Since faith is one, it must be professed in all its purity and integrity". Pope Francis/Pope Benedict

Friday, 6 July 2018

St. Maria Goretti ~ a light in the darkness of sexual debauchery

"It is impossible for anyone who leads an impure life not to grow weak in the Faith"
St, John Chrysostom, Sermon 1. De Verbis Apost. 

Today, the Church celebrates the virgin-martyr, St. Maria Goretti. Surrounded as we are, by a world drowning in sin, we would do well to meditate upon her life. Me and you. Anyone of us can fall, at any time, at any place. For those who have fallen, let us pray they get up, go to confession and amend their lives. 

Today, while most in the world - sadly including Catholics - are off indulging in impurity, we should resolve to commit even more strongly to Christian purity. Purity now is regarded as silly and old-fashioned. Sexual indulgence is considered "progressive". Toronto is witnessing an interesting case before the courts. The police have recently arrested a homosexual predator who has been charged with killing at least eight other homosexuals. This is the result of sin. Sexual sin also leads to insanity. Fr. John O'Connor spoke many times about the sexual addiction of homosexuals, and that gradually these poor, tragic men go insane with lust. 

We must also not compromise with indecency - we should even more strongly oppose indecency, as it flows from impurity. Indecency de-sensitizes a person to fast track them into accepting impurity and unchaste living.  

Catholics must resist the world's encouragement to approve of divorce and "remarriage" (really adultery), masturbation, fornication, pornography and other sexual sins: we should even more strongly repeat the words of our saint: "no, it is a sin, you will go to hell". 

Wednesday, 4 July 2018

Catholic teachers Union is big on "sex", but no time for protecting children

OECTA: militant "Catholic" teachers union has long been a supporter of homosexual activity 

The possible replacement of the 2015 Ontario Sex Education program should not be a time of rejoicing, nor should it bring us any consolation that children will not be exposed to grave evils and moral corruption. One group who should be opposed to sex ed more than any others is the Ontario English Catholic Teachers Association (OECTA). Unfortunately, OECTA is a viciously secular and militant hard-left union for over two decades. Children will not be protected by OECTA from corruption. In fact, OECTA has published documents that puts it members before the safety of children being abused by sexual predators. It goes without surprise, that OECTA has a very strong pro-"LGBT" propaganda position. OECTA firmly supports graphic and unnatural sexual indoctrination of innocent children in their latency period. Truly evil. 

OECTA member Christian Albini:
convicted sexual predator and pedophile 

As I have written consistently, it is passing strange that those who so publicly oppose "Wynne's" sex ed, were silent for years on the the previous Sex ed programs. Was it really about sex ed, or was it perhaps also about Wynne, and the "icky" sin of homosexual activity? Do we need reminding that masturbation,  fornication, unnatural sexual acts between members of the opposite sex, the use of contraception are always and everywhere - without exception - intrinsically evil, and therefore objectively always a grave mortal sin? 

The fact is, that the spread of homosexuality is piggy-backing on the immoral sexual ideology and behaviour of those who claim opposite sex attraction. Once contraception was accepted, the door was kicked wide open to homosexuality. 

Please pray for our young children, who have for decades been torn apart by ravenous wolves who are doing the devil's work. 

From Everyday for Life, Canada: 

The Ontario sex curriculum is part of the Health and Physical Education program in Ontario. The curriculum was implemented by the Kathleen WynneLiberal government in 2015. Ontario had an election and the new Progressive Conservative government led by Doug Ford has promised to withdraw the controversial curriculum. This is a good thing. However, just withdrawing the sex-curriculum isn't enough. This post tries to address the problem. We should also not forget that one of the architects of the sex-curriculum is convicted child predator Benjamin Levin.

To begin with, parents should not forget that the same Liberal government that implemented the controversial sex-curriculum also passed Bill 13, Accepting Schools Act. The legislation that legally backs the sex-curriculum is currently Ontario law. This is why repealing the sex-ed curriculum alone is not enough to protect Ontario children from indoctrination and what can only be described as state mandated confusion and abuse. No law should be used to sexualize children.

Please read the full article here. 

Sunday, 1 July 2018

DEATH is a "core Canadian value"

Recently a letter to the editor of a Canadian newspaper contained a hymn of praise to death. The writer suggested that Canadians were doing their families, friends and society a favour by killing themselves. 

The young (through pre-natal infanticide - "politely" called abortion. One local Toronto abortion mill even described the killing of a child as "the gentle removal of pregnancy tissue..."), the disabled, the sick, and the elderly (through post-natal homicide - "politely" called euthanasia) are all being targeted.

