Friday, 27 January 2012

Can RealCatholicTV serve a role in the Church?

The debate presently on the internet - and I too have posted on this - what is the actual divergence of opinion between Real Catholic TV and the Archdiocese of Detroit? Neither side has been exactly clear; and the waters are muddied further without clarification. If the AOD claims it is a problem with "media protocols" then clarify this immediately. 

As to RealCatholicTV, its Mission Statement reads: "...aims to provide everyone with means to increase their personal holiness through catechesis and evangelization about the truth of the Christian faith". This, to me, is the central issue. In fact, it is so central, that even a name change to the organization obfuscates the issue. The real issue is: can Catholic laity undertake public catechesis without guidance from the Hierarchy? The answer obviously is: No. 

On the other hand, the Hierarchy should work with the laity in promoting evangelization - just as the Second Vatican Council desired. The laity have a critical, vital role. In this regard RealCatholicTV (it must be admitted) do hit the bulls-eye on quite a few of occasions. To demonize, to undertake ad hominem on Mr. Voris (just as some RealCatholicTV supporters have taken against Archbishop Vigneron) serves no Christian purpose.  

The above video is an example of a bulls-eye, and a reason for RealCatholicTV's growth. The bishops - not all - since the hopes of a re-invigorated post-Conciliar period, generally failed the Church. Voris' identification that the Church in America could be facing serious challenges (my colleague Freyr has likened the Church in America to being in the position of the Church in Quebec on the cusp of the Quiet Revolution) is very well taken. 

To conclude: it is imperative that Mr. Voris and Archbishop Vigneron sit down over a coffee (or perhaps two nice shots of whisky - after all they are not prohibitionist protestants!) and come to an agreement to work for the interests of the Church during an American election year. 

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theCuriousCatholic said...

Thing is, I doubt the issue to the Bishops is about birth control, the issue to them is government interference is how the Church runs it's business. What's next? Compliance with OSHA standards on Church properties?

I think Voris is right about one thing: the vast majority of everyday American Catholics are going to side with Obama.