Since faith is one, it must be professed in all its purity and integrity". Pope Francis/Pope Benedict

Monday, 25 March 2019

"Behold the handmaid of the Lord: be it done to me according to thy word."

Thus, as the great St. Irenaeus and so many of the holy fathers remark, the obedience of the second Eve repaired the disobedience of the first: for no sooner does the Virgin of Nazareth speak her fiat, 'be it done,' than the eternal Son of God (who, according to the divine decree, awaited this word) is present, by the operation of the Holy Ghost, in the chaste womb of Mary, and there He begins His human life. A Virgin is a Mother, and Mother of God; and it is this Virgin's consenting to the divine will that has made her conceive by the power of the Holy Ghost. This sublime mystery puts between the eternal Word and a mere woman the relations of Son and Mother; it gives to the almighty God a means whereby He may, in a manner worthy of His majesty, triumph over Satan, who hitherto seemed to have prevailed against the divine plan. 
Never was there a more entire or humiliating defeat than that which this day befell Satan. The frail creature, over whom he had so easily triumphed at the beginning of the world, now rises and crushes his proud head. Eve conquers in Mary. God would not choose man for the instrument of His vengeance; the humiliation of Satan would not have been great enough; and therefore she who was the first prey of hell, the first victim of the tempter, is selected to give battle to the enemy. The result of so glorious a triumph is that Mary is to be superior not only to the rebel angels, but to the whole human race, yea, to all the angels of heaven. Seated on her exalted throne, she, the Mother of God, is to be the Queen of all creation. Satan, in the depths of the abyss, will eternally bewail his having dared to direct his first attack against the woman, for God has now so gloriously avenged her; and in heaven, the very Cherubim and Seraphim reverently look up to Mary, and deem themselves honoured when she smiles upon them, or employs them in the execution of any of her wishes, for she is the Mother of their God. 
Therefore is it that we, the children of Adam, who have been snatched by Mary's obedience from the power of hell, solemnize this day of the Annunciation. Well may we say of Mary those words of Debbora, when she sang her song of victory over the enemies of God's people: 'The valiant men ceased, and rested in Israel, until Debbora arose, a mother arose in Israel. The Lord chose new wars, and He Himself overthrew the gates of the enemies.' [Judges v. 7, 8.] Let us also refer to the holy Mother of Jesus these words of Judith, who by her victory over the enemy was another type of Mary: 'Praise ye the Lord our God, who hath not forsaken them that hope in Him. And by me, His handmaid, He hath fulfilled His mercy, which He promised to the house of Israel; and He hath killed the enemy of His people by my hand this night. ... The almighty Lord hath struck him, and hath delivered him into the hands of a woman, and hath slain him.' [Judith xiii. 17. 18; xvi. 7.]
From Dom Prosper Gueranger's commentary on the Annunciation in The Liturgical Year. 

Sunday, 24 March 2019

We are but drops of water in the Precious Blood

At Mass this morning, I was particularly struck by the moment in which the priest adds a few drops of water in the soon-to-be Precious Blood. The following is taken from Dom Prosper Gueranger's The Holy Mass

