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Saturday, 2 November 2013

Is the SSPX going to implode?

It would seem that the SSPX is heading towards some sort of implosion. The first signs of a major internal crisis, was nearly 30 years ago, when sedevacantist seminarians were being virtually tolerated in SSPX seminaries. This led to Canon Berthod (Archbishop Lefebvre's theological advisor at the Council) to reconcile with Rome. Pressure built, forcing the Archbishop to "expel" the rebels, who formed a breakaway sect, entitled the Society of St. Pius V. The crisis in the SSPX today is no longer a mere tremor, but an upcoming earthquake. 

More recently, Canadian-based SSPX priest, Fr. Patrick Girouard, received a "canonical" warning from Bishop Bernard Fellay; notwithstanding that the latter has no authority as a bishop  over clergy, much less even over the lay faithful. It seems that Fr. Girouard will be imminently "expelled" from the Society. Bishop Richard Williamson's recent remarks on a "false disobedience" are actually, and ironically, true. This SSPX implosion was inevitable. If one rebels against the Pope, one can hardly complain if another rebels against you. Disobedience breeds disobedience. 

The following video is of value, not only in honestly explaining the SSPX crisis, but also strong, but fair words on the present crisis in the Church. For example, a number of extremely disturbing happenings at World Youth Day in Brazil. 

The full video may be viewed here.


Anonymous said...

Nope a modernist church where you have many Catholics not being taught what mortal sin is, not going to confession, receiving the Eucharist under mortal sin, having kumbaya "Masses", visiting mosques, temples in high school, my case OLMCSS in Mississauga, not being taught catechism, people clapping at the end of Mass in the novus ordo churches, a modernist Pope partaking in Jewish religious festivals downgrading the Extra Ecclesium Nulla Sallus... I would humbly say by the objective evidence the modern Church will implode, if anything it already has...

Vive Cristus Rex!
Ave Mary!

Christ is king, not man, not worrying about human respect and the sin of pride of being popular to the rest of secular now godless society....

Will pray for you guys, God Bless!

Barona said...

"Christ is king, not man..." sorry my friend, but you have - probably inadvertently, expressed Monophysitism.