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Sunday, 2 May 2021

The Comment Box : Our Readers Write ~ "A Cardinal wears a red cassock and mitre because he signed up to defend The Doctrine of Faith"

THE ENGLISH MARTYRS - they obeyed God, rather than Man

Dear friends of Toronto Catholic Witness we begin a new series, "The Comment Box: Our Readers Write", in which we will post, without commentary, the thoughts of the faithful during this spiritual and moral crisis. Comments from bloggers will not be included, as we regularly link to them, and you can study their writings and reflections in the original on their blogs. 

To all our readers and friends be assured of our prayers for you and your loved ones. Please keep us in your prayers. 


Christina,ofs writes: 

If weak Cardinals would unite with bishops and Catholics with petitions to push back on these pagan ideologies, we would be victorious! I can't help thinking every time there is dissent from Catholic teachings, it is linked to the Freemasonic infiltration. 

A Cardinal wears a red cassock and mitre because he signed up to defend The Doctrine of Faith, and lay down his life.The TRUTH never changes. 

Jesus says they hated him and so you will be hated. The Church is on fire! (May, 2, 2021). 


M. Prodigal writes:

All I can say is that I am praying every day for those who are denied the Sacraments and for those who are isolated, neglected, lonely, or abused. I can attend daily Mass and have a daily opportunity for confession because my pastor does not live in fear. No masks, etc. either. And--NO sickness either. 

All that shuttering of the churches is demonic! It is not about your physical health and certainly is meant to be against your spiritual health. (April, 19, 2021)


Laura Vettoretti writes:   

They should have stood against the tyranny one year ago. I will never forget walking to enter my parish (in Northern Ontario) for Stations of the Cross on Friday March 13th 2020 and finding the doors locked. The image of the note on the door is burned in my brain. 

I have tried to tell my pastor (and Bishop) that now they can close churches down for anything and everything. And why is it that protestants are more vocal and courageous. It is a very sad state of affairs. (March 30, 2021)

Anonymous writes:

Regrettably, many of us must remain anonymous. Yes, the chancery or pastoral centre officials always knew and know best. They haven't a clue about subsidiarity and like good communists they operate a command sacramental economy. 

Neil McCarthy, the de facto voice of the Catholic Church in the Archdiocese of Toronto responded to a letter that a group of priests had addressed to their bishop. School boards are now punishing teachers who uphold the integrity of Catholic doctrine. They suffer the same fate as the exceptionally few priests who have the courage to address this and other issues. Board officials pay lip service to the Faith; bishops it seems, are not much better but they have no excuse. 

As it all unravels, communications directors increasingly assume the role of propaganda ministers. It's all a matter of perception management. (March 14, 2021)


Phineas writes:

Following the Council, the "spirit of Vatican II", an unholy spirit if there ever was one, had taken hold of the Church.

Most rank and file Catholics under the age of 60 were never properly catechized by the Church or the Catholic school system. One was lucky if a deep faith existed in the home and was able to be passed down (didn't happen in my case, but by the grace of God I became a "revert").

And so here we are, with at least 75% of baptized Catholic never attending Mass, and therefore contributing no money to keeping things going. The faithful remnant is not rich enough to keep it all afloat. We're playing right into Caesar's hands. (December 2, 2020)

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