The Priest having finished the Oblation Prayer, makes the sign of the cross with the Paten and places the host on the Corporal. This form of the cross expresses the identity existing between the Sacrifice of the Mass and that of Calvary. Next, the Deacon puts Wine into the Chalice, and the Sub-Deacon approaches to fulfil his office, which consists in putting the water into this same Chalice; this act is the highest of all his functions.  
The prayer which accompanies this ceremony is very ancient; it dates back as far as the first ages of the Church, and indeed it is easy to see that the Latin was a spoken language at the time it was composed. In it is strongly brought before us what is the importance, what the dignity of the Water here used in the Holy Sacrifice. Why is Water put in the Chalice? Because, according to Tradition, Our Lord Himself when instituting the Holy Eucharist, mixed Water with the Wine, as the abstemious are wont to do, and the Church continues to observe this custom. She avails herself of this opportunity to speak to us in wonderful language, unfolding to us sublimest mysteries.
Thus says Mother Church: Deus, qui humanae substantiae dignitatem mirabililer condidisti. Why speak here of the dignity of man? Why recall here, the Divinity and Humanity of Jesus Christ? Because the Wine and Water here used are figures: the Wine represents Jesus Christ as God, the Water represents Him as Man. The weakness of the Water, compared with the strength of the Wine, expresses the difference which exists between the Humanity and the Divinity of Jesus Christ. We must see ourselves too in this water, since we it was, who by Mary, furnished Our Lord with the Humanity; thus does Holy Church express herself on this subject, in sentiments of admiration; thus does she love to put forward the true dignity of man. 
Already had the royal Prophet sung this our dignity, in his Psalm: Constituisti eum super opera manuum tuarum, omnia subjecisti sub pedibus ejus: Lord, Thou hast placed man over all the Works of Thy Hands; Thou hast put all things under his feet (Ps. viii.). And if we recollect the manner of his creation by God, we are not surprised to hear Holy Church here saying that he was created in an admirable manner. When there is question of man, God speaks this word: “Let Us make man to Our Own Image and Likeness.” And as He said, so hath He done. 
But if man has been thus created, he has been moreover, raised up in a still more admirable manner, after his fall, and Holy Church fails not to say so: mirabilius reformasti. Yes indeed, God has up-raised him in a manner far exceeding, in wonder, that of His creation, in espousing human nature by His Son, and so reforming fallen man.  
Da nobis per hujus aquae et vini mysterium, ejus divinitatis esse consortes, qui humanitatis nostrae fieri dignatus est particeps, Jesus Christus Filius tuus Dominus noster. Make us, by the mystery of this Water and of this Wine, participators of the Divinity of Him, Who hath deigned to make himself Participator of our humanity, Jesus Christ Thy Son, our Lord. Holy Church here puts before us, first of all, in bold relief, the Mystery of the Incarnation, by means of this thought of the Water and the Wine being mingled together in one potion; thus does she recall the union of the Humanity and the Divinity of Our Lord, and site asks of God that we too may participate in the Divinity of the Lord Himself, just as St. Peter expresses it, in his second Epistle: ut per haec efficiamini divinae consortes naturae, that is to say, that by the promises which were fulfilled in Jesus Christ, we may be made participators of the Divine Nature. This deification, begun on earth by sanctifying grace, will be completed in heaven in glory. In the terrestrial Paradise, the devil told Eve that if she and Adam would only follow his counsel, both of them should be as gods. Herein he lied; for then, as now, by the faithful fulfilment of the divine precepts alone, can man ever attain unto God. In Heaven, we shall be as gods, not that we shall become so, by nature, but that in the Beatific Vision, we shall see God even as He sees Himself, and our state will be that of creatures placed immediately below the Divinity. Holy Church is bent on holding this Truth before our mental gaze, and she does so in this Prayer, while speaking to us of the Incarnation of the Word, the very Principle of man’s true greatness.  
Let our humanity be totally subsumed in the Divinity of Our Lord Jesus Christ, just as water is totally subsumed in wine just before its transubstantiation into the Precious Blood.

Wednesday, 20 March 2019

The Diabolic and Catholic Discord ~ has confusion made its masterpiece?

Confusion, anger, agitation, irritation, personal attacks amongst Catholics is a sure sign of diabolical attack and infestation in our midst. I have felt it, and I have been guilty of it, and I have been tempted to it. Indeed, even yesterday. Providence would have it, that it ended. 

I found the above, by Bishop Fulton Sheen, and ask you to watch it, reflect upon it, and see what you can do to fight back against the diabolic. The devil exists, he is very powerful, and he is sifting the Church and us. Each of us, in our own private lives. For the soul is won to Heaven, or lost to Hell, as a private soul, in a private spiritual drama. 