The young, the elderly, the disabled, the mentally ill are, we are told "a problem". In reality, as a Toronto priest recently said "they are a blessing". 

But our society does not seek blessing. In fact, the State is proclaiming these sanctioned killings as "core Canadian values". 

We should, in a sense, be happy on "Canada Day", that these horrors are being forced on us more and more. Evil must be exposed, and the boil must burst. We have sat by - we still continue to sit by - as the "culture" of death grows all around us. 

When was the last time Canadians protested outside an abortion mill? 

When was the last time Canadians shut down an abortion mill? 

When was the last time Canadians protested outside hospitals providing "physician assisted suicide"? 

When was the last time you heard that Planned Parenthood is packing up and leaving your city or Province? 

When was the last time you heard legislation was being prepared to STOP or LIMIT pre and post-natal State sanctioned killings?  

From the outstanding blog, Everyday for Life Canada

The Justin Trudeau Liberal government is doing its best to further weaken the family in Canada. Canadians pay to intentionally kill tens of thousands of unborn babies each year, all covered by the government health plan. There is plenty of money, to the tune of $650,000,000, to export abortion to the rest of the world. Since Canada legalized last year euthanasia and physician-assisted suicide, funds are there to have Canadians killed at the hands of the state.

However, beginning in 2016 income splitting for families where only one parent works is no longer permitted. The Family Tax Cut has been removed. This gave families where one parent works and the other stays home to raise the children. If the working mother or the father was making say $80,000 a year, by transferring some of that income to the other spouse the family could get up to a $2,000 tax refund. This is no longer possible thanks to the Liberal government.

Please read the entire article here. 

Dear Canadian friends, as you relax at home this long weekend, please remember that Taquisha McKitty is about to be murdered by the Canadian State. 

Saturday, 30 June 2018

Taquisha McKitty ~ set to be murdered by the Canadian State

Taquisha McKitty is a young Canadian woman of 27. The Canadian Courts have ruled that she is "brain dead" and therefore her life support machine must be switched off. She must die. 

Four days ago, her appeal was thrown out, and her sentence to death by a Canadian Court was confirmed. She will now be murdered by the Canadian State, in a State-sponsored Killing. 

Four days, since her death sentence, and SILENCE!

1933 anybody? Hitlerian extermination of German "feeble-minded" and "disabled", anybody? Gas chambers anybody? 

Her blood will be on the hands of not only Justin Trudeau, but all those Catholics, Christians and hand-wringers who sat by and did nothing. 

Four days, since her death sentence, and SILENCE!

Human life has now been reduced to cost-benefit calculations, and the like. What is happening here in Canada is a horror. An innocent young woman is being done to death by the State.

I must ask: why is there such SILENCE? We had a huge explosion over Alfie Evans... well? Why this SILENCE about Taquisha? Does her life not matter? 

Now the following are well connected, sophisticated users of traditional media and social media. Yet, Four days, since her death sentence, and SILENCE!

Our Bishops? Why are they silent? 

Cardinal Collins? Why is he silent? 

Taquisha is also a black woman.

"Black Lives Matter" Why are they SILENT?

Taquisha's imminent State-sponsored murder is a prolife issue.

Lifesitenews? Why are they silent? Why are they reporting on (e.g.) drag queens when Taquisha's imminent murder is going to happen right in their  back yard of Greater Toronto? 

My dear Catholic friends. Today is the Feast Day of the Roman Martyrs. Let us pray to them for inspiration.  

My friends, tomorrow will NOT be "Happy" Canada Day. Those who control this sad country have long ago betrayed Her, and sold out her Christian heritage. Canada is in a dark age, and it is going to get much darker without blood: the blood of martyrs. 

Let us turn to Our Lord. Remember the warning: "put not your trust in princes". Please pray for Taquisha and her family. 

Wednesday, 27 June 2018

Justin Trudeau and the promotion of child abuse

Justin Trudeau is the Prime Minister of Canada. He has recently criticized an internal matter of the United States. However, rather than involve himself (hypocritically it has been discovered) in an internal matter of another sovereign Nation, Justin Trudeau would do well to examine himself. 

Whence this sudden concern for babies? For children? For families? 

Let us examine Trudeau's record on being pro-baby, pro-child and pro-family. 

From Justin Trudueau's public positions he stridently supports abortion. Indeed, so fanatical is his support that he is spending $650 million of taxpayers' money to kill black, brown and yellow babies in the third world. Evidently, not only a supporter of pre-natal infanticide, but with a racist  flavour. Strike One. 

