white gloves", this time from the Province of Ontario. 

Back in 2017, a Christian husband and wife were rejected in their application to foster children because they happened to believe that homosexuality is a sin. After their rejection by the State, it was confirmed to the couple that indeed it was opposition to homosexuality that resulted in their exclusion to foster needy children. The couple, as of this writing, are still trying to fight for their God given rights. It remains to be seen what the State determines. 
This is the degree of the barbarism and evil that society has sunk to. The depth of depravity is unfathomable. 

Catholics have nearly completely succumbed to the lies and deception of this decadent West. Most are deluded as to what is going on, and where we are headed. Most are unable to think clearly, such is the spiritual poison they are imbibing on a daily basis. 

The situation is grave. Very, VERY GRAVE. 

I do not see any interest in even a gentle braking action against the spread of moral evil. In fact, it is only accelerating. The populations of the West are degenerate, materialistic, hedonistic and atheistic. Sadly, this applies to many, far too many Christians. 

What will happen to this brave Christian couple? Here, in Ontario, will the family be defended, or will the homosexual juggernaut continue unabated? Will the new bubble-zone laws around abortuaries be rescinded? 

In Alberta, we have the tragedy of Jason Kenny's sad capitulation to the "LGBT" lobby, and his cowardly vacillating on abortion, when challenged recently on the radio by pro-abortion, pro-homosexual radio host, Charles Alder. Yet a couple of years ago, Jason could be seen at Sunday Mass at St. John the Evangelist Ordinariate parish in Calgary. In fact, I met and spoke to Jason, as we attended the same parish. 

What has happened? How can one throw the Faith away for pottage? Please pray for Jason, and please pray for Alberta, as She is Canada's last common sense stronghold. Sadly, these recent events show that the farmers, and rural communities, who still take the Bible seriously, will be purged from the United Conservative Party. I am under no illusions. Alberta is rapidly undergoing a transition.  This is the sign of the times: universal apostasy and moral collapse. Personally, I believe we are in a dress rehearsal for the  entrance of the Son of Perdition. 

Open mockery of Our Lord Jesus Christ at Toronto City Hall  

Catholic friends: I am asking you to think very carefully. 

Think! Don't feel, don't be emotive, don't allow yourself to be manipulated by forces on the "left" or "right"- both of which are controlled by those who do not believe in Our Lord Jesus Christ and His Church - and are trying to force you into a false binary matrix. 

The Catholic Church, following Jesus Christ, does not bow before man-made ideologies. Everything must be judged according to the Mind of Christ. Whom are you following? To whom are you casting your ear towards? 

Listen to no one who does not believe in the Divinity of Our Lord and the Authority of His Church.  NO one! No exceptions! Anything else is of the Evil One. 

Think about where we are, and where are we headed. The moral goalposts in Canada were seriously moved over the past four years: euthanasia (medical murder) has been legalized. This should be THE election issue.

Will it? 

What will the elections slogans be? "Climate Change, Sex Change"?, "Lower Taxes, Lower Morals"?  

And why so? Because modern man is materialistic, hedonistic, and has an aversion to truth and doctrine. Modern man is deeply spiritually sick. Modern man hates Jesus Christ and does not wish Him to reign. 

Better is the little of the righteous than the abundance of many wicked. 
(Psalm 37:16)

As such, with the State being refashioned in the image of modern man, should Christians be surprised that they are being persecuted by the State? 

The State, imbued with a spirit of godlessness (c.f. Romans 12) seeks to exterminate any last vestiges of Christian morality. 

Friends, it is not going to get better. 

Without Jesus Christ, nations and civilizations totter to their ruin. We are perhaps no longer tottering, but crawling through excrement.... be prepared for worse days ahead. 

Tuesday, 7 May 2019

JEAN VANIER ~ Requiescat in Pace

Jean Vanier, the Founder of L'Arche, and the son of former Governor General Georges Vanier and Madame Pauline Vanier, has died. 

May God reward Jean for devoting his life to the forgotten, the disabled, the unwanted....

Vanier wrote, in "Becoming Human" (1998), of the danger of loneliness and isolation - especially of the disabled and the vulnerable: 

"loneliness can become agony, a scream of pain…life no longer flows in recognizable patterns…such a person feels completely cut off from everyone and everything” (p. 9). “Loneliness is not the same thing as solitude. We can be alone yet happy, because we know we are part of a family, a community, even the universe itself. Loneliness is a feeling of not being part of anything, of being cut off” (p. 33).
Today, when you pray for Jean's noble soul, also offer a prayer for the disabled, the vulnerable, the abandoned, the lonely...

Eternal rest grant to him O Lord, and may perpetual light shine upon him.
Amen +

Sunday, 28 April 2019

The fuss around Divine Mercy Sunday has to stop - especially for the "true traditionalists!"