There is, and continues to be a marked increase in psychological disorders in our modern, urbanized society. For example, personality disorders, though psychiatric conditions, I would suggest in most cases (I need to emphasize, not all), begin in an attachment to sin. The soul becomes hardened, blunted, the conscience numbed.... These are all signs of an increase in diabolical activity in the world, and in our private lives. Habitual sin many times flows over into eventual metal instability and illness.

It is Lent. I need to increase my prayer life, go back to Confession, and stop worrying about things I cannot change. Just this morning, I read that the homosexual predator bishop from Argentina will be charged by the secular authorities. This is the man who, according to reports, had "high-octane [homosexual] pornographic material" on his mobile phone. The report I read, noted that the standard Roman response to this is to promote this known sexual perverts. This is the diabolical at work. But it does not stop there, for the diabolical also wishes me to waste my life in posting about it. He wishes me to rage, to write, to quarrel. Indeed, I have just now wasted a few minutes of my life writing this passage. No, we must flee the diabolical.

What is my point? I need to save MY soul. I need to reform MY life. I need to strive to live a good Catholic life so that I will be a GOOD EXAMPLE for not only my fellow Catholics, but for protestants, Jews, Moslems, Hindus, Buddhists and others as to why they should consider Catholicism. 

The best preaching of the Gospel is a holy life. 

Far, far too many of us live sinful, if not lukewarm lives. The separated brethren, the non-believers will not be convinced of the Truth of Jesus Christ if they see us at each others throats. 

The diabolical is at work

Let us fight him with the weapons that Jesus Christ has given us. Or we shall surely perish in our sins.

Tuesday, 19 March 2019

A Blessed Feast of St. Joseph to our Canadian Readers

May the holy Patriarch, St Joseph, on this, his Feast Day bless you.  

May all Canadian readers intensify their prayers to the Patron of Canada, that he, through his intercession before his foster-Son and his ever-Virgin Spouse, bring Canada to repentance, conversion and healing. 

St. Joseph, Spouse of the Blessed Virgin Mary 

Saturday, 16 March 2019

Help a man return to the Canon Regulars of St. Thomas Aquinas!

It is a sad fact of the world that if a man desires to enter a religious community, he must be debt-free.

It is in recognition of this fact that I am imploring financial assistance on behalf of my friend, Cody Shah Theagali.

Cody and I met many years ago, when we were both attending university and discerning whether or not we should undertake priestly studies at the local seminary, St. Augustine's. For different reasons, and shortly after one another, we discerned away from that path and are pursuing other paths. 

Cody's discernment has led him to a community known as the Canon Regulars of St. Thomas Aquinas. Although it is currently based in Ohio, it is fairly nomadic on account of the lack of a bishop, which they are continuously aiming to remedy by writing to various bishops in the States.

The Canon Regulars of St. Thomas Aquinas, as explained on their website, offer the Mass exclusively in the Old Rite, and currently pray the Little Office of the Blessed Virgin Mary. Their spirituality is a complimentary mix of Augustinian and Carmelite spirituality. In time, they hope to pray the full Breviarium Romanum in Latin. The ultimate goal of this community is for all members - including Cody - to attend seminary so as to study to become priests offering the Old Rite. They can only do that once under the auspices of a bishop.

Cody considers himself to be a member of this community - specifically, a postulant. Cody is currently here in Canada. He regularly assists as a server in the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass - almost daily - but, as one might expect, he is anxious to return to the Canon Regulars of St. Thomas Aquinas. 

One particularly large component of his anxiety to return is the significant amount of debt Cody needs to pay with regards to his schooling. As of this writing, Cody has close to 30 thousand Canadian dollars in debt, with interest accruing daily. He is no position to pay it off himself, and nor is his family. It is for this reason Cody has teamed up with the people at Funding Morality to give himself a platform so he can work towards getting rid of his debt.

