Monday 31 July 2017

Loren Moreno: the Franciscan postulant who writes "Queer" Literature

Meet Loren Moreno: the latest postulant at the Franciscan Friars of the Holy Name Province based in New York City. 

Moreno is also a poet and writer. One book, "Aaron and Kuomi" is published by "Gertrude Publishing" of Portland, Oregon. Gertude Publishing specializes in homosexual, or as they call it "queer" literature.

This brings me to my series of questions:

Why would the Franciscans accept as a postulant someone who writes "queer" literature? Why would they accept someone who has not renounced a sinful past lifestyle? After all, Moreno still boasts of his "Aaron and Keoni" book, published by Gertrude Press. In fact, he won their 2012 chapbook award. 

Now a question for Moreno: do you have same-sex attraction? if you do not, why this type of literary undertaking? Why involve yourself with such evil people? If you do self-identify as a homosexual, why are you applying to the sacred priesthood? 

The real villains in all of this, dear reader, are the Franciscan Friars of that dissenting Province, blasphemously named, "Holy Name Province".  

So villainous are they, that they welcomed James Martin S.J., to preach in their church in NYC on his book, "Building a Bridge".

I can accept the fact that perhaps Moreno is a tortured soul, who struggles with his self-identification with homosexuality. The true evil lies with the "Friars". Loren Moreno needs help, he needs our prayers. He does not need to be brought into the web of evil and lies that these decadent Friars hold out as the Catholic Faith.

These "Friars" are evil men. Much more to follow on the pro-homosexual propaganda coming from the Friars of the Holy Name Province. 

Dear friends, how can we end this post without a bit of poetry by Loren Moreno himself? 


Anonymous said...

I know a Seminary that had friars from the Holy Name Province serve as professors and teachers. Their teachings were laden with heresy and even blasphemy. They could not stand anything that smacked of a truly CATHOLIC identity or tradition. Fir example, the head theologian from this same province did not believe in the Real Presence, in devotion to Mary, Purgatory,Hell, the Devil, Papal authority, the Magisterium etc, etc. His religion was ecumenism. He promoted priestesses. He taught for over 4 decades and I blame him for the decimation of the faith in the diocese.

Anonymous said...

This is nothing new as far as the Holy Name Province goes. They have a reputation of accepting openly gay men into their formation program. The friars are mostly heretical or apostate. Many are practicing homosexuals. Keep digging, there is a lot to find.