Today is Divine Mercy Sunday, in the New Rite.

Last year, a post on this topic was posted on Vox Cantoris. In the comment section, I stated that I never got into the devotion, both because I never had a personal interest in it, and because I found the seeming hysteria around it a bit off-putting. (I am uneasy with elevated emotions and crowds.) I daresay I was thinking if you practiced the devotion you were not a "true" Catholic.

That was before I realized I was consorting with a group of people who were not interested in propelling me to authentic virtue, and were instead teaching me to set myself against everyone else in a way which fostered uncharity.

Since then, my hostility towards the Divine Mercy devotion has decreased dramatically.

I still harbor some questions about the humility of St. Faustina in writing her diary and the intentions of her spiritual director, Fr. Sopocko, in promoting the devotion so heavily almost immediately after learning about the visions. But that is what they are. Questions based on what I can read in the historical record. I am unable to read their souls and see things, how they actually were. That is God's province alone, and besides, they are dead now. I can only hope they are in a good place now.

Plus, there is a reason that it was banned in the first place, its original image heavily criticized, and its theology questionable. I also still hold those concerns, as they are part of the devotion's history. It is why I do not practice it.

But let me say this.

I don't care if you practice it or not.

You can practice the Divine Mercy chaplet and still be a "traditional" Catholic, much as I dislike using the term.

Or you can practice another devotion. There are a myriad of devotions out there. 

A fuss seems to be made out of the Divine Mercy devotion in particular, not only because of its history and its image, but because most "traditionalists" are melanholics to some degree, and melanholics resist any notion of mercy. It's a failing of the temperament: they fail to see the good in themselves, so they internalize the sense of God's judgement at the expense of His mercy

Moreover, people seem to presume that if you pray the Divine Mercy chaplet, you must think a certain way - ie. you get "a get out of jail free" card for purgatory, and have a really skewed sense of God's mercy at the expense of His judgement. There seems to be a sentiment that you're going to Hell, too, as you've got it all wrong regarding God's mercy. As I said, presumptive. Not to mention totally bone-headed.

This is my third time seeing the cacophony around Divine Mercy Sunday. Usually, they say the third time is the charm, but seeing it again has alerted me to the fact that perhaps people kick up such a fuss about it for the mere pleasure of saying they are the "true" Catholics.

Call me presumptive. I don't care.

No one is preserved from Hell because they practice a particular devotion. Just last night, in fact, I read that, per commentary made by St. Alphonsus Ligouri, one can commit mortal sins even while doing the Rosary or other devotions.

Makes you think, doesn't it?

People go to Hell because of the mortal sins they commit, not because of the devotion they practice. 

Divine Mercy .... but are we listening?


II Sunday of Easter, 23 April 2006

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

This Sunday the Gospel of John tells us that the Risen Jesus appeared to the disciples, enclosed in the Upper Room, on the evening of the "first day of the week" (Jn 20: 19), and that he showed himself to them once again in the same place "eight days later" (Jn 20: 26). From the beginning, therefore, the Christian community began to live a weekly rhythm, marked by the meeting with the Risen Lord.

This is something that the Constitution on the Liturgy of the Second Vatican Council also emphasizes, saying: "By a tradition handed down from the Apostles, which took its origin from the very day of Christ's Resurrection, the Church celebrates the Paschal Mystery every seventh day, which day is appropriately called the Lord's Day" (Sacrosanctum Concilium, n. 106).

The Evangelist further recalls that on the occasion of both his appearances - the day of the Resurrection and eight days later - the Lord Jesus showed the disciples the signs of the crucifixion, clearly visible and tangible even in his glorified Body (cf. Jn 20: 20, 27).

Those sacred wounds in his hands, in his feet and in his side, are an inexhaustible source of faith, hope and love from which each one can draw, especially the souls who thirst the most for divine mercy.

In consideration of this, the Servant of God John Paul II, highlighting the spiritual experience of a humble Sister, St Faustina Kowalska, desired that the Sunday after Easter be dedicated in a special way to Divine Mercy; and Providence disposed that he would die precisely on the eve of this day in the hands of Divine Mercy.

The mystery of God's merciful love was the centre of the Pontificate of my venerable Predecessor. Let us remember in particular his 1980 Encyclical Dives in Misericordia, and his dedication of the new Shrine of Divine Mercy in Krakow in 2002. The words he spoke on the latter occasion summed up, as it were, his Magisterium, pointing out that the cult of Divine Mercy is not a secondary devotion but an integral dimension of Christian faith and prayer.

May Mary Most Holy, Mother of the Church, whom we now address with the Regina Caeli, obtain for all Christians that they live Sunday to the full as "the Easter of the week", tasting the beauty of the encounter with the Risen Lord and drawing from the source of his merciful love to be apostles of his peace.