I urge you to consider helping Cody pay off his debt. I say this not only because of its sheer amount, but because I can vouch for Cody's suitability for this community. He is not prone to the excessiveness or extremes practiced by some members of the "traditionalist" community here in Toronto -  all people Cody and I used to know. He is someone I would consider balanced and gives proper thought before acting. He is someone who takes the Faith seriously and is prone to introspection and moderation - a few of the many good qualities one needs to be a good religious.

I am honored to name Cody as one of my few good friends. He has assisted me in many times of need, and it was thanks to his prayers (alongside God's grace, of course) that I was able to squash the silly notion that I am a counter-revolutionary. So I owe him much.

If you would like to connect with Cody directly for any reason - be it assurance of prayers or some other means of support - you can do so via his email, codyshahtheagali [at] gmail [dot] com. Any bit helps.

May God bless you.

Friday, 15 March 2019

Rosica and Richards: Birds of a feather?

In light of Fr. Larry Richard's assertion that Church Militant had sent him death threats - followed quickly by his "clarification" - I thought I would do a little thought experiment.

Listen to this video carefully, put out last year.

Then have a look at this photo.

And watch this interview by Tom with James Martin on February 28th, 2014.

Notice anything?

That is all.

Thursday, 14 March 2019

Is the Faith in trouble at St. Michael's College School?

In light of the stunning revelation that St. Michael's College School in Toronto has officially endorsed the LGBTQ+ nonsense on their website, I wondered if there was further evidence of the decay of the Catholic faith at the school.

So, I spent some time watching one of their recent Masses, specifically the one that aired the day before the story of the sewing class was published on their website. The Ash Wednesday Mass.

What I saw and heard is almost beyond belief.

I expected the "gymnasium church," for I had the same thing in high school. I expected the bland vestments. I expected the multiple priests on the "altar."

What I did not expect was the insipid homily, given the school's branding as one of "goodness, discipline and knowledge".

The priest who gave the homily - I do not know his name - was dressed in the usual white alb and purple stole. But he immediately adopted a casual air by shoving his hands into his pockets as he began to speak. His homily contained a number of references to contemporary, modern culture, and gave them "recommendations" on how to fulfill the message of the Gospel, including "fasting from bullying," and other such nonsense, basing his entire homily on a David Bowie song.

Is this a normal homily at a Mass at St. Michael's College School? A homily making several - and unnecessary - references to modern culture? A homily about how the priest himself has changed over the years? A homily about what the priest himself has to give up for Lent? Moreover, I get that he is speaking to teenage boys, but do boys really need to hear yet another exhortation on not to bully? At the end of the day, it seems to have been yet another forgettable homily in a long line of forgettable homilies.

Yet, these Basilians pride themselves on passing on the Faith! I saw a poor example of that in the homily. Nor was it a good example of goodness, discipline and knowledge.

When it came time for Communion, there was the usual female Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion "handing out" Communion, Communion in the hand, and there was a distinct lack of reverence in the air. Almost like these boys didn't care about Who they were putting in their mouth. Many of them seemed to be smirking, swaggering, and there was a lot of chatting in the "pews."

I have seen more quietude in the Masses at the local Novus Ordo parish after Communion than I did here.

Is this what constitutes the Faith at St. Michael's College School? I have a sneaking suspicion it is.

In that case, not only does the Archdiocese of Toronto need to yank control of the school away from the Basilian Fathers - which neither of them will consider - but parents need to stop sending their children to this school. This is prime evidence of how sending one's children to a "Catholic" school is no guarantee of them keeping the Faith. Indeed, I daresay it contributes to its destruction.

If this Mass is any evidence at all, I have serious concerns about how rampant the disregard for the Faith is at St. Michael's College School. We have only seen bits and pieces of this disregard, on a surface level.

How deep does it go? Deeper than the rainbow flag?