Wednesday, 5 July 2017

TEACHER SEX ABUSE of CHILDREN: Is OECTA more concerned about protecting teachers than children?

Convicted pedophile Christina Albini has no shame; former member of OECTA

Sexual abuse....sexual abuse..... and so it goes. Teacher after teacher is being arrested for abusing minors. If not abusing minors, then being disciplined for - to put it mildly - very unseemly behaviour. 

A few news items regarding teachers (from OECTA and others) may be reviewed, here, here, here, here, here, and here. A special thanks to the blog, "Jonah in the Heart of Ninevah" is called for. We are all indebted for the constant watchfulness of "Jonah" regarding sexual predators in what should be the teaching vocation.  

All smiles: OECTA member Jessica Beraldin charged with sexual assault

Still don't think that the Ontario College of Teachers (OCT) Investigative Unit  should not have strong teeth and wide powers to protect children? Well, you are not alone. 

Sadly, rather than putting children first, the Ontario Catholic Teachers Association (OECTA), in their most recent magazine, seems to reverse this and firmly puts OECTA members first. 

Not one word about protecting children, not one word of shame about sexual predator teachers. 

We now see the result of pushing militant feminism on a vocation already dominated by women: aggressive women abusing and preying on vulnerable young boys. Disgusting! 

Obviously anyone can be framed, anyone can have innuendo slung at them. There are falsely accused teachers. However, when it comes to children, the bar of protection must be held exceptionally high, even to standards higher than normal evidentiary procedures vis-a-vis adults. Needless to say, OECTA take offense at this very high standard. 

Disgracefully, OECTA derisively refers to the dedicated and hard working people at the OCT Investigative Unit as "teacher police". 

Really, OECTA? Is that how you refer to people who are trying to protect children from abusive members? You seem to constantly imply that the Investigative Unit has too much power, that teachers are hard done by by the OCT. 

Sadly, because of the huge increase in sexual abuse of children, especially young boys by predatory feminized women, there is every need for this body to have as much power as possible to rightly monitor, investigate and - properly understood - police teachers, OECTA included (as former OECTA members sit in jail for sex abuse). 

Since OECTA evidently cannot police itself, and carefully discern whom to accept as a Catholic teacher, someone else has to do it for them. 

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Jonah said...

Barona, thanks for the compliment. Having watched this issue for some years, my take is that the trend is very disturbing. More and more evidence of normalization in our society of child sex keeps piling up. That has already exploded into huge scandals in the UK. It's just a matter of time before we see the same sorry situation here.