From Justin Trudeau's public activities and those of his government, he also cares not for post-natal children. Everyday for Life Canada carries a horrifying report of tax funded LGBT propaganda being hoisted on innocent children.  

Justin Trudeau also has no qualms about taking his children to obscene and evil "gay pride parades". He has no misgivings about exposing his children men dressed in women's clothes, or bringing his young son up to an obviously mentally deranged man under demonic opression wearing a tutu. This is called child abuse. Strike Two. 

Justin Trudeau has also nosily engaged in militant promotion of the full "LGBT" agenda. When not marching in "gay pride parades", Trudeau is busily promoting homosexuality and sexual perversion and calling such perversion "marriage". For example, Trudeau has also recently given nearly a million of tax payers dollars to a militant homosexual activist group, which is also on the record of being viciously anti-Catholic (post forthcoming). Strike Three. 

Sunday, 24 June 2018

Emanuel Jacques - Toronto's Little Martyr murdered by Homosexual Pedophiles

In 1977, Emanuel Jacques, only twelve years old, was sadistically murdered after suffering many hours of homosexual rape in Toronto. May Emanuel's innocent soul rest in peace. 

Sadly, Emanuel came to the attention of the demonic, perverted lust of four homosexuals, who abducted, sodomized and murdered the innocent young boy after twelve hours of sexual abuse and homosexual rape. Emanuel was eventually drowned by two of the four monsters, who held our little saint's head in a sink of water. 

Emanuel Jacques was the son of very poor Catholic Portuguese immigrants. Young Emanuel, to help his parents, made a few dollars by shining shoes on Toronto's Yonge Street. 

Please, during this time  - on this dark and wicked weekend - reflect on the death of this innocent child, done to death by evil, perverted men.

Pray too for the conversion of the homosexuals who raped and murdered him. 

Pray for the conversion of all those "Catholics" and "Christians" who have been seduced by homosexual propoganda into believing it is just an alternate lifestyle. No, it is one of four sins that cry to Heaven for vengence; without repentance, it will put the homosexual in Hell. 
 May the Church raise young Emanuel to the Altar, may he be declared a saint. 

Emanuel Jacques, pray for us

Saturday, 23 June 2018

Theodore McCarrick and the Homosexual Infiltration of Seminaries

Franciscans in NYC getting ready for a "gay pride" event

This week, the Church in the United States entered a state of spiritual paralysis. We now know that Church authorities made financial payments in two cases involving the homosexual activity of Theodore "Cardinal" McCarrick. This has the most serious implications. It means that the Ranking Prelate of the Hierarchy in the United States was a practicing homosexual. It means that this same Ranking Prelate, McCarrick was allowed - though a practicing sodomite (to use the biblical term) - to continue as an active Bishop. It means that very, very powerful enemies of Christ in the Hierarchy ( a mix of homosexuals, communists, Freemasons, Satanists/occultists) covered and protected McCarrick. Fr. Z carries an interesting reflection. 

Let us now review a serious warning on the subject of homosexual infiltration of seminaries that the late Fr. John O'Connor addressed to Catholics in America nearly thirty years ago. When Fr. O'Connor spoke of these issues, he was derided and mocked. He was suspended, and then expelled from his Order. Well, we begin to see why. These infiltrators did not want to be exposed. 

Fr. John O'Connor, pray for us. 

More to come.....

Friday, 22 June 2018

St. Thomas More would understand Bishop Richard Williamson

The Catholic Herald has done us a great favour in publishing an article that St. Thomas More did NOT die for "religious freedom". English Catholics, viciously persecuted for centuries understand this very well. The Catholic Faith is not open to so-called "liberty". Liberty (so-called) ending up as man freeing himself (or so he thinks) from God, His Commandments. 

Since 1776 and 1789, we have heard the deceptive cry of "liberty, equality and fraternity", or "life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness". Sadly, these are the siren cries of Freemasonry. To counter this, may I recall to you, the much maligned Bishop Richard Williamson's cry of:

"doctrine, Catholics have always insisted upon DOCTRINE. Modern man cannot understand doctrine, he cannot understand the importance of doctrine. This is because of RELIGIOUS LIBERTY"! 

There is no doubt in my mind, if St. Thomas More was alive today, he would have much, much more in common with Bishop Williamson than with... well, you work that out. In fact, you know - deep in your heart - that Bishop Williamson would not have to change his religious view one iota, if he lived in pre-Reformation England. For that matter, he would not have to change his views under Leo XIII, or Pius XII. Can the same be said of me, or of you?