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Thursday, 12 January 2012

Michael Voris and the Archdiocese of Detroit

I had thought to comment on this issue but to be perfectly honest there is no reason why anyone should care one whit what my point of view is. I am not even in charge of this blog... there are four of us in fact. The Gang of Four or the Four Musketeers might be appropriate but any comparison to the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse is unwarranted. That said, there are two commentaries on this issue that are worth a look.

The Spirit's Sword provides a commentary on Michael Voris' statement. In Light of the Law provides some information on the legal aspects of the case from a canon lawyer. Both are worth a read.


Barona said...

My view is that bishops are picking and choosing whom they slap down. That being said - does the local Ordinary have the right to make his requests as they are of RealCatholic? Absolutely.

Should RealCatholic be under the supervision of the local Ordinary? In some way it must be - the lay faithful as catechists are bound to be guided by the local pastors. Is RealCVatholic "catechizing"? It would seem so.... and so on....

Barona said...

A venerable priest in the archdiocese of Toronto once told me that a major problem in the Church is that the Church Law is not being applied. In the case of Mr. Voris it would seem that it is being applied. In times of calm no one would blink.

The internet clamor, I believe, is due to this sense amongst many of the laity that something unjust is being done. To clamp down on Mr. Voris may not be a sin against justice, but it may well be a sin against charity.

Church law must be applied... of Mr. Voris and his organization must (and they should) adhere to Church law, then all must and should adhere to Church law. The potential crackdown against St. Michael's Media, whilst leaving assorted dissenters (and worse) and worse will make Mr. Voris a martyr. It will also create a sort of "vindication" of Mr. Voris and his Board of Directors.

Freyr said...

There's a reason the church doesn't throw around canonical penalties as often as some would like. For the most part it is almost impossible to enforce them. Voris is going to do what every left wing group has done already... just ignore the bishop.